AlanBellno, they don't get pressed00:14
AlanBelljust download it and burn it (or put it on USB which is generally better)00:15
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AzelphurAlanBell: ZoneMinder is seriously disappointing me :(00:26
Azelphurlast release august 2011, lacks basic features like...audio00:26
AlanBellyeah, it seems to be stuck on old style cctv with not much support for new toys00:27
AlanBellhttp://www.sparkfun.com/tutorials/304 is more the kind of thing I want it to do00:28
AzelphurI wanted to do this too.00:28
AlanBellspot interesting things, follow them around and make videos with sound of interesting stuff00:29
Azelphursvn has been dead since last July, so yea.00:31
AlanBellalso timelapse00:31
AzelphurI have been looking into doing it in python with opencv00:31
AzelphurI reckon opencv would give a significant amount of awesome features.00:31
AlanBellwant to do scheduled snapshots in different directions and timelapse them00:31
Azelphurwell, I'm having trouble audio grabbing in python atm, hopefully I'll get somewhere.00:33
Azelphurthat face tracking example you linked, that's done in OpenCV.00:33
Azelphurso if I could get something similar to ZoneMinder (at least the basics) powered by OpenCV, it'd be a huge step in the right direction00:33
AlanBellyes, I think opencv is the way forward00:33
AlanBellthere are different approaches to the area of cameras really00:34
AlanBellsome people want a multi-camera serious security setup00:34
AlanBellothers want a cool toy that does interesting things and also does security00:35
Azelphurthere's no reason both can't be done really00:35
AlanBellI have two of the cameras now, the one at the front door is being useful, the other isn't really, I haven't decided where to mount it00:38
AzelphurI've got one atm :)00:38
AlanBellI might reflash the firmware on that one, I want to try and get a command prompt on it via ssh or telnet00:38
AlanBellI did some stuff with huggin to make panoramas which was interesting00:40
AlanBelland if you take a bunch of pictures and average them you can get rid of a lot of sensor noise00:40
AlanBellI also discovered something interesting about the noise, it appears to be related to a 16x8 pixel grid00:41
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AlanBellhttp://ubingo.libertus.co.uk/cam/cleansnaplight.png if you zoom in on that you can see a grid pattern00:48
AlanBellsame for that one00:48
AlanBellthose images are the result of merging about 500 frames and picking the lightest pixel from all the frames or the darkest pixel from all the frames00:49
AlanBellthere is this sensor grid where the most noise happens that gets exposed by this, the most variable pixels form the dark and light grid00:49
AlanBellI expect that kind of thing could be used in video image forensics as it is a bit of a signature of the camera and would probably show up tampering00:50
ali1234fun story00:52
ali1234once i was messing around on mturk00:52
ali1234and i found a job asking for pictures "of anything"00:52
ali1234turns out they wanted jpegs from as many cameras as possible so they could analyse the compression artifacts for forensics00:52
ali1234they paid me like $5 for taking 3 pictures on each of my many cameras and phones00:53
ali1234that's the best paying job i ever saw on there by far00:53
ali1234opencv is good but the API is pretty bad00:56
ali1234it uses many pointers00:56
ali1234even the python version is just like using C00:56
ali1234you can do simple motion detect using numpy and scipy which are much nicer to use00:56
* AlanBell dislikes pointers00:56
ali1234but that's going to be too limited if yu want to do face detect00:57
ali1234AlanBell: i don't know why you dislike pointers so much00:58
ali1234you should learn assembler, then you will love pointers00:58
redtape-renegadeAlanBell: Oh, I didn't know that they didn't get pressed.. thanx .. A word of Warning.. Never go to the shop after midnight !! https://dl.dropbox.com/u/55128914/Lubuntu%20docs/Kubuntu%20Pens.png00:59
