smartboyhwGood morning03:37
holsteinLen-nb: http://www.spinics.net/lists/linux-audio-users/msg89436.html03:57
holsteini dont know how i found that, but i like it :)03:57
smartboyhwHey holstein 04:09
holsteinsmartboyhw: o/04:10
Len-nbholstein, Once in a while I do ok. I found the infographic at the link in the message interesting from another point of view.04:20
smartboyhwHey Len-nb  how are ya?04:21
Len-nbMy wife works with older people, often with dementia. So we have studied the effects of music on these people.04:21
Len-nbsmartboyhw, I am well.04:21
Len-nbholstein,  music helps people with dementia keep their memory longer or remember things they have forgotten.04:22
Len-nbThat article shows why, it activates so much more of the brain than just talk.04:23
Len-nbThe truth is that a lot of them don't get much talk either.04:23
Len-nbMy wife sings music from before her time (50/60s) to them and it seems to help.04:24
smartboyhwLen-nb, can ubuntustudio-icon-theme be SRUed to Precise one day!?04:29
smartboyhwI'm testing the 12.04.2 ISOs and it still shows a Xubuntu icon...04:30
smartboyhwMaybe micahg can help with that04:30
Len-nbsmartboyhw, it would require it's own version of icons I think04:31
Len-nbThere was a version of ubuntustudio-icon-theme in repo at the time. That may effect things.04:32
Len-nbAlso you would have to make changes to -settings as well.04:32
Len-nb It is not a one tweak fix.04:32
Len-nbCould be done though.04:33
holsteinLen-nb: that is awesome04:33
Len-nbholstein, My wife is studying nursing right now. She has a compassion for people that is amazing.04:35
Len-nbsmartboyhw, The first step would be to finish what has already been done on the precise version of settings. I think (but am not sure) That the new icon-theme would work for the install as is. (going back to one of the earlier versions that just had the distro icon may help make things easier)05:05
Len-nbthen add the default icon-theme change to the setting package.05:06
Len-nb(the settings package forked for precise)05:06
Len-nbsmartboyhw, the settings package we have now will not work with precise, it has to be the fork.05:35
Lumpyello ello05:35
smartboyhwLen-nb, ok05:41
smartboyhwLumpy, hello05:41
Len-nbHello Lumpy 05:42
Lumpyhow are yas tonight?05:43
* Lumpy is currently streaming05:43
=== Lumpy is now known as Lump|AFK
smartboyhwzequence, PING07:41
zequencesmartboyhw: pong09:02
smartboyhwzequence, can you check the release notes of Ubuntu Studio 12.04.2 at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PrecisePangolin/ReleaseNotes/UbuntuStudio to check nothing is wrong?09:08
zequencesmartboyhw: Did you erase the previous one? I think it would be a better practice to create new pages each time09:16
zequencesmartboyhw: What's the diff between this and the previous release notes?09:17
smartboyhwzequence, the problem is: This "practice" of using the original release notes page is same for other flavours09:19
smartboyhwzequence, ttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/PrecisePangolin/ReleaseNotes/UbuntuStudio?action=diff&rev2=14&rev1=1109:20
smartboyhwYou will find the "StartPreciseReleaseNotesFeatures" strange09:20
smartboyhwbut then the kernel is different from us09:21
smartboyhwThey are using a 3.5 kernel from quantal in Ubuntu Desktop, we are still using 3.209:21
smartboyhwSo I copied the contents and changed the kernel bit 09:21
smartboyhw(And the DVD size bit)09:22
zequenceLooks gine to me09:23
smartboyhwzequence, yeah:)09:24
smartboyhwzequence, thx for approving10:31
zequencesmartboyhw: It's given. I'm not done adjusting teams yet, so things may change during the process10:35
zequenceholstein: smartboyhw: I'm removing you from the -website team, but you are given privileges to post on the website through the PR team instead10:40
zequenceSo, just a heads up10:41
smartboyhwzequence, oh OK. Inform ttoine too:)10:42
zequencehmm, yes. ttoine is active with updating WP, but it doesn't seem he is involved with design and development of the website, so removing him too10:46
smartboyhwzequence, I confirm using the ubuntustudio-public-relations team to log in works10:48
smartboyhwI mean in the website10:48
zequencesmartboyhw: Good10:49
smartboyhwChinese New Year coming in 3:10 hours12:50
smartboyhwscott-work, hey14:59
smartboyhwChinese New Year in 1 hour!!!!!!15:00
len-1304zequence, just sent a copy of email to our list. It seems there are some more things RSU of jackd2 might fix. And some things to test for.15:14
scott-workhi smartboyhw , how are you doing today?15:15
scott-workhi len-1304 15:15
smartboyhwscott-work, good15:15
smartboyhwlen-1304, remember to test the 12.04.2 images15:15
len-1304GM scott-work 15:15
zequencelen-1304: I'm only doing an SRU of the patch that fixes that one bug15:24
len-1304But it is a patch against which jackd2?15:24
