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kunjilonewulf85: What about it?00:00
lonewulf85kunji: Is there anyway to do the labsims from that site using ubuntu or is there no way to work around the silverlight BS00:01
jribzZeus, kunji: oh, I guess that's only available through steam's apt repository.  I wonder where software-center gets its steam from...00:01
braiamthe canonical patner repo, no?00:01
kunjilonewulf85: Oh, depends.  Moonlight does some of the things Silverlight does, but it does not support the latest functionality, so it depends what features of Silverlight they're using.  If Moonlight doesn't work than you'll probably have to use Windows.00:02
jribbraiam: I think software-center does something funky with adding repositories for some of the proprietary apps there, not sure00:02
lonewulf85kunji: Damn I was afraid of that lol oh well that is what VMware is good for right.00:03
braiamin lp there are all the debs althrough00:04
kunjilonewulf85:  yep00:04
jribbraiam, kunji, zZeus: right I just installed it and software-center added a ppa (private-ppa.launchpad.net_commercial-ppa-uploaders_steam64_ubuntu.list) and then I have steam64 in apt...00:05
lonewulf85kunji; Thanks is there any issue I may be able to help you with?00:05
Sazpaimonokay, I have ubuntu installed and booting, but it won't boot unless I disable secure boot00:05
kunjilonewulf85: Nah, I'm good to go, thanks though00:05
braiamha! is called steamy00:05
zZeusjrib: great, so I guess I can just manually add that ppa myself?00:05
Sazpaimonif I enable secure boot, my bios tells me that I have an invalid signature and then boots windows instead00:06
syntroPizZeus, maybe it gets it from http://media.steampowered.com/client/installer/steam.deb like described here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Valve00:06
lonewulf85kunji: No prob I just figure that if people would stop to help someone after they have helped them then the world would be a better place LOL00:06
jribzZeus: that won't work probably since these private ppas require authentication.  Either click buy and log in with your ubuntu one account, just use the .deb from valve, or use valve's steam repository00:06
miraki don't understand why lirc now believe my remote is vista_mce instead of usbmce00:06
kunjiSazpaimon: You would need to use the EFI install method stuffs I think to use it with secure boot on, but personally I don't think secure boot is worth the hassle just at the moment00:06
Sazpaimonkunji, I booted with EFI00:07
Noorideenwhere is queen?00:07
zZeusI'll just go get the deb package from the Steam site then, thanks for the help guys.00:07
SazpaimonI copied the ISO contents to a FAT32 USB stick, and renamed grubx64.efi to bootx64.efi (the usb stick would not boot otherwise), disabled secure boot, and installed ubuntu00:08
Sazpaimonthen when I re-enable secure boot, ubuntu won't boot00:08
syntroPiSazpaimon, idk but i think there are keys in your bios for the bootloader. one is from M$ and afaik there is a bootloader for linux signed with M$ key. idk the name though00:09
syntroPis/bios/uefi firmware/g00:09
lonewulf85Sazpaimon: Are you referring to UEFI?00:09
Sazpaimonlonewulf85, yes00:09
kunjiSazpaimon: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFIBooting  This might help00:09
Sazpaimonkunji, I dont see anything about secure boot here00:10
Sazpaimonlike I said, ubuntu is booting fine from UEFI, but only if secure boot is enabled00:10
lonewulf85Sazpaimon: From my understanding of the UEFI (Unified Extesable Firmware Interface) is that when secureboot is enabled inorder for the os to boot it has to be signed by Micro$oft.00:10
Sazpaimonlonewulf85, yeah, and ubuntu 12.10 has that taken care of, or so I've read00:11
Noorideenhow can i install ubuntu but i want to keep my windows?00:11
kunjiSazpaimon: Ubuntu 12.10 will use Intel's efilinux as UEFI bootloader in order to comply with Microsoft's UEFI Secure Boot.00:11
Sazpaimonkunji, yeah, that doesn't tell me why it isn't working when secure boot is enabled00:12
kunjiSazpaimon: how about that?  Or are you on 12.04, which I don't think does it yet00:12
lonewulf85Sazpaimon: I am not familiar enough with 12.10 I use 12.04 my laptop that has UEFI is running windows 7 it came with winblows 800:12
Sazpaimonkunji, 1. 12.04.2 does indeed support secure boot, and 2. (1) is irrelevant because I'm using 12.1000:12
syntroPiSazpaimon, http://falstaff.agner.ch/2012/12/12/secure-boot-implementation-of-ubuntu-12-10-quantal-quetzal/     and https://github.com/mjg59/shim00:12
lonewulf85Sazpaimon: If 12.04.2 supports secure boot why not use that 12.10 has kernel issues anyway and 12.04 is an LTS that will be supported until 2017.00:13
Sazpaimonbecause I already installed 12.1000:14
SazpaimonI'd like to keep it that way00:14
kunjiSazpaimon: This has some of the technical details https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2012-June/035445.html00:14
Sazpaimondo I really need to get into the technicals on ubuntu's secure boot method in order to get it to work?00:15
Sazpaimonshouldn't it "just work"?00:15
lonewulf85Sazpaimon: Oh I see I would help if I could but I have not tried 12.10 as when I installed it on my little Acer netbook it crashed, that is why I installed 12.04 :)00:15
kunjiSazpaimon: I'm not sure, I don't own a machine using it to play with.00:16
lonewulf85Well I am leaving to use VMWare so I can do school work talk to you guys later.00:16
kunjiSazpaimon: But either way, the details might help you figure out what's up with it.00:17
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braiamSazpaimon, the intalation usb booted normal with secure boot enabled?00:18
Sazpaimonbraiam, no, the bootx64.efi included in the ISO just gave me a black screen when I copied it to the USB00:19
SazpaimonI had to rename grubx64.efi to bootx64.efi and disable secure boot to get it to install00:19
braiammaybe you shouldn't disable secure boot while installing00:19
Sazpaimongrubx64.efi wouldn't load with secure boot enabled00:20
braiamwhat version/flavor you used?00:22
Sazpaimonbraiam, 12.10 x6400:22
Sazpaimonif I install with secure boot disabled, does it install an unsigned version of grubx64.efi?00:22
braiamtry using boot-repair00:22
Sazpaimonwill do, brb00:23
Dave77why no more flash after 11.2?00:23
unheedingbecause adobe is jerks00:24
unheedingalso flash is dying00:24
dr_willis11.2?  and flash works on 12.10 here00:24
unheedingyoutube is switching to html500:24
dr_willistheres guides out of fixing broken flash00:25
dr_willisgoogle-chrome has its builtin flash00:25
mike304sup everyone00:25
braiamchromium too00:26
mike304Can anyone help me out with something?00:26
braiam!ask mike30400:26
dr_willislast i looked chromium dident use goigle-chromes built in flash00:26
Da_money125I need help running steam :/00:27
ubottuValve have officially announced that they are developing Steam and are working with !ubuntu during their development, see http://blogs.valvesoftware.com/linux/steamd-penguins/ for further details, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Valve for install instructions, you can also join #ubuntu-steam for discussion.00:27
mike304I am having graphical issue00:27
mike304How can i solve this issue/00:27
braiamthat looks like a broke monitor00:28
dr_williswhat chipset. what driver. is it a dual gpu system?00:28
mike304PROCESSOR: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T7250 @ 2.00GHz 2.00GHz00:28
mike304RAM: 4GB RAM00:28
mike304GRAPHICS: NVIDIA Quadro NVS 130M00:28
zykotick9braiam: to send factoids to users you need to use | for in channel, like "!ask | braiam".  or use > to send via PM, like "!ask > braiam"00:28
mike304No screen is not broken00:28
braiamI'm used to kubot -.-00:29
Noorideengood night00:29
senchaDoes the ubuntu 12.04 install disk come with a memory test on boot?00:29
senchaI forget.00:29
iknofailfumike304, looks like hardware problem anyways00:29
mike304but windows work just fine00:29
mike304i am chatting from window 700:29
syntroPisencha, yes press f2 at bootup and select memtest 86+00:30
iknofailfuthan it is driver-related i suspect00:30
eN_Joywhat is the equivalent ufw syntax to "iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -s -o eth0 -j MASQUERADE"? thanks00:30
mike304how can i fix the problem00:30
mike304in a minute or so it hangs up00:30
iknofailfumike304, does ctrl+alt+f1 show framebuffer console fine?00:30
senchasyntroPi, okay, thanks man :)00:30
thunkeemike304:  have you installed nvidia binary drivers?00:30
mike304i cannot access anything00:31
mike304since after statup the system hangs up in 1-2 minutes00:31
iknofailfuis it still available over the network?00:31
mike304i am using usb boot00:31
mike304for now00:31
KaziiHi, can you block a public IP address from accessing an internet facing Ubuntu CLI Server ?00:31
NYCi know hostapd can be used to create a hotspot but can this be done manually?00:32
NYCwith jus the iwconfig commands?00:32
iknofailfuwell it is hard to guess, in order to fix some problem u need to provide more information related to the case00:32
mike304the situation is hard to describe00:32
dr_willisKazii:  a cli server? yiu mean a  ssh server?00:32
ubottuIf you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing00:33
mike304if i can access the console, what should i do?00:33
dr_willismike304: so a live usb works fine? no crashing?00:34
iknofailfumike304, if i were u in that case and i had access to console i would take /var/log/kern.log /var/log/dmesg.log00:34
Kaziidr_willis I mean the server has no iterface its just a command interface, the server is a web server for example00:34
NYCgood looks ubottu00:34
iknofailfuand would try to figure out if it really crashes setting up network setting in order to try to reach it over network after it locks00:35
dr_willisKazii:  ssh in. use the firewall tools to block what you want.00:35
mike304its mainly when i press the ubuntu start orb00:35
iknofailfumike304, i suggest to start from ctrl+alt+backspace or ctrl+alt+f#00:35
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mike304ok i go try it out00:37
KaziiAnyone every used Zentyal ?00:37
braiamKazii, please state your question, if anyone knows the answer you will get it00:38
JayneilIs there a site where I can get the stock Ubuntu shipped kernel(pre-compiled).. ? Currently only the ubuntu mainline kernels are available which don't contain all the patches from ubuntu..00:40
JayneilOr the only possible way is to download the entire ubuntu kernel source and build it..?00:40
PiciJayneil: packages.ubuntu.com or via https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux00:40
PiciJayneil: Assuming you want the .debs00:41
KaziiOk im running a Zentyal gateway 3.x, behind it i have a reverse proxy, the gateway forwards all port 80 to my reverse proxy, in packet filters however i have blocked all access from external networks to the gateway and external to the internal network for a specific public ip address, the ip address is still reaching the reverse proxy however. Everything is running Ubuntu Server edition00:41
julian-delphikiKazii, what's the problem?00:42
julian-delphikiKazii, and what are you using for a reverse proxy00:43
Kaziijulian-delphiki Pound00:43
Kaziijulian-delphiki Wich means nothing if the gateway stops the traffic there.00:43
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rosco_yI'm thinking of tearing down my openSUSE and rebuilding in Ubuntu--does anyone know if MonoDevelop works in v12.10?00:44
Kaziijulian-delphiki The point is Zentyal is not blocking the public IP … despite the packet filter being configured to do so.00:44
rosco_yor would I be better of going back to an earlier version?00:44
JayneilPici: Thanks. packages.ubuntu.com contains all the deb files. I want the kernel that ships with 12.04.. In the kernel section, there are a lot of files related to the kernel.. Do, I have to download and install all of them or just the generic kernel image?00:44
julian-delphikiKazii, and what are you using for a packet filter?00:44
Kaziijulian-delphiki Zentyal champ00:45
PiciJayneil: you'd just want the generic kernel image. The sources themselves build a bunch of deb packages, for different architecutres and whatnot, pick the one that fits you00:45
julian-delphikioh. I can00:45
julian-delphikiKazii, oh, i can't say that I've ever used that :S00:45
Kaziijulian-delphiki Thanks anyway :)00:46
ubottuUbuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Precise (Precise Pangolin 12.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/ - Support in #ubuntu-server00:46
julian-delphikiKazii, ^^00:46
mike304is this the same chat for ubuntu?00:46
julian-delphikiKazii, there is also a #zentyal00:47
JayneilI am using the Beaglebone with Ubuntu 12.10 and it is crashing the whole system due to a usb hub bug.. http://pastebin.com/bNmwNXXF00:47
JayneilAny suggestions on how to solve it?00:47
Kaziijulian-delphiki Seen you jump in and out even :) heh00:48
Kaziijulian-delphiki Its a little quiet over there though00:48
julian-delphikiKazii, just seeing if it existed :)  Most people would probably suggest other software than what you're doing to achieve the same result.00:48
julian-delphikiKazii, what you're attempting to accomplish is allow / forward port 80 traffic from a certain IP, yeah?00:50
JayneilPici: While installing a mainline ubuntu kernel(3.7.8  for example on 64 bit machine), I download 4 deb files and installed them.. But while using the packages.ubuntu.com, I just download the generic kernel.. Is that ok? Or I still have to download some other files..?00:52
PiciJayneil: Which files did you download before?00:54
antarusAnyone familiar with how bluetooth works, in terms of the 'bluetooth' group?00:55
antarusI thought stuff used polkit these days00:55
mike304kk so it works, but when i click ubuntu orb it starts to get buggy00:55
julian-delphikiKazii, what you're attempting to accomplish is allow / forward port 80 traffic from a certain IP, yeah?00:55
antarusbut I have folks complaining about how gnome-bluetooth is not working for them until tey add themselves to this group00:55
antarus(I can add them to the bluetooth group easily enough, just unsure what is 'right')00:55
rosco_yIs the 12.10 Desktop Ubuntu pretty solid, or would someone recommend I install the 12.4 version?00:56
julian-delphikirosco_y, 12.10 is fine for a desktop release.00:56
MattLinuxcan anyone help me :(00:56
rosco_yjulian-delphiki: ty.  I'm looking forward to a good experience (wish me luck, pls)00:56
JayneilPici: From this link http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v3.7.8-raring/, I downloaded  the three files with amd64 extension and with _all extension..00:56
MattLinuxtrying to install a theme i tried .themes by drap n dropping it but nothing works00:56
syntroPirosco_y, on my gt240 the Xorg on 12.10 works better with vdpau/adobe flash idk why00:57
Sazpaimonso I ran boot-repair, and now it seems to freeze whilst trying to load shimx64.efi00:57
JayneilPici: linux-headers-3.7.8-030708-generic_3.7.8-030708.201302141605_amd64.deb, linux-headers-3.7.8-030708_3.7.8-030708.201302141605_all.deb, linux-image-3.7.8-030708-generic_3.7.8-030708.201302141605_amd64.deb, linux-image-extra-3.7.8-030708-generic_3.7.8-030708.201302141605_amd64.deb00:57
calum_87can anyone help me out: trying to access the django irc , say i need to identify but im not getting an email sent to me to confirm00:58
Picicalum_87: You'd need to ask in #freenode if you're having issues registering, they run this IRC network00:58
Kaziijulian-delphiki actually its allow / forward port 80 traffic from ALL EXTERAL with EXCEPTION of a certain IP00:58
PiciJayneil: One sec.00:58
calum_87thanks pici00:58
craigbass1976So I made a tar file today before I wiped a drive.  I checked the tar file, and it seemed about the right size for what I was grabbing. Turns out everything was relative, so after I'd wiped the drive and went to look at the tar file, it was virtually nonexistent.  I'm currently running foremost and it seems that I am getting many jpg files.  Is this the way to go?  Are these the filenames they had before the wipe?00:59
mike304can someone help me? My graphics get buggy when i hover or click on ubuntu start orb01:00
braiamKazii, I'm not sure about zental, but the order in which you add the rules affect the outcome01:01
PiciJayneil: I find it much easier to navigat launchpad's builds than packages.u.c,  The latest 12.04 (2.x series) kernel builds for amd64 are here: https://launchpad.net/~canonical-kernel-team/+archive/ppa/+build/428252901:01
iknofailfumike304, did u take those logs and checked if system really crashes over setting network settings before it happens?01:01
craigbass1976I'm also wondering because the combined sum of the filesizes I'm getting now is already a gig more than the total of the tar was.01:01
kunjimike304: In that case I would probably recommend that you use Lubuntu or Xubuntu instead.  You could also try installing proprietary graphics drivers though.01:01
mike304i cannot change the brightness so it might mean i should install a driver first01:02
PiciJayneil: Just click on the version, then the link for the architecture you want from this page to get there: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux01:02
braiamor uninstall them if you have instaled01:02
mike304i just booted into ubuntu for first time01:02
kunjimike304: I'm not sure how related the brightness is01:02
mike304didn't get time to look at settings01:03
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KyrilHey guys, where can I find the checksum of Ubuntu ISOs?01:05
dr_willistheres sme    foo.md5 file on the ftp servers i recall01:06
kiyouraKyril, if you already have it downloaded you could md5_sum your self, too01:06
PiciKyril: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes01:06
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Sazpaimonok so it's gotten to the point where it will lock up unless I disable secure boot01:19
ricky310711anyone got channels?01:20
Sazpaimonanyone have any idea why? boot-repair installed shimx64.efi in the EFI system partition01:20
SazpaimonI guess that's what's freezing?01:20
zykotick9!md5sums > Pici save some typing/pasting for next time perhaps?01:22
ubottuPici, please see my private message01:22
lb27what's the ubuntu steam channel?01:22
braiamSazpaimon, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI#SecureBoot01:23
zykotick9!steam | lb2701:23
ubottulb27: Valve have officially announced that they are developing Steam and are working with !ubuntu during their development, see http://blogs.valvesoftware.com/linux/steamd-penguins/ for further details, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Valve for install instructions, you can also join #ubuntu-steam for discussion.01:23
lb27thanks zykotick901:23
Sazpaimonbraiam, I guess you're referring to the "not fully reliable" bit01:24
Sazpaimonyeah, well that sucks01:24
SazpaimonI hope it gets fixed soon01:24
braiamlooks that linux will get their own key, I read in an article last week01:25
Sazpaimonhas 13.04 reached freeze state yet?01:25
Sazpaimonif not, hopefully it'll be included there01:25
braiamSazpaimon, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RaringRingtail/ReleaseSchedule01:27
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Sazpaimonyeah just checked it01:27
Sazpaimonso it has about a month before it's frozen01:27
Pinkamena_Di have a terminal session (ctrl+alt+f1) up with irssi and its frozen, is their a hotkey to kill the process in a terminal?01:28
Sazpaimonon the bright side, boot-repair at least fixed grub2 to have windows on it01:28
zykotick9Pinkamena_D: ctrl+c usually01:28
Pinkamena_Dno luck01:28
zykotick9Pinkamena_D: use kill/killall from another terminal then, would be my recommendation01:28
Pinkamena_Dwhat is the command to list pid again>01:29
braiamps ax01:29
dr_willisPinkamena_D: thats the  'console'  switch to another console and use the kill or killall command  us one way01:29
aPpYeI have been perusing google for this... I have enjoyed building my own desktop for years, starting from a cli-only system using arch, debian, many others.  Can I do the same with ubuntu?  I have installed the server version in a VM and it seems like it would work pretty well.  The installation experience was definitely familiar.01:29
aPpYeIs a server installation with nothing selected during the tasksel part of the install the same as a desktop install, just without X and whatever desktop and apps come with *buntu?  Does a barebones server install have a bunch of daemons running by default that would not be there on a desktop install?01:29
dr_willispa ax | grep pattern01:29
zykotick9!mini | aPpYe01:29
ubottuaPpYe: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD01:29
aPpYezykotick9, so this is the better way to go then?01:30
zykotick9aPpYe: i wouldn't say "better" but certainly has a lot more options then server01:30
rosco_yI've just burned my ubuntu images, does anyone recommend gnome over kde, or vice-versa?01:31
HelloWorld321how do I find out how much ram I have?01:31
dr_willistheres not a lot of differances between a desktop and server install.. orher then the desktop gui  these days01:31
zykotick9HelloWorld321: from terminal "free"01:31
Pinkamena_Di killed it but still no luck. irssi has the blinking cursor but no keys respond...oh well i can restart i was just curious.01:31
rosco_y(if that's not too much of an opening for trivial arguments)01:31
HelloWorld321tx zykotick901:31
zykotick9HelloWorld321: "free -m" to see in MB01:31
