szczuranyone seen bioterror?01:11
Unit193szczur: Sadly, not for a while. :/01:17
szczurUnit193, :)01:22
szczuri'm here01:22
szczurwhat do you want? :P01:23
szczurkinddna out of #lubuntu craze for a while01:23
wxlok check this one out01:29
wxl12.10 font weirdness01:30
wxlhere's lxterminal with ubuntu mono: http://imgur.com/tdovfnb,bJbmfUN01:30
wxland here's the same terminal with source sans pro (an adobe open source font i not only like but have used in lubuntu before): http://imgur.com/tdovfnb,bJbmfUN01:31
wxloh wait, i see there both on that same link01:31
wxl"first image" is the bad one and "second image" is the good one01:31
wxlnote that the size of the terminal changes, too01:31
wxljust by changing the font01:31
GeorgeIoak2just did a clean install of lubuntu and am trying to set up iniit scripts but they aren't running at boot. how can i debug ?01:42
GeorgeIoak2if i /etc/init.d/scriptname.sh start and stop works01:43
GeorgeIoak2i also ran sudo chmod +x /etc/init.d/filename01:44
GeorgeIoak2and then sudo update-rc.d filename defaults01:44
GeorgeIoak2the symlinks were created in rc directories01:44
GeorgeIoak2any hints anyone?01:58
genii-aroundGeorgeIoak2: Perhaps look at the update-rc.d manpage02:09
genii-aroundGeorgeIoak2: What is the init script supposed to do? Perhaps it is running before some other thing it needs as a prerequisite is not running before02:12
GeorgeIoak2genii-around: Yes, I've looked and a similar procedure on a Debian system last year worked02:12
genii-aroundI'm not sure when upstart makes the call to run all the old sysv stuff02:13
GeorgeIoak2genii-around: it basically starts chromium-browser with --kiosk switch02:13
GeorgeIoak2i noticed some references to upstart and haven't used it. was wondering if i needed to but this seemed rather straight forward02:14
genii-aroundWouldn't you need a desktop up and running beforehand?02:14
GeorgeIoak2yes, it's at rc2, i'll post the script in a second02:15
GeorgeIoak2hmm, i just noticed that Required Start and Stop are blank. On the debian system i was running a custom video player that wrote directly to the FB so it could launch right away02:17
GeorgeIoak2maybe i need to add $remote_fs t required start/stop02:20
GeorgeIoak2would i need another level or something else in there?02:21
genii-aroundI'm thinking that maybe you need instead an init.d that just starts X with user onq , then in onq's home directory your .xsession or so on starts the browser02:22
GeorgeIoak2it's going to be made into a kiosk so i'm looking for just a fast boot and straight into some local HTML pages02:23
genii-aroundOr instead of an init.d script an rc.local one, which runs after all the init/upstart is done02:24
GeorgeIoak2oh crap, i made that change and rebooted and now the system is hung and i don't think ssh is running02:25
GeorgeIoak2isn't it ctrl-alt-f12 to kill X?02:26
genii-aroundI think ctrl-alt-esc02:27
GeorgeIoak2no dice, big time crap...02:28
genii-aroundIt used to be ctrl-alt-backspace but i think they did that !dontzap thing02:30
GeorgeIoak2i haven't found the magic key and it doesn't look like i can ssh in. any other ideas?02:31
genii-aroundTry right-hand ALT+PRINT SCREEN+ K02:33
GeorgeIoak2just booted off of a thumb drive, hopefully i can just rename the script file and reboot. if not i'll try that key combo02:34
genii-aroundI have to go, but hopefully someone may take up your issue.02:35
GeorgeIoak2ok, somehow something happened and now i can't boot. looks like it gets to the desktop but then only shows a static cursor in the upper left corner02:40
GeorgeIoak2can't seem to get to a console or kill X, if that's what's hanging02:40
GeorgeIoak2looks like it's X related because i can plug in a tumb drive and see the drive light blinking02:41
GeorgeIoak2what file do i need to edit to stop X from running on boot up so I can debug this? I can boot from the thumb drive and make the edit02:46
GeorgeIoak2is it in rc.local?02:47
GeorgeIoak2anyone got an idea on what I can do to get this system back? i think it might be because i used plymouth-manager to change the theme?03:02
GeorgeIoak2what do i change to boot into console so i can debug this system?03:15
JianHi guys quick (maybe) question about a bug i'm having04:27
wxlJian: fire away04:28
phillwGeorgeIoak2: on boot from grub, you have the option to enter terminal mode (emergency / etc.) it is in amongst the do you want to do a RAM check. I suggest that you use that option.04:29
Jianevery time i leave my computer alone and the screen turns off (when i move the mouse to bring it back i have to type in my password) when i return i am greeted by seemingly endless windows asking me to put in my wifi password that it should already know04:29
