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LantzRHiya. Looking for feedback on my comment #3 to Bug #1119832.14:45
ubot2Launchpad bug 1119832 in nautilus (Ubuntu) "After creating a blank txt file in ~/Templates there are 2 "Empty Document" options in context menu" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/111983214:45
* penguin42 looks14:47
penguin42LantzR: I suspect it's probably best to comment on the upstream bug14:51
chilicuilpenguin42: it's actually fixed, see last comment in https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=68713914:52
ubot2Gnome bug 687139 in File and Folder Operations "Context menu entry to create a new blank file" [Enhancement,Resolved: notabug]14:52
penguin42chilicuil: Yeh but not bubbled down into ubuntu yet from my reading; the reporter is pointing to the fix as I read it14:54
LantzRpenguin42: Thx I will look. The process was from TC-NFM-001 in http://packages.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/testcases/1424/info14:54
penguin42LantzR: Hmm so is that just a bad test case; in the sense if you create the document as Empty Text Document.txt  will the menu name be more sensible?14:56
LantzRNo the test case is fine.     Template of aName.txt gives two menu entries. "aName" and "aName" one creates "aName.txt" the other creates "aName"14:58
penguin42oh I see, yeh that is weird14:59
LantzRMy point re test case is I'm a virgin. Not sure if my comment was clear _and_ in the right spot for the qa testing results.15:00
LantzRThe "Testing Tracker" is ... strange.15:01
chilicuilLantzR: I think it's ok, you've done an excellent work pointing out to the fix from a problem you found, I'd say it would be best for ubuntu to cherry pick the bug and provide some default file so people wont need to add them to its Template folder15:02
LantzRBut your point ... I could have also gone upstream to post the a comment knowing that that is where the fix should come from.15:03
penguin42LantzR: Yeh I think that's a clear comment; I would have probably mentioned the test number you were following, but I don't do the test case stuff personally15:04
LantzR<nod> Ok thanks for the feedback.15:05
GermainZCan someone please try syndaemon -d -i 2s -t? It should disable mouse taps (left/right clicks) and scrolling while typing, but it doesn't have any effect. The bugtracker (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-input-synaptics/+bug/366014) shows it as fixed, but I'd like to make sure I'm not doing something wrong before reopening.17:38
ubot2Ubuntu bug 366014 in xserver-xorg-input-synaptics (Ubuntu) "Syndaemon -t option not working" [Medium,Fix released]17:38
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GermainZNever mind, it actually works for taps on the pad, but not for hard buttons (which isn't an issue).18:07
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jarlathCan someone guide me on how to trace the root-cause of this issue I'm having? :http://askubuntu.com/questions/243630/shut-down-takes-me-to-greeter-now-removing-wifi-dongle-fixes#comment307626_24363019:33
jarlathtitle may be misleading19:33
penguin42hmm fun19:53
penguin42jarlath: There seem to be a bunch of people in bug 838792 that discussion references; but there again you say it doesn't happen without networking, which seems different from them19:53
ubot2Launchpad bug 838792 in gnome-session (Ubuntu) ""Restart" logs out, even when there are no other people logged in" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83879219:53
jarlathyes penguin42, I'm stumped :) The networking exception isn't consistent in further testing so I'm not sure about it.19:55
penguin42oh, hmm19:59
penguin42jarlath: when it returns you to the login manager does it let you log back in ?19:59
jarlathpenguin42: yes, it does.20:00
penguin42if you tap the power button instead of selecting shutdown does it shutdown?20:00
penguin42(I mean just tap it rather than holding it down - and that depends on the machine, some actually would switch off, most tell the OS)20:01
jarlathpenguin42: that's a good question :) I'll try now and report back. It'll at least log me off so I'll be disconnected for a few minutes. Resist any temptation to hide when I come back :)20:01
penguin42me? Hide?20:01
jarlathhere we go...20:02
* penguin42 looks hidden20:04
jarlathAnybody seen penguin42?20:04
