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sweetteawhat does one use on a linux iptables masquerade router00:20
sweetteato do QOS00:20
sarnoldsweettea: I've used this before: http://lartc.org/wondershaper/00:22
sarnoldtraffic control00:24
sweetteathat is the first hit on google for00:24
sweetteahow was the experience?00:24
sarnoldsweettea: quite good :) interactive stayed interactive...00:25
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vedicI have my server located at remote place. I would need to take real time backup of data coming to that server as another server at another location would need that. Is it good to use OpenVPN and then do rsync? or rsync itself is good enough. Security is important as it is customer's sensitive data. Also, for regular maintainance is it advice to use OpenVPN compared to ssh?06:57
melmothrsync can be easily tunnelled in ssh.06:59
melmothmuch more easy to set up compared to setting up a vpn06:59
vedicmelmoth: Would rsync + ssh provide almost real time data transfer? Data should not remain on the first server for more than 5 seconds07:05
melmothforget about it07:05
melmothyou are looking for real time mirrorring sumthing, rsync is not the tool you are looking for07:06
melmothmay be drdb, i never used it07:06
vedicmelmoth: Any other method for data transfer in real time? Each file is just 100 to 150 KB but there are about 30 files every minute07:08
melmothnone that i am aware of (but there may be , this is not a problem i was ever confronted with)07:09
vedicmelmoth: Over a LAN, NFS can handle it but over internet, I don't have experience07:10
melmothwell, not really.07:10
melmothif you set up a nfs server, your data will still be hosted only in 1 place07:10
melmothso there will be no replication of data, wich is what you say you were looking for.07:10
melmothif what you need is shared storage, then yes, nfs is one way to go07:11
bradmvedic: maybe something like a clustered filesystem could do what you want07:11
vedicmelmoth: It will do if 2nd remote server is able to access the data available on first remote server but eventually it should transfer. If that is possible, transfer can be delayed for about 1 or 2 minutes07:11
vedicmelmoth: NFS at least will provide access to the resource on another server so I said NFS on LAN can handle that.07:13
melmothnfs will solve the 'several system can see the same data at the point in time' problem, not the "live backup of data" one.07:14
melmoth(plus i m not 100% sure flock (2) is implemented in nfs. If you need concurrent access on file locked with flock, you ll probably a shared block device and clustered file system07:15
vedicmelmoth: ok07:15
vedicmelmoth: From your experience, can you comment how fast rsync can be made in starting data transfer? What would be typical delay if that is minimized07:18
melmothit depends :-)07:18
vedicmelmoth: Consider that you have the situation I mentioned07:19
melmothif i understand correctly, it is designed to compared both file (source and destination), and only trnasfer the delat between the 2.07:19
melmothso first time you launc it takes some times... Then it s a bit faster07:19
vedicmelmonth: yea, ideally07:19
melmothbut it s not designed to be a live stuff07:19
vedicmelmonth: But in my case, its all new files every time07:20
melmothyou run it every once in a while, and i guess you dont want to backup a live database file storage this way07:20
melmothvedic, i dont think rsync is what you are looking for, really.07:20
vedicmelmoth: Basically I want to transfer files stored in a directory as soon as possible and then delete that file from directory07:20
melmothno idea how to do that.... nor with rsyc, and even less with nfs.07:21
vedicmelmoth: So basically no such easy tools then looking at cluster file system07:21
melmothclustered file system is a file system you put on a _shared block device_ that several nodes access it directly07:22
bradmvedic: even cluster file systems won't really do that, they're usually for keeping multiple copies of something, not one in a different location07:22
melmothit s kind of nfs, except what is shared is not a _fileysystem_, but a _block device_07:22
vedicmelmoth: I see07:22
RaviHi My name is RaviTeja. I have a query..Could anyone please help... I had installed ubuntu 12.04 64-bit desktop edition in a machine. The hardware configuration of the machine is its a HP manufacture with, i5 processor 4 GB RAM and 250-GB Hard-disk. I installed lamp-stack in the machine and configured mysql database. This is for an local office purpose and a survey form is included in the document root of the apache. it will have07:30
