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hallyninfinity: say, do you think there would be any objection to adding MS_SLAVE (and friends) to /usr/include/sys/mount.h in lucid?04:35
hallyninfinity: (this is regarding http://www.spinics.net/lists/netdev/msg225516.html)04:37
infinityIn... Lucid?04:38
infinityhallyn: Explain to me why we care?04:39
hallyninfinity: uh, ok! :)  someone running lucid with old libc but backported kernel?04:40
hallynso they want to do ip netns <wahtever>04:40
infinityhallyn: The version of iproute2 in lucid (obviously) compiles fine in lucid.  Is there some motivation to backport, other than this dude who's building new software on an old release?04:40
infinityhallyn: new kernels on lucid fail in lots of subtle (and not so subtle) ways.04:41
infinityhallyn: Like, uhm.  udev.04:41
infinityhallyn: So, again, tell me why we care?04:41
hallynwell, we care bc really it's a dumbass bug in the layout of the .h files,04:41
hallynit's not liek the define wasn't there,04:41
hallynit was just not in the right place.04:42
infinityHad nothing to do with layout.04:42
infinitylinux private headers != libc public headers.04:42
hallynwe can argue one way or the other about this particular program, but MS_SLAVE is almost as old as i am04:42
hallynright, and MS_SLAVE should have been in libc04:42
infinityAnd they're not always in sync.  And glibc clearly wasn't at that point.04:42
hallynright :)04:42
infinityBut my point is that "supporting new software on old releases" isn't an SRU target.04:42
infinityAnd that's exactly what this is, since the old version of iproute2 demonstrably works.04:43
hallynbut MS_SLAVE is so old that i argue it's not for "new" software04:43
infinityIt's for new software.04:43
infinityNothing in the archive needed it, or someone would have noticed.04:43
hallynno, this example just happens to be new04:43
hallynwell no, someone would have done what i always did04:43
hallynand done #ifndef MS_SLAVE #define MS_SLAVE04:43
hallynall right, so the answer is now :)  i just wanted to be sure before responding04:44
infinityThe answer is "there's no compelling reason".04:44
hallyn(i'm not exactly heavily invested in this, it's just somethign that bugged me witg glibc from oh say 2006-2010)04:44
infinityIf it bugged you in 2006, there was plenty of time to fix it before 2010. :P04:45
hallyn#ifndef :)04:45
hallynthanks - happy friday night04:45
infinitylucid's missing a lot of those flags.04:47
infinitySome far more interesting.04:47
infinityLike, MS_MOVE.04:47
infinitySo, I'm going to again go with "run precise instead".04:47
hallyn(it used to miss several syscalls plus the newer CLONE_NEW* too)04:47
infinityI dunno.  If there's a reason to do a more drastically interesting SRU, we could cue up some minor header syncing.04:48
infinityBut I'm not sure it's worth the effort.04:48
hallynno no.  i'm with you.04:48
infinityAnd most upstreams will say the same thing, really.04:48
infinityHeck, I got laughed at by benh for running an "ancient" 3.2 kernel.04:49
hallyni'm just happy things are more in sync nowadays04:49
* hallyn out04:49
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infinitytjaalton: FYI, in your next xorg-server merge from Debian, don't miss the changes from my last upload.08:07
tjaaltoninfinity: which one was that?08:28
infinitytjaalton: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/130794589/xorg-server_2%3A1.13.2-0ubuntu1_2%3A1.13.2-0ubuntu2.diff.gz08:32
infinitytjaalton: Basically just a revert of our delta (hence the build-dep patch being more than one line, cause it reverts to being the same as Debian for easier merging)08:33
tjaaltonwe're staging the next bump on a ppa, I'll merge that in08:33
infinitytjaalton: After finishing the audit MIR, I felt the urge to go undo all our no-audit deltas, so we wouldn't forget.08:33
tjaaltonoh cool08:33
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MarlincHello is it possible to integrate my application into the Ubuntu online accounts system? So when a user logs in it gets added to the online accounts system and it can be managed from there10:36
mitya57Marlinc: yes, see http://developer.ubuntu.com/resources/technologies/online-accounts/10:37
mitya57and http://developer.ubuntu.com/api/ubuntu-12.10/python/AccountPlugin-1.0.html10:38
MarlincOkay nice I'll take a look10:38
MarlincAnd with Java mm.. I develop my application in Java so it can run on Ubuntu, other Linux distro's, Windows and Mac OS X10:39
MarlincIs it possible to do those things with Java or is there another good alternative to Java that can be easily used on all of those platforms?10:39
mitya57no, that API is not available for Java10:41
mitya57Python works on all systems :)10:41
mitya57You can also try to use JavaScript, the API should be available there through GObject Introspection10:42