Jianand i'm asked to put it in every time my wifi disconnects (doesnt seem like much of an issue to me but might be related)04:29
wxlwhich lubnutu?04:29
Jianpretty sure its the newest one whats the quickest way to check?04:30
wxllsb_release -a04:30
Jianok i actually just had to reboot it cause of all the windows so hold on a few seconds04:31
wxlyou should make sure that the connection is available to all users Jian04:31
wxlthat's in the "edit connections" dialog04:31
phillw!grub2 | GeorgeIoak204:31
ubottuGeorgeIoak2: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)04:31
JianYes it is available to all users and my version is 12.10 quantal04:32
JianI also noticed that my settings in skype change when I reboot, maybe related?04:33
wxlhere's a random thought-- what are the permissions and owner/group on your home folder? you can "ls -al /home | grep <your username here>" to figure it out04:34
Jiandrwxr-xr-x 26 whatever that means lol04:35
wxlkeep on going04:35
Jianrest of it is "josh josh 4096 feb 13 00:31 josh"04:35
wxlok so04:35
wxlmy perms are slightly different04:36
wxlmore restrictive04:36
Jianso wouldn't that rule out permissions?04:37
wxlwell makes me wonder04:37
wxli would expect them to be pretty restrictive04:37
wxlit's good that you own your own folder :)04:37
Jianyeah idk i didnt modify anything that i know of :P04:38
wxland they're not LESS restrictive which would certainly be bad04:38
wxli'm on 12.04.204:38
wxlphillw: you got a 12.10 around?04:38
wxlthere's this bug which may be related https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager-applet/+bug/95546304:39
ubottuUbuntu bug 955463 in network-manager-applet (Ubuntu) "network manager (nm-applet) does not remember network passwords" [Medium,Confirmed]04:39
Jianah that seems about right04:40
Jianany workarounds there?04:40
phillwwxl: yup, what do you need it for?04:40
wxlphillw: what are the perms on your home folder?04:40
wxlok well nevermind htat04:41
phillwwxl drwxr-xr-x 44 phillw phillw  4096 Feb 12 23:47 phillw04:42
wxli'm drwx------ for some reason :)04:42
phillwyup, i concur04:42
phillwthat could cause fun,... especially the last, extra x04:42
wxluh, yep04:42
Jianon an unrelated note whats the difference between XTerm and UXTerm04:43
Jianwhich one should i normally use?04:43
wxllxterminal XD04:43
phillwJian: they are versions on term and the bug has been risen to remove them from options to save confusion :)04:44
phillwIll go and remind the boss :D04:44
wxlso Jian if you look at (you'll need to sudo it) /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/<your SSID here> does everything look right?04:44
Jianwhat do you mean by 'look at' ?    "sudo /etc/..." is clearly not what im supposed to do :P04:45
wxlsudo cat or sudo more or sudo less or …04:46
Jianyes it looks fine the passkey is in there.04:46
Jianshould i hibernate my computer and see if it forgets it again?04:47
wxlprobably not04:47
wxlwe haven't done anything04:47
wxli'd probably remove it and start over04:48
Jianyeah but i mean to see if it changes the info from that command04:48
Jianyou mean just like delete the connection?04:48
GeorgeIoak2i'm seeing some WARNING: gnome-keyring couldn't connect to: /run/user/onq/keyring.... no such file or directory when i start some apps from the command line04:50
wxlGeorgeIoak2: don't we all04:51
GeorgeIoak2wxl: you too04:51
Hyuristylehey, i just installed Skype on lubuntu 12.10 but the calls are mute and after i receive an incoming call it breaks. anyone know how to fix that?04:52
wxlGeorgeIoak2: ALL of us :)04:52
Hyuristyle(note: the call breaks, not the skype)04:52
Jianwxl removing the connection seems to have worked thanks04:53
GeorgeIoak2i was trying to run a script using init.d and it wasn't firing on startup. is update-rd not the way to do this anymore?04:54
wxlJian: cool. if that pops up again for some reason, you might want to file a bug04:54
Hyuristylei can use ScreenShare normally, but not listen to incoming calls =/04:55
wxlHyuristyle: sorry to be unhelpful but have you checked the skype wiki?04:55
Hyuristyleoh, sorry, i missed this!04:56
Hyuristylewill check now04:56
wxl!skype | Hyuristyle04:56
ubottuHyuristyle: To install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga04:56
wxlwell the first one should be useful :)04:56
Hyuristylehoho, a bot, good04:56
wxlyou can also try !ekiga to verify if you have a general voip issue or if your issue is with skype itself04:56
Hyuristylethanks =D04:56
wxl!ekiga | Hyuristyle04:56
