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thumperdavechen1y: ping00:06
davechen1ythumper: ack00:09
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thumperdavecheney: hangout?00:09
thumperdavecheney: have you got video working?00:10
davecheneyno video on this x22000:10
thumperthat is a thinkpad right?00:10
davecheneyyou can video, but bodgy sound (via n7) or good sound, and no video00:10
thumperdavecheney: what about skype?00:10
davecheneysure, lemme install it00:10
davecheneyi had al lthe tools on my mac00:10
davecheneybut it died while I was on vacation00:11
davecheneyand a long series of sad stories and trips to the apple store have not resulted in it working again00:11
thumperI've tried to avoid apple hardware as much as possible00:11
thumperdon't want to start down that track00:11
thumperI do know others that are almost 100% in to it00:11
thumperlike popey and njpatel00:12
davecheneyi think avoiding it is a good idea00:12
davecheneythey use bcm wifi chips which are poorly supported00:12
thumperso I'm looking for a non-apple macbook air type equivalent00:12
thumpersmall, thin, metallic (robust), with good battery life00:13
davecheneystay away from dells00:13
davecheneythey are all junk00:13
davecheneythe X1 isn't bad00:13
davecheneylenvovo x100:13
davecheneysome of the samsung ultrabooks are quite nice00:13
davecheneybyut hard to get in au00:13
thumperoh, I forgot cheap (ish)00:13
davecheneyso i havne't seen many in the flesh00:13
thumperI've seen quite a few samsung ultrabooks here00:14
thumperjb hifi has them here00:14
davecheneysome are ok, some are just weird00:14
davecheneystay away from sony stuff, that is actually wierd00:14
thumperI had a sony laptop a while back, proprietary hardware, non-open drivers caused a pain00:14
davecheneyyeah, total crap shoot00:14
davecheneyasus make a lot of models00:15
davecheneyits going to have very very stock hardware inside00:15
davecheneysome of them are ok, but for me it is hard to shake their reputation as making cheap and nasty kit00:15
davecheneythumper: it's lunch o clock now, afk for prob 40-60 mins to get some lunch for me and my misses02:02
thumperdavecheney: ack02:30
thumperdavecheney: let me know when you're back02:30
* thumper afk for a bit02:46
davecheneythumper: ping03:20
thumperhey, just otp03:20
davecheneyno wuks03:21
thumperkk , ready now03:23
thumperdavecheney: skype again?03:23
rogpeppemornin' all08:02
dimiternhey all, william asked me to tell you there's a power cut in his area at present, in case you wonder where is he08:47
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TheMuedimitern_afk: Thx for the notification. And good morning btw. ;)08:50
elimisteveany estimates on when juju 2.0 will be out?08:51
elimistevegood job making so much progress on the Go port, all. Very exciting...08:51
elimisteveis v2.0 when the Go version will be the primary one that you encourage people to use?08:51
jamelimisteve: the goal is to have the Go port the default version for 13.04 (Ubuntu Raring)09:01
elimistevejam: great, thanks09:02
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dimiternTheMue: morning :)10:17
TheMuedimitern: Hiya10:17
dimiterni think it's high time to do something about keeping the channel topic in sync with what's happening in the project, so the people could get an idea quickly, like #launchpad channels10:33
TheMuedimitern: oh, yes, good hint10:37
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rogpeppefwereade: yo!11:14
rogpeppefwereade: power back then, i guess11:14
dimiternfwereade: hey11:14
fwereaderogpeppe, heyhey; and, yeah, a little while ago, but I forgot to open irc again ;011:15
fwereadedimitern, heyhey11:15
fwereaderogpeppe, I'm getting the rpc module tests timing out after 600s11:15
rogpeppefwereade: i *just* realised that i forgot to put in the timeouts you requested11:15
fwereaderogpeppe, haha11:15
rogpeppefwereade: am currently editing rpc_test.go!11:15
rogpeppefwereade: (as of 5 mins ago...)11:15
* fwereade gets to feel all smug and prophetic ;p11:16
rogpeppebah :-)11:16
dimiternfwereade: do you want to discuss shortly https://codereview.appspot.com/7301085/ ?11:16
fwereadedimitern, sgtm, I'll start a hangout11:19
dimiternfwereade: cool11:20
dimiternfwereade: actually, since it's almost standup time, can we do it around 13h?11:22
jamallenap: poke11:22
jamI'm just checking on https://code.launchpad.net/~allenap/juju-core/break-out-juju-store/+merge/14256411:22
