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snovakiHi! is there any docs about how to add high availability to a maas installation or how to backup/restore a maas instance? i don't want maas to be a single point of failure...08:14
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ingardhi guys. Is there a way I can easily change the sources.list file that is installed on nodes?11:47
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roaksoaxallenap: howdy! so arenyou guys gonna do the FPI work?14:35
roaksoaxrvba ^^14:35
roaksoax(all of it?)14:36
rvbaHi roaksoax, allenap is working on this, he will reply to you in just a sec ;)14:36
racedohey roaksoax morning14:37
roaksoaxrvba: cool thanks14:37
roaksoaxracedo: Hi Ramon14:37
racedoroaksoax: could it be that python-django-piston in precise doesn't get well with django 1.4 as someone has pointed out in maas-devel?14:38
racedoi think that's what's breaking my maas on precise14:38
allenaproaksoax: I'm going to do some of it, so that you & smoser can switch between the traditional and fp installers.14:39
roaksoaxallenap: ack! thanks14:40
roaksoaxracedo: uhmmm14:40
racedoroaksoax:  your latest changelog for the quantal version mentions _is_string depending on the django version which is what i'm hiting i think14:40
rvbaracedo: I came to the same conclusion, see my comment on https://bugs.launchpad.net/maas/+bug/112408514:41
ubot5Launchpad bug 1124085 in MAAS "HTTP Error in celery.log when maas-import-pxe-files is run" [Undecided,Invalid]14:41
roaksoaxrvba: could you please take a look at ^^14:41
racedooh thanks rvba14:42
roaksoaxracedo: he is probably best to help you with celery :-)14:43
racedook, so no django 1.4 for maas14:43
racedoroaksoax: gracias :)14:43
rvbaracedo: the problem is the version of piston in precise.  maas itself works with django 1.4.14:44
racedobut i cannot install the ubuntu2 version of piston14:44
racedoin precise14:44
racedowell, i can but it breaks something else14:45
racedorvba: ok, i got it, my django 1.4 comes from the ubuntu-cloud repository, all i need then is to get the django 1.3.1 from maas-maintainers14:48
racedorvba: thanks again14:48
rvbaracedo: np14:48
rvbaroaksoax: btw, I wanted to ask you, were are we at with the new images? (bug 1115178 and bug 1115175)14:57
ubot5bug 1115178 in MAAS "Raring ephemeral info not available on https://maas.ubuntu.com/images/" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/111517814:57
ubot5bug 1115175 in MAAS "The armhf highbank installer for raring is not available on http://ports.ubuntu.com" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/111517514:57
roaksoaxrvba: I'm waiting on those images too :)15:02
roaksoaxsmoser: any ETA on the raring images?15:03
rvbaroaksoax: okay :)15:03
smoserroaksoax, raring dailies are there now15:27
roaksoaxrvba: ^^15:28
roaksoaxsmoser: awesome thnaks!15:28
smoserroaksoax, by design, the released would not come until at least we claimed something as release (alpha or beta or release)15:28
roaksoaxsmoser: ack!15:28
rvbasmoser: thanks15:29
smoserroaksoax, i'm interested in seeing/knowing if the raring ephemerals actually boot successfully now with mellanox15:31
smoserthey should15:31
roaksoaxsmoser: are you going to SRU bug #1115710 ?15:31
ubot5bug 1115710 in module-init-tools (Ubuntu Quantal) "Mellanox mlx4_en network driver is not automatically loaded" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/111571015:31
roaksoaxsmoser: heh :)15:32
roaksoaxsmoser: so this would not only work for the the ephemeral images, but also for the actual initrd right?15:33
roaksoaxsmoser: i think this needs to be SRU'd15:33
smoserwell, the raring installer should have this fix15:33
smoserso raring should work all the way through.15:33
smosernow, the ephemeral image change, i think i've already shoved in to dailies for quantal and precise15:33
smoserbut the installer changes will have to be sru'd.15:34
smoser(2 ephemeral changes: 1.) patch-or-have module-init-tools with fix 2.) build NETBOOT initramfs15:34
rvbaroaksoax: I'm told raring won't have alpha releases… and the beta is scheduled March 28th.  Does this mean we will have to wait until that day to get a working MAAS package?15:34
smoserover time, the sru of module-init-tools will get into installer images so that should work for quantal and precise also15:35
smoserbut, yeah, we need to verify that that works15:35
