Kilosmorning all05:10
magespawnhi Kilos05:19
Kiloshiya magespawn 05:19
magespawnSo the worms are yours05:21
Kiloslol yeah05:21
magespawnHave a worm award05:22
Kilosty very much05:23
magespawnAt the end of each week/month total up the worms and the person can have a worm cup05:23
Kiloshahaha you nut05:24
Kiloshi nlsthzn 05:30
nlsthznhello uncle Kilos 05:31
* Squirm stretches05:42
Kiloswbb. gotta check data. 64m updates today05:47
Kilosi googled this- 05:57
Kilosecs 945GCT amibios flash/upgrade05:57
KilosMaaz_, google ecs 945GCT amibios flash/upgrade05:57
Maaz_Kilos: "ECS Web Site > 945GCT-M (V1.0)" http://www.ecs.com.tw/ECSWebSite/Product/Product_Detail.aspx?DetailID=727&MenuID=1&LanID=0 :: "ECS Web Site > 945GCT-D (V1.0)" http://www.ecs.com.tw/ECSWebSite/Product/Product_Detail.aspx?DetailID=893&CategoryID=1&MenuID=17&LanID=0 :: "ECS Web Site > 945GCT-M (V2.0)"05:57
Maaz_http://www.ecs.com.tw/ECSWebSite/Product/Product_Detail.aspx?DetailID=817&MenuID=16&LanID=0 :: "ECS Web Site > 945GCT-M/1333 (V3.0)" http://www.ecs…05:57
Kilosused this one last05:59
Kilosfirst one is on floppy but hasnt got the .rom they say to use on bios upgrade06:02
Kilossecond one is the download and shows a .rom so gonna try get that to floppy first06:03
Kiloson that site if you click download and then bios you will see the file06:04
Kilosoh i have down the first download click then got link06:05
deegee_1hi all06:15
Kiloshi deegee_1 06:20
Kilosna we leave that bios flash for today06:48
* nlsthzn busy watching the pirate bay: AFK ... was cool to see Ubuntu being used :)06:49
Kiloshi Count_Janik 06:56
Kiloswelcome to ubuntu-za06:56
Kiloshi inetpro dankie06:57
superflynaansê mense06:59
Kilosnaand superfly 07:02
Kilosyo Vince-0 07:05
Kiloshi jrgns 07:05
jrgnshey Kilos07:06
Kilosyou guys come inna rush07:06
Count_Janikthats what she said...07:12
magespawnhey guys check this only visibly tonight07:14
Vince-0Hi hi!07:20
Vince-0magespawn, nice07:20
Vince-0did you see the meteorite in Russia this morning ?07:21
magespawnsaw some of the news 07:21
magespawnhere is a site to get acurate maps for your areas http://www.heavens-above.com/2012da14.aspx?lat=0&lng=0&loc=Unspecified&alt=0&tz=UCT07:21
KilosCount_Janik, tell us about yourself07:22
Kilosif you need ubuntu or linux help you are in the right place07:23
magespawngotta go out see y'all later07:28
Vince-0ya'll come back now y'hear07:32
Vince-0Hey Kilos - I want to make a channel for Durban Linux with the launch of our new website http://blog.dbnlug.org.za/08:55
Vince-0IRC channel that is - but I don't want to dilute the community so is it a good idea to link to this channel to get more peeps involved? 08:55
Kilosyou can 08:55
Vince-0obviously following all the codes of conduct etc - what do you think?08:55
Kilosguys will use both if they want to08:56
Kilossome of them have lotsa channels open all the time08:56
Vince-0both? 08:57
Kiloslike some even sit on my channel ##kilos08:57
Kilosthis one and your one08:57
Kilosi will join it too08:57
Vince-0It makes sense to get all the peeps in one channel - I have an embedded freenode client on the page for newbies08:57
Vince-0so I don't want to make a new channel is what I'm getting at - 08:58
Kilosgood if they come here as well08:58
Kiloshavent you been asking them at meets to join us08:58
Kilosno then get them to join us man08:58
Kilosonly you and smileyborg ever get here08:59
Vince-0our current site domain (durbanlinux.org.za) is going to point to the new site( blog.dbnlug.org.za) with all this info on it08:59
Vince-0we have Peter from house4hack.co.za moving to durbs so we start some affiliation there and get some more activity going09:00
Vince-0it will be nice to have the ubuntu-za peeps support09:00
Kilosall linux users are welcome here09:01
Vince-0are there any other ZA channels that have this sort of focus09:01
Kilossuperfly, inetpro speak up09:01
Vince-0we use Google Groups for mail lists extensively09:01
superflyek is besig, Kilos09:01
Kilosand clug-za methinks09:01
Kilosskuus man09:01
Vince-0ya I will list that and clug as informational on the durbanlinux site09:02
Kilosmaybe we can convert more of you to ubuntu09:03
Vince-0ha! 09:03
Vince-0we do launch parties 09:04
Vince-0and I'll do another hangout next week Thursday but that's more geekery and not specifically Linux09:04
Vince-0trying to get the muggles involved09:04
Vince-0people without magic capabilities 09:05
Kilosoh like me09:05
Vince-0harry potter apparently - I'm not into it but that description is apt09:05
Vince-0well you have IRC magic -09:05
Kilosoh ya09:05
Kilosforgot about harry potter slang09:06
Vince-0I'm going to make posters and put them up at the colleges and universities in Durban to try get the geeks out of the wood-work for the hacker events and organise it as affiliated with the LUG09:08
Vince-0house4hack has some sweet sumo-bot vids on youtube09:08
