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zmoylanhi, 1 year in canonical. huzzah! :-)08:29
czajkowskiand what a year08:30
czajkowskiit's flown08:30
zmoylantime flies when you're having fun08:31
czajkowskiyup pretty much tbh08:32
czajkowskilearnt a lot08:32
zmoylannow if you can just persuade the local shops to stock proper sausages and crisps it'll be grand! :-D08:33
czajkowskiyeah I can get richmond at a push08:35
czajkowskiI need to go to Asda to get taytos08:35
czajkowskinone near me though08:35
czajkowskiyeah thats just wrong08:40
zmoylanit'd be like smirnoff wine or something :-)08:41
czajkowskistick to what they do best08:41
czajkowskisimples :)08:41
czajkowskidid you have your pancakes yesterday08:41
czajkowskiam now off the crisps, chocolates, sweets, and fizzy drinks08:42
zmoylanno pancakes.  haven't made pancakes since around 2000 or so.08:42
zmoylanwas never a mad fan of them08:42
zmoylannice but can take or leave them08:43
czajkowskizmoylan: you joined https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-phone08:43
zmoylanrummaging out password to join now.08:46
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airurandogreat link from outoppie on the mailing list17:54
czajkowskiairurando: hows the leg17:54
airurandogreat to see.  Have sent the link on to a couple of local councillors.17:55
airurandosuggest others do to17:55
czajkowskigood idea17:55
airurandohi czajkowski17:55
airurandoit is is a mess really.17:55
airurandono weight on it for at least 6 weeks17:56
airurando2 permanent plates in17:56
airurando1 temporary screw in17:56
airurandostill in quite a bit of pain.17:56
airurandopainkillers are my friend at the moment.17:57
czajkowskiwhat did you do to it17:57
airurandobroke fibula and some pieces broke off it also (plate one)17:57
airurandodislocated ankle joint damaging multiple ligaments17:58
czajkowskiyou're as broken as zmoylan17:58
airurandobroke one or more ankle joint bones also (plate 2)17:59
czajkowskiwere you ice skating17:59
airurandoreturning to car after paying for petrol17:59
czajkowskisnow boarding17:59
airurandosliped on wet tiles18:00
airurandosimplest thing18:00
airurandonever broke a bone in my body before this18:00
czajkowskiso no work or driving for you for some time18:00
airurandoi'd much prefer work to to this though18:01
airurandosent on the article link to the local chamber of commerce also!18:30

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