ErickLeehey grant got your email,02:23
grantbowhi ErickLee, thanks for reaching out02:23
ErickLeeword on the street is that the Linux community is pretty open, so i figured i better start somewhere02:24
grantbowErickLee: this is a good place to start02:25
grantboware you near the SF Bay Area like I am?02:26
ErickLeeyes sir, i live in belmont, or otherwise known as San Mateo02:27
ErickLeeis "username: reply" the standard way to reply to message?02:28
grantbowI lived on Fathom Drive in San Mateo for a year. I know that area.02:31
grantbowit is the standard way in busier channels, no need for it right now I guess02:32
ErickLeegrantbow : how long have you been using linux? what got you started?02:40
grantbowI started in around 1994 using Slackware and Linux kernel 0.99. Things have come a long way since then.02:41
grantbowactually it was more like 199502:42
ErickLeei've gone from Windows to Apple and now Linux.02:42
grantbowApple Darwin is based on BSD02:42
ErickLeefrom what i had read unix was based of linux02:43
ErickLeedo the meetings have a formatt?02:44
grantbowLinux was based on unix02:47
grantbowCalifornia team meetings? There are logs online if you want to see what they are like02:48
ErickLeewell i'm here i' guess i see now02:49
pleia2grantbow: when you reply to emails sent to team admins, can you Cc: the other team admins? :)02:52
pleia2(I had Erick's email in my queue to reply to, guess I don't need to now!)02:52
grantbowI think it came to me via launchpad. I didn't notice it was as a team contact. sorry.02:56
pleia2grantbow: it's in the footer02:56
pleia2always good to look there when you get emails from launchpad :)02:57
grantbowso it is! I learned something new today02:57
grantbowhiya dax02:57
philipballewhere for meeting02:58
pleia2full house tonight :)02:59
ErickLeewhat is SCALE?02:59
pleia2southern california linux expo02:59
darthrobotTitle: [SCALE 11x]02:59
pleia2alright, here we go!03:00
darthrobotMeeting started Mon Feb 11 03:00:07 2013 UTC.  The chair is pleia2. Information about MeetBot at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology.03:00
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pleia2who all is here for the meeting?03:00
* philipballew jumps up and down in hopes of letting people know he is here for the meeting.03:00
pleia2philipballew: effective!03:00
philipballewalright. Here we are. \03:01
philipballewtime to get down to business03:01
epsphilipballew: did you get my e-mail?03:02
pleia2#agenda https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/13February1003:02
darthrobotTitle: [CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/13February10 - Ubuntu Wiki]03:02
grantbowI didn't see a personal email on the agenda :-)03:02
pleia2#topic SCaLE11x planning and announcements03:02
pleia2philipballew: I added this for you (you're welcome!)03:02
pleia2philipballew: have any words for the team regarding scale stuff? :)03:02
epsgrantbow: I e-mailed Philip to confirm that I'll be attending SCALE.03:02
pleia2eps: yay!03:02
philipballewyes, and was going to reply tomorrow. Though I think your travel plans are cool.03:03
philipballewpleia2, YEAH03:03
philipballewSo I got most scale stuff03:03
philipballewI got the books to hand out03:03
philipballewand some cd's from Canonical03:03
philipballewpleia2, should I get a conference pack with stickers and buttons still?03:04
philipballewI have net seen that yet03:04
pleia2philipballew: hm, let's see...03:04
pleia2philipballew: hrm, do you know what tracking number is on the one you received?03:06
philipballewyeah, let me throw it here in the channel03:06
pleia2(I can't find the one michelle gave us in the tnt system, might be because it's int'l though)03:06
ErickLeefor someone complete new to Linux would i be better off with just the expo ticket03:06
philipballewpleia2, I looked that up but found I had to use dhl worldwide03:07
pleia2ok, I'll follow-up to ask about the pack03:07
darthrobot[403] Title: [Access Denied]03:07
pleia2ok, other scale stuff?03:09