AlanBellpointers let you hurt yourself00:59
ali1234get an arduino and program it to do "hello world" in assembler00:59
AlanBellthat is a lot of pens redtape-renegade00:59
redtape-renegadeyep .. how long to canonical usu. take to deliver ?01:00
AlanBellthe americans complain about delivery costs and times01:00
ali1234isle of man is now known as pen island01:00
redtape-renegadebut, Do They Deliver ?01:00
AlanBellI have had tshirts from the store fairly quickly01:02
AlanBellnight all o/01:02
redtape-renegade nightology ...01:04
p-radRecently installed ubuntu 12.04, having some issues with updates and speed. New to linux. Can someone help?03:23
redtape-renegadedaftykins, Finally installed X-Chat,     ... now we're suckin' diesel !!07:59
redtape-renegadeSorry where R my manners .. Morning All !08:00
kanturkredtape-renegade, Morning...08:33
kanturkMorning All !08:33
redtape-renegadeI quite Agree . There are definate advantages to saving to a PNG picture rather than a PDF :: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/55128914/Lubuntu%20docs/Lubuntu%20desktop%20Feb%2713%20screenshot%20LOGO.png09:13
popeymorning all09:46
brobostigongood morning everyone,10:33
MartijnVdS\o brobostigon11:13
brobostigono/ MartijnVdS11:14
* MartijnVdS has new walking shoes11:20
mungbeanwhats the best mp3 tagging software nowadays?11:30
mungbeanhad some problems with musicbrainz a while back11:30
MartijnVdSmungbean: picard uses musicbrainz, I use it for everything11:30
MartijnVdSif it's not on MB, I add it11:31
mungbeanworks ok ?11:31
MartijnVdSworks great11:31
mungbeani thought something changed/broke11:31
MartijnVdSyeah they changed their API11:31
MartijnVdSbut they also release a new version of picard.. so it works again/still11:31
mungbeanbut works OOTB on 12.04 still?11:31
MartijnVdS12.04.. that's a good one11:31
MartijnVdSNo idea! :)11:31
brobostigonjane silber on bbc click.11:45
* penguin42 yawns12:23
popeymungbean: what release was it that hte installer crapped out for you on, was it 12.04 or 12.10?13:13
popeyif I recall it was when you enabled encryption13:13
popeymungbean: did the machine have windows on it too?13:33
mungbeanpopey: it was a kvm server provided by a hosting provider13:45
mungbeanmy colleague never got to the bottom of it13:45
mungbeanbut when he got onto 3.5 kernel it didn't repeat anymore13:46
mungbeanseems hard to failt find cos it was a hosting provider's machine13:47
penguin42popey: http://www.technologyreview.com/view/511121/this-robotic-fur-patch-is-cooler-than-your-cat/13:47
mungbeancorrect, it was when luks/encryption done during install time on the cli installer13:47
popeyah, luks13:55
popeythis is the home directory one13:55
popeyturns out it was the windows migration assistant, disabling that worked around the issue13:55
penguin42popey: Is it actually an install fest  or more generic meeting?14:20
redtape-renegadepenguin42: Dunno but As Far As your Link above, the video doesn't play in my chromium ... perhaps we all just realizing it's not Caturday, today ; including my web-browser. :)14:23
penguin42redtape-renegade: :-(   Hmm playing on my ff here14:23
penguin42redtape-renegade: Hmm playing in chromium 24.0.1312.56 (Ubuntu 13.04) here14:24
redtape-renegadepenguin42:  mmm, Ok .. 'bit Odd that !  Is today an 'Odd' day ? .. Oh yes, it is ...14:26
penguin42redtape-renegade: Which days aren't odd?14:29
redtape-renegadepenguin42: 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th .. kinda goes on till 32nd of December, which is my birthday !!14:33
penguin42I like the 32nd, so relaxing14:34
mungbeanhave you all watched tpb afk film yet?14:38
* penguin42 wonders what Mx is as a prenominal14:38
redtape-renegadeAnyway enough of Aberrant-ness .. it plays in firefox now, so we're all Ok there, thenm :)14:40
popeypenguin42: generic lug meeting14:40
