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haryvits in the bible..money is the root of all evil. never met a happy millionare/billionare. usally they are not happy..or bussy making others less happy.00:32
haryvbankers are a good example...greed which is unbelievable!00:33
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haryvDid you know the replacment CEO for washington mutual was only in his seat for two weeks before the federal goverment took over the bank? he left with millions in his pocket00:33
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haryvWashington Mutual was the largest savings bank to ever collapse a few years ago00:34
clipperanyone played with ubuntu on droid00:34
clipperhaha I know Hary, it was a blessing in disguise00:34
haryvclipper, droid is a operating system00:35
clipperI had an overdrafted cpa account with wamu when they folded00:35
clipperand it disappeared into candy land00:35
clippergotta love it00:35
clipperi know that, the droid shit is just apps that emulate00:35
clipperbut gives the look and feel, its nice00:35
haryvcrap clipper00:36
haryvI frown on profaity. very unprofessional in the working world and familly.00:36
haryvsome teens are just horrible and end up in construction.00:37
phillwhi, is there some one about who could do a 30 min session on kubuntu about a week after 13.04 arrives in #ubuntu-classroom?00:48
yofelphillw: -> #kubuntu-devel00:49
phillwyofel: is there some difference between people who are new to kubuntu that needs -devel to explain it? But, I will go ask00:51
yofelphillw: hm, not really, but not all people in -devel always watch this channel. So it's a question who you plan to reach00:52
phillwyofel: a 30 minute chat for newcomers to kubuntu, bear in mind that they are n00bs, I always think it is better for a 'user' than a dev to hold that session. There will be later ones on where the devs can scare the life out of a new comer.....00:54
yofelgood point...00:55
yofelI'm off to bed anyway, good night00:56
dbrom_anyone here01:41
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ChrisWereHey guys, I've just installed Kubuntu-desktop as a package and my screen keeps going black after about 5 minutes of no keyboard/mouse activity. I've turned off the screen saver and the settings in the kde power management, but Iit still turnes off after 5 mins. Any help guys?03:03
ChrisWeresorry I got disconnected. Does anyone know what I can do?03:04
ChrisWereany help guys?03:06
ChrisWereMy screen goes black after about 5 minutes even though I've turned off the screensaver and power settings03:08
ChrisWereCome-on open source community, I was told you're better than this03:23
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ChrisWeredo you know anything about this error?03:26
ChrisWereI just installed kbuntu-desktop and my screen goes black after 5 minutes of inactivity. I've turned off the screen saver and adjusted the power settings but the screen still goes black. Anyone know what to do?03:26
intelikeyname of the printer installation tool in kde4 ?03:33
ScottyKgreetings! When I download something using Firefox, I want to use dolphin to open the folder where it is located. Firefox keeps asking me where the program is located. Were IS dolphin located? thanks!03:36
gorgonizerScottyK: /usr/bin/dolphin  is what you need I reckon...03:39
Torchintelikey: you're probably looking for the kcm system-config-printer-kde03:39
Torchintelikey: you should find it in system settings03:40
ScottyKgorgonizer - Sweet, that did it, thanks!03:42
gorgonizerScottyK: no probs..03:42
intelikeythanks torch,   had to reinstall cups and now can configure.   thanks again.03:50
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guyvdbHello, I have just installed a second video card but cannot get kubuntu to detect it. Any guidance?09:45
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PrincessLunaDoes Kubuntu 12.10 support secure boot, or only Ubuntu 12.10?11:13
shadeslayerPrincessLuna: it'd be nice to find out since no one has tested11:21
shadeslayerPrincessLuna: It /should/ have the necessary bits11:21
shadeslayerbut I can't say for sure11:22
shadeslayerso if you have a secure boot laptop available, please test and let us know :)11:22
PrincessLunashadeslayer: I attempted to boot and it shows the grub screen, but then stalls at a blank screen ones it gets past grub.11:22
shadeslayercan you try by removing "quiet splash" from the boot line?11:23
shadeslayerso it does load grub, that's a good thing11:23
PrincessLunashadeslayer: Tried same, thing ... there is no usb activity (I tried liveusb)11:23
shadeslayercan you take a snapshot so I can read the boot output11:24
