aschmitzIs it possible to change the permissions on a given job's log at /var/log/upstart/jobname.log?02:39
aschmitz(Obviously, I can change it manually, but will that stay after rotation?)02:40
afournieris it possible to disable a job by adding a file (ie /etc/init/myjob.disable) ?13:25
marruslafournier, create a file called /etc/init/myjob.override that contains the word "manual" on a line by itself.13:43
marruslafournier, see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/cookbook/#disabling-a-job-from-automatically-starting 13:45
marrusl(especially section 11.44.1)13:45
afournieri knew i saw something like this before, just could not find it again13:45
afournierthanks a lot13:45
stgraberjodh: ping15:02
jodhstgraber: hi15:02
stgraberjodh: do you have some time to spend with doko to figure out the gcc problem?15:03
stgraberjodh: he identified the broken patch and reverted it, but we need to get a smaller reproducer15:03
stgraberjodh: https://bugs.launchpad.net/gcc/+bug/112358815:03
jodhstgraber: I'll see what I can do. Currently having problems with dbus and the test suite.15:03
stgraberhey doko 15:04
dokohanging around like upstart after failed tests? ;p15:05
jodhdoko: is the broken gcc on one of the porter boxes?15:05
stgraberjodh: it was in the archive up until 3 hours ago, so you probably still have it on your machine (or you can grab it from Launchpad)15:05
dokojodh, no, grap it from lp. I *think* that the cpp-4.7 and gcc-4.7 debs (cc1) should be enough to install15:06
dokojodh, is upstart supposed to be built with -Os?15:13
jodhdoko: hmm. I thought that -Os was historically only used for libnih.15:15
jodhdoko: interestingly, I don't get the failure with that gcc version on i386 with ' -O0 -g -ggdb3 -fno-inline'. I'll try with -Os/-O2...15:16
dokojodh, fails with -O2 too15:17
dokojodh, stgraber said something about a dump probably failing. which code/file is this?15:18
stgrabertest_job is the failing test, but it's itself testing job.c and in this case some of the stateful re-exec bits15:19
stgraberit looks like what's wrong is the saved state as the json reports the job as stopped while it's actually running15:19
stgraberso my guess is that the bug affects one of the functions responsible for saving the state of the job15:19
dokojodh, fails for me too with -fno-inline15:20
jodhright - I can recreate it now.15:23
dokojodh, stgraber: so, building all the test code with -O0 and all other files in init with -O2 lets the tests succeed15:28
stgraberright, though that probably means that an actual stateful re-exec of init would fail similarly to what the test shows...15:29
dokoremoving everything in this file except the two *deserialize* functions still shows the issue15:33
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jodhdoko: I've got a minimal C program that uses all the macros and functions in that deserialise code and I cannot make it fail.16:51
jodhdoko: just thought I'd try a clang build but that explodes in flames with an internal compiler error too :(17:06
dokojodh, well, -O0 works, but maybe that's not what you want for production17:07
jodhdoko: yeah, not ideal. Can we get some more context on the original problem from the gcc devs? I've looked at the gcc bug, but I don't understand much of it (the change was primarily for C++ right?)17:25
dokojodh, I don't suspect so17:41
dokojodh, so your reduced test case doesn't show the error at all?17:42
jodhdoko: sorry, no. It's here if you want to try it: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1645562/. I'll take another look tomorrow.18:49

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