GeorgeIoak2anyone gone through creating a custom boot-up splash screen, the blue one with the lubuntu text/logo?01:39
phillwGeorgeIoak2: I have not, but it is documented.02:44
phillwI can go pull the wiki area for you, if you want.02:44
user9003Lubuntu 12.04 refuses to copy a .mp3 file to ~/Music02:47
user9003Trying to copy from USB drive to ~/Music02:47
user9003no can do.02:47
user9003Drag n drop doesn't work02:48
phillwuser9003: what are the permissions on ~/Music ?02:48
user9003set to user102:50
user9003i can copy via the console, but not my mouse.02:50
user9003should i chmod  +rwx the whole /home/user1 directory?02:51
phillwuser9003: what version of lubuntu are you using?02:53
user900312.04 live cd installed to hd.02:53
phillwit was a known bug, but is  now fixed.02:54
user9003what's the fix?02:54
phillwahh, 12.0402:54
phillwyou may need to grab the later pcmanfm, let me do a little digging for you.02:55
user9003would sudo apt-get upgrade fix it?02:55
phillwuser9003: no, in this case it will not.02:57
phillwif you wish to stick to 12.04 then you will need to add the lubuntu repo to your system.02:58
phillwuser9003: https://launchpad.net/~lubuntu-dev/+archive/staging?field.series_filter=precise has the list of the newest versions that have been released for precise.02:59
phillwit also has instructions as to how to get them. IMHO, I'd suggest updating to 12.10.03:00
user9003Looks a bit risky adding an unsupported repo.   But i'm happy to use rox-filer or some other file manager then make it the default.03:01
phillwuser9003: that repo is from the lubuntu developers :) Whilst adding unknown repos is not advised, that one is the exception to the rule :)03:02
user9003ok.  adding to sources.03:04
phillwuser9003: look at https://launchpad.net/~lubuntu-dev it is owned by the 'boss' of lubuntu development, https://launchpad.net/~gilir03:04
user9003can't argue with the boss then.  ;- )03:05
phillwuser9003: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/Testing/PPA_Testing has some further details of adding and removing repos. But, i assure you, that ppa is very safe :)03:06
user9003did i need to comment out any default repos in sources.list ?03:07
user9003Added lauchpad to my source.list >  apt-get update >  apt-get upgrade.03:07
phillwuser9003: no, if you follow the instructions it will be added.03:08
phillwyeah, those two commands will 1) get the database updated, 2) install the new stuff.03:10
phillwI'l brb... ~ 5 mins.03:10
phillwgood to hear! Lubuntu does not have enough devs to provide LTS, but quite a bit does get put onto that area.03:17
phillwyou can safely leave that repo on your system, I'm not sure if and when the team will update it, but if they do you will receive it as part of updates. Your kernel / browser is looked after be 'main' and you will receive updates for those.03:20
user9003Copying works fine now via pcmanfm.03:22
user9003Will take note of the fix.  Thanks.03:22
phillwit was a known bug. I do suggest that you update to 12.10 fully. (usual rules of taking a backup do apply).03:23
phillwlubuntu is still quite new, so there are some fairly important (usability) issues addressed each release.03:25
user9003Problem #2.   I have a USB audio device "C-Media Electronics, Inc.  Audio Adapter (Planet  UP-100, Genius G-Talk)03:32
user9003No sound.  Selected with alsamixer > F6.  Silent.03:33
phillwuser9003: do you want a battle or an easy fix?03:34
user9003easy fix first03:36
user9003I'm checking modinfo snd_usb_audio and the /sys directory to make sure it's enabled.03:37
user9003Which is is.03:37
user9003it is enabled as the enable parameter says:  Y,Y,Y,Y,  etc03:37
phillwuser9003: head over to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Setup#Sound03:38
user9003tested aplay with audio samples in /usr/share/sounds/alsa.  Silent.03:39
user9003Bought this device on ebay and the seller said it was compatible with linux.03:39
phillwuser9003: you may need to install pulseaudio, that is covered on the link I posted.03:40
user9003Can pulse be installed simply with apt-get ?03:44
phillwuser9003: yes.03:45
phillwsudo apt-get install libasound2-plugins "pulseaudio-*" paman padevchooser paprefs pavucontrol pavumeter03:45
phillwthat will install the entire suite.03:46
user9003Package padevchooser is not available03:48
user9003spelt correct?03:48
user9003i could delete that if unneccessary03:49
user9003installing without padevchooser....03:52
phillwuser9003: that was a copy and paste from a wiki page... I'll chack to see if it is a typo (we are human!)03:53
