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mhall119nOStahl: that's the plan for high-end phones, yes00:54
nOStahlthat will be real nice00:57
nOStahlcan't wait to have a phone that I can dock int a laptop style shell00:58
nOStahlor dock into a desktop stand with monitor keyboard and mouse etc00:58
nOStahlsame device for different formfactors00:58
nOStahleven a tablet shell00:58
dmdgoing through the irc logs of the past two weeks it looks like today was this channel's busiest day.01:55
dmdmhall119: would it be possible for me to join the file manager team?03:21
mhall119dmd: you don't need to be on the team to contribute code03:26
mhall119all being on the team does is make you responsible for reviewing and landing merge proposals03:26
dmdoh ok03:27
dmdI have a very crude mockup sort03:27
dmdno functionality03:27
dmdstill, who should I talk to about contributing? Will there be a meeting?03:28
dmdah I did not see the blog post: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone-coreapps/+announcement/1115003:40
dmdgood to hear there is no risk of things going undone03:40
mhall119dmd: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuPhone/CoreApps/DevelopmentGuide talks about how to submit your changes to the project03:50
dmdyeah I have it in a launchpad branch under my account but I am not sure if it is proper for me to request a merge with my crude mockup03:54
dmdbut I do want to03:55
dmdcould it be merged to a non-mainline branch?03:55
dmdsorry I should be triggering your highlight: mhall11903:56
dmdmhall119: is javascript or c++ prefered for the coreapps?03:59
mhall119dmd: if you think it's ready to be merged into trunk, make an MP, otherwise keep working on it04:06
mhall119if it's a mockup, I'd suggest you blog about it, put it on reddit or the Ubuntu App Developers community on G+04:07
dmdthat is a good idea04:07
dmdI'll do that if I can get some functionality in there04:08
mhall119btw, once your branch is on Launchpad, other people can branch it and send their own changes back to you04:08
dmdtrue, but I am hoping the file manager team will have something better to work off of04:09
dmdIf checked the past two weeks of irclogs and the mailing list and I have not seen anything from the file manager team. I have no idea what they are doing04:09
mhall119dmd: Kevin Wright is still holding kick-off meetings for the various projects04:19
dmddo you have any idea when the file manager team is holding theirs?04:22
dmdi've posted the mockup on google+04:23
mhall119dmd: no, you'll have to ask Kevin tomorrow (he's on UTC+2 timezone I think)04:39
comjfhowdy guys! So excited about this project, I started coding today. Just a quick question, is there a better source of documentation other then: http://developer.ubuntu.com/api/ubuntu-12.10/qml/mobile/qml-ubuntu-components0-textfield.html06:10
comjfjust trying to figure out if TextField has a mouse over signal, or activated signal, and it seems that documentation is incomplete (I suppose because it's still being made haha)06:11
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Andy80bzoltan, hello :) a couple of things. I've checked out the plugin source code. Before starting to modify anything I'd like to prepare the testing environment properly. Is it already available thta PPA you were talking about with Qt 5.0.1 ? Because I checked the "qt edge" I already have, but there aren't any updates11:51
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bzoltanAndy80:  hello, the Qt 5.0.1 packages are in the qt5-beta-proper PPA12:12
bzoltanNote, that the qtc plugin branch is under development :) so changes come very often12:13
Andy80bzoltan, ok, I remove "http://ppa.launchpad.net/canonical-qt5-edgers/qt5-beta1/ubuntu" then, right?12:59
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bzoltanAndy80: yes, an all the packages too from that PPA, and the /opt/qt5 from the PATH in the .bashrc14:47
Andy80bzoltan, just finished upgrading :) /opt/qt5/ should be already in my PATH, let me check...14:51
bzoltanAndy80: it should be removed14:51
Andy80then I remove it :)14:52
bzoltanthe packages from the qt5proper and qt5-beta-proper install to the correct path14:52
Andy80bzoltan, I hope it won't conflict with /home/andrea/bbndk/bbndk-env.sh14:52
Andy80that I use for BB10 development14:52
bzoltanAndy80:  No, it will not14:52
bzoltanAndy80:  but ping me if it does14:53
Andy80bzoltan, about the QtCreator source code (because if you want to compile a QtCreator plugin you need to setup a dedicated source folder where you compile the plugin and run that QtCreator istance) can I use the one available in "master" branch of gitorious?14:55
bzoltanAndy80:  sure yes14:56
Andy80ok, cool14:56
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fcrochikKevinWright: Hi!15:59
QtRoSHello everybody16:00
fcrochik@qtros: are you in the RSS team?16:04
meetingologyfcrochik: Error: "qtros:" is not a valid command.16:04
KevinWrightfchrochik: hello16:05
QtRoSI think we should become acquainted!16:08
WaltherAny news? Are we already at "late Feb" enough? :P16:08
fcrochikHow do we start? Who do we have here from the RSS team?16:09
QtRoSLet's wait 17:30 GMT, guys! :)16:11
KevinWrightfchrochik: The meetup is still in a little bit, at 17:30 GMT16:12
KevinWrightsorry fcrochik:  The meetup is still in a little bit, at 17:30 GMT16:12
KevinWrightbut feel free to chat anyway!16:13
QtRoSI think we should wait for the whole team, and then let each say a few words about yourself16:17
EuroElessarin general channel?)16:17
dmdrummondfrals: was the Clock app meeting today or yesterday?16:20
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fralsdmdrummond: yesterday :)16:22
dmdrummondfral: I thought it was today :-(16:23
fralsdmdrummond: was only me, kuifei and kevin though, so i guess it was a bit confusing which day it was suppose to be16:23
dmdrummondfrals: I'll have to catch up in the logs.16:23
fralsdmdrummond: kevin was suppose to send out minutes today (havent checked private mail so maybe he did already)16:24
fralsor just read the logs yeah16:24
QtRoSWill we  test applications on real devices on late phases?16:28
KevinWrightHey, hey are any of the E-Mai, app people here?17:03
pramodxyleyep...i'm here...17:03
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KevinWrightmhall119: ping!17:05
AlexOstapenko_I'm here too17:05
KevinWrightRuslan, pramodxyle, AlexOstapenko_: hello all!17:06
KevinWrightRuslan, pramodxyle, AlexOstapenko_: thanks for coming17:06
pramodxyle1hi kevin, hi everyone...17:06
KevinWrightRuslan, pramodxyle, AlexOstapenko_: we should have a short conversation today just to get started17:06
KevinWrightRuslan, pramodxyle, AlexOstapenko_: maybe what we can do is a short round of intros17:07
