ramsay_zamorning is there any way to setup mdadm raid arrays when juju bootstraps a server?06:59
elemay2hi, im on ubuntu server 12.04 x64, i have 2 nics (both e1000 / Intel Pro 1000). These are configured as bond0, one of them is only getting 100mbps link. i changed the card already with another one and also changed the nw-cable, i also switched the ports on the switch. any hints for this?08:12
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sveinseI'm running 12.04 amd64 server (kernel 3.2.0-37-generic #58) on a VMware vCenter Server (5.1.0). I'm having regular problems with the kernel crashing. Invalid opcode 0000 in highmem.h:194. Ubuntu runs the latest VMWareTools. Any ideas?08:33
sveinseNatty on the same datacenter does not show this behaviour08:34
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vedicHow to disable single user mode login? or is there any way to protect colocated servers at remote place? (I do need server restart though)08:41
cnfwhen using a preseed installation, is there a way to get the installer to ask confirmation for prefilled values?08:47
rbasakcnf: you can avoid setting priority on the kernel commandline. Or set it to low for even more questions08:50
cnfrbasak: how does that get me prefilled questions?08:50
cnfi want no questions, except for network configuration08:51
cnfand i want those fields prefilled with defaul values08:51
rbasakOh, I see. I'm not sure you can do that.08:51
rbasakQuestions you are asked are based on their priority08:51
rbasakPreseeding sets defaults in advance. I believe the two mechanisms are entirely independent08:52
cnfi can get it to prompt for network settings08:52
cnfbut i would like to prepopulate for example our dns servers08:52
rbasakMaybe there's another mechanism I'm unaware of08:52
rbasakWhy not just use DHCP?08:52
cnfuhm, because there is no dhcp on our network08:52
cnfat all08:53
rbasakPut one in then :)08:53
cnfwhy would we do that?08:53
rbasakSo that you don't have to input network settings08:53
cnfwe'd have to run maybe 50 dhcp servers08:53
cnfnot much of a solution :P08:54
cnfrbasak: probably about 200 physical machines (not counting customer machines) with in all 300 or 400 OSes running on 50ih vlans?08:54
rbasakAt that scale you should have everything fully automated then08:55
cnflegacy is a horrible thing :P08:55
rbasakUse a provisioning vlan with one dhcp server08:55
cnfwhich entails switching around vlans left and right08:56
cnflike i said, legacy is a horrible thing08:56
vedicHow to disable single user login to improve security of the server? What is the best practice?09:35
agu10^I am unable to understand how to set up virtual hosts properly. Tutorials send me to edit DIFFERENT config files. This inconsistency troubles me. am I not supposed to have one file per virtual host at sites-available ??  tutorials make me edit httpd.conf, or add a new file "virtual.conf", or stuff like that. But i believe neither is the right approach. any clues? I have added a file at /etc/apache2/sites-available/potentialstudio.com .09:39
agu10^.. but it's not doing anything09:39
cnfrbasak: from #ubuntu-installer:09:44
cnf<cjwatson> d-i name/of/question string value09:44
cnf<cjwatson> d-i name/of/question seen false09:44
cnf<cjwatson> https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/installation-guide/i386/preseed-advanced.html#preseed-seenflag09:44
cnffor future reference09:45
rbasakAh, handy09:45
cnfyeah, indeed09:45
jpdsvedic: What are you trying to do?09:57
jpdsvedic: Disable the recovery mode?09:57
vedicjpds: Server is colocated and placed at remote location.  Just thought to increase its security if somebody try logging in as single user mode10:00
jpdsvedic: If they have physical access, there's not much you can do.10:00
vedicjpds: yea, live cd is always an option.10:01
jpdsvedic: LiveCD, ripping the hard drives out.10:01
jpdsvedic: All I can really suggest is putting non-system files on an encrypted partition.10:04
jpdsBut then every time the server boots, you'll have to manually mount that partition.10:04
vedicjpds: I think that would stop running programs reading files. I have my codes and data text files in home dir and encrypting that would cause programs to not function properly10:05
jpdsvedic: Yeah, I'm thinking non-home dir encryption.10:06
hackeronI'm trying to install ubuntu on a blank hard-drive connecting to an exiting ubuntu server. I have most of the progress figured out - but I cannot get it to boot. I just see a white blinking cursor and the grub menu never shows up. I think my partitioning code must be wrong: http://pastie.org/6173525 -- any ideas what is wrong with that?11:23
cfhowletthackeron, probably a grub configuration issue, i.e. grub has to be directed to the bootable media11:24
