derekvi'm already using zope02:08
derekvneed import transation02:08
derekvor something02:08
derekvsqlalchemy is not behaving as per examples i'm seeing02:17
derekvapparently i got sqlalchemy and then zope and then pyarmid_tm all in my business02:18
derekvgot it via trial and error02:20
snap-lGood morning15:10
derekvgood morning its sunny!16:34
derekvI'm really hating "event type" as a user facing term16:37
derekvbetter to call it a "clicker" or "counter" or "thingamaroo"16:37
derekvrick_h_: I was just about to ask something16:42
derekvbut googling around I found the answer on SO16:43
derekvposted by you =]16:43
snap-lIt's like getting a rick_h_ for free. :)17:28
rick_h_derekv: lol what was it?19:36
rick_h_I love it when I find people I know like that19:36
rick_h_does skype not intall in 64bit without all the 32bit libs?22:05
rick_h_wtf...I don't want to reinstall half my system to get skype working22:05
rick_h_took the boy to the science center today and had fun at the planetarium show. Now must resist urge to get a giant telescope22:39
rick_h_snap-l: might have to bug jodee on her knowledge of that stuff :P oooh crankbook has open observatory times22:39
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