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osieli need help for create a new channel for de ubuntu locoteam of my country22:08
k1l_which country is that?22:10
k1l_that is what i found on the first lookup: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelNaming?action=show&redirect=IrcTeam%2FChannelNaming22:11
osieli read this page, and naw i riding the page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/CreatingChannels?action=show&redirect=IrcTeam%2FCreatingChannels, I do not know where to put the commands join22:15
k1l_put the "/join #ubuntu-cu" into the textline here22:16
k1l_osiel: there is already a channel named #ubuntu-cu22:18
k1l_its owned by the freenode staff. so you need some IRCC help on this to sort that out with the freenode staff.22:20
* AlanBell has a look22:21
* Fuchs has a smell22:21
AlanBellcan UbuntuIrcCouncil get lots of flags please Fuchs22:22
Fuchs(ubuntu namespace, hence: if you give me an account I ... yes, that)22:22
Fuchs(well, the nice ones)22:22
Fuchsshall do :)22:22
Fuchsdone :)22:22
Fuchsoh, let me remove us as well22:23
Fuchswell, our pseudo22:23
Fuchsthere we go :)22:24
FuchsI'd recommend adding the usual thingies  (e.g. us if you want us to intervene), but I think you have way more experience in this than I do, so I am sure you'll do the right thing™22:24
AlanBellwill do, thanks Fuchs22:24
Fuchsyou're welcome <322:25
AlanBellosiel: you need to register yourself so I can add you22:25
ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode22:25
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Fuchsmh, I wonder if you really need to send them directly over to us,22:32
Fuchsor want them to read  http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup or /msg nickserv help register  for the short version first22:32
Fuchs(note that I don't mind users asking questions in #freenode. Depending on how active we are, that might be faster though)22:32
Unit193After giving the registration process, the wiki page does point to faq.shtml#nicksetup, though doesn't say anything about /msg nickserv help22:36
OSIELAlanBell : I already registered my nickname, and I moderate the channel to ubuntu-cu22:36
AlanBellok, thanks OSIEL, you are logged in now, I will add you to the channel22:50
LjLFuchs: no matter which specific page the factoid links to (i, uhm, kind of believe that page on help.ubuntu.com was made specifically to try giving an easier explanation), eventually the factoid needs to tell them that it's not a matter to be dealt with by #ubuntu23:23

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