ubottuHyuristyle: ekiga is an Internet telephony application included with Ubuntu, which supports the SIP and H323 protocols. Information and help at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Ekiga04:56
wxlhope it helps!04:57
Jianthe second link mentions recording skype audio but what if i wanted to record video ;)04:57
* wxl shrugs :)04:57
Jiannah jk i have a program for that already ;)04:57
Hyuristyle"...in Ubuntu until 9.10, Karmic Koala, when it was replaced by Empathy..."04:58
Jianekiga is included you say?04:58
wxlthe bot is sort of ubuntu-neutral if you will :)04:58
Jianokay i dont have either of those things04:58
wxllike i'm sure it will say we have remina if i do this:04:59
ubottuVNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX04:59
wxloh surprise surprise it doesn't :)04:59
ubottuFreeNX is advanced remote desktop technology. For more information and install instructions, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeNX05:02
wxlyou can learn a lot from a bot05:03
Jianhahah indeed05:04
Hyuristylewxl: do you know if Ekiga hahe some kind of "test call" function05:09
hpuser4466Lubuntu 12.04 full install.  How do I reboot into grub console?05:09
wxlwell ekiga isn't a network like skype, Hyuristyle05:09
wxli don't have my headset otherwise i'd offer05:09
wxlmaybe tomorrow?05:09
hpuser4466How do i interrupt lubuntu boot to access grub cmd line?05:10
wxlhpuser4466: one sec i'm trying to remembe the key05:10
wxlthat's right05:11
hpuser4466uh huh.. thanks..updating bios05:11
Hyuristyleooo, good... so, pressing shift on GRUB goes to cmd line?05:13
wxlnope pressing shift on start goes to grub menu05:14
hpuser4466Cool. I successfully updated BIOS from grub menu with a little trickery.05:17
wxldo i read you right? you updated bios from grub? tell me more05:17
hpuser4466i used syslinux + Dell's biosdisk + grub05:18
hpuser4466setup a virtual floppy drive and installed the bios .exe file05:19
hpuser4466this is for dell. Don't know if it works on other pcs.05:19
wxlprolly not05:20
hpuser4466I had screen flicker.  Waiting to see if bios update fixed it.05:20
hpuser4466Good so far. No flicker.05:21
hpuser4466hmm and better framerate with GL05:21
Unit193I didn't even need syslinux, did it from the OS then rebooted. :D05:22
hpuser4466Unit193..ok..well if it works ;- )05:22
hpuser4466if i boot with kernel option "nomodeset" what happens?05:23
hpuser4466i don't notice any difference using nomodeset or not.05:25
hpuser4466bios update worked. Problem solved (it seems.)05:25
Jianwhats a good resource for lubuntu themes05:28
wxlJian: box look05:28
Jianwhat do i do if its not .obt but a folder instead?05:31
wxlJian: put it in ~/.themes05:32
hpuser4466Tested again. Kernel options nomodeset and acpi=force give way better framerate with my radeon chipset05:35
hpuser4466approx 3x better05:35
hpuser4466I can say that's a success :- )05:36
Jianwxl what does the tilde represent05:40
wxlJian: /home/josh = ~ for you05:42
Jianoh ok05:42
Jianall folders with a period as the first character of the filename are hidden aren't they?05:45
Jianso i have to use terminal to copy my themes into there or is there a way to show them05:45
wxlthere's a way05:46
wxlyou just have to look carefully :)05:47
wxlclick view in the pcmanfm menu05:47
Jianhahahaha oh i should probably look at these kinds of things :P05:47
Jianbye wxl nice meeting you thanks for the help05:52
wxlnp be well Jian05:52
CaptainHi guys !06:03
CaptainNeed some help about Lubuntu settings...06:03
CaptainI would like to change the color of the menu (popup, main menu) but I really don't see how to do this...06:04
CaptainAny idea ?06:04
CaptainI set up compiz as my windows manager and I have emerald installed...06:05
hpuser4466My LCD screen dims briefly every so often.  Not so bad after a bios update.  Any ideas?06:19
hpuser4466Screen dims for a split second then back normal again.06:20
hpuser4466Dell Inspiron D60006:21
hpuser4466Also screen resolution setting isn't staying persistant after a reboot with nomodeset in grub.06:33
aguraI am new to lubuntu having problems with prelude-manager.  When I shut the computer down it tells me that prelude-manager is disabled, and I should adjust config. However when in put in the command 'config' I get a suggestion of several different commands: fconfig, zconfig, vconfig and mconfig and none seems connocted to prelude-manager.  My overall goal is to get snort working and all my problems seem related to that.07:27
BuzzbyCan anyone help me get sound workin in Lubuntu, please?  Profiler says my sound is  ICH - SiS SI701211:03
BuzzbyIs anyone here?11:12
Buzzbybrb I wanna reboot.11:13
