blk_jackDoes anybody know a workaround for the plymouth error on boot?01:41
ogra_plymouth error ?01:41
blk_jackI've tried adding overrides and deleting the init files but it still crashes and I can't boot01:41
ogra_what HW is that on ?01:42
blk_jackIt's on the Ubuntu launchpad, but the device is the new samsung chromebook01:42
blk_jackThe bug is reported on the launchpad, I mean01:43
ogra_get the source for ac100 tarball installer ... look at the postinst01:43
ogra_it adds a bunch of diversions ... apply them01:43
ogra_once thats dont add FRAMEBUFFER=True to your intramfs.conf ... then rebuild your intramfs and it should work01:44
ogra_hmm, even though, on the chromebook you could probably get through without the diversions01:45
blk_jackWell right now I'm effectively locked out01:45
blk_jackIt doesn't boot01:45
ogra_can you change the kernel cmdline ?01:45
ogra_if so, add break=bottom ... boot and then exit with ctrl-d from the initramfs shell01:46
ogra_it should boot normally that way01:46
blk_jackI'd need to build a new kernel to do this right?01:47
ogra_no, you need  access to the bootloader for this01:47
ogra_or to the bootloader config01:47
wookeyogra_: is this the general runes for how to boot with plymouth missing?01:48
wookeyI could really use this info...01:48
blk_jackThe chromebook bootloader is signed and locked01:48
ogra_wookey, the general rules is: make console-setup run in your initrd and plymouth will work01:48
wookeyogra_: my problem is building plymouth...01:49
wookeyit'd be nice to test the system without having to do that01:49
ogra_well, mountall kind of relies on libplymouth for user interaction01:49
wookeyOK, so the short version is 'it's hard'01:50
ogra_if you can make sure to suppress all filesystem checks and boot with rw on the cmdline it should work01:50
wookeyin which case building it should be OK if I can just remove the X build-dep01:50
ogra_but will complain01:50
blk_jackFor some reason I thought 13.04 fixed this issue01:51
blk_jackApparently not01:51
ogra_no, its still being researched01:51
ogra_its a race condition ... a tricky one01:51
* ogra_ notes its kind of late and goes to bed01:54
blk_jackHard to believe there's no decently documented workaround for this issue02:02
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infinitywookey / cjwatson: arm64-cross-toolchain-base is up to date again, enjoy.06:37
* ogra_ grumbles ... seems one sick cat isnt enough ...08:45
shadeslayerrobclark , hrw oh ... okay09:06
shadeslayerthen I'm back to square one basically09:07
shadeslayercan't find compatible hardware that I can play with09:07
shadeslayeror the ones that are compatible are ETOOEXPESIVE09:07
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bruvikhello, I have a question about the /debian/* files in a source directory15:38
bruvikis it possible to manually install them if I compiled the program and installed it manually or do i have to build a deb package?15:38
GagaHello, I have a few newbie questions. 1. Please tell me is there any differance between Ubuntu x86 and ARM root filesystem?17:41
GagaDifferance in source17:42
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