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seb128ogra_, hey16:03
seb128sorry I'm a bit late16:03
seb128did you guys start?16:03
ogra_i totally forgot about it16:03
* ogra_ is knee deep in debugging the broken images ... 16:04
ogra_so thats the first thing i have to report16:04
seb128ogra_, let's start with that then16:04
seb128how is the debugging going?16:04
ogra_all available images are currently broken :(16:04
seb128do you need help? what did you figure so far?16:04
ogra_what i figured is that X doesnt start ... i can hack around it by adding break=top to the kernel cmdline ... then ...'16:06
ogra_remounting the disk rw and making g-s-d unexecutable16:06
ogra_so i suspect there are two distinct bugs16:06
seb128so it's a g-s-d issue?16:06
ogra_one is surely g-s-d16:07
seb128in the new rotation code?16:07
ogra_but the other seems to be filesystem related or mountall or so16:07
seb128should we drop the feature and see if that makes tomorrow's daily work?16:07
ogra_not yet16:07
ogra_i wont stop hitting it until i know whats going on ... probably g-s-d is just fallout of filesystem issues16:08
ogra_could also be mountall (seems /tmp isnt cleaned up)16:08
seb128desktop is having a sprint next week16:08
seb128I hope we have a working image monday16:08
ogra_yeah, i'll have it working one way or the other for you on the weekend16:08
ogra_or latest monday16:08
seb128let me know if I can help16:09
ogra_is that a physical sprint (TZ)16:09
seb128yes, physical in London16:09
seb128going to see the new Canonical office ;-)16:09
ogra_envy !16:10
seb128ok, on that note, what else happened this week?16:10
ogra_so beyond the breakage ...16:10
seb128we got the rotation feature moved in g-s-d16:10
ogra_g-s-d grep rotation code :P16:10
ogra_and i dropped the stuff from the ubuntu=-defaults-nexus7 package16:10
ogra_well, beyond that not much happened i think16:12
* seb128 is looking at raring-changes and his blueprints' email folder16:12
ogra_we have a dedicated builder now ...16:12
seb128upstart session job is getting there16:12
ogra_for the images16:12
seb128so I hope we can jump on that soon16:12
ogra_yup, that should save us another lot16:12
seb128I didn't have time to update the wiki for "how to contribute", still on my list for next week though16:12
ogra_i cant currently provide any ram measurements or so ...16:13
ogra_since my device is stuck in the installer :)16:13
seb128so it was somewhat of a slow progress week, but that's ok, we had some good action in the previous ones, it can't always be at this level16:14
seb128some of us as sprinting with a focus on the next next week16:14
seb128I will try to do daily updates one way or another16:14
seb128e.g blog post of email to ubuntu-devel16:14
ogra_right, we didnt even announce today16:15
seb128oh, there was also some activity upstream on the "button get stucked" bug16:15
seb128but it seems that's not enough to fix the issue yet16:15
ogra_yeah, didnt go forward16:15
seb128it's moving though, so with some luck we will get it fixed soon16:15
ogra_but there were some test packages16:16
ogra_yeah, lots better than for the recent weeks16:16
seb128I almost forgot16:16
seb128Qt5 got uploaded and we managed to get most of it through source and binary NEW16:16
seb128it's in raring-proposed16:17
seb128qtbase failed to build on powerpc16:17
seb128so it will not move to raring yet16:17
seb128but that's getting close16:17
seb128which means the phone sdk will be easy to install in raring soon, without ppa ;-)16:17
ogra_well ... is anone else here who wants to speak up ?16:19
seb128I hope that the news of steam being available in the software-center doesn't ruin productivity around in the next weeks :p16:19
ogra_it surely will16:19
ogra_we should talk to valve if they could put something in that only allows you to play after you helped with nx7 work16:19
ogra_should also raise our awareness16:19
ogra_doesnt look like we have much community coverage today16:20
ogra_xnox, anything new and exciting about the installer (apart from the fact that it doesnt work)16:20
* xnox shakes fist at ogra_ 16:21
xnoxnot much on nexus7 front. upstart-desktop session seems to be almost complete.16:21
ogra_yeah, seb said so above16:22