freesbiehackeron: have you done a grub-install on the new disk ?11:25
hackeronfreesbie: yes, I did grub-install $DRIVE - it said installed without issues11:26
hackeronfreesbie: if I change the label from gpt to msdos - instead of a blinking white cursor, I get a reboot loop11:27
hackeroncfhowlett: yes, this is what I'm doing with parted $DRIVE -- set 1 bios_grub on11:28
freesbiehackeron: you may have to give it --boot-directory=DIR aswell11:52
hackeronfreesbie: but it's /boot which is the default :/11:58
agu10^I can't get apache2 to start! root@domU-12-31-39-10-4A-43:/etc/apache2# service apache2 start11:59
agu10^ * Starting web server apache2                                                  Action 'start' failed.11:59
agu10^The Apache error log may have more information.11:59
greppyagu10^: what do the logs tell you?12:00
agu10^nothing at all12:00
agu10^the last log was hours ago12:01
agu10^when it still worked12:01
greppyso there is nothing in /var/log/apache2/error.log?12:01
agu10^nothing new. and nothing related to this failure12:01
agu10^last log there is from 2 hours ago12:01
agu10^a GET request12:01
greppyis that where it is still configured to log to?12:01
agu10^but now it's not even STARTING12:01
agu10^yes, as far as i know, yes12:02
agu10^i didn't change it12:02
greppyagu10^: what about sudo apache2ctl configtest12:04
agu10^Syntax OK12:04
greppygot me then.12:04
greppyI'd double check that the logs are still going to where you expect12:05
agu10^how do i know?12:06
greppylook in the configuration files in /etc/apache212:06
bitnumusHi, im trying to install ubuntu-server, the installation failed at loading the CD-ROM stage, any way to find out why?12:06
agu10^greppy, i did12:07
cfhowlettbitnumus, any error messages?  also did you md5sum the iso?12:08
agu10^ErrorLog ${APACHE_LOG_DIR}/error.log12:08
bitnumusi did md5sum the ISO yea12:08
bitnumusit failed 4 times, i tried formatting the USB to fat32 etc12:08
gregory58Hello, I am following a Railscast(http://railscasts.com/episodes/335-deploying-to-a-vps) to deploy to DO, but I am getting a "bash: vim: command not found" error when I input "vim ~/.bashrc "12:09
cfhowlettbitnumus, bootable cd/dvd? or usb?12:09
bitnumuscfhowlett, USB12:09
bitnumususing 'unetbootin'12:09
cfhowlettbitnumus, easy check: different usb.  they do get squirrely ...12:09
bitnumushmm, not sure i have another one handy12:10
bitnumusworth 00'ing it or something?12:10
cfhowlettbitnumus, just format as normal I'd say12:11
bitnumusyea i did that using gparted12:11
bitnumuscfhowlett, i ran 'check disk integrity' and it fails on a file saying 'file failed the Md5 checksum verifitcation'12:13
bitnumusIs there an alternative to unetbootin i can try, to rule that out ?12:13
hackeronfreesbie: I get this: # grub-install --boot-directory=/boot /dev/sdi12:13
hackeronInstallation finished. No error reported.12:13
hackeronbut when I try to boot, I just see a white blinking cursor and the grub menu is never shown - I think it is the partition table to blame12:14
cfhowlettbitnumus, this is your downloaded iso?  if it failed download again.  I'd use the torrent for best results...12:16
bitnumuscfhowlett, i downloaded it from releases.ubuntu.com12:17
bitnumusand the md5sum of the download is correct12:17
cfhowlettbitnumus, so on installation it reads an error?  the bootable usb is fragged.  do it again - perhaps with startupdiskcreator?12:18
bitnumusim trying startup disk creator now12:18
bitnumusi ran 'check disk integrity' and it fails on a file saying 'file failed the Md5 checksum verifitcation'12:18
bitnumusit fails on loading files from CD-ROM12:18
bitnumusit boots fine12:19
cfhowlettbitnumus, you're reading inconsistent feedback ... clearly there's an error here.  either hardware or software fail...12:20
gregory58Anyone know how to install vim on a Ubuntu VPS like Digital Ocean....I'm getting a vim: command not found error12:20
freesbiehackeron: maybe it is, I remember having some problems with GPT and grub, had to make a bit of free unpartitioned space to make it work. but that was on virtual machines, afair I initiated grub from within a chroot on the disk-image12:20
cfhowlettbitnumus, option?  install the mini.iso and download then add the packages you need via internet...12:21
cfhowlettand don't use CD-rom?12:21
bitnumuscfhowlett, ill try this startup disk creator and see what happens12:21
bitnumusim not using a CD-ROM12:21
hackeronfreesbie: yeh, that's pretty much what I'm doing except not on a virtual machine - I'm doing chroot /tmp/target and then running the grub-install - I tried to leave the free space in my partitioning: http://pastie.org/6173525 - but it just wont boot :/12:22