epsSome things need to be edited on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/Scale11x ...03:09
darthrobotTitle: [CaliforniaTeam/Projects/Scale11x - Ubuntu Wiki]03:09
philipballewSo I am going to be heading up to SCALE on Thursday night whenever Mickey Lyle gets off work and comes and picks me and the 200 pounds of stuff up and we should get up there in the evening.03:09
philipballewI will probably want to set up the booth somewhat Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.03:09
philipballewWhatever works for the people there who can help03:09
epsI can help.03:09
philipballewPerfect. We will need some help taking the stuff from my hotel room to the expo floor.03:10
philipballewmaybe one of those hotel carts or something03:10
philipballewI am going to email a confirmation email to System76 who is lending us a computer to use and make sure all is good on that end.03:11
philipballewa girl from their group named Emma (probably spelled that wrong) might tag along with us for some loco stuff. So more people is always good.03:12
pleia2s/girl/woman ;)03:12
cje__Is anyone going to be driving down to SCALE from San Francisco?03:12
cje__I have not yet purchased my plane tickets.03:13
eps^ That's a good question! Especially if they can transport stuff. TSA won't let me take scissors or hand sanitizer onboard.03:13
darthrobotTitle: [CaliforniaTeam/Projects/Scale11x/rideshare - Ubuntu Wiki]03:13
philipballewpleia2, My bad.03:14
pleia2looks like no one from SF has added themselves to the rideshare page though03:14
pleia2philipballew: it's ok, her daughter is a girl though!03:14
philipballewpleia2, I see. Never met either of them before.03:14
eps"Good" airfares currently have a ten-day advance purchase requirement. They're gouging on Sunday returns, though.03:14
philipballeweps, cant people just check their luggage?03:15
pleia2eps: can you work with philipballew to get the wiki updated in spots where you notice it needs updates?03:15
epsphilipballew: depending on airline, there may be fees associated with that03:15
epspleia2: Yes, right now.03:15
epsFirst of all, we have a booth number.03:15
philipballewah, I always fly southwest and there is not. Not sure about others03:15
pleia2eps: can it wait until after the meeting? :\03:16
epspleia2: Yes, but I think it's relevant now.03:16
pleia2philipballew: most carriers charge for checked bags these days03:16
epsUnlike last year, where we were in the last row "in the dark," we're going to be in the first row -- a prime location.03:17
pleia2philipballew: eps can't log into the wiki (technical issues), can you make the updates?03:17
epsThis means we can expect significantly more foot traffic.03:17
epsSo, we'll need more goodies to hand out, and possibly more people staffing the booth.03:17
philipballewpleia2, eps yeah, just tell me what to add, scissors right?03:18
pleia2philipballew: and booth number03:18
philipballeweps, we have plenty of goodies03:18
epsBooth 6603:18
epsSecond, the LoCo link is wrong -- it points to the page for last year.03:18
epsIf there's no event listing for SCALE 11x, that needs to be created.03:19
philipballewmight need to be03:19
epsIdeally, people will register for the event on that page, so we'll need something on the mailing list once that's possible.03:20
philipballewa lot of things are ideal03:20
epsThis is our last meeting before SCALE. The next meeting is the evening after SCALE wraps, when a bunch of us may be in transit.03:21
* philipballew will be in transit03:21
eps12.04.2 LTS is due in four days. Can someone burn CDs for distribution in our booth?03:22
philipballewI do not have any cd's, but I dont see why someone cant burn a few.03:22
grantboweps: volunteering?03:23
philipballewI have some 12.04 cd's Im am gonna bring as well to hand out03:23
eps12.04.2 LTS will have the most recent packages on it, and there have been compatibility enhancements to make it usable on recent hardware.03:24
epsYou might want to burn DVDs for 64-bit.03:25
philipballewso if someone wants to do it they can. Email the list and ask for cd's maybe or something?03:25