ogra_plars, are there regular test installs happening for the nexus7 ?16:22
* ogra_ wonders why nobody noticed the current breakage16:23
plarsogra_: not automated because we haven't been able to make the preseeding stuff work so far, but manual as time allows. I think psivaa was complaining about something on nexus7 today in fact?16:23
plarsogra_: we do have some automated tests, but they update each day for now16:24
ogra_well, it would be good to have a test around mid-week regulary16:24
plarsogra_: why mid-week? is there something that happens early-mid week?16:24
ogra_so we still have old images to compare with that possibly worked (which we dont now since the breakage dates back a  week it seems)16:25
ogra_and still some days to fix it before the weekend16:25
ogra_plars, we only keep three images16:25
ogra_and due to the fact that we dont build milestones there is no functional image at all now16:25
plarsogra_: I'll see what we can set up, also mine is still out for repair but I hope to have it back "soon"16:25
seb128plars, do you know what's happening also about the daily measures for ram usage?16:26
plarsseb128: those are the automated jobs I mentioned, I have those going on desktop as well as nexus7, graphing should land for those in the dashboard sometime next week16:27
plarsseb128: eventstat wakeups per second too16:27
seb128plars, excellent!16:27
plarsseb128: those are both currently tested on an idle, freshly booted system at the moment. If there are some other workloads you think would be interesting, we can add them16:27
seb128looking forward having that16:27
plarsseb128: if you just want the raw data for now, I can point you at that16:28
seb128yes, didrocks had a document with some scenarios16:28
seb128plars, let's talk next week, I'm interested by not today (friday 5:30pm ;-)16:28
plarsseb128: understand16:28
seb128plars, but we should probably have some scenarios like "use the dash 100 times"16:29
plarsfor anyone who might be, the jobs are at: https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/smem-raring-desktop-amd64-install-idle-vm/ and https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/smem-raring-desktop-armhf-upgrade-idle-nexus702/16:29
plars(forgive the missing ones in the first link, recently modified the job to make it run 3 times instead of 1 and had some things to fix)16:29
seb128plars, thanks16:31
seb128anything else?16:31
ogra_so lets shut down then16:32
seb128have a good w.e everyone!16:33
ogra_going once ...16:33
ogra_twice ...16:33
ogra_enjoy your weekends16:33
seb128ogra_, let me know if I can help debugging the installer issues16:33
seb128I'm just going to reboot16:33
ogra_seb128, well, probably g-s-d stuff later16:33
ogra_i'm still poking on the filesystem16:33
seb128my video driver is out of order16:33
seb128I can't restart unity, I get intel flush locking errors16:34
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tgm4883meeting time?18:03
tgm4883bobweaver, I just got here myself18:04
tgm4883is there an agenda?18:04
* bobweaver needs to ake coffee he was up all night last night hacking a new webbrowser for TV 18:05
* bobweaver will be back in 5 min 18:05
CrestedNewthiya guys18:05
tgm4883Doesn't look like there is much agenda18:07
meetingologyMeeting started Fri Feb 15 18:07:30 2013 UTC.  The chair is tgm4883. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology.18:07
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CrestedNewtI don't have anything really18:07
tgm4883#chair CrestedNewt tgm488318:07
meetingologyCurrent chairs: CrestedNewt tgm488318:07
tgm4883I'll let CrestedNewt lead this meeting18:08
CrestedNewtOK, I had a Google hangout with bobweaver last sunday which was great18:08
CrestedNewt'after' he had his coffee - so hopefully he will be back in a minute18:08
bobweaver3 min18:09
bobweaver#Topic arm port18:09
bobweaverwe are ready and have a img18:10
tgm4883#chair CrestedNewt tgm4883 bobweaver18:10
meetingologyCurrent chairs: CrestedNewt bobweaver tgm488318:10
tgm4883#Topic arm port18:10
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: arm port
bobweaverthing is I am trying to get virtual arm set up18:10