jamand seeing if you need it landed, or if it needs updating, etc.11:23
allenapjam: Hello.11:23
jamThe last comment was only a few days ago, so I think I can just land it for you/11:23
allenapjam: I /think/ it's up to date, but I'll check.11:23
fwereadedimitern, ah, yeah, sure -- might be eating then, but ping me when you're free and we'll figure something out11:23
dimiternfwereade: sure, no rush11:23
niemeyerrogpeppe: Anything else on https://codereview.appspot.com/7313081/?11:25
rogpeppeniemeyer: looking11:26
rogpeppeniemeyer: i think zero is a reasonable length for a file, and i think think PutAll should work with all files11:27
niemeyerrogpeppe: It's not up to us11:27
niemeyerrogpeppe: It does work, though11:27
niemeyerrogpeppe: But we can't test that live11:28
rogpeppeniemeyer: why not?11:28
niemeyerrogpeppe: Because it's not up to us whether an upload works with no content or not11:28
allenapjam: Yes, it's up to date.11:28
rogpeppeniemeyer: if it doesn't work, we should return an error11:29
niemeyerrogpeppe: Amazon returns the error11:30
rogpeppeniemeyer: if the file length is zero, we don't make any calls for amazon to return the error, no?11:30
niemeyerrogpeppe: Multipart uploads of files of length zero do not work11:31
niemeyerrogpeppe: I don't know what you're trying to achieve11:31
rogpeppeniemeyer: i'd like to be able to iterate over all the files in a directory and call PutAll on each one, regardless of the file's size11:31
allenapjam: Forgot to say: yes, please, I'd be grateful if you could land it :)11:31
rogpeppeniemeyer: presumably you're allowed buckets holding zero-length files?11:32
niemeyerrogpeppe: *multipart uploads*.. that's what this CL is about11:32
niemeyerrogpeppe: and I can understand your desire.. you should file a bug against S3. :-)11:32
rogpeppeniemeyer: PutAll works with a file that's 1 byte long. i think it should work if it's 0 bytes long, and i don't think it's hard to make it do that.11:33
rogpeppeniemeyer: perhaps it should use multipart only where necessary.11:34
niemeyerrogpeppe: PutAll is a method on Multi11:35
rogpeppeniemeyer: ahem, good point :-)11:36
rogpeppeniemeyer: well at the least, if multipart uploads of files of length zero don't work, we should return an error in that case.11:40
niemeyerrogpeppe: Sorry, we're going in circles11:40
rogpeppe[11:31:00] <niemeyer> rogpeppe: Multipart uploads of files of length zero do not work11:40
niemeyerrogpeppe: Amazon will say so.. I don't think there's any benefit in us reporting it early11:41
niemeyer<niemeyer> rogpeppe: Amazon returns the error11:41
rogpeppeniemeyer: ah, you get the error from Complete?11:41
niemeyerrogpeppe: It will fail in whatever way Amazon chooses to fail11:41
niemeyerrogpeppe: Just like everything else11:42
niemeyerrogpeppe: Look.. I can put an error result there if that makes you happier11:43
rogpeppeniemeyer: ok, that seems reasonable - perhaps a doc comment rather than an error - amazon may fix it in the future, i suppose.11:43
niemeyerrogpeppe: It may11:43
rogpeppeniemeyer: (failing when amazon chooses to fail seems reasonable, i mean)11:44
niemeyerrogpeppe: Cool11:44
rogpeppeniemeyer: replied11:49
niemeyerrogpeppe: Actually, I just found a way to make it work11:49
niemeyerrogpeppe: I'll fix it11:49
rogpeppeniemeyer: cool. the less edge cases, the better i like it :-)11:50
niemeyerrogpeppe: Amazon happily takes it if I upload a part with zero content11:50
niemeyerrogpeppe: It is an edge case still11:50
rogpeppeniemeyer: only for goamz, not for the person using it, hopefully11:50
niemeyerrogpeppe: It is an edge case for the API11:50
niemeyerrogpeppe: People may not care in most sane cases, though11:51
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niemeyerrogpeppe: The result of len(parts) with no content is 1 rather than 011:51
rogpeppeniemeyer: yeah. it seems reasonable that a file should always have at least one part though.11:52
rogpeppeniemeyer: even if it's zero-length.11:52
niemeyerrogpeppe: It's an edge case.11:52
rogpeppeniemeyer: agreed. seems like the least-surprises way forward though.11:53
niemeyerrogpeppe: As I said, I'll fix it11:54
rogpeppeniemeyer: cool, thanks.11:54
niemeyerrogpeppe: np, thanks for the review12:00
niemeyerIn the future we can have an API in Bucket itself which chooses properly whether to upload a multipart or not based on size12:01
niemeyerBut I'd rather fix the overall package API first12:01
