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trinikronowhen is the next bug day :D16:44
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TheLordOfTimewho set up the totem bugday?17:54
TheLordOfTimethey forgot some things, so they need to be lectured.17:54
penguin42was it om26.. ?17:56
TheLordOfTimeno clue18:32
TheLordOfTimewhomever set it up didn't link to upstream stuff18:39
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squ1dpppd[18215]: Protocol-Reject for unsupported protocol 0x824620:55
squ1dbug in pptp / pppd client using > Ubuntu 12.0420:55
squ1dworked great in 11.04 now hangs constantly when using vpn with more traffic20:55
penguin42best to report it20:57
squ1dits all over the internet but no REAL solutions20:58
penguin42get yourself an account on launchpad.net  and then use   ubuntu-bug pptp  (probably) to report it - although check if there is already an entry on bugs.launchpad.net for it20:59
squ1dok thanks20:59
squ1di've searched high and low.  nothing works20:59
penguin42squ1d: If it worked in one version then didn't now then it sounds like a bug21:00
squ1dbut my other computer can use the same vpn and stay connected for a week or longer21:00
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