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redtape-renegadeHi there .. there is meeting tonight at 8pm to 9pm UTC on #ubuntu-meeting although the last *agenda* was set on July 12th 2012 https://dl.dropbox.com/u/55128914/Lubuntu%20docs/cyberdruifATgmail.com.png13:41
redtape-renegadeUnit 193, Is anyone going to be present for this ??13:43
redtape-renegadeThought I'd ask as you are a moderator on the channel.13:43
pPillowBonjour tut le monde15:09
pPillowY a-t-il quelqu'un ici parlant français et pouvant m'aider car je ne peux dépasser la version 12.04de Lubuntu (ni en mise à niveauni en installation CD)15:09
pPillowà chaque fois je termine par un écran noir au démarrage,la touche maj m'affihe le grub mais je ne peux aller plus loin ((sauf chosir une version plus ancienne)15:11
pPillowPersonne ? dommage et merci.15:13
hateball!fr | pPillow15:16
ubottupPillow: Nous sommes désolés, mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.15:16
pPillowMerci Bye15:35
JosssseHello guys. Is there a way I can gvfs-open article.pdf such that it doesn't come back to the front? I looked unsuccesfully for options in the gvfs-open manpage.16:40
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michel__what does chmod do?17:07
genii-aroundmicahg_: chmod is the command which lets you alter the read/write/execute permissions of a file or directory17:20
* genii-around sips more coffee and makes a note to always doublecheck the tab-complete17:22
GeorgeIoak2i've written my own udev rule for when a usb drive get's plugged in but lubuntu is still mounting the drive even though all the options in pcmanfm->preferences->volume management are not checked18:05
GeorgeIoak2i don't see any other udev rules so where else could it be that is mounting the usb drive?18:05
GeorgeIoak2anyone know what's being called when the system is auto mounting usb drives?18:35
bennypr0fanehello, I was trying to activate an Nvidia graphics driver from Jockey, but I get an error saying: "/etc/X11/xorg.conf is invalid" See my xorg.conf here: http://pastie.org/6155231 I can't tell what the problem is, looks ok to me18:35
bennypr0faneGeorgeIoak2 maybe mount?18:36
bennypr0faneit'd have to be a service, right?18:36
GeorgeIoak2 but i'm trying to find what is causing the system to automount drives so i can run my own udev rule18:37
bennypr0fanefstab is where stuff is mounted permanently18:38
GeorgeIoak2it's jst that in pcmanfm there's settings to tell it not to mount drives but now that i write this i guess that's not for the system18:39
bennypr0faneyou done some googling? fstab, mount, media, are the keywords come to my mind18:39
bennypr0faneso you want them to NOT automount?18:40
GeorgeIoak2correct, i don't want the usb drive to auto mount so my udev runs which mounts it, copies some files and then amounts the drive18:40
bennypr0fanetry take a look https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions18:41
bennypr0fane(dude why are those httpS ?)18:42
GeorgeIoak2bennypr0fane: thanks, i'll look at fstab18:42
bennypr0fanewould you wnat that udev rule to be permament? i.e. persistent across reboots?18:43
bennypr0faneI don't suppose you speak/read German? http://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/udev18:44
GeorgeIoak2any chance anyone knows how to get the midori browser to run in fullscreen? my script launches it with "midori -e Fullscreen &" but it seems like that switch is a toggle so 1 time it's FS, the next time it's window18:44
GeorgeIoak2bennypr0fane: yes, permanent, i placed my UDEV rule in /etc/udev/rules.d18:45
GeorgeIoak2but it needs to always automatically go FS, it's for a kiosk18:45
bennypr0fanethis looks interesting too: http://askubuntu.com/questions/1644/mounting-a-usb-disk-in-a-permanent-location18:46
GeorgeIoak2i tried chromium-browser with --kiosk but it had some odd errors that i saw others had so i switched to midori18:46
bennypr0fanewhat's a kiosk?18:47
GeorgeIoak2a system in a store for customers to watch demos18:47
bennypr0faneI don't use Midori anymore, used to keep crashing for no reason18:48
bennypr0fanetried anything else, or you definitely settled on midori?18:49
GeorgeIoak2no, don't really care, as long as it can play html5 videos and always go fs and somewhat lock the user out18:50
bennypr0faneSRware Iron is a de-googlified version of Chromium - nice and light, but might have the same bugs18:50
bennypr0faneI believe Opera should a great choice for that, as long as you make sure your desired website likes it18:50
GeorgeIoak2haven't tried opera on lubuntu but was going to be my 3rd choice18:51
