grufftechmaxb: basic functionality is there, but functions like rotating, resizing, ect are all not included.  which for my software, is a rather big deal.00:00
grufftechand as much as I could get away with keeping 10.04 LTS for another 2 years on our production platform, I'd rather upgrade and keep current with the rest of ubuntu.00:01
hallynDaviey: not sure what you mean - we're not preventing anyone from installing qemu-system-x86 on ppc and vice versa.   I guess we can just install both everywhere if you like.00:27
hallynI was just assuming ppl primarily want to run kvm for their native arch00:28
hallynI don't have a preference - long as qemu-system-lm32 stays off :)00:28
hallynDaviey: thanks!  gnight00:28
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dexterboy1106I am trying to get my ubuntu server running had everything good then I ran into permission problems and I am reinstalling now, what i would like to do is have my owncloud  and my nas in the same dir and be able to move files between the two is that possible01:43
solitude88Before I make a big mistake Im sure. I need to make a few directories writeable by apache user which is www-data and right now all the files folders are owned by user and usergroup ubuntu. Question is is it ok to change all the ownership of all files and folders to www-data?01:49
solitude88files from from /var/www are owned by ubuntu01:50
sarnoldsolitude88: it would be better if your data isn't owned by your webserver user account -- an exploit for the webserver, or any scripts that may execute as the webserver, would have the ability to overwrite your data files01:51
sarnoldI've seen more than a handful of sites with exploit javascript embedded into their HTML files by hacked servers or scripts.01:51
sarnoldideally, your webserver has write permission to only its logfiles and whatever database socket it needs to do the job..01:52
solitude88thanks sarnold. How would you suggest that I do this. Currently I have a plugin that needs read/write access by the same user as the webserver01:52
sarnoldof course, if the whole point is that your webserver lets you manipulate files, then that might be what you have to do. but I'd be skeptical of such tools. :)01:52
solitude88well this is bad news lol01:53
solitude88thanks so much sarnold01:53
solitude88sarnold does it make a difference if all the files are under the public folder?01:54
sarnoldsolitude88: not really, that's just a convenient naming convention01:54
solitude88why would they make a plugin like this if its conviently exploitable01:55
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sarnoldbecause people _like_ doing those sorts of things :)01:55
solitude88sarnold look at this at the 1 minute mark http://vimeo.com/4768509201:58
dexterboy1106s am trying to get my ubuntu server running had everything good then I ran into permission problems and I am reinstalling now, what i would like to do is have my owncloud  and my nas in the same dir and be able to move files between the two is that possible01:59
sarnoldsolitude88: heh, he mentioned "standard upgrade script". that sounds ideal. :)02:00
solitude88I guess theres always a give take when dealing with simplicity over security02:01
solitude88and vice versa02:02
sarnoldsolitude88: sometimes. I for one would rather update something via "ssh foo@host" followed by "upgrade_script.sh"   rather than loading a webpage and clicking a bunch of things. but that's just me. :)02:02
solitude88yeah you're a cli jedi02:03
solitude88me just a hobbyist02:03
sarnoldhehe, I started out as a hobbyist once :) made a right mess of things once in a while too.. hehe.02:04
solitude88been there02:04
solitude88done that02:04
solitude88still doing02:04
sarnoldyay :) hehe02:04
dexterboy1106I am trying to get my ubuntu server running had everything good then I ran into permission problems and I am reinstalling now, what i would like to do is have my owncloud  and my nas in the same dir and be able to move files between the two is that possible03:45
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dexterboy1106if a directory is highlighted green how do I change it back to blue04:03
dexterboy1106I did it earlier but cant remember04:03
hallynuh what?  i guess it depends on your DIRCOLORS.  For me green is an executable file and blue is a directory.  i can't change from oen to the other :)04:05
dexterboy1106how do i change an executable to a dir04:06
dexterboy1106i didnt finish reading sorry04:06
dexterboy1106i did it earlier but cant remeber what site I saw it on04:07
* patdk-lap doesn't know what colors are04:11
patdk-lapI live in a monocrome world04:11
patdk-lap50 shades of grey?04:12
dexterboy1106now the directory is highlighted green whith blue letters04:28
mattwj2002hi guys04:32