bitnumusthats what the installer calls it12:22
mah454I installed mysql in ubuntu 12.1012:34
mah454but have not log in /var/log for mysql !12:34
mah454How can enable mysql log ?12:35
andolmah454: /etc/mysql/my.cnf12:36
mah454andol: what line must change ?12:36
andolmah454: That depends what kind of logging you want. Tried searching for the word log in the file?12:37
mah454andol: mysql authentication (User Login or Logout)12:39
andolNot sure about that particular case.12:41
agu10^I try to create a new "default" website for apache2 but with the name "wildcard"12:45
agu10^is it impossible to create it under a name other than "default" ???12:45
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Davieyzul: thanks for replying to the openstack list.12:52
zulDaviey: no worries12:52
jamespagezul: http://people.canonical.com/~jamespage/ca-updates/ review please13:07
zulawesome-o +113:07
Davieythat was the fastest review ever. :)13:11
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jamespageivoks, think I figured out some of those glance errors from the other day - haproxy had very low server/client timeouts14:53
jamespageI suspect nothing happened for a bit so it killed the connections14:53
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zulsmoser: ping16:19
zulsmoser: this is the dirty fix to get it going again http://paste.ubuntu.com/1658525/16:20
zulsmoser: im coming up with a bit more elegant solution ;)16:20
smoserzul, is the issue that they're trying to use libvirt's mounting of disks ? as opposed to having nova set that up and providing libvirt with a path ?16:22
sliddjurHow do I list a packages dependencies? ubuntu server 1016:23
zulsmoser: thats the eventual goal i think16:23
zulsmoser: but the disk doesnt get copied to the instances directory right now because mapping is an empty arrary because blockinfo.py doesnt understand lxc block devices (hint: there isnt any)16:25
smosersliddjur, apt-get install --dry-run <package>16:27
smoserwill give you a list of what it would install for you16:27
smoserapt-cache show <package>16:27
smoserwill show you its immediate dependencies16:27
sliddjursmoser: apt-cache show package | grep Depends worked out well =)16:28
zulsmoser: but one of the problems i see with lxc block devices is that the domain gets created before the images get created and keys are injected16:37
smoserwell, we dont really care about injected keys.16:38
smoserbut we will probably need files to come from somewhere16:38
EaglemanIs there being worked on a backport for libvirt 1.01+ ?17:03
ivoksjamespage: ive tried without haproxy; same thing :-/17:06
iqualfragilethe ubuntu serverguide suggests using only ldap for authentification, is it safe to do so? (instead of using kerberos)17:09
iqualfragilewell, i guess not17:11
iqualfragilebut i like the idea of kerberos, will use it anyways17:11
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jamespageivoks, same problem with horizon right?17:26
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keithzg_Rather random question, I'm using s3cmd to sync some backups and on every file I get "WARNING: path/to/file: Owner groupname not known. Storing GID-3342 instead." I'm inexperienced enough with S3 that I really don't know what that implies (otherwise the backups seem fine).18:28
NewNewbGood evening/day/morning! Ive got issues with a game server running on ubuntu through wine. Problem is, I cannot connect to my game server - and I have no clue how to do error searching. Ideas?`18:30
sarnoldNewNewb: is the game server hosted on a different network than the clients trying to connect?18:31
NewNewbIts on my LAN. and connecting through local IP, nor external works(for my friends). The server itself shows up in the game's server browser18:32
sarnoldNewNewb: are there any log entries in /var/log/ that look related?18:33
sarnoldNewNewb: does wine preserve enough of windows to have the windows event log that might also have information from the game server?18:33
NewNewbI tried syslog, nothing at all. And I tried messages, also nothing, it just says "--MARK--" allt he time18:33
sarnoldNewNewb: windows allows any process to bind to "low ports", < 1024 -- Linux does not. a process must be privileged to bind to a low port...18:34
sarnoldthat --MARK-- will become reassuring eventually :)18:34
NewNewbports of relevance here are 7778, 7777, and 2701518:34
EaglemanIs there being worked on a backport for libvirt 1.01+ ?18:35
NewNewb7777 being the port external connections come through. 7778 lists the server (i think) and 27015 is a steam port... no clue what that one does :)18:35
sarnoldNewNewb: darn, there goes another potentially easy answer :)18:35
