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pittiGood morning04:59
didrocksgood morning06:12
pittihey didrocks06:42
didrocksgood morning pitti, how are you?06:42
pittididrocks: splendid, thanks! yourself?06:42
didrockspitti: I'm ok. Hoping that one day UTAH can successfully provides an image. 100% of failure since last Thursday (not counting Monday due to the snow storm and datacenter down)06:43
didrocksso blocking all daily releases…06:43
kenvandinegood morning didrocks06:59
didrockskenvandine: good… evening? still awaken, what are you doing dude? :-)07:00
robrudidrocks, I think ken is channelling my insomnia tonight ;-)07:00
didrocksrobru: I think we shouldn't pair both of you thinking about it ;-)07:00
kenvandinecouldn't sleep until i knew the friends tests passed on armhf again07:00
didrockskenvandine: ahah, and it's ok now? :)07:01
kenvandineall good now... i should sleep :)07:01
robrukenvandine, but those were fixed two hours ago ;-)07:01
kenvandineyeah yeah...07:01
didrockskenvandine: hope you didn't add all your sleep() in the tests and none is left for you!07:01
robrudidrocks, lol07:01
didrocksguys, it's 8am here now, I've already starting working one hour ago, I expect normally just to see a pitti around :-)07:02
robrudidrocks, but if I signed off at a normal time, I would never get to talk to you!07:03
didrocksrobru: heh, indeed :-) btw, what time the team meeting is for you? We can maybe move it so that you can attend07:03
robrudidrocks, it is at 8:30 AM for me usually... it is quite early for me, I normally wake up at 11AM ;-)07:04
kenvandinewell i am going to stop hacking and get some sleep... i'll be back in a few hours :)07:04
didrockskenvandine: enjoy!07:04
robrukenvandine, gnight07:04
didrocksrobru: well, basically, it's a cause-consequence of signing off late :-)07:04
robrudidrocks, yeah, it's true... but I do my best work from 6PM to 2AM ;-)07:05
didrocksrobru: coders being active at night, rings a bell to me :-)07:05
didrocksonly doing that on my pet projects on week-end though ;)07:05
dpmgood morning desktop people07:14
didrockshey dpm, how are you?07:14
pittihey dpm, how are you?07:15
dpmhey didrocks, pitti, very well, slowly waking up, and how are you guys?07:15
pittidpm: very well, thanks07:15
didrocksdpm: I'm ok, thanks :)07:15
dpmsuper :)07:15
didrocksdpm: FYI, we have already a lot of Qt5 components in raring, Mirv is finishing up qtwebkit and then will go on qtcreator. This will enable us to have the sdk then in the distro :)07:16
pittidpm: do you know when we'll get raring langpack exports?07:16
dpmdidrocks, yeah, that's pretty awesome07:16
dpmpitti, unfortunately I haven't had time to look into that, I've spent nearly no time on translations this cycle :/. I need to set the export times and request the cron job to be changed in Launchpad. But it's been too long without langpacks, I'll do it this evening.07:19
pittidpm: ah, cheers07:19
margaRAOF, ping?08:17
RAOFmarga: Yo!08:39
chrisccoulsongood morning08:39
RAOFmarga: So, I've read your bug. I'd guess it's an interaction between gdm & mutter; lock screen & screensaver responsibilities have been getting rejigged.08:40
seb128hey desktopers08:41
RAOFmarga: Another option might be to apitrace mutter; that should at least tell you what mutter *thinks* it's drawing.08:41
margaall my tests were with lightdm08:42
margaI didn't even think of testing with gdm...08:42
RAOFThat's probably your problem; gnome-shell no longer handles the screen lock, IIRC.08:42
RAOFOr something like that.08:42
* RAOF → dinner08:43
margaok, then I can test this with gdm08:43
seb128marga, hey, what's the issue?08:43
margaAssuming it doesn't fail with gdm and fails with lightdm, how should I proceed?08:43
margaseb128, blue screen on the left screen when using two screens, and a pop up happens during a screen lock08:44
seb128under gnome-shell? is the right screen locked correctly?08:45
seb128what ubuntu serie? precise?08:45
margareproducible in gnome and cinnamon, but not unity, regardless of the screensaver (gnome and x)08:45
