HyperiantI'm running a laptop that has sound that only works when you have a particular entry in the alsa-base.conf file.  When this is added in Ubuntu or Lubuntu, it works on this particular laptop.  However, it doesn't work in Xubuntu.  Any idea how I can get my audio working again?00:56
GridCubeit should work the same00:56
holsteinyeah.. i would just double check00:57
GridCubeare you sure you did the same things?00:57
holsteinubuntu and xubuntu have pulse, but lubntu doesnt00:57
holsteinxubuntu *is* ubuntu...00:57
HyperiantYeah, I'm pretty sure I did the same thing; I made sure I wrote down the correct entry00:58
holsteinHyperiant: i would couble check.. and dont write them.. just copy paste00:58
HyperiantThe entry in particular is "options snd-hda-codex-realtek index=-2"00:59
HyperiantI'm gonna try "codec" and reboot just to see if it works01:00
HyperiantIf it does, I'm going to feel really stupid01:00
HyperiantConfirmed, I am an idiot; thanks though01:08
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evoswhats up!03:33
evosjust joined from my iphone03:34
well_laid_lawnit's normally pretty quiet in here this time of day... not alot goes on03:35
evosi kinda noticed :p03:41
evosthanks for the info though. it's my first time with xubuntu. loving it so far!03:42
well_laid_lawnevos:  is it hard using irc on the phone?03:42
evosnah! the design is fabulous. ios mango lite irc03:43
evosthe typing experience is good. but the ads in the lite version are really a bum. but i would buy the full blown app eventually03:44
evosyou can join multiple channels, etc.03:44
evosno xdcc though haha03:44
evosis it more active during the day?03:45
evosps what irc software u recommend for xubuntu?03:46
well_laid_lawnI like weechat which runs in a terminal03:46
well_laid_lawnand, well, it's day here now, in about 6 hours or so it'll pick up03:47
evosi will try it. not a huge terminal fan however03:47
holsteinxchat is a nice GUI one03:48
* holstein uses irssi03:48
evosthank you holstein :)03:48
holsteini started with weechat when i wanted to move to the command line with my chat.. its nice03:48
dydzEz2is there a way to browse usign the regular XFCE window browser in root06:17
dydzEz2instead of typing sudo nautilus06:17
bazhanggksudo thunar06:27
xubuntu147Hi to everybody! I need some help with Xubuntu 12.10 Desktop 64-bit that I've just installed alongside with Windows 8. When I select Xubuntu form grub the screen goes black and the LCD backlight goes off. The Xubuntu loading doesn't appear, but the login screen appears regularly after some seconds. How can I make the Xubuntu loading visible?11:01
xubuntu147Thanks in advance to anyone who will help me!11:01
Pretenderxubuntu147, video ?11:03
xubuntu147Nvidia NVS 2100M11:03
ubottuUbuntu bug 948053 in NVIDIA Drivers Ubuntu "nvidia-173 and nvidia-96 uninstallable on Precise" [Undecided,New]11:04
Pretenderbut you can try kill /etc/X11/xorg.conf and restart. But better rollback to 12.04.111:05
xubuntu147Can be a video driver problem? Notice that the loading screen shows up when shutting down!11:06
Pretenderi thing it is video driver.11:07
Pretendertry kill xorg.conf if he exists11:08
xubuntu147Ok thanks, i'll make some test or I'll rollback to 12.0411:09
PretenderNvidia NVS 2100M11:38
ubottuUbuntu bug 948053 in NVIDIA Drivers Ubuntu "nvidia-173 and nvidia-96 uninstallable on Precise" [Undecided,New]11:39
Pretenderhello, i tested bot ubottu :011:49
MoL0ToVhttp://pastebin.ca/2313123 how i can find in what package are include all these libs? so i can install missed (required) packages?11:53
PretenderMoL0ToV,  http://pkgs.org/ubuntu-12.10/ubuntu-main-i386/libogg0_1.3.0-4_i386.deb.html11:56
MoL0ToVapt-getalready installed... and others?11:57
Pretenderuse search on this site http://pkgs.org/11:58
xubuntu299Hello, could I please know if an i5 intel processor along with 4 gb ram, works with the 32 bit of xubuntu?12:10
koegsxubuntu299: it does, but you could also use the 64bit12:12
recon_lapxubuntu299: should, but why put a 32bit os on a 64bit processor ?12:13
xubuntu299hmm i see, so i should reinstall  with the 64bit one?12:13
recon_lapxubuntu299: not that big a deal, you can use 32bit and it'll work fine12:14
