Brocktongangstawhat did i do wrong?01:24
Brocktongangstafreedom of speech dosent apply to this fucking irc channel?01:24
PiciBrocktongangsta: What?01:24
Brocktongangstawhat up pici01:25
PiciBrocktongangsta: How can we help you?01:25
Brocktongangstawhy  dosent freedom of speech apply here♥01:25
IdleOnePlease mind your language01:25
Brocktongangstadony ban me because i asked this question01:25
Picifreedom of speech doesn't apply private settings.  We are allowed to ask you to mind your language and topic in our channels and take action if necessary.01:26
ubottuPlease don't pepper the channel with cries of buzzwords like "free speech!", especially when you don't know what they mean or if they're applicable to the current situation. See http://tonyyarusso.com/politics/what-free-speech-isnt for more information.01:26
Brocktongangstai surrender my rights to use freenode01:27
Brocktongangstayou dont have to ban me01:27
Brocktongangstai surrender my rights to use freenode01:27
Brocktongangstai demand to have freedom of speech but obivouslly it dosent fucking apply heew01:28
Brocktongangstaps: i am drunk♥01:28
IdleOneYou seem confused between the words rights and privileges01:28
Brocktongangstai demand you tell me01:28
Brocktongangstadont ban me01:28
Brocktongangstaif you do you cant face the truth01:28
Brocktongangstatell me now01:29
Brocktongangstai also love hurricane beer01:29
Brocktongangstai love youM♥♥33♥♥301:31
Brocktongangstaban me01:31
Brocktongangstafuck you fuck that01:31
Brocktongangstafuck you fuck that01:31
Brocktongangstafuck you fuck that01:31
Brocktongangstafuck you fuck that01:31
Brocktongangstafuck you fuck that01:31
Brocktongangstafuck you fuck that01:31
Brocktongangstafuck you fuck that01:31
Brocktongangstafuck you fuck that01:31
Brocktongangstafuck you fuck that01:31
Brocktongangstafuck you fuck that01:31
Brocktongangstafuck you fuck that01:31
Brocktongangstafuck you fuck that01:31
ubottuIdleOne called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic (Ramilla ban evading again)01:31
ubottuIn #ubuntu, rammstein812 said: ubottu, the problem is that I don't get that far in the installation02:31
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
ubottuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, dax said: !fhqwhgads-#ubuntu-offtopic is <reply> Everybody to the limit, everybody to the limit!08:14
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (tingtong appears to be abusive and has been muted, will need to be UNMUTED MANUALLY)10:47
ubottuIn #xubuntu-devel, Pretender said: ubottu, this bug was fixed, and in 12.04 everything is okey. But version 12.10 have X.org 1.13 and crash video driver, because NVDIA supprot only Xorg 1.12 (http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux-display-ia32-96.43.23-driver.html)10:52
ikoniahi Pretender13:04
ikoniahi there Pretender what's up, you're in #ubuntu-ops, how can we help13:13
ikoniaPretender: hello ?13:32
ikoniaTm_T: do you know why he was here ?13:38
Tm_Tno idea13:38
ikoniafair enough13:38
agu10^Something wicked happened resolving 'ar.archive.ubuntu.com:http' (-5 - No address associated with hostname)17:09
ikonianot the technical problem17:09
ikoniaaccess to #ubuntu17:09
agu10^[14:09] == Cannot send to channel: #ubuntu17:09
ikoniaagu10^: yes, I can see that17:10
ikoniaicesword: can we help you17:10
agu10^idk if i am muted.17:10
ikoniaagu10^: I can you've been kicked/banned and been rude to people17:10
ikoniaagu10^: you are17:10
agu10^i don't see why17:10
agu10^i was talking on other channels. perhaps somebody muted me way after i left17:11
ikoniayou spammed ubuntu17:11
agu10^i don't know.17:11
agu10^that must be a virus.17:11
ikoniayou spammed with ascii art too after being asked not to17:11
agu10^what time was that?17:11
ikoniano, it wasn't17:11
ikonia4th may17:12
