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digi-good evening02:04
digi-I'm working on a headless X stack that will perform automated GPU accelerated tests on firefox.. and I ran into a bit of a strange issue.02:04
digi-I'm missing a lot of colors on the first boot.. but if I shut down X and restart it all of the colors appear. A quick look in .xsession-errors seems to suggest that this happens if compiz starts before colord is running02:05
digi-Shouldn't compiz indicate a dependency on colord to dbus?02:06
digi-The X background also remains uneffected.. the only rationale I have for this is that the X server handles that internally, and doesn't depend on the gnome color daemon02:06
digi-What information should I include in an email to the mailing list?02:13
smspillazargh ffs this sed script thing breaks parallel builds too :(07:52
smspillazheh http://buffered.io/posts/the-magic-of-unity-builds/13:00
smspillazabusing the preprocessor to vastly reduce build times13:00
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