xubuntu299will it recognize and use all of the processor cores?12:15
recon_lapxubuntu299: main use of 64bit os is memory management over 4gb I think12:16
xubuntu299So it doesnt matter i use the 32bit one? because i only have 4GB RAM12:17
recon_lapxubuntu299: 32bit works on 64bit cpu, 64bit works better :) it's up to you. you'll probably never notice the difference.12:20
xubuntu299hm okkay then, thanks12:20
xubuntu299but will the xubuntu 32 bit use all my processor cores?12:22
recon_lapxubuntu299: yes12:22
bartzyI'm doing this in session startup:12:22
bartzy/usr/bin/xmodmap /home/bar/.Xmodmap12:23
bartzyBut it doesn't work - maybe gets overwritten or something.12:23
bartzyWhen after login, I manually run this command, I get the desired effect.12:23
bartzyAny idea ?12:23
recon_lapxubuntu299: just make the decision, you want to reinstall or not? :)12:23
bartzyIt's really annoying to have to execute this manually just to get the Capslock behave like Ctrl :\12:23
xubuntu299probably not12:24
laitebartzy: I have the same problem, I made an bug report on this some time ago12:24
laiteeverything else works but not capslock binding12:24
bartzylaite: You're using xmodmap ?12:24
bartzyCan you paste the bug url ?12:24
laitethere you go ^^12:25
bartzyThat's so annoying :\12:25
laiteespecially when it worked still on xubuntu 12.04 :(12:25
bartzylaite: Can you update that bug if you find a solution ?12:25
laitesure; haven't found any, though12:26
laiteit's not that much of a problem since I boot about once a month12:26
laitebut as you said, annoying12:27
bartzylaite: What about sleeping and login ?12:33
bartzyHappens to me on that as well12:33
bartzyevery time a xfce session is started12:33
bartzyor renewed or something12:33
MoL0ToVOpenEXR                 missing12:34
MoL0ToV   libuuid libraries       missing12:34
MoL0ToV  libuuid headers         missing12:34
MoL0ToVhowto install?12:34
MoL0ToVi cannot find in apt..12:34
laitebartzy:  I have no use on sleeping or relogging on my home computer so couldn't say :P12:34
laiteMoL0ToV: try looking them in synaptic, if you're compiling something you'll propably need *-dev versions12:35
laite'openexr' and 'libuuid' both finds many packages12:36
MoL0ToVi try to install all... are small12:37
marsje_Hi. Looks like I changed something in lightdm.conf that causes my system not to start. How do I restore the original config? aptitude purge want to remove my whole system and aptitude reinstall doesn't do a thing13:41
marsje_ok, found it... I found there's a lightdm.log and told me I don't have a unity-greeter... changed it to lightdm-gtk-greeter13:46
GridCubehow its "not starting"13:49
GridCubemarsje_, ?13:50
marsje_GridCube: as in I don't get login screen nor a desktop13:51
marsje_GridCube: nor a error message on my screen (I get one in lightdm.conf though)13:51
GridCubeok do this, on a tty write: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop --reinstall13:52
GridCubethen reboot13:52
marsje_GridCube: I already solved it (see message above)13:52
marsje_GridCube: but as I understand it, aptitude reinstall reinstalls the files, EXCEPT the configuration files13:52
GridCubenot those13:53
marsje_which is where the problem was13:53
GridCubegood point13:54
GridCubethough i think it replace those particular ones13:54
marsje_I tried aptitude reinstall lightdm and that didn't work13:55
marsje_not even when I moved the config13:55
GridCubebut thats not xubuntu-desktop, xubuntu desktop should replace that file, because it needs to13:55
GridCubebut then again, i might be mistaken13:55
marsje_oh, like that13:55
marsje_ok, then you might be right13:56
marsje_but reinstalling the whole desktop environment to fix 1 line in 1 file seems a bit over kill to me13:56
GridCubein any case you have a default example of a working lightdm.conf on the xubuntu's faq pages13:56
marsje_yeah, I found a sample online and used it to fix the file13:57
marsje_working now :)13:57
trying_to_try_xuHow do I login when I choose "Try Xubuntu without installing" after booting Xubuntu 12.10 32-bit desktop CD??17:10
g16trying_to_try_xu: you are logged in automatically.17:10
g16You should see the desktop with a panel above, the menu at the top left, tray area at top right17:10