KevinWrightRuslan, pramodxyle, AlexOstapenko_: I can start17:07
KevinWrightRuslan, pramodxyle, AlexOstapenko_: So thanks again for coming17:07
QtRoSE-mail team have meet today?17:07
KevinWrightQtRoS: yep, welcome17:07
KevinWrightQtRos: just in time17:07
QtRoSNo no, I am in RSS team17:07
KevinWrightQtRoS: ok17:07
QtRoSI will come later, 15 min17:07
QtRoSРуслан, тест русского языка :)17:08
RuslanQtRoS: I can read it17:08
QtRoSBut we shouldn't speak Russian17:08
Ruslanbut it's english channel, so please prefer it :)17:08
KevinWrightRuslan, pramodxyle, AlexOstapenko_: I'm one of the engineering managers at Canonical and here to help with this project17:08
QtRoSIt will confuse others, sure17:08
KevinWrightRuslan, pramodxyle, AlexOstapenko_: I also have another colleague mhall119, who might also be here somewhere17:09
KevinWrightRuslan, pramodxyle, AlexOstapenko_: He too will be one of the people involved with this project17:09
RuslanKevinWright: applitcation development will be done in Ubuntu Desktop only? Would be there any system snapshots for real devices?17:09
KevinWrightRuslan: At some point in time there will be, but no dates yet17:10
RuslanKevinWright: would Nokia meego devices be supported or only android-based one?17:10
KevinWrightRuslan: You'll need to wait for the public discussions about that. I don't have details.17:11
RuslanKevinWright: ok, I'll wait :)17:11
KevinWrightRuslan, pramodxyle, AlexOstapenko_: So just quickly about myself and then we can introduce everyone else17:11
KevinWrightRuslan, pramodxyle, AlexOstapenko_: I've been with Canonical for a little over a year, but using Qt for several years now17:12
KevinWrightRuslan, pramodxyle, AlexOstapenko_: Which is one of the reasons I am excited about this opportunity17:12
KevinWrightRuslan, pramodxyle, AlexOstapenko_: Anyone else from the team a current Qt app developer in work or personal projects?17:13
KevinWrightRuslan: How about yourself?17:13
pramodxyle1i work on kde projects....mainly caligra suite....use Qt a lot...17:13
KevinWrightpramodxyle: cool17:13
RuslanI'm currently qutIM developer, also hack a bit Qt Build Suite and Qt mainline17:14
KevinWrightAlexOstapenko_: How about yourself?17:14
Ruslanusing Qt approximatly for five years17:14
AlexOstapenko_I use QML\JS in my personal projects and use Qt\C++ only in urgant cases17:15
KevinWrightAlexOstapenko_:  excellent17:15
KevinWrightRuslan, pramodxyle, AlexOstapenko_: So let's keep it short today17:15
KevinWrightRuslan, pramodxyle, AlexOstapenko_: We'll talk specifics via email and next discussion17:16
KevinWrightRuslan, pramodxyle, AlexOstapenko_: Has everyone had a chance to see the project resources?17:16
KevinWrightRuslan, pramodxyle, AlexOstapenko_: the wiki and so forth?17:16
KevinWrightRuslan, pramodxyle, AlexOstapenko_: And a chance to install the ubuntu-sdk and components?17:16
pramodxyle1yep...did check out the wiki....was installing the sdk...17:17
Ruslanhm, wiki?17:17
AlexOstapenko_yep, I've already installed sdk and ubuntu-components17:17
KevinWrightRuslan: Yes, just one second17:17
Ruslansdk is already installed of course and tried17:18
KevinWrightRruslin: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuPhone/CoreApps17:18
KevinWrightRuslan: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuPhone/CoreApps17:18
KevinWrightRuslan: And https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuPhone/CoreApps/EmailClient17:18
KevinWrightRuslan, pramodxyle, AlexOstapenko_: Great!17:19
RuslanKevinWright: oh, haven't noticed that it's a wiki :) I've seen it, of course17:19
KevinWrightRuslan, pramodxyle, AlexOstapenko_: OK, so there are some roughed in project details, but we should still fill in more details17:19
KevinWrightRuslan, pramodxyle, AlexOstapenko_: Not today, but break down the work items17:20
KevinWrightRuslan, pramodxyle, AlexOstapenko_: And brainstorm (the fun part!)17:20
KevinWrightRuslan, pramodxyle, AlexOstapenko_: We can do that in our next meeting17:20
KevinWrightRuslan, pramodxyle, AlexOstapenko_: And in the meantime via email or individual chats17:21
KevinWrightRuslan, pramodxyle, AlexOstapenko_: Does anyone have any specific questions I can help answer?17:21
RuslanKevinWright: is the baseline defined already or all libraries/frameworks is an subject of change?17:21
KevinWrightRuslan: There will be change but was there something specific you were wondering about?17:21
KevinWrightRuslan: Not everything is going to change though! Some things will remain constant17:22
RuslanI've seen the discussion about using c++ in applications in mailing list, so I wonder if it is possible/needed to implement e-mail core as QtQuick2 extension17:23
KevinWrightRuslan: We'll be using the Qt framework as much as possible, and specifically focus as much on the declarative approach17:23
Ruslanthat looks like a bit overhead17:23
Ruslanor all technical details is better to discuss in mailing list?17:24
KevinWrightRuslan: You can discuss here17:25
KevinWrightRuslan: We obviously want the UI to be QML/QtQuick17:25
KevinWrightRuslan: And do as much as possible in a declarative way17:25
KevinWrightRuslan: As much as it makes sense17:25
KevinWrightRuslan: But some things that isn't possible obviously17:26
QtRoSAll work with network will be done with C++17:26
bobweaverHello there any one been able to get dconf-qt to work on qt5 ?17:26
RuslanKevinWright: thanks, one more question17:26
fralssorry for totally crashing your meeting - but what about account management? is it part of email app or a system wide thing?17:26
KevinWrightRuslan: Sure17:26
KevinWrightfrals: good question. I'll poke someone and find out17:27
RuslanKevinWright: where all messages/account information is thought to be stored?17:27
bobweaverwait there is a meeting going on right now ?  .....17:27
KevinWrightRuslan: I think that is the same question as frals17:27
KevinWrightRuslan, frals: let me find out the specifics. I think I know the answer but want to onfirm it with someone first.17:28
KevinWrightonfirm == confirm17:28
KevinWrightRuslan, pramodxyle, AlexOstapenko_: OK, we are in just the final few minutes of the scheduled talk. Any final thoughts for today? I know it was a bit rushed.17:28
KevinWrightRuslan, pramodxyle, AlexOstapenko_: We can pick it up again another day and via email17:29
pramodxyle1yep...sure...in the next meeting we can probably have specific technical stuff discussed...17:30
KevinWrightRuslan, pramodxyle, AlexOstapenko_: OK, if not I would like to thank you for this quick intro meeting. As I mentioned we can get into more specific project details in the next discussions17:30
KevinWrightpramodxyle: yes17:30