bobweaverI got a letter from canonical saying that there going to get me some hardware to test on18:10
bobweaver(will )18:10
bobweaverwe will see how that works out18:11
CrestedNewtOK, Bobweaver, I have contacted ARM in the UK looking for a good match for you in the USA to get you a board. I have had no response as yet so I am planning on talking to them on Monday.18:11
bobweavercool CrestedNewt18:11
bobweaverany more questions about arm?18:11
CrestedNewt#action CrestedNewt - chase up ARM re supplier of ARM boards in USA18:12
meetingologyACTION: CrestedNewt - chase up ARM re supplier of ARM boards in USA18:12
bobweaver#action bobweaver  needs to stay in touch with canonical18:12
meetingologyACTION: bobweaver  needs to stay in touch with canonical18:12
bobweaver#topic Qt5/qml218:12
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Qt5/qml2
bobweaverso I am porting weverything over to qt5/qml218:13
bobweaverthis is a big thing and is going to take me some time18:13
bobweavergood news about this is though I almost have all the tools that are needed for unity 2d to be running on qt5/qml218:13
bobweaverthen on the 21 (if I get done by then) I will be porting it all to the Phone18:14
* tgm4883 tries to not make a comment about duke nukem18:14
bobweaver#action  keep on working on porting dconf-qt to qt518:14
meetingologyACTION: keep on working on porting dconf-qt to qt518:14
bobweaver#action keep on working on porting libbamf and launcher lib to qt518:15
meetingologyACTION: keep on working on porting libbamf and launcher lib to qt518:15
CrestedNewtIs the phone OS still due out the end of this month or has that date lapsed doe we know?18:15
bobweaverfeb 2118:15
tgm4883bobweaver, you're suppose to put your nick in there as well18:15
bobweaverthere is 3 of us lol18:16
bobweaverany more questions about qt5/qml2 ?18:16
CrestedNewt#action  bobweaver keep on working on porting dconf-qt to qt518:16
meetingologyACTION: bobweaver keep on working on porting dconf-qt to qt518:16
CrestedNewt#action bobweaver keep on working on porting libbamf and launcher lib to qt518:17
meetingologyACTION: bobweaver keep on working on porting libbamf and launcher lib to qt518:17
CrestedNewtI have none18:17
bobweavertgm4883,  ?18:17
tgm4883I have no questions18:17
bobweaver#topic wayland18:17
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: wayland
bobweaverone can run wayland (if they have the hardware) and qt5 lets us do this18:17
CrestedNewtOK, apologies for being a bit backward here - what is wayland?18:18
bobweaverI will be pushing a example of this after porting of qt5 is done18:18
bobweaverstupid bot18:18
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution18:18
* tgm4883 wonders why were worrying about wayland18:18
bobweaverbecause it is cool18:19
bobweaverand I like the idea18:19
tgm4883bobweaver, ah, so Ubuntu TV is going to be the new Duke Nukem Forever?18:19
bobweaverCrestedNewt,  if wayland is a  servre just like X18:19
CrestedNewtI've just looked it up :D18:20
bobweaverBut that said I want 3 different ports18:20
bobweaver1)  wayland 2) X    ok only 2 at the moment18:20
bobweavertgm4883,  it is not that I am going to target wayland it is more that it works so why not show it off :)18:21
mhall119I don't see why it should matter, as long as the toolkit supports the underlying display server (which Qt does)18:21
bobweaverand (I dont know what Duke Nukem is18:21
mhall119bobweaver: it's a game that's been in development for like 20 years18:21
tgm4883bobweaver, I would like to have a downloadable, supported ISO at some point18:21
tgm4883mhall119, it was released after 15 years of development18:22
mhall119tgm4883: they released it?18:22
mhall119when did that happen?18:22
bobweaverthen make it what does that have to do with wayland or display server ?18:22
tgm4883bobweaver, mhall119 and the reason it was in development for 15 years, was because they'd get close to releasing it then see a new cool technology that was out that they had to use18:22
tgm4883mhall119, yes, it got pretty bad reviews18:22
bobweaverahh I see18:22
mhall119bobweaver: it's usually a reference made when software is in a constant state of "almost ready to release" and they goes back for more changes18:23