margaprecise, yes08:45
seb128gdm doesn't do screen locking yet in that serie08:46
BigWhaleGood morning everyone.08:46
seb128seems like a gnome-shell/mutter issue to me08:46
seb128marga, similar to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/1061787 (https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-slOE3M9ABEA/UGyt0TmoHlI/AAAAAAAADwU/QaqxfZjplzM/s800/photo.JPG)?08:47
ubot2Ubuntu bug 1061787 in Ubuntu "Dual Monitor Lock Screen Dialog Hidden" [Undecided,Confirmed]08:47
margaOH, I had pasted some bugs08:48
margabut yes, it's that bug08:48
margaalso, graphics card doesn't matter, intel, nvidia, different models, reproducible any time you have 2 screens.08:48
margaI'm guessing this is probably reported like 10 times on different packages, because nobody knows which is the right package.08:50
margaNow, I will test this with gdm, I'll be away a few minutes08:51
seb128marga, ok08:51
seb128marga, could be the same as https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=66275708:52
ubot2Gnome bug 662757 in general "Gnome-Shell lock screen does not always display password prompt" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]08:52
margaOk, I've tested it with gdm, and the issue is still there.  Even worse, the parent window of the popup appears on top of the blue09:02
margaseb128, I think it's something related to mutter/clutter, but that's something that's quite different between gnome and cinnamon.  I wasn't able to find the common factor.09:06
seb128marga, yeah, the gdm angle would make sense for >= quantal where the screen locking is done by gdm but you are on precise, I'm not surprised that didn't make a difference09:07
seb128marga, cinnamon is quite different but it's a fork of gnome-shell and most of the underlining rendering techs are the same, I doubt they changed rendering in there, they are more interested by UI/worflow changes09:08
seb128marga, did you try asking about the issue on #gnome-hackers (mention that you use g-s 3.4.1 if you ask there)09:09
seb128Laney, hey, how are you?09:09
Laneygood, had a lot of pancakes last night ;-)09:09
seb128I'm good thanks ;-)09:10
margaseb128, I haven't.  I have been trying to first find which program is the failing one, before asking.09:10
margais that here, or in gnome's irc?09:10
seb128marga, it seems pretty likely that the issue is with clutter/mutter/gnome-shell at this point09:10
seb128marga, on irc.gnome.org09:10
margaok, will ask there09:11
seb128Laney, it seems the uk are pretty big on pancake for that day ... is it call pancake day?09:12
Laneyyeah, but the formal name is shrove tuesday09:12
seb128we usually makes fritters here (at least in my corner of France, could be a German thing)09:13
Laneyit is a tradition i fully support :P09:14
seb128didrocks will probably tell us that real France does it differently :p09:14
Laneyah, for the same reason though?09:14
Laneyeating rich foods before lent09:14
seb128it's just fritters instead of pancakes09:14
* didrocks backlogs in a sec, after some busy chats :p09:14
seb128pancakes are not really a french thing afaik09:14
seb128Laney, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shrove_Tuesday09:16
Laneyyeah you have crepes ;-)09:16
seb128they mention it's fat tuesday for us :p09:16
didrockswe have also la "chandeleur" for crepes09:18
seb128didrocks, do you eat beignets for mardi gras?09:23
didrocksseb128: I never eat beignets, waffles/crêpes :)09:23
didrockswell, not this year, I finished late working…09:23
seb128didrocks, well, is beignets the traditional mardi gras food in paris/lyon?09:24
didrocksbut normally, it's more those 2 in real part of France :)09:24
seb128I'm just wondering if that's a german thing09:24
didrocksso waffles/crêpes09:24
seb128right, what I though09:24
didrocksI would say german thing :)09:24
seb128marga, not so much luck on #gnome-hackers, it might be a bit early still for europeans and very early or very late for the U.S... let's see maybe somebody will reply in a while09:25
seb128marga, I will pick it up and try to get infos if that happens after you left09:25