user9003padevchooser is probably obsolete and removed.03:55
user9003so i skipped it.03:55
user9003Testing USB device.  If i don't respond then my PC froze ;- )03:55
phillwI cannot see it on my 12.10 install, I'll mark the page as needing an update and pass it onto the team who look after audio. thank-you for pointing out that it needs updating :)03:56
user9003Selected my device in pavucontrol and got sound.04:00
user9003now to set this device as system default on reboot.04:01
user9003I want it so when i hot plug the device it auto-enables in pulse.04:02
user9003Audio Loud and clear. Thanks!  Just added value to this PC.04:03
user9003Rebooting. Test again.04:04
phillwuser9003: you're back!04:10
phillwwelcome cixelsyd04:10
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience04:11
cixelsydi'm trying to get my wireless working, this is a fresh install of lubuntu04:11
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs04:11
cixelsydsry didn't mean to send that04:12
cixelsydi was trying to cp it04:12
phillwcixelsyd: I'm not being harsh, but those docs are more up to date than I am :)04:12
phillwcixelsyd: my guess is that you have a broadcom device, in which case you do really to read them!04:13
phillw*do really need to read them*04:14
cixelsydphillw: indeed i do have a broadcom card04:14
phillwcixelsyd: that link will get you up and running :)04:15
phillwit is the only WiFi chip that causes problems (owing to them not releasing the code for linux fully).04:16
cixelsydphillw: according to this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HardwareSupportComponentsWirelessNetworkCardsBroadcom my card should work out of the box04:16
phillwcixelsyd: have a read through the wiki area. I long ago learned that not everything broadcom says is completely true.04:18
phillwcixelsyd: if the wiki area is not helping, get in touch with the experts :) http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=33604:19
phillwIn that team, I trust. If you see an error / problem in their wiki area, please do mention it to them and they will get it updated.04:20
cixelsydphillw: i don't have time to way for forum replies. this isn't my computer, its my cousins moms computer and i will be leaving back home tomorrow... if i leave this computer with out wireless shes gonna be pissed04:20
cixelsydto wait*04:20
phillwcixelsyd: then I can only suggest http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=209013804:21
cixelsydand i was trying to tell her how much better linux is than windows and talked her into letting me put linux on her computer and if the wireless doesn't work and i leave shes going to hate it04:21
phillwcixelsyd: you have never heard of dual booting? :(04:22
phillwuser9003: well, something must be working.... you're back :)04:22
cixelsydphillw: didn't have the windows cd... i told her if she let me put linux on here she'd never have to worry about viruses again that she wouldn't even need an AV04:23
phillwcixelsyd: As I also do not have a CD, I can only suggest http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=209013804:23
user9003Problem #3:   NO audio with youtube.com.  But audio works with VLC and .mp304:25
phillwthey deal with these issues every day and are best placed to answer your questions.04:25
user9003phillw:  Got my usb device working with pulse, but problem #3 above.04:26
user9003Most audio devices have a "video" volume in alsamixer, but my device seems to be missing it.04:26
user9003I think "video" is related to internet video playback.04:27
phillwuser9003: are you using the new html5 version of youtune?04:27
user9003probably not.04:27
user9003will test...brb04:27
phillwI'd suggest it, it is better than the flash version04:27
phillwuser9003: http://www.youtube.com/html504:29
user9003tested html5....still no sound.04:29
phillwI'm signed into the tests (Well, I am a tester). I've not seen any problems... it just works.04:29
user9003pavucontrol is missing "video" volume settings04:30
user9003Definitely no audo from flash video or html5.04:32
phillwuser9003: I'm just a 'general' tester, head over to http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=334 for more details and be able to ask specific questions. I can't really help on issues that I'm not familiar with. Honest, my Australian guest, I'm not trying to "pass the buck". Just that area will be better able to help you as they are the experts :)04:33
phillwHeck, I've not too bad with your questions :D04:33