Vince-0there is a lot of interest in the RaspberryPi projects here 09:09
Kilosyeah most of the durbs peeps just answer on our mailing lists09:09
Kilosive invited them often to come here but seems they are scared of irc09:09
Kilosare you on our lists Vince-0 09:10
Vince-0uh, only got CLUG09:12
Vince-0glug I mean, dbnlug09:12
Kilosour list isnt a noisy one09:13
Vince-0Ow that's OK I filter these into folders. Hopefully the dbnlug list gets more noisy09:16
Vince-0there is some talk about starting a documentation user group for creating FLOSS manuals and training09:17
Kilosours mainly works when peeps have problems09:17
Kilosthere is/was an irc channel for floss too methinks09:18
Kilos#floss.pro or something09:18
Kilosya its still there 09:19
Vince-0I see it - not much going on there.09:20
Vince-0it makes sense to have as many peeps in a help type channel as possible09:21
Kilosjust diehards there now09:21
Vince-0I'll probably do a whole article on IRC howtos, best practices, code of conduct and community support 09:22
Vince-0I do follow channels of projects I am interested in but I think the time zone difference confuses newbies09:23
Vince-0freeswitch, fusionpbx, 2600hz09:23
Kilosmain things are be friendly and respectful i think09:23
Vince-0asterisk requires auth09:23
Vince-0this seems to be one of the more active tech type channels in the country?09:25
Vince-0as far as I've seen09:25
Vince-0perhaps there are more on local IRC servers09:26
Vince-0nope, doesn't look like it09:29
Kilostech type peeps work09:32
Kilosguys here help when they get breaks09:32
Vince-0ya, I'll keep the chan open on my mobile09:35
Vince-0but mail lists are always primary point09:36
Kilosyeah thats where we all start looking for help09:36
Symmetrialo Kilos10:24
Kiloslo Symmetria 10:25
Symmetrialol, I now got the most insane cpu cooler I have ever seen10:25
Symmetriaand now my machine is happy ;p10:25
Symmetrialol, 24CM radiator with 2 x 120mm fans pumping air into it 10:26
Symmetriaon a liquid cooler10:26
Symmetriayes I know thats a windoze screenshot10:26
Symmetriabut lol, CPU usage was maxed out like that for 30 minutes10:27
Symmetriawhen I took that screenshot10:27
Symmetriatemps are nice and happy ;p10:27
Symmetriahehe the specs of this machine are kinda crazy though10:27
Symmetriaas you can see from that screenshot10:27
Kilosmust be after all you put into it10:28
Symmetriabrb :) lunch10:28
Symmetriacheck that out10:41
Kiloswill make a super gaming machine10:42
Kiloslooks like fanie is struggling with the hosting10:44
Symmetriaheh he's stressing out because of security issues he has to resolve first10:44
Kiloshavent had feedback since you last asked10:44
Kiloswe making him old10:44
zerefsup guys14:33
Kiloshi zeref 14:35
superflyKilos: wat wou jy vroer he?16:32
Kiloswou net weet of dit reg is wat ek vir Vince-0  gese het superfly 16:33
Kilosdat hulle welkom hier is16:33
Kilosdie durbs  linux mense16:33
superflyanyone is welcome here, as long as they stick to the Ubuntu code of conduct16:34
Kilosas in this isnt my channel to do as i like16:34
Vince-0I'll put an embedded client on the new dbnlug site16:35
KilosVince-0, ^^16:35
Vince-0along with all the links for conduct etc16:35
Kilosthe age old true words are. "Treat Others as you would like to be treated"16:36
Kiloswe all gennlemens here16:36
smile4everhi :)16:52
Kiloshi smile4ever 16:52
smile4everhi Kilos :D16:55
smile4everI fixed a lot of dead links16:55
Kiloswell done16:55
smile4evernow there are 5000 articles with (known) dead links16:55
Kilosfix my sons bios with a virus in16:55
smile4everyou did fix it? :D16:56
Kilosno im scared to flash the bios till im sure what commands to use to lash and upgrade it16:56
Kilosi go eat16:59
smile4everKilos: yeah, it was much more17:05
smile4everKilos: have a nice dinner17:05
smile4everhttps://nl.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Steam_%28softwareplatform%29&diff=34889902&oldid=34562534 <- I expanded the Steam article a bit ^^17:05
Kiloswow that takes forever to open17:13
Kilossomething wrong there17:14
Kilossmile4ever, you broke it17:14
smile4everKilos: did I :o17:24
Kiloswell im still not in there17:25
smile4everwikipedia is sometimes not very responsive17:25
smile4everhttps://nl.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steam_%28softwareplatform%29 <- see the title Steam for Linux17:26
Kilossomething bad wrong there. makes my pc freeze17:28
Kilosboth links17:28
Kiloscant even shutdown or change workspaces17:28
smile4everthat sucks17:32
smile4everjavascript problem maybe17:32
Kilosi dont get any error messages17:33
Kilosi use opera browser. dunno if thats the prob17:34
Kilosnever made the pc freeze before17:40
Kilosnight all. sleep tight18:45
smile4everbye :)19:34
smile4eversee you tomorrow19:34

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