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Phryqhey, in virtualbox is there a way to 'maximize' the window?08:13
Phryqso that your virtualization s fullscreen?08:14
tsimpsonthere's a full screen option in the menu08:18
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morganhi does anyone know a solution for changing the keyboard layout on the ubuntu terminals(on F1,F2 ...)?13:54
morganis I check on locale, it is already set to german13:55
dedunuDidnt get you13:55
dedunucan you explain biy13:55
morganI have the wrong keyboard layout on the terminals (not the virtual terminals or x, I fixed that problem by creating a /etc/default/keyboard file)13:58
morganI need the german layout, but for example I type y it is witing z - wrong keyboard layout13:58
morganoutput from locale command: http://www.xup.in/dl,14721699/79911paste.txt/14:00
dedunui dnno sry14:05
morganthis problem bother me since yesterday ... when I installed lubuntu 12.1014:09
dedunuyou can change keyboard alyout from GUI nah14:11
morganlxkeymap does not change the terminal layout, but if it would - all changes from lxkey are reset von the next reboot, the programm has a bug14:13
dedunudid you try this on terminal14:15
dedunu dpkg-reconfigure console-setup.14:15
dedunusudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration14:16
dedunuor http://askubuntu.com/questions/155861/how-do-i-change-keyboard-layout-for-just-one-user-on-ubuntu-server14:19
morganI tried "sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration "14:19
morganbut this changed nothing14:20
morgandpkg-reconfigure console-setup worked :D14:20
dedunuwhat about link?14:20
morganit is changed now, I hope still on the next reboot14:21
dedunuwelcome frnd14:28
r4yHello I use synaptic package manager to generate a  ldlinux.sys file, but how do I use it for installing the packages from my other hard drive that has Ubuntu?15:18
r4yHmm, I thought this file was for getting the list of installed packages for Ubuntu, but when I Googled it I am getting the idea that I must be wrong or something. O well15:22
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tion_pls join #ubuntu-n00bs17:23
morganhm...pcmanfm does not remember login data if I choose remember forever :/17:30
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BoySScoutanyone playing CS?19:26
morganon ubuntu?19:34
morganis a linux version available?? maybe wine...19:36
holsteinmorgan: there is nothing in linux/ubuntu preventing counterstrike from being made for it19:37
geirhaMight be available through steam19:37
geirhawhich has a beta version for Ubuntu now, I believe19:37
holsteinshows a peguin there19:37
holsteinmorgan: at http://store.steampowered.com/css ,says linux19:38
holsteina good price too19:38
BoySScoutim starting a CS clan over @ irc.quake.net19:39
BoySScoutyou have to pay to play CS?19:39
BoySScouthow cool is that they should be paying the clients IMHO19:40
holsteinBoySScout: ?19:40
holsteinBoySScout: its a product.. if you want it, you do what it needs19:41
BoySScouthow many ubuntu ***** can you get for starting a clan?19:41
holsteinBoySScout: if its free, then its free.. if not.. its 5 bucks from steam19:41
holsteinBoySScout: ?19:41
holsteinubuntu stars?19:41
BoySScoutim starting my server19:42
holsteini dont think cs issues stars for ubuntu.. nor canonnical for cs19:42
BoySScoutits my clan its my server19:42
holsteinBoySScout: awesome... enjoy!19:42
BoySScoutyour wellcome19:42
morganI have cs 1.6 anywhere on my steam acc - a long time ago... I have not tested steam for ubuntu19:43
holsteini have it running on ubuntu.. steam.. not cs19:43
BoySScouthave you played Urt?19:44
holsteinBoySScout: unreal tournament?19:44
morganfree games like nexius or openarena are also nice19:44
holsteinnot in steam in ubuntu19:44
BoySScouti remember being @ friends and playing cs with out account on steam19:45
holsteinsure.. you dont need steam.. seems like a nice easy cheap way to get support in linux19:45
BoySScoutUrt is alot better that CS19:46
BoySScoutand its free19:46
BoySScoutbesides i dont like steam19:46
holstein"better" is a matter of opinion19:46
BoySScoutcall me peculiar19:46
holsteinsteam is an easy way for some new ubuntu users to game19:46
holsteinyou dont have to "like" it19:46
BoySScoutits not a mater of likelihood19:47
BoySScoutUrt is everything CS should have been19:48
holsteinBoySScout: sure.. in your opinion.. and i value and welcome your opinion in the offtopic channel.. otherwise, its just a preference19:49
BoySScoutis wolfET on steam?19:50
BoySScouturt is on steam19:51
holsteinBoySScout: i would search in http://store.steampowered.com/19:51
BoySScoutim not abuying costumer19:51
BoySScouti dont trust e commerce19:52
holsteinBoySScout: cool.. you dont have to be to search... if you want to take this to the offtopic channel, maybe someone will look it up for you there19:52
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