PrincessLunashadeslayer: There is no output, just a black screen and backlight11:24
shadeslayeroh ... hm11:25
shadeslayercan you check if it boots with ubuntu?11:25
PrincessLunaNot at present but I could check after some days11:25
shadeslayerPrincessLuna: okay, it'd be nice to get some feedback on this11:26
shadeslayerPrincessLuna: please email the kubuntu-devel mailing list with your findings11:26
PrincessLunaIf Ubuntu doesn't boot, that shouldn't be necessary though as blank screen can also occur due to some UEFI implementations11:27
PrincessLunaIt boots in Legacy Mode and UEFI with secure boot off. Using UEFI and secure boot on, it hangs.11:28
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PrincessLunashadeslayer: In case touch as well hasn't been tested. Plasma's multi-touch input works really well on win8 hardware in 13.04.11:33
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shadeslayerPrincessLuna: oooohhh12:16
shadeslayerPrincessLuna: this is with all updates?12:17
PrincessLunashadeslayer: Yes12:19
shadeslayerPrincessLuna: what hardware do you have?12:19
PrincessLunashadeslayer: Thinkpad s230u12:20
PrincessLunaIt uses an Atmel Maxtouch digitiser; 5 point touch12:20
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PrincessLuna!away | jackyalcine12:33
ubottujackyalcine: Please do not use noisy away messages and nicks in Ubuntu channels. It is annoying and unnecessary. Use the command "/away <reason>" to set your client away silently. See also «/msg ubottu Guidelines»12:33
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marktaffhi guys13:13
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marktaffi just dist-upgraded from 10.04 to 12.04, and am having issues.  Somehow, openssh-server didn't install properly, and it won't install properly manually, either13:15
marktaffin the post-install config, I get an 'auto configuration failed' error about a missing equal sign13:16
marktaffduring the upgrade, when promted, I had told it not to overwrite my config file (maybe a bad idea in hindsight?)13:16
marktaffI've found a couple of refernces to similar issues, but no solution was noted13:17
marktaffdoes anyone have any ideas I could try that may this this?  Thanks13:18
marktaff^may fix this13:18
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BluesKajHey all13:25
shadeslayerPrincessLuna: you might want to join #kubuntu-devel since we are looking for secureboot testers13:26
shadeslayermarktaff: how did you upgrade?13:27
marktaffdist-upgrade from the gui13:27
shadeslayerthe gui?13:27
PrincessLunashadeslayer: Ok, but I can't use the laptop for some time .. by next week I should be able13:27
shadeslayerPrincessLuna: sure np :)13:28
marktaffsoftware management --> updates, it offered the option to dist-upgrade to 12.0413:28
ikoniashadeslayer: kubuntu is looking for people to test secure boot,13:31
ikoniashadeslayer: is kubuntu using a different solution than ubuntu ?13:31
shadeslayerikonia: nope, we just don't know if the ISO's are built with the secure boot binaries13:32
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shadeslayeror if the final ISO even works13:32
ikoniathat makes sense13:33
ikoniaI thought there may have been an interesting change / solution13:33
marktafffor the error messages in questsion, see: http://paste.kde.org/670256/13:33
ikoniamarktaff: why su - root ?13:34
ikoniamarktaff: you know that the root account should be disabled ?13:34
shadeslayerlast I checked, Ubuntu uses a slightly older version of shim13:34
shadeslayerand a signed grub I think13:34
ikoniamarktaff: also that paste is incomplete, it's not showing half the commands of the errors being displayed13:34
marktaffI prefer to use the root account for root actions13:35
ikoniathen you should have a basic grasp of what you are doing13:35
ikoniaif you are competant enough to unlock the root account13:35
marktaffwhat bits are missing?  that is all the text in the console13:35
ikoniamarktaff: when you so su - where is the grep command that's causing the error13:36
ikoniamarktaff: where is the commands trying to update ssh agent13:36
marktafffrom my  .bashrc13:36
ikoniayour enviornment is messed up13:37
ikoniamarktaff: right, so again you should know what you are doing13:37
PrincessLunaRiddell: However there is no need to use the Ubuntu secure boot method. I presume all distros including ubuntu will soon move to http://www.infoworld.com/d/open-source-software/linux-foundation-releases-secure-boot-loader-21266113:39
marktaffwhat makes you think my environment is preventing openssh-server from installing13:41