blackjackhy i want to cloning 10 pc i use clonezilla how to04:32
blackjackcan help my04:32
blackjacki use ubuntu server 12.0404:32
dexterboy1106ok fixed it04:35
dexterboy1106chmod -R 776 *04:35
dexterboy1106chmod -R 755 *04:36
mattwj2002fixed what?04:36
dexterboy1106now the directory is highlighted green whith blue letters04:36
dexterboy1106you weren't in the chat yet04:36
dexterboy1106I had a directory that was highlighted green with blue letters I had permissions set for everybody 77704:37
mattwj2002oh okay04:38
mattwj2002any idea why an ubuntu server install keeps locking up on grub-install dummy?04:43
mattwj2002how long does it normally take?04:49
KurtKrautmattwj2002, are you sure the ISO you are using is okay? Also, is the hard disk okay?04:51
mattwj2002I have used two different versions of ubuntu cd04:52
mattwj2002the ubuntu cd04:52
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hatakehow to fix this. http://dpaste.com/916486/ help06:21
hatakehow to fix this. http://dpaste.com/916486/ help06:23
hatakeplz fix http://dpaste.com/916535/08:21
dchI'm moving some scripts from screen to upstart, but have found little reliable information about correct dependencies using upstart.09:02
dchthis works:  start on (static-network-up and filesystem and local-filesystems and net-device-up IFACE!=lo)09:02
dchthis doesn't: start on (static-network-up and filesystem)09:02
dchAre there any other examples other than the upstart cookbook, or a list of events / dependencies you'd recommend?09:04
dch[SOLVED] this is what I was looking for -- http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/precise/en/man7/upstart-events.7.html09:36
jpdsdch: Well, you don't want to use net-device-up IFACE!=lo anyway.10:32
dchjpds: so far I think local-filesystems is redundant, and my current (testing now) is `start on static-network-up and and started filesystem` does that look better?10:33
jpdsdch: Yep.10:34
dchI'm reading that as "when the static-network-up event is emitted and the filesystem /etc/fstab are all mounted, then start"10:34
dchI think my mistake was not differentiating between events and states.10:34
jpdsThe problem with "IFACE!=lo", is that the device might exist... doesn't mean you have networking...10:35
dchthanks for the clarification. it seems that a *lot* of people are using it though.10:36
dchin fact that's been my single biggest frustration with upstart is that the examples on the net are frequently incorrect and simply don't work on a fast system running in parallel.10:36
dchnot a fault with ubuntu per se, mind.10:36
RoyKiirc someone in here was talking about buggy intel NICs http://blog.krisk.org/2013/02/packets-of-death.html12:42
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PlizzoHello! I've just performed a clean install of 12.10 on a new SSD in my server, but for some reason it does not find my RAID partition (md0). I have three disks in a RAID5 - /dev/sda, /dev/sdc, /dev/sdd, but there seems to be no raid anymore.14:23
Plizzofdisk -l tells me that these drives are Linux raid autodetect, so they should be okay. How would I get mdadm to assemble theese disks into an array again without any data loss?14:24
patdk-laptell mdadm to search and find them14:25
PlizzoI just did sudo mdadm --assemble --scan14:25
PlizzoAnd it did actually assemble them again14:26
PlizzoBut I noticed one disk has jumped out, so I'll have to add it again..14:26
PlizzoWell, I solved it myself, but it will take about 5 hours for the rebuild :P14:35
JudithWhat is adult novelty?16:15
JudithWhat is adult novelty?16:18
mbnoimi1I installed horde from ubuntu repository by apt-get... I'm wondering now what's next? Do I've to configure it or it's has already configured?18:01
blkperlmbnoimi1: you probably need to configure it18:05
mbnoimi1blkperl: Is there any manual or documentation for that? I googled a lot about this issue but I got many articles explain how to install from the scratch not from ubuntu repos.18:07
SpamapSmbnoimi1: it is most likely available at $hostname/horde/18:07
mbnoimi1SpamapS: I tried http://localhost/horde but I got 404!18:08
mbnoimi1installation command was "sudo apt-get install turba2 horde3 kronolith2 horde-sam nag2 gollem mnemo2 dimp1 sork-forwards-h3 sork-vacation-h3 imp4 ingo1 ansel1 sork-passwd-h3"18:09
hatakei need Stage Tarball for ubuntu18:10
blkperlmbnoimi1: google thinks theres a webmail-install command, did you run it?18:12
blkperlmbnoimi1: found a guide http://www.swapninfoways.com/?p=16818:14
JanCmost likely there is documentation in /usr/share/doc/<package-name>/18:15
JanCoften in a file named README.Debian or something similar18:17
mbnoimi1blkperl: thanks I found http://www.dalouche.com/wordpress/2006/01/19/horde3-and-imp4-howto-under-ubuntudebian/ I think it'll helps me out18:17
