wrstme too chris4585!!00:18
cyberangerthis is effectively my monday, in under an hour I clock in03:07
wrstmondays are no fun!05:02
cyberangerwrst: you have won the understatement of the year award for 2013 with that one, this was one really bad monday13:24
cyberangeridk if I'm gonna get the flak cannon for tonight or not (I shouldn't, but if people don't back me up, it's gonna hurt)13:25
wrstI humbly accept this award and wish to think all the little people that made it possible13:25
wrsti hear its important to do that cy cyberanger:)13:43
cyberangerto do what?13:48
wrstthank the little people :)14:14
cyberangerlol, it is14:17
cyberangermakes work worth more14:18
cyberangerI mean, paychecks are nice, but hearing good job once in a while doesn't cost anything, if it's earned, a boss can say it ;-)14:18

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