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marktaffSo, I completely removed my start_agent function from my .bashrc, re-sourced it, then re-installed openssh-server, and I still get the same error, so the issue has nothing to do with my .bashrc13:45
ikoniaI didn't say it did13:45
ikoniaI said your env is messed up13:45
ikoniaif you look at the error you get from your env setup, it's the same as your install for open-sshe13:45
marktaffDo you have any other ideas on things I might check?  Thanks13:45
ovidiu-florinhello world :D13:46
ikoniaI'm not progresing this as you've setup your root account when it should be locked and filled it with rubbish, I don't know what else you've done13:46
marktaffWouldn't be easier to just say you don't know how to help me?13:49
ikoniamarktaff: pretty confident I could work it through13:52
ikoniaso saying I don't know how to help you would be wrong13:52
marktaffThe why don't we just set aside your opinion on not using the root account, and let's work together to get it fixed?13:55
ikoniafor the reason I've just stated13:55
ikoniaI don't know what else you've done and I'm not confident you know what you are doing using the root account13:56
ikoniasorry if I didn't make that clear initially13:56
marktaffSo, it was woking fine before the upgrade, but some using the gui as a regular user to do the upgrade somehow make the root user's env the problem?13:56
ikoniathe fact that you are asking this shows you are not confident with what you are doing, and you shouldn't have been trying to setup the root account13:57
marktaffI have been using a root account to work and develop free software (like KDE) for over 12 years13:57
ikoniathen you shouldn't be getting those errors in your .profile13:57
marktaffThe errors weren't there before the failed upgrade13:57
ikonia12 years experience as root suggests that should have been sorted out13:58
mr0wlis there a PPA for Firefox-KDE for Firefox 18.02?13:58
ikoniaI'll not distract you further, best of luck13:58
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OerHeks mr0wl current Firefox is 18.0.2 no need for a PPA13:59
mr0wlOerHeks: Firefox-KDE is different from Firefox14:00
mr0wlthe one with the KDE file dialog integration14:00
mr0wli think it has to be updated with each Firefox update14:02
OerHeksKubuntu 12.04 dropped KDE Support For Firefox14:02
mr0wlyes, but it was reinstated by another company14:05
mr0wlthey also fund the kubuntu development14:05
mr0wlthe PPA i use to use is Blue-Shells https://launchpad.net/~blue-shell/+archive/firefox-kde14:06
Amarilishi. what ide do you use for web dev(htm/css/javascript)?14:33
ovidiu-florinAmarilis: Kate14:35
ubottuProgramming editors/suites: Terminal-based: vi/vim, emacs - KDE: Kate, KDevelop, Quanta+, Umbrello - GNOME: gvim, gedit, anjuta, pida, monodevelop, geany - Others: eclipse, netbeans, qtcreator14:36
Riddellhe, Umbrello, not really a full IDE :)14:37
phunyguyI cannot seem to get everything in Kubuntu to proxy....14:41
phunyguyMy work network is very restricted (not my call), but they have proxies set up14:41
Amarilis@ovidiu-florin: imi place kate dar trebuie sa invete sa inchida tagurile14:42
Amarilis@ovidiu-florin: ceea ce bluefish face standard14:42
phunyguywhy are we not speaking english? :(14:43
BluesKaj!ro | Amarilis14:44
ubottuAmarilis: Daca doriti ajutor sau doriti sa discutati despre Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu, intrati pe #ubuntu-ro14:44
Amarilis@phunyguy: i said that i like kate but it does lack some of the functions that bluefish has14:45
BluesKajAmarilis, @ isn't necessary on irc , the nick will work14:46
BluesKajAmarilis, this is kubuntu not ubuntu , if you have any kubuntu related questions , feel free to ask14:48
Amarilisblueskaj: i know. it's just a habit i guess14:49
Amarilisi know14:49
a2rHey guys, i have a problem with konsole, it does not open. Wether i launch it from the kickoff or from a launcher or from krunner(that alt+f2 thing) i just get the hopping icon and then nothing appears, tried to read some logs but i'm new to KDE, does anyone now a reason, or how i could narrow the problem down?14:50
maheshCan anyone tell me, how do I change he appearance of Kubuntu 12.04 LTS to MAC?14:50
BluesKaja2r, are you typing konsole or terminal ?14:53
BluesKajmahesh, that's not really a kubuntu support question is it ?14:54
a2r@BluesKaj, tried both14:54
a2rBluesKaj: when i typ terminal it also suggests konsole so i think it doesn't matter14:55
BluesKaja2r, is this after an update /upgrade ?14:56
a2rBluesKaj: didn't quit remember, i installed kubuntu 12.10 with kde4.10 just yesterday on a new partition to test if i can switch from 12.04. I know after all was upgraded the konsole worked.14:59