KevinWrightRuslan, pramodxyle, AlexOstapenko_: OK thanks again everyone. Looking forward to working with you!17:30
RuslanKevinWright: good like :)17:31
Ruslan* luck17:31
AlexOstapenko_Thank you, Kevin !17:31
pramodxyle1KevinWright: thanks kevin...:) thanks everyone...!17:31
KevinWrightHey, are the RSS App people here too?17:31
Ruslanhe he, the queue :)17:32
KevinWrightRuslan: yep, back to back :)17:32
QtRoSI am in RSS team17:33
KevinWrightQtRoS: Hi!17:33
QtRoSKevinWright: Hello Kevin17:33
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KevinWrightQtRoS, VladimirMoolle: Thanks for coming17:34
KevinWrightAnyone else for the RSS App talk?17:34
KevinWrightQtRoS, VladimirMoolle: Maybe you saw the previous thread for the Email client17:35
KevinWrightQtRoS, VladimirMoolle: I asked if everyone saw the resources17:35
KevinWrightQtRoS, VladimirMoolle: And intalled Qt5 + Ubuntu components17:35
KevinWrightQtRoS, VladimirMoolle: Did everything go OK with those?17:35
QtRoSMy name is Roman, I am from Russia, Qt developer about 4 years, QML experience about 1.5 years, already tried toolkit and partially ported MeeGo app.17:36
QtRoSKevinWright: so all is ok ;)17:36
KevinWrightQtRoS: Cool!17:37
KevinWrightQtRoS: VladimirMoolle is just joining us17:38
KevinWrightQtRoS: thanks for the quick intro17:38
VladimirMoolleyep, I'm here17:38
KevinWrightQtRoS, VladimirMoolle: I'll do my intro now too17:38
QtRoSKevinWright: yep17:38
KevinWrightQtRoS, VladimirMoolle: So I joined Canonical about a year ago, but have been with Qt technology for several years now, including my time at Nokia17:39
VladimirMoollemy intro is short: I'm interested in harcore QML practice17:39
KevinWrightQtRoS, VladimirMoolle: I'm excited to be able to use QML/QtQuick targeting mobile devices again17:39
VladimirMoollehar[d]core :)17:39
KevinWrightVladimirMoolle: you're in the right place then!17:39
VladimirMoollewell, I was hoping to try Qt5 on Nexus717:40
KevinWrightVladimirMoolle: Maybe you can tell us about yourself a bit. Do you use Qt and QML in everyday life?17:40
QtRoSIt's cool, rly cool!17:40
VladimirMoolleuntil found out that  flashing roms could irrevertibly hard-brick the device17:40
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QtRoSVladimirMoolle: where are you from? :)17:40
VladimirMoollewell, I'm telecommuting as a contractor to an US-based firm17:41
VladimirMoolle(I'm from Saint Petersburg)17:41
KevinWrightQtRoS, VladimirMoolle: I should practise Russian maybe!17:41
nOStahlthose russian programers are pretty good!17:41
KevinWrightQtRoS, VladimirMoolle: (I don't actually know any Russian)17:41
QtRoSnOStahl: thx! )17:41
VladimirMoolle[esp when they hit the Ballmer peak, hehe]17:41
VladimirMoollethe main technology here is Qt (and QMLQ)17:42
QtRoSKevinWright: I will teach you in free time!)17:42
KevinWrightQtRoS, VladimirMoolle: So today I just wanted a chance to meet quickly and have an intro. Plus wondering if there were project questions I can answer before more formal discussions and coding starts.17:42
KevinWrightQtRoS: thanks!17:42
KevinWrightQtRoS, VladimirMoolle: We can talk about the project work details in the next meeting, including planning work items and so forth17:43
VladimirMoolleI'm currently involved in writing in-depth documentation on QML (primarily for internal use), and thus have time to investigate things in detail17:43
KevinWrightVladimirMoolle: Cool17:44
nOStahl(imagine russian coders in a stone wall leaky basement with a single hanging candescent lightbulb that flickers above them with their workstation made out of random computer components nailed to a wooden board- furiously coding away on a keyboard that is bare buttons with no top cover to hold the keys in)17:44
nOStahlrussian coders = dedicated determined :P17:44
VladimirMoolledamn, if we did handouts, you would see 3/4 of that in my case17:44
QtRoSnOStahl: stop it! Or my bear will eat you!17:45
VladimirMoolleI'm amidst a room under reconstruction17:45
VladimirMoolleand my main box is built from random components17:45
nOStahloh did I mention that russian programers still find time to pump the iron and are built like tanks despite sitting behind a keyboard all hours of the night :P17:45
VladimirMoolle(case half-open and 12 yeasr old, etc)17:45
KevinWrightVladimirMoolle: That sounds like a scene out of the movie Brazil17:45
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bobweaverwhat is going on on this channel today ?  I can not find any info about what this is ?17:46
VladimirMoolledamn, and my dumbells are 2 meters from me (and the main box has a sport bench instead of a chair)17:46
bobweavernot on the fridge ect17:46
VladimirMoolleno kidding, guys17:46
KevinWrightQtRoS, VladimirMoolle: So we have just a few minutes remaining17:46
QtRoSnOStahl: you again right, look at me ) http://cs316629.userapi.com/v316629832/111d/ZunTWe911Q4.jpg17:46
KevinWrightQtRoS, VladimirMoolle: Any questions I can answer here, or should we wrap up the official talk early?17:47
fralsN9 \o/17:47
VladimirMoolleok, I'll try to install the sdk and run the branch I got from bazaar17:47
KevinWrightVladimirMoolle: Let me know how it goes17:47
QtRoSKevinWright: ok, trying too17:47
VladimirMoollebtw, Brazil movie (if we speaking of Gilliam's one)17:47
KevinWrightQtRoS: Alright cool17:47
VladimirMoolleis probably my most fav one17:48
KevinWrightQtRoS, VladimirMoolle: That's the one17:48
VladimirMoollethe uncut edition watches like a (bad) dream17:48
KevinWrightVladimirMoolle: Your description earlier of your room I imagined the apartment with the broken air con17:48
VladimirMoolleI remmoved the inner windows, and have no air coond here17:48
VladimirMoolleso I just open the window to get some fresh air from time to time17:49
KevinWrightVladimirMoolle: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dht_3NziwSw17:49
RuslanKevinWright: I'm sorry, when will you be able to answer storage/account info question?17:49
KevinWrightRuslan: I'll try to get back to your tomorrow17:50
RuslanKevinWright: next meeting/mail list?17:50
RuslanKevinWright: ok17:50
KevinWrightRuslan: I just want to make sure I have the exact specific details17:50
KevinWrightQtRoS, VladimirMoolle: OK guys thanks for meeting today. Let's wrap up the official meeting and in the next discussion go into more specific project details!17:50
QtRoSKevinWright: please, say RSS reader app bzr name17:51
VladimirMoolleok, so, Kebin, yiou'll ping us via mail when the nect meeting is about to happen?17:51
VladimirMoolleKe[v]in, sry17:51
KevinWrightQtRoS: hold on a second and I'll fetch it17:51
KevinWrightVladimirMoolle: Yes I'll ping you by mail17:51
RuslanKevinWright: also, are there any suggestions about imap/pop3 library to use or it's implementation have to be written from the scratch?17:52
