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bachi teknico, frankban12:52
bacteknico: does "go env |grep GOPATH" actually show your GOPATH as in the juju-core README?  i've set mine but it isn't being shown.12:53
bacteknico: nm.  'go env' doesn't show it but my GOPATH is being used13:01
gary_posterbcsaller_, hatch, Makyo|out I think we are ready for the (probably relatively short) Landscape kickoff call I mentioned Monday.  Let's plan to do it before the daily call when Makyo|out joins--probably no later than 1:11 from now (1500 UTC)13:49
bcsaller_gary_poster: sounds good13:49
hatchsounds like a plan13:51
hatchoo those designs are sexy13:58
* hazmat tries out the gui in opera for kicks14:05
hatchyeah? what breaks?14:07
teknicobac, yes, same conclusions14:08
hazmathatch, js error on initial connect, quite a few style errors14:09
bacteknico: thx14:09
hazmathatch, basically a blank page14:09
hazmatwe have a helpful page intro page saying use chrome... 14:09
hatchhazmat: oh haha, with my limited Opera experience usually they do things 'to the book' meaning that if anything is done even a little off spec it breaks :)14:10
hazmathatch, yeah... makes them a nice validation tool.. here's the js traceback. http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1643873/14:11
hazmatcss errors http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1643884/14:12
hazmatwas curious cause they just announced they'll be moving to webkit and chromium as a base14:13
benjigary_poster: I did not realize yesterday that you were telling me that I had not followed the flow chart.  I did not realize that there were to be two messages.14:15
benjiTo clarify/verify: there are to be *two* loading messages: one that says that the application is loading and after that one that says that we are connecting to the environment.14:16
gary_posterbenji, yes.  as I said, sympathetic to what you did.  If we can do the second message, though, potentially compelling.14:17
benjiI can do anything given enough time and money. ;)14:18
hatchhazmat: oh yeah I forgot that it throws errors for unknown prefixed properties heh14:18
gary_posterbenji, right.  timebox it to two hours, let's say?14:19
benjiAnd I'll money-box it so I spend no more than $100,000,000.  Just like normal.14:19
gary_posterbenji :-P14:20
hatchbut if it's incomplete at $100M then you can requisition more to get it completed....just like the government :P14:20
hatchit's snowing....1" so far!14:25
frankbanbac, teknico: https://code.launchpad.net/~jtv/juju-core/no-go-env/+merge/14228014:35
bacfrankban: nice.  too bad it stalled.14:37
hazmatdoes anyone have emacs config for our current style guide handy?14:38
teknicofrankban, nice, thanks14:38
bachazmat: i have an incomplete emacs config.  it sometimes formats in ways that cause the linter to complain.14:39
bacfrankban, teknico: i added a comment to jtv's MP asking him to please land.  we'll see.14:40
hazmatbac, that would help .. feel like i'm fighting emacs more than coding atm14:41
frankbancool bac, thanks14:41
* hazmat wonders if its time to give sublime a shot14:41
hatchI'm really irritated with the dev of sublime so although I use it I probably won't be upgrading14:42
teknicohazmat, hey, please don't kill it yet, I still need it! ;-)14:43
teknicohatch, why the irritation, if I may?14:43
hazmathatch, because of charge for upgrade? better than promising free like tmxt2 and loosing motivation14:44
hatchteknico: well around the middle of last year he basically drops off the earth - doesn't respond to any requests about the editor or updates. Then just recently comes out with a new version out of the blue and for people who 'recently' bought, he is charging a fee which makes it more expensive than if they had waited a week14:45
hatchI don't have any issue paying to upgrade - but his actions make it clear that the community isn't important14:45
frankbanhazmat: re gojuju workflow: how do you update trunk after cobzr has been used (i.e. after lightweight checkouts has been created)? "bzr switch master && bzr pull lp:juju-core (--remember)" from the juju-core dir? bzr pull from .cobzr/master and the update?14:46
