coolbhavihey dpm14:15
smartboyhwHey coolbhavi14:15
coolbhavihey smartboyhw14:16
coolbhavinice session on #ubuntu-classroom :)14:16
smartboyhwcoolbhavi, L(14:17
dpmhey coolbhavi14:24
coolbhavidpm, I heard 100 scopes is default thing now14:26
coolbhavicwayne> coolbhavi: is this for inclusion in raring?  as the 100 scopes installed by default thing?14:26
coolbhaviso I just wanted a confirmation on lenses14:27
coolbhaviso that I can just review for quantal and give out a message to devs to target to 100 scopes14:29
coolbhavihey cwayne :-)15:02
cwayneheya coolbhavi15:02
coolbhavicwayne, good morning! Is the 100 scopes thing implemented by default in raring?15:03
* coolbhavi isnt on raring.. so wanted a confirmation15:04
cwaynecoolbhavi: from what i've heard on blogs and stuff, yep :)15:04
cwayneits not there yet15:04
smartboyhwcoolbhavi, how do you package a Unity lens? Got someone asking in askubuntu15:14
smartboyhwI mean, any links?15:14
coolbhavismartboyhw, cwayne is the best person to guide you15:47
smartboyhwcoolbhavi, OK15:47
cwayneheya smartboyhw15:48
smartboyhwcwayne, how to package a unity lens? Got someone asking in Ask Ubuntu15:48
cwaynesmartboyhw: for the ARB or just in general?15:49
smartboyhwcwayne, I think generally15:49
cwaynesmartboyhw: if you send me the link i can try and get an answer today15:49
smartboyhwcwayne, OK15:49
smartboyhwcwayne, http://askubuntu.com/questions/207378/how-do-i-package-a-unity-lens15:50
cwaynesmartboyhw: great, thanks15:50
coolbhavihey highvoltage16:27
PaoloRotoloHi all!19:20
ajmitchhi PaoloRotolo19:39
ajmitchhighvoltage: yeah, I always miss him too19:39

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