phillw*I've not done too bad*04:34
user9003Thanks, you helped alot.. Got my mp3's and pcmanfm working at least. :- )04:34
phillwtwo out of three is not a bad score :)04:35
user9003as meatloaf would say "2 out of 3 ain't bad"04:35
phillwshould I warn the forum area that you may actually love them if they make it 3 out of 3? :P04:36
user9003;- )    I'm off to #ubuntu.04:37
phillwI'd suggest the forum, more chance of getting an expert.04:37
phillw#ubuntu-beginners does also have good people, it is a quieter area with less people on - but the ratio of helpers :: needing help is higher.04:39
cixelsydphillw: i'm trying to install those drivers that are listed in that forum you sent me.. it's just hanging on W: Waited for dpkg --assert-multi-arch but it wasn't there - dpkgGo (10: No child processes) what does that mean?04:42
cixelsydnm i figured it out04:47
cixelsydbrb gonna reboot04:48
phillwI'll keep my fingers crossed for you.04:48
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cixelsydphillw: i need an on$creen keyboard.. $ome of the key$  i need aren't working and i need to change the pa$$word before i reboot but it won't let me copy and pa$te the pa$$word into the terminal... $omeone ju$t $pilled a drink on it a lil bit ago.. $ome of the character$ i need for the pa$$word do not work lol04:52
phillwcixelsyd: keep the beer away from k3yb0@rd5 !!!04:54
wxlcixelsyd: it would seem to me if anyone's going to know how to deal with that it's phillw as he's the accessibility guy :)04:54
cixelsydi need to change the pa$$word to $omething that i$nt mi$$ing ha ha howd you know it wa$ a beer? the keyboard on thi$ laptop i$ already effed up they are u$ing a u$b keyboard and now the u$b keyboard i effed up too04:55
phillwcixelsyd: as it now 0500 here, and I was leaving at 0300, I will leave you and your system to the tender mercies of the next shift :)04:58
cixelsydi'm able to copy character$ and then pa$te them to make the pa$$word but when i run pa$$wd from a terminal and try to pa$te the pa$$word it $ay$ Authentication token manipulation error04:58
phillwg'nite :)04:58
cixelsydcan i cut the wire on a p$2 keyboard and cut the wire on thi$ u$b keyboard and $plice them together?05:01
guest-5ZuglFphillw: you got my cou$in$ mom$ wirele$$ working\.\. thank$ a lot man\. $he will be happy now but pi$$ed about the keyboard lol the keyboard wa$ not my fault tho06:11
zleaphi what do i use to switch to a vga monitor output in lubuntu from a laptop / netbook09:50
jude01System Tools > Monitor Settings09:51
jude01*i meant Preferences > Monitor Settings09:52
zleapok that allows me to turn them on, is there a key combo to switch09:55
jude01switch what?09:56
zleapfrom laptop output to vga09:56
zleapmonitor settings does not appear to have a option to set the output09:57
zleapok i may try rebooting to make sure its detected prop  rly,09:58
zleapit is now enabled,09:58
jude01 you can set custom keybindings in openbox via something like what is described here http://openbox.org/wiki/Help:Bindings you could have it execute xrandr plus settings09:58
zleapok thanks10:03
jude01if you want a gui then i would recommend xbindkeys-config10:15
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rix1234Hi........ Anyone please help me with LikeWise AD authentication.11:27
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holsteinKuroda_Shun: i dont usually use the sharing data functionality of the destkop sharing applications.. i tend to just mount ssh shares or whatever i have and do it sepearately15:40
holsteinwhat are you wanting to do??15:40
Kuroda_Shunholstein: i corrected the issue yesterday by just mounting a network share in my script.16:03
holsteinKuroda_Shun: cheers!16:07
cixelsydphillw: hey man i just wanted to thank you again for helping last night17:11
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phillwcixelsyd: it's what we're here for :)17:59
cixelsydhow do i add this to the repository.. it says deb not found.. deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/gregory-hainaut/pcsx2.official.ppa/ubuntu quantal main  - and this deb-src http://ppa.launchpad.net/gregory-hainaut/pcsx2.official.ppa/ubuntu quantal main20:11
Unit193https://launchpad.net/~gregory-hainaut/+archive/pcsx2.official.ppa is the PPA, and normal method is  sudo apt-add-repository ppa:gregory-hainaut/pcsx2.official.ppa   then refresh sources (apt-get update)20:13
cixelsydUnit193: thanks man20:22
Unit193Sure thing.20:23