bennypr0faneit's more stable than Midori and html5 support is definitely given, can't say anything about its *quality* though18:52
bennypr0faneFullscreen launch should be a breeze18:52
GeorgeIoak2that's what i thought but nothing but troubles on such assummed to be simple stuff18:53
bennypr0faneand they have been pointing to the fact of focussing on html5 support in past releases, like advertising pure-html5 games that run smoothly in Opera and such18:53
bennypr0faneyou're right18:54
bennypr0faneyou can tell I'm kindof a fan of Opera, but it doesn't play nice with some sites, and it sorta stronlgy dislikes flash video18:55
GeorgeIoak2seems stupid but if i just go into the menus of midori and turn menus and stuff off, go full screen, then close it the next time it opens like that. if you give the "-e Fullscreen" it definitely toggles FS mode and doesn't accept a 0/1 option18:56
GeorgeIoak2yeah, opera on my phone seemed nice18:56
bennypr0faneI believe that would be Java then18:57
GeorgeIoak2how about a way to turn off the mouse pointer? the system has a touch screen so I don't want a pointer on the screen19:07
bennypr0fanethere's an IRC channel on opera.net #opera19:09
BurnsworthyHi #lubuntu, I'm having some installation problems with 12.04 on an older machine. Is there anyone around who wouldn't mind lending a hand?19:09
bennypr0fanethey should be able to tell you more19:10
bennypr0faneBurnsworthy be more specific, then you'll see ;-)19:10
krilkovHelp? I lost my task bar thing in lubuntu, how can I get it back?19:10
GeorgeIoak2yeah, i'm on midori now and asked the question there. seems like the config file for midori tackles things a little differently so that might work19:11
susr_sorry. Lost my task bar at the bottom of Lubuntu. Was there a reply to that answer?19:12
BurnsworthyOk, to specify - I'm installing the iso onto a flash drive with linuxlive, and attempting to boot from it. However, when I do this, immediately after the various BIOS screens, at the point where the installation menu should be appearing, I'm instead getting a 'line' of moving underscores travelling across the bottom of my screen, occassionally interspered with fast moving 'smiley faces' travelling up the way. (At least, that's w19:14
Burnsworthythese continues indefinately.19:14
Burnsworthy*these continue indefinately, as far as I can tell.19:14
BurnsworthyI've installed ubuntu 10.04 on my netbook before with no problems, and I'm following the same process for this install.19:15
bennypr0fanekrilkov are you susr_ or you just happen to have the exact same question?19:17
bennypr0faneI believ LXpanel is the name of what you're looking for19:18
bennypr0faneBurnsworthy that sounds really weird19:19
BurnsworthyJust what I didn't want to hear... Haha.19:19
bennypr0fanemaybe you used a diffrerent version of Linuxlive to mount the image last time19:19
GeorgeIoak2freenode hung up on me19:20
bennypr0fanewow, never happened to me before19:20
wxlsusr_: did you get an answer?19:20
BurnsworthyAll that updated this time I used it was the compatability list, and that didn't contain any of the distro's I've been trying to install.19:21
bennypr0fanethat's in Windows, right? You on Windows right now?19:22
GeorgeIoak2no, this is on a mac (my irc)19:23
GeorgeIoak2just using web chat.freenode.net19:23
bennypr0faneNo, I was asking Burnsworthy: (1. are you on windows and 2.) did you use the newest version of LiLi, or the same one as before with Ubuntu 10.04?19:24
GeorgeIoak2looking at this page, https://github.com/MobilityLab/TransitScreen/wiki/Raspberry-Pi (not running a RPi but it's interesting for what I want to do19:24
bennypr0fane...except the RPi takes roughly half a year to ship19:25
BurnsworthyI'm currently on the pc I'm trying to update to ubuntu, running XP. The pc I'm using for LiLi is Vista. I also have a netbook running Ubuntu 10.04 however, should I try making a boot drive from there?19:25
BurnsworthyAnd yes, I believe so. I'll check, one moment.19:25
BurnsworthyLiLi updated to 2.8 when I opened it today. The last time I used it was the latest release at that time, which was a few months ago.19:27
bennypr0faneI trust Linux more for this kind of task (like creating a boot medium), it just seems to screw up less. LiLi is only for Win I believe. In Ubuntu, you could use Unetbootin19:27
BurnsworthyYeah, I'm fairly sure I've got that on there. I'll give it a go.19:28
bennypr0faneBurnsworthy my checklist would be: 1.) is the downloaded iso ok? (md5sum it or such) 2.) after creating the boot medium, check its integrity - all Ubuntu installers should have an option for that on the first screen 3.) you never get to that screen, make sure you booted from that flash drive and not sth else19:30