MarlincWell okay Python is nice it is supported on all platforms10:43
MarlincAnd provides Ubuntu integration10:44
MarlincOkay I just saw Jython10:53
MarlincCan I use it to access the Ubuntu API's from Java10:53
MarlincAh jvm I think mm10:54
mitya57Marlinc: I'm not sure, you can try :) AFAICT, it implements an old Python syntax (~2.6), and nobody actually builds modules for it...11:05
MarlincWell is there a more lower way of communicating with those APIs? So I can implement a basic thing in Java11:07
mitya57Marlinc: I believe signond has some D-Bus API, but I don't see it documented anywhere11:15
MarlincMm okay11:15
MarlincAnd how about lenses and scopes11:15
mitya57The same I think. The only D-Bus API that is documented is the Launcher API (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Unity/LauncherAPI#Low_level_DBus_API:_com.canonical.Unity.LauncherEntry), but with note "do not use it"11:18
mitya57But you better ask on #ubuntu-unity about that11:20
mitya57(not on weekend)11:20
MarlincWell luckily it is vacation next week11:21
* mitya57 has to go away now11:21
MarlincIn The Netherlands at least11:21
vibhavseb128: ping13:09
vibhavActually, Is anybody from the Nexus 7 team available?13:10
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sharslangasek, are you in-charge of the foundations-r-wubi-publishing specification?13:48
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JudithWhat is adult novelty?16:16
JudithWhat is adult novelty?16:18
vibhavinfinity: Was autopkgtest inspired when you uploaded a broken version of dpkg?16:45
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GagaPlease tell me where ubuntu-core-12.10-core-armhf.tar.gz includes Kernel or it is only rootfs? I wont to run it on i.MX53 Quick start board18:10
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panzersajt_Hy I have seen that canonical will release ubuntu for mobiles phones and I have seen that the refernce phone is based on omap4460. I have a omap4460 based tablet. I would like to ask weather it will be possible to install ubuntu mobile on it? It has same display resolution 1280x800 so that should be a problem (with working drivers of course)18:13
GagaAs I know Ubuntu Phone source is not released yet????18:14
panzersajt__no it is not but it will be during the MWC at the end of this mounth18:17
GagaAs I know it will mostly intended to use with development boards (such as Pandaboard ES, Beagle board ...)18:19
GagaEven if it will available for your phone it will have tons of bugs18:21
GagaPlease tell me where I can download Ubuntu Core source tarball? if available18:22
cjwatsonvibhav: Um, infinity didn't write autopkgtest ...18:24
cjwatsonGaga: You need to add your own kernel.  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Core18:24
cjwatsonGaga: The source is simply the corresponding packages in the Ubuntu archive18:25
cjwatson(i.e. "apt-get source <whichever package you're interested in>")18:25
Gagacjwatson-- but it is not a package, it is olso with apt get?18:26
cjwatsonThere's no package for ubuntu-core itself - it's just a tarball assembled from lots of other packages18:27
Gagacjwatson-- Thank you for answer, Please can you give me a direct link to single tarball?18:27
cjwatson(Though it's built using the live-build package)18:27
Gagacjwatson-- Ubuntu Core X86 olso needs to add kernel?18:28
cjwatsonGaga: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-core/releases/12.10/release/ubuntu-core-12.10-core-armhf.tar.gz18:28
Gagacjwatson-- I wont to run it on i.MX Quick Start Board R, I have kernel and rootfs patches from freescale18:31
cjwatsonI'm not an expert on this, but since that's ARMv7-based I don't see why that would be too problematic18:33
Gagacjwatson-- It there any additional configuration necesarry except applyng patches to original kernel from kernel.org and to this rootfs?18:34
cjwatsonYou'll have to arrange to boot it somehow; but I'm afraid I don't know more details18:34
cjwatsonThe wiki page I pointed you to above has some general guidance18:34
Gagacjwatson-- Building linux image for Freescale board first time was big trouble for me, I seen there is a few image builders like Buildroot and ELDK but they are too complex and work using them is not much easier than without them.18:37
Gagacjwatson-- I am planning to launch new open source project like that18:38
BadDesignWhere is the documentation for writing applications in GJS for Gnome 3?18:41
GagaYou have seen this page?18:42
BadDesignGaga: yeah, but where is the documentation for JavaScript? I don't want to read the C docs to use GObject18:43
infinityvibhav: What Colin said.  I had nothing to do with autopkgtest.  Also, I'd never upload a broken dpkg!  *whistles innocently*19:12
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cjwelbornnobody is talking about ubuntu development?23:58

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