BillyZaneby dependencies...00:00
BillyZaneare you referring to stuff that when I install it, it will install additional things automatically?00:00
BillyZaneso if I remove xfce-desktop, those additional downloads would remain on my computer?00:00
David-ABillyZane: I think synaptic is easier to use when I want more info about a package and dependencies before I install it.00:01
BillyZanei just want a cool theme is all00:01
BillyZanewhat would i get in xfce-desktop that i wouldn't get from xfce4 ?00:02
BillyZaneoh yeah00:02
David-ABillyZane: yes, normally dependencies are not uninstalled when the package that drag them in is uninstalled. but there are ways to uninstall all such "un-needed" packages.00:02
BillyZanewhat ways are those?00:03
BillyZaneis there a listing somewhere of dependencies that are installed00:03
BillyZanethus, manually typing in the remove command for each package00:04
knomeBillyZane, you'll get a list of packages that will be installed00:04
knomexubuntu-desktop is a pure meta package, so removing it actually removes nothing00:05
knomeeverything that is installed when you install that is a dependency00:05
David-ABillyZane: in synaptic: status>auto removable   or  apt-get autoremove00:05
BillyZaneso i could say... sudo apt-get autoremove xubuntu-desktop00:05
BillyZaneand it would remove all the dependencies?00:06
David-ABillyZane: no, you "apt-get remove xubuntu-desktop" first, then "apt-get autoremove" to remove all its dependencies (that are not dependecies of something else)00:07
BillyZanei see, so all dependencies would be removed.00:07
David-ABillyZane: (maybe apt-get can take remove and autoremove at the same time. have not tried that)00:07
BillyZanewhat exactly is a dependency? are they simply background applications? do they include applications?00:08
David-ABillyZane: yes, all depenencies that are un-needed (if some of the packages are dependencies by still installed other packages they will not be removed)00:09
David-ABillyZane: example. if a program is written in python, then the python interpreter would be a dependency. all programs with gui will have dependencies with X11 libraries. etc.00:10
BillyZanewell that makes sense00:11
BillyZanethey really are dependent00:11
David-ABillyZane: some programs have weaker kinds of dependencies (called "suggested" and "recommended"), it could e.g. be spell-check-plugins for a word-processor and things like that.00:12
BillyZanei'll install it00:12
knomeapplications are rarely dependencies... except in the case of pure metapackages like xubuntu-desktop :)00:12
BillyZaneis there anyway I can install that Greybird, IIRC theme without installing xfce-desktop?00:13
BillyZanealso, suppose I don't like it. How do i get back to "Default"00:14
BillyZanesynaptic did list the packages that would be installed00:14
BillyZaneok, i'm installing :)00:15
BillyZanei'm so neo right now00:16
BillyZaneyou know what annoys me?00:16
BillyZanethe fact that ubuntu brought linux to the masses of idiots, like myself00:17
knomeyou know what i think about that?00:17
BillyZanethere's no l33tness to using unix anymore00:17
BillyZanewhat's that00:17
knomeeverybody needs to start somewhere, and it's good that there's an os that makes the first step easier for inexperienced users00:17
BillyZaneit really did help00:18
BillyZanebut it's not suppose to be easy. it's suppose to be mysterious and something to brag about00:19
BillyZanei remember growing up, i knew 1 person who used a *nix system00:19
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BillyZaneand that was it. no one else was hardcore enough. and you know what, it did give a person some credit00:19
BillyZanewell it's installed00:20
BillyZanenow what?00:20
BillyZaneshould i log out?00:20
BillyZanedo i need to log out?00:20
BillyZanei'm in xfce4 at the moment00:21
knomeyou need to log out and log in (remember to select the "xubuntu" session)00:21
David-ABillyZane: if you'r logged into gnome and want to run xfce instead, yes you need to log out.00:21
BillyZaneooo ok00:21
BillyZaneam i on gnome right now?00:21
BillyZanei'll log out and back in00:22
David-ABillyZane: I dont know, what sesssion did you select last time you logged in?00:22
BillyZaneerr.. i think.. xfce00:22
knomeagain remember that xfce != xubuntu00:22
knomethere is the "xfce" session and the "xubuntu" session00:23
knomethey are different00:23
BillyZaneok i'm back00:28
BillyZaneI found greybird00:32
BillyZanebut how do I change the icons on the bottom to look like the ones on the website? is that IIRC?00:32
knomeBillyZane, do you mean the actual icon art looks different?00:34
knometry setting "elementary-xfce-dark" as the icon theme00:34
BillyZanenotice how the top has this slick black bar00:35
knomeaha, right00:35
BillyZaneand the bottom, the icons don't look like windows 9500:35
knomeyou are referring to the xfce website.00:35
knomethat icon theme is called faenza00:35
BillyZaneoooooo.. sooo sexy00:35
BillyZanewhat about the title bar00:36
BillyZaneerr.. the bar on top00:36
BillyZanethat looks hard00:36
knomewhat about that?00:36
knomeif you want to make the top panel look like the xfce website, go edit the panel preferences00:37