philipballewI dont own and cd's or dvs's03:25
pleia2we need DVDs for 12.1003:25
epsEveryone: if you are going to be staying at the Hilton, and haven't done so already, sign up at http://hhonors.com/Double03:26
grantbowunless we use the unofficial CD images for 12.1003:26
darthrobot[R: www.hiltonhhonors.com] Title: [Hilton HHonors™ - Double Your HHonors]03:26
epsWhere are we on CD/DVD sleeves?03:27
pleia2doesn't look like anyone has signed up to print them03:28
philipballeweps, We dont need any if we have official cd's.03:28
epsHow many burned discs are we likely to distribute?03:28
philipballewIf we run out just had them the cd. They wont get scratched in that day.03:29
grantbowdepends which we you are talking about?03:29
epsBurned implies "needs sleeves." Official discs are already in retail packaging.03:30
epsGive me an estimate. 100? 500? 1000?03:30
pleia2we typically give out 300-400 CDs total at scale03:31
pleia2actually, I think it was on the low side last year, like 25003:32
epsThe wiki page says 435 official discs.03:32
pleia2(but we rationed some, and were stuck in the back)03:32
epsThere's a contingency plan. I took the liberty of ordering several hundred orange sleeves from Meritline. http://www.meritline.com/paper-sleeve-with-window-orange---p-20460.aspx03:34
darthrobotTitle: [CD /DVD Orange Paper Sleeves with Clear Window and Flap, made with 100g Paper for CD /DVD Media Disc. Storage]03:34
epsNow, how many do you need?03:34
pleia2if we got 435 official ones it looks like we don't need any :)03:34
philipballewI am not sure we got that many03:35
pleia2philipballew: time to count them!03:35
* philipballew gets off his bed!03:35
pleia2where did that 435 number come frmo?03:35
epshttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/Scale11x under Official CDs03:36
darthrobotTitle: [CaliforniaTeam/Projects/Scale11x - Ubuntu Wiki]03:36
pleia2oh, I was text match searching for 435, fail :)03:36
eps"400 Ubuntu,35 Server"03:36
* pleia2 nods03:36
pleia2eps: maybe bring 50 or so along?03:37
philipballew150 desktop and like 40 server03:37
pleia2(what am I saying, I'm not doing the booth, don't listen to me :))03:37
eps50 <= 100, so you get a sealed package of 100.03:38
philipballewI think we might be able to email here back and ask if we can have more or if we are getting more.03:38
pleia2I doubt it03:39
pleia2I asked for 300 in my initial email, if they only sent 150 I think it's unlikely03:39
philipballewIm not worried03:40
epsI'm only offering sleeves, not discs.03:40
philipballewAnd I have about 40 extra sever desks I took from the landscape people at lisa at the end of that thing03:41
pleia2philipballew: so you should make some decisions here, do you need people to bring blank DVDs and CDs? burned ones? do you need sleeves from eps?03:42
philipballeweps, If you want to bring some cd's then yes, we can use them. And for blank DVD's yes, if some people want to bring them, then I am happy for them to being if they can03:43
philipballewI do not own any of these items myself though.03:43
pleia2he said CD *sleeves* not CDs03:44
philipballewI can email the list pleia2 asking for dvd's?03:44
pleia2philipballew: of course :)03:44
philipballewalright. I will do this tonight03:44
epsCalendar: Wednesday the 13th is the next S.F. Ubuntu Hour. I will hand things to pleia2 then.03:45
pleia2goodie :)03:45
pleia2I'm checking a bag, so it should be fine03:45
epsThursday the 14th is the release date for 12.04.2 LTS images. We can't start burning those until then.03:45
grantbowwho is "we"?03:46
epsAt the last meeting, pleia2 asked about candy dishes. Yes, I think you should bring the ones we used last year. I'm also working on something that you'll find about on Wednesday.03:46
philipballeweps, grantbow raises a good point because nobody has said they will burn anything currently03:46
pleia2eps: ok cool, added dishes to my "to bring" list :)03:47
philipballewpleia2, I need to see if we have room for the candy dish, but we probably might have some room.03:47
epsWe haven't discussed what's going to go in them.03:47