jarlath...Damn. He tricked me.20:05
* penguin42 hides behind ubot220:05
* jarlath thought he saw something move...20:05
penguin42anyway, erm so what happened?20:05
jarlathThat took me as far as the greeter I'm afraid. Although the dialog box for the power button looks different to the one from the menu.20:05
penguin42does a sudo shutdown -h now   shut it down   from a terminal in the desktop?20:06
jarlathYes. sudo halt -p or sudo reboot work from a terminal window or a tty.20:06
penguin42I can't honestly remember what the difference is relative to those20:07
penguin42jarlath: So with the networking stuff I would have guessed it was some form of driver that didn't want to shut down properly; but if shutdown -h now is working then it sounds like the kernel will do it, it's just something not getting that far20:09
jarlathGood observation, that makes sense to me.20:10
penguin42I wonder if /var/log/upstart should see some stuff when a shutdown happens20:10
jarlathHmmm... I see a mediatomb.log file in there. I uninstalled it the same day I installed it, but the date on the log is from only a few days ago.20:13
jarlaththe mediatomb application that is.20:13
jarlathWhatever it is, it doesn't require a user to be logged in. I can just boot up to the greeter and try to log out and the problem will happen (unless I'm *really* quick). So whatever it is, it must be loading around the time the greeter appears.20:14
* penguin42 isn't sure of the path of things that go from pressing the shutdown until it actually gets to doing the same as shutdown command; it's I guess going to have to go through policykit to make sure you have the perms to do it20:15
jarlathpolicykit. Right.20:15
jarlathIs there a gui for that?20:16
penguin42well there's the GUI where you give stuff permissions, but I don't think much more than that20:16
jarlathGod, if I asked that back in 2001 I'd have been banned from the room. How things have changed.20:16
penguin42haha yeh20:16
jarlathokay, thanks. At least I can look into policykit.20:16
jarlathYeah, I really appreciate that. Hope you have a great weekend.20:17
penguin42I can't see anything in the advanced bit of user settings that would indicate you could remove it20:17
njinhallo, can someone look at bug 1118626 ?20:18
ubot2Launchpad bug 1118626 in Ubuntu "binutils: Split out libiberty-dev to multiarch paths" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/111862620:18
penguin42jarlath: What version of ubuntu are you on?20:19
penguin42ok, let me just boot my 12.04 vm20:19
penguin42jarlath: Hmm it has a lot less stuff in the GUI than the last time I looked at that...20:21
jarlaththe policykit tool?20:23
penguin42jarlath: Well long ago there used to be an advanced bit of the user settings on system settings, but it's not there any more20:23
jarlathoh, okay.20:23
jarlathI'll bet it shuts down fine fine for you.20:24
penguin42ah 12.04 has a lot less in /var/log/upstart20:26
jarlathYeah, it's pretty eh... tidy20:27
penguin42hmm I wonder20:30
penguin42I'm going to pastebin the output of dbus-monitor --system > log    (run as root) it shows upstart being told you want to stop - again not quite sure how it gets to it20:32
penguin42hmm actually that's syslog being told to stop20:32
penguin42jarlath: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1630691/20:35
jarlathpenguin42: so can I use the same command to diagnose my shutdown process or lack thereof?20:36
penguin42jarlath: well that was my guess of something to look at20:36
penguin42jarlath: You see how it's for the upstart jobs going through a series of pre-stop/stopping/stop for a load of things and then eventually Killed20:37
penguin42jarlath: It would be interesting to know if yours did the same20:37
jarlathI'll try now.20:38
jarlathWish me luck.20:38
jarlathThe system isn't very stable. I haven't actually stuck around long enough to try this before penguin4220:42
penguin42hmm, in what other ways is it unstable (I wish you said that before!)20:42
jarlathWindows won't close or resize (nautilus, firefox) and some page elements don't register events.20:43
penguin42huh, I'd fix that type of problem first20:43
jarlathUnity is fine. But when I hit the close button on the window decoration, said window seems to get stuck. I can't right-click on the desktop either when that happens.20:44