KevinWrightQtRoS: You can find many project details here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuPhone/CoreApps/EmailClient17:52
QtRoSKevinWright: ubuntu-rssreader-app17:52
QtRoSKevinWright: sry for dummy question17:52
VladimirMoolleok, just watched that clip, yeah, DeNiro wanted the main role, but had to play that one :)17:52
dmdKevinWright: DO you know when the file manager team is meeting?17:52
KevinWrightQtRoS: sorry wrong link17:52
QtRoSKevinWright: no need already, thx!17:53
usererrorcan someone point me to the mailing list?17:53
nOStahlhaha QtRoS crazy russian coder still finds time to work out17:54
usererrora tad limited on my searching abilities atm17:54
dmdthat page has most of the useful data like mailing lists17:54
dmdthen there are irc logs: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2013/02/13/%23ubuntu-phone.html17:55
usererrorvery cool17:55
usererrordidn't know there were the irc logs17:55
dmdyeah but it turns out this channel was dead upto yesterday17:55
dmdI went through past two weeks of logs and nothing interesting17:56
dmdyesterday's log does have the clock and calender meeting though17:56
KevinWrightdmd : Yes I think it started yesterday17:57
bobweaverbzoltan,  do you know if there is any plains to port dconf-qt to qt5  or box2d or tiles or amy of the qmlarcade stuff ?17:57
usererroryeah I have had this channel open for quite a while, and all the activity seemed to start up yesterday morning or so17:57
dmdKevinWright: any idea when the file manager team is meeting?17:57
VladimirMoollen0Stahl >> e never forget about working out here, and I must say, I'm somehat bulkier (cause older and had more time to train :) :) )17:58
KevinWrightdmd: let's talk in the private channel a moment17:58
dmderr, I'm new to irssi.17:58
dmdIs there a private channel already open?17:58
KevinWrightdmd: I pinged you there17:59
VladimirMoolleclick on a person's name for that17:59
KevinWrightdmd: that's ok17:59
QtRoSKevinWright: Thank you for meeting! Good bye! I am awaiting email with new details!17:59
KevinWrightQtRoS: thanks again17:59
bobweaverdosent matter what I say as I am not sure that you can see this.  But also wondering about the status of  Ub1 in the components18:05
Riussi_KevinWright: sorry I missed the clock-app meeting yesterday, I thought it was today ;)18:06
KevinWrightRiussi_: No problem at all18:08
bobweaverwatch this I will make all them apps in a day18:11
bobweaverthink I am messing around watch and see what happens18:11
dmdREADY, SET, GO!18:11
dmdbut to be fair I do not think leaving the coreapps to the comunnity is a cost or effort saving tactic18:12
dmdI think they want to bootstrap the community with competent developers18:13
bobweaveremail app now has gmail plugin woops18:21
bobweaveryou all have used the qml automotive  playgtound before ?18:22
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dmdisn't that old and from qml1?18:23
bobweavernot hard to port18:24
bobweaverfind . -name '*.qml' -exec sed -i "s|import\ QtQuick\ 1.0|mport\ QtQuick\ 2.0|g" {} \;18:25
bobweaverer wrong place18:25
mhall119handy command though :)18:25
bobweaverlol now I have a bunch of mport QtQuick 2.0   :/18:26
dmdmore sed18:26
mhall119sed -e 's/^mport/import/' should fix that18:26
dmd"Now you have two problems"18:26
bobweaverdang it this compents is so touchey18:30
bobweaverwarning: Cannot tie this documentation to anything18:30
bobweaver    [I found a /*! ... */ comment, but there was no topic command (e.g., '\fn', '\page') in the comment and no function definition following the comment.]18:30
bobweaverI will try qt5-beta-proper18:32
chayin_ping KevinWright18:36
bzoltanbobweaver: I do not have such plans, but it does not mean these should not be ported18:39
bobweaverbzoltan,  would be cool can connect to bus stuff IE unity  but I am having troubles with METaQbject :?18:40
bobweaverI guess could just make a proxy model ?18:40
bzoltan dmd: just came to my mind... did you know that that best selling File Manager  application for N9 was written in QML, and the developer's name is Juhapekka Piiroinen? :)18:40
bzoltanmhall119:  ^18:41
bobweaverbox2d and tilied would be cool for making 2d games :)18:41
bobweavertiles *18:41
bobweaverbzoltan,  if you would like to give tiles and box2d here is a simple mario bros that I hacked up after taking 2 different marios and making them one (needs alot of work but is good example )    https://code.launchpad.net/~josephjamesmills/+junk/mario_mockup18:44
bzoltanbobweaver:  thanks, I will check it out18:44
bobweaverthat is video but lag is due to gstreamer18:45
dmdbzoltan: nope I did not know that. Is he working on the file manager?18:47
bzoltandmd: no :) he is not... he is working my team on the SDK18:47
bobweaverbzoltan,  Question:  what do I use for translations on say something from a XmlRole ? or some other variable ? Thanks :)18:47
bobweaverI dont think that qsTr(some.function)18:48
bobweaveris going to work18:48
dmdbzoltan: oh cool, does he know if QML's javascript is enough for basic file system manipulation or will it require a c++ plugin? Basic functionality is my today's todo task18:48
ajalkanedmd: requires C++18:49
dmdajalkane: thank you that saves me some research18:49
bzoltanbobweaver: I would check out the QtQuick.XmlListModel18:49
bobweaverworks ok ^18:49
dmdcool: https://projects.developer.nokia.com/backuptogo/browser/qml/FileBrowser.qml?rev=1218:50
bobweaverbzoltan,  let me make you a example file so you can see what I am talking about18:50
bzoltandmd:  Sure he does know. There is no file system or IO APIs in QML ... but sure it would come handy for many other applications.18:50
dmdok now I am confused. Will filelistmodel be enough to display files?18:51
bzoltanbobweaver:  Sure. You can drop a mail to the mailing list ... I am planning to close this day... it is 9pm here :)18:51
bobweaverbzoltan,  like this18:52
bobweaverwhere in the compent there is fileName  how to make that function translatable ? or is that all local stuff18:52
bobweaverLine 62 ^^18:53
dmdbzoltan: if I would like to suggest a feature (something like android's intent system), where would I do this?18:54
bobweaverdmd,  you can use example above if you like change the hard coded (/home/joseph/Music ) part  http://imagebin.org/246600    there is also a Flipen great example of how to use and amake a file manager in qml2 with filelistmodel  in the Garth stuff  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SMRln8FJvKc18:57
dmdbobweaver: thank you!19:00
bobweaverthere is a 2 c++ files I think I am not sure19:00
j-bAny documentation about the native libraries allowed for development usage?19:02
