grantbowUbuntu Hour SF might be bigger than usual. http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-california/2181/detail/00:09
darthrobotTitle: [Ubuntu Hour San Francisco | Ubuntu LoCo Team Portal]00:09
grantbowtomorrow at 6PM00:09
pleia2bigger than usual?00:10
pleia2(grantbow clearly knows something I don't :))00:11
grantbowpleia2: just a little extra promotion00:24
pleia2ah, ok :)00:26
bkerensaOoo Ubuntu in SF :)01:00
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grantbowanyone interested in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/Representative-Letters ? we can talk about it any day this week at 7:30 PM03:34
darthrobotTitle: [CaliforniaTeam/Projects/Representative-Letters - Ubuntu Wiki]03:34
akkI'm interested in theory ... got a little muddled when there was debate on the ML over whether it was good or bad, and was hoping to see someone post a summary/consensus.03:43
akkI'm not clear at this point on what the letters will say, and how to interest politicians in a technical conference.03:44
grantbowakk: that's the challenge04:02
grantbowat a minimum awareness will be raised04:03
grantbowWhich part of the mail list discussion do you think was muddled?04:04
grantbowThe challenge is just to craft the text of the letters which is what I hope I get some help working on.04:05
grantbowor I'll just do what I can if nobody else steps forward.04:05
akkHmm, looks like I didn't save the messages that got me muddled (I said I was muddled, not that people posting were :)04:06
akkand the ones I saved are pretty much in agreement, though vague on what sorts of things to say.04:07
grantbowah, that's where lists.ubuntu.com archives can help04:07
akkDo we know yet what the topic of the keynote is?04:07
grantbowI haven't heard yet but that is a great question.04:07
akkSometimes keynotes can be fairly techy, but other times, they're accessible to anyone.04:08
akkI don't remember last year's Oakland keynote but I vaguely remember it fairly techy.04:10
grantbowpast keynotes have been pretty accessible and are all available online04:10
akkOh, yeah, wasn't it all about details of some cloud initiative that didn't make any sense if you weren't already familiar with the project?04:10
akkGoogle is failing me, I can't find the topic.04:11
grantbowhttp://www.youtube.com/feed/UCWUDCz-Q0m4qK7lkK4CevQA is one of the feeds04:11
darthrobotTitle: [Ubuntu Contributor Channel - YouTube]04:11
akkYeah, I found some video links04:12
akkbut can't find anything that just gives a sentence or two on what the damn thing was about.04:12
akkI'm not gonna re-watch the whole talk just to find out the topic.04:12
darthrobotTitle: [Mark Shuttleworth Keynote Speech Ubuntu UDS-Q (Quantal Quetzal) - YouTube]04:12
darthrobotTitle: [Ubuntu UDS R - Mark Shuttleworth Keynote - YouTube]04:13
grantbowdinner time, brb04:14
akkHow is it that there is nothing in text about it anywhere?04:14
akkEven a schedule from UDS.04:14
pleia2boo, that would be my comcast line going down18:52
* Torikun just got Minecraft working on the Raspberry PI18:54
pleia2internets \o/18:56
philipballewpleia2, gonna use one of your presentations off spread Ubuntu when I speak at the sd lug tomorrow.21:01
grantbowphilipballew: valentines day? nice. http://www.kernel-panic.org21:05
darthrobotTitle: [Welcome to KPLUG —]21:05
philipballewgrantbow, yeah, I have nothing going on and they needed someone21:06
philipballewIm gonna try to hit 20 lugs this year for the loco/ubuntu project.21:06
grantbowawesome, when can we schedule you for balug.org and svlug.org? How about a dvlug.org podcast interview?21:07
philipballewI want to do all of those yes21:08
philipballewover summer would work?21:08
philipballewand gonna try to get to reno and las vegas we well21:09
grantbowbalug-speaker-coordinators@balug.org is the contact email address for balug.21:09
darthrobotTitle: [balug:balug_speaker_coordination [BALUG Wiki]]21:09
grantbowIf you give me warning before showing up at dvlug.org Ian, Bethany and I will be ready on a 2nd or 4th Friday (currently)21:10
grantbowsvlug.org is always looking for speakers too21:10
darthrobotTitle: [volunteers Info Page]21:11
grantbowThat's all you should need to begin to schedule things21:11
grantbowfor those three21:11
philipballewI can do may I think.21:12
grantbowUDS month :-)21:12
philipballewI need to find people at scale to talk to as well i think21:12
philipballewI will be there one way or another probably21:12
grantbowhow is the lug contact project going?21:13
grantbowerr, user groups. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/UserGroupContacts/Groups21:13
darthrobotTitle: [CaliforniaTeam/Projects/UserGroupContacts/Groups - Ubuntu Wiki]21:13
grantbowcare to add your name to the projet description?21:14
philipballewGood, I am reaching out to every lug to attempt to speak first as I feel speaking about the loco is the best way to get the info out. And if I can not speak, I will attempt to send them info about us via email, or possibly send them some flyers and a couple stickers and cd's21:14
* philipballew adds21:14
* grantbow smiles21:15
philipballewThere are more I will add21:15
philipballewI am trying to contact fresno and Stockton right now21:15
grantbowlet me know if I can do anything but I'll let you run with it :-)21:15
philipballewIm considering making a chipin to raise the 200 dollars for bus money it will take to travel.21:16
* philipballew needs something to do over summer21:16
grantbowI am glad those pages are going to some good use now21:16
grantbowhttp://www.chipin.com ? that's new to me.21:16
darthrobotTitle: [ChipIn]21:16
grantbowuh, shutting down March 721:17
philipballewYeah, I was making something like that.21:17
grantbowthere are others. I used another one for dreamfish.com21:18
philipballewso not necessarily that. but maybe a kickstarter or one of those fund raiser things21:18
grantbowI used indiegogo linked from http://www.grantbow.com/dreamfish.html21:19
darthrobotTitle: [GrantBow Home]21:19
grantbowhmm, forgot to change the title on that page21:19
grantbowI have to run - ttyl :-)21:20
pleia2philipballew: yay! glad it's useful, when I was writing the ones I put up there I was thinking "this is all so elementary, why am I writing what someone else must have already?"21:37
pleia2hence uploading to spreadubuntu when I was done :)21:37
philipballewThank you. I figured why reinvent the wheal and do more work then I have to on making it, so I can spend more time working on giving it.21:38
pleia2exactly :)21:39
philipballewIm curious as to who shows up to a lug on Valentines day myself.21:40

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