BluesKaja2r, update/upgrade again15:00
BluesKajwith the package manager15:01
BluesKajand make sure the konsole is installed there15:01
a2ryep just looked through muon konsole ist installed, didn't want to remove it because it would also remove kubuntu-desktop so i did an apt-get install --reinstall konsole didn't help. and no updates available15:03
BluesKajat the the tty ?15:03
a2rBluesKaj: yep15:04
a2rBluesKaj: i'm not that familiar with muon, is there a way to downgrade a package? like in synaptic?15:05
BluesKaja2r, at the tty , try sudo dbus-launch terminal15:05
BluesKajand pastebin the out put if you can15:06
a2ris there a way to copypaste in tty?15:07
BluesKajoops :)15:07
a2ra tee'd it15:08
BluesKajanyway , a2r were any errors?15:08
a2rBluesKaj: okay that didn't work for error streams for terminal it says no file or directions (obvious) for konsole it says" Error: "/var/tmp/kdecache-arthur" is owned bei uid 1000 instead of uid 015:10
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BluesKajikonia, your expertise is needed here , a2r isn't able to launch the terinal ,no matter what he tries to do , appears to be crashing15:13
BluesKajerr terminal15:13
ikoniaBluesKaj: what's up15:14
BluesKajikonia, a2r isn't able to launch the terminal in the usual ways15:15
ikoniasounds interesting15:15
ikoniawhats happening, launching and crashing, not starting, etc ?15:15
a2rikonia: wehter i start from kickoff or from a launcher or from krunner i just get the hopping icon on the mouse and than nothing happens15:16
ikoniaa2r: what graphics card do you have ?15:16
a2rikonia: radeon hd565015:16
ikoniaa2r: this maybe an unusual request, but can you force your xorg to use the vesa driver15:17
ikoniathe only time I've seen similar things is the video interaction15:17
ikoniaand ati is a good candidate for that15:17
a2rtheres no other way than removing the driver isn't it? is it enough to do that via jockey? and do i have to reinstall some packages for that?15:18
ikoniadon't have to remove it15:18
ikoniajust force your xorg.conf conf to use vesa15:18
turgayno sound from my system15:18
ikoniaa2r: also is it just the terminal that's failing, or any other commands ?15:21
a2rikonia: just konsole, all other applications work fine, that a little weird, but shouldn't xorg.conf  be in /etc/X11/xorg.conf???15:22
BluesKajin the terminal type ' alsamixer ', make sure the Master, PCM,  Line & CD are all unmuted ,by using the "M" key'  then turn those controls up to the max.15:22
ikoniaa2r: correct15:23
a2rikonia: there is none 0o15:23
ikoniaa2r: that's odd, as I thought the ati drivers reated one15:23
BluesKajturgay, also run this , sudo modprobe snd-hda-intel15:23
ikoniaa2r: fancy an odd test?15:24
BluesKajturgay, if the module loads properly there will be no output from that command15:24
a2rikonia: i try a sudo aticonf --initial -f15:24
ikoniaa2r: ok - lets park that for a moment15:24
ikoniaa2r: can you install "xterm" from the software repo please.15:25
a2rikonia: done15:25
turgayBluesKaj:  thanks15:25
ikoniaa2r: can you launch it ?15:25
* BluesKaj facepalms ...why didn't I think of that :) ?15:25
a2rikonia: runs like a charm15:25
ikoniaa2r: ok, from xterm, try to launch konsole15:26
ikonialets get some debug15:26
a2rtheres an error how can i copy in xterm? ctrl+shift+c is not doing it15:27
ikoniaa2r: just hilight it, then middle mouse (both mouse buttons) into a pastebin15:27
BluesKaja2r, just ctrl +c , no shift needed15:28
a2rikonia: that runs all hightled commands again BluesKaj: that makes ^C (kill process)15:30
ikoniaa2r: no, only hilight the text, the in the pastebin window use the middle mouse button15:30
genii-aroundAlternately, after the text is highlighted, right-click and choose "Copy" from the popup menu15:32
mandoguitin xchat highlighted text is automatically copied to the clipboard15:32
a2rikonia: http://paste.kde.org/670328/15:32
a2rikonia, genii-around, mandoguit: thanks :D15:33
ikoniaa2r: ok, so dbus is not responding15:33
a2rikonia: does it help?15:36
ikoniaa2r: well, it shows why it's not working, but why dbus isn't responding...not really15:36
ikoniaa2r: if you do a "ps -ef | grep dbus" does it return anything ?15:36
genii-aroundI wonder if libqt4-dbus is installed15:36
ikonia(not really a big kde user)15:37
ikoniagenii-around: educate me, what is that ?15:37
a2rikonia: a lot http://paste.kde.org/670334/15:37
genii-aroundikonia: The main Qt interface to dbus15:38
ikoniaok, so other things are responding to dbus15:38
ikoniaor dbus is responding to them I should say15:38
ikoniaso what would stop it responding to konsole....15:38