NewNewbhaha, ive been hitting up forums and google for two weeks now. I just suck at linux - and dont know how to do proper error checking :(18:36
aaa801im running a java server (minecraft) in a screen session, every soo often the server goes down, when i open the screen session i find 19:28:19 [INFO] Unloading Player: Gremlin50319:42
aaa801Does that mean something on the box is killing the process ?19:42
sarnoldis it always gremlin? :)19:42
aaa801Out of memory: Kill process 14432 (java) score 859 or sacrifice child19:43
aaa801Killed process 14432 (java) total-vm:38229524kB, anon-rss:30098300kB, file-rss:0kB19:43
aaa801son of a..19:43
aaa801Welp i think i juts found the issue19:43
sarnoldaha, you anticipated my next question :)19:43
* aaa801 walks off in shame19:44
sarnoldthgh, uh, one does wonder what java intended to do with 36 gigabytes of memory.19:44
aaa801i only had it assigned 30gb19:45
aaa801how it managed to even get hold of 36gb is odd19:45
aaa801im giving it 26g now19:46
sarnoldaaa801: sorry.... it had allocated 36 gigs, but used 28 or so...19:47
sarnoldis that expected for minecraft? o_O19:47
aaa801for this server ye19:47
aaa801100 slots19:47
aaa801mc is terrible for memory management + java is too19:47
sarnolddamn :)19:47
aaa801still not sure it had allocated 36 gig19:48
aaa801it was started with a max of 30g defined =/19:48
sarnoldaaa801: well, virtual memory that was allocated by potentially never actually used...19:50
sarnoldwell, you can see the RSS there, it wasn't used.. :)19:50
aaa801then whyd it kill the process19:50
sarnoldaaa801: how much RAM does the machine have?19:50
sarnoldaaa801: does it run anything else that might have taken up 4-odd gigs?19:51
aaa801shouldnt do, its got two ssd's in raid19:51
aaa801software raid19:51
sarnoldaaa801: hrm. the kernel should normally only start killing things once it is in trouble.19:52
aaa801let me open up top19:52
sarnoldaaa801: you could add some swap files ... dd to create them, mkswap to format them, then swapon to add them.19:52
aaa801how is it managing to take up 31.6g19:53
aaa801when its limited to 26g19:53
aaa801sarnold, any ideas?19:53
sarnoldaaa801: well, right now it is only taking up ten gigs...19:54
sarnoldaaa801: oooh19:54
sarnoldaaa801: hrm, maybe 'oooh' in a bit.19:55
sarnoldaaa801: perhaps the 31 vs 26 is just 1000 vs 1024 nonsense?19:55
aaa801still shouldnt be that high when its on 26G19:55
sarnoldno, 28g at the most if that were it...19:55
sarnoldaaa801: okay, back to 'oooh'19:55
sarnoldaaa801: if you don't want to add some swap space, you could tweak /proc/sys/vm/overcommit_memory or /proc/sys/vm/overcommit_ratio to force memory allocations by java to fail when the machine really has run out of memory19:56
aaa801swap space and ssds dont tend to mix too well19:56
sarnoldaaa801: yeah, I know what you mean. but it might not be used too frequently..19:57
sarnold(you' have to chech with e.g. vmstat 1 once it is running again to find out)19:57
sarnoldaaa801: you can find details on the proc files in the proc(5) manpage19:58
sarnold(sorry I left that out earlier. sigh :)19:58
subman_I have setup Munin according to the instructions found in the Ubuntu Server Guide and it works for the localhost only.  I don't seem to be able to see the data from the second server (munin-node).  Any ideas why this would be?20:03
zulsmoser: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/22065/20:25
yeatssubman_: check your syslog on the remote host to see if there are any messages from munin20:25
yeatsI would also see if there's a way to run munin's daemon in a debug mode20:26
smoserzul could you put the trace in the bug ?20:27
smoserthe one that is there now.20:27
smoserjust for reference.20:27
zulsmoser:  sure20:27
smoserit might be better to return None in line 119 there.20:29
smoseror maybe 'LXC'. the "" i'm afraid will just confuse things at some point.20:30
subman_yeats, thanks, it was a hostname issue.20:31
smoserzul, ^20:36
zulsmoser:  good idea20:37
zulsmoser: lets see what other people say as well I might be tied to the stake as well20:37
smoseri should put my comment in a review20:38
ivoksjamespage: yes21:22
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iqualfragile1is there some way i (well not i but someone who does not now too much about computers) can manage users wich reside inside ldap and kerberos?21:57
RyanLMulAnyone run across an instance where 12.04 server stops communicating with DNS on another 12.04 intermittently?22:18
RyanLMulHi there.  Anyone on here?22:28
sarnoldRyanLMul: a few hundred .. I guess no one reading has seen what you've seen.22:29
aaa801Remember children 99.99999% of people in the irc channel are idle22:37
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