trying_to_try_xuI am not logged in automatically. After booting has finished, I am presented with a login screen, not a desktop.17:14
GridCubetrying_to_try_xu, that should not happen17:17
GridCubetrying_to_try_xu, try to reboot the system, check that you have the proper iso on your boot media17:17
GridCubesee that you downloaded the proper iso as well17:17
trying_to_try_xuThe md5sum of the ISO is bd87be6626efa4ebf7678f5e2c942b57.17:20
g16well, md5 is correct.17:21
g16I just logged out and in with login xubuntu and leaving the password field empty.17:21
g16on 12.04 i386 and 12.10 i386 CDs.17:22
g16Do they also work for you?17:22
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows17:23
GridCubemmmm weird17:23
dydzEz2this sucks17:25
dydzEz2i paid 4 bucks for this stock tracker i really liked on ubuntu17:25
dydzEz2i paid for it on a 32 bit 12.10 ubuntu and it doesnt work on a 64 bit xubuntu 12.1017:25
dydzEz2crash reports arent happening17:26
GridCubetrying_to_try_xu, on the login screen, if you keep seing it, try choosing "guest" as your session name17:27
GridCubeif that fails i dont know what is wrong17:28
trying_to_try_xuI have been trying the Xubuntu 12.10 Desktop i386 image. That's what I gave the md5sum for. I will try 12.04 version soon.17:28
GridCubetrying_to_try_xu, yes, as said, that should not happen17:30
trying_to_try_xuBooting Xubuntu 12.04 Desktop i386 works as desired; i.e., clicking "Try Xubuntu" eventually leads to a desktop that bypasses any login stuff. The md5sum of that is 52fddd81e75bb421a5435a42ca9ec6df.17:36
GridCubethe 12.10 should work exactly the same17:39
moetunesdydzEz2:  see if this helps - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/32bit_and_64bit#How_to_Make_32-bit_Applications_Work_on_a_64-bit_Operating_System17:41
dydzEz2i must say the difference was i used 12.10 UBUNTU x86, right now im installing a vm of 12.10 XUBUNTU x8617:44
koegsdydzEz2: you can run x86 software on AMD64, you just need to check how :D17:46
dydzEz2/bin/java doesnt exit17:46
dydzEz2thats so wierd17:46
dydzEz2i have like 2 IDES including netbeans that has java17:46
trying_to_try_xuI gets curiouser. I just got some mixed success with Xubuntu 12.10. Everything I wrote above was done in virtual machines. However, when I boot physical CD in physical PC, trying Xubuntu 12.10 Desktop i386 works as desired.17:47
trying_to_try_xus/I gets/It gets/17:47
koegsdydzEz2: it is /usr/bin/java17:47
dydzEz2http://jstock.sourceforge.net/help_install_upgrade.html  ctrl+F   /bin/java17:48
dydzEz2wierd no way to redirecate it in this software17:48
trying_to_try_xuBy the way, for the virtual machine use, the host is running Xubuntu 12.10 Desktop i386, which was installed on a hard drive.17:48
trying_to_try_xuFor the Xubuntu 12.10 Desktop i386 running in a virtual machine, none of the following login/password combinations work guest/<no password>, guest/guest, guest/xubuntu, guest/tryxubuntu.17:54
Malinussso obviously I have GRUB installed, since that is what I choose whatever OS I want to boot. I can howerver not find the "menu.lst", under /boot/grub/menu.lst... Is that because I need to be super user to view that file?17:55
Malinusshow would I go about that?17:55
knome!grub2 | Malinuss17:55
ubottuMalinuss: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)17:55
knometrying_to_try_xu, an installed system?17:55
Malinussno I have xubuntu installed17:56
knomeMalinuss, the latter question wasn't for you.17:57
koegsMalinuss: what do you want to achive? normally you edit /etc/default/grub and then do an "sudo update-grub"17:58
trying_to_try_xuAh, I just got a little bit closer. Logging in as xubuntu with empty password, gets past login screen for a few seconds, then it comes back to login screen. I.e., the login screen seems to be satisfied with logging is as xubuntu. Perhaps the subsequent session is what crashes. Hmmm. I wonder if it initially did try to do the desktop, but the desktop crashed, leading back to the login screen. Hmmmm.18:00
dydzEz2so everytime i want to start jstock i have to go to the folder and tye ./jstock.sh18:03
dydzEz2its been so long i forgot how to make shortcuts18:03
g16trying_to_try_xu: liveCD needs 256 MB or more of RAM18:04
bartzyCan anyone help with this bug:18:04
