fully_humanI'm trying to fix a few bugs in Autopilot. I see that the developers are using Python's Logger class, but whenever I use it (e.g. logger.debug()) I don't get any output. Any ideas why this is?01:09
phillwfully_human: I see the request, but am not up to speed on that area yet. sorry.01:59
fully_humanphillw: No prob.02:00
fully_human#python might have an answer, so I'll try there in a bit.02:00
phillwfully_human: I've pinged the -release team to see if there is some one about. Things do slow down at weekends as a lot of us spend the week in various TZ's and do get tired come weekend.02:08
fully_humanAh, thanks.  It's not urgent...I just have that bug-fix itch.02:08
phillwfully_human: would you like me to give you a list of other bugs to help out on? :D02:10
fully_humanSorry, I'm working on something else more urgent, now. :-(  If not, then I'd say yes.02:13
phillwfully_human: I was kind of joking, but I will remember the 'offer' :)02:14
smartboyhwstgraber, ping03:44
smartboyhwballoons also03:44
smartboyhwIn the Precise ISOs the testcases is still the old legacy testcases in testcases.qa.ubuntu.com, not those which are included in the ISO tracker in Raring...03:44
stgraberthat's because testcases are per series, nobody redesigned the ones for precise and those from raring don't necessarily apply to precise03:56
smartboyhwstgraber, oh ok. Let me talk to balloons soon then04:10
smartboyhwphillw, if you are here: PING04:10
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* vibhav finalizes libxcb test10:03
vibhavCompleted two tests10:47
smartboyhwphillw, PING13:34
smartboyhwballoons, PING13:34
smartboyhwpleia2, PING13:34
pleia2smartboyhw: I mentioned in the other channel too - 13th is fine with the classroom team, but I need you to confirm that it's ok with phillw or whoever in 24 hours, or else we can't get it advertiesd in UWN14:27
smartboyhwpleia2, OK14:55
smartboyhwphillw, PLEASE wake up:P15:02
phillwsmartboyhw: hiyas!16:28
smartboyhwphillw, hiyas. I want to move my session to the 13th (same time), so that people could help test 12.04.2 and Alpha 2 images. The Classroom guys need your approval on that16:29
smartboyhwphillw, can you tell pleia2?16:29
phillwsmartboyhw: I'm okay with it.16:29
JoseeAntonioRphillw: confirming it, then?16:30
phillwJoseeAntonioR: yes :)16:30
JoseeAntonioRphillw: ok, I'll change16:30
phillwsmartboyhw: can you edit the wiki page16:30
smartboyhwpleia2, ^16:31
phillwsmartboyhw: also, email Nicholas to let him know of the change.16:31
JoseeAntonioRphillw, smartboyhw: ok, changed to the 13th, same time16:31
smartboyhwphillw, OK16:31
JoseeAntonioRsmartboyhw: no need to highlight Lyz16:31
smartboyhwJoseeAntonioR, I need to so that she can promote it in UWN16:32
JoseeAntonioRsmartboyhw: I'm part of the news team too :)16:32
smartboyhwJoseeAntonioR, LOL I forgotten:P16:32
* pleia2 writes the announcement for smartboyhw's session real quick17:03
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phillwprepares to apt-get remove virtualbox :( GRRRRRR18:18
SergioMenesesphillw, why?18:19
SergioMenesesbtw: hi all18:19
phillwSergioMeneses: the stupid thing cannot 'see' virtual drives! Not good for a virtual machine application :P18:20
phillw700 GB of my hard drives are set up as a virtual pool that I just pull 10GB sections off for VM's... :: DEEP SIGH ::18:22
SergioMeneses /o\18:23
phillwI have 2 X 500 GB disks in my laptop. One is ubuntu root install, the other is centos root install. the virtual pool is shared between them and allows me full access whichever disk system I boot into18:24
phillwhi jodh just to let you know, your cloak is not being applied before you join the channel.18:46
phillwhi folks, anyone here for the introduction to zsync? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Activities/Classroom#Section_3 if so, please /j #ubuntu-quality-chat19:01
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phillwhi, any questions?19:19
phillwbtw, Hi Noskcaj. you are up early!19:21
pleia2woohoo zsync!19:22
Noskcajphillw, no, same time19:23
phillwAs there are no questions, I'll close that session down. Next up will be an introduction to Virtual Box at 2000 UTC.19:25
pleia2sorry, got the channels mixed up :(19:26
pleia2(opposite of classroom, I forgot)19:26
pleia2I'll just link to the meetbot logs19:27
pleia2(since the chat channel doesn't have a proper irclogs.ubuntu.com bot19:27
phillwpleia2: it's just a temp room, using a temp bot :)19:28
phillwThe logs are permanent :)19:28
pleia2we've had trouble in the past with people redoing their blogs/sites and the logs disappearing after a year or so19:29
BoySScoutevery thing you say can be used against you :)19:29
BoySScouthow about that for a TOS?19:29
phillwif phillw.net were to vanish, there'd be a lot of really unhappy people, that server hosts quite a few virtual manchines for other F/OSS teams :)19:30
BoySScoutpleia2, don't ban me before you can gather more evidence on me.19:31
pleia2BoySScout: please stop harassing me19:31
BoySScoutyou was the one that banned me19:31
pleia2BoySScout: if you have a problem with a ban, please bring it up in #ubuntu-irc instead of disrupting other channels with your problems19:32
BoySScoutive been there and they told me it was up to the op...19:32
phillwBoySScout: what ever the reasoning, can I suggest that you appeal it and not disrupt this channel. A little word.... doing so will look bad on any appeal you launch :)19:32
* BoySScout is on recesses19:35