bachazmat: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1644110/  -- like i said it is hacky and not complete.  improvements welcome.14:47
hazmatfrankban, go get juju-core/package/...14:47
hazmatfrankban, the triple dot syntax is update recursive deps14:47
hazmatfrankban, oh.. i haven't been using cobzr.. i'd ask on juju-dev14:48
frankbanhazmat: ok thanks14:48
teknicohatch, I usually prefer using FLOSS tools, also to avoid these kinds of issues, but in this case the tradeoff seems reasonable, and the pricing terms described in his announcement seem reasonable overall14:48
hazmatbac, thanks!14:49
hazmatrogpeppe, ^ frankban's question re cobzr14:49
hatchteknico: the pricing is an inconvenience - I'm mostly irritated at his handling of this new version14:49
teknicoas far as disappearing, yes, anything that depends on just one person is somewhat worrying, FLOSS or not14:50
hatchwhen someone pays you for a product they expect support - and not responding to comments for 6months is not very good service14:50
teknicothat's also true14:50
teknicogood point, noted14:50
bacfrankban: i think switching to master and doing a pull as you stated is correct.14:50
hatchso with all that said :) It's a very very good product which has me torn on the upgrade ;)14:51
frankbanhum...  Sublime Text now uses Python 3.3 for plugins, wonder if I have to update my little plugin...14:52
hatchMakyo|out: when you return - the 'renderedHandler' in topology/service.js doesn't appear to have any effect on the application - maybe it's an artifact of an older version?14:55
teknicofrankban, that's a plus in my book :-)14:55
frankbanteknico: yes, but it can break my workflow! http://xkcd.com/1172/14:59
hatchfrankban: lol14:59
hatchxkcd comics are funny because they are true :P15:01
hatchgary_poster: integration chat starting soon?15:07
bcsaller_I was wondering the same thing15:08
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gary_posterbcsaller, hatch waiting on Makyo|out 15:09
hatchif you set the charm layout - resize the window - refresh - the charm layout stays the same even if the new window is too small15:12
hatchknown bug?15:12
gary_posterhatch, new and intermittent.  If I keep readjusting it sometimes works. :-/15:13
gary_posterhatch you filing or shall I?15:14
hatchI already have it open :)15:14
gary_postercool thanks :-)15:14
gary_posterhatch btw you can land bug 1123291 yeah?15:16
_mup_Bug #1123291: Update HACKING readme with missing details <juju-gui:In Progress by hatch> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/1123291 >15:16
gary_posterThere you are _mup_!15:16
hatchsure let me just review the responses to make sure I got everything15:17
gary_posterhatch, bcsaller if Makyo|out is not around at call, let's just talk amongst ourselves after the daily call about it, and I can fill him in with the gist later15:17
hatchmaybe his window install didn't go so well15:20
bcsallergary_poster: in the hangout15:21
hazmatdo we subscribe to the generic op events in the gui? or just use the op callbacks?15:23
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gary_posterhazmat, bcsaller and I have a very limited idea of what you are talking about, but we think the answer is callbacks if we understood you :-)15:27
gary_posterjujugui call in 215:28
gary_posterbenji goodspud call now15:30
benjihmm, insuficient beepage15:31
bcsallerhazmat: you want to start another hangout?15:42
bacteknico_, frankban: do the juju-core tests pass for you?15:42
Makyohatch, come baaaaack15:42
hazmatbcsaller, sure15:42
hazmatbcsaller, old juju-gui ;-) ? tinyurl.com/juju-ui15:43
teknico_bac, I'm having problems with them right now, actually15:43
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bacteknico_: me too.  and if i follow the instructions for speed up to run 'go test -i ...' it fails miserably and full of lies.15:43
teknicobac, that too, glad it's not just me, fwiw :-)15:44
bacyes, quite a comfort15:44
gary_posterbac, teknico I suggest pinging Roger (r o g p e p p e) but I won't do it for you because I'm not as far along as you all :-)15:45
bacgary_poster: ok15:46
teknicorogpeppe, ^^ any ideas?15:46
rogpeppeteknico: looking15:46
rogpeppeteknico: (just off a meeting)15:46