dr_willisrosco_y: install both desktops and swithh at the login screen  to test them both01:31
JayneilPici: Got it! Thanks a lot! :)01:32
aPpYezykotick9, okay, I will check it out then.  generally, my way of doing things is go populate a text file with the packages I want, then, after the minimal installation is done, run 'apt-get install $(cat /path/to/file)01:32
lb27rosco_y: why not xfce?01:32
ClientAliveIs there anything that will allow a remote session team work session - where there will be two cursors (one for each person) that they can control independently and you can have more than one active window at the same time?01:32
john321misouri meeting tonight01:32
ClientAliveteam viewer does not seem to do this (unfortunately)01:32
zykotick9aPpYe: i do a similar thing, just in sh script form ;)01:32
rosco_yty dr_willis, does that somehow contaminate the system to have unused desktop managers, or are the unused ones completely out of the picture?01:32
dr_willisaPpYe: why are you bothering? you that short of hd space!01:32
dr_willisrosco_y:  no01:33
dr_willisi got all the main desktops installed01:33
zykotick9dr_willis: are you serious?  cruft.  why install what canonical wants?  aPpYe01:33
aPpYedr_willis, no, just like to have a simpler desktop system.  I have not really used ubuntu for quite some time and wanted to try my hand at building a minimal system.01:33
rosco_ylb27: excellent point...I used to like x windows when I was in school.  Can you still customize the desktop with X-Window type programs?01:33
Picizykotick9: re: hashes, I actually copy and pasted it out of the factoid myself.  I'm weird like that.01:34
zykotick9Pici: interesting ;)01:34
dr_willisaPpYe:  id just do a normal install. then install  whatever window manager you want to use.01:34
zykotick9Pici: that's probably a friendlier way actually.01:34
aPpYedr_willis, bah!  no way!01:35
dr_willisi dont see much point in spending literally hours and hours trying to get a minimal system.01:35
rosco_ywell, that's it.  I've backed up and I'm ready to reformat/reinstall.  (I thought I was done with this when I threw windows away---but this feels happier somehow....)01:35
dr_willisif i want minimal, id use tiny core linux. ;)01:35
rosco_ybye peoples, hope to see you soon :)01:35
aPpYedr_willis, not hours and hours... I have already done that.  I would think it would go pretty well.  And actually, I am going to build my own KDE system. so not really minimal, just with my own selection of packages.01:36
john321how do you get to #ubuntu-us-mo01:37
aPpYemeaning, I already have my package selections, and wanted to try plugging it into ubuntu instead of debian/sid/gentoo/arch/etc01:37
dr_willisif you want a light kde. check out that qt-razer or was it qt-razor project01:37
aPpYenot really about being super light, just about playing with linux in general.01:38
dr_willisI got my raspberry pi to play with. ;)01:39
greg__How do I connect to a windows network share from 12.04?01:39
dr_willisthe file manager should be able to browse/see/connect to shares.01:39
greg__I don't see them.01:39
dr_willisor use the file manager  hit ctrl-l to show address bar. and type in the address/server/sharenae01:39
dr_willisie:  smb://servername/sharename01:40
dr_willisor smb://  (for example)01:40
dr_willisor try the connect to server.... menu item01:40
greg__I can't find the connect to server thing.01:41
greg__Where do I find that?01:41
dr_willisyou can also mount shares by hand.01:41
dr_willisits in the menus..  somewhere i recall01:41
dr_willisim on my phone. :) so cant look for you01:41
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MmmonkeysHey guys.01:44
MmmonkeysI'm installing Ubuntu on my netbook for fun. Do I want to Encrypt the new Ubuntu installation for security and/or use LVM with the new Ubuntu installation?01:44
MmmonkeysI have no idea what either mean. The netbook I'm installing Ubuntu on is very low spec.01:45
num7hi, when i ping "domain.com" i can transmit any packages. But i the webbrowser i can access this page. Why?01:45
PiciMmmonkeys: Probably not then.01:45
MmmonkeysOkay, thanks.01:45
lb27Mmmonkeys: are you concerned about privacy?01:45
MmmonkeysNot really.01:45
MmmonkeysNot on that laptop I'm not.01:45
MmmonkeysI'm no one important either.01:46
lb27Mmmonkeys: That's what they want you to think.01:46
num7hi, when i ping "domain.com" i can't transmit any packages. But i the webbrowser i can access this page. Why?01:46
MmmonkeysUmm, alright lb27 .01:47
Picinum7: Its possible that icmp packets are being filtered for you01:47
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num7Pici: hm, it's only on this page...01:48
Picinum7: Okay, then that whoever controls that domain is blocking icmp packets.01:49
ulkeshnum7: that domain may not allow ICMP requests01:49
num7Pici: ulkesh : so is there any software on the server of this domain installed who blocks this ICMP packtes?01:50
Picinum7: essentially.01:51
deadmundwhat is a .bat file?01:51
ulkeshnum7: It could be any number of things blocking it along the network path...i cannot ping it either, btw01:51
LundyBytewindows batch file ?01:51
Picideadmund: typicall the extension referrs to a batch file for windows.01:51
deadmundPici: indeed... thanks01:52
num7Pici: ulkesh Pici: is this any kind of protection? but pinging a page is harmless i thought.01:53
Picinum7: I've heard of blocking it in some cases, but theres really no harm in leaving it open either.01:55
ulkeshnum7: it's a method of security-through-obfuscation...pinging is an easy way to know a computer exists on an IP...turning it off means potential hackers would have to portscan/etc...i agree with Pici that it's usually not a big deal01:57
adam_Hello, I'm new to Ubuntu, and I really need some help managing files. Am I in the right place?01:57
jribadam_: yes, just ask your question01:58
Piciadam_: you are, whats up?01:58
num7Pici:ulkesh: maybe Dinal of Service? with bots.01:58
Dread_hi i need simple help01:58
Dread_i installed the link via Steam and it restarted my computer and all that good stuff, but i dont know how to open it or whatever01:59
Dread_i need to do this02:00
Dread_Install the Linux version of Steam and access all of the same features you use on your PC or Mac.02:00
adam_Thanks. I was working on a file in LibreOffice yesterday. Now looking in its folder, I see that  myfile.docx hasn't adopted any of the changes. However there are several zip files called "[myfile].docx (Case Conflict 1)" up to "...Case Conflict 4".  Are my changes saved in these? How do I get at the final version?02:01
needhelp_do you think you can help me with something...02:01
Dread_i need help with this02:01
Dread_Install the Linux version of Steam and access all of the same features you use on your PC or Mac.02:01
needhelp_thats what i was doing today02:02
needhelp_were you trying to get tf2 on linux?02:02
Dread_trying to get the Tux?02:02
needhelp_lol ya02:02
Dread_aoth 9jyuqw9p45y02:02
Dread_why are you not in my backpack02:02
Tuxyes I got the hat02:02
Dread_can you add me on Steam?02:02
needhelp_i did that but it said i needed more memory to download tf2 on ubantu02:03
aPpYeokay, running the minimal install ... kernel selection ... linun-generic, linux-image-generic, linux-signed-generic linux-signed-image-generic?02:03
Dread_Tux add me http://steamcommunity.com/id/dreadnaughtdanger/02:03
Dread_or someone taht can help02:03
adam_Anyone have help for me?02:03
needhelp_does anyone here know how to uninstall ubuntu02:04
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TuxDread_, what graphics card are you using?02:04
needhelp_does anyone here know how to uninstall ubuntu02:05
Dread_but can you add me on steam it would be wasier to talk02:05
Tuxi prefer IRC02:05
fwilson!repeat needhelp_02:05
fwilson!repeat | needhelp_02:05
ubottuneedhelp_: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/02:05
Dread_i forgot how to check my car02:06
needhelp_ugh this is useless02:06
Dread_Tux, how i chrck my card?02:06
TuxWell, did you install an external graphics card?02:07
adam_Anybody know how to deal with "Case Conflict" zip files?02:07
ulkeshDread_: in terminal, maybe try this:  lspci |grep -i vga02:07
Dread_man, Tux can you please add me on steam i cant concentrate with all this spam from people joining and leaving02:07
TuxI'm debianite02:08
TuxI'm not in ubuntu atm02:08
Tuxand I do need to go02:08
Dread_says your offline?02:08
Tuxyes, I'm offline.02:08
Dread_but you just sent a request02:08
Dread_thanks for helping02:08
Dread_wait Tux!02:09
Dread_nvm ill tell you later02:09
tomreynaPpYe: linux-generic should be fine02:10
mike304guys which option should i pick?02:11
mike304my video card is NVIDIA QUADRO NVS 130M02:11
LundyBytehi folks, iv installed cinnamon for ubuntu... but im just wondering is there anyway of putting like Widgets onto my desktop? im wanting a nice clock on it ... and few other things02:11
acer_what is the best solution for downloading mp3s from iPod ?02:12
tomreynmike304: be aware that addressing people in the channel with "guys" rules out any women.02:13
tomreynmike304: do you want to try a version which is not neccessarily stable?02:13
tomreynmike304: also, do you prefer free software over proprietary software, and are, in turn, happy to live with much decreased performance (but easier upgrades)?02:14
adam_Hi. Dropbox changed my docx into a zip of xml files. How do I get the docx back?02:14
tomreynadam_: ask the company running dropbox if they did something unexpected to your files. this channel is about ubuntu support but dropbox is not part of ubuntu.02:16
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adam_tomreyn: thanks02:17
acer_what is the best solution for downloading mp3s from iPod? Banshee, Amarok or gtkpod.02:18
minusevenHello, can somebody help me with some issues I have been having?02:19
tomreyn!ask | minuseven02:19
ubottuminuseven: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience02:19
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/02:20
tomreynminuseven: the bottom line is: i'm happy to help, if i can, but this depends on the question you actually have, so shoot02:21
aaa801Ive just moved my minecraft server from windows onto linux, its not liking the unicode chars that it uses for colour codes, any way around this �' (0xFFFD) special characters are not allowed02:22
aaa801in "<string>", position 80802:22
adam_@tomreyn I figured it out. Looks like Ubuntu thought that "filename.docx (Case Conflict 4)" was a zip file, but when I put the docx extension at the end, it opened fine. Thanks for your response!02:22
tomreynadam_: glad you figured it out02:23
tomreynaaa801: minecraft is not an ubuntu package, and this error seems to be coming from minecraft. so that's out of scope here.02:23
aaa801its because it uses a unicode char, and the error doesnt happen on win =/02:24
minusevenTomreyn, I installed ubuntu to install Steam and get a new item in Team Fortress 2, but only learned what Dual Booting is after installing Ubuntu. Is there a safe way to uninstall Ubuntu or switch to Vista even after installing?02:24
tomreynaaa801: try to get in touch with a minecraft community, i get there will be some people who are into it on the irc.quakenet.org IRC network02:25
neilwhy does fdisk default to not using the first sector for the first partition?02:25
tomreynminuseven: you don't uninstall your main operating system, you simply replace it by another when you need to.02:25
zykotick9neil: stop using fdisk... it's not a good option.  to answer you question - i have no idea. ;)02:26
minusevenI don't understand02:26
tomreynminuseven: if you'Re fine with using ubuntu as your main operating system, then you can still run windows applications using wine, playonlinux, and, most conveniently, by running windows in a virtual machine using virtualbox.02:26
tomreyn!details | LundyByte02:27
ubottuLundyByte: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."02:27
minusevenAlright, but if I want to stop using Ubuntu, what do I do? I just wanted to try it out and also get that item in TF2, but I don't know what to do now that I'm done with it.02:28
tomreynminuseven: basically, are you happy to keep ubuntu if you will still be able to run applications on windows?02:28
zykotick9neil: i'm not sure if ubuntu's man page for fdisk is the same, but debian includes the tidbit "fdisk is a buggy program that does fuzzy things"  and to "Try them in the order cfdisk, fdisk, sfdisk." but parted/gparted is probably your best modern option.02:29
tomreynminuseven: okay, you want to go back to windows, i hadn't spotted your reply, yet02:29
tomreynminuseven: then just reinstall windows02:29
minusevenUbuntu seems to lag quite a bit for me, and it seems to have a bit of a learning curve. I would prefer to go back to Vista, but if this problem isn't fixable, I'll just stick with it for now.02:29
neilzykotick9, ok I will.02:29
minusevenI don't have a spare copy of windows. It came preinstalled on here.02:29
minusevenAre my documents from Windows still on here?02:30
tomreynminuseven: that's not a support issue the ubuntu support channel can help with02:30
topper4125Having a problem with my Wifi, if the computer sits idle for a short time (Less than 5 mins) the wifi will become completely unresponsive, I can see that the laptop is still connected to the router via my PC, but *Nothing* works, IRC, Web Browser, ubuntu Update etc. I end up having to close all programs, shut down the Wifi on the laptop for a few and reconnecting. this started happening about a week ago... using 12.04.1 LTS any ideas?02:31
minusevenSo I'm stuck on Ubuntu?02:31
tomreynminuseven: let's make sure what you did there, before jumping to possibly wrong conclusions. how did you install ubuntu?02:31
su-jochaving some issue adding the ppa for ngnix. Used add-apt-repository ppa: with success. added the source.lsit entries as well per doc. Is there something I'm missing?02:31
minusevenI downloaded the installer off of the ubuntu site. I installed it (it took about 15 minutes, in case that helps) and then it told me to reboot. I rebooted it and it hopped right into ubuntu.02:32
tomreyntopper4125: please install all available updates, you should be on 12.04.2 when you're done.02:33
topper4125tomreyn, k, I'll try it... thanks02:33
tomreyntopper4125: if the problems remain after that, look into upgrading your firmware as well as intopower saving issues.02:33
tomreynsu-joc: how do you know it did not work?02:34
su-joctomreyn: after update/upgrade --show-upgraded ngnix not found :-(02:34
minusevenOh, and the installer was 'wubi'. Forgot to say that.02:34
tomreynminuseven: okay, wubi, that makes quite the difference.02:35
tomreyn!wubi | minuseven02:35
ubottuminuseven: Wubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide for troubleshooting. Please  file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug. For Ubuntu Oneiric/11.10 http://releases.ubuntu.com/oneiric/wubi.exe02:35
tomreynhmm well that first url is broken02:36
minusevenIt says missing page, but that news is a relief.02:36
su-joctomreyn: I was going to install source, but seems annonying...02:36
tomreynminuseven: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide#Uninstallation02:36
tomreynsu-joc: are you saying you are trying to install the source code package of nginx?02:37
minusevenThat link works, one problem though. It says to uninstall it though Windows, but I cannot access it.02:37
tomreynsu-joc: what is your overall goal, what are you trying to do generally?02:37
* zykotick9 thinks wubi=fail. virtualbox is a better option...02:37
tomreynminuseven: power down ubuntu, this should bring you back into windows02:38
su-joctomreyn: trying to use apt-get, but seeing this werid problem. Thinking I could install from source instad.02:38
minusevenHow do I do that.02:39
minusevenSorry, I am very unfamiliar with this OS.02:39
tomreynminuseven: i'm not used to the standard ubuntu interface, so i'm not sure. but you should have this ubuntu button somewhere which you can click, and there should be an option to power off, logout or similar02:41
topper4125how do I double check via terminal if I'm using 12.04.1 or 12.04.2?02:41
tomreynsu-joc: please provide error messages if any, it's also still unclear what the problem is02:41
zykotick9topper4125: "lsb_release -a"02:41
tomreyn!gq | su-joc02:41
ubottusu-joc: Are you sure your question allows us to help you? Please read http://www.sabi.co.uk/Notes/linuxHelpAsk.html to understand how to ask a 'better' question.02:41
CellHey guys what the fuck happened to the Ubuntu software center? Now I need an account to install free software?02:41
minusevenI see a gear in the top right corner with the "Suspend", "Restart" and "Shut Down" options.02:41
su-joctomreyn: nevermind guys, got it going. thx02:42
zykotick9Cell: steam isn't free :P  (don't reply to me)02:42
minusevenIt is Zyko.02:42
Cellhow did you know I was installing steam02:42
minusevenCell, most TF2 players know of the new promo02:42
minusevenThat's exactly why I02:42
Cellwell it IS free though02:42
minuseven'm here02:42
Cellin fact on anything free I click on, "install" isnt listed anymore, all I see is "buy" and it asks me to create an account02:43
minusevenOnce I created an account, it was free but it doesn't install for me for some reason02:43
CellCanonical seems to think we enjoy Window style bullshit02:43
IdleOneCell: please mind your language02:44
wiggmpk!language | Cell02:44
ubottuCell: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.02:44
Cellnext they'll be providing an email service and try to force us to link the login account to it02:44
minusevenWould the "Suspend" option shut down ubuntu and bring me back to Windows?02:44
wiggmpkminuseven: no02:45
unheedingis there a PPA for the latest stable Chromium release?  I got version 24 from the software centre, version 26 is the most recent02:45
wiggmpkminuseven: it would "suspend" whatever your doing to RAM02:45
minusevenWiggmpk, how would I get back to windows after installing wubi?02:46
Cellhey minuseven do you happen to have an md5sum for steam_latest.deb?02:46
wiggmpkminuseven: i think you need to hold CTRL or Shift and it should change the "Suspend" option to "Shutdown"02:46
wiggmpkminuseven: when you hit Shutdown it SHOULD prompt you to cancel/restart/shutdown02:47
topper4125unheeding, https://launchpad.net/~chromium-daily/+archive/stable02:47
minusevenWould any of those bring me back to Windows?02:47
wiggmpkCell: if you installed steam from the software center it should of automatically added a repository.. which in turn will automatically update to the latest steam client when its available02:48
Cellwell the software center wont let me install it even though its free so I'm just going to manually install the .deb installer from steam's site, but they dont list an md5 hash and I'd like to verify it02:48
wiggmpkminuseven: once you select restart, depending on what bootloader your using, should give you the option to select operating systems02:48
dr_willisa wubi install still boots to the windows boot loader menu ibelive02:49
CellI wonder if I can circumvent that by using that other package manager02:49
minusevenAlright, I'll check it out02:49
dr_willisCell:  what error does itgive?02:49
minusevenit is asking me if I want to close all programms and restart the computer, nothing about OSes.02:49
Cellnot an error, it asks me to create an account.  No install button is listed in the software center, it only has a Buy button02:49
wiggmpkminuseven: restarting your computer is what you need to do to access the boot loader.. which SHOULD list all installed OS's02:50
minusevenI should maybe say that i installed Wubi without knowledge about Dual booting.02:51
dr_williscell  try    gdebi  steamwhatever.deb     perhaps02:51
Netscape128Was anyone bummed when Ubuntu switched to Unity?02:51
Celldo you have a hash of the .deb file? I just want to confirm it02:51
dr_willisNetscape128:  not really.02:51
CellNetscape128: everyone?02:51
zykotick9Netscape128: a little late to the party aren't we?  it's OT here.02:52
Netscape128I mean, I remember when it wasn't.02:52
dr_willisgot an actual support question?02:52
Netscape128Well how would I configure Wine to run Minecraft?02:52
Cellisn't minecraft java based02:53
dr_willisminecraft works in java. no need for wine02:53
wiggmpkNetscape128: you dont need too.. Minecraft is Java based and Java is available natively on linux02:53
Netscape128My friend ran the .jar and it didn't work for him02:53
dr_willishe did it wrong then02:53
Netscape128Is there a configuration I need for the terminal?02:53
minusevenHow do I get back to Windows withough Dual Booting?02:53
Netscape128Because one of my friends who is a linux brain said he did02:53
minusevenUsing Wubi02:53
dr_willisi thenk the minecraft docs tell the needed options02:54
Netscape128I'll tell him then02:54
wiggmpkminuseven: Wubi is an installer.. a windows application to install ubuntu.. dual booting means you'll have to restart between operating systems.. otherwise look into Virtual Machines02:54
minusevenAlright, thanks02:55
dr_willisyoutube may have videos on how wubi works.02:55
dr_willisi advise avoiding wubi when possible02:56
topper4125update: When I was on 12.04.1 my wifi would become completely unresponsive if I left the computer idle for 5ish minutes... upgraded to 12.04.02, looks like its not becoming completely unresponsive anymore, but it is dropping  and reconnecting every 11 minutes (Exactly 11 minutes... right down to the second)... Any ideas on what I should be looking for?02:56
dr_willisOzBorne:  no spam please02:57