ubottubugzilla.xfce.org bug 9792 in General "Can't bind caps lock to control on startup" [Minor,New]18:04
dydzEz2oh lol simple18:07
dydzEz2right click18:07
dydzEz2totally forgot18:07
dydzEz2ok if the program is called jstock.sh and i activated it by navigating to the folder and typing ./jstock.sh -- whats the command i put in for creating the launcher18:10
GridCubetrying_to_try_xu, have you tried the guest session?18:15
dydzEz2i have a xubuntu VM it partitions like this: dev/sda 1 ext 4 ... then dev/sda2 extended to a linux swap dev/sda5 ----- i want to increase the hard disk space so i inserted 20GB unallocated ... can I put all the 20GB into dev/sda (the ext 4 partition)18:23
Malinusskoegs, I wanted to make the booting screen more appealing and delete some of the choices. But I think I found the answer on how to at least change how it looks (colors and bg.)18:24
GridCubedydzEz2, if sda2 its just swap, you could mount a live session on that vm, remove the swap using gparted. increase the sda1 size and recreate swap, but be aware of possible data loss, (shouldnt happen tho)18:26
dydzEz2 GridCube let me send a pic 1 sec18:26
koegswe do not need a pic, just do it :D18:27
g16dydzEz2: if you delete the old swap, and use hibernate inside the VM, fix /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/resume18:28
dydzEz2oh man thats so confusing i havent slept in forever18:28
dydzEz2this is what it looks like now18:28
dydzEz2ahts the simplest way18:28
g16If you don't use hibernate, then you may still wish to fix it, as it will otherwise take slow down the boot.18:28
dydzEz2what would happen if i just extended /dev/sda1 btw18:29
GridCubedydzEz2, sure, you can resize that from a live session18:31
GridCubedydzEz2, if sda2 its just swap, you could mount a live session on that vm, remove the swap using gparted. increase the sda1 size and recreate swap, but be aware of possible data loss, (shouldnt happen tho)18:31
GridCube^^ do that its as easy as it gets, umount swap, delete it, resize sda1, recreate swap, reboot, ..., PROFIT18:32
dydzEz2ok i get what youre saying gridcube18:32
dydzEz2how do icreate the swap18:32
dydzEz2ive never done such a thing18:32
GridCubein gparted, create a new partition, in the format of the partition, say i to be linux swap18:32
dydzEz2and btw, since im learning and you guys are great  - why do ineed to delete  the swap18:33
dydzEz2ill do it up18:33
GridCubedydzEz2, think of it like you added a new room to your house, and you want to extend the living room, but its just besides the garage, you need to take down the walls to the garage in order to extend the room, you can rebuild the garage later on18:34
GridCubei hope that makes some sense18:35
dydzEz2 loaded an ubuntu live c18:36
dydzEz2lucky i just learned how to use the BIOS on vmware like 2 days ago18:36
GridCube(it should always boot the cd first)18:36
trying_to_try_xuWoohoo! I figured out a workaround for trying Xubuntu 12.10 Desktop i386 in a virtual machine in Xubuntu 12.10 Desktop i386. In virtual machine settings, for Video Model use vga instead of default cirrus.18:37
koegstrying_to_try_xu: which virtualization do you use? kvm or virtualbox?18:38
dydzEz2gridcube do i remove sda2 and then sda5 will just get removed alongside it18:39
trying_to_try_xuI use kvm virtualization.18:39
koegso i see18:39
GridCubedydzEz2, try it, you will learn the proper way18:39
dydzEz2oh i see i have to "swapoff" first18:39
dydzEz2ok so i deletted the swap and now i have the 4gig extended and my sda 1 16gig and 20 gig unallocated18:40
dydzEz2can i give ALL 20gigs to the ext4?18:40
GridCubeyes, you could, but then you would not have swap18:40
GridCubeand that is NOT desirable18:40
trying_to_try_xuAnother nice thing about choosing vga instead of cirrus for the vm, is bigger virtual screen. cirrus maxes out at 1027x768. vga maxes out at 1920x1080.18:40
dydzEz2 oh i havent deleted the 4GB swap yet, the extended partition is still there18:41
dydzEz2imma delete it18:41
dydzEz2but how much do i leave for a swap18:41
dydzEz2is hte question18:41
GridCube4gb sound about right18:41
dydzEz24gb was for 20gigs18:41
GridCubei give 6gb from each of my drives18:41
dydzEz2or 16gigs rather18:41