margaYes, I have no problem waiting.09:26
* mlankhorst is awake! Oui!09:26
seb128mlankhorst, good morning ;-)09:26
margaI don't have an irc proxy for gnome, though, so I'll have to disconnect when I leave the office.09:26
margaI hope I get some reply before that.09:26
mlankhorstbut seriously if I'm awake for about an hour or 2 now it can't be early for europeans09:26
seb128marga, where are you based?09:26
margaAs I said, I've been chasing this for months, so it's not terrible to wait for other people to come online09:27
margaseb128, Munich09:27
seb128marga, seems already tz wise to still be around for some time ;-)09:27
* seb128 needs coffee09:27
jibelseb128, the leak in g-s-d, bug 112393009:43
ubot2Launchpad bug 1123930 in gnome-settings-daemon (Ubuntu) "memleak in plugins/orientation/gsd-orientation-manager.c" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/112393009:43
seb128jibel, thanks a lot for tracking it down09:45
seb128why am I not surprised, yet another bug coming from a distro patch09:45
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seb128Sweetshark, well done on getting libreoffice4 uploaded10:13
seb128Sweetshark, seems to depwait on libmspub-dev ... did you open a MIR for that lib, I didn't find one10:16
seb128Sweetshark, same for libcdr and libvisio10:17
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seb128Laney, sessioninstaller on new techs \o/10:53
Laney\o/ indeed10:53
Laneyit's still python 2 though10:53
seb128is there any port blocker? or just nobody got to it yet?10:54
Laneyxapian i think10:54
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seb128of course, xapian, what else...10:56
Laneybarry was looking into it I believe but came up against that10:59
Laneydon't hold your breath10:59
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seb128dpm, hey, can you approve https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/raring/+source/gnome-control-center-unity/+imports ?11:39
dpmhey seb128, done11:40
seb128dpm, thanks ;-)11:40
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seb128Laney, cool, the guy already replied with a postive comment on the gst SRU12:47
seb128Laney, I guess you can tag it and upload yours ;-)12:47
Laneygood stuff12:47
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Sweetsharkseb128: bug 1124074, bug 1124082 and bug 1124092. dammit, I thought I did that along with the sync requests.12:59
ubot2Launchpad bug 1124074 in libcdr (Ubuntu) "[MIR] libcdr" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/112407412:59
ubot2Launchpad bug 1124082 in libmspub (Ubuntu) "[MIR] libmspub" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/112408212:59
ubot2Launchpad bug 1124092 in libvisio (Ubuntu) "[MIR] libvisio" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/112409212:59
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rvgateHow come my unity-2d session still has animations when switching windows and workspaces? :/ i thought that wasnt available on unity-2d13:34
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seb128dpm, do you have any magic to wave https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/raring/+source/gnome-control-center-unity/+imports those in?13:57
seb128dpm, I reuploade the g-c-c .po files updated to restore existing translations under the new domain by uploading a tarball with the .pot and the .po set13:58
seb128dpm, but stupid launchpad decided to put them on hold for review13:58
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seb128dpm, I can't be bothered to go through 120 pages to just pick a domain and click approve though ;-)13:59
seb128well, and to be fair it's all mterry's fault, he's clearly a non-american-speakers hater14:00
* mterry clearly signed on too early14:00
mterryseb128, is this the dh-translations fix?  thanks for that14:00
seb128mterry, hey! ;-)14:00
* ogra_ notes down "mterry ar fault"14:01
seb128mterry, part of, I imported the g-c-c .po stack in rosetta after a make update-po in g-c-c-unity to recover translations14:01
