thebishophey folks06:55
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ricardohello, I need some help17:28
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JOSED-user834i have one problem as the driver: sound, mouses and usbmidi22:10
JOSED-user834i need help22:11
zequenceJOSED-user834: What kind of problem do you have?22:12
JOSED-user834no driver installed22:13
zequenceJOSED-user834: For which device?22:13
JOSED-user834is a laptop22:14
JOSED-user834pavillion dv5 207422:14
zequenceMost drivers are included with the kernel. That includes more or less 98% of available drivers for Linux.22:14
zequenceThere are a few devices that need to have drivers installed, like m-audio midisport22:15
zequenceJOSED-user834: The computer model is not that important. What device are you having problems with?22:15
zequenceIs it a audio device, a midi device? What is it called?22:16
JOSED-user834the usb midi cablle  standard22:17
zequenceJOSED-user834: I don't understand. What is the device named? For example: m-audio midisport22:19
JOSED-user834no have name only say USB MIDI CABLE22:20
zequenceJOSED-user834: Then I'm pretty sure it works. What are you wanting to do?22:21
zequenceJOSED-user834: You want to play an instrument, like Hexter?22:23
JOSED-user834ray now i am system reinstall22:23
JOSED-user834yes for keyboard controller22:23
JOSED-user834yamaha psr22:24
zequenceJOSED-user834: To see if your device is working, you should see it when you open qjackctl. qjackctl -> Connect -> Alsa22:24
zequenceIf you see it there, you can connect it to software22:24
zequenceIt's getting a bit late here :P. I probably need to get to sleep22:25
zequenceJOSED-user834: Hope you get it working22:25
amiuif not there is also #opensourcemusicians22:26
JOSED-user834no it working22:36
JOSED-user834thank you22:41
JOSED-user834for all22:41
JOSED-user834i'll see how to fix22:43

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