brightknightHi Ubuntu how are systems running?03:02
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topper4125brightknight, mines running down the sidewalk stomping on every crack in the pavement it can find, while carrying scissors... I've told it several times to stop, but it never listens. :(03:03
Cellcan someone give me an md5sum of this please? http://repo.steampowered.com/steam/archive/precise/steam_latest.deb03:04
brightknightlike skype was the culmination of kazaa what did Ubuntu culminate from?03:05
brightknightCell: but what is the difference between ubuntu and debian?03:05
Cellubuntu has a faster release cycle and is more windows 8-ish03:05
CellLinux mint is like Ubuntu but more windows 7 ish, which means it's awesome03:06
brightknightwhat are the super cow powers in apt?03:06
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wiggmpkbrightknight: an easter egg I think03:08
dr_willismint is more annoying than awsome.. but thats ot..   ;-)03:08
minusevenHello again. Thanks for the help wigg.03:08
wiggmpkminuseven: np, everything work out?03:09
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minusevenNow I'm trying to install Steam , and it doesn't seem to be working.03:09
minusevenYes, it did!03:09
Cellwhat is the md5 sum for the package, minuseven?03:09
wiggmpkminuseven: i just removed steam (because it was i386) and also see the software center showing a "Buy" button03:09
minusevenSays install for me03:10
Cellwiggmpk: download it directly from steam http://repo.steampowered.com/steam/archive/precise/steam_latest.deb03:10
wiggmpkminuseven: but its for $0.00 so it doesnt matter03:10
topper4125!debain | brightknight03:10
Cellit does matter if you dont have an ubuntu account03:10
dr_willisbuy for free!  ;-)03:10
wiggmpkCell: then install steam the hard way03:10
topper4125did ubotu fall asleep?03:11
CellI would if someone could give me an md5sum for the .deb file03:11
dr_willissudo gdebi  steam.deb03:11
brightknightis there good support for hebrew in Ubuntu?03:11
zykotick9topper4125: debain?03:11
minuseventhat didn't work cell.03:11
brightknightUbuntu: How do I install hebrew language support?03:11
topper4125Ubotu was supposed to describe the similariaties and differences of ubuntu and debian... didn't show up though... think he's sleeping, or it just didn't get to me lol03:11
ubottuUbuntu and Debian are closely related. Ubuntu builds on the foundations of Debian architecture and infrastructure, with a different community and release process. See https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/installation-guide/i386/what-is-debian.html - Remember, !repositories meant for Debian should NOT be used on Ubuntu!03:12
zykotick9topper4125: spelling counts with ubottu03:12
topper4125There he goes03:12
topper4125lol.. ah.. that's wha-happened...03:12
zykotick9topper4125: s/he/she/03:12
Cellwhy cant you install .deb files on ubuntu?03:12
ubottuyes, I can confirm I am a female bot :)03:12
SteevBhas anyone else had any issues with audio playback after a resume from sleep03:13
topper4125ah... learn something new everyday (huk'd un fonix werkd fer mii!)03:13
minusevenSo if we can't install Steam via Software Center or the Steam site, how do we install it?03:14
dr_williscell you can....03:14
Cellminuseven: download it directly from steam03:14
Celland install the .deb file03:14
brightknightUbuntu: what package installs hebrew support?03:14
zarrshyou can install steam via software center now03:14
Cellyou cant03:14
Cellit has a buy button03:14
minusevenI don't know how to install the .deb file.03:14
dr_willissudo gdebi  steam.deb         installs steam for me,..........03:14
zarrsh? I just downloaded it no problem...03:15
Cellminuseven: right click on it and select open with -> ubuntu software center03:15
Cellbut for the love of all that is good please do an md5 hash on it first so  Ican compare03:15
minusevenHow do i do that?03:15
topper4125minuseven, http://linux.about.com/od/ubuntu_doc/a/ubudg21t2.htm03:15
dr_williscell why does it matter?03:15
topper4125how to install .deb files in ubuntu03:15
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zykotick9topper4125: "sudo dpkg -i foo.deb"03:16
minusevenOk, opened it in Software Center. Getting an error. "Wrong Architecture i386"03:16
dr_willisdpkg -i foo.deb     or gdebi foo.deb03:16
Celldr_willis: finally, thanks!03:17
zykotick9topper4125: BUT, you shouldn't have to...03:17
Cellwhy does it matter? Because the government could force my ISP to redirect the download so that I install government malware03:17
dr_williscell all i did was download it and did a md5sum......03:17
topper4125I was just telling minuseven what that link was... it explains how dpkg works...03:17
Cellyes that's all I needed, another md5sum to compare03:17
dr_williscell how paranoid.. and doubtfull03:18
Cellnot at all, the government does it a lot03:18
wiggmpkyes im sure they are busy drone striking other people and NOT redirecting your steam download03:18
dr_willisi have my doubts..03:18
CellThey cant infect linux systems through drive by malware, so they probably use download redirects and ISP based exploits03:18
dr_willis"citation needed"03:19
FergusLhey, anybody installed on an eeePc 701 4G ? got issues with Fn keys03:19
CellIn this day and age you can never be too careful in guarding your privacy.03:19
minusevenHmm, I am double clicking the package, it doesn't have an option that reads "Install Package".03:19
dr_willisbut i guess its ot..03:19
Cellmine is installing perfect03:19
dr_willisuse the cli to install.. less hassles03:19
zykotick9FergusL: MANY time ;)  you're in for issues with only 4G though.  i don't actually remember Fn keys being an issue?  what are you having problems with?03:20
CellI hope steam verifies its update code03:21
dr_willisthen verify the verification03:22
FergusLzykotick9: W (on frFR keyboard, should be Z in enUS), this key has the < and >03:22
FergusLit doesn't work, Fn + W writes nothing03:22
FergusLothe Fn combinations work03:22
Cellhmm it wants me to login as root, I dont know if i trust this03:22
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wiggmpkso apparently Software Center adds a PPA for steam, and then the Steam installer adds a repository as well.. hmmm03:23
zykotick9FergusL: sorry, i only have experience with the US keyboard.  good luck.03:23
dr_williscell it adds a steam ppa to keep steam updaed..03:23
minusevenOk, so. i have terminal open, and I have entered:03:23
minusevensudo dpkg -i steam_latest.deb03:23
minusevenis this correct03:23
Cellno it says it wants to install additional packages03:23
FergusLshould be the same I think zykotick9 ! but... yeah... might just be the keyboard itself03:23
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minusevenSo, to install steam, what do I type in the Terminal?03:24
seednode'sudo apt-get install steam', I'd guess?03:25
CellIt worked03:25
Cellit looks good too03:25
Celloh lawd03:26
minuseven"Package steam is not available, but is referred to by another package. This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or is only available from another source"03:26
CellI am going to be sooo happy if i can play counter strike well on Linux03:26
CellI will probably never use windows again03:27
wiggmpkminuseven: are you using 32bit or 64bit?03:27
jxclhey guys, I've been getting rather frequent one-second freezes. top shows my CPU is almost not being used at all. Can somebody help me diagnose the problem?03:27
minuseven32 bit I believe03:27
Celljxcl: probably your hard drive03:27
jxclCell: are there tests I can do?03:28
wiggmpkminuseven: did you try to install it via the software center?03:28
Celllook on your manufactuerers website03:28
Cellthey usually have disk utilities that can check for bad sectors and such03:28
minusevenI did, several times, as well as though their website.03:28
minusevenThey all come up with errors.03:28
Cellminuseven: download the deb file. Right click on it, click open with software center03:28
minuseveni have03:29
minusevenbeen getting some error03:29
wiggmpkminuseven: what error?03:29
minuseveni386 architechture or something03:29
jxclCell, will doing a SMART test reveal these problems?03:30
protectipDoes tor browser work on ubuntu?03:30
CellSMART is not enough. It might, but you should run the deeper tests (they take a long time)03:30
Cellprotectip: yes03:30
=== atrius is now known as atrius_away
minusevenAny other suggestions?03:31
wiggmpkminuseven: check the System tab on System Monitor to confirm if your using 32bit or 64bit, im sure there is a command for this but I dont know it03:32
Cellwhat is the name of that program for Ubuntu03:32
Cellthat limits file accesses03:32
Cellfor processes?03:32
minuseven4 bit. I have 32-bit windows, that was my confusion03:33
minuseven864 bit03:33
wiggmpkminuseven: try "sudo apt-get install steam64"03:33
minusevenThe following packages have unmet dependencies:03:34
minuseven steam64 : Depends: steam (= but it is not installable03:34
minusevenE: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.03:34
jpmhI have dual boot lubuntu/ubuntu - under ubuntu the mic in my laptop works, in lubuntu it does not, what am I doing wrong?03:34
karlpinc`I'm using duplicity for backup and my local system is gone. There's no signature files on the remote side.  How do i recover my data?03:34
wiggmpkminuseven: try and search in the Software Center for "Steam64" or just Steam and see what comes up03:35
minusevenAlready have03:35
minusevenTried installling it several times03:35
zykotick9jpmh: under ubuntu you'll be using pulse, i doubt the same for lubuntu.  check "alsamixer" in lubuntu - f4 to get to capture.03:36
minusevenIt keeps saying there are missing package dependancies.03:36
wiggmpkminuseven: try "sudo apt-get autoclean" and then try to install steam again03:37
zykotick9jpmh: sidenote - dual booting ubuntu/lubuntu is silly, you can have multiple DE/WM on one install of ubuntu...03:37
minusevenDone, got the same error.03:37
wiggmpkminuseven: might wanna call the dr_willis on this one =P I would say "sudo apt-get install -f" but the might break something lol03:38
jpmhzykotick9: I am really testing lubuntu inm prepartion/consideration for dumping ubuntu - I run hundreds of machines that are all way under ppowered and unity is a problem03:38
jpmhzykotick9: and I see alsamixer, it tells me that I have a mic and it is configured but it does not work03:39
minusevenAlright, IMed him.03:39
zykotick9jpmh: sorry, no further suggestions.  best of luck.03:40
isaiasanyone have experience with installing Ubuntu on a Nexus 7? How long does it take? its been like 10-15min, lol03:40
wiggmpkminuseven: you could try "sudo apt-get autoclean" then "sudo apt-get update" then try and install it again03:40
zykotick9jpmh: "unity is a problem" for more then just "under ppowered" boxes ;)03:41
Cellapparmor was the program I was thinking of03:41
Celldoes anyone use it?03:41
queenbeerI've a backup made with duplicity I can't restore.  The source data is destroyed,and there seems to be no signature files on the backup.  How do I get my data back?03:41
minusevenSame error again03:42
minusevenShould i be removing the ~$ thing?03:44
wiggmpkminuseven: you cant03:44
wiggmpkminuseven: thats your current directly ~ = home03:44
minusevenOk (I'm new to ubuntu if you couldn't tell)03:45
wiggmpkminuseven: try removing everything "sudo apt-get remove --purge steam"03:45
minusevenPackage 'steam' is not installed, so not removed03:46
minuseven0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 274 not upgraded.03:46
wiggmpkminuseven: then "sudo apt-get clean && sudo apt-get update"03:46
wiggmpkhmm 274 not upgraded03:46
wiggmpkminuseven: after that, run "sudo apt-get upgrade"03:47
minusevenDo I want to continue?03:47
jpmhzykotick9: other than under powet what do you not like about unity - I have grown to like it03:48
wiggmpkminuseven: is it asking you to install 274 packages lol?03:48
minuseven272 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 2 not upgraded.03:48
zykotick9jpmh: that's OT here.  use what you want.03:48
jpmhzykotick9: u wre the one that brought it up - but ok03:49
minusevenNeeds to get 240 mb of archives03:49
wiggmpkminuseven: i would say upgrade03:49
minusevenSo yes?03:49
syntroPiis there even 64bit steam avail?03:49
syntroPidoesnt it just depend on steam 32 bit?03:49
AR_fuck you death to blacks03:49
minusevenAnyway, do I do Yes or No?03:50
wiggmpksyntroPi: i dont think it's a true 64bit client.. I believe it just automatically takes care of the dependencies for 64bit host machines..03:51
syntroPiwiggmpk, well kinda my point. if it depends on multiarch support he would need to enable 32bit architecture on 64 bit machine to have it installable03:52
syntroPiwiggmpk, but idk anything about steam so just a guess03:52
wiggmpksyntroPi: but installing steam64 package from the software center SHOULD automatically take care of that03:52
causasuiin arch linux. using ALSA. I am not getting any sound output from speaker or headphone jack. alsamixer detects all devices apparently correctly, audio apps act like they have sound output and no errors, but nothing actually comes out. #archlinux has been unable to help thus far. help? :(03:53
minusevenIt's doing its thing03:53
=== syntroPi is now known as Guest97392
kingbeastcausasui, pm03:55
_syntroPi_ wiggmpk  maybe it does. does steam64 depend on multiarch-support? if so he would need to add 32 bit arch to apt03:56
=== _syntroPi_ is now known as syntroPi
wiggmpksyntroPi: honestly I have no idea how to check03:58
minusevenThis is taking a long time04:00
DGMurdockIIIanyone now the irc channel for the boot-repair tool04:00
DGMurdockIIIor now where to get source code for it i want to add it to my arch baced dsdro04:00
C_ClearHi. Since updating to 12.04 my video players have been going blank. been doing some research and it seems to be a xorg related issue. How would I go about updating or reinstalling Xorg ?04:01
zykotick9C_Clear: before trying to reinstall anything (which under gnu/linux is a waste 90+% of the time), try changing the VO of you media player.04:02
syntroPiwiggmpk, im not on quantal right now but synaptic can display dependencies. also maybe gdebi can do this for local deb files04:02
syntroPisure there is a native apt cmd for this too04:03
wiggmpksyntroPi: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1655242/ is what I get04:03
minusevenwiggmpk: this is taking very long04:04
C_Clearhave tried that before. changed the output to x11 video output the videos all ran painfully slow04:04
syntroPithere is no multiarch support? hmmm04:04
wiggmpkminuseven: lot of pacakges to update04:04
DGMurdockIIIC_Clear:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/DriverBuilding04:04
minusevenAlright thanks04:04
C_Clearzykotick9. know this issue seems to be due to doing a update instead of a clean install04:05
DGMurdockIIIC_Clear:  http://www.ubuntugeek.com/ubuntu-tiphow-to-removeinstall-and-reconfigure-xorg-without-reinstalling-ubuntu.html04:05
zykotick9C_Clear: that would be due to the fact that x11 is usually the worst choice for vo.  xv is PROBABLY your issue, can you try gl instead?04:05
syntroPiwiggmpk, what does it say to "sudo apt-cache depends steam"04:05
C_Clearthank you DGMurdock04:05
SorinanI removed X, since I don't need it anymore, but now my system starts to tty7. How do I change that to tty1?04:05
wiggmpksyntroPi: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1655250/04:06
DGMurdockIIIC_Clear:  http://www.ubuntugeek.com/ubuntu-tiphow-to-removeinstall-and-reconfigure-xorg-without-reinstalling-ubuntu.html04:06
DGMurdockIIIanyone now the irc channel for the boot-repair tool04:06
syntroPiwiggmpk, hmm idk if apt would pull those i368 pkgs automatically in since on a x64 sys it would be x64 arch only. i had that issue with skype which did deoend on multiarch-support. cant see this here though04:08
=== Toten|Sleeping is now known as Totentag
dr_willisSorinan:  its set in /etc/default/grub i think. or use the text mode option04:08
syntroPiwiggmpk, a "dpkg --add-architecture i386" did solve that issue for skype04:08
wiggmpksyntroPi: i originally installed steam directly from steam via .deb.. but since removed it once I seen the steam64 package in software center.. it just installed it fine04:09
DGMurdockIIII think usually it's the X server.04:09
DGMurdockIIIPress Ctrl+Alt+F7 and see if it takes you to your graphical login session (or keeps you there).04:09
DGMurdockIIIYou can also open a shell and run tty. It will tell you the name of your current terminal.04:10
DGMurdockIIISorinan:  http://askubuntu.com/questions/39025/how-can-i-start-a-different-x-session-on-tty8?rq=104:10
DGMurdockIIISorinan:  http://askubuntu.com/questions/27967/how-can-i-reduce-the-number-of-ttys?rq=104:11
minusevenwiggmpk: Just going to take care of the dog, will let these packages update in the meantime.04:11
C_Clear DGMurdockIII, know I'm showing my noob stripes here. but how exactly do i retrieve/create a tarball (in reference to: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/DriverBuilding)04:11
wiggmpkminuseven: kk04:11
C_ClearDGMurdockIII:  know I'm showing my noob stripes here. but how exactly do i retrieve/create a tarball (in reference to: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/DriverBuilding)04:12
SorinanDGMurdockIII, none of those answers my question, since the idea is exatcly not having to switch terminals after boot :\04:13
dr_willisSorinan:  theres a option in /etc/default/grub thats telling it to switch to 7  i recall04:14
dr_willisSorinan:  the text option may disable the switch also04:15
Liam__Ok so I cant get ubuntu to install on my harddrive it just keeps isntalling on my usb and overwriting the installer04:15
Liam__Idk where to select the disk drive04:16
Liam__[23:16] <Liam__> Ok so I cant get ubuntu to install on my harddrive it just keeps isntalling on my usb and overwriting the installer [23:16] <Liam__> Idk where to select the disk drive04:17
dr_willissounds like the hd is not seen by the installer. it on a raid or other special hadware?04:17
phunyguyok help.... I have autofs working on one laptop, with cifs-utils installed, but on a second laptop with the same exact config, I get nothing.04:18
Liam__its sata right on the mother board my windows crashed and im at school im only half computer knowlegable04:18
dr_willissee if gparted on the live cd  detects the hd also.04:18
phunyguyand nothing in the logs, as well as running autofs foregrounded04:18
Liam__the bios recognizes the hard drive04:18
cannon1Liam - you have to go into your bios and change the boot order04:18
Sorinandr_willis, I couldn't find anything related on /etc/default/grub, nothing that mentions the default tty :\04:19
dr_willissee if gparted. parted. or sudo blkid    sees the hd04:19
dr_willisSorinan:  pastebin it.. im on my phone so cant see mine. i will look.. or just  replace      quiet splash        with     text04:20
syntroPiwiggmpk, ah ok i read this is only an issue with livecd tryouts (which is what i did) on installed distro it shouldnt be a problem. so forget about this04:20
wiggmpksyntroPi: hehe I wasnt the one with the issue anyway mate, but thanks for the help =)04:21
dr_willisSorinan:  option is after the   quiet splash    i recall. same line04:21
minusevenwiggmpk: It is done, now what?04:21
wiggmpkminuseven: run it again =P04:21
minusevenwiggmpk: Run what?04:22
wiggmpkminuseven: "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade"04:22
minusevenwiggmpk: Should this take as long as last time?04:22
wiggmpkminuseven: no04:23
Sorinandr_willis, my GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX is blank, there's absolutely no params, and I'm running low of search keywords to put on google to find this option :P04:23
minusevenwiggmpk: I'm guessing you want me to tell you what it says?04:23
minuseven0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 2 not upgraded.04:23
minusevenwiggmpk: 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 2 not upgraded.04:24
wiggmpkminuseven: it doesnt tell you what 2 pacakges arent being upgraded?04:24
wiggmpkminuseven: try and install steam from the software center again04:24
phunyguynevermind, figured it out.  I forgot to create the directory where the mounts are mounted  ><04:25
dr_willisSorinan:  find a default  /etc/grub/default  file online perhaps..  or.. try the text option.  i recall changeing it in that file befor04:25
ubottuTo start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode04:25
minusevenwiggmpk: Pack dependencies cannot be resolved04:25
wiggmpkminuseven: fortune favors the bold... try "sudo apt-get install -f" unless we tried this already04:26
minusevenWe did not04:26
minusevenAlright, what now?04:26
wiggmpkminuseven: what happened?04:26
AcidRain2012where can i find new up to date information on using postfix as a gmail relay server?04:26
AcidRain2012i am still getting authentication error and i have followed many guides, it appears gmail often changes its authentication mechanism04:27
minusevenwiggmpk: 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 2 not upgraded.04:27
wiggmpkminuseven: I'm running out of ideas man.. sorry =(04:28
syntroPiminuseven, what is the output of "dpkg --print-architecture" and "dpkg --print-foreign-architectures"04:28
minusevenFirst one: amd6404:28
minusevenNothing for the second04:29
minusevenwiggmpk: just notifying you04:29
wiggmpksyntroPi: i have i386 enabled.. so i think your right bud04:29
syntroPihmm wiggmpk you said you have the i368 installed right? what does  "dpkg --print-foreign-architectures" print on your sys?04:30