agu10^4th may 2011?17:12
agu10^that's like a year ago17:12
agu10^oops 201217:12
ikoniamay 4th 201217:12
ikoniaicesword: can we help you ?17:12
agu10^well that is likely a malware that i no longer have17:13
ikoniait's not malware17:13
ikoniaplease don't lie17:13
agu10^i left my windows and i'm on linux17:13
ikoniayou told us it was you doing it17:13
iceswordno, thanks :D17:13
ikoniaicesword: ok, please leave the channel17:13
ikoniaagu10^: you just thought you where allowed to do it and argued when asked not to do it17:13
agu10^i don't remember such think ikonia17:13
ikoniawell, that's what happened17:13
agu10^well, as you say, perhaps i didn't know what i wasn't allowed to do17:14
Piciicesword: please see the topic, this is not an 'open' channel that we allow people to just join and watch.17:14
ikonialets just hold on a moment until icesword leaves17:14
iceswordi wonder when i can get operator privelidges17:15
ikoniaicesword: you went through the application process and got acceptaed17:15
agu10^"acceptaed" that sound legit17:15
ikoniaicesword: anything else ?17:16
Pici!canibeanop | icesword17:16
ubottuicesword: If you are interested in joining the Ops team, take a look at both http://www.siltala.net/2010/03/24/ops-teams-applications-announcement/ and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/IrcTeam/OperatorRequirements for info on the process and requirements.  You can also learn about what the job entails from people in #ubuntu-irc.17:16
agu10^sounds like an email span scam17:16
ikoniaagu10^: won't keep you a moment17:16
ikoniaagu10^: please don't make silly comments17:16
* icesword changed mode +o icesword17:16
ikoniaagu10^: sorry about that17:16
agu10^about what17:17
ikoniaagu10^: basically, you where asked not to spam channels, and continued to do so17:17
ikoniaso you got removed and banned17:17
ikoniathat's the bottom line17:17
agu10^i don't have spam bots at all.17:17
agu10^how could i spam?17:17
ikoniaI didn't say you had spam bots17:17
ikoniaI said you spammed17:17
agu10^isn't spamming sending massive advertising?17:17
agu10^what am i missing17:17
ikoniait can be one line17:17
ikoniait's unsollicited information/advertisment17:18
agu10^i don't do advertising on IRC. perhaps it was a website link?17:18
ikoniaand you'd been asked not to do this in a previous conversation17:18
ikoniaagu10^: yes it was17:18
ikonia<agu10^> http://tinyurl.com/7zg74b7 <- Inception on Linux Facebook17:19
ikoniathat was the link17:19
agu10^if it was advertising, i am sure it wasn't me. it's likely a bot.17:19
ikoniait wasn't a bot17:19
ikoniait was you17:19
ikoniastop trying to blame others17:19
agu10^why would i advertise inception or facebook? i don't own any of that17:20
ikoniaI have no idea why17:21
agu10^sounds like the typical automated botnet spam17:21
ikoniabut you did17:21
ikoniaas we spoke to you and you said "sorry"17:21
ikoniano it wasn't17:21
ikoniabut then we realised what the link was and you where removed17:21
ikoniaa bot doesn't respond with "sorry"17:21
ikoniait's also not a bot if it's logged in as you and identified as you17:21
agu10^XIRC was always crashing so i bet that was the bot.17:22
ikoniait wasn't a bot17:22
ikoniaas I've just said maybe 3 times before17:22
agu10^i don't really remember about a year ago, but i know i had a tonshitload of crapware17:22
ikoniaplease tone down the language, it's not called for or acceptable17:22
ikoniaagu10^: do you understand the topic of the #ubuntu channel ?17:23
agu10^it's ubuntu support17:24
agu10^although it doesn't let me post17:24
ikoniagreat, so just ubuntu support17:24
ikoniaso can you /part #ubuntu for a few minutes for me please17:24
ikoniaok, just hold on for a moment please17:25
ikoniaagu10^: are you also using the nick aguu ?17:26
ikonia(where you)17:26