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Guest14403 Now the question is is there any limit for concurrent connections for the machine? If so, how do i increase the concurrent connections?07:30
Guest14403hi..Could anyone please help regarding this? Its bit urgent07:31
Myrttiyou got cut off at it will hav07:31
Guest14403Some users reply back saying that the server is un-responsive.. There is no band-width restriction07:36
vedicWhy DSA is limited to 1024 on ubuntu? in FIPS 183-3, it is mentioned that it can go upto 307207:50
andolvedic: In what context? The default /etc/ssh/ssh_host_dsa_key?07:53
vedicandol: yea, key gen07:54
andolvedic: My *guess* is that it being a ssh thing, clients expecting a dsa host key to be 1024 bits. Not that I think there are many ssh clients around who aren't capable of at least prefering the rsa key instead.07:56
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MasshuuSo I have a random issue. I setup a server on a spare computer I had here, I set a static IP but sometimes it reverts to DHCP for no reason.08:31
Masshuudoing a ifdown -a && ifup -a fixes it08:32
jpdsMasshuu: /etc/network/interfaces ?08:34
Masshuurelivant bits http://pastebin.com/nGV6kqUu08:36
Masshuuthough since I can't figure out how to modify the resolv.conf since it simply says it will be overwriten, im going to add this08:37
Masshuu        dns-nameservers
Masshuuwhat happened to the simpler times08:37
jpdsMasshuu: dns-nameservers is what you're suppose to do.08:37
Masshuuoh lol08:37
Masshuuperhapse for some reason its still renewing every XX time08:44
jpdsMasshuu: Did you kill dhclient ?08:45
MasshuuI duno but this should work if thats the case: apt-get remove isc-dhcp-client08:49
MasshuuLets get to breaking stuff. Its what I do best08:51
jpdsMasshuu: Removing the package doesn't mean that it's stopped running,09:02
jpdsMasshuu: ps aux | grep dhclient09:02
jamespageivoks: ping09:39
ivoksjamespage: pong09:40
jamespageivoks: hey09:40
ivoksjamespage: i have to relocate to my office right now; let me ping you in 30 minutes09:40
ivoksis that ok?09:40
jamespageivoks: sure - I'll be around09:40
ivoksgreat... brb09:41
ivoksjamespage: back10:06
cfhowlettlwizardl, greetings10:09
lwizardli'm looking at starting my own server for hosting a few small sites. but the issue comes to the dns nameservers. I was always told they was a bad idea to host on your own10:10
cfhowlettlwizardl, as I understand it, using the google dns is the preferred default ...10:11
jamespageivoks: hey10:12
ivoksjamespage: i just need some ceph expertiese, if you are willing to help :)10:13
jamespageivoks: I am10:14
ivoksjamespage: for ceph 0.56, if one uses cephx auth, certificates need to be established, right?10:14
lwizardlcfhowlett, so using the google dns is looked at the proper way but does that also handle the nameservers as in ns1.blah.tld?10:15
cfhowlettlwizardl, sorry, I'm not qualified to give this level of advice.  please stay in channel and ask someone more informed ...10:16
lwizardlcfhowlett, thanks :)10:17
jamespageivoks: yes10:19
ivoksok, let me rever back to none then, just to speed things up10:20
rbasaklwizardl: I'm not sure what cfhowlett means by google dns. For a small number of servers, I'd just use whatever dns servers your dns registration provider gives you to use.10:26
lwizardlrbasak, so like the godaddy nameservers and then point the site to the small server? it has been a few years since I last done this.10:27
rbasaklwizardl: correct. Then set up an A record with godaddy with your server's address. But I (personally) wouldn't use godaddy. I've heard lots of people complain that it's hard to get anything done through their interface without having to say no to buying lots of extras10:31
lwizardlrbasak, yeah i have switched almost all my domains from them. only have 3 left on them and they are going to be transfered in the next 2 months to my new registar10:32
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Davieyjamespage: In Austin, we hit bug 1123998 .. did we fix it locally, or just chmod?11:22
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1123998 in qemu "Can't launch VMs from virt-manager or virsh: Could not access KVM kernel module: Permission denied" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/112399811:22
jamespageDaviey: hrm - maybe11:23