syntroPiwiggmpk, minuseven : soo im just not sure if it would be "dpkg --add-architecture i386" or "dpkg --add-foreign-architecture i386"04:31
syntroPimaybe google helps?04:31
wiggmpksyntroPi: im pretty sure i386 was enabled when I installed wine or perhaps skype04:31
minusevensyntroPi: Ireally don't know anything about Ubuntu, just got it for a TF2 promo.04:31
minusevenwiggmpk: what now?04:33
dbristowAnybody know why just wubi.exe from mirrors.kernel.org:/ubuntu-releases/12.04.2 would fail the sha256sum check?04:33
dbristowThe rest of the *.iso pass the check.04:33
wiggmpkminuseven: im just guessing at this point, but try and install ia32-libs "sudo apt-get install ia32-libs"04:33
holyguyverAlready asked in the Trinity & Kubuntu rooms with no answer, so thought I would try in here. I am using Trinity, when I click on a file in Konqueror, Konqueror doesn't know of any apps to open them with & the list of options is blank too, & this is for any file, jpg, mpg, html, ect. http://i46.tinypic.com/vrsboi.png04:34
minusevenThe following packages have unmet dependencies:04:34
minuseven ia32-libs : Depends: ia32-libs-multiarch but it is not installable04:34
minusevenE: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.04:34
syntroPiwiggmpk, you never used that cmd then? hmm where is it enabled from then? installer maybe? but not on his sys them?04:34
minusevenwiggmpk: ^04:34
wiggmpkminuseven: what about "sudo apt-get install multiarch-support"04:34
wiggmpksyntroPi: no, I never used it... like I said it must of be installed as a dependency from something else..04:35
minusevenmultiarch-support is already the newest version.04:35
minuseven0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 2 not upgraded.04:35
minusevenwillmpk: ^04:35
wiggmpksyntroPi: do you think "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" could fix this..?04:36
syntroPiwiggmpk, well first which are the broken packages? on liveCD x64 quantal i did for installing skype :    "dpkg --add-architecture i386" then "apt-get update" and finally "apt-get -y -f install"04:37
wiggmpkminuseven: try what syntroPi  wrote04:37
user9003No audio in youtube.com, but VLC and .mp3 plays fine.   Using C-Media USB audio device.04:38
madchicken13hello, how do you get the package manager to work in Ubuntu 4.10 again04:38
user9003Volumes in pavucontrol appears to be enabled/UP.04:38
minusevenwillmpk: first one; dpkg: error: unable to create new file '/var/lib/dpkg/arch-new': Permission denied04:38
wiggmpkminuseven: you need super user permission via "sudo" like "sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386"04:39
minusevenwiggmpk: no results from that04:39
wiggmpkminuseven: now "sudo apt-get update" and then "sudo apt-get -f install"04:40
holyguyverDoes no one here use KDE?04:40
madchicken13hello? can anyone help me?04:40
minusevenwiggmpk: uh oh. "0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 2 not upgraded."04:42
holyguyver!ubottu you are my only friend.04:42
ubottuholyguyver: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:42
wiggmpkminuseven: *sigh*04:42
minuseven!ubottu what is the meaning of life?04:42
ubottuThe Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything.04:43
minusevenwiggmpk: should i try installing steam again?04:43
wiggmpkminuseven: doubt it will work but knock yourself out04:43
wiggmpkminuseven: need to find out what those 2 packages are that are being held back04:44
minusevenIt seems to be installing now04:44
minusevenwiggmpk: IT IS04:44
minusevenwiggmpk: YES04:44
holyguyverminuseven: It answered you ;)04:44
wiggmpkminuseven: woot04:44
syntroPiminuseven, what does  "dpkg --print-foreign-architectures" list now04:44
wiggmpkminuseven: you can thank syntroPi when he gets back04:44
minusevenholyguyver:  :P04:44
minusevenwiggmpk: syntroPi: Thanks so much guys. I'll get right on that syntroPi04:45
ubottuThe Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything.04:46
isaiasi need help installing ubuntu on nexus 7. i keep getting a black screen after boot04:46
ubottuKDE (http://kde.org) is an open community that creates and maintains software including the Plasma desktop.  To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install  kubuntu-desktop », or see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingKDE . See  http://kubuntu.org for more information.04:46
minusevensyntroPi: i38604:46
kaushalis there a way to convert protected PDF document to Excel Sheet?04:47
wiggmpksyntroPi: thanks man, I was getting frustrated there =P04:47
syntroPiminuseven, nice, you had to tell dpkg/apt to enable i368 architecture since you are on amd64 system. steam seems to be only i368 atm04:47
RayCan anyone tell me how to set Ubuntu as the default boot instead of Windows 7?04:48
minusevenwiggmpk: syntroPi: Seems to be working fine. I really appreciate your help.04:48
zykotick9Ray: see "GRUB_DEFULT=" line in /etc/default/grub (don't reply to me though)04:49
wiggmpkyeah im gonna go kill some Nazi's... gnite guys04:49
minusevensyntroPi: wiggmpk: Mind if I add you guys just in case I have problems with this in the future?04:49
wiggmpkminuseven: sure, I'm not in here all the time though04:50
holyguyverwiggmpk: Wolfenstein?04:50
wiggmpkholyguyver: you know it04:50
=== ken_ is now known as Guest14913
syntroPiminuseven, neither is me, but im always glad if i can help. not only that is very nice in ubuntu04:51
holyguyverAlready asked in the Trinity & Kubuntu rooms with no answer, so thought I would try in here. I am using Trinity, when I click on a file in Konqueror, Konqueror doesn't know of any apps to open them with & the list of options is blank too, & this is for any file, jpg, mpg, html, ect. http://i46.tinypic.com/vrsboi.png04:52
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isaiasi need help installing ubuntu on nexus 7. i keep getting a black screen after boot04:56
dr_willisholyguyver: see if a newly made user has the same issue04:57
minusevenwiggmpk: syntroPi: Well, I'm off, gnight to you two, and thanks again for the help.04:57
ubottuARM is a specific (RISC) processor architecture used in a variety of applications such as handhelds and networkdevices. For more information see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM . For ARM specific support, stop by the #ubuntu-arm channel.04:57
syntroPiminuseven, n8 have phun gamin04:57
holyguyverdr_willis: A newely made user?04:58
dr_willisyes.. make a new user....04:58
dr_willissudo adduser billgates04:58
holyguyverdr_willis: What differance would that make?04:58
dr_willisits a test.. see if they have the same issue04:59
holyguyverWould I have to log out & back in to run this test?04:59
dr_willisif they work.. then the problem user has a setting issue's04:59
holyguyverThen lets just pretend that the new user does have the same problem, what next?05:00
dr_willisthen its some system config issue.05:00
holyguyverIndeed, it would seem that it doesn't have the list of installed software05:00
holyguyverAs you saw in the screenshot, there was no list.05:01
dr_willisso you are testing with a new user?05:02
GeorgeTirebiterIs this the right place to ask new user questions?05:03
holyguyverI have changed no setting, that is for sure.05:03
dr_willisGeorgeTirebiter:  go for it.05:03
dr_willisholyguyver:  confirm that a newly made user has the identical problem.05:04
abimaelLooking for a good e-book to read about LINUX, I am looking to get into Android Development but really would like an ALL OUT LINUX REFERENCE BOOK that will teach me everything from basic to like completely advanced information...any suggestions?05:04
GeorgeTirebiterI'm doing a clean install for the first time and I get an error message telling me, "No Root File is Defined. Please correct this from the partitioning menu" and I don't know what to do.05:04
dr_willisabimael:  there is no all in one book. the topics are too varied05:04
zykotick9GeorgeTirebiter: your missing a /05:05
holyguyverdr_willis: I installed Trinity, changed nothing, & had the problem, thus a new user does have the problem if I have changed nothing.05:05
abimaeldr_willis: Any first hand suggestions as a first possible good read?05:05
GeorgeTirebiterI put one in there. That didn't work. So then I tried a /boot thinking that made sense. Still not happy.05:05
GeorgeTirebiter(same error)05:06
zykotick9GeorgeTirebiter: your missing a / (i know i had a issue with this as well, it's perhaps not obvious)05:06
dr_willisholyguyver:  confirm that a newly made user has the identical problem. ...    if so its a trinty issue.. if not. clean out the problem users settings and see if the defaults work05:06
Amelia28hey guys, im having some bootloader issues, what would be a good usb stick i can use to start up from to fix those kind of issues?05:06
holyguyverdr_willis: I said I changed nothing, thus evferything is at the defaults.05:06
GeorgeTirebiterNo zykotick, it's not.05:07
dr_willisprove it...05:07
holyguyverdr_willis: You calling me a liar?05:07
dr_willisif true.. then see trinty support05:07
GeorgeTirebiterI guess I should retry?05:07
holyguyverdr_willis: I already went to the Trinity support room, no one responded to my question.05:07
dr_willistrinity is not supported here. so weve suggested about all we can.05:08
brightknightWhat is trinity?05:09
holyguyverdr_willis: Thank you for your time, & attention, it is appreciated (Though suggesting I am a liar is not) Thank you.05:09
dr_willisyou never tried our suggestion so you have no proof.05:09
brightknightubottu: trinity05:09
holyguyverUbottu doesn't know Trinity05:10
ubottuholyguyver: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:10
zykotick9Amelia28: an ubuntu live-image05:10
cixelsydi need an on $creen keyboard for linux.. the keyboard i$ effed up05:10
supermangoodmorning :)05:10
holyguyverdr_willis: I said I have changed none of the settings, you asking me for proof that I have not, is saying that I am lying about that, thus you called me a liar.05:11
dr_willisholyguyver:  you ararently don t want to listen to basic trouble shooting 101 advice.. and just want to argue.05:11
tomreyncixelsyd: onboard05:11
holyguyverdr_willis: I am not trying to argue, I have not changed any settings, everything is default, that is just me being honest.05:12
dr_willisive seen hundreds of times where some quirk in user ssettings break things.. and resetting back to defaults fixs them05:12
tomreyncixelsyd: should be in the accessory menu05:12
holyguyverdr_willis: I understand that05:12
dr_willisthe basic test to show if its a system issue or a user config issue is to spend the 30 sec to make a new user.05:12
supermancan you guys see my txt?05:12
dr_willissuperman:  yes05:12
supermanthank you05:12
eN_Joysuperman: yes05:12
holyguyverdr_willis: But I have changed no configs.05:12
tomreynsuperman: the girls, too ;-)05:13
=== cyclicflux is now known as Guest70333
holyguyverdr_willis: No Trinity configs anyways.05:13
supermancan you change color here05:13
GeorgeTirebiterOk, I guess I wasn't holding my mouth right before. I got past teh previous error and am now asked to create a swap file on the partition.05:13
dr_willisholyguyver:  or so you think. you could have allready tried the test by now. but im done.05:13
holyguyverdr_willis: Would lxde configs affect Trinity?05:13
supermandamm ubuntu is better then win805:13
dr_willisholyguyver:  no idea.  i wouldent think so,05:13
cixelsydtomreyn: i don't $ee it there...i'm u$ing lubuntu05:14
dr_willisfiles accidently getting owned by ROOT are also a common config issue ive seen05:14
GeorgeTirebiterHow do I create a swap file?05:14
ubottuswap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info05:14
holyguyverdr_willis: I ask because I am using Trinity's Konqueror with an lxde desktop on top of Ubuntu.05:15
tomreynsuperman: colors are a matter of your irc client. there are some non-standard ways to send text which some clients may interpret as colors, but that's usualyly disappreciated.05:15
dr_willisread the  faq url - i think it tells how.. its not to hard05:15
=== Guest70333 is now known as CyclicFlux
dr_willisGeorgeTirebiter:  you can use a swap file, or several. on differnt partions. or even have swap files and swap partions both if you want to get fancy05:16
holyguyverdr_willis: Does that mean I am running TriLubuntu?05:16
GeorgeTirebiterDo I need one with 1.5 GB of ram? it's a 35 gig HDD05:16
dr_willisholyguyver:  i would use the term 'Frankenlinuxx'05:16
tomreynGeorgeTirebiter: 1.5 GB is not that much, so you may want some awap, yes.05:17
dr_willisGeorgeTirebiter:  depends on your needs. for 1.5 gb ram.. i would use a 1gb swap. unless you are goping to ibernate/suspend05:17
dr_willisthen use like 1.75gb05:17
syntroPidr_willis, just out of curiosity: are there any real advantages in using swap partitions today?05:17
dr_willisyou cant hibernate to swap files..05:17
holyguyverdr_willis: That is what happens when one uses Linux for 10 years I guess :p05:18
dr_willisand theres no need to backup swap files.05:18
tomreynsyntroPi: also the kernel wont kill processes when your memory runs full05:18
GeorgeTirebiterI'm just playing. I run OSX, Win7x64 and xp x86, I thought I'd try it out. If it's as cool as I hear, I'll make a bigger pc.05:18
tomreynwell not immediately05:18
dr_willisso a swap partion is slightly better to use then a swap file05:18
dr_willisGeorgeTirebiter:  i dont se emuch point in using xp these days..05:19
isaiasI'm getting "df: warning cannot read table of mounted file systems" when installing Ubuntu on Nexus 7 while its flashing05:19
supermannah xp is kinda dead:(05:19
syntroPidr_willis, i see that hilbernate issue i didnt know05:19
dr_willisisaias:  you may want to ask in #ubuntu-arm05:19
holyguyverGeorgeTirebiter: Considering using Linux? Linux Mint, Ubuntu, & Fedora are nice distros :) .05:19
GeorgeTirebiterdr_willis, I also don't see much point in running OSX, but I do.05:19
dr_willisi will pass on  OS-X also...05:20
supermanits cold here05:20
GeorgeTirebiterI tried Puppy.05:20
holyguyverGeorgeTirebiter: Try Linux Mint :D05:20
GeorgeTirebiterI still use it to fix broken xp's05:20
supermanany 1 using irssi?05:20
dr_willisPuppylinux - is about the weirdest linux in existance05:20
holyguyver*gets beaten up by the whole room*05:20
tomreyn!anyone | superman05:21
ubottusuperman: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.05:21
GeorgeTirebiterI'll look at it, holy. Why u like it?05:21
dr_willislots of people use irssi. many perfer weechat these days05:21
cixelsydi can't run '$udo apt-cache $earch keyboard' becau$e the pa$$word ha$ mi$$ing character$.. i can copy and pa$te the character$ to make the pa$$word but when i try to run pa$$wd from the terminal and copy / pa$te the pa$$word it $ay$ authentication token manipulation error05:21
supermanok thanks05:21
dr_williscixelsyd:  is your systm / mounted read only for some reason?05:21
cixelsyd$o i $uppo$e it doe$n't even do me any good to know the package name since i can't even type in the pa$$word05:21
holyguyverGeorgeTirebiter: It comes with all of the codecs needed to run any media file, & it is made with a very user friendly UI which anyone who is familiar with Windows should be used to with ease.05:22
tomreyncixelsyd: how are you pasting the password?05:22
cixelsyddr_willis: well thi$ i$ my cou$in$ mom$ laptop and $omeone $pilled beer on the u$b keyboard while i wa$ fixing it05:22
isaiasdr_willis: thank you05:22
GeorgeTirebiterOh. OK, I'll give it a try. I have another pc sitting here unused.05:22
cixelsydtomreyn: i pull the character$ from web brower05:22
dr_willisi dont see much point in mint these days either.. ive not seen any video files/codecs i couldent get in a normal ubuntu install05:22
dr_willisi bet $he is going to Love this$05:23
GeorgeTirebiterI turned off the "away" thing like the faq warned (I think) but I'm going away to eat. Thanx for your help.05:23
tomreyncixelsyd: use context menu or middle mouse button to paste your password05:23
cixelsyddr_willis: nah it'$ not mounted a$ read only.. everything wa$ fine till dude $pilled beer on the keyboard05:23
holyguyverdr_willis: The point in Mint? Cinnomen & Mate are far better GUIs than Unity.05:23
cixelsydtomreyn: okay i'll try that05:23
dr_willisholyguyver:  i dont think so..05:23
holyguyverdr_willis: Of course this coming from me, a lxde user :p05:24
dr_willisunity in 13.04 is even getting niftier features05:24
cixelsydtomreyn: you're Awe$ome with a capital A it worked05:24
tomreyncixelsyd: glad i could be of help05:25
holyguyverdr_willis: LXDE>Unity :p05:25
dr_willisi saw a logitech keyboard the other day you could wash in the shink. ;)05:25
cixelsydokay now i have to reboot and $ee if thi$ wirele$$ driver work$05:25
tomreyncixelsyd: did you try onboard?05:25
dr_willissink.. but not the dishwasher.05:25
syntroPiUnity HUD is a killer feature as long as app developers wouldnt adopt M$ stupid ribbons05:25
cixelsydtomreyn: what i$ onboard?05:26
dr_willisHUD is an amazing feature and so overlooked05:26
dr_willisas are quicklists05:26
tomreyncixelsyd: it's what i responded to your earlier question when you were looking for an on-screen keyboard05:26
cixelsydtomreyn: ahhhhh i mu$t have overlooked it i didn't $ee it05:26
tomreyncixelsyd: i could tell ;)05:27
cixelsydtomreyn: it $ay$ it'$ not in$talled. i'm in$talling it now05:27
=== Senjai is now known as Guest3376
tomreynshould help you05:28
tomreyncixelsyd: you should also wash your keyboard if it got beerified05:29
ub8765Trying to run Ubuntu 12.10 on my Surface Pro everything runs except for WiFi. Has any one else got this working? It's the Marvell AVASTAR 350N chipset.05:29
=== SonikkuAmerica is now known as zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
eN_Joyobviously my ufw log message goes to both ufw.log and kern.log, how do i keep them only in ufw.log05:32
=== julian is now known as Guest96471
DaemonicApathyub8765: Looks like the incompatibility hasn't been fixed yet, with the Surface just out, but a USB adapter should work fine.05:32
Valtamdoes anyone know if there is a 12.04.2 mini cd?05:34
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD05:35
Guest96471Hi there, I'm trying to access a flash website with Firefox. I already have flash installed but the website stated flash was out of date. The website took me to Adobe's offical site where I installed the latest flash via apt. However for some unknown reason to me the problem hasn't been resolved. Anyone have any ideas as to why this is and how I might resolve this issue?05:35
dr_willisive seen badly written sites  say newer versins of flash are out of date Guest96471   which is sort of weird. :)05:36
IdleOneValtam: I don't think so. The mini iso pulls everything from the repos anyway so that would give you the latest packages when you install.05:36
dr_williswhat version of flash are you using.  Guest9647105:36
Valtamyeh IdleOne I tried that link dr_willis posted a few hours ago, still uses 3.2 kernel so I'm guessing thats for 12.04.105:37
Guest96471dr_willis: Shockwave Flash 11.2 r202 (
IdleOneValtam: I guess so. I'm really not sure.05:37
dr_willisi got no idea what the latest flash version even is any more05:38
CCHey guys I'm fairly new to linux and I'm having a problem downloading Steam05:38
Guest96471dr_willis: However the site requires version 11.3 or higher.05:38
DaemonicApathyLatest Flash for Linux:, and probably not getting any newer.05:38
Valtam"Installation/MinimalCD (last edited 2012-10-21 15:20:16 by shimi-chen)"05:38
dr_willisCC:  i belive earelier today the method was to get the steam_latest.deb and do a 'sudo dpkg -i steam.deb' or 'sudo gdebi steam.deb'05:38
work_alkisgWith the new "LTS Hardware Enablement Stack", are both -pae and non-pae kernels supported? Or it's just always pae from now on?05:39
=== work_alkisg is now known as alkisg
DaemonicApathydr_willis: as of today, Steam should be in the Software Center.05:39
dr_willisalkisg:  as of 12.10 i think theres only PAE kernels05:39
dr_willisDaemonicApathy:  and people have been having issues with it from what ive seen the last few hours05:39
tomreynGuest96471: the latest flash version there is for linux, and ever will be , is 11.205:39
DaemonicApathydr_willis: Gotcha. Don't mind me.05:40
CCdr_willis: My problem isn't getting the .deb. when I try to run steam_latest.deb I get an error "Dependency is not satisfiable: libc6"05:40
tomreynGuest96471: with the exception of the closed source / proprietary google chrome web browser (this is not a recommendation).05:40
alkisgdr_willis: so if one installs 12.04.2, and then wishes to install the (non-quantal) non-pae kernel of the stock 12.04, will he have xorg incompatibilities?05:40
dr_willisDaemonicApathy:  and aparently all it does.. is enable its own steam repo, then installs it from the  custome repo. from what ive read on the ubuntublog sites05:40
Guest96471So in other words... If I want to use this website I'm going to have to use Windows or Mac? :/05:40
tomreynGuest96471: or ask them to take linux users serious, yes05:41
dr_willisalkisg:  getting a non-pae kernel on 12.10 is doable from what ive seen some blogs say.. but going to be problematic.05:41
Guest96471Tomreyn: I installed Chrome but came across the same problem.05:41
dr_willisalkisg:  ive nevver done it. so no idea what problems.05:41
Deluxrunning Ubuntu server 12.04 - fdisk still the command to use to partition a 3TB drive?05:41
tomreynGuest96471: maybe you're mixing up open source chromium and closed-source chrome?05:41
alkisgdr_willis: no I'm still talking about 12.04, not 12.10 - so the non pae kernel there is available05:41