popeyjust gave a talk about popey.com/house14:40
redtape-renegadeAGLUG ? popey, is that true ?14:40
penguin42popey: Nice14:40
redtape-renegadepopey, You had a GLUG ?14:41
popeyI'm at a LUG meet..14:41
redtape-renegadeAAhh but you said G.L.U.G meeting  6 lines ago .. Does everyone know the difference ?14:42
popeyi didnt14:52
popeyI said generic because penguin42 asked what type it was, whether it was an install fest or a generic lug meet14:53
redtape-renegadepopey:    Careful now ! You are close to " Minas Ithil "or the "One that Sees from Afar" stone .. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palantír .. Not All the G.L.U.G.'s have been found !! G.L.U.G. if you 'didn't' know is a Gnu./Linux User Group ..14:54
popeythe LUGs near me are LUGs, not GLUGs14:55
popeysomeone from the FSF tried to rebrand LUGs to GLUGs and failed14:57
penguin42popey: Well just have a talk about Android one day and nail it14:59
* redtape-renegade thnks popey is on the Nazgûl side as he is against the Gnu .L.U.G. -stones.15:00
popeyI certainly am against rebranding LUGs for the sake for keeping one guy from the FSF happy, yes.15:01
popeygoogle for uk glug - > find a zillion useless results15:02
popeygoogle for uk lug -> find lots of useful results15:02
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* redtape-renegade google P.L.U.G. and gets this result by mistake :::: https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/plugincheck/15:07
redtape-renegadeFunny .. the plugincheck-er doesn't always work thou.   :::: https://support.cdn.mozilla.net/media/uploads/images/2013-02-06-07-46-02-3afbd9.png15:41
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redtape-renegadeCrumbs he wasn't lying !! https://dl.dropbox.com/u/55128914/Lubuntu%20docs/RedHat%20Lug%20%5Bpopey%5D.png17:01
penguin42well he normally doesn't17:03
redtape-renegadejudgebot: !popey17:07
redtape-renegadeThis is ludicrous !! Why wasn't this advertised to me last week ? It' on lt costs £29 to get to the UcK :: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UserDays17:12
redtape-renegade***it only costs £29 return to get to the UK ...17:13
penguin42from where?17:16
redtape-renegadeI spent more than that on Ubuntu 17 hours ago .. !!  http://goo.gl/eECE1  daftykins : They are doing it again .17:17
redtape-renegadepenguin42: Thouglas17:24
redtape-renegadeAKA Douglas IM14LE17:25
penguin42oh not that far away17:25
penguin42redtape-renegade: Where does the £29 get you to?17:26
redtape-renegadeYeah, If you can get past the Thoug's17:26
redtape-renegadeWell it's £30 to Sellafield is the old expression  .. would you like me to explain ?17:27
penguin42redtape-renegade: Ah, so yeh, probably cost you more to get from there to London17:27
redtape-renegadepenguin42: You use the wrong wiki's .. hang-on17:28
redtape-renegadepenguin42: wiki.org/en/M6_(GB)17:30
penguin42hahah hitchhiking the M6...heck17:32
redtape-renegadethere was a TED talk on it .. v. useful17:32
* penguin42 generally prefers the Train, but it's a bit pricey17:33
redtape-renegadetrainline ᗕ---- .. do you use it often ??17:34
penguin42yeh, but it's no cheaper than anywhere else and it just seems to have the same prebook discounts17:34
redtape-renegadeSo, tell me penguin42 , If I want to get to Plymouth via Liverpool using Trainline ( the rightway) .. How much would it cost and can you give me a screen-selection-shot (App.shutter) of the result   ?? .. So I can plan an excursion this summer !17:37
penguin42redtape-renegade: To be honest I'd use transportdirect.info17:37
penguin42redtape-renegade: And when you say via, is that where your starting from?17:38
redtape-renegadeopening  ... www.transportdirect.info (Start Liverpool)17:38
* redtape-renegade is still annoyed he never was informed about the Ubuntu User days . poobuntu.17:40
redtape-renegadepenguin42: Am I an idiot or does www.transportdirect.info not work for me ? Can you help, as you advocated it , Plz ??17:45
