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teddy-dbearMorning peoples, dogs and turkeys13:07
ChinnoDogI need more food14:30
* InHisName had plenty of breakfast and wont be needing more food for 3 more hours.14:36
teddy-dbearI need more chocolate14:36
InHisNameteddy-dbear: you need to go on a quest to search out the "chocolate bees".14:38
InHisNameFree chocolate,,,   Oh except for the stings.....14:39
ChinnoDogom nom strawberry parfait14:41
InHisNameMmmm, smores with added honey smeared all over.14:42
ChinnoDogThat is a high sugar breakfast.14:44
ChinnoDogI used to think I didn't like plain yogurt but then I discovered it is just the nonfat plain yogurt I don't like.14:45
ChinnoDogThe cat likes yogurt too.15:17

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