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darkxstjbicha, are you missing random icons in jhbuild?05:29
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jbichadarkxst: no but I'm not really running much from jhbuild, 3.7.5 is only a week old :)05:40
darkxstright, mine has been stuffed for  a week or so05:43
darkxstI probably need to rebuild some of the deps05:44
darkxstjbicha, here is gcr with split libraries (I never did get an answer from upstream or debian) http://pastebin.com/ij5Ub0dT05:46
marryDoes anyone happen to know what the long during beep may be whilst shutting the system down? I use Ubuntu 12.04 (Mint 13), Motherboard NF7-S. And following question; does anyone know how to get rid of this? Thanks in advance!10:37
ricotzdarkxst, hi, gnome-calculator still misses a proper versioned conflicts/replaces11:13
darkxstricotz, they were there, but missing the epoch that jbicha added20:14
ricotzdarkxst, right, but it should be conflicts/replaces20:19
ricotzjbicha, ^20:19
ricotzConflicts: gcalctool (<< 1:3.7.5)20:21
ricotzReplaces: gcalctool (<< 1:3.7.5)20:21
ricotzjbicha, darkxst, i would even go that far to add "Provides: gcalctool"20:23
darkxstricotz, oh right, all the examples I saw were break/replace, but I can update it20:27
darkxstricotz, jbicha http://pastebin.com/eaCXQSdY20:36
ricotzdarkxst, don't add a new changelog entry20:45
darkxstricotz, it was uploaded already though20:45
ricotzno, just update the last one and bump it to raring220:46
darkxstoh ok20:47
jbicharicotz: thanks, I think the Provides is unnecessary though21:34
ricotzjbicha, ubuntu-desktop depends on gcalctool, so you can't actually remove the transitional package21:37
jbicharicotz: right but there's no need to remove it in 13.0421:43

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