penguin42redtape-renegade: OK, so it's appeared for me, what problem are you having with it? (I'm using firefox)17:49
penguin42also seems to work in chrome, so in that case I guess I have to say.....17:49
redtape-renegadeJust try and plan a train journey from Liverpool Limestreet to Plymoyuth Main station (both train station !) .. see if you can get anywhere 'cos I still stuck in Bedington !17:50
redtape-renegade**I'm still stuck..17:50
penguin42ok, what date did you tell it?17:50
redtape-renegade2 months from today.17:51
penguin42what time?17:51
redtape-renegade(Apr). Tiome .. 08:55 UTC17:51
penguin42and wth is Bedington....17:51
penguin42done it for me17:52
redtape-renegade(I'm in bed atymo. ) :)  .. Oh Really !! Prove it to me ...17:52
penguin42sure just let me imagebin it17:53
redtape-renegadeWhat size screen do you have .. just outta interest ??17:53
penguin42redtape-renegade: 1920x108017:54
redtape-renegadeopening ..  I meant in inches ..17:54
* penguin42 hates to think why that matters - but 24"17:54
* penguin42 disappears for a bit17:57
redtape-renegade .. I'm looking at your imgbin .. & I'm thinking .. I already knew that already .. The real question is the cost .. How much is the journey ? Not including roasted nuts .. !17:57
cocoa117if i want to know what kind codec of a MP3 file has been using, what tool can be used here?18:03
redtape-renegadepenguin42:  .. great so it costs numerous MaverickMeerkats , as I understand18:03
redtape-renegade£43.50 .. Why did that take 20 minutes ?? https://dl.dropbox.com/u/55128914/Lubuntu%20docs/%C2%A343.50%20GBP%20Limestreet%20to%20Plymouth.png18:13
DJonesAlanBell: What was the ratemyrack website you were using? (I think it was you anyway)18:29
* redtape-renegade gets to go and get the mailbox today .. Bedington be gone !18:37
redtape-renegadeGreat another thrilling installment of Hawker's Bazaar http://goo.gl/py5hd  .. Who put me on their damn mailing list ?18:41
redtape-renegadeshauno: A friend of yours ?? http://askubuntu.com/users/14325/shauna18:43
shaunoredtape-renegade: nothing to do with me :)19:02
shaunothey're a whole lot more active than I am :/19:04
redtape-renegadeAny translators out there working on Ubuntu or it's Manuals ?? Someone just tweeted me to ask why there is no American Indian translation of " Ubuntu in Cree  " , with this Web-Reference http://apihtawikosisan.com/2013/02/08/idle-no-more-some-ideas-for-cree-language-revitalisation-resource-focus/19:07
* redtape-renegade is not sure how to tweet/respond ??19:08
shaunoare they volunteering?19:13
shaunothe only barrier to any translation is "just" willing & able volunteers with sufficient fluency19:13
redtape-renegadeshauno: Where do I send them for example ? lauchpad, Ubuntu wiki, www.getlocalization.com .. Where, where ?19:21
shaunoI'd assume https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Translations/KnowledgeBase/StartingTeam  since there's not already a Cree team19:23
shaunothere's also https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-translators  which would be better placed to answer questions19:28
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redtape-renegadeOk tweeted the 2nd one shauno thanx     ... Meanwhile in Cree-Land ...19:45
shauno"blocked plugin"  ;)19:46
redtape-renegadek n.probs .. just doing the emails for 3 days here .. Always get great questions/concerns for Ubuntu .. My first is '3D' as in ...19:52
redtape-renegadehttp://www.svp.co.uk/product.php?product=KM100  Can this be set up as a £60 webcam ?19:52
redtape-renegadeAlanBell: Are you still getting those adverts for loose women .. Here's what's messaging me today  ... but can she code ?? https://dl.dropbox.com/u/55128914/Attachments%20Email%20Xchat/eharmony%20conclusion%20%3D%20Wish%20I%20was%20in%20New%20York%20for%20St%20Patricks%20day.png21:23
AlanBellmature women is what I get, you might get the loose ones :)21:23