rogpeppeniemeyer: that sounds good12:14
rogpeppeniemeyer: i thought i remembered that dave cheney made some fixes to gocheck so that c.Logf wasn't racy if called in multiple goroutines. am i imagining things? (i get lots of errors from the race detector, which would be nice not to see)12:16
niemeyerrogpeppe: Probably lying in the queue12:16
niemeyerrogpeppe: I'll have a look later12:16
rogpeppeniemeyer: ok, cool.12:16
rogpeppeniemeyer: i was initially slightly worried by my 5 data races :-)12:17
niemeyerrogpeppe: Yeah, quite misleading12:18
rogpeppefwereade: fairly trivial. https://codereview.appspot.com/732404612:20
rogpeppefwereade: and i'd like to know where your tests fail with this applied.12:21
jamallenap: btw, I'm changing the signature of one of the testing/charm.go apis, which effects "store/branch_test.go" and "store/store_test.go".12:36
jamrogpeppe: so I see the tests hanging as well, and it is nice to not have them hang, but doesn't that mean the test is actually still failing?12:39
rogpeppejam: yeah - it shouldn't happen, but tests pass for me.12:39
rogpeppejam: until i can reproduce the problem, i'm not going to be able to fix the bug12:41
jamrogpeppe: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1643683/12:42
jamrogpeppe: are you running go 1.1 or some variant thereof?12:42
jamI was running go1 (default on precise) but it turns out lbox doesn't work with it.12:42
rogpeppejam: yes - although i think i've run the tests on 1.0.212:42
jamSo I'm now running go-1.0.3 from ~gopher's ppa12:43
rogpeppejam: ah!12:43
rogpeppejam: this probably is highly indicative: cannot unmarshal null into Go value of type rpc_test.stringVal12:43
jamrogpeppe: yeah, it says the same for the struct{} object.12:43
rogpeppejam: i guess i only ran the live tests against
rogpeppejam: because i see the same failure.12:45
rogpeppejam: thanks.12:45
jamrogpeppe: yeah, prob just a json change between go std lib and how they handle nil12:45
rogpeppejam: yes, i think so12:45
fwereaderogpeppe, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1643711/12:58
fwereaderogpeppe, ha, just like jm's12:58
fwereaderogpeppe, sorry12:58
rogpeppefwereade: yeah, i'm on it. it's a go1.1 compatibility issue12:58
rogpeppefwereade: np12:58
allenapjam: Okay, once you've done that, I'll merge the relevant changes into juju-store. Or, do you want to land my branch before making your changes, and I'll fix-up juju-store?13:18
jamallenap: it doesn't change your branch, it is just going to break juju-store13:32
jamyour branch and mine have both landed.13:32
jamso you'll just want to touch juju-store13:32
jamwhich is generally just removing a parameter.13:32
allenapjam: Okay, I'll look into that. Thanks for sorting this out!13:32
jamallenap: lp:~jameinel/juju-core/no-symlinks is the branch, you can look at -r -213:33
jambut it is basically just remove: "series" being passed.13:33
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TheMuefwereade, rogpeppe: time for a first review? https://codereview.appspot.com/732305913:41
rogpeppeTheMue: will look after lunch14:01
* rogpeppe goes for lunch14:01
TheMuerogpeppe: Great, thx.14:01
TheMuerogpeppe: Enjoy.14:01
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dimiternfwereade_: is it usual for the worker/uniter tests to take long?14:24
fwereade_dimitern, yes, afraid so14:24
fwereade_dimitern, I wasn't avle to find any particular hotspots14:24
dimiternfwereade_: ok :)14:24
fwereade_TheMue, please remind me: how's public storage useful to the local provider?14:28
fwereade_TheMue, won't it implicitly upload tools anyway, rendering the whole thing redundant?14:29
dimiternfwereade_: *** Test killed: ran too long. ??14:31
fwereade_dimitern, ok, no, they shouldn't take that long14:31
dimiternfwereade_: am I doing something wrong?14:31
dimiternfwereade_: I just run go test ./... in worker/uniter14:31
dimiternfwereade_: does it need internet access during the tests?14:32
fwereade_dimitern, no, shouldn't do, and that sounds sane (even if I always run from root -- go test ./worker/uniter/... -- but I doubt that's remotely relevant)14:32
dimiternfwereade_: hmm, well I'll try running them in order going into each subdir to see which one is to blame14:33
fwereade_dimitern, I'm just running them myself, because I forget exactly how long they should take -- enough to be annoying, certainly, but nowhere near test timeout limit14:33
dimiternfwereade_: ah, actually it shows - FAILlaunchpad.net/juju-core/worker/uniter/charm600.002s14:33