tempuserHello, everybody.  I just installed lubuntu for the 1st time, and my mouse wheel doesn't work.  I can't be the 1st person this has happened to, but I couldn't find the solution online.  Any help, please?20:34
phillwtempuser: have a look at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=181750220:39
tempusersynclient give me:20:44
tempuserCouldn't find synaptics properties. No synaptics driver loaded?20:44
tempuserJust to clarify, my scroll wheel doesn't seem to work at all, in any program.20:45
tempuserAnd gpointing-device-settings doesn't seem to change anything (wheel related, anyway)20:51
holsteintempuser: sometimes i try the ubuntu normal live CD21:04
holsteinassuming it works with a heavy normal distro, then you can look and see what is supporting the hardware21:04
holsteinfor me, i chose to start gnome services, for my touchpad21:04
holsteini have always had the hardware mousewheels just work though.. i would take it to another machine and make sure the wheel is functional21:05
tempuserI know the wheel is functional.  I suppose I should have added previously, that I've installed lubuntu in a VirtualBox VM (within ubuntu).  But, since lubuntu is based on ubuntu, there shouldn't be a problem with hardware being recognized in one and not the other, right?  So I thought.21:18
holsteintempuser: lubuntu *is* ubuntu... but the packages are probably not in lubuntu that you need for the hardware support you are seeking21:19
tempuserHow can I find out what relevant packages I already have installed in my ubuntu build, so I can install them in the lubuntu VM?21:20
holsteinwhat i usually do is run the normal ubuntu live CD and see what is providing support21:20
holsteinthe link phillw gave seems like where i would start21:21
tempuserI tried that, but gpointing-device-settings doesn't seem to have an effect, and synclient tells me no synaptics driver is loaded.21:22
tempuserI suppose I could install a synaptics driver, but would that help with my mouse?21:22
holsteini cant imagine it hurting.. and its installed in main ubuntu.. is that what you need?? i dont think so21:23
tempuserI can't even find in ubuntu anything related to the mouse driver or mouse wheel.21:26
holsteintempuser: correct.. because it usually "just works"21:28
tempuserholstein:  Right, which is why I'm so confused now with it not working in lubuntu!21:28
tempuserBTW, scrolling on the touchpad also doesn't work.21:29
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holsteintempuser: something is missing.. or you have broken it with something else21:29
holsteintempuser: those things *always* just work for me21:29
holsteintempuser: maybe try the installation cd you used live and see that you havent broken something21:30
holsteintempuser: try as another user21:30
holsteintry searching "disable scroll whell"21:30
holsteinyou *can* get this functionality assuming the wheel is functional.. it'll just be a matter of troubleshooting why its not working21:30
tempuserDuring install, it also didn't work in the language list, but I figured it was just the install program.21:32
tempuserI searched all kinds of "scroll not working," "doesn't work," etc., but not disable; that's another plan.21:32
tempuserGood idea with trying another user, I'll try that now.21:32
tempuserNo go on changing users.  Even tried lubuntu netbook.21:36
holsteinlubuntu netbook is not a different user21:41
holsteinhow about from the live CD?21:41
tempuserI made a new user, logged in -> no wheel.  Logged in as lubuntu netboot -> no wheel.  I tried web browser, file->open dialog, etc., no go.21:44
holsteinand with the live CD?21:44
tempuserWell, when I booted from the CD image, I chose the installer, & it didn't work there.21:46
holsteintempuser: how is the wheel with the live CD?21:47
holsteinthe live destkop21:47
holsteinwhen you boot the installer disc to the live desktop, without installing.. or booting the OS on the hard drive21:47
holsteinthe live environment21:48
tempuseruh oh, I'll be back.  My baby just peed on me, lol.21:48
tempuserAlright, confirmed that the wheel also does not work when simply booting off the live CD.22:03
holsteintempuser: ok.. so its not something you have broken, certainly22:04
tempuserThe wheel works in all of the following VMs:22:05
holsteintempuser: VM doesnt matter22:05
holsteinthe host is forwarding the information along22:05
tempuserlinux mint cinnamon, linux mint mate, OS X, Win 822:06
tempuserworks in native Windows 7 & ubuntu22:06
holsteinright.. so, you can look at ubuntu, and see what is supporting the mouse22:06