gary_posterwould pastebin help?15:46
gary_posterhatch, saw your note about IE10 self-signed experience.  would love to hear more, yes15:48
hatchsorry that was in relation to the url state15:48
gary_posteroh ok15:48
gary_posterdarn :-)15:48
hatchyeah sorry - I have absolutely 0 experience with self-signed cert with IE10 :)15:49
teknicorogpeppe, bac, here's my scrollback, fwiw: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1644452/15:49
rogpeppeteknico: are you running tests in trunk?15:50
rogpeppeteknico: because if you are, i'm afraid i broke the tests last night. :-/ i'm about to propose a branch that fixes it.15:51
teknicorogpeppe, the output of "cobzr branch" is "* master", if that's what you mean15:51
teknicorogpeppe, oh, that's good to know, thanks15:51
rogpeppeteknico: what's the most recent revno on your branch?15:52
teknicorogpeppe, 88515:52
bacrogpeppe: i'm at 887 and seeing the same failed tests15:53
rogpeppebac, teknico: i've just merged a branch that at least means the test failures don't time out15:55
bacjujugui: i've created a google doc for tips/issues for us getting started with go.  unresolved ones can be fixes or bugs but i thought we could share experiences now.  please edit if you have stuff to add.  https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/document/d/1OEOzDu9lh4ko8oSgl_tjQlk98x_rgtiiSSJYBRopic8/edit?usp=sharing15:55
rogpeppeteknico: the rpc package will still fail its tests under Go 1.0.2, but the fix is coming soon15:55
teknicobac, thanks15:56
bacrogpeppe: if i run 'go test' it complains that some packages need to be updated and i should run 'go test -i' but when i do i get:15:56
bacgo test -i launchpad.net/juju-core/...15:56
baccan't load package: package launchpad.net/juju-core: no Go source files in /home/bac/work/src/launchpad.net/juju-core15:56
teknicorogpeppe, thanks, trying15:56
hazmatrogpeppe, should we be running weekly?15:56
gary_postercool thanks bac.  15:56
gary_posterwe need new stuff from rog15:56
rogpeppebac: that functionality only works with more recent versions of Go i'm afriad15:56
hazmatrogpeppe, is that fix 1.0.3 or 1.1?15:56
rogpeppehazmat: which fix?15:56
* bac lunches15:57
hazmatthe rpc fix? trying to understand if we should be running weekly instead of stable15:57
rogpeppehazmat: no. the rpc problem is because i was relying on 1.1-specific behaviour in json unmarshalling. i'm fixing it so it no longer does.15:57
rogpeppehazmat: with a severe note-to-self to remind me to *always* run all tests against 1.1 *and* 1.0.2 before submitting :-)15:58
teknicohazmat, if those are Go version numbers, my installed packaged are 1.0.2-215:58
hazmatrogpeppe, sounds like a job for continous integration tool15:58
rogpeppehazmat: agreed. people have been working on that, but it's not there yet.15:59
hatchok all changes to the HACKING document have been completed - now since i have already run `lbox propose -cr` do I need to do anything different this time to resubmit for review?16:13
hazmatbcsaller, re use db, how good is the gui currently about lots of updates? ie. should i still be batching.16:13
Makyohatch Same command again.16:14
hatchis it common that I need to add 'make clean' ?16:14
bcsallerhazmat: if we need to debounce the update that would be  a simple change, for now I wouldn't worry about batching in the place you're dealing with it16:14
hatchI'll add make clean to the `submit for review` steps16:15
Makyohatch, You shouldn't need too, since none of the made files are under rc.16:15
teknicorogpeppe, uhm, running "go test -gocheck.vv" in juju-core/state is still timing out like before on revno 88816:17
rogpeppeteknico: hmm, this is what i see: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1644622/16:18
teknicorogpeppe, oh, I think I know what it is16:18
teknicorogpeppe, hazm4t mentioned that MongoDb 32 bit does not support SSL16:19
rogpeppeteknico: ah yes. if you ran go test ./... -gocheck.vv,  you'd probably see a message16:19
rogpeppeteknico: you'll need to download the built version16:19
hatchhmm I'm a little confused by the `bzr log` command - I just 'committed' but that commit isn't showing up in `bzr log -r-5..`16:19
hatchis there a flag I'm missing?16:20