bobweaver#action tell people that make thoughts to stop thinking18:23
meetingologyACTION: tell people that make thoughts to stop thinking18:23
tgm4883bobweaver, mhall119 the length of time something is in development is directly proportional to what the community expects from it18:23
CrestedNewtBasically what tgm4883 is saying is that we need to concentrate on getting an image out that works currently. Am I correct?18:23
bobweaverthere is one image out there that works18:23
tgm4883so the longer it takes to make something, the more perfect it better be18:23
mhall119the good news is that bobweaver will soon have all the Phone code available18:23
tgm4883I don't know of a single supported ISO for Ubuntu TV18:24
tgm4883Yea I don't see Ubuntu TV listed at http://releases.ubuntu.com/18:24
bobweaveronly on 12.04 but it is something. Or people can use 11.10 and the crazy old one18:24
bobweavertgm4883,  want to be incharge of that  ?18:24
mhall119tgm4883: it's not an official release so it won't be hosted there18:24
bobweaver#topic ISO18:24
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: ISO
tgm4883mhall119, why not18:24
bobweavereverything that I do gets roadblocked18:25
mhall119tgm4883: technical and legal reasons, really18:25
bobweaveror "Duke Nukemed "18:25
tgm4883mhall119, Mythbuntu is listed there18:25
mhall119isn't mythbuntu a supported flavor?18:25
tgm4883mhall119, define supported18:25
pleia2it is18:25
bobweaverso lets just tell people to install that for now18:25
pleia2and "recognised flavor" is the term18:26
bobweaverI could make a iso or see if orga will elp me18:26
mhall119definition: what pleia2 says :)18:26
tgm4883mhall119, I mean, if our aim isn't to become a recognised flavor, then what is the point of this project?18:26
mhall119tgm4883: the aim is to be fully integrated into Unity itself18:26
bobweaverthen hire unity developers18:26
bobweaverI am sick and tired of all this talk18:27
mhall119we're working on that18:27
bobweaverport to this No port to tha t18:27
tgm4883mhall119, I mean, at one point there were even paid developers for Ubuntu TV, which is far more than Mythbuntu has18:27
mhall119bobweaver: I understand the frustration18:27
bobweaverAll I want is a working TV and I have that18:27
bobweaverI dont care if it is part of Ubuntu18:27
bobweaverBut it does say things about Ubuntu18:27
mhall119tgm4883: Ubuntu TV wasn't every supposed to be a separate installation though, it was just supposed to be "Ubuntu" with a TV-friendly configuration of Unity18:27
bobweaverI am so confued18:27
bobweaverI get emails from canonical people telling me that qml2 is the future18:28
bobweaverthen I hear that Nux is the future18:28
tgm4883mhall119, what you just said is far more information that was said to the public18:28
mhall119tgm4883: it is?  I thought we were clear on that from the get-go18:28
mhall119if not, I apologize, we should have been18:28
bobweaveragain lets see how the phone is tied in18:28
tgm4883mhall119, my understanding is that it was going to be preloaded on TV's18:29
tgm4883mhall119, which is one of the reasons I'm here, to prevent that from being the only option18:29
mhall119the intent is to eventually have just one "Unity" codebase that can change between desktop, mobile and TV layouts18:29
tgm4883I'm getting a bit pessimistic about this project :/18:29
bobweaverwhat ever it does not matter that I code 100's of hours18:29
bobweaverand port all this stuff18:29
CrestedNewtOK, I have come to the game late in the day... I need to pull together everything that I can so that we can have a 'route plan' to get this working AND to keep everyone happy.18:29
bobweaverall I care about is a working tv at my house18:29
bobweaveryou all can use it if you like18:29
tgm4883This has all the markings of a Canonical project, without any of the canonical backing it seems18:30
mhall119tgm4883: pre-loading on TVs was the distribution plan, since providing installers for TVs wasn't a very attractive option18:30
bobweaverUntil canonical makes up there mind I am not doing anyuthing more for TV18:30
tgm4883mhall119, personally, IMO it was a bad plan18:30
CrestedNewtOK, bobweaver, send me the names of people I can meet face to face in London18:30