jamespagelemme dig out the bug - hallyn was working on it - some sort of udev regression11:23
Davieyjamespage: don't panic, i'm sure hallyn will pick it up.11:24
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hallynjamespage: do you still see that?  If it's urgent I can work around it with manual getfaclin postinst.14:04
hallynBut I need to talk more with pitti about the core udev bug14:04
hallyn(i can't actually test right now - netinst images are not working for me)14:05
hallynbut bug 1103022 is the one that really needs to get fixed14:06
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1103022 in udev "70-udev-acl.rules needs to put g+rw on /dev/kvm" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/110302214:06
hallynI guess I'll dig through udevacl code today14:06
zulsmoser:  saw that bug you opened looking at it now14:08
jamespagehallyn: agreed re the bug that needs fixing14:10
jamespageit just stuffed my first raring+grizzly deployment14:11
hallynjamespage: do you want me to add getfacl to postinst for now?14:11
hallynin fact maybe I'll do that and get rid of the ugly udev rule - in postinst will be prettier14:11
hallynbreakfast -biab14:11
jamespagehallyn: its not mega urgent; I'd prefer to wait for the right fix assuming thats days and not wees14:11
jamespagehallyn: have a nice breakfast!14:11
vedicHow to ensure that apt-get doesn't upgrade kernel? I have few libraries that are compiled for current kernel headers.14:23
vedicsecurity updates should be installed though14:23
vedicHow to ensure that apt-get doesn't upgrade kernel? I have few libraries that are compiled for current kernel headers. security updates should be installed though14:33
cwillu_at_workvedic, might consider setting those packages up in dkms14:35
vediccwillu_at_work: It is for remote server. I would prefer that security updates happens automatically every week or less but package upgrade should not happen automatically14:36
cwillu_at_workso don't include -updates in your package list14:37
BrEphraimHere's my situation: I'm trying to migrate between hosting providers. It's an ecommerce site, so I need to have an instantaneous db changeover. In order to avoid DNS TTL-related lag time, I need the old server to automatically forward all requests to the new server. My problem is: the new server runs on a load balancer, and so is a CNAME record rather than a static IP. I am at a loss as to how to set up the15:08
BrEphraimforwarding in this case.15:08
resnoBrEphraim: hmm, thats intersting. and im not the person to answer. but thats just interesting15:10
JesterJ85quick question: I'm running ubuntu server in virtualbox. Is there a way I can just have it automatically start with the latest headers, instead of just giving me the choices with the countdown?15:13
MagicFabJesterJ85, make countdown zero, it will go to default (latest)15:14
MagicFabBrEphraim, why not schedule downtime? Check activity, there could be an easier solution even if you have a small window.15:14
alimjBrEphrahim: First go with MagicFab solution. Downtimes are good for these kind of job. Also why dont you use two CNAMEs?15:15
resnoi was going to suggest that to15:15
JesterJ85is there a configuration file that I can edit? basically I'm running it headless with an automatic start script that starts it when I start my computer...but sometimes it doesn't give a countdown...so it never starts15:15
BrEphraimhow would I use two CNAMEs?15:15
ikoniaBrEphraim: just set two CNAME records15:16
BrEphraimaccomplishing what, though?15:16
BrEphraimthe point is I don't want data going to two dbs simultaneously15:16
BrEphraimneed a clean break15:16
alimjCNAME 1 record: example1.com -> example2.com, CNAME 2 record example2.com -> finalexample.com, final record: finalexample.com-> real IP15:17
BrEphraimalimj: sorry, I'm still confused about how that would solve my problems in the case of people using stale DNS records15:18
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alimjBrEprahim. 1st step. Set new server. Do not touch NS records15:19
alimjBrEprahim. Set CNAME on old server to forard all request to new server, still do not touch mail NS records on registerer15:20
alimjBrEphrahim. Finally modify NS records on registerar and update them to point to new server15:21
BrEphraimalimj: so will setting the CNAME on the old server take effect immediately, even if ISPs have cached the old records, eg A record for the subdomain pointing to old server's static IP?15:22
alimjBrEprahim: Yes, In order to be sure you can reduce TTL to a really short value such as 12015:22