ikoniagenii-around: I'm assuming if other QT apps are working with dbus, it is installed, is that logical ?15:39
a2rgenii-around: yep apt-cache policy says 4:4.8.3+dfsg-0ubuntu315:39
genii-aroundikonia: Yes, if xapian and NM are there then the issue is elsewhere15:40
genii-arounda2r: Is qdbus installed?15:42
ikoniathere is a dbus test script on the net, let me see if I can find it15:43
BluesKajgenii-around, i don't see Xapian listed in the output15:45
genii-aroundBluesKaj: Line 9 of his paste http://paste.kde.org/670334/15:46
BluesKajok genii-around , my apologies , these old eyes have difficulty sometimes15:48
* genii-around loans BluesKaj his bi-focals15:48
BluesKajno bifocals needed , just better concentration :)15:49
ikoniainteresting project for once15:50
genii-arounda2r: Did you just do an update/upgrade and not reboot yet?15:50
a2rgenii-around: nope15:51
ikoniareboot would be interesting15:51
a2rgenii-around: problem exists till yesterday evening hat a few reboots since then15:51
a2r-till +since15:52
genii-arounda2r: What PPA if any are you using?15:52
a2rgenii-around: the standard once from the kubuntu 12.10 install + the kubuntu-ppa/backports15:54
a2rkonsole is installed from the backports ppa15:54
* genii-around makes more coffee and contemplates15:56
ikoniaI wonder if that's the issue15:57
a2ris there a way to force an older version of konsole, i know synaptic can do that but i don't know how muon does it, and if it would help15:58
BluesKajyou can install synaptic a2r , I still use it16:00
ikoniaBluesKaj: really, you use it on kde ?16:01
genii-arounda2r: In apt get, you specify the version like:  sudo apt-get install package=versionnumber16:02
a2rgenii-around: thanks, just figured out how to do it in muon16:02
BluesKaja2r, why did you install konsole from the backports , it should be default with kubuntu16:02
a2rBluesKaj: i upgraded to KDE 4.1016:03
a2rokay i downgraded konsole to 4.9.4 problems still the same i try a reboot16:04
genii-arounda2r: What does some command like: kate -version show for KDE version? I get for instance KDE Development Platform: 4.10.00  here16:05
a2rthere i am again, problem is still the same16:15
BluesKaja2r, genii-around , suggested run , kate -version in xterm16:17
a2rQt: 4.8.316:18
a2rKDE: 4.10.0016:18
a2rKate: 3.10.016:18
genii-aroundOK, so 4.10.00 and Qt 4.8.316:18
MySystemhello have a problem with my wifes kubuntu, she cant shutdown via gui the only way is reboot and shutdown commands, short about what happens befor: we got new hd and i copied root via partition copy but the home partition i had to copy manualy (via rsync with a lot of options like --permission --users -groups ) since then reboot via gui doesnt work, i looked through some logs (kdm,dmsg,auth) without finding anytrhing can i run the functio16:20
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a2rwell i guess the problems not gonna be solved, i just stick with xterm, maybe in a futer update it will be fixed :P16:28
marktaffa2r, why not try renaming /var/temp/kdecache-arthur to something else (while KDE isn't running) to ensure it isn't the cache itself that is corrupted?16:30
a2rmarktaff: i try, wait16:31
a2rmarktaff: nope16:35
BluesKajMySystem, http://askubuntu.com/questions/30012/can-i-backup-my-entire-ubuntu-installation-to-iso-dvd16:35
marktaffa2r: bummer16:35
MySystemthanks blueskaj but hopefully i dont have do make all again because linux runs and home is there and so but for next time i try this way16:37
BluesKajMySystem, I think the iso to dvd install method is best , simpler at least16:39
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MySystemi thinks so hopefully this works also with nearly 200gb sys+home but thats not the point for now i hope16:42
MySystemi want be able to shut kde+linux down or reboot without having to type shutdown/reboot and kill the kdm with this, i just want to klick in the fine kde gui shutdown and confirm16:42
genii-arounda2r: Well, I'm out of immediate ideas right now16:42
MySystembut dont know where to search for the errror or errorlog16:43
marktaffa2r: I'm just a bit stumped by your paste--it looks like konsole never even started, let alone crashed16:46
BluesKaja2r, are you on 12.10 ?16:46
FlyingFoXafter doing some updates to ubuntu 12.04 I now am no longer able to log into my kde4 session. I can only start an xfce session. gnome does not work either. any ideas where I can look to fix this?16:47
FlyingFoXI tried restarting kdm and reinstalling kdm. Now KDM doesn't even give me an option to start kde. Only gnome and xfce are left.16:48
genii-aroundFlyingFoX: Does apt-cache policy kubuntu-desktop  show it as installed?16:50