holsteini chose to install and use gnome serives22:06
tempuseryou mean gnome in lubuntu?22:07
holsteintempuser: no. i mean just that.. gnome services. in my ubuntu that i am running openbox on22:07
tempuserholstein:  Can you briefly explain what you mean by gnome services?  I can't find what that is.22:20
tempuserOh, and the xinput thing didnt' work.  It looks like it's set correctly.22:21
holsteini start "gnome-settings-daemon"22:22
holsteintempuser: you can see that its installed, and run it from the terminal. see if that just deals with this issue for you, then you can decide to use it or not22:23
tempuserIt's done.  Now, how can I know if it's worked?  Do I need to log out & in?  check/change some settings?22:25
holsteinwhats done?22:26
tempuseroh, it's installed22:26
holsteingnome-settings-daemon ?22:26
holsteini would start it from the command line and see if it helps or not22:26
holsteinyou can easily kill it if not, and regroup22:27
tempusergot a bunch of warnings22:27
holsteinsure... thats fine.. does it "fix" anything for you?22:28
tempuserThe first warning is that you can only run one xsettings manager at a time.22:28
tempuserScroll wheel still doesn't work.22:28
holsteinso, you might want to undo what you did, and test22:28
holsteinor, just run the live CD, install gnome-settings-daemon, and test there22:28
holsteinsince we dont know that this will effect it or not22:28
holsteinwhat would i do? just not use the wheel22:29
tempuserWhat if I installed ubuntu, then installed lxde on top of it?22:30
tempuserI like my wheel :)22:30
holsteintempuser: you can try, but its likely a setting in the sessions22:30
holsteintempuser: i installed ubuntu, switched to openbox, which LXDE uses.. and somethings didnt work22:30
holsteinusing gnome-settings-daemon was arguably the easiest way to "fix" it all22:31
holsteini use "fix" in quotes since nothing is borken22:31
tempuserThanks a lot for your help.  I have to go now, but I may be back!22:32
holsteintempuser: please do... i can try and find some hardware that the whell doesnt work on22:32
holsteinand mess with settings22:32
holsteinwhen i have more time.. cheers!22:32
Ez0v3rR1d3ok i got a question any help22:56
Ez0v3rR1d3u got ur ears on22:56
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience22:57
Ez0v3rR1d3i downloaded artistx in my terminal but now when i try to run the program it says its none existant how do i find it to use it again22:58
holsteinartistx is an iso22:59
holsteinor what are you oing?22:59
Ez0v3rR1d3ok so what should i do to get it on my lubuntu22:59
holsteinget what?22:59
holsteinartistx is a distro22:59
Ez0v3rR1d3or cinelerra i got it as well22:59
holsteinmost of the same packages will be in lubuntu22:59
holsteinnot similar, but the exact same versions23:00
Ez0v3rR1d3ok so how do i find them23:00
Ez0v3rR1d3i am new to linux23:00
holsteinthe ubuntu repos are what lubuntu used, and AFAIK artistx is an ubuntu based distro, or was when i was checking it out23:00
holsteinEz0v3rR1d3: you open the package manager of your choice and search for the application you want23:00
holsteinEz0v3rR1d3: you can search "ubuntustudio" and install our metapackages, which are just "bundled" software applications23:01
holsteinlike, ubuntustduio-graphics ..thats has common graphics applications23:01
Ez0v3rR1d3will it do my movie editing and stuff23:01
holsteinit wont do anythig23:01
holsteinyou can install applications that give you the ability to edit video23:02
holsteinkdenlive is a big one23:02
holsteinyou can search kdenlive in the package manager of your choice23:02
Ez0v3rR1d3i got 2 of them that a straight video editors but i installed it through my term and now i cant find them or get them to run cuz my lubuntu says they dont exist23:03
holsteinEz0v3rR1d3: if you installed them, they exist23:03
holsteinlubuntu only give error messages23:03
holsteinyou can share them if you think that will help23:03
holsteinyou can check the lubuntu menu for them23:03
holsteinyou can say "i installed 'application name'" and i'll help you start it23:04
holsteinEz0v3rR1d3: thats not an application23:04
holsteinEz0v3rR1d3: you can forget about artistx23:05
holsteinthats a different operating system23:05
holsteinif you want artistx, you can install it23:05
holsteinbut, its not something you load/run from lubuntu23:05
Ez0v3rR1d3o ic23:05
holsteinits an operating system.. a different one.. based on ubuntu23:05
holsteinbut, you can just install the applications in lubuntu23:05
holsteinsudo apt-get install kdenlive23:05