knome(right-click the panel, and go to panel -> panel preferences)00:37
ToeTagHey guys, using Xubu 12.10 on a laptop here - sometimes X doesn't start, it seems to be random, is there a log somewhere I can check to see if something is failing on startup?00:42
BillyZaneknome, I'm there, but there aren't any themes available. I can change the color of the panel though00:43
knomedo you have an ssd hard disk?00:43
BillyZanehis question seems more important00:43
ToeTagHDD for me00:43
knomeBillyZane, i'm not sure if i follow. what's in the panel that's so different than in the xubuntu panel?00:43
BillyZanewell, the one i really wanted to change was the bottom one. is it simply a transparency? You said it was the faenza icon theme right?00:44
knomeToeTag, right, then it's not a known bug that it might have been. i'd look in /var/log00:44
knomeBillyZane, yep, the bottom one has 100% transparency. and yes, the icon theme is faenza00:45
ToeTagokay, thanks knome. I'm really LOVING 12.10 on this laptop other than that little intermittand hangup00:45
BillyZanei can't see any theme settings for the panel. i haven't restarted my computer by the way. not sure if that matters. i have logged out and in to xsession00:45
knomeBillyZane, there aren't any theme settings for the panel only. you need to change the icon set for your whole system00:46
BillyZanehow do i do that?00:46
knomeToeTag, thanks, that's good to hear. good look finding the issue!00:46
knomeBillyZane, in settings manager, choose appearance and look at the icons tab00:46
BillyZaneknome: i'm 12.10 too :D00:46
knomeme too00:47
BillyZaneknome: changing icon themes don't do anything, also, faenza isn't listed00:52
knomeBillyZane, you probably need to install faenza00:53
BillyZanei tried installing it by adding to my repository00:59
BillyZaneerrr.. i added equinox00:59
BillyZanethen i tried sudo apt-get install faenza-icon-theme00:59
BillyZanei don't think that will work01:00
knomeif that package doesn't exist, it won't01:00
knomefaenza doesn't seem to be available in the repositories01:00
knometry downloading from https://github.com/shimmerproject/Faenza-Xfce01:01
BillyZaneumm... i think the command is... get...01:03
BillyZaneget https://github.com/shimmerproject/Faenza-Xfce/archive/v.0.2.1.tar.gz01:03
BillyZaneor something01:03
knomewget if you want to download from the command line01:03
knomeor paste to the browser01:03
BillyZanei don't know how to install from a tar file01:03
BillyZanei'm so n00b it hurts01:03
BillyZanei'd like to know the commands.... it's wget URL01:04
knometell me once you've downloaded and i'll guide you through01:04
BillyZanethen, i would type... gtar ?01:04
knomei'd suggest using the GUI for this01:04
knomeopen thunar where you downloaded the file01:05
BillyZanei suppose it's better to use gui01:05
BillyZanebut i need to learn01:05
BillyZanethis is something i don't know yet01:05
knomeeventually you'll learn if you need to01:05
BillyZaneaww :(01:05
knomebut it's not a requirement to know everything in command line01:05
knome.tar.gz is simply an archive, like a .zip file01:06
knomein thunar, right-click the file and select extract here01:06
knomeyou should get a directory with the same name as the archive01:06
knomeonce you have that, simply copy it to ~/.themes and it should appear in the appearance dialog01:07
BillyZaneok i extracted it01:07
BillyZanewhere's .themes01:10
knome~/.themes means /home/yourusername/.themes01:11
knomeif you don't have .themes in your home, you can simpy create it01:11
knometo see hidden files (starting with a .) in thunar, press ctrl+h to enable the "show hidden view"01:11
knome(and press ctrl+h again to disable)01:11
pr0metheu5Hey, does 12.10 not use gtk themes anymore?01:12
knomepr0metheu5, it does01:12
BillyZanei see my hidden files, but there is no .themes folder, should i create it?01:12
knomeBillyZane, yes01:12
pr0metheu5Oh, do you have the same question BillyZane?01:12
pr0metheu5I created a .themes folder too and put a gtk theme in there, but it won't show up under ''appearances''01:12
knomepr0metheu5, probably not. what's your actual problem?01:12
pr0metheu5That is ^01:12
BillyZanepr0metheu5, yes we did :)01:13
knomepr0metheu5, did you remember to extract the archive?01:13
BillyZaneknome, ok it's in there, testing01:13
pr0metheu5knome yes, extracted the folder and placed it in there01:13
pr0metheu5you know what, let me brb real quick and boot into xubuntu, im in windows right now01:13
BillyZaneknome, i don't see it in there01:15
pr0metheu5ok, back01:15
BillyZanei'm in appearance, in the icons tab01:15
pr0metheu5Oh wow, it worked, nevermind. Maybe I just needed to restart my computer.01:15
knomepr0metheu5, ok, hf01:16
BillyZaneshould i restart mine?01:16
pr0metheu5knome thanks. =]01:16
knomeBillyZane, wait, sorry. you'll need to copy it to ~/.icons01:16
BillyZaneit says i need a restart01:16
knomepr0metheu5, np :)01:16
pr0metheu5BillyZane, perhaps? Wouldn't hurt.01:16
BillyZaneknome, sure01:16
knomeBillyZane, so once you copy/move it *there*, it should work01:16
knome(it's a bit late here, 3am)01:16
