RavitejaMy name is Ravi. We are maintaining a web server in out local office.. I have a query about it. Could anyone please help...05:58
RavitejaI installed Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit desktop edition. The hardware configuration is its a HP manufacture with i5 processor, 4 GB RAM, 250 GB Hard-disk. Installed lamp-stack in it. Configured mysql database in the machine.06:01
RavitejaWe have an survey form kept in  the Document Root of Apache.. It usually will have 500-1000 hits per day and once the form is filled by users and saved, it will be saved in the Database. Now the issue is with the concurrent connections to the machine.Is there any default value wherein it limits the concurrent connectivity of the users? If so, how can i increase it?06:05
RavitejaHi.. Could anyone please look into my issue?06:54
MkaysiRaviteja: This is wrong channel. The support channel is #ubuntu07:01
MkaysiI think that there was also channel for Ubuntu server07:01
MkaysiYes, #ubuntu-server07:02
* Mkaysi recommends asking at #ubuntu-server07:02
RavitejaHi Mkaysi.. Thanks for the info..07:12

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