yofeluh... I think Martin said it uses a lot less hacks to make it work and is supposed to be easier to maintain (I'm starting to doube the latter)00:03
penguin42yeh I wish it would settle out already00:05
SuperLagWhen you're running a pre-release version, is it safe to just update and continue using that once the stable packages come out? or is it recommend that you do a clean install from media?00:35
penguin42normally safe to keep up dating00:38
penguin42you'll sometimes get a few things that haven't quite sorted themselves out; maybe extra packages that wouldn't have been installed or very occasional cleanups that were only added in later00:38
SuperLagis that stuff that would be fixed by an autoremove?00:52
genii-aroundYour mileage may vary00:52
SuperLaggenii-around: annnnnnd.... what kind of mileage have you gotten with that kind of approach? Do you typically do a clean install on new releases?00:57
penguin42SuperLag: It's generally OK, but for example I remember a few releases back there was a package that was in by default in early releases, but just wasn't a required later on - I don't think it ever got autoremoved etc00:58
penguin42(it was also a real pain of a package - hence why it stopped being needed)00:58
penguin42but it's rare00:58
SuperLagOkay. Good to know.01:01
SuperLagI just haven't got situated in a way, yet, to where I've got all of my personalizations easy to redo on a new install.01:02
genii-aroundSuperLag: I have a testing partition where when a new release is in development, I copy my current working release and then continuously upgrade that. If I have a horrible fail I fall back to the working release.01:02
genii-aroundI did continuous upgrades from 6.06 to 12.04 this way01:02
SuperLaghow many "horrible fail" experiences did you have?01:03
genii-around7 or 801:03
penguin42nothing that couldn't be fixed by a couple of hours of screaming at it and hitting dpkg hard01:03
SuperLaggenii-around: ouch.01:04
SuperLagAre the rumors of a rolling release credible?01:07
genii-aroundKDE 3.5->4.0 was a terrible time for me...01:07
SuperLagor should I just put that idea out of my mind now? :)01:07
genii-aroundMaybe ask sabdfl when he does his next Q&A01:09
genii-aroundI don't think anyone knows for sure right now.01:09
SuperLaggenii-around: do you like the idea?01:14
genii-aroundSuperLag: Not particularly. I think it makes it more difficult to troubleshoot when you are trying to assist users.01:16
genii-aroundIf they are only using some PPA for instance that just installed a new package, that's easier to track down as an issue because you know all the other stuff is stable versions from standard repositories, etc01:19
johnjohn101libreoffice 4.0 shipping with the next ubuntu?01:40
Pici!info libreoffice01:41
ubottulibreoffice (source: libreoffice): office productivity suite (metapackage). In component universe, is optional. Version 1:3.6.2~rc2-0ubuntu6 (raring), package size 29 kB, installed size 167 kB01:41
johnjohn101is it too late to get it in?01:41
* penguin42 would also like to know if that's going to happen; it would be nice - but I can imagine possibly a lot of work/too late - don't know01:41
johnjohn101crazy, said plenty of unity integration on the comments01:42
penguin42https://launchpad.net/~libreoffice/+archive/libreoffice-prereleases   well looks like someone is working on it01:44
johnjohn101says there are deb package on the download site01:44
johnjohn101well says on this site that it will be the default for 13.04 http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2013/02/libreoffice-hits-4-0-adds-unity-integration-persona-theming01:46
johnjohn101still a number of weeks till 13.04 is released. i'll look for it then01:47
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SuperLagIf you have to reinstall... do you guys have any advice on how to do a faster post-install configuration? (your favorite apps, custom configuration, ssh keys... etc.)04:37
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carli2where is that multitouch support i saw in this video? http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Vp8_jetKEu809:22
carli2I'm using the wetab and ubuntu does not react to my touch gestures09:22
carli2lol apport crashes when trying to report a crash in apport09:28
rmiHi. I'm havin a minor problem with Raring. On my Thinkpad X230, I cannot adjust the brightness using the keyboard-keys. The UI pops up, but I can't get the slider down. Surprisingly, I can change it in the system settings quite well. Any ideas for a fix?09:49
rmioh, okay, this seems to be exactly the same bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-settings-daemon/+bug/112195109:55
ubottuUbuntu bug 1121951 in gnome-settings-daemon (Ubuntu) "Lenovo X1 Carbon: Backlight brightness keys don't work any more" [Undecided,New]09:56