GridCubebut its up to you, usual "rule" is twice your ram18:42
GridCubebut thats just a saying18:42
irishjim68hello all. I am having a minor irritation with my xubuntu 12.10 install that I cannot find an answer toa nywhere. My machine is part of a home network that includes windows xp machines, and in my places menu, and inside the folder side pane of the file manager, the icon for "Network" keeps disappearing (ie. doesn't always show up). No settings are being changed, shometime if I reboot, it will be there, sometimes not.18:42
dydzEz2twice my ram? i have 24 gigs of ram18:43
dydzEz2oh i assigned 4gigs of ram to the vm18:43
GridCubeP: as said, 4g sound fine18:43
dydzEz2ok i have 7.81 unallocted18:46
dydzEz2is it a primary partition?18:46
dydzEz2oh no its extended18:47
dydzEz2align to cylinder or mib18:47
trying_to_try_xug16: At first I was booting Xubuntu 12.10 Desktop i386 image in a VM with 2047 MB of RAM. Later I reduced to 1024 MB.18:48
trying_to_try_xuGridCube: I tried logging in as guest (with various passwords) without success. None of the passwords were valid. As far as sessions are concerned, there are only two session choices, Xubuntu Session and Xfce Session, with no guest session option.18:50
GridCubeno passwords needed18:50
GridCubetrying_to_try_xu, thats very weird, you shouldnt be asked for any password whatsoever18:51
irishjim68@trying_to_try_xu - try using Xubuntu as user name, no pass18:51
dydzEz2gridcube does this look right ? https://dl.dropbox.com/u/54303432/correct.dib  i alligned to MiB18:51
dydzEz2operations pending18:51
GridCubeirishjim68, do you have gvfs-backends installed?18:51
GridCubewhats that dydzEz2 ?18:52
trying_to_try_xuknome: The host OS is Xubuntu 12.10 Desktop i386 installed on a hard drive. I was having trouble running Xubuntu 12.10 Desktop i386 as live CD in a virtual machine that has virtual CD (just ISO image on host hard drive) and _no_ virtual hard drive.18:52
dydzEz2gricube thats a pic of the operations18:53
dydzEz2im about to execute18:53
dydzEz2of making the new partitions18:53
GridCubei can't open that link sorry18:53
irishjim68GridCube - how can I find out? When the icon does show, connections to windows machine shares work fine.18:53
dydzEz2why, do you want me to upload it to zimage?18:54
GridCubeirishjim68, on a terminal type sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install gvfs-backends18:56
dydzEz2gridcube atleast tell me, do i allign to cylinder or MiB18:56
irishjim68gvfs backends are installed18:56
irishjim68just checked with software center18:56
GridCubedydzEz2, thats irrelevant, choose what ever you feel like, i never bothered with those options18:56
trying_to_try_xuGridCube: I solved problem by changing video mode to vga from cirrus. Rehashing what I wrote earlier: Logging in as guest, never got password with various login/password combinations as written about earlier. Logging in as xubuntu did get past login screen, but session seemed to crash, then come back to login screen after a few seconds.18:57
dydzEz2did it! now i swapped on18:58
dydzEz2 lets test it18:58
GridCubeweird stuffs, try going to a tty and try to delete .Xauthority and .ICEauthority18:58
GridCubeirishjim68, try configuring your network shares using gigolo18:59
GridCubei dont really know how that works so you might need to google a bit18:59
dydzEz2oh wow19:00
dydzEz2i thought i messed up19:00
dydzEz2it worked19:00
dydzEz2so easy to remember, atleast now ill know how to do it19:00
GridCubedydzEz2, :)19:01
trying_to_try_xuirishjim68: I solved problem by changing video mode to vga from cirrus. Capitalization: Xubuntu versus xubuntu: Trying to login as Xubuntu prompts for password. Trying to login as xubuntu does not prompt for password. I.e., Xubuntu is not a valid user. xubuntu is a valid user.19:01
dydzEz2hey if i run gparted while im on the actual OS, will the linux swap be swapped off19:02
dydzEz2this is wier19:02
GridCubedydzEz2, please, be aware that you increased the end of the file, that was empty, and becasue of that it was easier19:02
GridCubeif you need to increase the begining of the file, thats where it gets tricky19:02
dydzEz2oh so its supposed to be unsappwed19:02
GridCubelive sessions dont care19:02