bobweaverOk this is not working what happened to the ui components stuff ?19:24
bobweaverkeeps on removing all my qt4 stuff also I get this error when trying to compile19:25
bobweaversh: 1: /usr/bin/qdoc: not found19:25
bobweaverBut it is installed19:25
bobweaverI have tried using both the stagging and the reg ppa and I get dep issues so I override and still nothing19:25
bobweaverI have tried to package it up myself and tried 4 different versions of qmake19:26
bobweaverstill nothing19:26
=== DanielDressler is now known as dmd2
bobweaversee http://imagebin.org/24661019:27
dmd2your qdoc is missing?19:29
bobweaverI have tried both proper and beta proper19:29
dmd2what does find / -name qdoc19:29
bobweaverdmd,  naw it is there it is make file or something19:29
bobweaverwhereis even finds it19:30
dmd2oh well I really did not have an idea in the first place19:30
bobweaverI am updating and upgrading maybe there is something that I am missing19:30
dmd2so it is not a problem with qdoc?19:30
wastrelmy one says /opt/qt5/bin/qdoc19:31
dmd2I don't know, if you forced an install things will be odd19:31
bobweaverI do know that it just removed all my qml4 stuff. Not to happy about that19:31
ajalkaneIf /usr/bin/qdoc is not found it's pretty clear that's the problem. Check permissions at least19:31
dmd2wastrel: I think that was the old install location before the "proper" ppa19:31
wastreli just followed the instructions on the site19:32
dmd2yeah it through me for a loop19:32
ajalkaneAlso check the the script file where that command is called19:32
dmd2they changed the instructions without any fan-fair19:32
dmd2thus all the online stackoverflow help is outdated and a bit dangerous19:32
bobweaveryeah I got like 3 of them installed all not under /usr/bin lol19:33
wastreli seem to also have /usr/bin/qdoc19:33
bobweaver/usr/share/qt5/5.0.0-rc1/gcc/bin/qdoc /opt/qt5/5.0.0-rc1/gcc/bin/qdoc  /opt/qt5beta/bin/qdoc /opt/qt5/bin/qdoc /opt/Qt5.0.1/5.0.1/gcc/bin/qdoc19:34
dmd2is the "proper" ppa install throwing errors?19:35
bobweaverboth the proper and betaproper (alsio 12.04 32bit if helps)19:35
dmd2I had the /opt/qt5 dirctory before I upgraded to proper19:35
dmd2which install did you force?19:36
bobweaver /opt/Qt5.0.1/blah/blah/qmake19:36
bobweaverthat is the one that I am trying to install to19:36
bobweaverbut I have tried all others also19:36
dmd2you're installing through apt-get right?19:37
bobweaveryeah but it was not working so I tried to compile19:37
bobweaverdep issues19:37
dmd2saw the stackoverflow awnser?19:38
dmd2ok, there was one so question that suggested compiling. I almost did it but I am glad I stoped since the ppa does work19:39
dmd2I'm on 12.04 32bit as well19:39
dmd2I do not know of a solution but I would try to uninstall the compiled version19:39
bobweaverOo @ bashrc to see if I have anything set that is calling qt5beta19:39
dmd2ah yeah you might19:40
bobweavernothing just debian packaging stuff :/19:40
bobweaverok everything is updated and upgraded. Iam sad that I lost qmlviewer for qt4 and all the rest of that stuff but I am going to reboot to see if that fixs it thanks for all the help you all are wonderfull19:42
daliusdquick question: qml:10:1: MainView is not a type19:42
daliusdwhat I have done wrong?19:42
daliusdI have followed those instructions to install qt5 http://developer.ubuntu.com/get-started/gomobile/#step-get-toolkit19:43
mhall119KevinWright: http://design.ubuntu.com/apps has just been posted19:44
daliusdCurrencyConverter sample is working thus I conclude that pppa is outdated19:44
KevinWrightmhall119: Cool!19:44
bobweaverBad bad bad bad news19:46
bobweaverit bereaks unity 2d19:46
bobweaverbreaks *19:47
bobweaverproper beta  ppa that is19:47
bobweaverunity-2d-shell: symbol lookup error: /usr/local/lib/libdconf-qt.so.0: undefined symbol: dconf_dbus_client_new19:47
dpmdaliusd, bobweaver, try the "Migration: from the Qt 5 Beta 1 to Qt 5.0" instructions on http://pad.ubuntu.com/BwVVfCSYEv19:48
bobweaverthanks dpm19:48
daliusdEither you have not been granted access to this resource or your entitlement has timed out. Please try again.19:49
dpmbobweaver, on that new ppa there is also a Qt5 package for Qt4 compatibility, so you should be able to run qmlviewer too. But I haven't tested it myself, as the focus for the toolkit is Qt5 + QtQuick 2 (i.e. qmlscene)19:50
dpmlet me find out the name of the package...19:50
bobweaverI am going to try to purge dconf-qt and re-install19:50
bobweaverI think that is what is messing up unity 2d19:50
bobweaverbut yeah it removed qmlviewer419:51
dpmdaliusd, weird. In any case, until I publish it in a more permanent location, I've put it here for you: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1645979/19:52
daliusddpm, thanks - let me try it19:53
bobweaveryeah I fixed it. It was crazy tools that I was compiling last night :/19:56
bobweavertrying to port to qt5 ^^19:57
bobweaveryeah it removed things like qt-designer and all that stuff from qt4 :/20:00
* bobweaver is sad 20:00
bobweaveragain this is the beta proper ppa20:00
* daliusd is sad too20:03
daliusdnow qt components are not found at all :-)20:03
daliusd*Ubuntu Components20:03
daliusdOK. I have not even used beta1 :-)20:05
daliusdReally MainView is documented but not available through ppa20:06
daliusddpm, any ideas where MainView is? I wouldn't care but that's in calculator-app template20:10
dmd2mhall119: thank you for the design guide!20:10
dpmdaliusd, it is in the packages of the qt5-proper PPA you migrated to with those instructions20:11
bobweaverOk This is kinda I mean real bad it has removed all my qt4 stuff so I have to install so That I can build off qt4 but then I get crazy error when trying to install Ubuntu-sdk  http://paste.ubuntu.com/1646048/20:16
=== danieru_ is now known as dmd2
bobweaveranyone know how to tell ubuntu-ui-toolkit where you want to install on make ?20:35
bobweaverIt is installing to /opt/Qt5.0.1/5.0.1/gcc/lib/qt5/qml/Ubuntu/Components/*      and not /opt/Qt5.0.1/5.0.1/gcc/qml/Ubuntu/Components/20:36
daliusddpm, uninstalled everything qt5 related installed again and it is working now. Thanks!20:37
dpmdaliusd, ah, awesome, great to hear that!20:38
daliusdI guess this helped: sudo aptitude remove qtbase20:38
daliusdbut not sure20:39
dpmbobweaver, it shouldn't install in /opt, it should install in /usr, are you sure you are using the latest packages from the qt5-proper PPA?20:39
bobweaverNo because it Will not work20:39
bobweaverSo I am compiling20:39
daliusddpm, bobweaver, instructions you have contain information that you should remove old qt from PATH. I think that implies that you must restart terminal as well.20:39