BillyZaneok did it01:17
BillyZaneit's in there :)01:18
BillyZanei can't change my icon theme01:18
BillyZanehad the problem all along01:18
BillyZanei can change other stuff, but my icons are the same01:18
BillyZaneperhaps a restart is in order01:18
knomethat wouldn't hurt at least01:18
pr0metheu5What's the window manager in xubuntu 12.10?01:21
pr0metheu5Also, I don't think it hibernates when I close the lid. And I'm having problems with the FN keys for backlight.01:21
pr0metheu5It got fixed in 12.04 when I added "acpi_backlight=vendor" to grub01:21
pr0metheu5But it's not working anymore.01:22
knomehave you searched google for possible help with the issue for 12.10?01:22
pr0metheu5Yeah, couldn't find anything01:22
pr0metheu5ok, I gotta brb01:24
keith_I'm trying a new install of xubuntu but seem to be having major issues with my nvidia video card.  Every driver I install results in 'You do not appear to be using the nvidia driver' error.  I follow the directions in the attention window and still things do not work out.  What am I doing wrong here?01:24
BillyZane2I'm in seriou pc trouble01:24
BillyZane2garb won't boot01:25
keith_Maybe Xubuntu is not compatible with nvidia cards? This has happened on two other machines01:26
knomeBillyZane2, did it boot before?01:26
knomekeith_, i'm using xubuntu with nvidia card and i've no problems01:26
knomekeith_, what version of xubuntu are you using?01:26
knomeso when do you get that error message?01:27
keith_When I try to use the additional drivers01:27
keith_And then access the installed nvidia settings program01:27
knomehave you tried booting after installing a driver?01:30
BillyZane2oh my god. the big crisis I had was a USB drive plugged in01:30
knomeand does the additional drivers dialog give you any specific error *when trying to install*01:31
keith_knome: additional drivers install just fine.  When I try to access the monitor settings via the nvidia program it gives me this error01:34
knomethat's weird. do you have an Xorg.conf file?01:36
knomei need to go to bed01:40
knomegood luck everybody01:40
Unit193Good night, knome.01:41
xubuntu386hey guys, quick question, is it possible to move/resize windows similar to awesome wm? with keyboard and mouse? eg. super + right click resizes the window (based on edge the mouse is closest to)?01:45
xubuntu386and super + left click moves it?01:45
koegsxubuntu386: ALT + Left Klick01:46
Unit193xubuntu386: Like alt+left click and alt+right?01:46
xubuntu386yeah, except mouse click isn't a recognized command01:47
xubuntu386it has to be activated by keyboard only01:47
koegsxubuntu386: it does not have to be defined, it is standard01:47
koegsjust try01:47
xubuntu386yeah I get nothing...01:48
xubuntu386ooh haha01:49
xubuntu386sorry ab out that01:49
xubuntu386it works01:49
xubuntu386man this really completes my xubuntu experience01:49
xubuntu386I had to reset it back to default01:50
xubuntu386thank you for the hint01:50
xubuntu751Does anyone know how easy or hard it would be to install a different kernal?  I am trying to install a module that was compiled for several kernals, but not the one I am using 3.2.0-37-generic x86-64, and the module is compiled for (among others): 3.0.0-13-generic-x86_64 3.0.0-13-generic-x86_64-GPL 3.2.0-32-generic-Intel-GPL 3.2.0-33-generic 3.2.0-33-generic-Intel-GPL 3.4.0-030400-generic-Intel-GPL 3.4.0-030400-generic-pae-Intel-02:00
justakillhey anyone know how to download a file with curl02:13
justakilli got an http address02:13
Unit193curl link -o local.file   Pretty sure, but I use wget. :D02:15
justakillhow could i use wget then?02:15
justakillwill local.file be created if it dosn't exit?02:15
Unit193wget http://domain.tld/path/to/file.jpg02:16
justakilldoes that download strait into local directory02:16
justakilldoes wget use curl?02:18
joe352Can't get usb and networking working on xubuntu 12.10 64bit02:19
joe352anyone around to help?02:20
Unit193justakill: wget is a program.02:21
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dydzEz2what is xfce session compared to xubuntu04:18
holsteindydzEz2: quite similar from what i have found.. i would just log into them both and look04:18
dydzEz2wierd this guy who has the same laptop as me had to use boot repair or modify grub04:21
dydzEz2dual boot w804:21
dydzEz2but both of us are doing legacy04:21
dydzEz2i cant believe it, for 2 days my laptop was so messed up and it turned out that i messed up the partitioning somehow and when i just did a total format as if the ssd was new on gpart and let windows do the automatic partitioning, everything works within 30 mins doing no extra work04:33
holsteinhey, that was what i was voting for.... the path of least resistance04:34
dydzEz2still wondering how i messed up partitioning, i did let windows partition on all the clean installs, the only thing that changed is before my like 3rd fresh w8 install i unallocated everything through gparted04:35
dydzEz2anyone have any idea how i can tell which is xubuntu 12.04 and 12.10 by plugging in the usb stick and looking from my computer04:48
holsteindydzEz2: i would look around and see if you see the kernels... one will be newer04:50