marktaffFlyingFoX: I have been having the same issues, but I've been assured that my environment is messed up (not that I think that is actually the problem, though)16:50
FlyingFoXgenii-around: nope it doesn't. ty! gonna fix that now.16:51
marktaffupgrading to 12.10 fixed the issue with the bad install/configuration of openssh-server16:52
FlyingFoXand it works again :)16:52
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MySystemok got an idea but without sucess found "qdbus org.kde.ksmserver /KSMServer org.kde.KSMServerInterface.logout -1 -1 -1" and added --literal and if i send it with different int params at end link noconfirm also nothing happens and the only output is []16:58
genii-aroundFlyingFoX: I had the opposite issue lately with lightdm-kde-greeter where it de-installed xubuntu-desktop, ubuntu-desktop, lubuntu-desktop and left me only kubuntu ....16:59
a2rBluesKaj: yes on 12.10 with kde 4.1016:59
marktaff...and my system now works as well! :-)  That you *very* much genii-around and FlyingFoX17:00
FlyingFoXmarktaff: lol17:01
marktafffor some reason, kubuntu-desktop didn't get updated.  And the issue with the open ssh was me not accpeting the new config file during the initial install.  I'm a happy camper now. :-)17:02
BluesKajBBL, stuff to do17:02
MySystemsry marktaff my english is not the best you mean the gdbus line works as well and the second part (after smilie)of your sentence i dont get17:05
marktaffMySystem: I wasn't talking about your issue, I meant that Thank them for their help, but I mis-typed17:07
MySystemoh ok thx for explaination17:07
MySystemnobody an idea for this issue17:08
marktaffa2r: any different output if you run konsole as `konsole --nocrashhandler'17:08
marktaffMySystem: sorry, I wasn't even paying attention to your issue, I was trying to fix my own and help a2r.  Give me a few minutes to look at your issue17:09
MySystemwould be nice and of course i give you a few minutes17:10
marktaffa2r: my next step would be to try running konsole under gdb, but if you aren't familiar with C++ programming, that may be a bridge too far.  Other than that, I'm at a loss to know what to try next17:13
a2rmarktaff: well i know the basics of C++ :P but i don't know what gdb ist17:13
marktaffa2r: gdb is the gnu debugger17:15
marktaffMySystem: please try making a new kde user, then log into kde as that new user, then try to reboot or shutdown.  This will help us eliminate some possibilities17:16
MySystemnice idea will do17:18
genii-arounda2r: If you have gdb and konsole-dbg package installed, then you can:  gdb konsole        and it should give more informative output about the fail17:18
MySystemlogout also doesnt work17:21
marktaffso it still doesn't work, even with a new user?17:22
MySystemno cant perform test17:25
MySystemuser creation works but logout doesn't work and a new problem i cant change autologin main user so i cant switch user in kde17:26
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marktaffHmm, k, wait a min17:27
marktaffinstead of logging out, can you just start a new kde session as the new user (switch user)17:28
a2ri just ran konsole just normally through gdb http://paste.kde.org/670682/ don't think it helps :P and because i never used such tools  i think the search for a solution is now dead :P17:29
genii-arounda2r: OK.. you can type quit to get out of the gdb shell17:32
a2rgenii-around: :D was able to figure that out17:32
MySystemmarktaff nice idea worked and sucessfully rebooted17:33
marktaffMySystem: Excellent!17:33
BluesKaja2r, I have to say this is the first time I've seen this problem with the terminal/konsole, very unusual17:33
marktaffa2r: Yeah, nothing useful there17:33
MySystemi saw another thing the lightdm manager requires password but the dialog doesnt appear thats why i cant set autologin off17:33
MySystemand the shutdown confirm dialog alos doesnt appear and update manager also didnt get it managed to ask for password17:35
marktaffMySystem: That means the issue is with the kde settings for you and your wife's users17:35
a2rwell the weirdest thing is that this is the only app that doesn't launch, all other kde apps like dolphin dragon rekonq etc run perfectly, but its not that bad, i can use xterm for a while and maybe the thing patches itself away sometime, i think i will put kde4.10 on my 12.04 install maybe the problem is not present there17:35
marktaffMySystem: give me a minute to poke around17:36
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genii-arounda2r: OK, I guess then try just: gdb      then at it's prompt: set verbose on     then: file konsole         if it gets past that try: run17:40