bobweaveryeah I did that even restarted machine20:40
daliusdmaybe the fact that I have not restarted terminal has some meaning as well20:40
dpmbobweaver, so you mean compiling the whole stack will be easier than installing the packages? Are you really sure about that?20:40
bobweaverdpm,  at this point yeah20:40
bobweaverhear me out for a second20:40
bobweaver1)  I *need* qt4 sor some of the work that I do I can not have this ppa remove all my stuff for qt4 (viewer and designer and asststant ect)20:41
bobweaver2)  I keep on getting depends errors when I try to just install via ppa20:41
daliusdbobweaver, you can work in VM then maybe20:42
dpmindeed, I was going to suggest the same20:42
dmd2bobweaver: I still somehow have the qt4 tools isntalled20:42
bobweaver3)  I like to have many different  versions of Qt so that I can install otherthings like Box2s and tiles and everything else20:42
=== SkavenXXI is now known as SkavenXXI-[OFF]
dpmcan you not use a VM for either your Qt 4 or Qt 5 work?20:42
bobweaverI can not I do not have the ram :/20:42
dmd2which errors?20:42
bobweaverhere are errors on trying to install via pp a20:43
dpmbobweaver, if you do not have the ram for a vm, compiling qt5 might also take a while on that machine20:43
bobweaverOH I am not compiling qt520:43
bobweaversorry about all that20:43
bobweaverI have qt5.0..1 installed via git and also have beta1 and canonicals beta proper and canonical proper installed20:44
bobweaverlet me take a screenshot20:44
dpmbobweaver, in any case, I'd try to have a word with Mirv when he's online. He packaged Qt 5 + Qt 4 for Ubuntu in the same way as it is in Debian, and it should allow Qt4 and Qt5 coexisting20:44
dpmyou probably shouldn't have both the beta1 and proper PPAs enabled at the same time20:45
dpmthat's probably where the problems come20:45
dmd2sorry bobweaver I think my internet connection is done20:46
daliusddpm, when maybe "4" must be changed to "5" in upgrade instructions in this line: $ sudo apt-get remove qtcreator qt4-qmlviewer20:47
bobweaveras you can see I have 3 version that are from canonical20:47
bobweavernone of them work with ubuntu-ui-toolkit20:47
daliusdor maybe not. OK I must go ;-)20:48
daliusdand thanks for help20:48
dpmnp ;)20:48
bobweaverbut on the positive side of things I think that I just got it to work on qt5.0.1 which is from there site20:48
bobweaverthere site = http://qt-project.org/downloads20:48
dpmbobweaver, I'd recommend just using the packaged version, with one binary for qt 5 instead of multiple ones. That should also let you install and use Qt4 at the same time. But I think the multiple installations + upstream install might make things a bit more difficult20:50
bobweaverno I dont think so20:52
bobweaverI think that it removes all things qmlviewer for qt420:53
bobweaverBut  \o/20:53
bobweaverit is working after compile \o/20:54
nOStahlthey are not going to do a kubuntu for phones are they? ugh….20:58
bobweaverKubuntu has been on phone for years20:58
bobweaverI think that that all started in like 2009 or something like that20:59
bobweaverI was playing with that yesterday needs alot of work20:59
bobweaverUbuntu One any one ? http://imagebin.org/24661821:01
bobweaverQuestion:  is there a list of all things that need to be done ?21:01
ajalkaneWhat phone has kubuntu been for years on?21:01
bobweaverthe code has been out for years (sorry my mistake )21:02
bobweaverand it is plasma-mobile21:02
bobweaverbut I think it started on n900 or something like that21:02
nOStahljust checked it out on youtube21:02
nOStahlI think ubuntu for phones has a bit more polish to it than plasma-mobile :P21:02
bobweaverOh for sure sure nOStahl21:03
bobweaverSo anyone know where this golden list is ? :)  mhall119  ^^21:04
mhall119what list?21:17
bobweavermhall119,  I thought that I seen something about a clock a email thingy ect21:21
bobweaverthings that are needed for the phone21:21
bobweaveror apps I should say sorry21:21
mhall119oh, yes21:21
nOStahla nice gitlab app would sure be nice :)21:22
mhall119nOStahl: write one21:22
mhall119this is by no means a complete list21:23
bobweaverOk I have a couple of these things21:23
mhall119it's just the one we want to offer21:23
nOStahlIm not much of a coder, but I can conceptualize one for someone else to program up21:23
bobweaverfacebook twitter and all that stuff21:23
matlocki wanna build my own ubuntu phone21:23
matlockhow do?21:23
dmdmatlock: can not21:24
mhall119matlock: your own hardware?21:24
matlockno no no, software21:24
matlocki got an eeepad sl10121:24
bobweaverI could make make weather app.  Just need to find a good api. that is what I will work on21:24
matlockgot ubuntu 11.10 running on it21:24
bobweaverthanks mhall11921:24
matlockjust need a bit more hw support21:24
mhall119oh, you want to install it on your own hardware?21:24
mhall119matlock: the phone code should be released later this month, it's not available right now21:25
matlockso can anyone say what kernel it uses or what modules can be pulled to it from android?21:26
xaxisxhey #ubuntu-phone, I was wondering whether there are plans to get Ubuntu Phone running on iPhones or Android devices?21:26
xaxisxIt'd be a great alternative to iOS IMHO21:26
dmdxaxisx: that's up to apple21:26
ajalkaneiOS is closed so I don't see that happening21:26
dmdto be more honest: apple will say no21:27
xaxisxtrue, but what about through an iPhone jailbreak mechanism?21:27
dmdxaxisx: zero chance21:27
popeyonce the source and image is released, if someone else wants to have a go, feel free, but it's not one of our targets21:28
matlockman i can't wait21:28
xaxisxI see, okay thanks. are the targets just ubuntu hardware at this point.21:28
dmdandroid hardware looks to be their focus21:28
matlockgalaxy nexus this month according to sources21:29
ajalkanexaxisx: you need open bootloader to be able to run other operating systems. iOS has locked bootloader.21:29
dmdsince it is plentiful and has xda-developers attention21:29
dmdajalkane is 100% right21:29
xaxisxajalkane: ahh okay -- that's too bad. excited to see it on android devices though!21:29
matlockyea they did a lot of work getting the eeepad running with ubuntu21:29
bobweavermhall119,  would this work for weather ?  around 30 seconds http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KMgQpS8F6_o21:30
mhall119xaxisx: the plan is to release an image for the Galaxy Nexus21:30
dmdthen global dominatoin21:30
mhall119bobweaver: access denied21:30
=== j-b is now known as winner
nOStahlhow about a arm'd break in to apple hq and steal plans to unlock the boot loader :P21:30
=== winner is now known as j-b
dmdnOStahl: I'm sure they keep the signing keys in the library.21:31
xaxisxhaha, arm'd.21:31