GridCubedydzEz2, oh oh oh19:03
GridCubeplease do this before rebooting please19:03
dydzEz2 do what19:03
GridCubego to your sda1 partition, find /etc/fstab and change the UUID of the disk to /dev/sda119:03
GridCubeelse it wont boot :#19:03
dydzEz2it did boot i just went to the live cd to check something lol19:04
GridCubeoh well, fewwww19:04
dydzEz2in gparted my extended partition is still /dev/sda119:05
dydzEz2since i only just deleted the extended/swap and then resized it19:05
dydzEz2 did xubuntu devs do something different with the dock at the bottom19:07
dydzEz2like normal xfce is totally solid19:07
dydzEz2if i got ubuntu and installed xfce on it, would i be able to replicate xubuntus look19:08
knomedydzEz2, sure.19:08
dydzEz2how would have i checked my fstab anyway gridcube19:09
GridCubedydzEz2, you re-mount the partition, go to its ../etc/ folder and find the fstab text file, open it and find the part that points to / there you change the UUID for /dev/sda119:10
irishjim68GridCube, never used it myself either. Don't even know where to start. I wonder if it is just something with the file manager just not loading the URI?19:10
dydzEz2but its sda1 by default on a vm19:11
GridCubevery probably irishjim6819:11
dydzEz2what would it have been19:11
GridCubeubuntu usually changes /dev/sda1 to its uuid19:11
irishjim68is there a terminal command i can issue to restart thunar?19:12
GridCubemmmm good question19:12
irishjim68when I issue: sudo restart Thunar19:16
irishjim68I get: restart: Unknown job: Thunar19:17
trying_to_try_xuGridCube, g16, irishjim68: Thanks for your help. The solution for trying Xubuntu 12.10 Desktop i386 in a kvm virtual machine on a Xubuntu 12.10 Desktop i386 host was to choose vga for video mode instead of default of cirrus. That 12.04 has no problem in VM and that 12.10 worked fine on real machine suggested that the virtual machine was the problem for 12.10. Using vga for video mode also allows max screen of 1920x1080,19:17
trying_to_try_xu instead of cramped 1024x768 for cirrus. Thanks again.19:17
GridCubetrying_to_try_xu, you could report a bug about that though19:18
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.19:18
irishjim68trying_to_try_xu, personally, I prefer OpenBox for VM sessions19:18
GridCubeirishjim68, its not thunar, its gvfs19:20
GridCubeand thunar, yes, but mostly thunar relations to gvfs19:21
dydzEz2gridcube youre right , the swap partition has a different UUID on the fstab19:21
GridCubesay to it that its called /dev/sda#19:22
dydzEz2i just put in the UUID code19:22
dydzEz2will that not work?19:22
dydzEz2thhe only lines that arent commeneted (have a # infront) are lines that say UUID=19:23
GridCubeit should yes19:23
dydzEz2ok so we're good19:23
dydzEz2now iknow how to partition19:23
GridCubei just replace that whole thing19:23
dydzEz2yeah i just replaced the code19:23
dydzEz2i dont have to update-grub or something wierd19:25
trying_to_try_xuirishjim68: What do you like about OpenBox better than kvm? Generally, I try to not fight the defaults. That kvm has official Ubuntu support is strong motivation to use kvm. I don't see such support for OpenBox. What does OpenBox offer to overcome absence of official Ubuntu support?19:26
dydzEz2  ok now to check if that stock program only works on ubuntu and not just x86 aka it has an aversion to x64 and not an aversion to xubuntu19:26
dydzEz2its xubuntu!19:26
dydzEz2works fine on ubuntu19:27
dydzEz2ill try xubuntu 12.0419:27
GridCubetrying_to_try_xu, irishjim68 to discuss likenesses please go to #xubuntu-offtopic :) lets try to keep here for support only please19:28
trying_to_try_xuGridCube: I've added reporting bug to my todo list.19:30
trying_to_try_xu\join #xubuntu-offtopic19:31
dydzEz2ok so theres this software i paid for that only works on ubuntu and not xubuntu, no matter if its 64 bit or 32 bit, so i want to e-mail the guy (the support website is an e-mail) how can i copy and paste the crash report19:38
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dydzEz2its likee in a GUI with buttons, something you cant copy19:38
PicidydzEz2: iirc, it drops a copy of the crash report into /var/crash/19:40
dydzEz2thanks pici , hmm whats the equiv to sudo nautilus in xubuntu19:42
