jbichadarkxst: thanks, I uploaded g-s-m and -documents, I'm checking sushi now00:00
darkxstgnome-backgrounds http://pastebin.com/e0XuH2sH01:41
darkxstjbicha, you seen these errors before http://paste.ubuntu.com/1627348/02:07
jbichadarkxst: it builds here, what do you use to build packages?02:38
darkxstjbicha, I am getting that with jhbuild and debuild02:54
darkxstit seems to work in pbuilder, but I couldnt work out how to regenerate the symbols in that02:55
jbichayou can kind of copy and paste from the log to make a patch which you can apply to the symbols file03:16
jbichabut they split the library which I think we'll want to do in the packaging too so it's going to be a trickier update03:19
darkxstjbicha, yeh I know03:56
darkxstjbicha, gcr - http://pastebin.com/ecJStfd506:47
darkxstsymbols are updated, but I did not split the libraries06:48
darkxstricotz, fyi, you will need to patch this next time you make a snapshot http://git.gnome.org/browse/mutter/tree/configure.ac#n20408:44
darkxstsince our xi has the barrier stuff removed08:44

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