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kkkkjjjhsal all12:26
bobweaverer I can not get anything to install that I want to install :?17:03
bobweaverbzr branch lp:~fboucault/dee-qt/qt517:03
bobweaverbzr branch lp:~fboucault/bamf-qt/qt517:03
bobweaverbzr branch lp:~fboucault/libdbusmenu-qt/qt517:03
bobweaverand the last one17:03
bobweaverbzr branch lp:~fboucault/dconf-qt/qt517:03
bobweaverthe most important one that is ^^17:04
bobweaverread more about it here17:04
jP_wanNhey there :)19:40
jP_wanNI read you search for c++ developers?19:41
bobweaverhello Jp19:42
bobweaverhello jP_wanN  *19:42
bobweaveryeah we are looking for qt/c++ developers to help out with some things (porting things to qt5)19:43
bobweaverlike dconf-qt19:43
bobweaverthere is also other things that we are looking for help with when it comes to c++19:43
bobweaverthanks for showing up. I will be right back (rebooting )19:44
bobweaversorry about that19:46
jP_wanNwell I never used Qt but I think it's always fun to learn new things19:47
bobweaverjP_wanN,  you do know c++ ?19:48
jP_wanNyes ^^19:48
bobweaverlet me get you a ppa that I have been trying to build19:48
jP_wanNfor which system is it?19:48
jP_wanNI've only got cinnarch and ubuntu 13.04, is that okay or should I install 12.04 / 12.10 for the development?19:49
bobweaverthat is the branch that I have been trying to port to qt5 i tried all night last night and got no where19:49
bobweaverjP_wanN,  dosent matter19:50
jP_wanNI'll just install bzr19:51
jP_wanNwell that doesn't look like a ppa anyway19:51
bobweaveryeah that is not ppa sorry that is just a branch19:51
bobweaverbut that is #1 on list to get that going in qt519:51
jP_wanNand it seems I have to compile it with cmake. another thing I never used but that shouldn't be the problem. just install and type cmake in the dir?19:52
bobweaverwhat i do (not the best c++ person )19:53
bobweavermkdir build && cd build && cmake ../ && make19:53
jP_wanNokay I'll try it.19:54
jP_wanNseems I need some qt5 packages...19:55
bobweaverthanks jP_wanN  you are great19:55
jP_wanN_bobweaver: do you know this error20:06
jP_wanN_CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:45 (find_package):   By not providing "FindQt5Core.cmake" in CMAKE_MODULE_PATH this project has   asked CMake to find a package configuration file provided by "Qt5Core", but   CMake did not find one.    Could not find a package configuration file provided by "Qt5Core" with any   of the following names:      Qt5CoreConfig.cmake     qt5core-config.cmake    Add the installation prefix of "Qt5Core" to CM20:06
bobweaverthe cont char one ?20:06
bobweaveryeah you have to make sure that you are calling in the correct path when using qt520:06
bobweaverthere is a ppa for qt5 let me get for you20:07
jP_wanN_well i'm still on arch ^^20:07
bobweaver ppa:canonical-qt5-edgers/qt5-proper20:07
bobweaverok qt5 works on arch (I think never used )20:07
jP_wanN_okay then I just have to install qt5?20:07
jP_wanN_I'll try to find it in the AUR (it's not in the official repositories)20:08
jP_wanN_is this version okay? https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/qt5/20:08
bobweaverlooking now20:08
bobweaverYeah that looks great20:09
jP_wanNsorry my internet connection is really horrible. the qt5 will take about half an hour, so don't expect much input from me until then :D20:17
jP_wanN*the qt5 download20:17
jP_wanNokay qt is downloaded21:10
jP_wanNbut make runs since 5 - 10 minutes :D21:10
jP_wanNand my pc really isn't that old ^^21:10
bobweaverthat is cool jP_wanN  so is mine21:11
jP_wanNmake really needs some sort of progress indication ;)21:12
ogra_whiners ... try building it on an ARM machine21:12
bobweaverI need peps to give me armel machine first21:12
jP_wanNno I better won't try21:12
bobweaverogra_,  you got qt5 wayland going on  armel ?21:13
ogra_armel is dead ... armhf is current21:13
bobweaver<< knows nothing about arm21:13
ogra_havent played with qt5 yet21:13
ogra_but wayland should work i guess21:14
bobweaverogra_,  I listened to your talk about building iso's it was Great !21:14
ogra_its only 11h for qt4-x11 on arm :)21:14
jP_wanNarmhf is used on the raspberry. but I don't know much more either ^^21:14
ogra_i need to go on with documenting the image build stuff21:14
ogra_the armhf on the raspberry is a frankenberry port :)21:15
bobweaverthat would be cool ogra_  I have also seen that you all are hitting up valgrind alot these days21:15
ogra_(armhf is usually for ARMv7 CPUs ... RPi rebuilds that for v6)21:15
bobweaverhappy to see that the mem is going down on vexus721:15
ogra_not only on the nexus ... check your intel PC with raring ... it gets the same benefits21:16
ogra_in the end we should be back to a proper desktop that doesnt eat a gig21:16
ogra_(for idling)21:16
bobweaver \o/21:16
jP_wanNyes that's really cool :)21:17
ogra_currently we're at around 400M already21:17
ogra_200M down compared to quantal21:17
ogra_i guess there are another 100-150M that we can cut off21:17
jP_wanNnow canonical also gets things done that we probably profit from in every distribution. and the next release will be lesser confusing for noobs (I remember apport being one of the first applications starting at the first boot of a ubuntu 12.10 installation)21:19
bobweaverogra_,  you have seen my video ?  https://plus.google.com/u/0/104659991254860976283/posts/Lk3A5yAewwa21:19
bobweaverafter removing some of the colorize effects I have it almost below 200 mb21:19
bobweaverbut then after that I was told to do things with qml2 so I am. It now runs at about 30 mb of ram (but it needs a ton I mean a ton of work )21:20
bobweaverI am guessing after everything is said and done 120 mb ram21:20
bobweaverthat is my goal21:20
bobweaverthis is what is running at 30mb's  https://plus.google.com/u/0/104659991254860976283/posts/Pqzy9ADuoM121:22
bobweaverbut when browser is used it spikes oo*21:22
ogra_awesome !21:22
ogra_heh, indeed21:23
* ogra_ is off for dinner21:24
bobweaverhave a good one ogra_  nice catching up :)21:24

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