seb128mterry, but stupid launchpad wants those to be manually valided before being important, I was checking with dpm if he has magic for that14:01
seb128mterry, I don't want to click-click-click through 100 import pages14:02
mterryseb128, how come part of the translations were coming through?14:02
seb128mterry, oh, thanks for pointing it out14:02
seb128mterry, I guess there is a code bug and it's loading those from the g-c-c domain14:02
seb128mterry, we need to fix the code to use g-c-c-unity14:02
mterryseb128, heyo, when you make changes to an autolanding trunk, you don't need to modify debian/changelog.14:03
mterryseb128, do you mind dropping that bit, and I can approve?14:04
seb128mterry, I was not sure if it was autolanding, changelog version is not having a daily*14:04
mterryseb128, it should be...  didrocks, g-c-c-unity is autolanding now right?14:04
GunnarHjpitti: ping?14:04
seb128mterry, he said it is, I pinged after sending the mr though14:05
pittihey GunnarHj, how are you?14:05
GunnarHjpitti: I'm fine, thanks. Hope you are as well.14:05
seb128mterry, you want me to drop the changelog part then?14:05
GunnarHjpitti: Is the fix of bug 37707 safe enough for a Precise SRU?14:05
ubot2Launchpad bug 37707 in language-selector (Ubuntu) "language-selector should not uninstall packages without a warning (allow opt-out)" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/3770714:05
seb128mterry, I will fix the gettext domain stuff as well ... want it in the same MR?14:07
mterryseb128, please drop the changelog part, yeah.  Sure, throw it in there14:08
seb128in fact ignore that14:08
seb128I don't see what's wrong14:08
pittiGunnarHj: yes, I think it is; adding a precise task14:08
seb128I though it was because your trunk was missing a config.h to define PACKAGE14:08
seb128since configure.ac:GETTEXT_PACKAGE="$PACKAGE"14:09
seb128but from a build tree that's ok14:09
GunnarHjpitti: Ok, thanks, then I'll add it to an already existing Precise branch.14:10
dpmhey seb128, let me have a look14:14
seb128dpm, thanks14:15
seb128mterry, ok, pushed without the changelog diff14:16
mterryseb128, just approved!14:16
seb128mterry, thanks ;-)14:16
seb128mterry, strace shows it's trying to open the gnome-control-center-unity.mo, I'm not sure why it's working, it seems to try both domains ... I will try again once I've a .mo for the new domain14:17
mterryseb128, wait...  new domain?  gnome-control-center-unity isn't the right one?14:17
seb128mterry, but afaik translations should be ok with the next langpack update14:17
dpmseb128, mterry, only the .pot file needs to be approved, and once that happens then the PO files get auto-imported. I see that the .pot file I approved earlier on has already been imported, so the .po files should shortly follow14:17
seb128mterry, it is, but the .pot was blocked in import queue so we don't have a g-c-c-unity in the langpacks atm14:18
dpmis this a package coming from the upstream g-c-c?14:18
mterrydpm, no, this is from Canonical PS14:18
seb128dpm, the .po from where?14:18
seb128dpm, mterry: I hacked around ..14:18
seb128dpm, short summary is14:18
seb128- we move code from g-c-c (upstream) to g-c-c-unity14:18
seb128I did14:18
seb128- cp g-c-c/po/*.po g-c-c-unity/po14:19
seb128cd g-c-c-unity/po14:19
seb128intltool-update --pot14:19
seb128make update-po14:19
seb128for i in *.po; do msgattrib --no-obsolete $i -o $i; done14:19
seb128tar czf that up14:19
tjaaltonthere's something that blocks lightdm-greeter from appearing for ~25s here, anyone having the same?14:19
tjaaltonon current raring14:19
seb128uploaded to https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/raring/+source/gnome-control-center-unity/+pots/gnome-control-center-unity/+upload14:20
seb128dpm, ^14:20
seb128dpm, the goal was to restore the translations from the g-c-c domain14:20
dpmseb128, ok, so the translations are a mixture from upstream and Ubuntu-specific strings. Then for the other question: did you add the .pot file in that tarball you updated?14:20
seb128dpm, I did14:20