dydzEz2 oh youre talking about the date modified holstein04:52
Unit193I should say, that file should have it.04:55
xubuntu429im new here05:04
xubuntu429install in progress05:06
xubuntu429never tried xubuntu05:07
xubuntu429others tho05:07
xubuntu397can someone help me out the top bar is off the monitor05:23
xubuntu397i cant see the update icon to click it05:23
xubuntu397using a 1080p hdtv05:23
xubuntu397i managed to find it by guessing where it is05:28
dydzEz2ok something wierd happened05:28
dydzEz2xubuntu loaded as a black screen05:28
dydzEz2like a terminal05:28
dydzEz2i logged in cuz i know my login info05:28
dydzEz2if this was like backtrack id type startx to start the gnome interface05:28
dydzEz2oh startx works here too05:29
dydzEz2why did that happen05:29
dydzEz2everything is acting strange now, the dock at the bottom now has a black outline05:32
dydzEz2right after i loaded tails live cd to test something xubuntu is acting crazy05:44
dydzEz2i mean at first there were 2 virutal desktops, now its pre-set for 405:45
dydzEz2the dock used to have a translucent background, but now its all black05:45
dydzEz2apt-get update takes a year05:45
dydzEz2_its like im in a safe-mode for xubuntu06:04
dydzEz2_ok so after installing xubuntu restricted extras, i go black screen07:33
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BrunoCould someone help me?13:58
=== Bruno is now known as Guest92372
Guest92372Could someone help me?13:59
GridCube!ask | Guest7040014:00
ubottuGuest70400: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience14:00
Guest92372Will the xubuntu 32 bit system, work with 4gb ram?14:01
GridCubesure it pae enabled14:01
GridCubes/it/it is/14:01
Guest92372So I don't have to install the 64 bit one?14:01
GridCubeif you dont want to, no14:01
Guest92372Okkay, Thank you for your time!14:02
GridCube!pae | Guest7040014:02
ubottuGuest70400: To use more than ~3.2GB RAM on a 32bit system you can install the PAE-enabled kernel. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnablingPAE for more info14:02
Guest92372Thank you.14:02
toraxGuest92372: http://terokarvinen.com/2011/32-bit-linux-can-see-8-gb-of-memory14:02
GridCubeno problem :)14:03
GridCuberemember that until 12.04 xubuntu used a non-pae kernel, so please use 12.1014:03
recon_lapjoin #xubuntu-offtopic14:51
matteo_hello =)14:55
matteo_is there anyone in chat?14:56
recon_lapprobably, but you have to ask a question :)14:57
matteo_i need help please........14:57
baizon!ask | matteo_14:57
ubottumatteo_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience14:57
matteo_ok =)14:58
matteo_i have to install Xubuntu on my Acer Travelmate 290e, but the error is: This kernel requires the following features not present on the CPU: pae Unable to boot - please use a kernel appropriate for your CPU.14:59
recon_lapmatteo_: trying to find out what bus that uses, is a a 32bit processor ? and are you loading 64bit xubuntu15:04
matteo_i have xubuntu 32-bit cd on my 32-bit pc... oh dear God.... =(15:05
GridCubematteo_, you need to use 12.04 because thats the last non-pae release made15:06
GridCubeif you try to install 12.10 it will fail, because your micro doesnt support pae15:07
matteo_and what i do now15:08
ubottuUbuntu installation CDs can be downloaded from http://releases.ubuntu.com - Mirrors can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors - PLEASE use the !torrents to download !Quantal, and help keeping the servers' load low!15:08
GridCubedownload a 12.04 iso15:09
recon_lapmatteo_: download use xubuntu 12.04 instead of 12.10 like gridcude suggests15:09
matteo_ok, but i'm able to upgrade xubuntu?15:09
GridCube12.04? yes till two more years15:11
GridCubeit an lts release :)15:11
GridCubesadly the last with non-pae kernel, but we have to move with the times15:11
matteo_thank you anyway15:13
GridCube!hi | Kacey15:18
ubottuKacey: Hi!, Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines. Enjoy your stay!15:18
GermainZClicking the bottom right corner of my touchpad (just above the buttons) simulates a right click. Is that a feature? If so, how can I turn it off? Didn't find anything relevant in the Mouse settings.17:04
GridCubeits how mouspads work17:05
GermainZIt is? I do have hard buttons, too..17:06
=== guester is now known as toz
GermainZDon't remember it happening in Windows tho.. I guess that one's my fault, probably have to download Synaptiks and check its settings. Thanks :)17:08
GridCubei have it and i've never seen such setting17:09
GridCubei just assumed that thats how it works17:09
GermainZWell, I use hard buttons if I want to right click ... tapping on the touchpad is too precise and I seem to miss it when I need it - and hit it when I don't.17:10
tion_how do i remove all other desktops?17:18
tion_how do i remove all other desktops? except xubuntu?17:24
recon_laption_: depends what you mean by desktops?17:24
tion_what do you think i mean?17:29
knomeare you referring to desktop environments then?17:31
tion_arent you a clever cookie :)17:31
GermainZIt's generally a good idea not to be sarcastic when asking for help. :)17:32
knomeplease try to fix the attitude17:32