JanC(might have a .gz extension if it's large & compressed)18:17
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hatakecan help my http://dpaste.com/917498/18:43
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verticalvoidhello all.  i've been working on installing my server (12.04 LTS) and have been trying to set up a mail server properly.  i've pretty much have followed the howto guides (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PostfixCompleteVirtualMailSystemHowto), but am now at an empasse because squirrelmail is not working!19:15
verticalvoidi already have postfix and postfixadmin (although, not sure if I need that ? ) installed, courier is also what i am using.  it's probably a simple mistake in the MX records, and in the config settings for squirrelmail (i.e. which servername to point to, etc. since i'm trying to use multiple domains).19:15
verticalvoidbut, this is my first attempt at setting up a webserver ... so this mailserver stuff is tricky.  any help greatly appreciated.  back to reading more howto's ... but thought live help might be better.19:16
FaroukBAhello! well I want to ask about something: every time I update my kernel the processor's ventilator starts turning at max, stays like that about 3 min then returnes to normal. is it normal?19:20
verticalvoidFaroukBA:  i dunno.  seems like an odd thing to occur.  hence why you're here.19:22
verticalvoidanyone have any knowledge on setting up mail servers on a home server with multiple domains? (virtual hosts, etc.)19:22
FaroukBAverticalvoid, because I forgot where's the kernel dev channel :p19:29
verticalvoidthis i do not know ... maybe ubuntu-dev ?19:29
FaroukBA:) thanks anyway19:36
verticalvoidanyone know anything about mail servers?19:50
patdk-lapthey help me get more spam19:57
verticalvoidsure ... just trying to get mine set up on my homeserver.  but thanks for the extraneous info.20:00
patdk-lapyou have a home server that doesn't block port 25? that is strange20:02
patdk-lapyou did ask a very undirected question, and you expected a better answer?20:02
verticalvoidok, very true20:03
verticalvoidlet me be a bit more specific20:03
verticalvoidi just installed squirrel mail (i have postfix all set up ... i hope), and am setting up squirrelmail on multiple domains.  let www.mydomain.com = *, be any of about 12 domains i am hosting.  i want to be able to redirect */squirrelmail to the one directory that squirrelmail is located at on the server.  how is that possible with virtual hosting? seems simple but can't find an answer.20:04
verticalvoid<--- new at any webserver stuff, always had a 3rd party host, but am moving to the DIY model more and more . . .20:05
patdk-lapyep, just make a virtual host entry, and assign server aliases20:08
verticalvoidright ... so, like .. <VirtualHost *>20:12
verticalvoid  #ServerAlias /squirrelmail /usr/share/squirrelmail20:12
verticalvoid  DocumentRoot /usr/share/squirrelmail20:12
verticalvoid  ServerName www.matthewniemerg.com/20:12
verticalvoidoops, uncomment out #ServerAlias20:12
verticalvoidprobably comment out the servername too ...20:13
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FlavrFatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required '/app/config/boot.php' (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php')21:19
Flavrany help ?21:19
[HUN]Bitvilaghi everyone22:26
[HUN]Bitvilagi really need some help with my situation regarding ubuntu and lvm usage22:26
[HUN]Bitvilagi have prematurely deleted the partition table of two harddrives that were in an lvm still active on the third harddrive with the system on22:26
[HUN]Bitvilagwhat should I do?22:26
jpdsCheck the backups.22:27
[HUN]Bitvilagcould you elaborate?22:27
jpdsCheck the backups of the data on those drives. :)22:28
[HUN]Bitvilaglol thanks but...are those backups on the system?22:28
jpdsOK, I was hoping you'd have a backup server just in case serious things like this happened.22:29
[HUN]Bitvilaghome server22:29
[HUN]Bitvilagdue to power consumption22:29
[HUN]Bitvilagi had only one22:29
[HUN]Bitvilagbut ...i am thinking of..22:29
[HUN]Bitvilagbut thats does not solve my issue22:30
[HUN]Bitvilagany other advice?22:30
patdk-lapwhy would backups use power?22:30
patdk-lapyou either have to manually recreate your parition table22:31
patdk-lapor forget about your data22:31
[HUN]Bitvilagohhh i thought you meant like a network raid22:31
[HUN]Bitvilagso server backup22:31
[HUN]Bitvilagfull time22:31
[HUN]Bitvilagnoo u r right i shoudl have done backup22:32
[HUN]Bitvilagand does manually recreating partition table possibel at al?22:32
[HUN]Bitvilagi mean i hardly know any info on the drives22:33
[HUN]Bitvilagwhat do i need to know?22:33

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