dimiternfwereade_: all others are ok14:34
fwereade_dimitern, hmm, very interesting: try that one with -test.v -gocheck.vv14:34
dimiternfwereade_:  [LOG] 58.01524 JUJU mongod: error command line: unknown option sslOnNormalPorts14:35
dimitern[LOG] 58.01531 JUJU mongod: use --help for help14:35
dimiternthat's almost immediately at the beginning14:35
fwereade_dimitern, what mongo build are you using?14:35
dimiternfwereade_: and it just stays there14:35
dimiternfwereade_: mongod -v?14:35
fwereade_dimitern, did you get the special version with ssl support?14:36
dimiternfwereade_: git version: d1b43b61a5308c4ad0679d34b262c5af9d66426714:36
fwereade_dimitern, it's in an ec2 bucket somewhere iirc14:36
dimiternfwereade_: not sure, I might have installed it from the archive14:36
fwereade_dimitern,     http://juju-dist.s3.amazonaws.com/tools/mongo-2.2.0-precise-amd64.tgz14:36
dimiternfwereade_: it says 2.2.214:36
fwereade_dimitern, you need this build for SSL support, which is not optional14:37
dimiternfwereade_: how about quantal?14:37
fwereade_I suspect there's one if you s/precise/quantal/14:37
dimiternfwereade_: same version?14:37
fwereade_dimitern, yeah, think so14:37
fwereade_dimitern, take a look at the bucket in a browser, I think it lists everything for you anyway14:38
dimiternfwereade_: and I should purge the currently installed mongo as well?14:38
fwereade_dimitern, up to you, but make sure the tests find the ssl version14:38
dimiternfwereade_: the bucket reports access denied on dir listing, but direct link works14:38
fwereade_dimitern, ah ok, maybe that changed14:38
dimiternfwereade_: where should I put the extracted tarball?14:39
dimiternfwereade_: anywhere in $PATH should work?14:41
fwereade_dimitern, yeah, should be fine14:41
dimiternfwereade_: great, 10x - now the tests pass ok and fast14:43
TheMuefwereade_: Sorry, phone14:45
fwereade_TheMue, np14:46
TheMuefwereade_: Maybe oriented too much at the dummy environ. If I've seen right it also uses two different storage that are returned by Environ.14:47
fwereade_TheMue, in the doc we agreed to just return an empty storage14:48
fwereade_TheMue, and I'm confused by the way they appear to share a port..?14:48
fwereade_TheMue, if we can just do a dumb empty-on-list, err-on-get StorageReader I think that lets us drop all this confusing private/public stuff14:49
TheMuefwereade_: The URL depends on the environ name and if it is started as private or public. And it is empty.14:49
fwereade_TheMue, it kinda looks like an awful lot of additional complexity to save two one-line methods on a new type14:50
TheMuefwereade_: Please note it in the review.14:51
fwereade_TheMue, will do, just checking in case I was missing something obvious14:51
TheMuefwereade_: To me the symetric usage of the storage has been more simple.14:52
rogpeppefwereade_: meeting?15:03
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fwereade_rogpeppe, a thought: is the set of available arches not the intersection of those available on the provider with those we can find tools for?15:46
rogpeppefwereade_: that seems a reasonable thought15:47
fwereade_rogpeppe, in which case I don't really think it's ok to require that someone recompile the client to use another cloud...15:47
fwereade_rogpeppe, additional exercise: how are we meant to discover those values from the CLI? I don;t think we can safely assume the existence of an environments.yaml15:48
fwereade_rogpeppe, sure, we won;t figure out how to drop it *soon*15:48
fwereade_rogpeppe, but still...15:48
rogpeppefwereade_: GUI clients won't have environments.yaml15:48
fwereade_rogpeppe, indeed15:49
rogpeppefwereade_: i didn't mean to suggest we should recompile the client to use another cloud15:49
rogpeppefwereade_: one mo, i need to interact in #juju-gui15:49
fwereade_rogpeppe, I admit, I put those words into your mouth, but I think it's a consequence of specifying the list of "available" architectures on the client15:50
fwereade_rogpeppe, np15:50
TheMuefwereade_: Just proposed a change with no more separation between public and private but with using environs.EmptyStorage.16:18
fwereade_TheMue, awesome16:19
fwereade_TheMue, whoops, I never actually hit m16:19
fwereade_TheMue, I'll drop the redundant comments16:19
fwereade_TheMue, sent a couple, let me know what you think16:22
TheMuefwereade_: yep, cheers16:23