dydzEz2cuz it doesnt work19:42
well_laid_lawnthunar is the filemanager19:44
genii-aroundProbably something more like gksudo thunar19:44
dydzEz2oh sudo thunar19:45
dydzEz2idnt realy xubuntu used thunar19:45
dydzEz2i am new that is19:45
genii-aroundNOT SUDO19:45
dydzEz2whats the difference19:45
ubottuIf you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)19:45
genii-aroundsudo -> command line apps. gksudo -> graphical apps19:45
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Doctor_Vexhi there20:25
Doctor_Vexi was hoping to install Xubuntu 12.04 on a old Dell Inspiron 4100, but the installation crashes with a Kernel error20:26
Doctor_Vexlive CD worked fine even with sound20:27
Doctor_Vexi tried Mint before, which installed but did not boot at all20:27
Doctor_VexUbuntu does install and boot but grabs lot of recources and i had no sound. the drive update crashed all the time20:28
Doctor_Vexso. at some point i would like to have a working Linux on this laptop20:28
drcYou might start by giving us some specs on the machine (RAM, etc...so we don't have to guess)20:35
Doctor_Vexit has a Pentium 3 1 GHz M with 512 RAM20:36
moetunesDoctor_Vex:  alot of the time the kernel error can be due to memory issues - have you checked the memory on that old box?20:46
Doctor_Vexyes i have20:46
Doctor_Vex0 errors20:46
Doctor_Vexit would also be weird as Ubuntu and Win XP ran fine without such errors20:47
moetunesxubuntu should be ok on that - did you check the live cd after you burnt it?20:48
moetunesI have a similar spec laptop that I run arch on which has a later kernel than xubuntu so it won't be xubuntu's kernel that's the issue20:49
Doctor_Vexi can run the "check disc for defect" but i doubt it will lead somewhere20:51
Doctor_Vexi burned it extra slow20:51
moetunesthat helps nut isn't error proof20:51
Doctor_Vexwell "Check finished: No errors found"21:00
Doctor_Vexso what can i do now21:00
Doctor_Vexshould i try Lubuntu?21:02
moetunesDoctor_Vex:  you should have a couple of entries in the booy menu, do they all fail?21:03
Doctor_Vexwhat do you mean?21:03
moetunesall the *ubuntu's use the same kernel21:03
Doctor_Vexyeah but why does the installation crash only on Xubuntu21:04
moetuneswhen you boot there's a menu to select what os/kernel you want21:04
Doctor_Vexthe Live CD works21:04
Doctor_Vexi dont see kernel options21:05
Doctor_Vexi get the usual CD menu21:05
moetunesso something went wrong with the install - xubuntu works for thousands so it's not that21:05
Doctor_Vextry Xubuntu, install Xubuntu, Check disc21:06
moetunesyou said you had trouble with an installed xubuntu right?21:06
moetunesnot the live cd21:06
Doctor_Vex<Doctor_Vex> i was hoping to install Xubuntu 12.04 on a old Dell Inspiron 4100, but the installation crashes with a Kernel error21:07
moetunesok so it crashes during the installition process? at what stage of it?21:07
Doctor_Vexright after the screen with the how much GB it requires and before the partition menu21:08
Doctor_Vexi tried it from the live session via "install Xubuntu" and via the start menu right after boot21:09
moetunesok. just the once or it has done hat a few times?21:09
Doctor_Vextwice since i tried it both ways21:10
moetunesok. it's a problem on your end else no one would be running xubuntu. I'd try a hard drive check21:12
Doctor_Vexim loading the live session again. what then?21:12
Taylr0xWhen booting up my laptop with Xubuntu installed am I not supposed to see the Xubuntu logo and progress bar? As I just get a black screen and then the login screen after about 10 seconds.21:12
Doctor_Vexi also highly doubt it is the HDD as the earlier installations worked fine and several partitioning processes have been done inclusive formatting21:15
moetunesDoctor_Vex:  I'm just offering things to check - I have no idea about the state of your hardware but there seems to be something going wrong at your end21:17
drcwhat was the version of ubuntu that did install?21:17
Doctor_Vex12.04 LTS21:18
moetunesto check the hdd in a terminal - smartctl –all /dev/hda | less - press to quit. you might have to install smartctl21:18
moetunesto check the hdd in a terminal -    smartctl –all /dev/hda | less    - press q to quit. you might have to install smartctl21:19
