Kilosmorning all05:05
Kiloshiya maiatoday Tonberry 06:48
maiatodayhi Kilos06:50
Kiloshi Vince-0 06:57
Vince-0Hi Kilos !07:02
Vince-0Happy Wednesday07:02
Kiloshi henkj 07:17
henkjhi Kilos 07:17
Kiloshi superfly 07:28
Kiloshi smokestorm21 08:08
Kiloshi jrgns 08:08
smokestorm21My friend told me I should say hi (theblazehen)08:09
Kiloslol good08:09
Kilostell us about yourself08:09
smokestorm21I love ubuntu. Although I'm a new user08:10
Kilosgreat. if you need help ask here08:10
Kilosbasics i try help with. the rest the pros will as and when they get time from busy work schedules08:11
smokestorm21I'm using enlightenment, cinnamon and gnome-shell. My taste changes frequently08:11
Kilosim on unity and kde on another drive08:12
jrgnsHi Kilos, all08:12
smokestorm21Hi jrgns08:12
smokestorm21Bye ubuntu-za08:13
charl_good morning all08:17
charl_morning Kilos, jrgns 08:17
Kilos'hi ChanServ 08:17
Kiloshi charl_ 08:17
charl_how's it going?08:17
charl_Maaz_: coffee on08:17
* Maaz_ puts the kettle on08:17
Kilosgood ty and you?08:17
charl_good thanks08:17
charl_i see maaz also got a tail :)08:18
charl_it's becoming a fashion statement here08:18
Maaz_Coffee's ready for charl_!08:21
SquirmMaaz_: coffee please08:37
Maaz_Squirm: There isn't a pot on08:37
SquirmI am in need08:37
SquirmMaaz_: coffee on08:37
* Maaz_ starts grinding coffee08:37
Maaz_Coffee's ready for Squirm!08:41
inetprogood mornings08:42
SquirmMaaz_: finally, thanks08:43
Maaz_Squirm: not at all08:43
Squirmlo inetpro 08:43
Kiloshi inetpro 08:43
* superfly remembers the early days of Linux... switching distros faster than switching underwear09:29
Kilospower gone. bbl10:16
* Kilos wonders what that cut was for10:29
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Kilosagain. sigh11:39
inetproKilos: wasn't me, I promise11:41
Kilosna was pta electric department11:42
Kilosluckily ext4 seems to handle power cuts well11:43
Kiloswould hate to lose this drive11:44
magespawnhowdy all12:15
Kiloshey magespawn 12:16
magespawnwhats up Kilos? not much chatting for sure12:16
Kilosbad head day and tween rests trying to get old pc working with 98 so i can do the floppy thing12:17
Kilossees a usb stick as floppy D:12:19
Kilosstupid thing12:19
Kilosthen tells you it failed to open it12:20
Kilosim so happy i found ubuntu12:21
Squirm[14:41:24] .:***:. Buffer Playback...12:47
Squirm[14:41:24] .:Kilos:. [14:21:07] im so happy i found ubuntu12:47
Squirm[14:41:24] .:***:. Playback Complete.12:47
Squirmwas in the while 20min the power was off12:47
SquirmKilos: and it's not the filesystem you need to worry about. it's the hardware12:48
Squirmso ext4 may be able to handle it, but what about the hdd itself?12:48
Kilosyes ive lost a few drives after power cuts Squirm 12:48
Kilosbut not one since i went to ext412:49
Kilosmany when i was on winsucks12:49
Squirmpersonally, I don't think the fs has anything to do with it12:49
Kilosi read somewhere that ext4 is more able to handle frequent power cuts12:50
Kilosbut dont ask me where12:50
Kilosyo sakhi lewe jy nog?12:52
Kilosgedink dis jou pc wat hier lurk12:52
sakhiyebo Kilos ek lewe nog besig man.12:53
Kilosmooi, besig is goed12:53
sakhiwe lost international connection (flap) for seconds but we back now.12:54
sakhimy afrikaans is nie so goed nie ek probeer ;)12:55
magespawnSquirm: i think it has to do with file recovery and the writing process when the power fails12:56
Kilosoh sorry sakhi 12:57
Kilosi forget whose who at times12:57
Kilosbut it seems fine to me12:57
Squirmmagespawn: but surely you could format that failed drive and it'll be fine again? But for it not to work?13:13
Kilosnope Squirm some are dead13:17
Kilosi think when the power comes on and it wasnt seated properly it burns a boot sector or something13:17
Kilosbeyong my understanding but ya13:18
SquirmI don't know what format the bootsector is13:20
Kilosmbr is machine code methinks. i also dont know what the boot sector is13:21
magespawnSquirm: sometimes yes13:24
magespawni think that  tha way fs tells the drive to write affects it when the power goes off13:25
Kilosremember one used to have to park drives13:40
magespawnyup and with win 95 the os did it for you, i think it was win 9513:54
Kilosnow i think thats where the prob came in if power cut before parking13:56
Kilosdunno how linux handles it13:57
magespawnnot sure myself13:58
Kiloshehe howerver it does a better job13:58
Kilosbbl gonna try a unetbootin flash14:16
magespawnlater all15:17
charl_what is this about jozihub, sounds interesting15:34
superflymagespawn: ping16:41
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magespawnsuperfly pong17:30
Kiloshi Mezenir 18:12
Kilosmagespawn, he must be eating18:12
Kilosor youve got a short distance pong18:12
magespawnhey Kilos  Mezenir 18:12
magespawnno worries18:13
magespawnkids take time18:28
Kiloshehe yeah18:38
magespawncharl_: that looks like a seriously cool idea18:47
Kilosnight guys sleep tight18:50
magespawnnight Kilos 18:50
smile4everpong :p18:58
magespawnhey smile4ever 19:04
smile4evermagespawn: How are you? :)19:07
magespawngood and yourself?19:09
smile4everi'm okay :)19:10
smile4everI should take some rest :)19:11
magespawnrest is always needed19:11
smile4everyeah, but I'm doing too much19:15
smile4everbye ;:)19:33
magespawngood night all19:54
superflymagespawn: no worries, found out what I needed from our reason for travelling up to kzn20:02

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