alkisgdr_willis: thanks - I'll try asking in #ubuntu-devel too05:41
Guest96471Tomreyn: Highly probable...05:41
dr_willisalkisg:  for 12.04 you got non-pae so it should be good. ;)05:42
CC dr_willis: My problem isn't getting the .deb. when I try to run steam_latest.deb I get an error "Dependency is not satisfiable: libc6"05:42
dr_willisgoogle-chrome has its own flash.. and I think we discussed yesterday(?) that  chromium-browser does NOT have its own flash.05:42
DaemonicApathyIt should be noted, if you click on the Steam banner ad in the Software Center, it will bring you to sTeam, not the Steam game client.05:43
dr_willisCC:  try installing it with   'sudo gdebi -i foo.deb' ?05:43
tomreynGuest96471: flash has always been crap anyways, any website depending on it is very badly made. which is why most sites offer alternatives.05:43
dr_willisFlash sites.. Hmm. havent been to Homestarrunner in years.. :)05:43
Guest96471Tomreyn: So it's HTML5 all the way from now I guess.05:43
CCdr_willis: That doesn't work either05:44
dr_willisCC:  what error?05:44
DaemonicApathyCC: looks like you'll have to install libc6 first.05:44
tomreynGuest96471: i would hope so. and it seems ot e going to be. media companies are strongly pushing for having DRM in html5 so it seems to be where things are shifting to05:45
CCDaemonicApathy: I've tried installing it only to get an error that I can't think of off the top of my head05:45
dr_willisDRM that never really works.. ;)05:45
roger_Does anyone know how to run a command in gtkdialog in a new terminal session?05:45
tomreynfine with me ;)05:45
dr_willisroger_:  somthing similer to 'xterm -e newcommand' with whatever terminal app you want to use.05:46
Deluxrunning Ubuntu server 12.04 - fdisk still the command to use to partition a 3TB drive?05:46
zykotick9roger_: i'm not sure what you mean, but does "gnome-terminal -e foo" help?05:46
tomreynzykotick9: no, use parted05:46
dr_willisDelux:  i think parted is the prefered tool these days05:47
roger_dr_willis: thanks I'll give that a try..  1 sec05:47
tomreynzykotick9: sorry this was supposed to go to Delux05:47
CCDaemonicApathy: The error I get -----  dr_willis: My problem isn't getting the .deb. when I try to run steam_latest.deb I get an error "Dependency is not satisfiable: libc6"05:47
CCOops haha05:47
roger_zykotick9: one moment05:47
tomreynDelux: no, use parted05:47
dr_willisi think gnome-termianl uses a differnt option then the -e command.. but im not on a pc to test. ;)05:47
CCDaemonicApathy: This package is uninstallable Dependency is not satisfiable: libc605:47
dr_willisCC:  what ubuntu version are you using?05:48
dr_willisCC:  done a sudo apt-get update, sudo apt-get dist-upgrade     recently?05:48
dr_willislibc is like a very imporntant part of the os. ;)05:49
CCdr_willis: About an hour or so ago, yes05:49
CCdr_willis: One moment I'll run the command again05:49
Guest96471Is there a way to trick the site I'm using into thinking I'm using flash 11.3?05:49
tomreynGuest96471: with a hex editor, yes but i am not going to guide you through this unless you already know what a hex editor is, it's quite advanced05:50
dr_willisGuest96471:  search for some browser extensions perhaps?05:50
CCdr_willis: I'm getting failed to fetch errors with steam files.05:50
dr_willisCC:  hmm that sounds like some of the repos may be down05:51
Guest96471tomreyn: I've used a hex editor before on Windows. Do I quality? :P05:51
CCdr_willis: Any suggestions?05:51
dr_willisCC:  not really.   you could pastebin the whole output of    apt-get update, and  apt-get dist-upgrade  for the channel to look at.05:52
cixelsydokay i have to reboot brb thank$ for all the help guy$05:52
shinobi_hey guys :)05:53
Ben64CC: have you tried the steam ppa?05:53
Ben64CC: uh... you got a problem with your sources05:54
tomreynGuest96471:  http://askubuntu.com/questions/36575/this-flash-plugin-was-blocked-because-it-is-out-of-date05:54
roger_dr_willis: that got me a little closer.. any ideas on how I would do the same thing using the Terminal emulator?05:55
dr_willisroger_:  doing what exactly?05:55
dr_willisrun a new command in a new terminal ?05:55
CCBen64: Explain?05:55
Ben64CC: you see all those warning messages? those.05:55
roger_sorry. this is about the gtkdialog thing05:55
dr_willisroger_:  exact same way,  :)05:55
dr_willisroger_:         xterm -e mc &05:56
CCBen64: And I could solve those by doing what exactly05:56
shinobi_Hey I am trying to locate and terminate a webserver daemon which is apparently running on my machine. Does anyone have a method I might be able to use to identify ( at least a PID ) what program is running a webserver daemon? I already tried checking the localhost on port 80 and nothing seems to be serving. It may be helpful to point out that BURP toolkit is installed as well as VMware....   I just dont know what could be running to05:56
shinobi_ block my development server....05:56
Ben64CC: disabling all the extra sources you added that don't work05:57
bazhangshinobi_, what version of ubuntu05:57
Ben64CC: like how you have 12.10 but have 12.04 sources in there05:57
shinobi_tor and i2p are installed but none are startin as daemons05:57
dr_willisi wonder if the steam ppa is getting overloaded.05:57
Guest96471tomreyn: Thanks for that, looks very promising! :)05:57
tomreynGuest96471: the process is as descibed in the 2nd answer (but they are editing a different file). the file you want to edit (make a backup copy or reinstall flash-player if it fails) is actually: /usr/lib/adobe-flashplugin/libflashplayer.so05:58
Guest96471tomreyn: Though I'm actually not too sure now. I just ran google-chrome --allow-outdated-plugins and the site worked but not exactly.05:58
roger_dr_willis: you seem a little busy.. I'll wait until it cools down in here a little05:58
tomreynGuest96471: you're not supposed to do this.05:59
roger_dr_willis: not very much complete documentation on gtkdialog online.. at least for dummies like me05:59
CCBen64: Got rid of the steam sources. The others?05:59
tomreynGuest96471: i just gave you this url to get you started with a hex editor and to know which strnig to look for. but you need to edit a different file, the NPAI flash one, not google chromes'. and you want to increase the version, not decrease it.06:00
shinobi_bazhang, its a 10.04 lucid install06:00
shinobi_with modified backtrack packages. Basically I installed backtrack 5 r3,  added a non root account and started insntalling crap06:00
Guest96471tomreyn: I fully understand. :) Thank you for that.06:00
Ben64CC: the private-ppa ones?06:01
bazhangshinobi_, and top shows nothing out of the ordinary?06:01
tomreynGuest96471: be aware that you are probably also violating the adobe license if you do so.06:01
Guest96471tomreyn: I figured as much but what do they expect if they're unwilling to take us seriously? Switch to Windows? Ahaha xD06:01
CCBen64: No the quantal-(xxxx)/release ones06:01
tomreynGuest96471: that's a question you should ask them indeed06:02
Ben64CC: well you should get rid of them all06:02
shinobi_bazhang,  http://pastebin.com/CYL7wGzM06:03
CCBen64: How exactly? D:06:03
Ben64CC: uncheck them?06:04
Guest96471tomreyn: Thanks for the information. This is exactly what I needed. :)06:04
tomreynGuest96471: glad it helped.06:04
CCBen64: They aren't in my software sources or such06:05
CCBen64: Lol just kidding06:05
CCBen64: Still one error with quantal/Release06:06
CCBen64: Which I cannot find06:06
tasslehoff(how) can I adjust laptop display brightness from a shell?06:06
shinobi_I could just change the port my little dev server listens on but to be honest its kinda bothering me not having the knowledge to locate something which could be  potentially serving up data from my system to the internet06:06
shinobi_seems like there used to be an lsof command06:07
dr_willis!find lsof06:07
ubottuFound: lsof, alsoft-conf, liblsofui406:07
dr_willis!info lsof06:08
ubottulsof (source: lsof): Utility to list open files. In component main, is standard. Version 4.86+dfsg-1ubuntu1 (quantal), package size 243 kB, installed size 455 kB06:08
dr_willisstandard = installed by default i thought..06:08
dr_willisi could be wrong. ;)06:08
tomreynshinobi_: what makes you think something is running?06:09
tomreynis something listening on poirt 80?06:09
tomreynif so, sudo lsof -i :8006:09
shinobi_tomreyn,  I am pretty sure whatever webserver daemon is running on my machine, its not serving to port 80. I did localhost:80 from a browser and got nothing. The only other thing I would begin to suspect would be BURP toolkit,  but I remember telling it NOT to run as a daemon06:11
shinobi_theres TOR and i2p .....but06:11
tomreynshinobi_: what makes you think a webserver daemon is running in the first place?06:11
shinobi_tomreyn,  thats a good question and the answer to that is this:   when I try to start up a small dev server ( apache based )  called lampp  I am informed that there is already a webserver daemon running therefore my dev server cannot start06:12
DiazoHowdy all, was curious about 12.04.2 LTS since it got released today. I was wondering those on 12.04.1 haven't seen to got the update yet.06:13
tomreynshinobi_: which port is this lampp stack trying to bind to?06:13
no-one mktorrent any clues on where to ask about it?06:13
shinobi_tomreyn,  the usual suspects are things like apache2,  or any other webserver  I've already gone through the basic steps of ensuring those services are currently OFF06:13
dr_willisDiazo:  if youve done a sudo apt-get update, sudo apt-get upgrade recently. you should be up to date06:13
dr_willisDiazo:  perhaps a sudo apt-get dist-upgrade   may be neeeed06:13
shinobi_tomreyn,  the lampp config files are all default; therefore I assume it would be the standard port 8006:13
=== cameronc is now known as CC
DiazoI'll check and try that.06:14
CCSorry about that OS just crashed on e06:14
DiazoStill shows I'm on 12.04.106:14
CCBen64: Still here?06:14
tomreynshinobi_: check its documentation. other common http ports: 443, 8000, 8080, 8443, 8081, 800106:14
Diazodr_willis, None of those commands changed anything figures perhaps I have to wait a day.06:15
dr_willisDiazo:  could be your mirror is not updated yet06:15
DiazoAlright no problem I'll wait a day thanks dr_willis.06:16
dr_willisbut really - if you updated like yesterday,. i doubt if theres any large # of changes to a point release.06:16
dr_willisthey just do the .2 or whatever iso so people can have  up to date packages for clean installs06:16
shinobi_i will do so..... I also just had the idea of nmapping my localhost..... mayhap that would shed some light on whats running based on an obvious port like you said06:16
DiazoWas just waiting to see what was in the newer kernel.06:16
tomreynshinobi_: you could also run a full nmap scan on your LAN or loopback interfaces' ip addresses. sudo nmap -p 1- -sS -T5 IP_ADDRESS06:17
CCdr_willis: How to remove /quantal/Release ?06:17
tomreynshinobi_: okay you were a tid bit faster there ;)06:17
dr_willisCC:  what do you mean?06:17
CCdr_willis: It's my only remaining error when I try update06:17
DiazoHave a good one. :)06:17
shinobi_tomreyn,  thanks for that06:17
shinobi_am doing now06:17
dr_willisCC:  its in your sources.list or your /etc/apt/sources.list.d06:17
dr_willisCC:  you are running 12.10 ?06:18
CCdr_willis: Yes06:18
dr_willisso you may want to just comment it out.. since that should be a proper entry for your reelase.06:18
dr_willisunlike the entries for 12.0406:18
CCdr_willis: Comment for it?06:20
dr_willis#this is a comment06:20
dr_willisthis is not06:20
CCdr_willis: I'm not sure exactly what you mean then X306:20
flintserCC: just add # in front of a line you want to comment06:21
flintseryou can add # in front of any line you want ignored06:21
dr_willismost every config file works that way06:21
linuxuz3rwhats new in 12.10?06:22
bazhang!notes > linuxuz3r06:22
ubottulinuxuz3r, please see my private message06:22
CCflintser: I'm not following sorry06:23
bazhangCC  your apt sources list is what you are trying to modify06:23
dr_willislook at the lines in your sources.list file06:24
roger_dr_willis: so in gtkdialog I've got this "<action>xterm -e command</action>". Which works, however xterm closes when I hit ctrl+c. I need it to stay open so that I can copy/paste from it.06:24
flintserCC: http://bash.cyberciti.biz/guide/Shell_Comments06:24
bazhangCC and by opening that file in an editor, then placing a # in front of the line YOU DONT want it to check the alteration is made06:24
dr_willisroger_:   command && read06:25
dr_willisno & at the end06:25
tomreynroger_: xterm -e 'command ; read'06:25
CCflintser: #deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ quantal main restricted universe multiverse06:26
CCflintser: Yes?06:26
bazhangCC yes06:26
CCbazhang: Well I can't change the file because apparently I don't have permissions even though I'm the only user06:27
dr_willisthat looked  like a legitimate  entry to me..06:27
bazhangCC sudo nano  or gksudo gedit06:27
dr_willisyou MUST  use sudo rights to alter system files06:27
roger_dr_willis, tomreyn: hmm both of those still close down if I hit ctrl+c06:27
mogniteanyone at home06:28
bazhangmognite, whats the support issue06:28
dr_willisroger_:  because ctrl-c  sends a break to the shell.06:28
dr_willisnot a copy/paste06:28
mognitedo you have a general discussion channel?06:28
dr_willisms stole ctrl-c   ;-)06:28
=== XenGi is now known as XenGi_
roger_oh yeah totally I get that..06:29
Ben64mognite: #ubuntu-offtopic ?06:29
dr_willisright click. copy.. or  select then middleclick06:29
roger_the reason why I need ctrl+c is to stop the command from processing so it will quit moving around so I can select the data I need then copy/paste06:29
Ben64ctrl+z is "stop"06:30
dr_willisuse ctrl-s to pause it06:30
roger_may I PM you dr_willis?06:30
dr_willisthen ctrl-q to resume06:30
roger_oh..  ctrl+z or s..  !  lemme give those a try06:30
CCdr_willis: Update and upgrade done.06:30
dr_willisim at work so may have to leave at any time..06:30
Ben64dr_willis's way is probably better06:31
dr_willisi rhink you may need to read up on bash moar. ;-)06:31
dr_willisctrl-z    backgrounds.. not what you want06:31
=== cetar is now known as goyang-itik
roger_yeah you are right.. there is so much to learn06:32
dr_willisctrl s and q  =  flow controlling06:32
Ben64ctrl+z stops it, then you can background it06:32
Ben64but i get what you're saying06:32
roger_Coming from a programming background, I've really found gtkdialog the most fun06:32
CCdr_willis: I still have a libc6 dependency error when trying to use steam.deb06:32
fastrackHello people of #ubuntu, I have a issue and it is that when I type "chown ubc /mirror" (mirror the folder, ubc the user, chown the command), I get "Changing ownership of '/mirror': operation not permitted", I am logged in as root over SSH.06:32
Ben64CC: have you done "sudo apt-get update"06:33
CCBen64: Yes06:33
dr_willisCC:  that lib should allready be installed.06:33
Ben64CC: are you on 64 bit06:33
CCBen64: Yes06:33
roger_one more for you guys.. (for now) why does "xterm -e command" work and "xterm -x mc command" doesn't?06:33
dr_willisdone  a   sudo apt-get  dist-upgrade  cc?06:33
Ben64sudo apt-get install libc6:i38606:34
Ben64or just use steam's repository06:34
fastracknobody here knows about chown command?06:34
dr_williswhats -x supposed to do06:34
dr_willis!permissions | fastrack06:34
ubottufastrack: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions06:34
bazhangfastrack, patience. it sometimes takes more than a minute to answer06:34
=== Inoperable is now known as zz_Inoperable
=== zz_Inoperable is now known as Inoperable
thea'man chmod'06:35
Deluxneed some help with fdisk/parted on Ubuntu server 12.0406:36
flintser!ask | Delux06:37
ubottuDelux: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience06:37
CCdr_willis: http://pastebin.com/GN5DL3yM06:37
dr_willis!info libc606:38
ubottulibc6 (source: eglibc): Embedded GNU C Library: Shared libraries. In component main, is required. Version 2.15-0ubuntu20 (quantal), package size 3847 kB, installed size 9130 kB06:38
Deluxhave a 3TB drive installed on a Server 12.04. when I try to run fdisk and do partitions I get warnings about GPT detected. So I partition using parted and it seems to go ok but when I try to list with fdisk -l command06:39
DeluxI get the same warning plus now I get Partition 1 does not start on physical sector boundary.06:39
GeorgeTirebiterIs a swap file a logical or primary partition?06:39
dr_willishmm id say hit up askubuntu.com and search for that last line error mesage. E:  yadda.....06:39
dr_willisGeorgeTirebiter:  can be either06:40
=== mpmc|Away is now known as mpmc
GeorgeTirebiterThat doesnt help. ;-)06:40
dr_willisa FILE IS neither06:40
fastrackmy question wasn't how to chmod, it was why I was getting operation not permitted when logged on as root06:40
dr_willisa PARTION  can be either one06:40
GeorgeTirebiterwell I'm just doing the swap file thing on the install06:40
GeorgeTirebiterI guess a better q is what should I make it?06:40
syntroPiCC, "dpkg --print-foreign-architectures" is empty?06:41
GeorgeTirebiterswap partition06:41
CCsyntroPi: 1386, i1386, i38606:42
flintserfastrack: if something is messed up root might not have acces to it but someone els may have06:42
flintseraccess* else*06:42
CCsyntroPi: I believe 2 of those are my failed attempts at typing i38606:42
Ben64why do you have 1386 and i1386?06:42
fastrackI did mount a nfs server's folder as /mirror06:42
=== FiatTea is now known as FreedomTea
BryanRuizso i hosed my ubuntu install and i need to get back into kde-plasma, but I dont know what "LOGIN agent" or window manager? im using.. what is that called and how would i figure that out?06:42
isaiasis there anywhere else i can get help with installing ubuntu on Nexus 7?06:42
GeorgeTirebiterSo, um. How should I make the swap partition? logical or primary?06:43
Ben64GeorgeTirebiter: doesn't matter06:43
BryanRuizI need to tell that login to log me into KDE instead of "default"06:43
GeorgeTirebiterNot to me either, Ben. :)06:43
Ben64GeorgeTirebiter: you can only have 4 primaries though, so keep that in mind06:43
GeorgeTirebiterand the thing is in megabytes, so 1000 is a GB right?06:43
syntroPiCC hmm at least i368 is in there. ok06:43
dr_willisGeorgeTirebiter: a swap file can be any file on your filesystem.. its not a swap Partition. which is a special partion on the hard dislk06:43
dr_willisa swap partition can be a primary, or logical partition.06:44
GeorgeTirebiteryeah Doc that's what I'm making now, a swap partition06:44
syntroPiisaias, have you tried #ubuntu-phone06:44
dr_willisyou can put all of linux on logicals if you wanted06:44
DeluxI have a 3TB drive installed on a Server 12.04. When I try to run fdisk and do partitions I get warnings about GPT detected. If I partition using parted and I try to list with fdisk -l command I get Partition 1 does not start on physical sector boundary.06:44
CCsyntroPi: What's my next step?06:45
isaiassyntroPi: i havent. thank you06:45
mrsudoeri'm about to flash Lifeless...Do I just download the zip on the XDA site and flash it like normal after doing the regular backup/wipe?06:45
Ben64Delux: fdisk is silly, don't worry06:45
mrsudoerwrong channel...06:45
syntroPiCC not sure06:45
GeorgeTirebitershould it be at behinning or end and what should be its mount point?06:45
dr_willisDelux:  id use parted ro make/manage the disk. not fdisk. and its not uncommon for there to be a few mb of unused space at the front of the hd/partions for alignment  purposes06:45
syntroPiCC have you tried installing it from ubuntu software center=06:46
Ben64CC: could you pastebin this... "grep . /etc/apt/sources.list* /etc/apt/sources.list*/*"06:46
dr_willisfor gparted - ignore fdisk.06:46
dr_willisoops for gpt  - ignore fdisk.. dont use it06:46
GeorgeTirebiterand for that matter, should the main partition be at the beginning or end?06:46
dr_willisGeorgeTirebiter:  dosent really matter much06:46
Ben64GeorgeTirebiter: normally OS goes up front, and swap last, but it doesn't really affect things, unless you wanted to rearrange partitions later06:47
GeorgeTirebiterok then.06:47
fastrackyes!! I got it to work06:47
dr_willismy typical partioning scheme.  (/  )  (/home) (swap)06:47
GeorgeTirebiterfunny os.06:47
fastrackNFS server is working too06:47
Deluxwhen creating two partitions, I make the first start a 1MB and end at 2000000MB (2TB) and I start the second at 2000001 how do I know exactly where to end it?06:47
GeorgeTirebiterthanx  doc06:47
dr_williswhats funny that fact that its flexiable?06:47
fastrackcan't wait to make my cluster06:47
GeorgeTirebiternot used to flexibility06:48
dr_willisif you just hit enter.. i think it will default to the eend of the hd.06:48
Deluxnope, tried06:48
Deluxit askes me again06:48
timfrostfastrack: if /mirror is on NFS, then the NFS server may be configured so that root at a client is NOT root on the server, and chown needs enough privilege at the server (root or owner).06:48
dr_willisthis is in parted? or cfdisk?06:49
fastracktimfrost: I just changed(on the server) /mirror to 777 and ubc and now the nodes can all edit stuff in it and such so its fine :)06:49
CCBen64: http://pastebin.com/b2LSZKQi06:49
Ben64CC: uh, you didn't type that correctly06:50
=== ident is now known as Guest45218
CCBen64: Right sorry06:50
Ben64exactly like this, without quotes "grep . /etc/apt/sources.list* /etc/apt/sources.list*/*"06:51