genii-aroundyofel: a2r has a stumper, konsole won't run.17:41
a2rgenii-around: it loads a lot of files and then the same17:42
ikoniaa2r: is konsole working now ?17:42
yofeldrkonqi doesn't run when it crashes?17:43
a2rhttp://paste.kde.org/670718/ here is the output17:43
genii-aroundyofel: It doesn't seem to get to the actual loading state17:47
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yofelyeah, which is... weird17:47
marktaffI find it hard to believe the actual problem is in konsole itself17:50
yofela2r: does gdb do something more useful if you run 'export  KDE_DEBUG=1' before trying to run gdb?17:50
genii-arounda2r: What says result of: file /usr/bin/konsole17:52
a2ryofel: this is the same with that export before17:53
a2rgenii-around: with or without that export stuff?17:53
yofelgrrr, how does one prevent it from forking17:53
genii-aroundI am suddenly thinking it is maybe 32 bit konsole or something else odd17:53
marktaffgenii-around: good idea17:54
yofel32bit konsole should use 32 libs, but with KDE that might indeed do something weird17:54
yofelwait, that doesn't work17:55
yofelour lib packages don't support multiarch17:55
a2rgenii-around: this is /usr/bin/konsole http://paste.kde.org/670772/17:55
yofela2r: no, just run 'file /usr/bin/konsole' in xterm17:56
genii-aroundHm, my sha1 is different17:58
marktaffMySystem: Since we know it works with a new user, you could try renaming /home/[user]/.kde folder to /home/[user]/.kde.old     You will lose all of your KDE config settings (KDE in general, and also KDE Apps), so make sure you just rename it instead of deleting it, so you still have the copy.  The .kde folder will recreate itself17:58
marktaffMySystem: Note that .kde also contains some of your *user data* , so be sure not to delete it17:59
yofelgenii-around: the sha is correct, you need to have the exact same binary for it to match17:59
marktaffMySystem: If you can reboot after kde has created the new .kde folder, you can either manually reconfigure all your settings, or copy the rc files over one at a time.  It is a pain, but it will work ok18:00
genii-aroundyofel: So it seems good there. Which makes it even more puzzling to me.18:01
yofelI'm trying to remember how kde starts it, "konsole" is really a window with the konsole kpart embedded18:02
MySystemok marktaff thats a bit of work but you are right it could work i will try it if i have a bit of time with the pc thanks for all the good ideas if i see you next days i will report have a nice day18:06
marktaffMySystem: Best of luck to you18:06
marktaffMySystem: I finally found it!18:07
yofela2r: I know you already reinstalled konsole a few times, but maybe check for any inconsistent package by installing debsums and running 'debsums -s'18:08
marktaffMySystem: /home/[user]/.kde/share/config/ksmserverrc   trying renaming that file to something else, then rebooting/shutting down any way possible, the login in a try the shutdown command.  That file controls the KDE Session Manager Server18:09
a2ryofel: it's running18:11
marktaffI think it is high time I started using a larger font on my laptop. :-)18:11
MySystemwao if this works my you decreased my work from over 1000files to 118:11
marktaffyep, fingers crossed18:11
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a2ryofel: http://paste.kde.org/670814/   ("keine berechtigung" is german for no authorization)18:16
MySystemyou are my hero and thefrom my wife18:18
MySystemlots of thx also from my wife18:18
marktaffMySystem: Woohoo!18:19
MySystem*cheers*to marktaff18:19
MySystembut kde didnt find it nice that i first renamed and then reboot (lots of errors)18:20
marktaffMySystem: working on the ksmserver issue has brought back memories of GRUB NextBoot (http://kde-apps.org/content/show.php?content=12140) from before my days as a KDE developer. :-)18:20
marktaffMySystem: You are quite welcome, I'm glad I was able to help you solve your problem18:21
MySystemwtf the link about grub next boot is one thing i searched for18:25
yofela2r: if it's just that then that's fine :/18:25
marktaffI doubt it even works, I haven't maintained it in many years18:26
yofela2r: one thing worth to try would be yakuake. That's a drop-down terminal that uses konsole as it's core18:26
yofelI'm curious if that fails too18:26
a2ryofel: i install it18:26
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a2ryofel: what does kdebase-runtime ?? and what needs it?18:27
a2ryofel: installed yakuake, nothing appears when klicking it in kickoff or hitting f1218:29
yofela2r: kdebase-runtime is obsolete, it's replaced by kde-runtime. I guess the dependency didn't get updated18:30
yofelbut at least we know that it's the kpart itself that fails18:30