dpmok, in that case those PO files should get imported automatically14:21
seb128they don't14:21
seb128I have to go through and pick the domain in the combo and do ack14:21
seb128I did for some 15 translations14:21
seb128see https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/raring/+source/gnome-control-center-unity/+pots/gnome-control-center-unity/14:21
dpmseb128, it usually takes a while for them to get imported automatically after the template has been approved, especially if the imports queue is full. Your manually-approved translations are probably marked as Approved but not Imported. Let me double-check14:22
seb128dpm, they are imported, see the page I pointed14:22
seb128dpm, anyway if that sorts out over time great14:22
dpmseb128, yeah, let's check in a couple of hours to see if they eventually got imported, and if not, let me think how we can get them imported without breaking our fingers clicking on the web UI14:24
Laneyyou can likely use the API to do that14:25
seb128dpm, well, middle click/import on ~90 url is like 10 min work, so not worth too much thinking14:25
seb12810min at max14:25
seb128likely 514:25
seb128e.g less time than writing a script14:25
margabut really annoying14:25
margaShould I insist on gnome-hackers?14:26
tjaaltonhm, authenticating the lightdm session is what takes ~25s14:30
ogra_tjaalton, surely because of the complex finnish usernames :)14:37
chrisccoulsoni wonder where this build of glib comes from? https://crash-stats.mozilla.com/report/index/712274b4-f009-4ae7-9a9c-4c7fc213021214:38
tjaaltonogra_: it's the 'lightdm' uid :)14:47
tjaaltononce it's authenticated, greeter starts14:47
ogra_thats ecil14:47
tjaaltonyeah, my laptop isn't affected14:48
didrocksmterry: seb128: it's as you wish, you can keep the changelog or just attach a bug to the MP14:52
Laneyor set the commit message on it14:52
didrocksmterry: seb128: if the bug # was referenced with your name somewhere in the changelog, this bug won't be duplicated in it14:53
didrocksmterry: seb128: the only thing to ensure is that you leave it UNRELEASED ;)14:53
* mterry likes consistency of auto-changelogging14:53
didrockssure, just explaining that it's smart and that I have an automated test for that :p14:54
qengho/usr/bin/ld.gold.real: fatal error: out/Release/chrome: mmap: failed to allocate 1596311736 bytes for output file: Cannot allocate memory14:54
* qengho hugs this project.14:54
ogra_1596311736 bytes ?14:55
ogra_they should have printed it in bits  :P14:55
qenghoScientific notation.  1.5e9 or something.14:55
didrocksqengho: hey!14:55
didrocksqengho: it seems you didn't answer to Will yet (and I checked chromium, there is not plugin recommends ;))14:55
didrocksjust a kind reminder ;)14:55
qenghodidrocks: will do.14:56
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seb128mterry, not sure if you saw but Sweetshark filed some MIRs for libreoffice4 ... review this week, if you can, would be really nice ;-)15:26
seb128mterry, I'm sure you efforts will be welcomed with some free beers next week ;-)15:28
mterryseb128, in the middle of 'em now15:30
ogra_oh, WOW !15:34
ogra_i left my nexus7 idling over the last two days15:34
ogra_seems gnome-settings-daemon accumulated 146M RES15:35
ogra_jani should better upload that fix soon :)15:35
didrocksqengho: thanks!15:41
mterrySweetshark, was libmspub in libreoffice source before, or is that actually new functionality?15:58
mterryseems to be new16:04
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Sweetsharkmterry: mspub is a feature of LO4. libcdr and libvisio are old.17:07
mterrySweetshark, cool.  I guessed as much.  I commented on all 3 MIRs17:07
Sweetsharkmterry: thanks for the comments. I will try to dig out what is going on with the fortify stuff there.17:37
mterrySweetshark, it's possible it's just false positives.  http://lintian.debian.org/tags/hardening-no-fortify-functions.html  gives several reasons for the tag17:39
Sweetsharkmterry: do you know the gcc flag that needs to be passed on by chance?17:40
