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smartboyhwHmm the session isn't taking in13:00
JoseeAntonioRWe're having some tech problems over here, so please bare with us :)13:00
smartboyhwballoons2, tech problems here:P13:04
smartboyhwThe classbot isn't responding13:04
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=== JoseeAntonioR changed the topic of #ubuntu-classroom to: ChanServ has changed the topic to: Welcome to the Ubuntu Classroom - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Classroom || Support in #ubuntu || Upcoming Schedule: http://is.gd/8rtIi || Questions in #ubuntu-classroom-chat || Current Session: Your first ISO test - Instructors: smartboyhw
JoseeAntonioRLogs for this session will be available at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2013/02/13/%23ubuntu-classroom.html following the conclusion of the session.13:11
smartboyhwJoseeAntonioR, thanks!13:12
smartboyhwHello everyone!13:12
smartboyhwI'm Howard Chan, an active QA contributor mainly doing ISO testing.13:12
smartboyhwIf you have been paying attention to our previous sessions, you would have learnt:13:13
smartboyhwHow to sign up in Launchpad and mailing list13:13
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smartboyhwHow to use the wiki and IRC and toolset13:13
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smartboyhwHow to write manual testcases and report bugs13:13
smartboyhwHow to use zsync, VirtualBox, KVM and testdrive13:14
smartboyhwAnd finally, how to do laptop testing13:14
smartboyhwSo today we are doing ISO testing!13:14
smartboyhwWhy do we need to do ISO testing?13:15
smartboyhwWhen a normal user goes and installs Ubuntu, there are many ways that he/she will install Ubuntu13:16
smartboyhwFor example, using a desktop image13:16
smartboyhwOr using Wubi13:17
smartboyhwEven maybe a netboot ISO13:17
smartboyhwIf a user meets a bug during installation, he will get unpleased or maybe even remove Ubuntu, which we absolutely don't want to13:17
smartboyhwmote asked: ISO testing are mainly to test the installation process?13:18
smartboyhwWell mote: You are correct!13:18
smartboyhwWe normally do ISO testing to make sure they are bug-free (at least critical-bug-free) and that they can install it13:19
smartboyhwThat's one of the main testing roles we do13:20
smartboyhwSo what do you need ?13:21
smartboyhw1. A Launchpad account. It shouldn't be difficult if you have been following balloons2's sessions13:21
JoseeAntonioRmote asked:  Are testing in WM, not insuffient, as many problems are due to hardware setup?13:22
smartboyhwmote, I can't really understand the question.....13:22
smartboyhwBut if mote is asking about VMs are not good enough13:22
smartboyhwThen yes!13:22
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smartboyhwFor example, if we want to test UEFI bootloaders it would be difficult to do so in a VM.13:23
smartboyhwSo this is our second requirement for doing ISO tests: A real machine (spare one, don't use your main one) or a VM13:23
smartboyhwYou can have multiple choices13:23
smartboyhwFor example Oracle VM VirtualBox, VMware Player, Testdrive or KVm13:24
JoseeAntonioRnearst asked: can we use this iso test for example when i backup my ubuntu with remastersys?13:25
smartboyhwnearst, the ISO test must go through an ISO (image) installation13:26
smartboyhwSo if the backup is just simply an backup then no13:26
* smartboyhw has never used remastersys before13:26
JoseeAntonioRplustwo asked: if using a VM for ISO testing, would the results be close enough to testing using physical h/w?13:27
smartboyhwplustwo: Nice one13:27
smartboyhwAnswer: Not quite13:27
smartboyhwAs I have said before, it can be completely different13:28
smartboyhwFor example, you can't really do wireless connection in  a VM13:28
smartboyhwBut when you can't connect to the network in a real machine using wireless, that is a problem13:28
JoseeAntonioRGridCube asked: Which tests are critical on alpha, beta, and final release tests?13:29
smartboyhwGridCube, basically everything13:30
smartboyhwWe need to make sure all the tests can pass on release13:30
smartboyhwGridCube, for example13:30
smartboyhwKubuntu can't release their 13.04 Alpha 1 amd64+mac images13:31
smartboyhwSince the tests aren't met13:31