jarlathIn System Settings, none of the icons respond to clicking.20:44
penguin42that sounds like you have much bigger problems then20:45
jarlathYeah, I can't move the firefox window either. Only this text-box (thankfully!) is working. A re-install might be called for.20:45
penguin42jarlath: There's a big difference between having one odd problem and a machine full of odd problems!20:46
jarlathYeah, like I say. This has never happened during a first boot. I only noticed it now because I stuck around long enough after a failed shutdown.20:47
jarlathfsck would pick up on a bad disk sector right?20:49
penguin42jarlath: I'd use smartctl -a to check for a bad disk20:49
penguin42I think you can get some of them from the disk utility as well20:50
jarlathokay, I'll do that right now. Disk Utility requires the drive to be unmounted so I can't use it for /20:50
jarlathOkay, the UI is totally unresponsive in Disk Utility too so I'll need to reboot.20:51
penguin42ok, use smartctl -a   to see if the disk is happy20:51
jarlathterminal works :)20:52
jarlathWierd, I can use TAB and arrow keys to navigate the gui elements as normal. It's the mouse cursor that's the problem.20:53
jarlathpenguin42: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1630752/20:55
jarlathI'm not sure what that all means, but it looks like there were issues.20:55
jarlathOh, sorry for the full dump but no mouse....20:55
jarlathLine 51 is the start20:56
penguin42jarlath: My reading is that it's got hot at some point, and I'm not sure but I read that as it's still very hit20:56
jarlathHmm, I did have the side of the case off for some time (months) so the cooling system couldn't have been working as well as it should.20:57
penguin42jarlath: There are some other errors in the logs - failed commands, there's a failed read (that's bad) but there are a load of other failed things like set capcaities - I've never seen things like those fail20:58
jarlathpenguin42: thanks for that. Looks like a new harddrive - or at least a backup is in order.20:59
penguin42jarlath: Check your cabling as well; are there any errors in dmesg?20:59
jarlathCabling seems secure, although the PSU I got has so much extra leads that it's like an overstuffed sock-drawer in there.21:01
jarlathHere's dmesg, there are errors: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1630774/21:01
penguin42no hard drive errors though21:03
jarlathOh, no you're right.21:03
jarlathIt seems the desktop issue I'm having now is purely the mouse arrow. I have full funcionality with keyboard shortcuts.21:04
penguin42heh ok21:05
penguin42jarlath: OK, then did you get the dbus-monitor output?21:05
jarlathAnd I've just un-stuck a mouse button and all is well 8/21:06
jarlathThe dbus output didn't amount to much but here it is:21:06
penguin42and that's the output of dbus-monitor --system  run as root  during a shutdown?21:08
jarlathrun as my user, which was logged out during the process. Should I run as root from a tty? I don't think shutdown takes you past the greeter when someone else is logged in though.21:09
penguin42jarlath: No21:09
penguin42jarlath: Do a sudo -s  in a terminal inside your gui, then inside that do the dbus-monitor --system > logfile   and then try to shutdown21:10
jarlathSo from the gnome-terminal on my desktop?21:10
jarlathpenguin42: It looks identical21:12
penguin42pastebinit ?21:13
penguin42huh ok21:13
penguin42well, I guess that means it ain't getting far at all21:14
jarlathNo, just as far as the greeter. It doesn't seem to even attempt to shutdown properly.21:14
penguin42I've run out of ideas really21:15
jarlathpenguin42: thank you so much. I can't believe you did all that.21:15
penguin42hey well I'm just sitting here avoiding solving a harder problem :-)21:16
jarlathHaha :)21:17
jarlathDo you work for Canonical?21:17
jarlathIf the problem is non-technical maybe I can help :)21:18
jarlathI'm a wedding singer lol (seriously!)21:18
penguin42haha no, it's rather technical21:18
* penguin42 is a programmer in my day job as well21:18
jarlathokay. I did software eng. for my degree and graduated in 2003 but the band was doing well so I did that for ten years instead. So I'm mega rusty.21:19
jarlathGoodnight penguin42. Hope your Sunday is better than your Saturday.21:28
jarlathAnd thanks again.21:28
penguin42hey it's been a good day21:29
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