rogpeppeteknico: ah, 32 bit16:20
teknicorogpeppe, do you mean from http://juju-dist.s3.amazonaws.com/ ? No 32 bit versions there16:20
rogpeppeteknico: you'll need to compile it16:20
rogpeppeteknico: there's a charm to do that.16:20
rogpeppeteknico: unfortunately... 16:21
rogpeppeteknico: there's a bit of a chicken/egg situation here16:21
teknicoindeed :-)16:21
rogpeppeteknico: if your machine has suitable horsepower, you could compile mongo on it16:22
hatchahh `bzr log -l5`16:22
teknicorogpeppe, am I the very first unlucky fellow developing Juju on a 32 bit environment? sounds weird16:22
rogpeppeteknico: the recipe is in juju-core/cmd/builddb/precise/builddb/hooks/install16:23
rogpeppeteknico: noone has got around to generating a 32 bit exe, yeah. sorry about that.16:23
teknicorogpeppe, ok, next machine will get a fresh new 64 bit install :-)16:24
Makyohatch, bzr alias ll="log --line -l10" is helpful16:24
Makyohatch, then bzr ll16:24
teknicorogpeppe, ok, it seems doable16:24
teknicorogpeppe, does it have to be 2.2.0, or would 2.2.3 be preferable?16:25
hatchMakyo: pfft and yesterday I read a doc which said bzr had sane defaults and that's one reason it's better than git...lol16:25
rogpeppeteknico: i think you should probably go with the exact same version16:25
teknicorogpeppe, I will (yay for patch versions :-P )16:25
Makyohatch, yeah, I found it helpful to just not really compare them, though apparently cobzr changes that some.16:25
rogpeppeteknico: you might want to spin up an ec2 instance to do the compilation - it's pretty intensive and takes some hours.16:26
teknicorogpeppe, wow, ok, thanks for the hint16:27
rogpeppeteknico: and once you've got the executable, it'd be great if you could sling a copy over to dave.cheney who can make it available in the public ec2 bucket16:27
hatchMakyo: ok back to getClientRect() - 1) load app 2) d-click charm 3) click juju to return 4) labels should be broken ?16:27
teknicorogpeppe, that sounds useful too :-) I will16:28
Makyohatch, load app in Chrome and FF, click to view a service in chrome, create a relation to that service in FF, make sure there are no NaN errors in chrome's console, then click back to environment and make sure the labels look okay.16:29
teknicoif mongo were written in Go, compiling it would probably be less resource-intensive :-)16:29
Makyohatch Or just two separate tabs, I guess.16:29
Makyohatch, just that Chrome's console is a little better.16:29
hatchyeah looks ok here I'll try a few different aproaches just to be sure16:33
hatchis it possible that this code was legacy?16:33
hatchwas something upgraded or changed that could have made this legacy?16:33
bcsallerhatch: as a historical point, the whole environment view recently went through a fairly massive refactoring16:38
hatchalright :)16:38
hatchI just didn't want to remove this code if there was absolutely no possibility that it was fixed hah16:38
Makyohatch, yeah, that's what I had mentioned on the call.  Used to get NaN problems in the svg.16:39
hatchyeah heh - ok I'll remove this code16:39
hatchyay for dead code removal!16:39
gary_posterhatch, Makyo, bcsaller are you all available for call now by chance?16:45
Makyogary_poster, yes.16:46
bcsallergary_poster: yeah16:46
hatchin the board room?16:46
gary_postercool guys, let's go to jujugui16:46
benjiit is unfortunate that the name of our hangout is the same as the interrupt-everyone-on-the-team-with-a-notification string16:47
gary_posterbac benji you happen to be around and not lunching?17:20
benjigary_poster: yep17:20
bacgary_poster: yep17:20
gary_posterfrankban, teknico you around and available?17:21
benjijust finishing up my merge; it was a mess with lbox and a prereq branch17:21
teknicogary_poster, yep17:21
frankbangary_poster: yes17:21
gary_postercool, benji, bac, teknico frankban to the bat-cave! (juju gui)17:21
hatchwill `bzr add editedfile.js; bzr commit -m "msg" ` commit only the added file? I have some edited files in this branch but I only want to commit one of them17:24
* hatch is trying to apply git workflow to bzr again ;)17:24
Makyohatch, bzr commit editedfile.js -m "msg"17:27
benjihatch: no, "bzr commit" will commit all outstanding changes17:27