smartboyhwEspecially when final release all tests must be a passed one13:31
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smartboyhwIn Alpha releases we normally use Virtual machines13:32
smartboyhwIn beta and especially in final releases though we use real machines to do testing13:32
smartboyhwSo, any questions about the requirements?13:33
smartboyhwIf not let's move on.13:33
smartboyhwNow, if you have read the wiki page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Activities/Classroom/Section313:33
smartboyhw(which is included in the classroom blog post13:34
smartboyhwYou should have downloaded an ISO.13:34
smartboyhwI myself will test a Ubuntu 12.04.2 Desktop amd64 image today13:34
smartboyhwAlongside you guys:)13:35
JoseeAntonioRplustwo asked: can one select which part of the ISO testing to do and send the test results back to you guys?13:35
smartboyhwplustwo, certainly!13:35
smartboyhwThat is exactly what I want to talk about later13:35
smartboyhwThe ISO tracker13:35
smartboyhwBut for the first part of the question: You can freely choose whatever flavour you want13:36
smartboyhwFor example, Ubuntu 12.04.2 Alternate amd6413:36
smartboyhwOr Ubuntu Studio 12.04.2 DVD i38613:36
smartboyhwOr Kubuntu Desktop 13.04 Alpha 2 amd6413:36
JoseeAntonioRnearst asked: if im setup vmware with usb wireless connect to vm, is it pass for requirement?13:37
smartboyhwnearst: Hmm13:38
smartboyhwThe problem is that even though you have done that13:39
smartboyhwIt still doesn't really emulate the real hardware environment13:39
smartboyhwSure that is also OK. It is just that it isn't good enough13:39
smartboyhwEnough questions? We need to move on:P13:40
smartboyhwNow if you haven't downloaded an ISO please download one at cdimage.ubuntu.com13:40
balloons2it would help test the installer, and usb wireless may be used, but as smartboyhw said, if possible real hw is preferred. its very much a valid testpoint though and useful to have13:41
smartboyhwThat's the point of using real h/w13:41
smartboyhwOf course if you want to test the same ISO as mine13:41
smartboyhwDownload it from http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/precise/daily-live/current13:41
balloons2I actually think the usb wireless in a vm is kind of slick ;-)13:42
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smartboyhwYes 113:42
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smartboyhw* Yes !13:42
smartboyhwNow let's drop in into the ISO QA Tracker!!!!13:42
smartboyhwGo to iso.qa.ubuntu.com13:42
smartboyhwYou should see a "Log in" button on the left-hand side13:43
smartboyhwClick on it, enter your Launchpad e-mail address and password13:44
smartboyhwThen click "Log in again"13:44
smartboyhwYou should see a page about what credentials would you like to share13:44
smartboyhwJust click "Yes, sign me in"13:45
smartboyhwAfter login, you should see your launchpad nick on the top-right hand corner13:45
smartboyhwRaring Alpha 2 and Precise 12.04.2 is going to be released tomorrow (seriously) so we need to set these images as priority13:46
smartboyhwWe shall ignore Raring Alpha 2 since only Kubuntu is going to have it, other flavours don't13:46
smartboyhwSo let13:46
smartboyhwus click on "Precise 12.04.2"!13:46
smartboyhwIn this page you can see all the ISO images available for testing, the number of testcases done and also the number of bugs....13:47
smartboyhwSince I downloaded a Ubuntu Desktop image, I shall select "Ubuntu Desktop amd64"13:47
* balloons2 notes if you have a different iso downloaded you can still follow along without worry13:48
smartboyhwThen you shall see the testcases available for you to test:)13:48
smartboyhwIf you don't want to follow me no worries13:48
smartboyhwPlenty of ISOs for you to choose from (LOL)13:49
smartboyhwNow I'm going to do "Install (entire disk)" since I'm going to use VirtualBox13:49
smartboyhwTo start with:)13:50
smartboyhwClick on the testcase you want to help test13:50
smartboyhwAnd in the testcase page click on testcase13:51
smartboyhwYou might wonder why there is only a link to testcases.qa.ubuntu.com instead of a full testcase listed here for convenience13:51
smartboyhwTruth be told: It isn't available for Precise only13:52