BurnsworthyLiLi tells me it's ok when I attempt to load it for creating a boot drive. 2: N/A. 3. I'm definately booting from the flash - I've gone via BIOS boot order, and using wubi.exe on the drive itself.19:32
bennypr0fane4.) maybe the iso you used is hybrid and already contained a bootloader. then I don't know if LiLi or Unetbootin handle it correctly because they would add the bootloader to the drive by default19:32
BurnsworthyCould LiLi be giving a false positive then?19:32
bennypr0faneoops, wubi.exe could be not the best way to go19:33
Burnsworthy4. Possibly. It's the iso directly from the lubuntu site, if that makes any difference.19:34
BurnsworthyNo? What should I be doing instead? Not including changing the boot order, of course.19:35
bennypr0fanead 4.) if the Lubuntu installation instruction tell you to use a program like LiLi or Unetbootin for mounting the iso, then it's not bootable (not hybrid) and you should be fine.19:36
bennypr0faneiirc, wubi.exe is for installing Ubuntu straight out of windows, right? without the need to create a separate installation medium/boot from it19:37
bennypr0fanebut last/first time I tried using it is loooong ago19:37
bennypr0faneit failed and I was discouraged from using it19:38
BurnsworthyYeah, that's correct. I booted straight from bios last time, so I never had to deal with it.19:39
bennypr0faneso what, you tried to mount the wubi.exe to the flash drive and tried to boot that?19:39
bennypr0fanebcs I think it's not meant for that. Wouldn't surprise me if it gives you a funny result19:39
bennypr0faneBurnsworthy are you trying to install Lubuntu or Ubuntu?19:42
BurnsworthyNo, definately not. I used LiLi to extract the downloaded iso onto the drive, which included wubi.exe. I'm just reformatting the flash in preparation for using my netbook. I'm trying to install Lubuntu.19:43
BurnsworthyWhen I tried to install Ubuntu 12.10 previously, I got the same error. I assumed it was due to this pc only having 256mb of RAM. Evidently not...19:44
BurnsworthyHence the attempt to use Lubuntu, since it seems to have been built for that sort of thing.19:44
bennypr0fanewhere'd you download that iso? what's the filename?19:46
BurnsworthyStraight from the lubuntu section of the Ubuntu main site. The filename is lubuntu-12.10-desktop-i38619:49
bennypr0fanesomething's messed up here. 1.) wubi is not for Lubuntu and 2.) that file is not wubi19:51
bennypr0fanepost the link where you downloaded it?19:51
BurnsworthyWill do. one second.19:52
Burnsworthythat link's straight from lubuntu.net19:53
BurnsworthyCould it be LiLi thats adding in wubi in some way?19:54
bennypr0faneWhat makes you think Wubi is anywhere in the process?19:55
bennypr0faneyou downloaded from this site? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/GetLubuntu19:55
bennypr0faneIf you did (and also if you didn't), read from top to bottom. it also includes the information that 256 ram is probably too little and you should download the alternate installer instead of the desktop one19:58
BurnsworthyBecause it appears on the boot usb. Not from that, from lubuntu.net, which has the link I posted on the front page. However, I assumed that that meant simply that I should boot from BIOS. I'll look into that though.#19:59
BurnsworthyHm. Yeah, I see now. That was a daft mistake...20:02
BurnsworthyThanks for all your help. I'll be back if I have any more problems.20:02
bennypr0fanegood luck20:02
BurnsworthyThanks again.20:03
bennypr0faneno problem20:03
redtape-renegadebennypr0fane:  Hi there .. there is meeting tonight at 8pm to 9pm UTC on #ubuntu-meeting although the last *agenda* was set on July 12th 2012 https://dl.dropbox.com/u/55128914/Lubuntu%20docs/cyberdruifATgmail.com.png20:05
redtape-renegadeIs anyone going to be present for this ??20:06
bennypr0faneredtape-renegade what kind of a meeting is that?20:06
redtape-renegadeI think it's just a Lubuntu -general update-meetiing20:07
bennypr0fanelooks like "Lubuntu-team"meeting20:07
bennypr0fanenot me...20:07
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redtape-renegadeoh Ok .. Thanx .. I'll be sure to let others know.20:08
BurnsworthyHm. Now I'm having trouble with the boot usb. Trying to access it gets me a lovely error...20:09
bennypr0fanebig one? paste to pastebin.com small one? post it here20:10
BurnsworthyHow big is big? It's a couple of lines.20:11
bennypr0fane2-3 is ok for in-chat. more should go pastebin20:12
bennypr0fanebtw here's a more detailed set of instructions: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStickQuick20:12