benjiwhat he said17:27
MakyoMore like svn in that respect.17:28
MakyoWindow guys are here, out for a sec.17:28
hatchjujugui - any objections to me removing the file assets/javascripts/svg-layouts.js ? the module in it is no longer needed and is being removed17:35
bcsallerhatch: I can't answer that without verifying usage 17:36
hatchI suppose - so there aren't any rules about removing files as long as it doesn't break anything? :)17:37
Makyohatch, It's used twice in trunk, both in topology/service.js17:37
hatchyep - it's now used never in anything ;)17:38
Makyohatch, Once is the area you removed, but what about the other?17:38
hatchthe other area would break if it returned null17:38
hatchex) null.width17:38
hatchso I reverted it to the 'original' method17:38
hatchI'll commit the code shortly for review17:40
Makyohatch, we can do functional testing on it.17:40
rogpeppejuju trunk should be fixed now17:42
rogpeppeteknico, bac: ^17:43
bacrogpeppe: thx17:43
teknicorogpeppe, thanks17:43
rogpeppeunfortunately fixing it has meant that i'm not going to be proposing the watcher branch today17:45
hatch100g yogurt containers are just too smal...they need a big-boy version.....300g!17:46
* hatch just keeping the discussion on-topic17:46
benjihatch: you need horizontal scaling17:59
hatchbut there is so much waste with the setup and teardown then17:59
hatchthis is clearly a task for scale up not out ;)18:00
hatchMakyo: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~hatch/juju-gui/1123426-getClientRect/revision/38218:01
gary_posterhatch, gave you a small extra review too :-P18:12
hatchlol damn - this is the last time I write documentation on something I know nothing about haha18:13
teknicofamous last words :-)18:13
hatchgary_poster: would you like me to split the shell command at 80 char as well?18:15
gary_posterhatch, only if it is still copy/pastable18:16
hatchok I'll leave it then18:16
hatchso I understand these lboc propose messages https://gist.github.com/hatched/a99739e29af40314ab7418:17
hatchis the error on ln #2 and ln #57 normal?18:18
hatchthat's the full output of the `lbox propose -cr`18:18
hatchI'm just updating the undocumented file right now18:20
Makyohatch, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1645341/ on make devel18:20
Makyobin/mergefiles (which calls lib/mergefiles.js, I think) is still looking for that file.18:22
hatchyep sorry I missed the -a flag on my `ack` command18:23
hatchI'll do another once over18:23
hatchjust to be sure18:23
hatchcould someone take a peek at this `lbox propose -v -cr` https://gist.github.com/hatched/a99739e29af40314ab74 it's failing on 'branch check'18:34
hazmathatch, lbox runs  .lbox.check script in the branch root to verify the branch is clean/good18:37
Makyohatch, it's failing on the linter.  You can run make lint to get the output, or make prep to have the beautifier try and fix it for you.  Looks like it's because renderedHandler is undocumented, but not in the list.18:37
hazmatcan be run manually to verify18:37
hatchMakyo: are the entries in undocumented done by hand?18:38
hatchhazmat: ok thanks18:38
Makyohatch, make undocumented, I think18:38
hatchahh yes - the undocumented undocumented option18:40
Makyohatch, I think it's more desirable to add documentation than add to the undocumented list.  make help though, will list targets, and instruct you toward the Makefile for other phony targets.18:41
hatchI swear I'll get this workflow figured out18:45
hatchgary_poster: wrt HACKING -> do I now only need to commit and then `lbox submit` ? or do I need to push as well?18:49
Makyolbox will push for you.18:49
hatchbenji: You created a task called "Extend Y.Node with svg support" - it actually already has it it just doesn't pass the methods through so you need to do node.getDOMElement().{svgmethod}18:55
hazmatbenji, just noticed we login multiple times on the gui..18:55
hazmattwo separate login requests right next to each other fwiw18:56
benjihazmat: hmm, I don't remember anything about svg; do you have a URL?19:01
benjire. login; hmm, that sounds like a but19:01
hazmatjust watching the improv script api calls19:01
hazmatyeah.. filing one19:02
gary_posterwhat benji, svg is to hatch19:02