philipballewNeed to see how big the computer is.03:47
epsSomeone was rather insistent that red, orange, and yellow are old school, and we're supposed to be ditching the red and yellow.03:48
pleia2philipballew: if there is only one computer this year, that will help a lot space-wise :)03:48
pleia2eps: I liked the old school!03:48
philipballewpleia2, yes, that what I thought. I figured we might as well keep the booth simple so its easier for us.03:48
epspleia2: Weren't you one of the people telling me to get onboard with the new regime?03:48
darthrobotTitle: [IMG_3633 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!]03:48
pleia2^^ last year, with candy dish and 3 laptops03:49
epsWe do M&Ms again and/or something different.03:49
pleia2eps: not I :)03:49
pleia2I still wear the shirts with the old colors all the time03:49
pleia2people at the booth pointed out that they were the old colors though *shrug*03:50
pleia2anything else to discuss?03:50
pleia2philipballew: Ubucon hasn't been mentioned at all on the mailing list, is richard going to send something?03:51
philipballewpleia2, I can get him to advertise it.03:51
pleia2might be worth an announcement to at least tell people in the team it's happening :)03:51
pleia2that would be great, thanks!03:51
grantbowafter the meeting whoever is around is invited to talk about https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/Representative-Letters03:52
epsI guess we should know who's going to have a car at SCALE in case we need to do a supply run?03:52
darthrobotTitle: [CaliforniaTeam/Projects/Representative-Letters - Ubuntu Wiki]03:52
* philipballew is giving a talk there03:52
* pleia2 too03:52
philipballewif you happen to be at the San Diego Linux Users Group and her my talk, then don't bother coming to my SCALE talk.03:53
philipballewgonna be this Thursday03:53
pleia2ok, hopefully further scale details can be worked out directly with the folks involved and on list03:54
pleia2(need to move this meeting along :))03:54
pleia2#topic upcoming events and other announcements03:54
pleia2I'm hosting an Ubuntu Hour + Debian dinner on Wednesday: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-california/2181/detail/03:54
darthrobotTitle: [Ubuntu Hour San Francisco | Ubuntu LoCo Team Portal]03:54
pleia2and yeah, UDS-S will be in Oakland again: http://uds.ubuntu.com/03:55
darthrobotTitle: [Ubuntu Developer Summit]03:55
pleia2May 6-903:55
pleia2(I won't be in town, that's during my honeymoon :))03:55
akkSheesh, you're missing UDS for a little thing like that?03:56
philipballewI finish school that Friday and have to be in San Diego for bro's college graduation Saturday and some of Sunday, but will fly up into oakland on Sunday hopefully.03:56
pleia2beaches, cocktails03:56
epsWhat's involved in getting a life-size cardboard standee of pleia2 made? ;-)03:57
grantbowmarkdude? :-)03:57
pleia2just get a princess leia one (episode 4, please) and put my badge on it :)03:57
epsgrantbow: Yeah, whatever happened to him? Is he still alive?03:57
pleia2yeah he still pops by03:58
grantbowask him when he's in the channel again, he's around.03:58
philipballewpleia2, Ill carry a standout of you with me to the sessions ans sit next to it?03:58
philipballewalso pleia2 you get to prep for the new Princess Leia!03:59
philipballewso is there anything we still need to talk about?03:59
pleia2should be it04:00
pleia2thanks everyone@04:00
darthrobotMeeting ended Mon Feb 11 04:00:47 2013 UTC.04:00
darthrobotMinutes:        http://ihas.5cat.com/~darthrobot/ubuntu-us-ca/2013/ubuntu-us-ca.2013-02-11-03.00.moin.txt04:00
pleia2philipballew: post meeting tasks? (I did the ones for last meeting yesterday)04:00
grantbowthank you!04:01
ErickLeewhy doesn't ubuntu have a calender app?04:01
* pleia2 goes to make dinner04:01
epshttp://www.amazon.com/dp/B00539X7JO (replace with Lyz's voice?)04:01
philipballewpleia2, shoot, really sorry. I can do these yes.04:01
darthrobotTitle: [Amazon.com: Star Wars Princess Leia Organa Talking Life-Size Cardboard Standee 111T: Toys & Games]04:01