alimjBrEprahim. Change the TTL to 120 now, do it tomorrow15:23
alimjYour server will be down just for two minutes15:23
alimjActually you can even avoid it15:23
alimjBut Two minutes should be OK15:24
alimjJust to be on the safe side15:24
BrEphraimalimj: ok. my knowledge is scanty, so I didn't know if the old server's local DNS would override the registrar's15:24
BrEphraimthanks everybody15:24
zulyolanda/jamespage: https://code.launchpad.net/~zulcss/python-swiftclient/final/+merge/14821115:24
vedicNeed advice. Currently I have one server that is 8 core Xeon with 8GB RAM. I can't get another server at least for next 8 months. I need to run database for my application. Is it good to run database inside VirtualBox (command line no gui as its on remote server), and keep application and database separate? or it is safe to run it along with application but allow access from localhost only. I already have ssh lock down the server.15:25
yolandazul, done15:26
alimjBrEphrahim. Just in worst case senario, if you decrease the TTL to just two minutes, you will have enough time to switch everything while the DB on first server is down15:26
BrEphraimalimj: yeah, two minutes downtime is no problem15:27
alimjBrEphrahim. I still recommend you to wait 1 day until your old DNS records on all DNS caches arround the world are expired.15:28
alimjThen the new short lived new records with just two minutes will be effective15:28
alimjBrEphrahim. and the next day increase the TTL to 14400 again. The very old value of 86400 is not recommended anymore15:30
BrEphraimalimj: fortunately, I already reduced the TTL on saturday, so I should be good to go15:30
alimjThen good luck15:30
alimjBrEphrahim. You can still query some famous nameservers to check the current status of DNS records on them15:31
alimjBrEphrahim. But if you reduced it yesterday, you are good to go15:32
BrEphraimalimj: thanks very much, very grateful for all the help15:32
zulyolanda: one more https://code.launchpad.net/~zulcss/python-novaclient/final/+merge/14821415:32
yolandazul, done15:39
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hallynstgraber: on bug 1121917, when you tried to reproduce, did you create bridges extbr0 and intbr0?  how did extbr0 relate to bond0?16:58
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1121917 in libvirt "guest removes interface from host bonding interface when "infenslave-2.6" is installed in the guest" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/112191716:58
hallynjust bridge_ports bond0 in extbr0,16:59
hallynwhile intbr0 had no ports by default?16:59
stgraberhallyn: nope, I went the lazy way, setup eth0 and eth1 in a bond, then created a container with two network interfaces attached to lxcbr0 and then installed ifenslave-2.6 in the container16:59
stgraberhallyn: that was based on the assumption that the problem is with eth0 and eth1 in the container having the same name as those on the host was somehow triggering the removal from the bond due to uevents16:59
RoyKanyone here that knows how I can place a bridge on top of wlan0 with wlan0 attached to a network with wpa2? wlan0 works well, but with the bridge, it fails badly17:00
hallynstgraber: ok, thx17:00
hallynRoyK: last i knew, wlan0 could not be bridged17:00
RoyKwhy not?17:00
hallynnot sure17:02
qhartmanRoyK, hallyn, http://serverfault.com/questions/152363/bridging-wlan0-to-eth017:03
hallynyeah http://kerneltrap.org/mailarchive/linux-ath5k-devel/2010/3/21/6871733 (linked from there) seems to give the best explanation17:04
qhartmantl;dr - "Bridging doesn't work on the station side anyway because the 802.1117:04
qhartmanheader has three addresses (except when WDS is used) omitting the17:04
qhartmanaddress that would be needed for a station to send or receive a packet17:04
qhartmanon behalf of another system."17:04
RoyKqhartman: not that sort of bridging - I want to create br0 and set that as the primary interface for virtualisation use, just like I do with eth017:04
qhartmanRoyK, even so, I think it's the same root problem17:04
hallynRoyK: i'd recommend looking at how libvirt and lxc set up virbr0 and lxcbr017:06
hallynbut if you want the better perf of a real bridge...  can't17:06
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RoyKguess I'll get a longer tp cable, then17:07
Guest-1119Hello, does anyone know what 1001 is?17:07
RoyKthat's a number, 1000 + 117:08
qhartmanRoyK, could get a physical wireless bridge device and hook that to the eth on the server17:08