GeorgeTirebiterI'm using the swap patition as a swap partition, but there are a bunch of choices as to what to use the main partition as. Does it matter?06:51
Ben64GeorgeTirebiter: the filesystem of the main one? ext406:51
CCBen64: http://pastebin.com/KJhwk6J806:52
GeorgeTirebitersince there are so many choices is there a place I can read about 'em all?06:52
flintserfastrack: 777 is never good as far as i can think of :)06:52
Ben64CC: yeah you've definately got a problem with your sources, you should wipe em all and re-do them06:53
ubottuThe Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/06:53
fastrackthese aren't accesible over the internet and my wifi has a password.06:53
flintsermaybe to add nfs group and do maybe 775 or 755?06:53
fastracknobody has access to these servers but me and they are in my home.. I have a router and disabled incoming connections06:53
dr_williswhen in doubt use the defaults...06:53
Ben64CC: can you install synaptic?06:54
flintserfastrack: if you're sure its fine, but you never know ;) foilhat is best hat06:54
CCBen64: Sure can06:54
xanndmpxalguem brasil06:56
Ben64!br | xanndmpx06:57
ubottuxanndmpx: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.06:57
CCBen64: Nevermind I cannot06:59
CCBen64: Failed to download repository information07:00
Ben64CC: ok...07:01
flintsercc: you have 12.10 or 12.04?07:02
Ben64CC: delete /etc/apt/sources.list and everything in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/07:02
CCflintser: 12.1007:03
flintsercc: ok then, i have 12.04, i could have copied them to my webserver and do a short rm && wget command for you07:03
flintseri mean my sources list07:03
Ben64CC: this shall be your new /etc/apt/sources.list http://pastebin.com/W8GJ74wp07:04
Ben64CC: and this shall be /etc/apt/sources.list.d/steam.list http://pastebin.com/L2Hj7GNH07:04
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
flintserwhat is the difference in sources.list and sources.lis.d/*07:05
Ben64CC: then run... "sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys F24AEA9FB05498B7; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade"07:05
Ben64flintser: sources.list.d/ is where added repositories go, like PPAs and whatnot07:06
flintseris it a Bad Thing(tm) to add everything to sources.list :/07:06
dr_willisits an old bad habbit07:07
dr_willisand why  we have a sources.list.d07:07
flintserdr_willis: maybe i'll have to do some re-organizing then and do all "extra" repositories in sources.list.d/*07:08
kilopopowhen i suspend my computer it wont comeback up again07:08
dr_willis extra repositories..  ;-)07:08
CCBen64: done07:09
kilopopohow do i make it so that it comes back up again07:09
dr_willisbest is to not use extra repositories..  ;-)07:09
GeorgeTirebiterWhile it's installing, I wanted to let someone know that I think there's a problem with your FTP server. I wanted to install ver 12.10 but the .iso came thru messed up twice, so I used the ver 12.04.2 instead. I assume I'll be able to upgrade once it's all installed and happy?07:09
dr_willisGeorgeTirebiter:  use the torrents07:09
dr_willisand check the md5sum07:10
GeorgeTirebiterwell who knew. I used the internets07:10
Ben64CC: no errors?07:10
dr_willisand theres not just 1 ftp server07:10
GeorgeTirebiterwhere do I get the .torrent file? do a search?07:10
ubottuSome torrent clients: Transmission (GTK and terminal-based), Deluge-Torrent, Freeloader, BitStormLite, BitTornado-GUI (GTK), KTorrent (KDE), QTorrent (Qt), Azureus/Vuse (Java), !Frostwire (Java), TorrentFlux (web-based), bittornado, rTorrent, cTorrent, bittorrent, aria2 (terminal-based) - FAQ: http://www.bittorrent.com/help/faq - See also !P2P07:10
flintserdr_willis: i use things like vsftpd with better/easier chroot support and they aren't available from ubuntu repos07:10
ubottuUbuntu installation CDs can be downloaded from http://releases.ubuntu.com - Mirrors can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors - PLEASE use the !torrents to download !Quantal, and help keeping the servers' load low!07:11
kilopopowhen i suspend my computer it wont comeback up again how do i make it wake up again????07:11
CCBen64: http://pastebin.com/xzs4eDPE07:11
=== po_ is now known as po
Deluxhow do I change a partition from ext4 to whatever I need to cange it to to ready for RAID?07:11
Deluxmdadm: /dev/sda2 appears to contain an ext2fs file system07:11
GeorgeTirebiterIDK what any of that means. I use uTorrent. (on winders)07:11
dr_willisGeorgeTirebiter:  find the. .torrent  and download....07:12
dr_williswhich should be at tge reseases... url above07:13
Ben64CC: hmm, they must have changed it on 12.1007:13
GeorgeTirebiterRight. I was asking where to find the .torrent, like if there was a particular search *place*. I usually just Google it. Zat ok? Will I find it?07:13
Ben64CC: delete that steam.list file you made and do "sudo apt-get update" again, then try installing the steam.deb file07:13
dr_willisthe url to the torrents is above...07:13
GeorgeTirebiterand whats it called?07:13
=== Motoservo_ is now known as Motoservo
GeorgeTirebitercan I assume ubuntu-12.10-desktop-i386.iso.torrent is for a 32 bit machine?07:15
Deluxyes GeorgeTirebiter07:15
Deluxhow do I change a partition from ext4 to whatever I need to cange it to to ready for RAID?07:15
Deluxmdadm: /dev/sda2 appears to contain an ext2fs file system07:15
GeorgeTirebiterand so will I have to use this new disc to upgrade?07:16
dr_willisor do a clean install07:16
dr_willisi rarely upgrade07:17
CCBen64: Same libc6 errors07:17
GeorgeTirebiterit'll be easier the second time07:17
dr_willisi dont know what you have installed either07:17
dr_willismany people stay with 12.0407:18
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
GeorgeTirebiterok well I will for awhile and if I upgrade I'll hate it like I hated windows 7 until I love it07:19
Deluxhow do I change a partition from ext4 to whatever I need to cange it to to ready for RAID?07:21
Deluxmdadm: /dev/sda2 appears to contain an ext2fs file system07:21
ubottuTips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto07:22
CCBen64: ?07:23
dr_willisGeorgeTirebiter:  13.04 due out in like 2 months07:23
=== pol_ is now known as SpinningPyramid
neo1691Hi. I have setup apache on ubuntu and am working on localhost. How can i access the same web pages stored on /var/www on a windows machine which is connected to ubuntu using a lan wire?07:24
GeorgeTirebiterSo like Windows 8?07:25
hilarieHerro, could anyone point me in the right direction of running a 2nd instance on sftpd on a seperate port?07:25
flintserneo1691: write your ip address to the windows machine07:25
hilariedecci hello07:25
Deluxis it possible to run a full version of Ubuntu Server from a USB thumb drive?07:25
hilarieDelux YES!~!07:26
aeon-ltdDelux: yeah, why not07:26
Deluxis there a good tutorial to do this?07:26
hilarieDelux It works quite weill, but swapoff is your friend07:26
hilarieDelux it's just like installing it on a HDD, but you install it on a thumb drive, nothing special07:26
ubottuYou can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.07:26
kunjiDelux: You just install it to the USB as you would to an HD07:27
Deluxit shows as a HDD during install?07:27
hilarieIt always shows up as a HDD07:27
hilarieBut really, the sftpd conf file does not have a port option07:28
kunjihilarie: Actually I think it did not back in the day, but it has for a few years now at least07:28
kunjihilarie: I might be thinking of something else though07:28
flintserhilarie: Delux: note that you need two usb drives or live-cd and usb, you can't install to the same usb you are trying to install from07:28
kilopopowhen i suspend my computer it wont comeback up again how do i make it wake up again????07:28
hilariekunji are you talking about ftp, or the usb question?07:28
hilarieAt least they all show up as /dev/sdb or w/e07:29
aeon-ltdkilopopo: press power button once?07:29
kunjihilarie: For sure, I just meant in the installer, they always appeared as HDDs to the OS07:30
=== cameronc is now known as CC
CCBen64: Crashed again07:32
CCBen64: Made any breakthroughs?07:33
=== tomreyn_ is now known as tomreyn
=== ident is now known as Guest51735
Fenixi've been setting up ubuntu 12.10 as a vm guest running on win 7. it's been working pretty well, but i'm having some mouse issues. in any 3d game (quake 3, counter strike, steel storm) the mouse sensitivity is super high and any slight mouse movement makes the character look up and spin in circles. none of the in-game mouse sensitivity settings made any difference, also my mouse accelleration and sensitivity are at their lowest values in the07:35
Fenixsettings menu in ubuntu. any suggestions on how to remedy this mouse issue?07:35
tomreynFenix: that's a #virtualbox question really, i'd say.07:37
Fenixhrm... well aside from those games, the mouse is working just fine07:38
=== Guest3376 is now known as Senjai
arunkumar413how to record sound in gnome shell screen recording option using ctrl+Alt+Shirft+R07:39
tomreynFenix: yes so it's an issue with the 3D acceleration passthrough07:39
=== grep is now known as Guest44940
vedicI have added postgresql Apt as mentioned here: http://wiki.postgresql.org/wiki/Apt . I can see the latest postgresql versions for Ubuntu 10.04 (eg: default is 8.4 but after adding apt, I get 9.x version). But not sure why I don't see pgbouncer 1.5.4 version available ?07:50
GeorgeTirebiterThunderbird?? LOL07:50
DeluxI have the USB CD-ROM with Server 12.04 disk and a USB Flash Drive on a Ubuntu Server machine. How do I make the USB bootable so I can install from the USD drive?07:51
GeorgeTirebiterI just installed Umbutu and discovered it uses thunderbird.07:51
=== linuxthefish` is now known as linuxthefish
InspiralDelux: on windows ?07:53
elemay2hi guys, i have 2 intel pro 1000 nics (e1000 driver) in my ubuntu 12.04 x64 server, both are configured as a bond0, but one only gets 100mbps link. i tried to change the specific nick also switched ports on the switch, still the same. any hints in the right direction?07:54
=== someone is now known as Guest6255
Guest6255Hello, is this the channel for help with Ubuntu or just general chat?07:57
kilopoponight guys im out07:57
=== kilopopo is now known as linuxuz3r
Guest6255I'm having a problem with the resolution of my screen.07:58
Guest6255It has been set at 1024x768 since I installed Ubuntu.07:58
vzionwhat chip07:58
Guest6255Now it is stuck at 640x480.07:59
Guest6255What do you mean?07:59
Guest6255Of the graphics?07:59
Guest6255or computer07:59
Guest6255ok I believe they are Intel extreme 845 integrated graphics08:00
Guest6255It was set at a higher res before and was working fine. I don't know what happend.08:01
waglewhat was installed before that worked?08:02
Guest6255You mean version of Ubuntu.08:03
arunkumar413does screen recording  process is handled by gpu or cpu?08:03
wagleyou just upgraded ubuntu then?08:03
waglecrt screen?08:03
Guest6255no lcd08:03
Guest6255I have Ubuntu 11.0408:04
* wagle scratches head and thinks08:04
Guest6255and I meant I have an lcd08:04
vzionthat chip has known compatibility issues. its flawed & buggy08:05
waglei'm impressed that its confused about an lcd screen08:05
Guest6255Oh, really. So I'm stuck with the problem or is there a fix?08:05
Guest6255I've been search about it for awhile.08:05
* wagle bows out, he doesnt know08:06
cjfsGuest6255, checked this already? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=171384408:07
vziontry changing to xfce or lxde instead of using Unity08:07
elemay2Guest6255: maybe you could try an ppa with updated drivers. like this one https://launchpad.net/~glasen/+archive/intel-driver08:07
=== TheRainbowDawn is now known as Dawn_
wagleif you are rich, you could get another video card..  i did that once for a while08:08
Guest6255I'm not using Unity, because I had problems with it. And I'll check that cjfs08:08
=== linuxthefish is now known as linuxthefish`
=== Dawn_ is now known as TheRainbowDawn
Guest6255and I'll check your link elemay208:08
waglebut it sounds like you can get it fixed08:08
=== TheRainbowDawn is now known as Dawn_
TheGreyo/ could the cause of my wifi slowness be because my wifi is registered as wlan2 as opposed to wlan0? If so, how can I make it wlan0?08:09
KartagisTheGrey: I suspect /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules08:09
waglewifi slowness might be an overloaded channel (like all your neighbors are using the same channel)08:10
elemay2TheGrey: the naming shouldn't affect the speed08:10
vzionis there a way to check the RSSI value on ubuntu?08:11
TheGreyright because from my iwconfig, I get a mega ton of excessive retries and invalid misc. FYI I use ath9k. i've changed hwcyrpt, I'd installed linux compat-drivers. I've tried manually bumping the rate to 54M. All that seems left is to instal wicd and "disable n channel"...08:11
vzioni've been having issues with the ath9k recently08:12
waglei'm seen wifi watcher guis that display the usage of each of the channels..  dunno how to find one though08:15
brightknightwagle: the developers basically closed opensource down08:16
vedicHow to perform apt-get upgrade without updating linux kernel and headers only08:16
vedicI want to update all other but linux kernel and its headers08:16
brightknightgood code is hard to come by08:16
vzioni only know how to do that using the updated gui08:17
waglehttp://www.airgrab.com/AirGrab_WiFi_Radar/ seems to be free08:17
brightknightlike dd-wrt they code it in such a way that it is "open source" but the source is cyphered08:18
TheGreywagle: nice, and whats up with the disabling n channel stuff I hear on the forums? do you know what is mean by this and why it may have any effect? many thanks! :D08:18
brightknightor it will come broke until it logs into freenode and downloads the closed source "updates" and backdoors08:18
=== tjbiddle_ is now known as tjbiddle
vzionthats for apple08:18
arunkumar413how to set to zoom only the area near the mouse pointer in the universal access zoom tool08:19
wagleTheGrey: over my head: i just know that wifi has several channels to use, but seldom gives the user a choice, nor makes a sensible choice on its own08:19
cnfanyone around that knows their way around preseed? I want to have it ask confirmation of prefilled values08:20
vzionchannel = frquency. like old cordless phones used 900MHz, newer ones operated in 2.4 GHz & 5.2 GHz08:20
vzionyou can walk up and down the frequency range to find one not being used as much so your packets dont collide mid-air08:21
wagleif you can find the knob08:22
OnkeltemHI all. I have problem with console font on a Ubuntu 12.04 set: I see "???" instead of Russian file names. Any ideas?08:22
vzionits on the wroter, not the device08:22
keplerwagle: you should be able to pick a channel on your router08:22
* wagle goes at looks08:23
vzionyou configure that stuff in the wroter's admin page (typically
dmonjojo> hi i have 2 monitors extended mode, i have a panel on the second screen with a shortcute for chrome, when i click it the chrome window opened on the main terminal (the first screen) i want it to open directly on the second screen from where it was called how can i do that?08:23
* wagle goes and looks08:23
vzioni must be tired..08:23
waglei use gigabit cable at home, soooo08:23
vzionif its not your router, dont touch its admin page08:24
wagleok, my router is set to "automatic", so i guess it finds a good channel every so often08:25
vzionor not08:26
pawsso i edited my userdir.conf to be as /home/*/www and my error.log is showing me: (13)Permission denied: access to /~nghh/index.html denied08:26
makertronicOk I'm the with the intel graphics problems. I just rebooted my computer, because it froze, and the res is back to normal. So, I'm confused.08:26
wagleits my router, but i leave it alone08:26
waglemakertronic: dont worry, be happy...  (uhhh)08:27
keplerwagle: it won't hurt to change it to a particular frequency -- provided it isn't saturated by others. you may disconnect for a moment though08:27
vzionyou shouldnt allow access to the admin page through wifi08:27
syntroPipaws, idk maybe a "chmod o+r ~/www"  could help?08:27
superdohi, why I cant set ip4 settings to manual in 12.10? the save button grayed out08:27
waglei last hacked on wireless in 1998 or so08:28
pawssyntroPi: but i do not want any other users on the server accessing my home dir or www dir08:28
keplerwagle: were you using WEP or open? that'd be why08:28
illuminati_hi, I tried installing ubuntu 12.10 but installation hangs and displays "(initramfs) unable to find a medium containing live file system" . any help?08:28
illuminati_I am using macbook 5,2.. early 2009 model08:28
vziondid you create a persistence file? sounds like the persistence is messed up08:29
syntroPipaws, maybe you can add the group of the server program to the perms?08:29
vzionilluminati_, if this is a USB, try making it again but make sure the persistence is set to 0 bytes08:30
vedicHow to disable single user mode login? (i.e. when OS boots, by modifying the kernel parameters, one can enter as single user)08:30
illuminati_persistence? vzion i am a newbie. yes i am installing through USB… checked md5.. its matching..08:31
vzionthe program you used to make the USB asked how much space to reserve for saving files (try changing the value to 0)08:31
illuminati_i used unetbootin...08:32
jnhghyHi, I have some dbf files that I need to edit, anybody knows any software that I can try?08:32
jnhghyI checked GTK but I can't make it modify the dbf it only shows it...08:33
=== ident is now known as Guest60788
illuminati_vzion: yes.. it was set to zero by default…08:33
vzioni had a problem installing today. changed thumbdrives and it worked08:33
vzionmaybe set it to 2048 MB08:34
iceroothow to tell the kernel to reread my partitions? i did sudo dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdb bs=512 count=1  (dont run that command!!). what ways are there without restart so that the kernel will read the new partition layout on sdb08:34
illuminati_okay … will try08:34
=== sweettea is now known as Guest30093
wagleiceroot: eject?08:35
icerootpartprobe  is the way to go i figured out08:35
illuminati_one more question vzion , the image i downloaded was 64 bit… also my computer is 64 based.. but in the name of the image there was AMD64… it that image only for AMD chips?08:35
icerootilluminati_: no08:36
illuminati_for all macs? mine is intel based.08:36
icerootilluminati_: its also for intel, the amd64 technic itself is called amd64 and is not releated to amd cpus08:36
vzionamd beat intel to the standard so they got to name it08:36
icerootilluminati_: for intel macs there is a special iso (imo)08:36
iceroot!mac | illuminati_08:36
ubottuilluminati_: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages08:36
illuminati_iceroot: can u give me address for iso for intel based macs?08:37
ubottuUbuntu installation CDs can be downloaded from http://releases.ubuntu.com - Mirrors can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors - PLEASE use the !torrents to download !Quantal, and help keeping the servers' load low!08:37
_DeLa_hi there08:37
James_WBhello i have a question08:37
ubottuQuantal can be torrented from http://torrent.ubuntu.com/simple/quantal/desktop/ubuntu-12.10-desktop-i386.iso.torrent or http://torrent.ubuntu.com/simple/quantal/server/ubuntu-12.10-server-amd64.iso.torrent depending on your needs. Other flavors can be found at http://torrent.ubuntu.com:696908:38
illuminati_thanks vzion iceroot ubottu08:38
vedicHow to disable single user mode login? (i.e. when OS boots, by modifying the kernel parameters, one can enter as single user)08:38
icerootilluminati_: seems like there is no mac image anymore, i thought there was a amd64 iso with mac in it name but luckily i dont own an apple jail so i never tried it08:38
_DeLa_I wonder which console commad / tool can show me the ip addresses of all my LAN devices? simply typing "ifconfig" in the terminal doesn't do it08:39
Fuzzleswill steam work out the box with my ati radeion hd 3 series?08:39
wagleJames_WB: there are 1700 people here..  ask your question.  if one of them is looking and knows the answer, then ...08:39
illuminati_Gonna buy a pc if couldn't succeed initialling linux..08:39
iceroot_DeLa_: ifconfig will show you all configured network devices08:39
iceroot_DeLa_: if it does not show all, then the others are not configured correctly08:40
vzionFuzzles,  not sure how well it will work. AMD considers hd 2xxx, 3xxx and 4xxx series legacy and doesnt supply working drivers any more08:40
wagleifconfig -a08:40
tomreyn_DeLa_: ip addr show08:40
theaip addr show08:40
Fuzzlesvzion, so im screwed :(08:40
* wagle is stuck in the 1990s08:40
tomreynwagle :)08:41
vzionFuzzles,  not nessesarily. the xorg drivers work pretty well but not for everything. some games run for me others tell me i dont have working OpenGL08:41
ValtamFuzzles, you meet the min. requirements08:41
Fuzzlesvzion, xorg? are they the drivers in addition drivers?08:41
vzionno they are the default drivers ur running wight now08:42
cousteausomething weird has happened with the update manager.  It has frozen when it had apparently finished.  I just joined here to ask for help, but then it suddenly continued and finished.08:42
James_WBMy question is about installing a USB adsl modem I have (H9601), I would like to know how to setup the connection with ubuntu 11.04 . It is possible that my modem is not compatible with ubuntu but I would like to know. And I have checked the product website and the drivers they offer are for outdated linux distrubutions. On google there is one solution but it for ubuntu 9.0 and does not work for newer versions of ubuntu. Any help 08:42