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Doctor_Vexinstalled it but that gives me an error21:26
Doctor_Vexinvalid argument to -l: l21:26
xubuntu924the audio onmy computer has too much noise21:32
xubuntu924whenever I view videos using youtube and perform any other activity like compiling a program...the audio freezes foar a couple of seconds21:33
xubuntu924do I need to download additional drivers ?21:34
moetunesDoctor_Vex:  what command did you run? - I never mentioned -l21:37
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Doctor_Vexexactly what you said21:37
Doctor_Vexthere is also a "Smartctl open device: /dev/hda failed: no such device" at the end in the terminal21:39
moetunestry /dev/sda21:41
moetunesso   smartctl –all /dev/sda    first then pipe it through less if there's too much info21:42
recon_lapxubuntu924: maybe more codex and check if there is a property video driver, never came across a audio driver though21:43
moetunessmartctl –all /dev/sda | less   a pipe is shift+\ keys21:43
recon_lapxubuntu924: is this a old machine? might not be up to a large load21:44
moetunesTaylr0x:  you should see a splash screen - your vid card probably needs a kernel parameter to work in the framebuffer21:44
Doctor_Vexwell i started a badblocks earlier and its running so far. i will try that right after21:45
Taylr0xmoetunes, I'm a bit of a beginner when it comes to Xubuntu. Mind giving me a little guidance on what I need to do? Does that mean my graphics card doesnt have sufficient drivers installed or something?21:49
recon_lapTaylr0x: name you make and model of comp and video card.21:54
moetunesTaylr0x:  it means you need to edit a bootloader file and a setting there21:55
moetuneswe'll need to know the vid card you have so in a terminal   lspci | grep VGA21:56
Taylr0xVGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] nee ATI Manhattan [Mobility Radeon HD 5400 Series]21:59
GridCube!uefi | epifanio21:59
ubottuepifanio: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI21:59
moetunesTaylr0x:  are you using the opensource driver or the proprietry one from amd?22:06
Taylr0xHaven't got a clue. I'm using what ever was installed by default.22:07
moetunesthat'll be the opensource driver22:07
Taylr0xShould I use the other one?22:08
moetunesno need unless you want to22:11
Taylr0xRighto, many tanks for the help moetunes!22:12
moetunesyou need to add   radeon modeset=1   to the end of the kernel line - I would do that from grub first as a check that it works ok22:12
ToddI got Xubuntu 12.04.1 ISO and I have program do USB but the program don't recognize the ISO.22:35
Doctor_VexPass completed, 0 bad blocks found.22:35
Doctor_Vexsmartctl still doesnt work with the same error22:36
genii-aroundHm. 35 seconds is hardly long enough to await some reply.22:36
recon_lapTodd: how you creating the live usb? are you using windows to create it?23:01
Doctor_Vexhe left23:01
recon_lapI noticed lol23:03
recon_lapbit slow tonight23:03
Doctor_Vexwell he cant expect to receive immediate support23:05
Doctor_Vexso i tried the Xubuntu install routine from live CD desktop again. this time it did not crash in the middle, the windows closed but it does not say reboot and occasionally loads data from the CD23:43
Doctor_Vexthe mouse curser still indicates waiting23:44
Doctor_Vexi guess ill wait a bit more23:44
jinjorgeare you using the daily build? or is this 12.10?23:45
jinjorgeI just installed the daily build(13.04) and all is well23:45
Doctor_Vexi dont know of any 13.04 as april is in the future23:46
jinjorgeyes, this is not the release(alpha, beta...)23:47
Doctor_Vexoh. ok23:47
jinjorgeliving on the edge23:47
Doctor_Vexlooking forward to it23:47
knomeyes, 13.04 should not be installed to production machines.23:48
jinjorge@knome yes that's correct23:49
jinjorgeit's installed on a machine that I can easily blow away and reinstall23:50
Doctor_Vexit just booted \o/23:50
Doctor_Vexthat really was a tough birth23:50
Doctor_Vex16% CPU usage instead of 60% in Ubuntu is much better23:51
Doctor_Vexand sound works unlike in Ubuntu23:52
jinjorgewhich version of Ubuntu are you comparing to?23:54
Doctor_Vexits a older laptop23:54

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