Makyohatch, benji, re: getting text from an SVG node?19:02
hatchgary_poster: anything in particular you would like me to work on for the afternoon? I was thinking 1075656 would give me a really good idea of how the system works (although take longer than a day)19:03
bacafter installing bigjool's mongo PPA i have success!  http://paste.ubuntu.com/1645668/19:04
gary_posterawesome bac.  19:05
gary_posterbug 107565619:05
_mup_Bug #1075656: Charm panel should be YUI composite view, not closure <charmbrowser> <juju-gui:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/1075656 >19:05
gary_posterhatch, yeah not good for today19:05
hatchohh mup is a bot19:05
Makyohatch, re: svg elements: not sure that stands anymore.  We've (mostly) switched from the prior method to d3's classed method, but you can search for anything requiring utils.toggleSVGClass or whatever it was.19:06
gary_posteryeah :-)19:06
MakyoAlso, can use d3 to get text of svg nodes rather than node.getDOMNode().firstChild.blah in tests.19:06
gary_posterhatch maybe easy and new stuff is bug 1123562.  Alternatively, choose something fast and IE19:07
_mup_Bug #1123562: selenium tests fail in firefox because of browser warning <juju-gui:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/1123562 >19:07
hatchok that's good to know, I'm definitely going to be reading up on d3 over the next few days19:07
hatchgary_poster: sure I can look into that one - although would not using a 'testing config' make more sense ? I am not keen on the idea of having code sitting in the app that's only used for testing being shipped to the client19:09
gary_posteropen to different solutions.  that's another one, and can think of others.  quick call in juju gui?19:11
hatchyou bet19:11
benjibac: where is this document about getting a go juju dev environment set up?  I've look through my email but I don't see anything.19:33
bacbenji: it is in the google drive 'juju gui' folder.  direct link: https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/document/d/1OEOzDu9lh4ko8oSgl_tjQlk98x_rgtiiSSJYBRopic8/edit19:34
benjibac: thanks!19:35
bacbenji: i didn't send an email...just pasted here.19:35
bachazmat: go test complains that some packages aren't independently installed and thus slow things down.  but installing with 'go test -i' as suggested doesn't work.  'go get' doesn't work either.  list here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1645904/  thoughts on how to properly get them installed?19:38
bacactually i should ask over at #juju-dev unless you know right off the top of your head19:39
hazmatbac, separately go get -u launchpad.net/goose && go get -u launchpad.net/goamz19:46
bacthanks hazmat.  this worked: go get -u launchpad.net/goamz/... && go get -u launchpad.net/goose/...19:51
hatchjujugui - any chance I can get some reviews of https://codereview.appspot.com/7306104/ so I can merge it before the end of day21:10
Makyohatch, taking a look21:11
gary_posterI'm doing one too21:11
gary_posterhatch "land as is" from me. nice job21:17
hatchthank yaz21:17
hatchand its off!21:18
hatchwhen closing tickets is `lbox submit` mean "Fixed Release" or "Fixed Committed" ?21:20
hazmathatch, its fixed release .. but you need to pass the bug in to lbox21:21
hazmati think21:22
hazmatoh.. that's only propose21:22
hatchok so I manually change them?21:22
hazmathatch, it might do it if the branch is already linked to the bug not sure.. we have a secondary system (lp2kanban) that's trying to sync things back and forth as well21:23
hazmatbut otoh, it might need manual intervention.. try and find out i guess.21:23
hatchok next bug I work on I'll see what happens, some of these have been closed for a while and they haven't been automatically closed21:24
gary_posterhatch, change bugs to fix committed until we release.  thank you for cleaning those up though21:33
hatchcool and that getClientRect one gives me a lot of points21:35
hatchw00t w00t21:35
* hatch marks all of his tickets secure21:35
hatchoh karma !== fire point value21:37
hatch_oops looks like the net went down22:00
gary_postersigning off.  bye all22:02
=== hatch_ is now known as hatch
hazmatgary_poster, hmm. ran into an issue on the memory environment..22:03