zequenceThe one in quantal15:25
len-1304For both 12.04 and 12.10?15:25
len-1304SO what is happening with 13.04? is there a new jackd?15:26
zequencelen-1304: Yes, there's a new version15:27
* len-1304 wonders when the new PA will show up.15:27
zequenceAnd I was trying to keep the SRU simple, by making sure there was no need for updating any dependencies for jackd15:27
len-1304zequence, does the new version have the fixes in it?15:27
len-1304I would guess that anyone who updated to 12.10 will also go to 13.0415:28
len-1304Anyone using 12.04 also has the option of using kxstudio's jackd package.15:29
zequencekxstudio packages won't fix ubuntu bugs, so that is not a solution for anyone anyway. Plus, kxstudio only ships jack215:30
zequenceAnd, doesn't support PA at all15:30
len-1304zequence, I am wondering if there are some subtle changes (or not so subtle)  in newer hardware that is causing problems.15:30
zequenceThe important thing is we fix the LTS15:30
zequenceAnd you always need to SRU stepwise, going back one release at the time15:31
len-1304Wish we had 20 more people...15:32
len-1304(all full time)15:33
smartboyhwzequence,len-1304  actually not that we need 20 more people, we need 2-3 more MOTUs to help packaging:P15:39
zequenceWe really only need one with upload rights to begin with15:41
zequenceBut, to get docs written, workflows well worked out, etc, we need someone for each of those areas15:42
len-1304That too. But I would like to see 2 or 3 people (or more) studying the kernel with respect to audio and doing patches on audio apps.15:42
len-1304I would like to see someone or two studying the way new HW affects audio apps too.15:42
smartboyhwlen-1304, that is a LOT15:43
smartboyhwFrom kernel we have zequence 15:43
smartboyhwFrom hardware I think we have ttoine 15:43
len-1304The whole linux audio setup needs help.15:44
len-1304I would like to see more people just doing ALSA drivers.15:44
smartboyhwAnyone thought of a best way to ask for contributors?15:44
len-1304zequence, smartboyhw, scott-work, I have forwarded a copy of an email sent to me. There are people working on other audio distros who are willing to work on workflow docs together.15:47
scott-workthat's kinda exciting, innit?15:48
smartboyhwlen-1304, good15:48
len-1304At the very least, I would guess each of us should document our own particular workflow.15:48
zequenceThat doc is a lot more thorough than I would have ever felt motivated to do for Ubuntu Studio.15:58
zequenceIt would make sense to have LAU doc base like that15:59
len-1304It would be great if it was distro agnostic.15:59
len-1304As he says it is a bit dated.15:59
smartboyhwHappy Chinese New Year!!!16:01
zequenceHappy New Year smartboyhw 16:01
zequenceWe don't have anyone writing docs for us right now, but me, so it's sort of the same situation as for Fedora16:02
zequenceI'm not looking to write a full reference for all Linux audio, just a practical guide for helping users to get going, quickly16:03
zequenceAnd, frankly, I have very little time for these things, as it is16:03
len-1304Ya, but we (the linux audio community) needs this too.16:03
zequenceRight now, I'm doing a sort of side project. Trying to get a HP OpenVMS system working. A friend is a beer brewer. Bough equipment from Germany for his company. The computer controls the machine, but no one has a password. I can't reset it without a "@" symbol. Getting some help with this now :P16:05
zequenceNot finding a way to produce that symbol, namely16:05
len-1304VMS is fun :P  I will say it is good for machine control though.16:06
zequencelen-1304: I'm all for it, but I won't be able to contribute to that any time soon16:06
zequenceI wish I knew the VMS console tools a little better. I feel cripled16:07
len-1304There is lots of help right from the console as I remember16:07
len-1304type help16:07
len-1304Mind I was using the official DEC VMS16:08
zequenceI'm setting kbd stuff. Let's see if that helps16:20
astraljavazequence: I'm not sure I understand the problem correctly. Is it that the key mapping won't allow you to type the @ symbol?17:10
zequenceastraljava: Some weird problem with how the VSM console worked. German layout wouldn't allow any way of producing the "@" symbol. I was able to change layout to US. Problem solved17:33
astraljavaOh ok, cool.17:53
zequenceBeen working on a header for the wiki. The content is rubbish, but the layout is what I'm after right now. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/TeamStructure18:52
len-1304zequence, Sure makes it look like there are a lot of us :)  The layout is fine, I was able to find anything I wanted.18:58
zequencelen-1304: Ah, yeah. The teams. I put some thought into that. We have a lot of teams yes, but they are also logically used. Each is an actual launchpad team, with certaing privileges and subscriptions, so joining a team makes it easy to connect with the important stuff right away19:04