smartboyhwIf you go click on the Raring testcases you shall see full beautifully-written testcases, written by the testcase admins team13:52
smartboyhwphillw should have taught you how to write one:)13:52
smartboyhwSo now: It is time to start installing the image!13:52
smartboyhwSo first of all I'm setting up my VirtualBox VM13:54
smartboyhwLaunch VirtualBox (If you haven't installed it, type "sudo apt-get install virtualbox virtualbox-dkms"13:54
smartboyhwSelect "New"13:55
smartboyhwClick "Next"13:55
smartboyhwType whatever the name you want (it doesn't matter)13:55
smartboyhwFor me I will be using this name:13:55
smartboyhw"Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS 20130211 64-bit"13:56
smartboyhwMake sure in "OS Type" the Operating System is "Linux" and the version is "Ubuntu" or "Ubuntu (64 bit)"13:57
smartboyhwSelect a suitable memory size13:57
smartboyhwYou don't want too much (unless you have a machine with 1TB ram:P)13:57
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smartboyhwClick "Next" (and sorry for missing it between the operating system and the memory part)13:58
smartboyhwTick "Start-up Disk" and choose "Create new hard disk"13:58
smartboyhwClick "Next" again and the "virtual disk creation wizard" shall appear13:59
smartboyhwFor this test I will choose "VDI (VirtualBox Disk Image)13:59
smartboyhwClick "Next"14:00
smartboyhwYou can either choose "dynamically allocated" or "fixed size".14:00
smartboyhwHowever if you are planning to have a big Virtual disk use "dynamically allocated"14:00
smartboyhwClick "Next"14:00
smartboyhwLeave the file location by default14:01
smartboyhwSelect the disk size. Make sure it is at least 6 GB.14:01
smartboyhwThe default (8 GB) should be good enough anyway14:01
smartboyhwClick "Next"14:02
smartboyhwMake sure nothing is wrong, then select "Create"14:02
smartboyhwSame screen again for the VM.14:02
smartboyhwClick "create" and you have successfully created a VirtualBox VM!14:03
smartboyhwClick "start" (don't worry about your ISO image not yet used, it is coming!)14:03
smartboyhwYou might have some messages popping out, so just click "OK" for these.14:03
smartboyhwYou shall see a "First run Wizard" if you hadn't chose an ISO image for the VM.14:04
smartboyhwClick "next"14:04
smartboyhwSelect the ISO you downloaded14:04
smartboyhwClick "Next" again14:04
smartboyhwClick "start"14:05
smartboyhwWe are now booting the image!!!!!14:05
smartboyhwNow listen: You might have problems using VirtualBox for this image because I delibrately selected one image that has a bug so you can see how to submit a failed result....14:08
smartboyhwYou should have a blank screen with a orange cursor14:09
smartboyhwYou might ask: Are you kidding me?14:09
smartboyhwFor those of you who are using other hardware, use these prodecures to test14:10
smartboyhwMake sure you see a screen that has two buttons: "Try Ubuntu" and "Install Ubuntu"14:10
smartboyhwClick on "Install Ubuntu"14:11
smartboyhwMake sure all three requirements (or two) listed on the page are with a green tick!14:11
smartboyhwYou can choose whether to tick "Download updates while installing" and/or "Install this third-party software'14:12
smartboyhwClick "Continue"14:12
smartboyhwFor "Installation type" click "Erase disk and Install Ubuntu"14:13
smartboyhwAgain click "continue"14:13
smartboyhwMake sure that the full drive space is allocated, the drive space is correct and such.14:14
smartboyhwClick on "Install now"!14:15
smartboyhwYou should then (if you have internet connection) put into a screen where your timezone is selected14:15
smartboyhwCheck that it is correct14:16
smartboyhwIf it is, click "Continue"14:16
smartboyhwIf it isn't, select the correct timezone and then continue14:17
smartboyhwAfter that you should land on a "Keyboard Layout" page.14:17
smartboyhwSelect the correct Keyboard Layout, test it by typing into the test area, then click "Continue"14:18
smartboyhwIn the screen "Who are you?" you should input your real name, your computer name, your username, your password (twice) and select whether you want to login automatically or needing a password to log in14:18
smartboyhwIf you need a password to log in, you can also choose to encrypt your home partition14:19
smartboyhwThen click "Continue"14:19