bobweavermhall119,  try again  about 30 to 45 seconds in   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KMgQpS8F6_o21:31
bobweaveredit around 1 minute in jezz I am off today :/21:32
mhall119bobweaver: the weather app will be a separate app, not built into the shell21:33
mhall119there are designs for it already on the wiki page21:33
mhall119but they can probably use whatever backend code you have for fetching it21:33
popeymatlock: I'd wait for the release and then have a play with the image and code21:35
nOStahlhow long do you guys estimate before I can pick up a used android former "bargain free phone" and install ubuntu phone on it21:36
popeynot something I've considered calculating21:37
AlanBellnOStahl: the dev phones are fairly big things, not cheap ones, and the plan is for pre-installed phones not reflashing used ones21:38
bobweavermhall119,  it was using google weather api but they shut it down :(  it is going to be hard to find a weather api that is good and also not pay for21:38
bobweaverIf any of you know of one preferable xml that would be cool21:38
popeyAlanBell: not quite, it's both21:38
nOStahlwill we be able to re flash used phones?21:38
popeyfor the developer preview image people will be able to flash existing phones for which an image is made available21:39
bobweaverI have to go walk dog maybe when I get there will be nice api posted here ?21:39
popeybut we're expecting community folk to rip it apart and perhaps make Ubuntu Phone OS images for other devices we hadn't targetted21:39
* bobweaver is wishing upon a star 21:39
AlanBellpopey: ooh, interesting21:39
bobweaverpopey,  it si a zip file flash ?21:40
popeyIt'll be released in a usable format, yeah21:40
nOStahlhow about ubuntu for tablets project is there such a thing in the works?21:40
AlanBellpopey: is there a target minimum screen resolution yet?21:40
dmdbobweaver: I think the weather apps people were talking yesterday about finding an api21:40
popeymore importantly the source code will be released, so peopl can build for random targets21:40
popeyAlanBell: pass21:40
* popey points nOStahl at #ubuntu-tablet and it's quietness21:41
bobweaverand use what the source offers ,, thanks dmd, let me know if you know of api21:41
dmdI have no idea21:41
dmdI no xbmc guys were having issues with apis21:41
bobweaverqtmediahub is Great !!21:42
bobweaverI know I know I am american (dang proud too) but ... does other places also have zipcodes ?21:56
bobweaverlike in Europe ?21:56
dmdyes but they might be called postal codes21:56
dmdand they have a different format21:57
bobweaverdmd,  you are in europe ?21:57
dmdor it might just be a canadian thing to call postal codes zip codes21:57
dmdnope, candad21:57
bobweaveryou can try this ?21:57
bobweaverbut change to your zip21:57
bobweaverso take out 90210  and replace with your zip maybe it works ? also for people in england21:58
dmdit does not work with canadian zip codes21:58
bobweaverer only us21:58
bobweaverNext One !21:58
bobweaverI am looking at this http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1305127/free-weather-api but it seems that there is not anything that is like "Paris"  seems like people would not know there lat and long22:00
dmdyeah and geo databases are another area frought with restrictions22:00
dmdon the plus the phone might be able to get lat/long22:00
bobweaverdmd,  correct I could use qt.location22:01
dmdmax 500 cals per day22:02
popeybobweaver: why not look at the weather indicator?22:03
popeyindicator-weather - indicator that displays weather information22:03
bobweaverwhat weather indicator popey  (sorry I just dont know )22:03
popeyapt-get source indicator-weather22:03
bobweaverinstalling now22:03
popeybin/indicator-weather:        baseurl = 'http://api.geonames.org/getJSON'22:04
bobweaverLook at popey  with his huge brain and awesomeness :)22:04
bobweaverI want a airport named  "<stationName>Wahoo Municipal Airport</stationName>"22:23
comjfhowdy guys!23:07
comjfis this an active irc for developer questions about the planned ubuntu phone?23:10
comjfdmd: awesome, I'm super excited about it, and started on the tutorials for working with QML/QT. I'm more of a scripting guy, but the first tutorial I saw was very well written and understandable!23:11
comjfI've found that the docs are a bit bare now though, is there some place I can learn more about QML as it relates to ubuntu itself? Maybe if the phone APIs aren't ready, is the process for apps on ubuntu itself similar?23:12
dmdI have no idea23:12
dmdI agree the documentation is a bit sparse23:12
dmdcanonical released the notepad app which appears to be example of best practices23:13
comjfoh really? I'll have to look it up23:13
comjfDo you have much QT experience?23:13
dmdalmost none23:13
comjfhaha so we're in the same boat23:14
comjfDoes this channel have much chatter? I was on last night for an hour and a half with just crickets23:14
dmdyeah after mornings things die23:15
dmdthis week the coreapps teams have been having meetings. That is where the bulk of the convo occurs.23:16
dmdit might improve once everyone gets going on apps23:16
comjfis the process open to outside developers. I mean, I doubt I could help that much, but I'm willing to learn and am a Lead QA engineer on my day job23:17
comjfso I could help on QA/Bug efforts23:17
dmdI'm not on a team but so far everyone has been very welcoming23:18
dmdyou can fix things and propose for merging with only a regular launchpad account23:18
comjfreally? I'll have to get one, I'm new to the ubuntu process. Have been using arch lately and it just got to be to much maintance so I moved to ubuntu23:20
dmdcanonical really likes bazaar23:21
dmdand launchpad of course23:21
dmdbazaar would be dead if it was not for canonical23:21
comjfwhat is bazaar, a version control system/23:22
dmdits a lot like git23:22
comjfgreat then23:22
comjfI love git23:22
dmdin fact I bet a few alias would let you use git like bzr23:22
dmdthe biggest difference I noticed is bzr commit will commit all changes by default23:23
dmdthus equivilent to git commit -a23:23
comjfwell honestly I normally do that anyway23:23
bobweaverping mhall119  :)  should I just use gnome/scallable icons for the weather     example:  Image { source : weather.status === "raining" ? "/usr/share/icons/gnome/scallable/weather-showers-symbolic.svg" : more if statements }    I am wondering what set of icons are there for me to use that will be on the phone. Or should I just include ?23:24
dmdI do not think qml can use svg23:24
bobweaveryeah it can23:24
dmdI tried it with my prototype and I hat to use png23:24
dmdwell then I did something wrong23:24
bobweaveryou have libsvgqt installe23:24
bobweaverinstalled *23:24