RoyKqhartman: no big deal17:08
Guest-1119what does that mean ?17:08
RoyKthat's the UID17:08
RoyKnumeric user id17:08
Guest-1119For some reason the user set up on vsftpd has access to root o_o17:09
RoyKwell, most users can access the root filesystem17:09
RoyKunless they're chrooted17:09
Guest-1119I chromed the acc17:09
Guest-1119but it still accesses root :s17:09
RoyKthen you didn't chroot it17:10
RoyKwhat ftp server?17:10
Guest-1119a private one.17:10
RoyKwell, vsftpd, ncftpd, proftpd, ... ?17:10
RoyKgood old ftp, or sftp?17:10
RoyKthen read up on rssh17:12
RoyKused as a shell to chroot users17:12
RoyKvsftpd can chroot - it's in the config17:12
RoyKGuest-1119: vsftpd can chroot users, but it won't stop them from logging in with ssh unless you're careful17:13
Guest-1119RoyK, how do i stop a user from having access to anything other than his own directory and subdirectories?17:19
Guest-1119as in, he can't click '..' in filezilla, he can't ssh17:19
RoyKGuest-1119: rssh17:21
smoserthis is a pretty awesome bug17:24
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1123220 in cloud-initramfs-tools "cloud-image VM causes kernel panic if image is resized" [Low,Triaged]17:24
escottRoyK, Guest-1119 vsftpd has nothing whatsoever to do with ssh17:24
smoserits 100% legitimate heisenbug.17:24
Guest-1119escott, I didn't say it did17:24
smoserif you attach a serial device to try to see whats going wrong, then it wont go wrong.17:24
utlemmingsmoser: I am thinking that we probably should back out ttyS0 change17:25
escottGuest-1119, the fundamental conflict in your question is this: the computer does not know what a "user" is. all it knows is that a process runs with a particular uid. if you block a users access to /usr/bin (and other folders) there are no binaries for them to run, and there is no way for them to exist on the system17:25
smoserutlemming, both of those bugs are un-related to any change17:26
smoserwe've hat ttyS0 in the images since lucid17:26
smoserthe change was to add 'tty0'17:26
smoserwhich actually changed nothing.17:26
utlemmingah, sorry, that's what I meant, tty017:26
smoser(changed nothing with respect to these bugs)17:26
smoserat least i'm pretty sure.17:26
escottGuest-1119, you can chroot or (the more popular choice in todays world use virtual machines/containers) and drop a limited set of binaries in their lap, but you cannot deny them access outside of a folder without giving them something like a full system in that folder17:26
pndemcchroot is a jail?17:27
Guest-1119escott, ah, thanks, probably easier to use rash?17:27
escottGuest-1119, if you just want them to be able to upload/download files things like sftp can be easily chrooted (http://www.minstrel.org.uk/papers/sftp/). similar capabilities exist in ftp daemons17:28
escottGuest-1119, i would not trust rssh unless you are very very careful in the construction of your whitelist17:28
Guest-1119escott, so if I only want them to be able to ftp with vsftpd , if i chroot them they won't be able to log in via ssh?17:29
escottGuest-1119, vsftpd has nothing whatsoever to do with ssh. its like asking "if i chroot them with ftp will they be able to brush their teeth?"17:30
escottGuest-1119, i dont know?! Do they have a toothbrush?17:30
Guest-1119.. But with the same username and password, can they login via ssh17:30
escottGuest-1119, if you dont block them by making an independent modificiation in your ssh config they could login with a username/password via ssh17:31
escottGuest-1119, some of these ftp daemons support shadow accounts or fake accounts. where it is not put in /etc/passwd but instead in /etc/daemon.conf17:31
RoyKescott: he was talking filezilla and ssh, meaning sftp17:32
escottGuest-1119, a fake account like that is not a real account so other applications like ssh/login don't know anything about it17:32
RoyKescott: rssh works well with chrooting users for scp/sftp/rsync17:33
RoyKand blocking ssh logins on the way17:34
escottRoyK, i would not trust rssh. and i fail to see how rssh is related to vsftpd17:34
smoserutlemming, i can confirm that boot fails without 'tty1' on the cmdline just as if it is there.17:34
smoserthe issue is that /dev/console gets assigned to a non-existant device, and any writes to stdout ('echo HIMOM') fail17:35
RoyKescott: it's not related to vsftpd, but he said he's connecting with filezilla, which supports ssh. I would trust rssh, though, I'm using it in a 20k user environment17:36