TheMuefwereade_: Yep, both makes sense, storage-port (maybe more settings for the storage backend will follow) and the comments. As you see I so far mostly panic, it's just an interface copy for quick compilation. ;)16:28
fwereade_TheMue, cool, thanks16:29
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fwereade_rogpeppe, is trunk still expected to be broken?17:30
rogpeppefwereade_: yes. here's a branch to fix it: https://codereview.appspot.com/732404817:30
rogpeppefwereade_: sorry about the delay.17:30
rogpeppefwereade_: it took a little more than i expected.17:31
fwereade_rogpeppe, no worries, just syncing up17:31
rogpeppefwereade_: review appreciated17:31
rogpeppedimitern, jam, anyone else: ^17:31
dimiternrogpeppe: i'll take a look17:31
rogpeppedimitern: ta!17:31
fwereade_rogpeppe, looking good so far; you might be interested in https://codereview.appspot.com/732404917:36
fwereade_rogpeppe, LGTM17:37
rogpeppefwereade_: thanks17:38
fwereade_aaaand I'm done for now -- but I might pop back on later17:38
fwereade_gn all17:38
dimiternrogpeppe: reviewed17:42
rogpeppedimitern: thanks! submitted.17:42
rogpeppefwereade_: gn17:42
rogpepperight, that's me for the day. first watcher test now failing in a useful way.18:33
rogpeppeg'night all18:33
thumpermramm: morning, you around now20:01
mrammthumper: yep20:02
mrammI was just about to send an e-mail because I will be out most of the day tomorrow20:02
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fwereade_thumper, heyhey -- I have a grumpy daughter who might take a while to get to sleep, but hope to be able to swing by again later20:12
thumperfwereade_: ok, np20:12
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benji"go install launchpad.net/juju-core/cloudinit: open /usr/lib/go/pkg/linux_386/launchpad.net/juju-core/cloudinit.a: no such file or directory"20:36
benjithat happens when I run "go get -v launchpad.net/juju-core/..."20:37
thumperhi benji20:38
thumperbenji: I can't help, but just saying hi20:39
benjiactually, that looks like a permission problem, I guess it should be "sudo go get [...]"20:39
thumperbenji: well, should only need sudo if you don't have a go path set, no?20:47
rogpeppebenji, thumper: definitely no need to use sudo20:57
thumperhi rogpeppe20:57
thumperrogpeppe: why are you still up?20:57
rogpeppebenji: looks like you might not have GOPATH set20:57
thumperor online at least20:57
rogpeppethumper: i'm not :-)20:57
rogpeppethumper: honest20:57
thumperso this is your irc bot then?20:57
rogpepperog made me very clever20:57
thumperare you up for a chat at some stage?20:58
benjihmm, GOPATH is set20:58
rogpeppebenji: and exported?20:58
rogpeppethumper: definitely20:58
thumperrogpeppe: when would be good?20:58
thumperbit of an issue with you being on the other side of the planet20:58
rogpeppethumper: when's good for you?20:58
thumperrogpeppe: ideally between 9 and 5 local :)20:59
rogpeppethumper: what's your time zone?20:59
rogpeppethumper: what time is it now for you/20:59
benjiwell, either way "go get -v launchpad.net/juju-core/..." (no sudo) now works, I haven't touched GOPATH since it failed <shrug>20:59
rogpeppethumper: 10am thursday?21:00
rogpeppethumper: busy for probably an hour, but should be able to make half an hour or so after that, if you're around all today21:02
rogpeppethumper: i'll ping you21:02
fwereadethumper, ping21:18
thumperfwereade: hi21:18
fwereadethumper, heyhey, I'm free for a chat if you like -- g+?21:19
thumperfwereade: g+ sounds good21:19
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rogpeppethumper: ping22:05
thumperrogpeppe: hey, just talking with fwereade now22:05
rogpeppethumper: i could join if you fancy it22:05
rogpeppethumper: depends what you're chatting about really22:06
thumperrogpeppe: propable one on one intially would be better22:06
rogpeppethumper: sounds good22:06
rogpeppethumper: unfortunately my window of opportunity is short tonight, so maybe we won't make it22:07
thumperrogpeppe: ok, perhaps tomorrow?22:07
rogpeppethumper: possibly, though unlikely.22:07
rogpeppethumper: evenings not usually good for me.22:07
thumperrogpeppe: I could get up early22:07
thumper17:00 UTC22:07
rogpeppethumper: that sounds possible, yeah22:11
rogpeppethumper: i'll schedule it in...22:12
rogpeppethumper: you have an invite :-) (means i might get a reminder...)22:15
rogpeppethumper: if you get off chatting with william tonight, ping us anyway. i might still be around.22:16

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