seb128Sweetshark, -fstack-protector I think17:44
seb128Sweetshark, -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE as well17:46
seb128Sweetshark, see /usr/share/doc/hardening-wrapper/README.Debian17:46
mterryYeah, what seb128 said17:49
Laneyif you use compat 9 with dh you get them set automatically17:54
Sweetsharkmterry: btw I like the moral hazard you create for me to break debian policies and ship with an internal version once, so that I can skip the security review. :->18:12
Sweetshark.oO( OTOH I wonder when the initial security review to have LibreOffice in main was dont and how much it is stuff relevant for the current codebase ... )18:14
mterrySweetshark, :)18:15
mterrySweetshark, I know.  The whole MIR thing as a one-time check is a tad fragile.18:16
mterrySweetshark, one could push a new trivial one-line script into main, then blow it up to an office suite with little oversight18:16
Sweetsharkmterry: well, I guess it works decently for a for most other stuff, but the libreoffice source package is essentially a distro on its own (on other platforms it certainly is).18:17
* didrocks waves good evening18:18
seb128Sweetshark, trying to work around the MIR/security guys? ;-)18:28
jdstrandyou guys realize we are listening, right?18:29
seb128Sweetshark, see, you better hide now :p18:29
sarnold(I just hope the outcome isn't 'sarnold go audit main/* every six months...)18:31
ogra_did you just volunteer ?18:33
ogra_but it totally sounded like18:33
sarnold(I wonder how ogra_ can read my thoughts ...)18:33
seb128sarnold, I think you did18:33
seb128I'm with ogra there18:34
seb128I can sense you wanted to step up, no need to be shy ;-)18:34
Sweetsharksarnold, jdstrand: one of you reviews libreoffice, the other one the rest of main. I wonder who gets the better deal out of that.18:34
sarnoldSweetshark: lol18:34
ogra_jdstrand, that guy deserves a good bonus this year, so much passion for his job !18:34
* xnox thought security team's weekly reading is taking all uploaded debdiffs and splitting them up evenly by total lines of code 19:40
mdeslaurxnox: we only look at yours19:40
xnox(or better pipe it to audio book converter and listen to it as background music)19:40
xnoxmdeslaur: =)))))19:40
* xnox totally gets that19:41
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TheMusomterry: I'd argue that a sufficient number of people watch changes that blowing a script up to an office suite could possibly be caught by someone, even if it was hidden in the changelog.20:18
mterryTheMuso, yeah possibly that extreme example.  :)  But in general, incremental changes to software once it's in main do not get security reviewed or sanity reviewed20:19
TheMusoYeah agreed.20:20
squ1dAnyone know why using pptp vpn on Ubuntu 12.04 will hang while under higher traffic loads with "pppd[17745]: Protocol-Reject for unsupported protocol...20:49
squ1dreally really annoying20:49
squ1don Ubuntu 11.04 it stays connected for days20:49
squ1don 12.04 i have to reconnect the vpn every few minutes while using too much internet20:50
czajkowskisqu1d: #ubuntu will be better to get support20:50
squ1dno reponse there yet20:51
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xnoxdid something recently got uploaded that talks to consolekit unconditionaly?22:40
xnoxe.g. something like g-s-d or dconf?22:40
xnoxor compiz / metacity?22:40
xnoxbug 12379822:40
ubot2Launchpad bug 123798 in pidgin (Ubuntu) "pidgin crashed with SIGSEGV" [Low,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12379822:40
xnoxbug 112379822:40
ubot2Launchpad bug 1123798 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "ubiquity-dm crashed with dbus.exceptions.DBusException in call_blocking(): org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.TimedOut: Activation of org.freedesktop.ConsoleKit timed out" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/112379822:40
xnoxcause consolekit was not previously required to start ubiquity-dm mini-session.22:41
xnoxLaney: ^ ? any ideas?22:41
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