bobweaver#action make iso and18:30
meetingologyACTION: make iso and18:30
tgm4883mhall119, should have targeted a arm chip that you could plug into an HDMI port18:31
mhall119tgm4883: the target was any hardware that could run Ubuntu18:31
mhall119which included a variety of ARM devices with HDMI out18:31
tgm4883mhall119, all that aside, it doesn't help that "canonical" says "unity unity unity", then bobweaver does all the work18:31
mhall119tgm4883: I agree, and bobweaver knows I've been doing everything in my power to get more resources available18:32
tgm4883mhall119, I mean, I like unity, but at this point i'd rather ask bobweaver to work on mythfrontend since it doesn't change so much18:32
bobweaveror at least that is the emails that I get18:32
tgm4883bobweaver, when this project started, that is exactly what was being said18:32
mhall119tgm4883: I do share your frustrations, I really do18:32
CrestedNewtI can get to the Canonical London offices easy enough. Who do I need to meet up with?18:32
mhall119CrestedNewt: for what?18:32
tgm4883bobweaver, I know, because a few of us asked why we aren't using projects that are already existing18:33
CrestedNewtto get some backing or whatever you guys NEED from them18:33
bobweaver#aaction bobweaver  introduce CrestedNewt  to key people18:33
bobweaver#action bobweaver  introduce CrestedNewt  to key people18:33
meetingologyACTION: bobweaver  introduce CrestedNewt  to key people18:33
IdleOneCrestedNewt: What you going to do when you get to the office?18:33
tgm4883mhall119, I just wish this wasn't a project that canonical was half into18:33
bobweaverI like how CrestedNewt  is busness minded somethin g that I am not18:34
tgm4883either be in or get out18:34
mhall119CrestedNewt: it wouldn't be someone in London18:34
bobweaverok no more Unity fights please18:34
mhall119tgm4883: we all wish that18:34
bobweaverIf they want to use unity then that is up to them18:34
bobweaverbottom line !18:34
CrestedNewtI need to talk to tgm4883, bobweave and mhall119 offline to pull together an agenda. If the problems are 'blockages' let me see if I can unblock these18:34
* tgm4883 is unsure who CrestedNewt represents18:34
CrestedNewtthe TEAM18:35
bobweaver#action bobweaver  set up google hangout with CrestedNewt  and tgm4883  and anyone else that wants to work on this team18:35
meetingologyACTION: bobweaver  set up google hangout with CrestedNewt  and tgm4883  and anyone else that wants to work on this team18:35
mhall119CrestedNewt: the main problem is resources, or rather the finite nature of them18:35
tgm4883CrestedNewt, bobweaver and I are community. mhall119 is canonical. I'm unsure which you are18:35
bobweaverAny more questions about ISO ?18:35
ubottuPlease read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic18:35
CrestedNewtI am community18:35
tgm4883CrestedNewt, ok18:35
mhall119I can help manually roll an ISO if need be, but that's about all the experience I have18:35
bobweaverwell that did not work out like I liked18:36
=== Topic unset by meetingology on #ubuntu-meeting
bobweaverOk if no one else has questions about ISO lets move on18:36
bobweaver#topic remote18:36
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: remote
bobweaverI have made a qml2 remote that controls mythfront ends from other devices18:37
bobweaverso that remote can be phone or tablet18:37
bobweaverit uses mythtv services api18:37
bobweaverquesstions comments ?18:37
CrestedNewtI want to make a youtube vid for you on something that someone else uses18:38
CrestedNewtit won't be today but hopeully over the weekend18:38
bobweavertgm4883,  is there anything in the remote that the services dont offerer that you think it should ?18:38
CrestedNewt#action CrestedNewt - make youtube video of 'other' PVR system18:39
meetingologyACTION: CrestedNewt - make youtube video of 'other' PVR system18:39
tgm4883I'd have to look at the services APi for the frontend18:39
bobweaver#action tgm4883  look at services for front end and find more cool stuf18:39
meetingologyACTION: tgm4883  look at services for front end and find more cool stuf18:39
bobweaverany more questions about the remotes ?18:40