_DeLa_thea: nope...08:42
FuzzlesValtam, so i should install the 1 driver listed in additional  drivers and download TF2 and try i know in beta it didnt work08:42
vzionwhat version ubuntu you running?08:43
Fuzzleswho me?08:43
vzionthat driver wont work, youll have to downgrade if you want to use it08:43
Fuzzlesvzion, what you mean downgrade?08:44
vzion11.04 or 11.1008:44
ValtamFuzzles, http://i.imgur.com/7Bnsd.png08:44
HackerZedi /exit08:44
_DeLa_my problem is the following: I have a dlink ip cam attached via ethernet to my lan switch / dlink dsl modem.... in the web interface, the modem recognizes the cam and shows the ip address, but I cannot access the config web interface of my ip cam through this ip address .... any suggestions?08:45
Fuzzlesso theres no way of getting the driver in 12.0408:45
=== magentar_ is now known as magentar
tomreyncousteau: download ubuntu 12.10 and make a bootable dvd/usb key out of it, boot it, and see hwther your modem works out of the box there08:45
vziontry runing the xorg driver, it may work just fine, otherwise no, AMD wants you to pay for new hardware08:46
tomreyncousteau: also update your ubuntu version since yours is end of life08:46
Fuzzlesvzion, how do i get xorg driver08:46
cousteautomreyn, I don't want to do that nor I'm interested on it.  Are you sure the nick you wanted to highlight was mine?08:46
vzionyou are runing it right *now*08:46
tomreyn!11.04 | cousteau08:46
ubottucousteau: Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) was the fourteenth release of Ubuntu. Desktop support ended on October 28, 2012. See !upgrade, !lts and !eol for more details.08:46
wagleValtam: where's you get that, its scary08:47
cousteautomreyn, the user you're looking for is James_WB08:47
Fuzzleswhat the driver in additional drivers08:47
cousteau(I think)08:47
tomreyncousteau: i'm sorry, i mixed you up indeed08:47
cousteauheh, don't worry  :)08:47
tomreynJames_WB: download ubuntu 12.10 and make a bootable dvd/usb key out of it, boot it, and see hwther your modem works out of the box there08:47
vzionFuzzles,  you are already useing the xorg driver. you dont need to install it08:47
tomreynJames_WB: also update your ubuntu version since yours is end of life08:47
tomreyn!11.04 | James_WB08:48
ubottuJames_WB: Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) was the fourteenth release of Ubuntu. Desktop support ended on October 28, 2012. See !upgrade, !lts and !eol for more details.08:48
Fuzzlesvzion, so he one that runs without installing a driver when u first install08:48
wagleis there a kit/whatever for us old fogeys who are happy with 10.04?08:49
wagleto modernize08:49
James_WBok I will try with the latest version of ubuntu , although I have suspicion that my modem will not work :(08:49
wagleJames_WB: boot from cdrom (live cd?) and see if you can make it work08:51
James_WBProduct site (http://www.prolink2u.com/new/support/download.php?q=h9601) , although it has linux driver section, it makes no mention of the newer versions of linux, also mentions something about compiling :(08:51
ikoniawagle: what do you mean by modernise ?08:51
tomreyn_DeLa_: is your computer, the one you are rying to access the ip cam from, in the same network (in terms of ip addresses, do the first three octets match?) as the ip cam?08:52
wagleikonia: they are going to kick me off 10.04 in another 1.5 months..  i cant stand 12.04 or 12.1008:52
waglebut they are "modern"08:52
ikoniawagle: who is going to kick you off ?08:53
=== FreedomTea is now known as FTS
wagleikonia: support ends in april for 10.0408:53
ikoniawagle: no-one is stopping you using it after suppport08:53
tomreyn_DeLa_: also make sure your d-link router (the device you refer to as "lan switch / dlink dsl modem") is configured to allow devices within the network to communicate with each other.08:53
waglemeh, dont wanna get hacked, etc08:54
ikoniawagle: why do you think you're going to get hacked ?08:54
waglebesides, sounds like the time has come to learn how to customize 13, or someething08:55
mmackHey all! I have a question about open files... i have bigcouch running and hit the open files limit, so i went to limits.conf and raised it for root and * to a better value. My problem is that the applications hits the old limit (1024). Its ubuntu server 12.04... what have i missed?08:55
wagleikonia: because I have been hacked in the past08:55
ikoniawagle: what ? customize 13 ?08:55
ikoniawagle: so, that's probably your fault rather than software08:55
wagleikonia: ah, found your troll line did ya?08:56
_DeLa_tomreyn: I think only the 2 first octets match...192.168. - then the differ...is that the problem? concerning my "router": sorry, I really meant to say that I have a dsl modem which is attached to an ethernet switch where the rest of my network is connected to08:56
ikoniaerrr no08:56
amriti have approblem..08:56
wagle /nick houston08:57
amritmy applications are crashing once in a while08:57
amritand when im trying to send error report it says mine is not a genuine ubuntu pack08:58
amriti do not understand plz hep08:58
_DeLa_tomreyn: need to reboot...brb08:58
rypervenchemmack: What does ulimit -a show?08:59
amrithey fellows plz help me out08:59
mmackrypervenche: It shows the correct value (50k)09:00
jpdsamrit: There is no such thing as a "genuine ubuntu pack".09:00
wagleamrit: how did you install ubuntu (I was waiting to see if someone knew the answer)?09:00
rypervenchemmack: For both soft and hard limits?09:00
geryon66rypervenche: type: help ulimit09:00
tomreyn!enter | amrit09:00
ubottuamrit: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!09:00
mmackrypervenche: i think i got the golden hint: Y"ou also need to edit /etc/pam.d/common-session* and add the following line to the end:"09:01
rypervenchegeryon66: Why'd you send that to me?09:01
amritthanks for answering.. i upgraded my system from 10.10 to 12.0409:01
wagleamrit: i have no idea what a "genuine ubuntu pack" is..  i can guess that it has something to do with where you got the 12.04 install image?09:04
jpdsamrit: You're going to have to give us a screenshot of the error message.09:04
waglejpds: good idea09:05
tomreyn_DeLa_: so it could be that the different networks you are in is why you cannot access the ip cam, if the ip cam is configured to not allow remote access09:05
amritis there any way to access my previous error logs?09:05
wagletail -50 /var/log/messages09:06
_DeLa_args ...brb ...09:06
tomreyn_DeLa_: another approach could be to reset the IP cam to vendor defaults. most devices have a way to do this in case you misconfigure them and can't get network access to them anymore.09:07
mmackrypervenche: hmm, nope that did not help.. still hitting the limit09:08
rypervenchemmack: Have you logged out/rebooted?09:08
mmackif i login with the user that's running the service i get the correct ulimit09:09
donnieDoes anyone know OpenOffice like a pro? I'm having troubles09:12
pawsdonnie you should be more specific than that09:13
icerootwhen using mdadm to create a RAID 10, is there a way to say mdadm that sda is already holding the final data and the array should be created with sda as the sync-base? or will it be random what mdadm is picking?09:13
amriti remeber it says try removing 3rd party softwares? what are 3rd party softwares? how to remove them and can i remove them at a go?09:14
icerootamrit: ppas09:14
syntroPimmack, have you read http://askubuntu.com/questions/162229/how-do-i-increase-the-open-files-limit-for-a-non-root-user09:14
donniepaws: You know how you can make 'sections' to hyperlink too... Well mine messed up, and I wanna start over. How do I remove all "sections" without redoing the document?09:14
mmacksyntroPi: yep...09:14
cocomohi, whats the real name of 'monospace' font which is used in the terminal. Where is it located on disk?09:14
wagleoh wow, the battle continues09:14
Baptist666How can i install cinammon?09:15
mmacksyntroPi: my guess now that the value is too high09:15
* D3AX0N on a mission09:15
wagleamrit: video drivers (like nvidia), which are closed source, so no-one can debug them09:15
amriti am new to ubuntu and its community, i did not understand ppas?09:15
cocomohi, where is the 'monospace' font located on ubuntu 12.04. Its the font used by terminal.09:16
Baptist666how can i check my ubuntu version?09:16
icerootBaptist666: cat /etc/issue09:16
wagleamrit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Personal_Package_Archive09:17
dr_willis!ppa | amrit09:17
ubottuamrit: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge09:17
dr_willishmm.. bot is sleeping again. ;)09:17
wagledr_willis: thanks for the tip09:18
dr_willisthers no charge for awsome. ;P09:18
Kartagiswhat can I do if sound stutters in a video in firefox?09:18
amritcan i remove all these 3rd part softwares in one go?09:19
wagleamrit: try deleting your PPA's and see if it still crashes..  if so, you can now report it..  but until its fixed, you might have to tolerate being with (or without) your ppas09:20
ubottuTo disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html09:20
Baptist666I installed cinnamon. how can i make it default gui?09:20
wagleamrit: ^^^09:20
keplerBaptist666: when you log in, select it, then the next time you log in, make sure it says "use previous"09:21
dr_willisBaptist666:  select it at the lightdm login screen and it should rember for your user09:21
amrit@wagle : thanks , can u help me out how to remove ppa's09:21
ubottuTo disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html09:21
wagleamrit: read the above09:21
amritthanks wagle09:22
waglethanks dr_willis09:22
hilariecould someone point me in the right direction of either starting 2nd SSHD or Vsftp server on a different port my google fu is failing me09:22
spinningis vim that difficult to use?09:22
llutzhilarie: why 2nd sshd? just define multiple "Port" in sshd_config09:22
hilariewhen you compare it to nano it is09:22
hilariellutz orly!09:23
dr_willisspinning:  i dont think so. You juat have to rember its  all about the 'mode' its in09:23
dr_willismost text editors are non-modal normally09:23
keplerspinning: if you want to learn it, it keeps your fingers on the keyboard, instead of using arrow keys/mouse09:23
dr_willis!info vimtutor09:23
ubottuPackage vimtutor does not exist in quantal09:23
amritwhat wiil be there in place or repository name and subdirectore09:23
llutzhilarie: man sshd_config "Port    Specifies the port number that sshd(8) listens on.  The default is 22.  Multiple options of this type are permitted."09:23
dr_willis!find vimtutor09:23
ubottuFile vimtutor found in manpages-zh, vim-gui-common, vim-runtime09:23
* wagle hugs his mouse, protectively09:23
=== charles is now known as Guest20783
spinningand what about the learning curve, when using it practically daily for C/C++09:24
Ben64eh, mouse is good for gaming and web browsing only09:24
kepleri use my keyboard for everything i can09:24
hilariellutz so would I do port 22 <linebreak> port 42 or port 22 42?09:24
llutzhilarie: Port 22 \n Port 4209:25
hilarie\n is ninjaspeak for hitting enter right?09:25
hilarieThank you :) Wish me luck bypassing my ISPs QoS!09:26
Guest20783see you09:26
waglenow we have to killall you09:26
llutzhilarie: \n = linefeed09:26
_DeLa_tomreyn: I just checked both have 192.168.1. . ... so same network...hm09:26
kortsiubuntu 12.10 64-bit, nvidia quadro 4000, glxgears gives me 8-10 fps after machine has been up for a day or two. after reboot it gives me thousands of fps. it seems to slow down as a function of time - what should i check?09:26
lcabreza1how do i disable wlan and enable only bluetooth ?09:26
vzionright click on the wifi bars (network arrows)09:27
_DeLa_lcabreza1: "rfkill" in the terminal09:27
kepler_DeLa_: what's the problem?09:27
tomreyn_DeLa_: in case you missed this: another approach could be to reset the IP cam to vendor defaults. most devices have a way to do this in case you misconfigure them and can't get network access to them anymore.09:28
kubanchellow! is there any GUI for vsftp?09:29
_DeLa_tomreyn: sorry, probably missed it09:29
llutzkubanc: ftp-gui like filezilla? or admin-gui, then no09:29
Ben64kubanc: uh.. vsftpd is a server... so.. no?09:29
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_DeLa_kepler: see above dialog....09:30
_DeLa_tomreyn: will try resetting...09:30
waglekubanc: webmin?09:30
ubottuwebmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.09:30
kubancBen64, i need amin-gui, because i would like to pt user user1 only accessible to folder /var/www/mb09:30
Ben64kubanc: could you repeat that in english09:30
lcabreza1_DeLa_: what s the complete command rfkill wifi ?09:31
=== grep is now known as Guest98042
kubancBen64, :D. I would lie to create FTP account that can only have permission for specific folder09:33
Ben64kubanc: that's not related to having a gui at all. try this - http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/vsftp-chroot-users-limit-to-only-their-home-directory.html09:34
waglekubanc: use a text editor to edit the config file appropriately?  (i dont know vsftpd well)09:34
kepler_DeLa_: in general, routers provide addresses in a /24 block, so if you have an IP in 192.168.1.x and 192.168.2.x, they will not be able to communicate (in general).09:36
_DeLa_lcabreza1: first "rfkill list"09:37
waglekepler: they might decide to bounce off the stupid router that dhcp'd that09:37
waglesince it would be the default route09:38
_DeLa_then check the number of the item you want to dis-/enable and type "rfkill block number" or "rfkill unblock number" ...as root / sudo09:38
keplerit shouldn't be handing stuff out in a different subnet though09:38
keplerunless it was told to, which i think most routers would decline09:38
_DeLa_kepler: thanks...but they seem to have both 192.168.1.x09:39
=== jan_ is now known as Guest43811
kepler_DeLa_: is the camera statically assigned, or through DHCP?09:39
keplerand are you able to ping it?09:39
lcabreza1_DeLa_: Thanks09:40
waglekepler: rogue dhcp server..  8/09:40
kepleron a home network?!09:41
waglekepler: virtualbox runs one for its guests, etc etc09:41
wagleyou cant setup odd networks with kvm/qemu, etc09:42
keplerbut you'd have to do some pretty shifty stuff to it to get it to go out to the rest of your network09:42
waglei think i saw it..  once09:42
=== spinning is now known as MojoRisin
vzionmost routers support static routing09:43
flintserhelp, my keyboard layout changed to us by accident. i want my fi layout back. i am on ssh connection through putty and it changed during a game of sol (xforwading was used)09:43
keplerbut if they are both getting 192.168.1.x addrs, it shouldn't be needed09:43
flintseri dont know what to do09:43
ChesterXhello everybody, for some reason my display settings witched from 16:9 to 4:3. where can i change those settings?09:44
keplerid guess that the camera is statically assigned and has the wrong subnet mask or gateway09:44
foo357Hello, what modes and stuff can a directory have other than the ugo rwx permissions? What would 2xxx signify?09:44
wagleflintser: find the keyboard configure option09:45
_DeLa_kepler: it's dhcp ...brb09:45
kepler_DeLa_: can you ping it? and what addr is it getting?09:46
tortikis any easy tool to make a multiboot cd from several images?09:46
flintserwagle: i dont know what you mean, that is what im trying to do. to change the kb layout back. is there a shortcut or what09:46
wagleflintser: my 12.10 system isnt up, but its under system->preferences->keyboard on my (*ahem*) 10.04 system09:46
=== ident is now known as Guest62524
LaykeWhenever I try and install anything now through apt-get, I get this, and I don't know how to resolve it.09:47
wagleflintser: in the gui09:47
LaykeI've tried t oapt-get -f install, but that doesn't help09:47
flintserwagle: as i stated i am on ssh connection, the ubuntu is running miles away from me. what is the program i can run from terminal to open preferences09:47
pegpeI was just about to verify a newly installed 12.04 server and noticed that /etc/ssh/sshd_confing is not registered to a packet and will therefor not be noticed by debsums, can anyone shine a light o this?09:47
flintseri can use xforwarding so its not a problem09:47
Laykehttp://pastie.org/6172885 errors from install -f09:48
keplerLayke: did you apt-get autoremove  ?09:49
wagle!set keyboard command line ubuntu | flintser09:49
ubottuwagle: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:49
wagleflintser: google for set keyboard command line ubuntu09:49
melkorWhat is the difference between using Nautilus to connect to a remote ssh file and using sshfs?09:49
dr_willissshfs lets you define where you want it to go..09:50
dr_willisnautilus puts it in .gvfs09:50
dr_willisyou can use sshfs on a  non x setup also.09:50
dr_willisand automate the mounting at boot via fstab if you wanted to09:50
melkorGreat, sounds much better.09:51
dr_willisthe FUSE tools are very very handy09:51
dr_willis!info djmount09:51
ubottudjmount (source: djmount): file system client for mounting network media servers. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.71-5build1 (quantal), package size 64 kB, installed size 155 kB09:51
Laykekepler, Yeah. I'll paste the out sec.09:51
dr_willisdhmount shows your upnp/dlna servers as a local directory. :) you can play files from09:51
flintseri tried setxkbmap -layout fi but it didnt work09:52
waglethats the x11 keyboard, i imagine09:52
Laykekepler, http://pastie.org/617290409:53
wagleflintser: try http://askubuntu.com/questions/155424/changing-keyboard-layout-in-ubuntu-12-04-server-command-line-interface09:53
fidelhi - i am using docky on 12.04. docky tends to crash about at least twice a day. Is that a known issue to someone inhere? any debugging tips or similar?09:53
Laykekepler, It's obviously something I have done when installing libgearman7 (which I need to run gearman-job-server)09:53
keplerLayke: try sudo apt-get remove libgearman-dev09:54
keplerthen do your updates/whatever, and reinstall it09:54
fidelthats docky 2.1.4-109:54
flintsertry http://askubuntu.com/questions/155424/changing-keyboard-layout-in-ubuntu-12-04-server-command-line-interface09:54
keplernot sure where the dependency is broken09:54
LaykeThanks. Looks good kepler. Incidentally, how would I remove the "Duplicate sources.list entry" errors. Do I just remove them from my /etc/apt/sources.list09:55
kepleryou can do it through the software center too, a few menus deep, i just do sources.list though09:56
tomreynor /etc/apt/sources.list.d/09:56
LaykeOkay. Cheers for the help. That's been annoying me for a while.09:56
LaykeWhat's the difference between .d?09:56
LaykeAh.. Yeah I see it's in .d dropbox.list and dropbox.list.save09:56
tomreyn.d is a directory containing files which get appeneded / included to the single file09:56
flintserwagle: omg i am the stupidest person ever :D i checked the windows language bar and guess what it said :)09:56
tomreynLayke: i don't know dropbox, but it's not a backup09:57
LaykeSo  the sources.list.d/ and all of the apt repo add commands I add.09:57
kepler_DeLa_: are you able to ping that camera?09:57
k1lthe PPAs get stored in the .d/ folder nowadays09:57
Laykeapt-add-repository * and they add to sources.list.d09:57
wagle"ubuntu's not here, man..."09:58
LaykeThanks for the explaination. :) I've struggled with package management for a long time.09:58
tomreynLayke: right09:58
_DeLa_kepler: I just found something out...while my router lists the camera at 192.168.1.x .... according to "the internet", the default ip of the camera is
k1lLayke: its changed some times ago. in the old days there only was the sources.list file. now its seperated09:58
LaykeAnd why have .save files? Are they just backups (I think that's what tomreyn said? )09:58
Laykemy dropbox.list is identical to dropbox.list.save09:59
tomreyn_DeLa_: The Internet is lying, always. Ask your favourite politician, they can confirm it.09:59
kepler_DeLa_: ok, so you can either change the IP range of your router to, and renew your lease, or set up a static route in the router09:59
_DeLa_so should I set my modem LAN ip to
keplerthat is what i would do09:59
_DeLa_me too ;)10:00
kepleryou'd have to look up documentation on how to do the static route10:00
k1lLayke: the .save files are from the upgrade (like from 12.04 to 12.10). the PPAs get disabled while upgrading and are saved for reactivation afterwards10:00
tomreyn_DeLa_: i was just kidding there. where do you read what "the internet" says?10:00
wagleomg..  i'm downloading at 3.4 MB/sec...10:00
_DeLa_tomreyn: it's the big manual pdf, which wasn't included as a print out in the box10:01
keplerwagle: http://speedtest.net/result/2432981385.png10:01
tomreynLayke: the .save files in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ are indeed backup files. only files ending in .list in this directory are interpreted.10:01
wagleis that the png larger than the known universe?10:01
tomreyn_DeLa_: well then can you access it on this other IP address?10:02
tomreynkepler: i bet you have high jitter, though. *something* must be wrong10:03
_DeLa_tomreyn: i just tried but it seems like the modem web interface won't let me change the ip range...!? i can change it but it won't save....10:04
n8wfor some reason, my konsole remote tab no longer shows the username and the remote dir eventhough i have defined it: (%u) %H%w10:04
n8wit just shows ~: bash10:04
tomreyn_DeLa_: i can't really help there, you'd need to talk to d-link support10:04
keplertomreyn: we have a couple of 10 gig links, of course only a gig card in my workstation10:04