smartboyhwThe slides should be playing now and change automatically. Make sure you can navigate through slides via clicking on the arrows14:19
smartboyhwDon't forget: If you have any question, use the QUESTION: tag to ask it in #ubuntu-classroom-chat !14:20
smartboyhwThe installation will take a while, so relax for a bit14:21
smartboyhwIf you have any bugs while installing, report them!14:23
smartboyhwPress Ctrl+Alt+F1 to launch terminal14:24
smartboyhwthen type "apport-bug ubiquity" to report a bug against the installer14:24
smartboyhwif you have problems with the ISO image, type "ubuntu-bug syslinux"14:25
JoseeAntonioRGridCub asked: apport-bug its the same as ubuntu-bug?14:26
smartboyhwGridCube, YES14:26
smartboyhwapport-bug = ubuntu-bug14:26
smartboyhwI used apport-bug more, but that's just your personal preference14:27
smartboyhwIf you have problems with graphics, use ubuntu-bug xorg14:27
smartboyhwFor VirtualBox users who can't install: Follow me!14:27
JoseeAntonioRplustwo asked: if bugs are not reported like today and the release happens tomorrow, will the ISO tests results still be valid?14:30
smartboyhwplustwo, frankly: Yes.14:30
smartboyhwThere would be no way to save the release14:30
smartboyhwAlso guys: The results you handed in might be invalid after the images went through a respin14:31
smartboyhwVirtualBox users: At that page's "Results" box14:31
smartboyhwClick on "failed"14:31
smartboyhwIn critical bugs type 112207214:32
smartboyhwThen click "Submit result"14:32
smartboyhwHas anyone finished the test and it shows "Installation completed"?14:32
smartboyhwIf yes, click on "Restart now"14:33
smartboyhwRemove the disk (if you used a real one), close the tray (if your CD driver is a tray) and press "Enter"14:34
smartboyhwIt should auto reboot14:36
smartboyhwLogin and that's it!14:36
smartboyhwDon't hand in a pass result yet, instead, we need to do vertification14:36
smartboyhwFirst of all, open a terminal, and type "arch"14:36
smartboyhwIt should show the correct architecture of the ISO you installed.14:36
smartboyhwThen type "lsb_release -a"14:37
smartboyhwThe DIstributor ID should be Ubuntu14:37
smartboyhwDescription should be Ubuntu 12.04.214:37
smartboyhwRelease should be 12.0414:38
smartboyhwCodename should be precise14:38
smartboyhwThen try "sudo apt-get update" and make sure it doesn't throw any errors.14:38
smartboyhwThen you can really submit a pass result!14:38
smartboyhwIn the "results" block of the testcase page select "passed"14:38
smartboyhwHowever if you got any bugs that you found during installation but doesn't block it, type the bug number in the "bugs" section14:39
JoseeAntonioRGridCube asked: What if you finished a test, and it took a long time to complete, say you used a real hw which is slow, and you find a bug, but when you go to report it the iso was already rolled away for a different bug. can you still report the found bug against the new release?14:39
smartboyhwGridCube, hmm. We need to test it again. However if that bug isn't related to the bug you found, it probably still exists14:40
smartboyhwMake sure you test it again though.14:40
smartboyhwAny more questions?14:41
phillwGridCube: during daily testing, you get 24 hours to test an image, at milestone stages, e.g. beta 1. the re-spins are put on hold except for critical errors.14:42
phillwthis can be a little frustrating for tester, but the -release team do keep an etherpad going, so you can see what is planned to happen.14:42
phillwif in doubt, ask on #ubuntu-quality and we can let you know what is planned in terms of re-spins when we are that stage14:43
JoseeAntonioRplustwo asked: QUESTION: is there a timeframe or period of doing the test perhaps or they are done at any time?14:44
smartboyhwplustwo, for the dailies we don't have any limits14:44
smartboyhwHowever for the official releases we need to do it before release14:45
smartboyhwNormally an e-mail goes out inviting everyone to test14:45
smartboyhwand the deadline for test14:46
smartboyhwis the release day14:46
smartboyhwNormally a Thursday14:46
smartboyhwAnd more normally, before 16:00 UTC14:46
JoseeAntonioRGridCube asked: Is there a list of known bugs we should be on the watch off while testing an iso?14:46
smartboyhwGridCube, when you are in a testcase you should see a box called "Bugs"14:47