BurnsworthyJust to be sure: http://pastebin.com/AiWCifJD20:14
bennypr0faneI've had faulty boot drives resulting from directly overwriting a ready one, so now I always completley reformat the flash drive before mounting the iso20:14
bennypr0fanesorry I don't know what that means. at what point do you get the error? which application gives it?20:15
BurnsworthyYeah, I've been doing that as well. The only time I didn't was on the first try, where I had a lot of data on the drive already. I transferred it all to an external before the second go though.20:16
BurnsworthyWhenever I try to open the disk or do anything to it (inc format) when using ubuntu 10.04. It seems to be working fine on vista.20:16
BurnsworthyThen again, I need to use linux in order to install the iso...20:17
bennypr0faneso, what, the file manager gives you this error when you try to open the flash drive?20:18
bennypr0faneIt's not said that you *need* to use Linux for it. I only meant I've been finding it more reliable20:19
BurnsworthyYep. Nothing happens if I try to open from the home screen, anything else: that.20:19
bennypr0faneah, now I remmebered no5 on my personal checklist: try a different flash drive. maybe this one's just broken20:19
BurnsworthyThat's true enough. And we've established I've been using the wrong iso anyway, so I'll give it another go with LiLi.20:20
bennypr0fane(btw checklist not necessarily in that order)20:20
bennypr0faneLiLi, and the alternate iso, and another flash drive if you have one20:20
bennypr0faneor any combination of these alternatives :-D20:21
BurnsworthyMy other flashes are either broken, too small, or inaccessible due to distance right now...20:21
bennypr0fanetrial and error is tough on the nerves, but we have nothing better...20:21
bennypr0faneah, and another one for the list: are you sure your PC supports booting from USB?20:22
BurnsworthyYep. I'm kept going by the fact I haven't been forced back to dvds yet. They're either scratched or contain useless backup files that I shouldn't get rid of.20:23
BurnsworthyYes, as it appears as an option in the BIOS20:23
bennypr0fanewell then try LiLi, new iso, this flash drive20:23
bennypr0fanedon't forget to reformat20:23
BurnsworthyI mean, how scratched can a bunch of disks get - I haven't moved them for 6 years...20:24
bennypr0faneall else fails, you may just have to resort to a cd20:24
bennypr0fanemaybe they were broken from the start20:24
BurnsworthyI dread to think...20:24
BurnsworthyPossibly, aye20:24
bennypr0faneBurnsworthy your 10.04 is still working normally? Internet is up and everything? If so, consider this: http://www.liberiangeek.net/2012/04/upgrade-to-ubuntu-12-04-from-ubuntu-10-04-via-the-terminal/20:30
bennypr0faneofficial instructions https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PreciseUpgrades20:31
bennypr0fanehello, I was trying to activate an Nvidia graphics driver from Jockey, but I get an error saying: "/etc/X11/xorg.conf is invalid" See my xorg.conf here: http://pastie.org/6155231 I can't tell what the problem is, looks ok to me20:40
BurnsworthyYep, 10.04 is still working fine - I'm using it right now. I'd upgrade, but 10.04 works fine, and I'm fairly sure 12.04 will be incompatible until I upgrade the hardware. It's XP I'm looking to install lubuntu on however, otherwise I likely wouldn't be here, haha.20:41
bennypr0faneyour 10.04 is Ubuntu, and you want 12.04 to be Lubuntu, yes?20:47
BurnsworthyYep. 2 different pcs.20:47
bennypr0faneoh, your leaving the 10.04 alone, and 12.04 goes on the other machine20:49
bennypr0fanebtw even for Lubuntu 256mb seems very little to me20:51
bennypr0faneBodhi linux is pretty much the lightest distro I know with a full desktop environment (E17), but that takes a little getting used to. It's Ubuntu based though20:52
BurnsworthyYeah, it's certainly at the lower end. I've heard it will run alright however - I might have a look at Bohdi though, thanks for the tip.20:55
Ez0v3rR1d3i have a question any ideas20:55
Ez0v3rR1d3i need to get adobe after effects or an equivalent program on lubuntu20:57
BurnsworthyTrying to use the alternate iso with LiLi - it's not on the compatibility list, it's going to try and use the same install parameters as for 'Regular Linux'20:58
BurnsworthyDo you think that will be acceptable? I'll give it a go anyway, see what happens.20:59
Ez0v3rR1d3how can i get adobe after effects to work or what is a good choice21:00
BurnsworthyI haven't used adobe AE before, but looking at a summary of it, I'm concerned that if you're having to run lubuntu, then your hardware won't be cut out for adobe after effects. However I'm neither a lubuntu expert, nor an AE user, so apply salt as nescessary.21:05