tion_how do i remove all other desktops(ex.gnome/unity/kde/lsde/etc/etc? except xubuntu?17:32
knomeyou weren't specific yourself so we had to guess17:32
ubottuIf you want to remove all !KDE and !Gnome packages and have a default !Xubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purexfce »17:33
GermainZCan someone please try syndaemon -d -i 2s -t? It should disable mouse taps (left/right clicks) and scrolling while typing, but it doesn't have any effect. The bugtracker (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-input-synaptics/+bug/366014) shows it as fixed, but I'd like to make sure I'm not doing something wrong before reopening.17:34
ubottuUbuntu bug 366014 in xserver-xorg-input-synaptics (Ubuntu) "Syndaemon -t option not working" [Medium,Fix released]17:34
tion_i thought you just needed to do apt-get remove unity/gnome/etc/etc/ just goes to show what a mess ubuntu is17:38
bazhangtion_, did you see the link I gave you17:39
tion_yes thats exactly what im talking about17:39
Cheri703tion_: that has NEVER been the case (that you can just easily wipe out another DE)17:39
bazhangtion_, thats the way to do it, if I read your question correctly17:40
Cheri703at least as far as I'm aware. I know several releases ago I'd installed KDE, and ended up just reinstalling regular ubuntu because there wasn't a simple way to extricate it17:40
ubottuIf you want to remove all !Kubuntu packages or !Xubuntu packages and have a default !Ubuntu system, follow the instructions here: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/pureubuntu17:40
tion_besides dont i need to change apt repos to point to xubuntu only repos?17:41
bazhangno such thing17:41
tion_i bet it will all come back after update17:41
tion_ I am not responsible for any damage you do to your *buntu installation. If you're worried about breaking anything, do a full back up of your *buntu installation.17:43
bazhangtion_, whats the issue with swap17:45
tion_ swapon -s -v17:47
tion_nothing and i allready edited the fstab file with the correct UUID17:47
tion_nay help or was that just a retorical question bazhang?17:49
Cheri703tion_: you're being really confrontational with people who are trying to help you. perhaps tone it down a bit?17:50
bazhangtion_, I saw you crossposting in #ubuntu , wanted to keep it here17:50
tion_i dint crossed postanything17:50
bazhangasking for help in two channels, same issue; crossposting17:51
tion_in asking about xubuntu in here and asked about swap problems in ubuntu i dont see your point!17:52
knomeplease calm down.17:52
tion_im calm... are you calm knome?17:53
knomeyes, very17:54
GermainZtion_, seriously, you're asking for help. Stop being so confrontational.17:54
tion_yes i realize linux isn't anywhere near the standards used in real TM OSs but it could be other than a "rat" trap for users17:56
tion_so far im just waisting time17:57
tion_is that the porpuse of linux?17:57
GermainZNobody forced you to install it...17:58
Cheri703yes tion_, the entire reason we're here trying to support xubuntu users is to make a "rat" trap for YOU personally to waste your time in. You caught us. congratulations, we totally deserve you making snide comments.17:58
knomeCheri703, please.17:58
Cheri703sorry, I'm annoyed17:59
tion_i was forced to install it due to a number of circumstances17:59
knometion_, did you have a real support question?17:59
tion_the hard part is were to start18:00
tion_ swapon -s -v18:00
knomeyes, we saw that18:01
knomeplease calm down.18:01
knomemaybe your system doesn't need to swap anything right now?18:01
tion_so i must inf ere that you cant help me with that and want me to ask about some other problem?18:01
knomeanswers are not always available18:02
recon_lapGermainZ: it seems to work on my machine , for the up/down scroll anyway, hard to test18:02
GermainZrecon_lap, I can still right click / tap normally here while typing. Can you test that please?18:02
tion_why is it that some cli commands are half translated?18:04
recon_laphmm, lets try with 5s18:04
tion_if the translation isnt complete or up to staNDRS WHY PUSH IT TO THE USERS?18:04
tion_df -h18:05
tion_Sist.fichs      Tama  Ocup Livre Uso% Montado em18:05
tion_/dev/sda7       5,2G  5,0G     0 100% /18:05
recon_lapGermainZ: it disables taps on the pad , but not the buttons. i'm using 12.04 btw18:05
knometion_, i don't undestand what your problem is?18:05
tion_obviously my problem is to free disk space18:06
GermainZrecon_lap, ah, thanks for pointing that out. You're right.18:06
tion_knome, are you retarded?18:07
David-Ation_: you can remove cached debs with "sudo apt-get clean", then check if there are old unused big files in /tmp18:09
tion_i dont understand why is HDD space getting "eat" up and swap isn't being used for well maybe tempfiles?18:09
knometion_, swap space isn't for extra hdd space.18:09
knometion_, swap is used when you are running out of RAM18:09
tion_David-A, thanks for telling me something ive already done18:10
knometion_, unless you fix your attitude towards people who are helping you, i will have to remove you from the channel.18:10
tion_and you call yourselfs support18:11