redtape-renegadeAlanBell: HaHa ! ..  mature women are loose aren't they  (?) .. unless they've the craic of a nun !21:25
daftykinsnice family friendly convo 8D21:26
popeyEvening all!21:31
redtape-renegadedaftykins: Aloha ! (from the Volcanic Island of Mannin)  .. Yes, it was a post from over a week ago .. bit weak of my behalf .. how's the new house going ??21:31
brobostigonevening popey'ness21:31
daftykinsredtape-renegade: not bad ty, bought a few more little odds and ends tonight. may consider moving in a proper come Thursday when my mattress + sofa gets delivered \o/21:32
daftykinspopey: allo o/21:32
redtape-renegadepopey .. how's Ubuntu User Day going ??21:32
popeyno idea21:33
redtape-renegadethought, that's what all the LUG thing was attached to ..21:34
redtape-renegadeUbuntu User Day .. Does it exist ?21:34
popeyhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UserDays yes21:35
popeylooks like AlanBell is involved21:36
redtape-renegadeAlanBell: apparently your guilty ?21:36
* AlanBell is doing a session now21:39
redtape-renegade 21:0021:39
redtape-renegadeAccessibility Applications21:39
redtape-renegadeAlanBell  Agreed .. what #channel ?21:39
AzelphurI just had a reasonably hilarious argument with someone insisting that the fan belt on their computer was broken, and asking me to fix it.21:51
Azelphurthey were quite adamant that it was most definitely the fan belt.21:51
penguin42Azelphur: OK ok21:52
penguin42Azelphur: So, you asked them if they'd tried cleaning the spark plugs?21:53
Azelphurpretty much, I told her that computers don't have fan belts21:53
Azelphurthen I said "It's not a car, it doesn't have a fan belt"21:53
penguin42Azelphur: https://plus.google.com/photos/118251468822440261663/albums/5494186793315464977/5494187481146565682     is about as close as I've seen21:54
Azelphurthat thing looks older than I am21:54
penguin42how old are you?21:55
daftykinsyou can have a laugh with the belt on optical drives21:55
penguin42Azelphur: built about 80-8121:55
Azelphur9-10 years before I was born then ;)21:55
daftykinsi'm 28 in a few days :<21:56
Azelphurshe tried telling me that if I broke it I'd have to pay for it too, that's when we got to the big ol "NOPE"21:56
penguin42Azelphur: 27MB 14" hard drive on an ICL Perq; 1MB RAM, ran Unix21:56
daftykinshow was this humorous acquaintance established then, Azelphur ?21:56
Azelphurdaftykins: local club I go to xD21:57
penguin42Azelphur: I was given that machine when I was at Uni, it didn't boot when we got it home (and two of us lifted it up the stairs) the belt was off (and the lock screw was in)21:58
daftykinsi was quite interested at a practical example of HDD data recovery recently21:59
daftykinsa friend brought me an old laptop HDD of his, new enough to be SATA mind you21:59
Azelphurpenguin42: what is that belt even for? a hard drive platter or possibly a tape?21:59
daftykinsit streamed errors and wouldn't let a liveUSB boot, Windows equally bricked it trying to talk to it21:59
penguin42Azelphur: To spin the platters21:59
Azelphurah for the hard drive, yea21:59
daftykinshe sent it off and a co. replaced a head on the drive, managing to pull the data off after :O22:00
daftykinshe got charged around £350 to get the data, but it was important travel photos so he wanted them22:00
Azelphurdaftykins: I have a USB hub that makes the PC turn off when I plug it in22:00
Azelphurit's like the death hub of doom.22:00
daftykinswe all know about you and USB gear ;)22:00
daftykinshehe i jest22:00
Azelphurali1234: ^ speaking of that, that was my main USB hub I've been using for the past few years, I pulled it out and plugged it into my HTPC and it does that22:01
Azelphurso yea, maybe it was dodgy xD22:01
AzelphurI got a nice USB 3 hub now though22:01
daftykinsooh fancy22:01
daftykinsok i've decided that tonight is my last night of leaving my IRC client running, ahead of my house move22:02
