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ramsay_zamorning all. I have a question around tags. I want to create one trip if a server has more that 4 drives, this is what I have so far maas-cli juju tags new name='drive_cnt' comment='Drive count' definition='//node[@id="disk"] > 4'08:48
ramsay_zaneedless to say that didnt work08:48
ramsay_zaany help?08:49
melmothhola, we are playing with maas in a vm here to deploy some other nodes (also kvm vm).12:28
melmothwe pxe booted a first node (wich will be zookeeper), all right, it was enlisted12:29
melmothwe accepted and commission it, rebooted it12:29
melmothand at boot stage, this node console show "boot sector signature not found"12:29
melmothdoes this ring a bell to anyone ?12:29
melmothhola renner :)12:30
melmothrenner, may be https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/isc-dhcp/+bug/930962 ?12:46
ubot5Launchpad bug 930962 in isc-dhcp (Ubuntu) "dhcp3-server reports many bad udp checksums to syslog using virtio NIC" [Medium,Fix released]12:46
melmothrenner, http://askubuntu.com/questions/141106/how-do-i-delete-a-node-from-maas-after-removing-it-from-cobbler12:51
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AceFacehello all!18:05
phpguyWhat Arm chipsets will are supported for MAAS on ubuntu 12.10?20:03

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