hazmatraw yaml configs..22:03
hazmathatch, nice!, first commit :-)22:08
hatch2nd :)22:09
hatchwell the first was just some css22:09
gary_posterhazmat, ah! we can't send yaml to the env from charm deploy unless we go back to those bad js yaml libs?  We could simply disable that functionality. It's small, especially for playground22:15
* gary_poster not really here. disappearing again :-)22:15
hazmatgary_poster, yeah.. i'm just tossing error for now on that case. cheers22:17
bcsallerMakyo: it works w/o the queue I think :-/22:45
Makyobcsaller, so it might've just been the async stuff?22:49
hazmatbcsaller, re using db directly, we're not subscribing directly to model events anywhere are we? else there's some strangeness possible because model event will fire before op callback gets invoked.22:50
bcsallerMakyo: it looks like it was an issue of timing22:50
bcsallerhazmat: we're not yet (with the exception of notifications), I'd like to but its still bound around the db.update event22:50
hatch16GB macmini ram kit - awesome, I won't have to worry about my VM's crashing haha http://eshop.macsales.com/item/Other%20World%20Computing/1333DDR3S16P/22:56
MakyoUSians - Monday's a holiday, correct?23:04
hatchFeb 18th is23:06
Makyohatch, yeah, just making sure it applies.23:07
hatchmonday is a holiday here23:08
hatchno idea what for23:08
hatchMakyo: just saw your comments on the tickets23:13
hatchthat's actually exactly why it's being moved into there23:13
hatchthe search box23:13
Makyohatch, Oh, so the tickets are for the redesign issues?23:14
hatchand then the splitting the charm panels are to allow for the design changes23:14
hatchyeah - the view code needs to be slightly refactored to make it easier to accomplish those changes23:14
Makyohatch, Alright.  Keep in mind that other squads may be working on that portion of the project.23:15
hatchgary and I went over it this afternoon so I'm sure he can bring you up to speed on it tomorrow23:15
hatchoh yeah for sure23:15
Makyohatch, Alright, it just wasn't clear from the tickets.23:15
hatchyeah sorry I kind of made the tickets for myself ;)23:15
Makyohatch, and autocomplete?  I suppose we can do that with charmstore charms, since then we'll have a list outside, but otherwise, charms are loaded lazily.23:18
hatchso essentially how I envision that working is after load we'll request a list of all the available charms and display them in the search list23:18
hatchthen there will be an input box which will filter the result list based on the users input23:19
hatchif the # of charms gets too large then we can easily switch it later to poll a server instead of a local dataset23:19
Makyohatch, that's fair, but I think we should check next time we're all around where that fits in with current work, given that that would require either an update to core (of which there are a few now), or from a different source, such as the charm store.23:20
hatchoh yeah for sure - I think I marked that was as low priority23:20
hazmatwhich ticket?23:20
_mup_Bug #1124583: Charm list should be an autocomplete result list <juju-gui:New for hatch> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/1124583 >23:21
hatchyep low23:21
hazmathmm.. yeah. it was originally an auto complete list.. way back when..23:21
Makyohazmat, Was there just a cs list to consume?23:22
hazmatMakyo, no it was an auto complete yui datasource hooked up directly to the charm store api23:23
Makyohazmat, Ah, cool.23:23
hatchahh - see I was thinking of using it as a filter not for polling23:23
hatchI've used it with a table with about 500 records before and it was very fast23:24
hatchbut there comes a point where the overhead of the initial load is too much23:24
hatchhere is an example http://yuilibrary.com/yui/docs/autocomplete/ac-filter.html23:25
hazmathatch, revision 19 app/views/search.js23:25
hazmathatch, btw qbzr is a really nice gui on all the bzr commands, recommended.23:26
hatchhmm I'll have to look into this qbzr23:26
hatchahh I see how you did that23:27
hazmathave a good one.. i'm out for the day23:27
hatchyou too cya!23:27
Makyohazmat, ciao23:28

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