daftykinsi've no idea how long it's going to be between now and having a net conn up and running in my new place, a few stages of confusion to go through between now and then22:02
popeywhere you moving to?22:03
daftykinsstill Guernsey, but i've just bought a place on the capital22:03
daftykinsso i won't even have to ride home post-pub any longer ^_^22:03
penguin42Azelphur: The drive was apparently a Shugart SA4000, 24MB, 87ms average access time, 7Mbit/s22:04
Azelphurpenguin42: haha ouch22:04
daftykinsthough i may have to fight off anyone who equally cba to go home :>22:04
daftykinswho try and scrounge a bed for the night :)22:04
penguin42Azelphur: If it makes you feel any better some of the guys I work with at the moment have been working with computers since I was born22:05
daftykinsmy ol' College still has one of the old 5MB IBM beasts that's the size of two electric sewing machines side by side :O big clear plastic cover to it22:05
daftykinspenguin42: do you ever have to drag them kicking and screaming into even the 20th century? ;)22:08
* penguin42 reads the manual for the hard drive 'After application of DC power, a 1.25 minute internally generated delay to ready is introduced'22:08
penguin42daftykins: Haha sometimes, it's a bit hard22:09
daftykinswhat's even the interface on that thing?22:09
penguin42daftykins: I suspect the interface is what became ST506 for MFM/RLL drives22:10
ali1234hooray for fence post errors22:10
penguin42daftykins: It's very simple; it's not that far off a floppy interface22:10
penguin42daftykins: with a 'step' input to cause the drive head to step22:10
ali1234disk read tool has options "start cylinder" and "end cylinder" and if you set then equal it does nothing, but if end is start +1 it reads two cylinders22:11
daftykinswowzer, to think the amount of stuff that has already become defunct in my time22:11
penguin42daftykins: Oh yeh it's pretty scary22:12
daftykinslike when i was teaching i already felt that the kids were missing out from the lack of device mode setting for channel sharing of devices with PATA :)22:13
penguin42stuff evolves, can be difficult to keep up with22:13
daftykinsthey have it too easy with SATA :D22:13
penguin42daftykins: I guess I got my 1st hard drive in I guess late 80's and that was still MFM format, so you still had to format the drive, but it was at least a sane 3.5"22:14
daftykinspenguin42: back then, did it keep a table in its' own firmware of bad sectors it found there and then?22:17
penguin42daftykins: They were dumb drives, no firmware22:17
ali1234lol firmware22:18
penguin42<disappears for about 90mins>22:18
daftykinsah ok :>22:18
daftykinsi did nearly start with that as a question after i typed that one22:18
ali1234bad blocks were stored at filesystem level for amigados22:18
ali1234i'm guessing really early stuff didn't handle them at all22:19
daftykinsok i'm about to call it an early night22:21
daftykinsand with that i'm going to disappear, so i'm sure i'll return before a month is out22:22
redtape-renegadeAlanBell: Good talk you gave on #ubuntu-classroom .. V. helpful t my American friend Jonathan Nadeau .. but I join half way through .. Where are the logs again Plz. ??22:22
daftykinstake care all \o22:22
redtape-renegadenight o/22:22
Azelphurpenguin42: hehe, I don't mind being young xD22:25
brobostigontraceroute  , results in some interesting results. :)22:25
AlanBellhttp://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2013/02/09/%23ubuntu-classroom.html redtape-renegade22:27
jennieplease tell me other browsers than firefox in ubuntu22:47
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jennieand one more please22:48
brobostigonjennie: epiphany also.22:50
popey(i assume)23:07
ali1234i thought it was a violent allergic reaction to emacs23:32
penguin42you can normally tell cats by the distance between the characters23:35
penguin42although it's got to be said the ! is impressive, I guess that's one paw on shift23:35

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