grantbowanyone who's interested in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/Representative-Letters we can talk about it now or any day this week at 7:30 PM04:01
darthrobotTitle: [CaliforniaTeam/Projects/Representative-Letters - Ubuntu Wiki]04:01
epsI have some comments on this. I know this is being logged, but take notes anyway.04:02
epsWhy limit yourself to legislators?04:03
epsThere's probably no statewide elected official who's more respected than California Secretary of State Debra Bowen - http://www.sos.ca.gov/admin/bio.htm - she's been a speaker at O'Reilly conferences (including OSCON). She "gets it."04:03
darthrobotTitle: [About Debra Bowen - California Secretary of State]04:03
epsAnother name for the "short list" is Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom - http://www.ltg.ca.gov/s_lt.govnewsom.html04:03
darthrobotTitle: [Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom - Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom]04:03
* grantbow nods04:03
epsWhen he was mayor of San Francisco, he signed the nation's first open data law.04:04
epsHe has a new book, Citizenville: http://www.amazon.com/dp/159420472104:04
darthrobotTitle: [Citizenville: How to Take the Town Square Digital and Reinvent Government: Gavin Newsom, Lisa Dickey: 9781594204722: Amazon.com: Books]04:04
epsRead the L.A. Times review: http://www.latimes.com/features/books/jacketcopy/la-ca-jc-gavin-newsom-20130210,0,6227160.story04:04
darthrobotTitle: [Book review: Gavin Newsom says the revolution will be digitized - latimes.com]04:04
epsYou might also want to contact the California Technology Agency ("Acts as the special advisor to the Governor on information technology issues") - http://www.cio.ca.gov/04:04
grantbowyeah, I I heard abotu the book somewhere a few days ago. Good suggestions.04:04
darthrobotTitle: [California Technology Agency - State of California]04:04
epsThe Office of Technology Services - http://www.otech.ca.gov/ - uses a mix of open source and proprietary solutions.04:04
darthrobotTitle: [Welcome to the Office of Technology Services - State of California]04:04
epsThe Office of Systems Integration - http://www.osi.ca.gov/ - is one of the agencies I worry most about.04:05
darthrobotTitle: [Office of Systems Integration Home page]04:05
epsThe California Technology Assistance Project - http://www.cde.ca.gov/ls/et/rs/ctap.asp - is another. (Partimus should be aware of what's going on in Region 4.)04:05
darthrobotTitle: [California Technology Assistance Project (CTAP) (CA Dept of Education)]04:05
epsHowever, Bug #1 afflicts all state procurement. http://www.dgs.ca.gov/pd/Programs/Leveraged/SLP.aspx04:05
darthrobotTitle: [Software Licensing Program]04:05
grantbowvery nice, thanks for the info04:08
epsStart at the top. ;-) If you get big names involved, that stirs up media interest, and gives you street cred when you approach legislators.04:08
grantbowknow who to contact in Debra Bowen's office?04:10
epsOne more thing about letter-writing. A dozen individual letters to a politician carry more weight than a single letter with a hundred signatures. Petitions are notoriously ineffective.04:10
epsContact information should be on the page I cited or not too many clicks away.04:11
epsAlso @DBowen on Twitter. ;-)04:13
GNUboon2agegrantbow: downloadable copy of Citizenville:  http://ebooogle.com/search/Reinventing+Government/05:52
darthrobotTitle: [➨ Found 5 Reinventing Government books for online and offline reading at eBooogle.com]05:52
GNUboon2ageoh, that one might require signing up for the web site.  not sure05:53
grantbowwho are they?05:53
grantbowdoes not look very reputable06:00
GNUboon2agei think i'll try it06:13
GNUboon2age_client crashed, i'm back06:59
GNUboon2age_i think i'll just buy a copy of  the ebook  grantbow07:00
GNUboon2age_grantbow: i bought it.07:06
philipballewHello California!17:58
philipballewpleia2, got a sec for a pm?22:25
pleia2philipballew: go for it, I'll try22:28
philipballewMessage away!22:30

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