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infinityapw, ogasawara: audit MIR is going through now, if someone wants to re-enable perf in linux-tools.02:32
penguin42re bug 1093217    comment #44 seems to be suggesting a commit that might be relavent; I've pushed them to do the bisect; but  I wondered if there is already enough info now to move to triaged15:59
ubot2Launchpad bug 1093217 in linux (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu 12.04 10-20min boot delay (From> [Lenovo IdeaPad Z580]" [High,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/109321715:59
penguin42it's a pity there isn't an easy mech for end users to do bisects16:00
ogra_end users ?16:01
ogra_surely you wouldnt ask your MOM to do a bisect whatever easy mexh there would be, would you ?16:01
ogra_(and would *she* actually want to ...)16:02
penguin42ogra_: Well I'd agree but that seems to be the recommended path for what we tell users on kernel bugs16:02
penguin42ogra_: Personally I'd take that bug to triaged when it was between two releases; but Christopher has asked them for a bisection - see #2816:03
penguin42ogra_: But there again it shouldn't in principal be that hard to have a ppa like system that provided intermediate builds and walked through you a 'did that work? No? then try this one.'16:04
ogra_well, launchpad is open, feel free to implement it ;)16:05
penguin42hehe yes, well I was thinking of trying to set up a local lp vm16:05
ogra_i heard that isnt to hard (never did it myself though)16:05
penguin42might not even need to actually be in lp, a bot driving a ppa and the bug system; but then the starter would be a hack that would build a given git rev in the ppa 16:09
ogra_well, thats how prototypes are :)16:09
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