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phillwHi folks, the full session for Virtual Box is going to have to postponed, but for any of you who use it please feel free to /j #ubuntu-quality-chat and I'll run through a few things with you.20:01
pleia2phillw: should I skip linking the logs for vbox session in the classroom blog post since you'll be rescheduling it?20:22
phillwpleia2: yes please.20:22
pleia2ok :)20:23
phillwI'm going to ask that SRU team put in the latest version of VBox into the repos.20:23
Noskcajphillw, remember the testdrive-Vbox bug20:25
phillwNoskcaj: We seem to be caught between functionality of the virtualisation. Is there a problem with the 4.2 version of VBox>20:26
Noskcajyep, unit193 made a patch though20:27
Noskcajit's not been release yet20:27
phillwWhat part of testdrive does not work with VBox 4.2?20:28
Noskcajthe everything part20:29
ubot5Launchpad bug 1098080 in testdrive (Ubuntu) "Testdrive gets stuck on "configuring Virtual Machine" if Virtualbox 4.2 is installed" [Undecided,In progress]20:29
phillwNoskcaj: that's really annoying, why have the testdrive made that simple fix?20:32
phillw*not made*20:32
Noskcajbecause YOLO, and someone said SRU was why. but testdrive needs a new version ASAP20:34
phillwNoskcaj: as it will be a while before I get 4.2 onto the repos, other people should have 4.1.x on their systems as it is the one from the repo.20:34
Noskcaji know, i just hope for my session no-one has 4.220:35
phillwNoskcaj: I'll catch up with the sru team on monday. I got the patch in for virt-manager okay. As 13.04 is up coming, they may decide to just have it all in 13.04 instead of multiple SRU's when they're already busy.20:36
phillwwe do have one fully working virtualisation system :)20:37
phillwI think that patch got in because the people on sru team also use it :)20:38
phillwHi guys, if you are attending for the introduction to KVM virt-manager, the session is about to start in #ubuntu-quality-chat.21:00
SergioMenesespleia2, phillw where can I find the logs of this sessions?21:01
pleia2SergioMeneses: they're being hosted on phillw's server via meetbot after each session21:03
SergioMenesespleia2, thanks! :)21:03
pleia2sure :)21:03
phillwas there are no further questions, I'll close that session down. you can always ping me on here if you ever have questions.21:51
Noskcajphillw, any idea why @ubuntu-classroom isn't tweeting about our session?21:51
phillwNoskcaj: nope, as we clash with existing classrooms, I guess it was not built into the system.21:52
phillwNoskcaj: what matters is that the classroom is held and the logs are available.21:53
phillwI did one on LAMP many moons ago, and the hits on my own site never mind the classroom site do show that people do refer back to them :)21:54
Noskcajok, i'm trying to have a few people in anyway21:55
phillwNoskcaj: look at the count for LAMP stuff on my little, hidden away, forum:) http://forum.phillw.net/viewforum.php?f=521:56
phillwNoskcaj: when you #startmeeting, don't forget to #topic :)21:58
Noskcajdo i have to type that stuff?21:58
phillwit would be #topic Introduction to testdrive21:59
phillwfor you?21:59
phillwNoskcaj: do I have to raise a bug to have the other ubuntu flavours added, e.g. lubuntu, ubuntu-studio, edubuntu, mythbuntu etc. etc.22:05
Noskcajthere is one for Lubuntu, it's invalid i think22:05
phillwi'll let you get on with the session22:06
Noskcajworld record for fastest session, too much copy/paste from a script for me22:09
phillwNoskcaj: nah, I've done faster :P22:10
phillwthe important thing is to have it logged.22:11
Noskcajand you've seen the answer to your default iso issue?22:12
zygahey, does anyone around know something about ubuntu-friendly22:13
phillwzyga: I do.22:14
zygaspecifically if there's been any progress in the last few weeks?22:14
zygain the reboot of the concept and such22:14
phillwzyga: yeah there has been. There was a meeting held last week :)22:15
zygaphillw: yeah, I could not attend that one (past midnight my time)22:15
zygaphillw: do you know where I can find more about what was decided?22:15
phillwas it was for me! (I'm UTC)22:15
zygaah :)22:16
phillwzyga: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuFriendly/Meetings/2013020622:16
zygathanks, let me read that22:16
phillwThere has been more chat on the mailing list after that.22:16
phillwNoskcaj: the command is #endmeeting22:18
Noskcajok, ty22:19
zygaphillw: interesting, I'm mostly involved in the development and improvements to checkbox22:20
zygaphillw: and I was curious if there was any desire to have a checkbox derivative that would submit some data (or just produce it, ready to be submitted) based on the user's machine22:21
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phillwNoskcaj: ping22:41
pleia2included logs from today22:42
phillwpleia2: thanks, I'm bouncing some ideas around with -release as to the problems with VBox and testdrive. I'm going to suspend the VBox tutorial probably until 13.04 comes out.22:47
pleia2phillw: ok, thanks :)22:47
phillwpleia2: I'm not entirely sure of using the scant resources we have to try and keep 3 different versions of virtual testing all fully updated. I'm going to open a discussion.22:49
phillwNoskcaj: The patch for testdrive that unit193 put forward should be driven forward by the maintainers it will get a favourable response from the SRU people.22:50

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