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RoyKescott: better use rssh with ssh tunneling than using plaintext auth with ncftpd17:39
RoyKftp over ssh is mature, and secure17:39
RoyKso is rssh17:39
escottRoyK, i wouldn't disagree about sftp. i guess the question is what is Guest-1119's question17:40
RoyKwell, ask him (or her). I think I understood what (s)he said quite well17:40
BlinkizHello. I have a new server with Supermicro motherboard, Network card Intel 82574L and 82579M. Problem is that I can not see ethX. It does not exist. shows up fine in lspci. lsmod shows no usage of e1000e driver. dmesg has info about ethX but nothing that seems alarming. Using 12.10 server17:51
BlinkizSomeone that can help me troubleshoot this?17:51
Blinkizifconfig ethX up does not exist. Ethtool -i ethX can not see any devices. (ethX = eth1, eth0, eth2 and so on)17:52
RoyKBlinkiz: some boards have newer PCI IDs for commonly know cards. it might be the issue17:55
RoyKbitfury: http://blog.krisk.org/2013/02/packets-of-death.html ?17:56
BlinkizRoyK, Hmm, interesting.17:56
BlinkizRoyK, Where can I see the PCI IDs for my network cards? lspci?17:57
RoyKlspci -v iirc17:57
RoyKlspci -vn17:58
sarnoldBlinkiz: http://communities.intel.com/community/wired/blog/2013/02/07/intel-82574l-gigabit-ethernet-controller-statement17:58
RoyKBlinkiz: you can override the pci ids allowed for a driver in /sys somewhere17:58
RoyKBlinkiz: ok, but I think it was related to supermicro - see the comments on that blogpost18:00
BlinkizYeah, I want to find my PCI IDs and put it into a google search, if this is the problem, others will have it18:00
escottBlinkiz, in newer kernels there is a new naming scheme for interfaces (coming from redhat) /dev/p#p# or some such that udev might map back to eth something18:00
Blinkizescott, It is? did not know that18:00
RoyKbitfury: pastebin ifconfig -a18:00
escottBlinkiz, thats my understanding https://access.redhat.com/knowledge/docs/en-US/Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux/6/html/Deployment_Guide/appe-Consistent_Network_Device_Naming.html18:01
Blinkizescott, Does this apply for me running 12.10?18:01
RoyKBlinkiz: quite possibly18:01
escottBlinkiz, i believe so.18:01
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BlinkizAaa, cool. I have a p4p1 interface!18:02
Blinkizifconfig -a did the trick, thanks RoyK18:02
BlinkizDid not know about that. Thanks escott  :)18:03
BlinkizNeed to go, thanks for the help guys!18:03
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pythonirc1011is there a good partition size recommendation somewhere that I could use for partitioning a 4TB drive for ubuntu (its a raid 10).19:22
xnoxpythonirc1011: use lvm use manual paritioning -> in there choose partition free space automatically. it will give you a few options to do all in one or split.19:24
xnoxpythonirc1011: lvm will allow you to later adjust the sizes, manual partitioning will allow you to see the sizes and change them.19:25
xnoxpythonirc1011: if the box has loads of RAM the default swap size maybe way too large for typical use cases.19:25
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plarsjamespage: can you (or anyone else here who might be set up for it) try the maas and iscsi tests on the 12.04.2 candidate images?20:13
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hallynivoks: hey, on https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/servercloud-r-qemu, i was going to delete your TODO regarding vhost_net given bug 1029430.  were you planning on investigating that regardless?20:23
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1029430 in nova "KVM guests networking issues with no virbr0 and with vhost_net kernel modules loaded" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/102943020:23
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dexterboy1106I just got owncloud setup and put the share directory on my samba share as a folder I cant acces it through the share only with owncloud is there a way to add a  2nd user and group21:18
dexterboy1106I want to be able to move files in and out of the owncloud directory with filezilla or a maped network drive share on windows is that possible21:19
fooI just deployed new ubuntu server. authorized_keys for ssh isn't working. This is fairly basic, and I think it should work. Any tricks on ubuntu?21:45
mikalfoo: do you have encrypted home directories turned on?21:51