zequenceI'm still working on that. The idea is each team can have their own docs and space as much as possible, so that you don't need to know much of what others are doing to do you what you want to do. At the same time, overview is easy for the project lead, and other leads19:06
len-1304I was not being critical in any way. I think it works well. I hope our people grow to fill it more.19:06
len-1304You can link my name to https://launchpad.net/~len-ovenwerks if you wish. (or if you think is is wise)19:07
zequenceThat works, sure19:07
zequenceYou can also create your own wiki page, if you want19:07
len-1304Sounds like work :P19:08
zequenceI'm making a push now to try finish up the wiki as much as possible. Try getting docs for all important areas. Then, start thinking about PR posts and try get people to join us. We already have quite a few members in ~ubuntustudio at launchpad. Some of those might just need a little push to get going. At least, that's what I'm hoping for19:09
len-1304zequence, I have seen a number of messages on LAU about people installing newer versions of US and other audio distros and having really bad performance.19:10
len-1304I find it hard to believe as I am running an old system and getting better performance.19:10
zequencelen-1304: Wouldn't hurt to find out the cause19:10
len-1304My thought is that a number of them at the same time have gotten new MBs and other system bits.19:11
len-1304zequence, I am wondering if there is something in the newer chipsets that is just bad for lowlatency audio.19:12
zequenceThe north bridge is getting a lot more efficient at sharing resources, I think19:12
zequenceIntegrated graphics, and what else19:13
zequenceIn the CPU even19:13
zequenceI'm not very good at the details surrounding that, but I've seen some change, sure. 19:13
len-1304PCIe is new sinse my board.19:13
zequencePCIe is connected to the north bridge, and is why I think it should be preferred for audio19:14
zequenceI have no clue about this, and interaction with Linux, drivers, etc19:14
len-1304Ya, but I wonder if it is making PCI or USB or FW audio interfaces worse.19:15
zequenceCould be19:15
zequenceI guess that depends on drivers, probably19:15
len-1304I think the wireless driver on my netbook is dealing with the hardware as best as it can. I think the hardware is inherently anti-lowlatency. That for some operations it grabs a bus for too long.19:17
len-1304I would like to know what is happening in the windows world... or is it so badly hidden as to be un-noticed19:19
len-1204zequence, qjackctl defaults to 44.1k but ardour defaults to 48k. Interesting.20:57
zequencelen-1204: upstream qjackctl defaults to 48k as well20:59
len-1204zequence, never noticed this before, in ardour what is the difference in track mode from normal to tape20:59
zequenceThe package has a patch to change that one option20:59
zequencelen-1204: Not sure about that one. Perhaps some sort of performance tuning? I recollect something similar on Cubase21:00
len-1204One of the ubuntu devs (vanilla) has a USB sound device that only accepts 44.1k21:00
len-1204He is very sure 44.1 k is the standard.21:01
zequenceaudio device from OZ21:01
zequencelen-1204: Who is this, exactly?21:01
len-1204Realistically 44.1k limits audio band to 18k21:02
len-1204I'm don't remember, they did leave a message on our list when I suggested 48000 should be standard in pulse as well as jack :)21:02
zequenceYes, because of the filter21:02
zequenceIt's easy to forget that 10k to 20k is only one octave21:03
zequenceI've done too little mixing to appreciate anything above 10k. Mostly, I find there's not much interesting happening there21:03
len-1204Anyway, I think all our jack stuff should default to 48k21:03
len-1204Pretty much that is true. any of the dynamic mics (including ribbons only go up to 15k21:04
len-120415 to 20k only shows up with a good condenser mic21:05
len-1204I'm doing 12.04.2 testing right now. Jack still has the hard stop bug.21:10
zequenceMy SRU has not been looked at yet. The bug report is active, and ready21:11
zequenceThe next step is for the SRU team to have a look, and upload jackd to -proposed21:11
len-1204Ya, I figured.21:11
len-1204I can see the tree/list mode in the old nautilus.21:13
zequenceI like this Greg guy21:17
SzArAkHello. Just joining the channel to look around and find out what's going on in ubuntu studio recently :)22:17
zequenceSzArAk: Welcome22:17
SzArAkso just saying "Hi!" :)22:18
SzArAkzequence: thank you.22:18
zequenceSzArAk: It's just called #ubuntustudio :)22:20
SzArAkzequence: thanks :>22:21
len-1204zequence, good video.22:48
len-1204I don't like pulse 1.1 (in 12.04) any more, 2.* and 3.* have spoiled me.22:54

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