bobweaver libqt5svg5-dev *23:25
dmdgood chance I do not23:25
bobweaverbut you are right dmd  pngs are better to use anyway for mem23:25
comjfGeneral question about using QML... where does the actual code go? Do I need to define a new type for things like API calls if I want to make an REST API call on button click or something?23:27
comjfThe tutorial didn't really show control logic but using javascript directly inside the qml23:27
dmdsomeone has said the notepad app has good seperation23:28
ajalkanecomjf: if you don't see a way to do what you want using JavaScript, then you have to drop into C++23:28
ajalkaneYou can call C++ from QML23:28
ajalkane* C++ functions from QML23:28
comjfright, as long as they are related to QObject or something23:29
ajalkaneYes, must be QObject based.23:29
comjfis js really fast enough to be the primary go to control logic language?23:29
ajalkaneBut if the target class/library is not QObject-based, it's very trivial to build a thin wrapper around it23:30
ajalkaneJS is surely fast enough for most needs. Depends what you're aiming to do.23:30
comjfwell, the first project i have in mind requires me to consume a wsdl to create a service stud for an API library23:31
dmdJS is beyond fast enough for most things23:31
comjfI can't really find any good JS for that haha23:31
ajalkaneI'd recommend C++ backend for parsing that WSDL an providing a simple API that is used by QML that builds the UI.23:31
comjfI did it in java before using axis2, but I'm assuming c++ has some sort of similar tool, and then like you said, I can make a wrapper class to use that in QML?23:32
comjfare their any more complicated examples of a QML ubuntu project that uses a wrapper?23:32
comjfstill learning and craving examples if you know of any good resources haha23:33
ajalkaneI don't think so, you're better off looking at the generic Qt/QML documentation of how to mix C++/QML code23:33
comjfand all I need to help contribute to this project is a launchpad account or something?23:34
comjfdo I need a sponsor/23:34
dmdnope, the app's team will review the proposed merge23:35
bobweavercomjf,  how I learned how to make c++ plugins for qml was ripping apart unity-223:35
dmdso maybe yes, depending on what a sponsor is23:35
bobweavercomjf,  how I learned how to make c++ plugins for qml was ripping apart unity-2d *23:35
bobweavereverything under <source>/libunity2d/src/*   all plugins23:36
bobweaverthen if you look at <source>/libunity2d/Unity2d/plugins.cpp you can see how it works :)  that or there is samegame which is also a great example23:37
comjfbobweaver: so I can just pull the source apart there... unity is just a QML app with those custom plugins23:37
comjfthat's pretty awesome23:37
bobweavercomjf,  if you like I have a branch of a moded unity 2d23:37
bobweaverit has what you are looking for23:37
comjfsure, I'm used to github, but I should learn to use launchpad anyway23:37
comjfdo you have a link23:37
bobweaverthere is branch23:38
comjfand what is the procedure for testing it23:38
bobweaverhere is ppa  https://launchpad.net/~u2t/+archive/bleedingedge    *must be 12.04 *23:38
bobweavernope because it uses cmake23:38
comjfit doesn't override anything does it?23:39
bobweaverI have a tutorial on youtube23:39
comjfunless I do a make install I assume hah23:39
comjfand unfortunetly I'm on 12.1023:39
bobweaverhere is tutorial http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-tEknHznw7823:40
bobweaverhere is a api for mythtv pure qml and javascript http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~josephjamesmills/u2t/dailybuilds/view/head:/shell/common/VideoInfo.qml23:42
comjfit says it's private23:42
bobweaverer let me open it up23:42
comjfare you a core developer on this project?23:43
bobweaverI am the lead UI dude23:43
bobweavervideo is now open23:43
bobweaverbut that said there where many many people before me that made it happen23:44
comjfsweet, I'll check it out!23:44
bobweaveru2t that is23:44
dmdwhat is u2t?23:44
comjfyeah I'm really excited about the whole idea of desktop convergence and an open phone23:44
bobweavermany many people I just took the ubuntu tv code that was out there and massivly altered it23:44
bobweaver " u two d " u2t23:44
j-bAny documentation about the native libraries allowed for development usage?23:45
bobweaverdmd,  u2t is a fork of Unity 2d23:45
mhall119bobweaver: I would say use the available icons if they work for you23:46
bobweaverit is middle way between Ubuntu TV and the desktop there is different formfactors23:46
bobweaverlike a stagging area . all the code thta I wrote for it is all stagging for the new Ubuntu TV that I am making23:46
bobweaverme and many others23:47
comjfHow do you install custom QT things... for instance when I run the notepad-qml after downloading it via the tutorial: module "QtQuick.LocalStorage" is not installed23:47
bobweaver look at the path23:48
dmdthe notepad should be isntalled with the sdk23:48
bobweavercomjf,  if you look at the <source dir> of QT you can see that there are some files lots of them the imporant ones are the ones that you are trying to import23:49
comjfright... but the example app is giving me that error message meaning my system doesn;t know where that import is23:50
bobweaverso all a . is is like a path   like import Ubuntu/Compents would be import Ubuntu.Compents23:50
bobweaveryea so you need to find the path23:50
bobweaveryou can tell qmlscense to use a different import path example       qmlscense -I /path/to/my/plugins23:51
bobweavercomjf,  what is output of  locate LocalStorage | grep qt     please use pastebin23:52
bobweaverdmd,  u2t https://plus.google.com/104659991254860976283/posts/H5GKRE3ja2w23:53
comjfbobweaver: doesn't exist23:53
comjfand I just did updatedb23:53
comjfall I installed was:  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-sdk-team/ppa && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install ubuntu-sdk notepad-qml23:54
comjfper the developer.ubuntu.com getting started section23:54
bobweaveris qtdeclarative5-localstorage-plugin  installed ?23:54
comjfit's installing now haha, that's what I needed, the name. Thanks23:55
bobweavercomjf,  I myself (who is not the sharpest tool in the shed) install all qtdeclarative*  I love them23:57
comjfhaha sounds good23:57
comjfis that just wrapper classes for C++ APIs?23:57
bobweaveresp things like multimedia and shaders and particals and jazz wait there is no jazz silly me23:58
bobweaversometimes or it can be just a bunch of qml files also23:58
bobweaveryou just need to expose anything pragma js libs  C++ java Python ect23:58
bobweaveryou need plugins for py and java23:59

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