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hackeronhey, quick question - I need to install ubuntu server on about 50 hard drives or so. I have a little custom script to do it with debootstrap: http://pastie.org/6157544 and some other magic - but I'm stuck with automating the hard drive partitions. Anyone know of an easy way to create just 2 partitions, 1 swap that is 1GB and 1 root that is the rest of the available space?22:05
foomikal: hm, not sure - this was a rackspace cloud server install. How can I check?22:21
dexterboy1106I just got owncloud setup and put the share directory on my samba share as a folder I cant acces it through the share only with owncloud is there a way to add a  2nd user and group22:29
dexterboy1106I want to be able to move files in and out of the owncloud directory with filezilla or a maped network drive share on windows is that possible22:29
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hackeronanyone? - I need to install ubuntu server on about 50 hard drives or so. I have a little custom script to do it with debootstrap: http://pastie.org/6157544 and some other magic - but I'm stuck with automating the hard drive partitions. Anyone know of an easy way to create just 2 partitions, 1 swap that is 1GB and 1 root that is the rest of the available space?22:58
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hackeronmaybe the code that does the "guided partitioning" in the ubuntu installer? - any ideas where I can find this code?22:59
p201hackeron, what about FAI? http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/precise/man8/fai.8.html23:12
adam_gzul: ping23:12
zuladam_g: yo23:12
adam_gzul: did those precise rebuilds w/o python3 dependencies ever get sorted out?23:13
zuladam_g: yeah i think i uploaded them23:13
hackeronp201: interesting, thanks for that23:13
genii-aroundhackeron: I used to do this in a preseed file with a gparted "recipe" but it's been a while23:14
adam_gzul: ok. im gonna do some more rebuilds to get http://status.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/ubuntu-server/cloud-archive/grizzly_versions.html more green23:14
hackerongenii-around: gparted recipe?23:14
zulhackeron: why not do one hard drive and just dd the hard drive to copy it23:15
genii-aroundhackeron: They explain better than I can at http://askubuntu.com/questions/129670/how-do-i-modify-this-preseed-snippet-to-partition-my-hard-drive23:15
hackeronzul: that takes hours and there are different size hard drives23:16
hackerongenii-around: they used a fixed size there, I want to use all available space23:17
hackeronp201: fai looks way, way overkill - I just want to automate partitioning, debootstrap does everything else I need23:18
hallynstgraber: so I'm thinking the lxcpath option will be '-P|--lxcpath'.  sound reasonable?23:19
hackeronany ideas where I can find the code used in the ubuntu guided partitioning during installation? - that does everything I need23:19
genii-aroundhackeron: A more detailed explanation of the "recipes" is at https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/installation-guide/i386/preseed-contents.html#preseed-partman23:19
stgraberhallyn: yep, sounds good23:20
adam_gzul: requests was the package that needed modification for precise build, right?23:32
zuladam_g:  no it was one of the dependencies i forgot which23:42
zuladam_g: i think it was oauthlib23:43
adam_gzul: also, how do the packages from openstack-ubuntu-testing-bot end up getting pusehd to https://launchpad.net/~openstack-ubuntu-testing/+archive/grizzly-trunk-testing/+packages ?23:44
adam_gzul: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/requests looks like this is the one that has all the python3 additions23:44
zuladam_g: then thats is the one23:45
zuladam_g: when the builds pass it gest dput locally and in the ppa23:45
adam_gzul: where did you upload your modified requests package?23:46
adam_gzul: that is true for the openstack packages that git triggered via git, but what about the dependency rebuilds ?23:46
zuladam_g:  its done manually afair23:47
zuladam_g: requests is at https://code.launchpad.net/~zulcss/ubuntu/precise/requests/requests-ca23:48
Ben64hey i have multiple ip addresses. when i try to route traffic from a certain address, it starts flooding arp requests, how can i stop that?23:48
adam_gzul: oh, ok23:48
zuladam_g: afair there is a jenkins that rebuilds sources and puts them in the local ppa23:49
zuladam_g: erm...local archive rather than ppa23:52
adam_gzul: puts em the local archive, yeah. guess it doesn't push to ppa23:52

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