smartboyhwIn it there is a section called "Bugs to look for"14:47
smartboyhwIn there it contains the bugs you need to watch *out*14:47
smartboyhwSince the session was about to be an end, I need to do some advertisement14:49
smartboyhwTomorrow is 12.04.2 release day and Kubuntu 13.04 Alpha 2 release day (and strangely, Valentine's day)14:49
smartboyhwSo then, please help test the images!!!!14:50
smartboyhwBTW, if you are really specially loving one of the images and want to know when new images are available, go into that ISO's page and click "subscribe"14:50
smartboyhwAn e-mail notification will be sent to you each time the build renews14:50
JoseeAntonioRplustwo asked: on valentine's day? :)14:51
smartboyhwplustwo, yes :P14:51
smartboyhwTomorrow @ 14:00-15:00 UTC @ #ubuntu-quality balloons2 (Nicholas Skaggs) and I will be at our QA Team IRC channel to help you submit testcase results14:52
smartboyhwNo need to worry eh?14:53
smartboyhwand also Phill Whiteside (phillw) will be there too:)14:53
smartboyhwFriendly reminder:14:54
smartboyhwLubuntu will not have any LTS releases, so no 12.04.2 testing for them (blame phillw for that, they said they don't have enough HR while they actually has)14:54
smartboyhwAnd only Kubuntu will have a 13.04 Alpha 2 release14:54
smartboyhwPlease come today and tomorrow to get the images tested and released!14:56
smartboyhwWE NEED YOUR SUPPORT!14:56
smartboyhwballoons2, phillw any *last words* to say!?14:58
balloons2I think not. thanks for attending everyone, and for helping test and contribute to ubuntu14:59
smartboyhwThank you for listening and wish you happy time testing15:00
smartboyhwa happy Chinese New Year of the Snake15:00
smartboyhwa happy 12.04.2 release day15:00
smartboyhwand a romantic Valentine's day!!15:00
=== JoseeAntonioR changed the topic of #ubuntu-classroom to: Welcome to the Ubuntu Classroom - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Classroom || Support in #ubuntu || Upcoming Schedule: http://is.gd/8rtIi || Questions in #ubuntu-classroom-chat || No Sessions Currently in Progress
smartboyhwThx JoseeAntonioR :)15:03
smartboyhwThx phillw15:03
smartboyhwThx balloons215:03
smartboyhwThx GridCube15:03
smartboyhwThx nearst15:03
JoseeAntonioRno prob, I'm happy we got it sorted out before I got desperate and started running in circles15:03
smartboyhwThx plustwo15:03
smartboyhwJoseeAntonioR, ;(15:03
smartboyhwOops wrong15:03
smartboyhwJoseeAntonioR, ;)15:03
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saqman2060is the iso class session today?19:18
JoseeAntonioRsaqman2060: it's already over, logs here: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2013/02/13/%23ubuntu-classroom.html#t13:1119:22
saqman2060oh boy :(19:22
saqman2060thanks for the link. Was happing problems connecting JoseeAntonioR19:28
JoseeAntonioRsaqman2060: no worries19:28
saqman2060JoseeAntonioR, when is the next class session and what time if you don't mind me asking?19:29
JoseeAntonioRsaqman2060: http://is.gd/8rtIi has the schedule19:29
saqman2060to introduce myself. my name is istimsak abdulbasir and i have been an ubuntu iso tester since 11.04. Been very pleased of my experience using ubuntu and hope to contribute some of my own valuable efforts to the project.19:35
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MawahebHello everyone , i missed the iso testing session today :( is there is a log for it ?20:34
Mawahebanyone ?20:35
Mawahebballoons, i missed the iso testing session today :( is there is a log for it ?20:36
balloonsMawaheb, sorry20:39
balloonsyes, indeed there is20:39
balloonsactually I'll just send a reminder and update the classroom page20:39
ClassBotLogs for all classroom sessions that take place in #ubuntu-classroom can be found on http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/20:39
Mawahebokay ! thanks !20:40
IdleOneMawaheb: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2013/02/13/%23ubuntu-classroom.html#t13:1120:40
Mawahebthanks IdleOne20:41
balloonsMawaheb, here's the logs for everything included inline with the sessions: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Activities/Classroom20:44
MawahebThanks alot balloons !20:45
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