tion_do you think i would be asking for trivial stuff?18:11
Cheri703we call ourselves volunteers who don't need to have you being rude to us tion_.18:11
Myrttivolunteers first18:11
Myrttisupport second18:11
tion_thats what google is existes18:11
recon_laption_: have you looked at your log sizes?18:12
tion_i have seen some here poking around the cli mess of countless commands that theres a /tempfs why isn't it using the swap partition is beyond18:15
tion_well thanks for absolutlly nothing18:18
well_laid_lawntion_:  you can always ask for your money back...18:20
tion_so linux is a extortion racket?18:20
GermainZIt's free18:21
pleia2tion_: that's enough, you're being terribly rude, you should probably leave18:21
tion_no surprises there18:21
tion_GermainZ, so is ransomeware18:21
GermainZThanks guys :)18:21
GermainZI've just added Eclipse to my applications list, but its icon is stretched over the title. Does that make sense?18:22
mycobacteriumHi everyone, i have a question about installing windows from Xubuntu. I mean - start installator directly from Xubuntu.. Is it possible ??18:26
knomemycobacterium, installing windows from xubuntu? nope.18:26
mycobacteriumknome, i try explain why.18:26
Cheri703You could install in a VM18:26
mycobacteriumI have a problem with Southbridge in my ASUS A6R laptop, my USB, touchpad and Keyboard don't work. My PCMCIA USB HUB works well but onl;y when system is started. I can't go to bios and change boot device priority..18:28
mycobacteriumI have Xubuntu on board - but i need to install Windows and Xubuntu on other partition18:29
mycobacteriumAny ideas ?? :-|18:30
recon_lapno, just questions, what windows media are you installing from?18:31
mycobacteriumrecon_lap, CD18:31
knomemycobacterium, i don't think there's any possibilities starting the windows installation from xubuntu, maybe from grub18:31
mycobacteriumhow can i wipe MBR directly from Xubuntu ??18:32
recon_lapmycobacterium: your problem is that you cannot change the boot order to CD?18:33
GridCubemycobacterium, make a booteable usb for windows from your cd using unetbootin18:33
mycobacteriumrecon_lap, when i have clean HDD - laptop boot from CD - now i have Xubuntu - so system boot Xubuntu18:34
recon_lapmycobacterium: you ever looked in the BIOS?18:34
GridCubepress f12 or f11 to choose boot media18:35
mycobacteriumPCMCIA USB HUB work only when system is started. In BIOS ? well :) answer is NO - keyboard start working thru PCMCIA USB HUB only when system is started :(18:35
recon_lapand GridCube seems to have a even simpler solution as usual18:36
GridCubemycobacterium, http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/16822/boot-from-a-usb-drive-even-if-your-bios-wont-let-you/18:37
mycobacteriumGridCube, i can't use USB till system is started - kernel must be loaded with proper driver i think :-/18:38
mycobacteriumdriver to (PCMCIA USB HUB)18:38
GridCubemycobacterium, something HAS to be scanned before the hd18:39
GridCubecdrom, usb, floppy18:39
mycobacteriumGridCube, CDROM (yes) USB(faulty southbridge)18:39
GridCubethen i dont see the problem18:40
recon_lapwindows will probably overwrite everything on your hdd, if you have proper activation codes that is :P18:41
mycobacteriumcan't boot from CD because i have system installed on HDD, laptop skip BOOT from CD and starting Xubuntu18:42
mycobacteriumi need to vipe my hdd somehow18:42
mycobacteriumdirectly from xubuntu18:43
GridCubemycobacterium, phisically remove your computer batteries, the ones in your motherboard, let it rest for a while, and replace it again, and reboot, it should default to standard bios and boot from cd-rom first18:44
GridCubeas said... it should18:44
mycobacteriumGridCube, i try that way - laptop skip booting from CD when system is installed18:45
mycobacteriumcan i use fdisk i wipe partition when system used it ?18:45
GridCubemycobacterium, i dont take responsabilities if something goes wrong18:45
GridCubemycobacterium, you cant format a mounted partition18:46
mycobacteriumGridCube, its ok - i need to clean MBR18:46
GridCubeyou need to do it from an external source, like a livecd18:46
mycobacteriumbut i can't use CD while system is installed on HDD18:46
mycobacteriumthis piece of crap skip booting from cd when see something in MBR18:47
GridCubemycobacterium, do you have another computer?18:47
GridCubeif you do you can simply plug the disk there and format it18:47
mycobacteriumNo, only A6R18:48
mycobacteriumDo i have some options directly from running Xubuntu ?18:48
GridCubei dont understand18:49
mycobacteriumCan i change or delete data, partiton on my disk when system is started ?18:49
GermainZNot if it's mounted.18:50
recon_lapmycobacterium: so your BIOS does not let you set CD to boot first?18:50
GermainZrecon_lap, his keyboard isn't working till he boots. So he can't access his BIOS.18:50
GridCubemycobacterium, as i said earlier, and GermainZ pointed again, not if the partition is mounted18:50
mycobacteriumrecon_lap, when HDD is clean - bios starting from CD, when i have system installed on HDD, bios skip booting from cd18:50
GridCubethe boot order is wrong18:50