holsteinsudo apt-get install gime23:05
holsteinsudo apt-get install gimp23:06
holsteinfor example23:06
Ez0v3rR1d3well cinelerra was the other one and it came and is supported on lubuntu but i cant find it either even with my sudo code23:07
ubottusudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo23:07
holsteinsudo is not a code23:07
holsteinits a method of elevating your user privelages23:07
GeorgeIoak2hey holstein, finally figured out my problem. I had to stop lightdm and restart it and then magically everything was working in the script23:07
holsteinanytime you are asked for a password, you should be aware of why you are being prompted23:08
Ez0v3rR1d3i even ran the whole string and it did the update but when i came to continue the install process it didnt work it said command invalid23:08
holsteinEz0v3rR1d3: i think cinelerra is removed23:08
holsteinEz0v3rR1d3: the whole string?23:09
Ez0v3rR1d3well damn23:09
holsteinEz0v3rR1d3: it?23:09
holsteinwhat did what?23:09
holsteinEz0v3rR1d3: i think you have put in a "sudo apt-get install" command that might have broken something23:09
Ez0v3rR1d3linux said command invalid on my terminal23:09
holsteinEz0v3rR1d3: sure23:09
holsteinyou might be using a command for another operatin system23:09
holsteinwhat would i suggest? trying live CD's23:10
Ez0v3rR1d3if i type the code will u know what is wrong23:10
holsteintry the ubuntustudio live CD.. see what is there you like or want to use23:10
holsteinEz0v3rR1d3: maybe23:10
GeorgeIoak2has anyone created and install USB drive of their system? i'd like someone to get my exact setup and they have the same machine. so basically they plug in the usb stick and wipes out windows and installs my custom lubuntu23:10
Ez0v3rR1d3sudo add-apt- repository ppa:cinelerra- ppa/ppa&& sudo apt- get update && sudo apt- get install cinelerra-cv23:11
Ez0v3rR1d3that is the code i got this morning works up till the update then nothing23:11
holsteinGeorgeIoak2: you want http://www.remastersys.com/ or something like it23:11
holsteinGeorgeIoak2: its not trivial23:12
holsteinEz0v3rR1d3: open a terminal23:12
holsteinsudo -s23:12
holstein^ put in your password23:12
GeorgeIoak2let me look at that, why couldn't I boot my system , create an iso of it, and then feed that into a typical bootable usb installer stick?23:13
holsteinthis is going to give you the ability to add that ppa and the packages23:13
holsteinEz0v3rR1d3: then23:13
holsteinadd-apt-repository ppa:cinelerra-ppa/ppa23:13
holsteinthen, enter when prompted23:13
holsteinapt-get update23:13
holsteinsee that you get no errors... then...23:13
holsteinapt-get install cinelerra-cv23:14
holsteinsee that you get no errors and close the terminal after its finished23:14
holsteinlook in your menu for cinelerra23:14
Ez0v3rR1d3typed it the way u just wrote and terminal says command not found23:15
holsteinEz0v3rR1d3: when?23:15
holsteinEz0v3rR1d3: stop what you are doing23:15
holsteinclose everything and open a terminal23:15
holsteinthen, stick with me23:15
holsteini need to leave ASAP23:16
holsteinopen a terminal23:16
holsteinsudo add-apt-repository ppa:cinelerra-ppa/ppa23:16
holstein^ does that work?23:16
Ez0v3rR1d3sudo add-apt-repository ppa:cinelerra-ppa/ppa23:16
holsteinEz0v3rR1d3: no.. does it work?23:16
holsteinit just worked for me.. does it work?23:17
Ez0v3rR1d3it gave me an enter to continue23:17
holsteincorrect? so did it continue after that?23:17
holsteinEz0v3rR1d3: stick with me.. i need to leave23:18
Ez0v3rR1d3it took me back to root@mybuntu23:18
holsteinis it added?23:18
holsteinsudo apt-get update23:18
holstein^^ is that finished with no errors?23:18
Ez0v3rR1d3reading packages23:19
Ez0v3rR1d3done no errors23:19
holsteinok.. then23:19
holsteinsudo apt-get install cinelerra-cv23:19
holsteinis that finished? if so, look in your menu for cinelerra23:19
Ez0v3rR1d3it says continue y/n23:19
holsteinright.. you'll need to continue23:20
Ez0v3rR1d3i hit y its unpacking and everything i think u did it thanks man23:20
holsteinits running on my machine23:20
Ez0v3rR1d3its in my menu awesome thanks so much23:20
holsteinEz0v3rR1d3: enjoy!23:20
Ez0v3rR1d3it worked ur the best thank u23:21
Ez0v3rR1d3i have any other questions i am def lookin u up23:21
GeorgeIoak2holstein: have you tried remastersys? i've put a lot of time into this configuration and the last thing i need is a screw up but i need a backup anyway and this would kill 2 birds with 1 stone23:25

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