agu10^maybe. i usually use agu10^_17:27
ikoniareally, so today you did not us the nick aguu17:27
agu10^i think agu.17:28
ikoniaabout 6 hours ago17:28
ikoniasorry aguuu17:28
ikonia(3 u's)17:28
agu10^yeah. i had to change nick in order to login17:28
ikoniaok - so you know you where kicked from the channel today too17:28
ikoniausing that nick17:28
agu10^i didn't know that17:29
ikoniareally ? you where arguing with everyone about the use of the word "Linux" as a kernel or operating system17:29
ikoniayou where asked multiple times to stop and if you had an ubuntu question17:29
ikoniaremember that ?17:29
ikoniaapprox 6 hours ago today17:29
agu10^no. i just posted the wikipedia explanation where it said linux was usually used to refer to gnu/linux17:30
agu10^didn't really argue with everybody about it17:30
ikoniaagu10^: really there seems to be 3 - 4 people you are arguing it's use with17:30
ikoniait was me that kicked you after I asked 3 - 4 times to move to an ubuntu question17:30
agu10^i remember having posted the link since they were contradicting the article i was reading17:31
agu10^by they i think it was 1 person only17:31
ikoniaok, so I'll keep it simple17:31
ikonia#ubuntu is for ubuntu discussion - not linux chat,17:31
ikoniaif someone asks you to move to the ubuntu topic, rather than the generic topic you're on, please do so17:31
agu10^i'll join #linux17:31
ikoniaacceptable ?17:31
ikoniaperect, so now that I've found the correct ban, I can remove it for you if you can hold17:32
agu10^but are ubuntu derivatives allowed in the channel?17:32
ikoniaagu10^: official ones, yes17:32
ikoniaagu10^: which one where you looking for ?17:32
agu10^ubuntu studio17:33
ikoniayeah, that's ok, and there is also #ubuntustudio17:34
ikoniaif you try to join #ubuntu now you should be ok to talk17:34
agu10^i can't17:34
ikoniacan you /part again for me17:34
ikoniatry again please.17:36
ikoniaok seems to be working now17:37
agu10^great thanks17:38
ikoniaok, please /part this channel now17:39
agu10^ /part17:39
ikoniatry again without the space17:39
ikoniaso /part17:40
ikoniano, without the space not the /17:40
genii-around@comment 53767 Recommending people do: do dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/sda bs=1M19:54
ubottuComment added.19:54
IdleOne-@duration 53767, 4EVER19:57
genii-aroundI'm woefully behind on what commands I can issue like that since I rarely ban :(20:01
bazhang<matlock> i wanna compile an android kernel FOR ubuntu20:59
IdleOne#ubuntu-arm I think is what he needs21:00
genii-aroundAh, maybe21:00
IdleOneor #ubuntu-phone21:01
ikoniathat is stupid21:01
ikoniathe android kernel is setup for mobile devices21:01
ikoniawhy would you run that on a desktop platform21:01
genii-aroundWell, I actually have stock android-x86 on my netbook because it boots really fast and I can go look something up quick. So boot... 20 seconds... check email whatever... then hit power button and it auto powers off nicely21:03
ikoniagenii-around: but that's the x86 platform....21:04
ikoniagenii-around: do you really find it boots better than say, ubuntu21:04
genii-aroundikonia: Oh, definitely21:07
genii-aroundActually, that 20 second time is before i put the SSD in, i don't know what the current GRUB -> desktop time would be now21:08
genii-aroundBut it would take for instance 3-5 minutes to load Lubuntu on it to desktop21:09
ikonia3 - 5 minutes !21:10
genii-aroundAnd forget about kde with plasma-netbook. Get to the greeter, login, then go have lunch21:12
genii-aroundikonia: Yes, extremely frustrating.21:14
ikoniasurprised a kernel made that much of a difference21:14
genii-aroundI think it's probably more that they don't load a lot of stuff during boot and it's all just linear21:15
genii-around( as opposed to upstart )21:16

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