mycobacteriumGridCube, can i umount partition (somehow_) when system is started18:51
GridCubemycobacterium, not really, you could not run a program after that18:51
mycobacteriumso i don't have any options here :-/ ?18:51
GridCubemaybe, just maybe, i dont really know, if you boot into recovery mode18:52
David-Amycobacterium: i think you can destroy the mbr with a sudo dd command while running the system. it's destructive, so know what you'r doing. try exhaust every possibility to boot from cd first.18:52
recon_lapmycobacterium: edit your grub menu18:52
GermainZmycobacterium, you could try using unetbootin to boot directly into the windows iso ... but I'm not very experienced..18:52
recon_lapmycobacterium: make the default grub option the CD18:53
mycobacteriumrecon_lap, can you give me step by step how to ?18:53
mycobacteriumwhat should i do ?18:53
GridCubemycobacterium, but you said you cannot get into your bios...18:54
GridCubei will place my bets on removing the battery18:54
mycobacteriumbut i can edit grub.cfg direclt from xubuntu, yes ?18:54
GridCubedefault bios usually point to cdrom first18:54
mycobacteriumGridCube, i done it before\18:54
mycobacteriumi'm running on defaults in bios18:55
GridCubeso i have no ideas18:55
GridCubeyou need to be able access your bios18:55
GridCubeor... maybe... make a grub entry for plop and boot into plop?18:56
GridCubemmm... no, no ideaa18:57
misterjinxhey everyone. i just installed xubuntu 12.10 and noticed that there is no option for extended display, just mirroring. what should I do in order to fix this ? thanks18:57
GridCubemisterjinx, install arandr and edit your monitors to your pleasure18:58
misterjinxok, thank you18:58
mycobacteriumok, thanks for the tip everyone, i try to pull out HDD and start Xubuntu from CD - the i try to connect thru adapter USB->HDD18:59
GridCubemisterjinx, once you have a setting you like, you save the script it generates and add it to the autolauncher of the sessions18:59
mycobacteriumClean partitions - and try to install Windows18:59
misterjinxGridCube, thanks for the heads up19:00
tion_you have to the wisdom of the "mobs"19:08
tion_you have to bond the wisdom of the "mobs"19:09
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ncmxcxxhello peeps. offtopic. do intel processors in the blue box come with a cooling fan?20:30
knome!offtopic | ncmxcxx20:32
ubottuncmxcxx: #xubuntu is the Xubuntu support channel, #xubuntu-devel for discussion regarding development of Xubuntu, and #xubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!20:32
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GermainZI'm sorry if this is a stupid question ... But do I need to upgrade (by downloading versions newer than 12.10) or will I get all bug fixes by updating normally? I suppose I'll only need to upgrade when 13.x comes out, but I'd rather make sure, thanks :)21:07
knomeGermainZ, yes, you're able to upgrade to newer versions when they come out21:09
amiuif you are running 12.10 it will be a good idea to upgrade (and even better idea to make backups and do a clean install). if you are running 12.04, you can continue on without need for upgrade21:09
g16GermainZ: you should upgrade regardless of 13.x21:10
amiu12.04 will be supported and updated longer than 12.10 as 12.04 is a Long Term Release21:10
David-AGermainZ: you will get bug fixes in the updates as long as your current system is supported21:10
GermainZAh, I see. I think I'll just downgrade 12.04 by reinstalling, then. I didn't realize the difference between LTS and latest versions. I suppose I'll loose all my data considering I didn't create a separate partition for home?21:11
knomeGermainZ, if it isn't a critical production machine, 12.10 and other normal releases should work for you as well21:12
GermainZknome, true, but I suppose it's better now than later, considering my install is still relatively fresh and I can 'downgrade' without loosing too much data.21:13
GermainZMight take the opportunity and set up a home partition as well.21:13
g16about losing the home: you have backed-up the important data anyways, don't you? ;)21:13
knomeGermainZ, whatever fits you. creating a separate /home partition is a good reason too21:13
GermainZg16, no important data .. yet :)21:13
David-AGermainZ: I have a faint recollection that the install process may recognize the /home and allow you to preserve it. But better check that up before you jump.21:15
GermainZDavid-A, thanks. All installed apps will need to be redownloaded tho, correct?21:15
David-AGermainZ: Yes, the system (all but /home) will be replaced. Have you installed program in the system outside the package management?21:17
GermainZDavid-A, two or so.21:17
David-AGermainZ: did you save the manually downloaded .deb or .tar in /home/myself/Downloads ?21:18
GermainZYes, I'll be able to back it up.21:18
David-AGermainZ: assuming home is preserved, you only need to double-click the .deb:s again. (the .tar:s are a little more work)21:20
GermainZOk, thanks.21:20
David-AGermainZ: about moving /home to a separate partition. you could do that as a separate project from the downgrading project. either before or after. i'd recommend that.21:22