tgm4883I mean, I don't exactly know what we're using the mythfrontend for, but we'll need some sort of interface anyway for remotes18:40
bobweaver because this is not Ubuntu TV anymore18:40
tgm4883mhall119, can you say anything about what saviq was working on with remotes?18:40
bobweaverthat is what people say18:41
bobweaversee that is the shit that I am talking about ^^^^18:41
bobweaver#topic  Name and keeping bob from ripping his hair out18:41
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Name and keeping bob from ripping his hair out
CrestedNewtOK bobweaver, let's keep frustration low atm please. We will get there.18:41
bobweaverI am done dealing with do this no do that I am just going to do what I love18:42
bobweaverI am no longer part of the Ubuntu TV priject18:42
mhall119tgm4883: sorry, I don't know anything about remote work18:42
bobweaveras they (canonical ) has all the people they need for this18:42
mhall119we reallydon't18:43
bobweaverand they do not talk to me about remotes and stuff like that so I waste my time over and over again18:43
CrestedNewtOK, change of tack then.... how about a web front end built into the TV which can be controlled from any device?18:43
bobweaverIf They do not like what I am doing then they can use the many people that are developing this in house18:43
bobweaver#action bobweaver  make a choice if he is part of this team with canonical or if he is just getting run a-stray18:44
meetingologyACTION: bobweaver  make a choice if he is part of this team with canonical or if he is just getting run a-stray18:44
bobweaverthat is up to canonical and not me18:44
bobweaveruntill they make that choice and until they can make a choice on how they are going to do things I am out18:45
* tgm4883 wonders where this meeting went off track18:45
CrestedNewtme too!18:45
bobweaverI am done developing things for hours to be told what I am doing isnot some "designers" Idea18:45
bobweaversorry guys but this is huge18:46
bobweavereither this is part of Ubuntu TV or it is not18:46
bobweaverthis needs to be talked about18:46
mhall119bobweaver: I made clear from the outset that things had to follow the design spec in order to be accepted for inclusion18:46
tgm4883mhall119, who is the PM of Ubuntu TV18:46
bobweaverwe as a community can not be working at this with no idea of what some "designer is going to do "18:46
mhall119that's what the "product" was supposed to be18:46
CrestedNewtbobweaver - I think that this is destined to be integrated fully into Ubuntu18:46
mhall119tgm4883: Will Cooke is the development manager18:47
bobweaverOk so let me tell you all this18:47
bobweaver1) ubuntu tv has been in unity 3d fro 2 cycles now18:47
mhall119there isn't a separate "PM" necessarily, that I know of anywya18:47
bobweaversence 11.1018:47
tgm4883mhall119, nothing against will cooke, but I haven't seen him at any of these meetings. Indicating to me that what we are doing is pointless18:47
bobweavertgm4883,  I talk to will all the time18:47
bobweaverwell not all the time18:48
mhall119tgm4883: Will and his team were tasked with getting the multi-media bits of the Phone done18:48
bobweaver1 or twice a week18:48
tgm4883mhall119, if he's the development manager, he should be managing the developers of Ubuntu TV at some point. AFAIK, that is bobweaver18:48
mhall119which is why they haven't been actively engaged with the TV work18:48
mhall119tgm4883: well, yes and no18:48
bobweaverSo back to unity go ahead and open up dconf editor and use Unity 3d TV that is ubuntu TV18:48
mhall119to a large extent that's my job, as a community manager, to work between Canonical and Community18:49
bobweaverUbuntu TV is for now that and that is what it will stay until I get something in writing18:49
mhall119Will is responsible for his direct reports and his official tasks from Canonical18:49
tgm4883mhall119, unless there are developers at canonical working on this, then IMO it's a community project18:49
mhall119tgm4883: at the moment that is the case, yes18:50
bobweaverWill and jhodpp are awesome and willing to take and anwser emails18:50
bobweaverSo again I am going to change all the wiki to tell people to use 11.10 or Ubuntu TV via Unity 3d18:50