smoserand then also really verify that it works on precise15:35
smoserand then sur15:35
roaksoaxsmoser: right but for precise, if we SRU now it should become available for 12.03.215:35
roaksoaxrvba: really? i though we were having alpha releases15:36
smoserroaksoax, i'm all for sru. lyou an fil out the sru template.15:36
smoserbut really, i want to see that the fix *ACTUALLY WORKS*15:36
smoserbefore doing so15:36
roaksoaxsmoser: yeah... which means that we need hardware to test it with :/15:36
smoserEntropyWorks, ^15:37
smoserEntropyWorks has such hardware....15:37
rvbaroaksoax: well, you tell me… Alpha 2 is tomorrow.  But https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RaringRingtail/ReleaseSchedule says "for opt-in flavors".15:37
roaksoaxrvba: i guess that would work for server then15:40
rvbaroaksoax: then this is great news, it means we will have the images tomorrow :)15:43
roaksoaxsmoser: could you confirm ^^15:43
smoserrvba, we can have "released" images of raring tomorrow if you want to do that.15:44
smoserthose are not official ubuntu deliverables15:45
smoser(and there are not actually *any* required deliverables prior to release any more... odd.. but true)15:45
smoserif you want that, we can do it. we just basically promote a daily build to "released" and slap a label on it.15:45
smoserso we can do that for "alpha-2" tomorrow.15:45
rvbasmoser: well, we need something to fix 1115178.  Either we have images or we fix the script so that it does not blow up when some images cannot be found.15:46
smoserbut i need someone to actually *test* stuff and verifiy it works.15:46
smoserrvba, well someone shouldn't have committed code that didnt work!15:46
rvbasmoser: I'm 100% with you on this one.15:47
smoserit is good to get those images out, though, and if we can get an enlistment test with a daily from even today, then we can mark it "released"15:48
smoseri'd like to hvae the ame kernel as the cloud-images alpha-2, but other than that, i have no real concern.15:49
rvbaroaksoax: what's the reasoning behind adding "raring" to the list of the downloaded images before the images actually exist again?15:49
smoser(same kernel version number).15:49
roaksoaxrvba: people needed to test raring15:49
roaksoaxrvba: please feel free to disable it by default15:49
rvbaOk, chicken and egg problem then :)15:49
roaksoaxrvba: then we will have to SRU it15:50
roaksoaxonce raring is released15:50
rvbaroaksoax: ok, I'll comment out the changes made in https://code.launchpad.net/~andreserl/maas/raring_support/+merge/14552315:53
roaksoaxrvba: hold on15:54
rvbaWith a reference to bug 1115178.15:54
ubot5bug 1115178 in MAAS "Raring ephemeral info not available on https://maas.ubuntu.com/images/" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/111517815:54
roaksoaxrvba: we still need raring15:54
roaksoaxrvba: people still wants to deploy raring15:54
roaksoaxrvba: so just remove raring from RELEASES in etc/maas/import_pxe_files15:54
rvbaroaksoax: ok15:55
roaksoaxrvba: the fact that we don't have an alpha's nor ISO's, doesn't mean that we are not releasing netboot images (which we are15:55
rvbaroaksoax: https://code.launchpad.net/~rvb/maas/bug-1115178/+merge/14821916:02
roaksoaxrvba: thanks :)16:02
unwelhi all, what do people commonly use as the region/cluster controller server? a virtual machine? another dedicated server?17:44
roaksoaxunwel: depends on what you want :)17:58
roaksoaxor your environment17:58
unwelroaksoax: i'm still not 100% clear on the region cluster server, is it just like pxe? can i turn it on and off when i feel like?18:01
roaksoaxunwel: the region is where the database resides, the webui, and the node that juju communicates too18:02
roaksoaxso nope :)18:02
unwelso i'll need a dedicated-ish high availability server for this?18:03
unweli just made that up18:04
roaksoaxunwel: yeah you could put the region on HA18:15
unwelroaksoax: what happens when if the region goes down? how hard is it to rebuild it in a worst case scenario?18:24
roaksoaxunwel: that's why you need HA18:25
racedoany reason why sudo dpkg-reconfigure [ -plow ] maas-dhcp doesn't do anything?18:32
unwelthanks roaksoax19:19
EntropyWorkswhere should I be looking to add Raring as a choice when adding a new node.  /usr/share/pyshared/maasserver/enum.py appears to have it defined there.  but thats not something I want to modify.23:21

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