GermainZI'm not sure yet what to do ... This is my current setup (excluding windows partitions): 8GB swap, ~200GB ext4.21:23
GermainZNow, I'm planning on formatting swap and installing system there, considering I have 8GB RAM and frankly, I don't need it (and hibernate isn't compatible with my system), then use the 200gb partition as home.21:23
GermainZBut I'm not sure where apps go, and if I should maybe resize partitions as well.21:24
GermainZI mean, I can always symlink apps ... but not sure how that would turn out.21:24
David-AGermainZ: xubuntu can be installed in, like, 2-3GB, but it will be tight and not many big packages like office suits and games will fit.21:25
David-AGermainZ: with 8GB for system everything will be fine until you install a server that need a lot of space, or until you make an upgrade, when space will be needed for, in effect, both the new and the old system.21:26
GermainZApps go into the system partition? If so, then I suppose resizing my partitions would be better than using 8GB for xubuntu and ~200GB for home, no?21:27
David-AGermainZ: so I would recomend at least 14GB for a system partition. maybe a little more.21:27
David-AGermainZ: Plenty of apps will fit in 8GB, but a version upgrade will not.21:29
GermainZAlright, thanks. I think I'll resize to ~20GB and have the home partition take the rest.21:30
David-AGermainZ: would you consider still having a little swap, like a GB or two?21:32
GermainZNot really. The free command shows no swap is used (ever), and with 8GB of RAM I doubt I'll need any unless I hibernate.21:33
David-AGermainZ: then I think you have too much ram :) a few percent of mem should be in swap most of the time for good performance (and good utilization of your money)21:35
GermainZI have 7GB free RAM ATM...21:35
David-AGermainZ: there you see. what a waste.21:35
GermainZHow does using swap increase performance, when everything can be in the RAM? AFAIK, they'll be pushed to swap when RAM is needed. In that case, re-loading them from swap is slower than loading them from RAM (considering they'll need to be loaded into the RAM from swap)... so how does NOT using swap when it's not needed a waste of performance?21:36
g16there are old pages that are used only one time and never read once unallocated, they will effectively reduce the RAM available for applications21:38
David-AIf the swap after a long time of computer usage still is 0, then it is not needed and isnt improving performance. but that indicates a bad investment in too much ram.21:38
GermainZWell, swappiness is set to 60 and swap is still not being used ...21:38
GermainZDavid-A, I haven't tried gaming and applications that are heavy, but I suppose 7GB should be enough.21:39
amiuswapiness is better set to 1021:39
amiui rarely use more than 2GB21:39
dydzEz2_ anyone have any idea why login screen would go back and id have to use tty7 after installing xubuntu restricted extras21:48
NoskcajJoin #ubuntu-quality-chat for the classroom session on testdrive21:55
GermainZI installed the Power manager plugins for Xfce panel but I don't see any new features. I'm mostly looking for the cpu frequency settings.21:56
dydzEz2_guys i figured out what happened22:10
dydzEz2_i pressed e to check out grubs config22:10
dydzEz2_$vt.handoff and that option was after quit splash22:10
dydzEz2_googled it and people are saying its at 7 so i just set it =722:10
dydzEz2_whats it for? why did it show up after installing xubuntu restricted extras22:11
dydzEz2_taking it away completely also works22:12
Glitchdhow can i get a script to be executed at boot, or login?23:20
pleia2Glitchd: what you want is under the Settings Manager > Session & Startup23:21
pleia2there you will find a list of applications and services that autostart when you log in, can start/stop them and add new ones23:22
Glitchdpleia2, yea, i tried that, and no dice.23:22
pleia2can you explain?23:23
Glitchdi wrote a script to run the program "x11vnc" and put that script in the autostart window. when i rebooted, it did not start.23:23
pleia2Glitchd: how do you typically run the script?23:25
Glitchdlogin with putty and go to terminal, then enter the command "x11vnc -forever -noxdamage"23:25
Glitchdpleia2, ^^23:25
Unit193Glitchd: Settings Manager > Session and Startup > Application autostart > Add.23:25
pleia2could be it's just failing in some way when it's launched via the startup menu and you'll want to write some debugging code to get it to output to a file whatever error it has23:25
GlitchdUnit193, ill give it another try, thx23:26
g16Glitchd: yea, you can append > ~/log.log 2>&1 after the script name23:26
pleia2thanks g1623:26
knomei'm wondering if scripts need to have the executable bit23:26
SonikkuAmericaknome: As in [ chmod ] them?23:27
knomeSonikkuAmerica, yes, chmod +x filename23:27
SonikkuAmericaI would at least think so...23:28
koegsof course they ned the executable bit23:35
Unit193They ned it?23:36
GermainZneed *23:36
koegs"need", sorry, got a slow connection here, which results in errors like this when using screen+irssi and fast typing :)23:37

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