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bazhanghi LjL15:46
LjLhello bazhang15:47
bazhang @mark #ubuntu [morph3k] (morph@host- morph3k giving questionable support advice15:49
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bazhangIdleOne, he just as well may have "do you have ur root password"16:00
IdleOnebazhang: you have a point16:01
bazhang<reply> no16:01
bazhangmorph3k: well then, do this...16:01
bazhanghis advice is so bad as to be indistinguishable from outright trolling16:04
IdleOneHis advice is good if this was 199816:04
IdleOneand even then16:04
bazhang<morph3k> type su then visudoers    AUGH16:05
bazhangthat darn FBot!16:14
bazhangjudith was the one who was "what with the state of education"e tc troll16:15
bazhang@mark #ubuntu Judith (~Unknown@cpc4-sgyl11-0-0-cust53.18-2.cable.virginmedia.com more nonsense trolling then quit16:17
ubottuThe operation succeeded.16:17
bazhangwhat excellent timing for him to return16:18
bazhang<morph3k> run the command but with the word screen in front16:22
bazhangto run compiz16:24
bazhangany reason to let him continue?16:24
IdleOneI don't feel we have good reason enough yet to remove him. I would like to see him improve his contributions16:26
IdleOnebut if you want to remove him, by all means...16:27
bazhangjust the idea of trying to start compiz via screen...16:27
IdleOnebeing clueless is not a crime, yet :)16:28
Tm_Tbazhang: help him, you shouldn't think removing him first (:16:28
bazhangTm_T, I have. with no luck. he still keeps giving grievously bad advice16:28
bazhang<morph3k> google a download link for it and wget it17:17
bazhangand recommending MINT...17:17
bazhang<morph3k> ban evade it is17:26
bazhangwhen asked to stop giving bad advice17:26
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI17:27
IdleOnedo we want to add http://news.softpedia.com/news/Linux-Foundation-Releases-UEFI-Secure-Boot-System-328103.shtml to that factoid?17:27
bazhang nexus` (morph@dont.privmsg.me.cause.ill.berightback.us) has joined #ubuntu17:29
bazhangcould it be?17:29
IdleOnesure looks like it17:30
IdleOnethe ident is a giveaway17:30
bazhanggot him in PM now17:30
IdleOnenice of him to provide a link to his vnc host17:36
IdleOnethey even have an irc support channel17:36
IdleOneI think I meant znc. you got what i meant17:37
bazhangI read vnc as znc anyways17:38
bazhanghe has 80 hosts17:38
bazhangTm_T, what about Peace17:47
Tm_Twhat about him?17:48
bazhang<Peace-> Walzmyn: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=image+upload   <----- Tm_T is that a OK?17:49
Tm_TPeace again, brrrh17:50
Peace-Tm_T: but let me tell you that that rule is for stupid17:58
Peace-and first of all17:59
Peace-that kind of behavior it's quite stupid17:59
Peace-he doens't support people in that channel17:59
ubottuWhile Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.17:59
Tm_TPeace-: we don't work with karma, helping doesn't mean you're allowed to ignore rules17:59
Peace-that rule it's stupid18:00
IdleOneI support the channel (by extention the users) by reminding users of the !guidelines when they are not following them.18:00
Peace-IdleOne: i have never see you supporting users18:00
Peace-or just few times18:01
Tm_TPeace-: that is irrelevant18:01
IdleOnePeace-: I didn't see you supporting that user either18:01
IdleOnebut like I said18:01
IdleOneI support the channel (by extention the users) by reminding users of the !guidelines when they are not following them.18:01
Peace-i don't care about stupid rules18:01
Peace-and like i said it's a stupid rule18:01
IdleOneWe don't care about your type of support18:01
Peace-cuz everyone uses google18:01
IdleOneSo, have yourself a good day.18:02
Tm_TPeace-: here's the thing: you either follow channel rules or you don't use the channel18:02
Peace-ok man that will mean just less support in kubuntu channel18:02
Peace-that's sure18:02
Tm_TPeace-: that is fine18:02
Peace-for a stupid rule18:02
Peace-Tm_T: ok man18:03
Peace-you will never see me back again18:03
Tm_Tthat is unfortunate but your decision and I can respect that18:03
Peace-no it's not unfortunate18:03
Peace-it's because there are stupid rule18:04
Peace-and i can 't accept stupid rules18:04
IdleOneWho exactly made you the judge of what rules are good?18:04
Peace-everyone use google18:04
Peace-google is the first  help18:04
Peace-for a linux user and everyone should be used to it18:04
Peace-and everyone that uses google well can find answer faster18:05
Peace-so it's a duty  to teach how to use it18:05
Peace-because the first help for a problem in linux it's search on internet18:05
Peace-so to deny that it's stupid18:05
Peace-and it's against users18:06
IdleOne you make a good point. I will teach you about the Ubuntu irc rules we ask all users to follow18:08
IdleOnePlease learn them.18:08
Peace-i don't need to read that i have my own opinion of lmgtfy18:08
Peace-i will just leave the support for kubuntu18:09
Peace-that's all18:09
IdleOneClearly, but your opinion does not overrule our community guidelines18:09
Myrttilmgtfy is not allowed there either.18:09
Peace-IdleOne: i can say that is a stupid rule ?18:09
Peace-and should be changed ?18:09
Peace-yes that i can do it18:10
IdleOneSure you can, but you still have to follow the rules18:10
Peace-IdleOne: infact i left the channel man18:10
Peace-or you have some problem to understand that ?18:10
IdleOneNo, the problem we seem to be having is that you want to force us to agree with your opinion. that won't happen18:10
Peace-you have not understand that18:11
IdleOneok, then. have a nice day18:11
Peace-i am sayin that it's a stupid rule18:11
IdleOnefine, you have a right to that opinion18:11
IdleOneWe disagree.18:11
IdleOneAre we done now?18:12
Peace-IdleOne:  i will not answer you18:12
IdleOneok. I say we are done. Please /part this channel now.18:13
Peace-cuz i don't care what you think what you do and which are your opinon18:13
Peace-i prefer a kick18:13
Myrttithank you for your participation in the discussion, feel free to leave when you want. I'll remove the mute after you have.18:14
bazhangubuntu stage tarball?18:15
Myrttior alternatively in about 15 minutes, or when someone else needs our assistance.18:15
Myrttiat which point you will be removed.18:15
bazhangrdieter, hi18:25
rdieterbazhang: just lurking (for drama I guess), don't mind me18:26
bazhangrdieter, please check the /topic here18:26
rdieterI guess I've no business, topic says I shouldn't lurk, so I'll go18:26

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