bennypr0faneBurnsworthy LiLi should have an option to make it use an iso of your choice. Just point it to your iso and the correct location of your flash drive and you shuold be fine21:05
bennypr0faneEz0v3rR1d3 what is adobe AE for?21:05
BurnsworthyThat's what I did. The iso isn't in the compatibility list within LiLi, so it's mounting it as if it were standard linux.21:06
Ez0v3rR1d3i make movies and had ae for my video editing and stuff but when i switched with linux i lost everything and just now starting over21:06
bennypr0fanesounds alright21:06
Burnsworthy@bennypr0fane Oops, sorry. Thanks for the tip.21:08
BurnsworthyOh. Well, that was embarrassing. Let me just go and test my boot usb.21:08
bennypr0faneEz0v3rR1d3 don't really know about video editing. maybe you should find a more specialised channel21:08
bennypr0faneBurnsworthy what tip?21:08
Ez0v3rR1d3any idea on better channel #lubuntu not sure #ubuntu the same response21:09
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Kuroda_Shunwhats the best way to join windows shares to grep log files21:23
GeorgeIoak2can't find where the system has set to auto mount usb thumb drives, it isn't in fstab21:35
wxlGeorgeIoak2: yeah that's kind of funky unfortunately21:39
wxlGeorgeIoak2: try looking in ~/.gvfs or /media21:40
BurnsworthyGreat success. I burned the iso direct to a dvd with an external dvd drive. It's now merrily checking memory pre-install. Thanks for all your help21:45
wxlKuroda_Shun: you want to do what now?21:48
Kuroda_Shuni want to grep log files from several different servers throughout my day... but dont know how to get to the window shares21:52
Kuroda_Shuni just changed my work laptop to lubunti. I use to be able to rdesktop to a server and map a tsclient when i did,,, now it doesn't work.. what am I missing21:54
Unit193Kuroda_Shun: I recommend you use xfreerdp, works better than rdesktop.  Can also use remmina for a gui frontend to it.  I don't know what your problem may be, but's the output if you run rdesktop from the terminal?21:55
wxlyou could mount the shares on samba too but that may be more work than what you want to do22:00
Kuroda_Shuni have like 30 rdesktop scripts. i like working in a shell all day so I dont want a gui to poke through. I liked remmina but too much setup,,22:00
Unit193Ah, understandable.22:00
Kuroda_Shuni have my main log server mapped.. but i would like to be able to his a share without editing a file22:01
Kuroda_Shunand adding a name/ip22:01
wxli'm having trouble grokking what you're saying22:01
Kuroda_Shuni would prefer having my tsclient working again more than hitting shares,, I also work from a windows machine so i can wait to grep logs from these servers22:02
wxlwll i geuss that's an rdesktop question; wish i could be of more help22:03
Kuroda_Shunno worries.. im missing something simple im sure22:03
Kuroda_Shunjust a new setup... taking time to work out exactly what I want...22:03
jusrwhere can I find a good command line resource, one that would be useful for begginers?22:33
wxloh hm22:34
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal or type in it: man intro22:34
jusrin lubuntu, how can I put the command line terminal on the panel?22:36
wxljusr: right click on the part of the panel that has all the apps and click application launch bar. then under accessories, select lxterminal and click add and close and you're good22:37
jusrThank you!22:40
wxllet me know if you need further help22:40
wxlor more specific issues with bash22:41
jusrTrying to hold back on this untill the kids are gone so I can focus. Thanks again22:41
ubottuAudio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS2 (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs22:54
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/ubuntu-help/media.html  - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats22:55
bulletrulzhey guys i have a problem with plank23:10
wxlbulletrulz: considering this is not part of lubuntu have you thoguht of asking #plank ?23:11
bulletrulzwxl, yeah i have but they didnt awnser23:12
wxlbulletrulz: well i don't use it and it's a crap shoot as to whether or not anyone else here does. you may have better luck on #ubuntu. the general rule on irc though is to be patient and your answer will come.23:13
wxlbulletrulz: …especially if you ask the right people (like the channel that specifically deals with that thing)23:13
wxlbulletrulz: that being said you're welcome to ask23:14
InferisPower manager reccomendation for lxde?23:39

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