GridCubei got a mail from the qa tracker saying that there is an alternate iso to test13:30
smartboyhwGridCube, 12.04 still has alternates13:30
GridCubei dont see 12.04 there though13:30
smartboyhwI remember testing 12.04.1 alternates for Xubuntu at the final moment before release:P13:30
=== guester is now known as toz
pleia2knome: screenshots for site? if there is a way I can help nudge it along, please let me know :)17:53
knomei should work on the theme to change a thing and make it configurable in the future17:54
knome(and ask to install one more plugin)17:54
knomei'll try to get it done later today17:55
knomeping me again at, uh, probably 22utc ?17:55
knomei need a fitpc or sth similar to have a simple homeserver for syncing17:56
pleia2btw, our friend tion_ changed his nick so he could ban evade in #ubuntu-women19:22
pleia2my tolerance for him is at -10 now :)19:22
knomedid you miss a zero from the end?19:36
knomemy next action towards tion is ban19:37
* pleia2 nods19:38
knomesent email to -devel19:53
pleia2how are we testing encouragement-wise?19:55
knomewe're still working to get the testcases done on the sandbox to be able to move them to the ISO tracker19:56
knomeit's pending on me and bluesabre, and if you want to help us, i can get you admin access to the trackers19:56
pleia2trying to gather the energy to say ok19:57
knomewe definitely should get this done before B1 to make sure we don't have critical bugs19:57
knomeyou don't have to by any means19:57
knomei seriously should get that done and get bluesabre cooperating to get the details right19:57
knometweeted about the meeting19:57
pleia2then we can get blog post out too19:57
bluesabreI updated a little bit20:15
bluesabreHow specific/long-winded do I need to be with the details on that20:15
bluesabreknome ^20:15
knomebluesabre, anything that you think testers need20:16
knomebluesabre, if they don't understand it, they won't run the tests20:16
bluesabreok, I'll review that again and get them up-to-date sometime today/tonight20:17
knomewe only have two testcases for now, right?20:18
knome...but you listed more to test20:18
knomewe should have one for each item20:18
bluesabreyeah, I'll get those added tonight as well20:19
knomeok, awesome20:19
bluesabrewould it be helpful to have catfish be python3 in raring?20:19
knomehmm, if that's the only thing that would be in python2, then i guess yes20:20
knomebut i'm not confident that it is so20:20
knomemicahg looked at it earlier, follow up with him20:21
bluesabreSure thing20:21
knome(and sorry micahg!)20:21
bluesabreholy crap20:24
bluesabreat some point, translators got busy with catfish20:24
bluesabrelast time I checked, there were 620:24
bluesabrenow there are 1820:24
knomewell that's good20:24
bluesabrethey're not going to like that fact that several strings changed in the experimental/0.6 branch20:25
bluesabrealrighty, heading out.  bbl!20:27
knomepleia2, you around?21:43
Unit193http://xubuntu.org/?p=1577&preview=true for your consideration in the upcoming meeting, additions/corrections greatly accepted.  Title needs changed, and I'm up for making it better (only thing I'm not so much for is junking the idea. ;) )22:21
Unit193I figured I was supposed to ignore "Please notify the site administrator." ;)22:23
pleia2knome: I am supposed to remind you to do the screenshots!22:33
Glitchdhello everyone23:09
Glitchdgot a quesiton..23:10
Glitchdis anyone alive in here?23:10
pleia2Glitchd: you can just ask :)23:10
pleia2if someone can help, they'll respond23:10
knomemost of us are living dead, though23:11
Glitchdrightly so23:11
Glitchdwondering how to add a script to the startup so it gets executed whenever the system boots23:11
pleia2I think you want the support channel at #xubuntu :)23:12
knomeyes, definitely :)23:12
pleia2(this is the project development channel)23:12
knome(with lousy jokes)23:12
Glitchdi tried in there and no one ever responds23:12
pleia2I don't see your question there23:13
pleia2and there aren't different people here, there are just more in #xubuntu :)23:13
Glitchdso then, no helps?23:17
pleia2Glitchd: please, can you ask in #xubuntu? this really isn't the place23:18
pleia2I can answer there, but people read these logs to catch up on development, not for support stuff :)23:18
Glitchdpleia2, ok then23:19
Glitchdok so i asked in there and no one has said anything, about anything, even anything not pertaining to me. its jsut silent in there..23:22
pleia2Glitchd: maybe your client isn't working? I'm answering23:22
Glitchdright after i entered this i seen that u had responded to me23:23

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