tgm4883mhall119, then at some point, the community is going to get tired of Canonical being half in this and either take over the project or dump it18:50
bobweaver#action bobweaver change all the wiki stuff18:50
meetingologyACTION: bobweaver change all the wiki stuff18:50
CrestedNewtOK.... Let us take a step backwards and let's get all our ducks in a row so to speak.18:50
mhall119tgm4883: I would encourage the community to take the initiative on development, but to try and follow the provided design spec18:51
CrestedNewtmhall119 - could you send me the original remit please?18:51
bobweavercommunity does not want to develop in NUX18:52
CrestedNewtwhat was expected from this project, the framework it has to adhere to, etc etc18:52
tgm4883mhall119, basically, from a comunity POV, canonical said "here is the design spec, make it happen"18:52
mhall119bobweaver: undestood18:52
bobweavercommunity does not want to do alot of things that "Designers" are talking about18:52
mhall119bobweaver: programmers rarely do ;)18:52
bobweavercommunity does not want to be told one thing then 2 weeks later something else18:52
tgm4883mhall119, my understanding is that things keep changing too much18:52
mhall119bobweaver: if it's any comfort, community are not the only ones suffering that18:53
bobweavercommunity does not want to be told that qml2 is the future then they come to meetings and hear different18:53
mhall119bobweaver: there are many voices with many opinions in Canonical18:53
bobweaver#action bobweaver get a hold of will and Jim and saviq and see if they will do a hang out to get this out in the open18:53
meetingologyACTION: bobweaver get a hold of will and Jim and saviq and see if they will do a hang out to get this out in the open18:53
mhall119bobweaver: the most official answer I have for you on that is that Qt5/QML2 is the future for our app development SDK18:54
bobweavermhall119,  you know that this is killing the TV today right ?18:54
mhall119but that doesn't necessarily many anything for the future of Unity's foundations18:54
CrestedNewtmhall119, but if bobweaver & tgm4883 have been working on something, according to original remit, and the goal posts change.... there is a problem that needs to be sorted18:54
mhall119CrestedNewt: I will try and find the design spec that was provided18:55
CrestedNewtmhall119, thanks :D18:55
mhall119CrestedNewt: but for the technology, the direction was to use Unity3d and Nux18:55
bobweaveroh designers18:55
mhall119which has not been easy18:55
mhall119I understand18:55
bobweaver#action get mark to talk to me about future of TV and ho it is going to run on Phone also talk about the future of the dash18:56
meetingologyACTION: get mark to talk to me about future of TV and ho it is going to run on Phone also talk about the future of the dash18:56
bobweaverer I forgot my name again sorry18:56
bobweavermhall119,  then find a community that wants to do that18:56
mhall119bobweaver: I've tried :)18:57
bobweaveras I have said like a broken record TV mode is on unity 3d18:57
bobweavertell people to use it18:57
bobweaversee what they thing :D18:57
mhall119TV mode is available on Unity 3d?18:57
bobweaverYEAH @ cycles NOW18:57
bobweaver2 *18:57
mhall119does it look different from desktop Unity?18:58
bobweavertry it18:58
bobweaverchange the dconf formfactor18:58
CrestedNewtok ladies and gents, time is short.I think that certain frustrations have come to light today, which although not great, means that we have a reference point with which to work from and move forwards.18:58
mhall119my understanding was that your work was all being done on Unity 2d18:58
bobweaverno it has not mhall11918:58
bobweaverI have been told 4 different tthings at 4 different points18:59
bobweavermhall119,  let me try to explain something that happened at UDS18:59
CrestedNewtwe are about to over-run19:00
CrestedNewtlets take this to the TV channel19:00
bobweaverso I went to will and Jim and said hey I know that you all can not talk to me about things that are happening in the uture but if you see soething just email me saying "that is not a good idea "19:00
mhall119bobweaver: we can talk in #ubuntu-tv so as not to take up this channel19:00
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