yofelback to wondering why it does that...18:30
marktaffDoes the console kpart work inside of Kate18:31
yofela2r: ^ does it work inside kate or dolphin?18:36
a2rhow do i use it from there?18:37
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.18:38
BluesKaja2r, right click inside dolphin or kate and choose acxtions , open a terminal here18:39
a2rnope, tried that yesterday evening too. same thing18:39
yofela2r: in dolphin: view->panels->terminal18:39
a2ryofel: no, a grey area appears where the terminal should be and then after a time dolphin crashes18:41
yofeldoes the crash handler open?18:41
* genii-around 's ears perk up18:42
BluesKajwell ,at least the crash is consistent , then if there's afix it will be global18:42
* monkeyjuice cleaned the coffee pot today18:42
a2rhttp://i.imgur.com/RD9ZYgV.png here is a screen18:42
a2ryofel: you mean that bugreport thing? no18:43
yofeldid you try to reset the konsole configuration?18:44
a2ryofel: no where's the file? I just removed /var/tmp/kdecache-arthur to see if it helps18:46
yofel.kde/share/config/konsolerc and .kde/share/apps/konsole/18:46
a2ryofel: IT OPENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!18:47
yofelyou don't by chance keep copies of those ^ ?18:48
a2rwell thats weird, i never changed configs of a profile, i just added transparency18:48
yofelI have transparency here in one theme, so that's not it18:48
a2rjust renamed them ;) i can upload or mail them if you want18:49
genii-aroundVery interesting.18:49
yofela2r: if it's not too many in the folder just pastebin them, otherwise send them to yofel@kubuntu.org18:53
a2ryofel: i send a mail made a tar.gz18:53
a2rthanks a lot for all the help, it took quit a while and the soution was.. quit easy :D nice community18:56
BluesKaja2r, that was an a rare problem18:59
genii-aroundyofel: I told you that one was a puzzler... ;)19:08
yofeltrue, I haven't yet tried the configs here. Nothing weird about them per se http://people.ubuntu.com/~yofel/konsole_broken_configs.tar.gz19:10
* BluesKaj wonders how a profile change could affect the termainal config19:13
genii-aroundHm, opacity 0.919:16
genii-aroundyofel: Maybe it's his pathname with the Description=Schwarz/Weiß (Transparent)    eg: /, ß, and the spaces and parentheses19:18
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yofelgenii-around: OH19:22
yofelI just noticed this: konsole.old/Schwarz/Weiß (Transparent).colorscheme. Maybe konsole choked on that accidentally created subfolder?19:23
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genii-aroundyofel: That's what I was thinking, it couldn't parse and got stuck19:23
yofelwell, at least it *does* hang here too with that config19:23
* yofel files bug19:23
yofelin my case though, it uses 100% CPU and I get bazillions of19:25
yofelkonsole(16717) Konsole::ColorSchemeManager::loadColorScheme: color scheme with name "Weiß (Transparent)" has already been found, ignoring.19:25
genii-aroundVery odd.19:26
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miebster_atworkI installed kubuntu-dekstop on ubuntu 12.04, I can't find the keyboard shotcut manager, where would you normally change shortcuts?21:58
miebster_atworkI want to have a shortcut to move a window from one desktop to the other21:58
lordievadermiebster_atwork: Open the System Settings -> Shortcuts and Gestures -> Global Keyboard Shortcuts -> Kwin22:03
test__does anyone know how to make pulseaudio work with internal mic?22:12
DarthFrogtest__:  Install pavucontrol.22:12
test__already did it22:12
test__not helping22:13
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test__does anyone know how to configure pulseaudio?22:16
test__does anyone know how to configure pulseaudio?22:19
test__does anyone know how to configure pulseaudio?22:21
test__could someone help with pulseaudio?22:48
genii-aroundtest__: Have you tried asking in #pulseaudio yet?22:49
test__nope, i didnt know about it's existence22:49
test__and btw how do i write a reply, like you?22:49
genii-aroundI figure it's probably going to be more help than bouncing back and forth between here and #ubuntu ...22:50
genii-aroundYou type the first few letters of my name then hit TAB which completes the name of the person you want to address, then you type in what you wish to tell them....22:50
test__genii-around: i see22:51
test__genii-around: thanks22:51
genii-aroundtest__: :)22:51
test__genii-around: well no answer there either22:54
test__genii-around: do you know anything about pulse?22:54
genii-aroundtest__: Sorry, no22:55
genii-aroundtest__: My setup "just works"22:55
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