rmiBut no solution.09:56
carli2http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Vp8_jetKEu8 <- this does not work on my ringtail09:56
carli2is it fake?09:56
carli2or do i need an extra package?09:57
carli2btw https://plus.google.com/109111823024526116254/posts/AdfinBEPwPt10:12
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BluesKajHey all13:25
PrincessLunaHi  Intel Centrino 2230 Wifi, isn't working in Kubuntu 13.0413:25
ikoniaPrincessLuna: what have you dont to debug it ?13:44
PrincessLunaikonia: Nothing much, I only used the liveusb for a couple of minutes. I tried iwlist scan13:46
ikoniaok....so why are you using a development release and complaining it's not working without any debugging13:47
ikoniathe point of using it is to find problems, get info and get any genuine problems logged with valid ingo13:48
ikoniaoops, info13:48
PrincessLunaikonia: I have the intention of debugging it in the future. Its a new laptop I was testing. I don't have time for debugging it just right now. I am not complaining and I regularly test Kubuntu development releases for bug triage13:50
ikoniaok, so why are you saying it doesn't work13:50
ikoniadebug it, find if it's a genuine issue, report the problem13:50
PrincessLunaikonia: Because the system detects no wireless card13:51
ikoniaso ?13:51
ikoniayou've not debugged it13:51
PrincessLunaSo I was saying it doesn't work. In case someone on the channel experienced a similar issue or knew of a workaround, or has already debugged it, they could provide some insight. That is the only reason I asked13:52
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smallfoot-I do; gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.wm.preferences mouse-button-modifier '<Super>'18:40
smallfoot-then when I restart, it forgot that, and it still use Alt to move windows18:40
jbichasmallfoot-: what distro?18:51
smallfoot-13.04 raring ringtail19:05
smallfoot-with gnome-session-fallback as desktop19:05
smallfoot-jbicha, which uses compiz as wm19:05
jbichasmallfoot-: ok Ubuntu ships a gsettings override to use Alt by default since that's what Linux users are used to19:13
jbichaI think there is a compiz bug where gsettings changes aren't "sticking", I don't know if that's been fixed yet and I don't remember the bug # offhand19:14
smallfoot-jbicha, the problem with using Alt is that it collides with many applications and games which renders them unable to be used, example Blender, Tibia, etc19:15
smallfoot-why isnt qt5 in ubuntu?21:27
genii-aroundI would suspect probably because the Qt and *buntu release schedules don't mesh well21:28
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smallfoot-i suppose they could just package it and ship qt5 alongside qt421:29
smallfoot-just package it and put it in repo now21:29
IdleOnego ahead21:29
penguin42smallfoot-: You mean like https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/raring-changes/2013-February/006042.html?21:43
smallfoot-but whole qt5-* not just webkit21:44
penguin42yeh, I don't know where it's actually up to, but I guess it means it's getting somewhere21:44
penguin42also qtbase and qtdelcarative in that list21:45
penguin42and that was today, so it looks promising21:46
smallfoot-com.ubuntu.geoip geoip-url 'http://geoip.ubuntu.com/lookup'22:04
smallfoot-from gsetting22:04
smallfoot-please fetch that over https22:04
ironhalikmy synaptics palmdetection sucks22:20
penguin42smallfoot-: You'll need to put a bug into launchpad to get it changed; but I'd have to ask why; are you worried about the information going out or coming back?23:25
penguin42smallfoot-: The geoip information is available to anyone who had your IP address and your IP address is there even if ssl is used, so what advantage is there of using https?23:26
smallfoot-penguin42, idk23:27
smallfoot-penguin42, idk even what package to file against23:27
penguin42smallfoot-: Where did you find that line?23:27
smallfoot-in gsettings23:28
smallfoot-but gsettings just store configs23:28
penguin42geoclue-ubuntu-geoip  perhaps?23:28
penguin42smallfoot-: But I think if you file it people would ask the same question as I did; why use https?23:29
smallfoot-idk, i just think everything should go over https23:31
smallfoot-prevents someone from returning a false value, which would mess up my geo data23:31
smallfoot-if im from germany and they return turkey23:31
penguin42smallfoot-: true; although the geoip things are only hints, they're quite frequently completely wrong23:32
penguin42it's about 70miles out for me here, and at work it's normally the wrong country23:34
smallfoot-console.log(a[b]['c']); // ['c'] is better written in dot notation.23:38
smallfoot-how would I write that in dot notation?23:38
smallfoot-oops, ww23:40

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