Pendulummarked as being away00:08
Pendulumbah, mousefail00:09
bkerensakomputes: myself and two other gentlemen are organizing it this year providing we get the legal issues dealt with00:09
komputesbkerensa: I have some proposals00:10
bkerensaballoons: yes... We had planned to do it last year but could not get someone at Canonical to sign off on some legal agreements with Google00:10
bkerensawere trying to avoid that this year00:10
bkerensakomputes: feel free to share them on the Ubuntu GSoC mailing list :) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GoogleSoC201300:11
bkerensakomputes: we still have to see if we get accepted and through all the legalese first00:11
komputesbkerensa: ok I added mu suggestions00:28
bkerensakomputes: thanks00:28
smartboyhwbkerensa, PING02:07
bkerensasmartboyhw: pong02:51
smartboyhwbkerensa, can you please fix Bug 1098080?02:52
ubot2Launchpad bug 1098080 in testdrive (Ubuntu) "Testdrive gets stuck on "configuring Virtual Machine" if Virtualbox 4.2 is installed" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/109808002:52
bkerensasmartboyhw: Its up to upstream to accept my patch02:52
bkerensaI cannot force them02:52
bkerensaand I dont think we would want to carry such a fix02:52
smartboyhwbkerensa, ah fine02:53
bkerensaso hopefully upstream will review the merge proposal soon and when they do I will sync down their update to Ubuntu02:53
bkerensaif they do it last minute I am relatively surely I can still get the changes sponsored for 13.0402:53
bkerensasmartboyhw: dont worry :) I am frustrated too when upstream drags their feet02:54
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dpmgood morning everyone07:13
dpmhi elfy07:14
elfyit's all a bit bleh at the moment ;) morning's in the summer are great ...07:15
dholbachgood morning07:56
dpmmorning dholbach08:04
elfyhi dholbach08:07
dholbachhey dpm, hey elfy08:09
dakerdholbach: https://plus.google.com/u/0/101694416703170881163/posts/YfYVTTX3QYz11:23
dholbachdaker, looks good - unfortunately not my kind of game :)11:54
JoseeAntonioRnigelb, cjohnston: classbot is not announcing sessions, any of you guys around?12:55
smartboyhwJoseeAntonioR, aren't you a member of the classroom team?:P12:56
smartboyhwYou should have bot access, given your big contribution:P12:57
JoseeAntonioRsmartboyhw: erm, not sure, maybe not in LP, but I am in real life :)12:57
JoseeAntonioRoh, that's different, that's being a classbot admin12:57
smartboyhwJoseeAntonioR, grrr:P12:57
smartboyhwJoseeAntonioR, you mean being a student? Then I am too:P12:57
dholbachczajkowski, is it generally all right to post a request like https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/221780?14:59
czajkowskishall get on that now14:59
czajkowskidholbach: cant rename the first one it has a ppa associated with it15:00
dholbachshall I remove the ppa?15:00
dholbachwould that help?15:00
dholbachczajkowski, ^15:01
czajkowskiI've done the 2nd one for you15:01
czajkowskiand added an alias to the old project name15:01
dholbachczajkowski, deleted15:01
dholbachczajkowski, can the team now be renamed too?15:04
czajkowskitrying to get that done now15:05
* dholbach hugs czajkowski15:05
czajkowskidholbach: done15:11
* dholbach hugs czajkowski15:11
dholbachconfirmed, it all works15:12
czajkowskishout if you need anything else15:12
dholbachwill do15:12
rrnwexecjono: you hosting an on-air today?17:38
JoseeAntonioRrrnwexec: he is17:42
rrnwexecJoseeAntonioR: please insert a plug for the Ubuntu Global Jam into the show ;)17:43
JoseeAntonioRrrnwexec: sure, I'll get it announced at the beginning/end, or when he goes and looks for a sleeping baby17:43
JoseeAntonioRand already replied to the email17:48
rrnwexecJoseeAntonioR: thanks, and thanks. talk to you soon..17:49
jcastrorrnwexec: got a link handy? I can put it on the G+ community17:59
jcastroit's like 40k people17:59
czajkowskijcastro: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/global/2221/detail/17:59
rrnwexecor here: http://ur1.ca/cswqe17:59
rrnwexecjcastro: thanks.18:00
dholbachall right my friends - I call it a day18:00
dholbachsee you tomorrow18:00
JoseeAntonioRjono: ready in 7?18:53
bkerensamhall119: I'm mentoring some comp sci grad students at WOU and one is interested in app development... Might you be interested in exchange a e-mail or two and answering some questions of his on that?19:55
mhall119bkerensa: sure, give him mine and dpm's contact info19:56
JoseeAntonioRjono: did you check my email on hangouts?21:36
SergioMenesesczajkowski, busy?21:36
SergioMenesesJoseeAntonioR, \o21:37
JoseeAntonioRhey, SergioMeneses21:38
czajkowskijono: have you seen http://www.meathchronicle.ie/news/roundup/articles/2013/02/13/4014435-computer-whiz-11-saves-businessman-thousandsbr/21:44
jonoczajkowski, I did :-)21:53
jonojcastro, all set?22:01
jcastrojono: yessir!22:01

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