tomreynkepler: i pity you ;-P10:05
tomreyni'm surprised you found a server which could match up anyways.10:05
keplernot sure if my boss would approve a 10 gig link to my workstation. i suppose i could10:06
=== ericab is now known as ericab_away
flintserkepler: is that overkill or overkill? i mean for each individual workstation :) basic 7200rpm hdd cannot even write that fast10:07
keplertotal overkill. id assume speedtests would only use RAM anyway10:07
tomreynthats why they invented SSDs! ;)10:08
dat789Hi! I've just got a rather fresh copy of ubuntu LTS on a new SSD drive. It's only 128 GB in size. Whenever I perform apt-get then install, it will of course fill up the SSD. How do I tell Ubuntu to use my other partition (2 TB)?10:08
icerootdat789: you can not tell apt-get to install somewhere else10:08
keplermost of our servers are virtualized on SANs, and have 4 or 8 gig connections to them10:08
icerootdat789: you have to mount the big hdd to a location where apt-get is installing files10:08
dr_willisdat789:  ive yet to fill up my 128gb  ssd with /   i got /home/ mounted to a 2nd hd..10:09
dr_willisdat789:  you want to inssttall apps to the ssd - that way they load faster. ;)10:09
flintserkepler: it even says that you are 99% faster than us, i'd really like to see the last 1% ;D10:10
dat789iceroot, dr_willis: ok, so the key point here is to mount to the bigger hdd10:10
wagleahh..  the olde days, when we had several partitions...10:10
dr_willisdat789:  if you want to use it.. you have to mount it somewhere. ;) yes10:10
dr_willisid put the swap partion on it  at  the very least10:10
wagleare there translucent file systems yet?10:11
dr_willisputting /home/ on it - would also be a good idea10:11
ruslan_osmanovHi. How do I install libevent 2 on Ubuntu Server 12.10 debian-way?10:11
dat789swap partitions... all very new concepts to me10:11
llutzdat789: fill up 128GB? i just installed 12.10 on a 90GB-SSD and it uses 4.2GB...10:11
keplerflintser: i bet it is the people who are providing us the 10 gig links, running speed tests on their workstations!10:11
ubottuswap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info10:11
dr_williswagle:  translucent?10:12
dat789llutz: well, 128 GB, yes.... installation of Ubuntu was allocated 40GB. the remaining is running Windows10:12
dr_willis40gb for / and /home and swap on the 2gb - would be decentr10:12
wagledr_willis: http://www.cs.duke.edu/csl/docs/sysadmin_course/sysadm-67.html or the like10:13
dat789dr_willis: ok, I'd need to find out how to do the swap partition10:13
=== ericab_away is now known as ericab
dr_willisthe installer most likely made one on the ssd allready10:13
dr_williswhich isent really optimal. but shouldent really matter much10:14
dr_willisuntill you run out of hd space. ;P10:14
wagleoh here ya go: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UnionFS10:14
flintserkepler: if there was enough seeds you could download ubuntu dvd in less than 10 seconds10:15
dr_willistheres several overlaying type fs's out for linux i recall.. not used them much.10:15
dr_willisI even recall a similer thing on my amiga... years and years ago. ;)10:15
dr_willisit was so ahead of its time. ;P10:15
wagleflintser: i downloaded ubuntu oversized CDROM (13) in about 2-3 minutes10:16
dr_willis12.10+ is a dvd image now. ;)10:16
waglei decided to see what 13 was10:16
dr_willisI think lubuntu 12.10 still fits on cd.10:16
tomreyni think mini.iso still fits on cd, too10:17
wagleyeah, it does, my crash box installed 12.10 from a livecd10:17
dat789how about... downloading files from web browser that goes directly to the 40GB ssd ? i mean, I don't want it to do that... but rather save the file(s) to the bigger hdd? I guess an option is to let it do that, then do s sudo mv downloaded_file to newlocation_with_Bigger_HDD10:17
flintserbut on full speed (70-80 mb/sec) youd bet it in 10 seconds, wagle10:17
dr_willisdat789:  you can set your  /home/ on the other hd.10:18
wagleflintser: hahaha10:18
dr_willisno need to use sudo to move user files noirmally10:18
dat789dr_willis: Thanks Dr.! And others...10:18
dr_willisyou could mount the other hd to /home/username/Download if you wanted to...10:18
dr_willisor link it to there10:19
tomreyndat789: you should read up on "symbolic links", too10:19
tomreyn...unless you're alread yinto this concept10:19
waglei hear apple has a caching file system that uses the ssd as a cache (or somesuch) of the larger slow spinning thing)10:19
dat789tomreyn: yup, i know a little on symbolic links --- ln -s fi fo10:19
tomreyndat789: cool, just wanted to make sure10:20
_DeLa_kepler: trying to ping the ip cam where the router says it is, I get:10:20
kepleruse pastebin10:20
dat789tomreyn: not a problem. that's why i like #ubuntu. :)10:20
waglecould put everything on the big disk, and cache current stuff on the ssd10:21
waglewith some unionfs magic..  maybe10:22
flintserdat789: you can set the folder where the downloads go from the browser if you want10:22
_DeLa_kepler: ... it's really short... : ping
_DeLa_PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.10:22
dat789flinster: ok, you just reminded me of that. thanks! will poke around10:22
WHATWHATWHAThow to install flv codec offfline10:23
WHATWHATWHATanyone know10:23
dr_williswhy do you think you need to10:23
WHATWHATWHATor any video player that can be installed offline ?10:23
dat789flv files still 'in' ?? thought that was so year 2000!!10:24
kepler_DeLa_: do "sudo apt-get install pastebinit && ping -c 5 | pastebinit10:24
flintserWHATWHATWHAT: most browsers play flv10:24
WHATWHATWHATflinster is in a fie10:24
dr_willisvlc  can play flv10:24
WHATWHATWHATyes i know vlc can play flv10:24
tomreynmplayer, too, i think10:24
dr_willisflv vidoes can be converted to other formats also... its just a container.10:24
WHATWHATWHATeven the default player can play flv10:25
dr_willistheres no flv 'codec' itss a container that can be differnt codecs last i looked10:25
dat789html5 these days .. not flv. unless, of course, i was misinformed.10:25
WHATWHATWHATi want to install a player on a pc that has no internet access10:25
MonkeyDustavconv -i flv > something else does the trick10:25
dr_willis!info minitube10:25
ubottuminitube (source: minitube): Native YouTube client. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.9-1 (quantal), package size 653 kB, installed size 1824 kB10:25
WHATWHATWHAThtml5 is dead10:25
WHATWHATWHATfuture looks bleak10:25
dr_willisinstall vlc then.10:25
WHATWHATWHATya but whre to get the vlc package10:26
WHATWHATWHATfor ubuntu10:26
dat789WHATWHATWHAT: No it's not! If it is, it's been resurrected!10:26
dr_willisits in the repos10:26
k1lWHATWHATWHAT: packages.ubuntu.com10:26
dr_willistheres an apt-on cd wiki page also for offline needs10:26
flintserWHATWHATWHAT: ubuntu's default player can run flv i think10:26
_DeLa_kepler:  http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=212kbYEC10:27
_DeLa_kepler: so the cam seems not to be at this ip, right?10:27
Ben64WHATWHATWHAT: hook it up to the internet, sudo apt-get install mplayer2, done10:27
kepler_DeLa_: yeah, seems so10:27
WHATWHATWHATi can't hook it up10:27
WHATWHATWHATthat's the problem10:28
Ben64why can't you10:28
flintseryou can not as you dont know how to or as you dont have access10:28
kepler_DeLa_: do you have a router and a DSL modem? or is it all one device?10:28
Ben64!offline | WHATWHATWHAT10:28
ubottuWHATWHATWHAT: If you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. Alternatively, try http://ubottu.com/ljl/apt/ - See also !APTonCD10:28
_DeLa_kepler: dsl-modem only... d-link dsl-321b ..10:29
DJonesWHATWHATWHAT: http://packages.ubuntu.com/ Search for VLC on that, at the bottom there is normally a Download vlc section so you can download the package and dependancies10:29
DJonesWHATWHATWHAT: The copy it to a usb stick, transfer to the machine you want to install it on and install from the package10:30
dr_willisid just run a cable then install what i needed.. offline is so.... 1980's10:30
Ben64yeah i can't comprehend a computer that is unable to connect to the internet10:30
kepler_DeLa_: and you couldn't change it to if it said you couldn't save it, you may have to change the DHCP range it gives as well. not sure how the config goes for it10:30
vzionwow you people are so short sighted10:31
dr_willisand vague..... or was that someone else.10:32
WHATWHATWHAThow come the file is 1m ?10:33
WHATWHATWHAThow can a player be that small10:33
_DeLa_kepler: i tried to ...no luck...well...i will keep trying and come back later to let you know how it went...thanks to kepler and tomreyn! cu guys10:33
Ben64it just plays stuff10:33
dr_willismost likely it has depencicies10:33
kepler_DeLa_: looking at the manual, looks like you need to set the IP of, subnet mask, then "enable dhcp server" and set starting addr to, ending
keplerit wouldn't let you set just the IP without fixing the dhcp lease addrs10:34
kepleri assume!10:34
WHATWHATWHATwho the one said he can't believe a machine that doesn't have internet connection ?10:35
WHATWHATWHATthere are tons of those machines10:35
SlavehandlerMy default pointer icon changed to a larger size! The other pointer icons (typing, wating and such) are normal size though. How do I reset the pointer icon?10:35
WHATWHATWHATlike 50% of the world pc10:35
dr_willisnone in my house10:35
vzionget over yourself10:36
SlavehandlerIn firefox the pointer icon is normal, but everywhere else it's not10:36
dr_willisyou want to install stuff easially. get networked for a short time10:37
flintserWHATWHATWHAT: i dont get why you need .flv -able player without internet10:37
MonkeyDustvzion  stop spawning random comments, please10:37
flintser.flv is 95% of the time from internet10:37
vzionsometimes thats a security violation10:37
flintseras in some flash video10:37
dr_willisSlavehandler:  what desktop10:37
Xelenonzany advice how should I fix this issue? => http://pastebin.com/6m6Dqnu6 (about libcap)10:38
Slavehandlerdr_willis: Unity i believe10:38
Slavehandlerdr_willis: 12.04 lts10:38
k1lvzion: keep this channel clear for ubuntu support please. we have the #ubuntu-offtopic or #ubuntu-discuss for chatting or discussions.10:39
WHATWHATWHATok i'm using window vlc10:39
flintserWHATWHATWHAT: i'm interested why you need .flv abilities without internet connection, since .flv is flash video10:40
tomreynflintser: s/he's gone10:41
flintseroh.. /ignore:d parting msg10:41
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rkhshm1is there a difference in the way SCSI sub system works with sg volumes and LVMs ?10:47
ikoniarkhshm1: shouldn't be10:48
ikoniarkhshm1: lvm just uses "devices" and how those devics are presented...doesn't care10:48
rkhshm1ikonia: hmm.. do you have any docs10:48
dat789anyone here tried to groove to Gangnam style moves?10:48
ikoniadat789: please keep the silly topics out of this channel10:48
ikoniadat789: it's here for ubuntu support discussion10:48
ikoniarkhshm1: docs on what?10:48
rkhshm1i just wanted to read about it10:49
ikoniarkhshm1: there are tons of docs on LVM on the net (I assume you're asking for LVM docs)10:49
dat789ikonia: i know, just saying... :)10:52
ikoniadat789: then please don't10:52
alan`i know this is an odd place to be asking this question, does anybody have the ivtv cx18 firmware saved anywhere? trying to revive my htpc with a new hard drive after the last one crashed and can't seem to find the files anywhere10:54
ikoniaalan`: try ##hardware10:54
alan`ikonia: thanks10:54
marcinHi, I have a problem. I'm starting installation of ubuntu on my notebook and it stops at 'stopping save kernel messages'. Nothing happen at all. Have you met this kind of error before?10:59
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OneillI repaired grub using a live boot but when i rebooted i get a Grub Rescue prompt11:00
Oneillwhat should i do now?11:00
=== asdsafef is now known as demonoid_me
Oneillfirst time o rebooted i got what seems to be the GRUB of ubuntu desktop and im actually using ubuntu server, doesn't really matter but later i'll have to fix that too11:00
demonoid_meubuntu users :)11:01
demonoid_mei need little help pls11:02
ubottudemonoid_me,: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience11:02
brontosaurusrexThat !patience should really be replaced with !violence11:08
amrithi whenever iam truyin to insatll or remove a package . i get an erroer message failed to install or remove. when i click on the details i get following:-11:13
amritnstallArchives() failed: perl: warning: Setting locale failed.11:14
amritperl: warning: Please check that your locale settings:11:14
amritLANGUAGE = (unset),11:14
amritLC_ALL = (unset),11:14
amritLANG = "en_IN.ISO8859-1"11:14
amrit    are supported and installed on your system.11:14
FloodBot1amrit: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:14
syntroPiHow can i set the subpixel rendering of the integrated cairo2 lib in firefox? its fonts are rainbows since it renders RGB instead of BGR like the rest of my Gnome3...!!11:14
syntroPiIts very annoying since reading text in rainbows is no fun at all11:15
Naphatulcan i switch from 12.04 to 12.10 by choosing which repositories it checks? also where can i change that?11:17
auronandace!upgrade | Naphatul11:17
ubottuNaphatul: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade11:17
jribNaphatul: no.  See ubottu.11:17
flintsercan i run desktop through xforwarding?11:18
satellite-1d35 testing sweets-desktop 0.94 in Ubuntu 12.10 cinnamon11:18
auronandacesatellite-1d35: cinnamon isn't supported here11:19
Naphatuli don't have update manager i installed from the minimal ISO, also that page only has up to 11.04->11.1011:20
cfhowlettNaphatul, don't use update manager.  download the iso.11:20
satellitI know but this is ubuntu 12.10 with sweets-sugar running in a window11:20
jribcfhowlett: why?  He can use update-manager11:20
Naphatulcfhowlett, i don't want to reinstall it i just want it to get newer version packages11:21
jribNaphatul: so install update-manager.  Here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/QuantalUpgrades11:21
Naphatulcan't it be done from apt?11:22
jribNaphatul: not supported.  Update-manager is how upgrades between releases are done on ubuntu11:22
Fuzzleswith steam i try to run TF2 but get an error saying update open gl?11:22
cfhowlettNaphatul, merely changing mirrors to the current release wont' do that.  HIGHLY recommed that you install a current release via clean install.11:22
amritwhat is the general code for installing a software?11:23
jrib!software | amrit11:23
ubottuamrit: A general introduction to the ways software can be installed, removed and managed in Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoftwareManagement - See also !Packages, !Equivalents11:23
flintseri want to run unity but..: compiz (core) - Error: Another window manager is already running on screen: 011:23
Naphatulcfhowlett, if i get the normal iso's i get all the other stuff that i don't want to, if i install from the minimal iso again i'll have to configure it all over again, besides i don't run many packages so i doubt there's much to break11:24
cfhowlettjrib, unless I crossed my threads, he's on 11.04?  no direct upgrade to 12.10 from that release.11:24
amriti want the code through terminal11:24
jribNaphatul: what version are you on now?11:24
Naphatuljrib, 12.04, but with the minimal iso install11:24
DJonesamrit: Normally, "sudo apt-get install software-name-to-install"11:25
auronandaceamrit: sudo apt-get install nameofsoftware11:25
cfhowlettamrit, normally sudo apt-get install packagename11:25
TotentagWould anyone be able to suggest a program similar to Windows' ManyCam, to allow streaming and/or webcam debauchery?11:25
Totentagdesktop streaming*11:25
rix1234Hi........ Anyone please help me with LikeWise AD authentication.11:27
amriti am trying to install a game wolf4sdl. after the file has finished installing it says:--errors were encountered while processing crossplatformui11:28
amritplz help11:28
cfhowlettNaphatul, ok.  first, copy your etc/sources.list.  edit that list to point to the current release and save it. install the current mini.iso.  replace the default sources.list with your updated list.  apt-get update && apt-get upgrade && apt-get dist-upgrade11:29
cfhowlettNaphatul, */etc/apt/sources.list11:29
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jribNaphatul: use update-manager.  That's the supported way to upgrade.11:29
amritcfhowlett : was this answer to my ques?11:30
Totentagamrit: It was to Naphatul, who asked earlier.11:30
amritplz some help me also11:31
cfhowlettamrit, sudo apt-get install wolf4sdl --reinstall  but I take this is on steam?  in beta?  expect unforeseen consequences11:31
jribNaphatul: update-manager handles some corner cases that you may encounter if you try to upgrade as cfhowlett suggests.  So you may encounter issues with that method and need to deal with them.11:31
Naphatuljrib, yeah i know i'm ok with that11:31
TotentagI seem to have been flooded out by a lot of leaving members, so I'll toss this one out there again. Would anyone be able to suggest a program similar to Windows' ManyCam, to allow streaming and/or webcam debauchery?11:33
syntroPiIs there a way to make FireFox use system libcairo2? Fonts look very ugly with the integrated libcairo211:33
amritit says Errors were encountered while processing:11:33
amrit crossplatformui11:33
jribNaphatul: I don't understand why you refuse to use update-manager, but ok.11:33
jribNaphatul: if you are going to do what cfhowlett suggests, skip the "apt-get upgrade" part11:34
Naphatuljrib, i installed with the minimal iso so i get only the stuff i need and want, the update manager is always annoying popping up in my face, especially after i run update after adding another repository11:34
jribNaphatul: so follow the server instructions and install only update-manager-core11:35
amrithi im trying to installa game wolf4sdl via sudo apt-get install wolf4sdl but after processing of file i get an error message:- error while processing crossplatformui11:37
amritwhat is this? kindly help11:37
amritany help would be appriciated11:39
TotentagI get the impression there may be a better channel for your question, Amrit. I'll check around.11:40
Stars mine 3tb drive does not regiconized from ubuntu system can someone plz help?11:40
demonoid_mehello ubuntu !11:41
TotentagHuh, I stand corrected, amrit.11:41
TotentagBut, as a general rule, if no one gives you an answer, that tends to mean nobody knows it.11:41
amriti think u are right11:42
TotentagAlso keep in mind what time it is, in much of hte channel's userbase.11:42
amritdoes any one know what crossplatformui is?11:42
k1lamrit: which game, which ubuntu, which exact error message?...11:43
amritgame : wolf4sdl , ububtu: 12.04, error : erroer while processing crossplatformui11:43
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amritany help?11:47
cfhowlettamrit, run install again with -v at the end for verbose feedback11:47
k1lamrit: package from the official ubuntu repos?11:47
cfhowlettk1l, it's a multiverse package ...11:47
k1lcfhowlett: i know. but i only see one bugreport for it on launchpad which isnt related11:48
cfhowlettk1l, OK.  fwiw, I'm on 12.04 xubntustudio and it's downloading smoohly ...11:49
jeffrinhello all11:49
cfhowlettjeffrin, greetings11:49
jeffrinis it possible to do small tests using dejagnu11:49
ikoniaxubuntu studio ?11:49
jeffrincfhowlett : :)11:50
amritit did not helo11:50
amritit did not help11:50
cfhowlettikonia, ubuntustudio is based on xubuntu.  just wanted to get that out there.11:50
ikoniacfhowlett: ah, so you just meant ubuntu studio11:50
cfhowlettamrit, well I can't fully install since I don't have the Wolf. game, but the ubuntu part install just fine.11:51
cfhowlettikonia, exactomundo11:51
van7huhi all11:52
iceroothow to find out which filesystem a partition is using? mdadm is telling me that /dev/sda1 may ext2 but i am sure it is ext411:52
cfhowlettvan7hu, greetings11:53
=== TheRainbowDusk is now known as Dawn_
van7huthere is no libfann2 in ubuntu software center, I am using precisẹ.11:53
cfhowlettvan7hu, also on precise ... it's in the universe repository11:53
kicklighterext family is so easy to hack....in mine opinion better use something like reiserfs or jfs....11:54
WHATWHATWHATwhy everything seems so hard in ubuntu ?11:54
van7hucfhowlett, let me check11:54
icerootsudo parted print /dev/sda1 if someone is interested in the answer to my question11:54
WHATWHATWHATwhy can't they get rid of the command prompt11:55
icerootWHATWHATWHAT: there is no need to use it11:55
k1lWHATWHATWHAT: that is not a real upport issue11:55
WHATWHATWHATand move on to gui totally11:55
cfhowlettWHATWHATWHAT, have you a specific question?  details matter11:55
van7huWHATWHATWHAT, you will be ađdicted by cmd11:55
emarnauquick question , did anyone else ubuntu 12.04 break today because of libqt software update?11:56
ubottuemarnau,: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.11:56
icerootemarnau: the update of qt4 went fine here11:56
iceroot!details | emarnau11:56
ubottuemarnau: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."11:56
emarnausorry guys11:57
cfhowlettemarnau, no worries.  care to share specifics?11:57
amritcfhowlett : i did not get11:58
cfhowlettamrit, so it didn't work???11:59
emarnaui am running ubuntu 12.04 and just did an update for libqt packages. 19 libqt packages in total. They are now broken in symatic. i do not want to reinstall the packages since loads of applications rely on these qt packages11:59
ikoniaemarnau: what are you using QT for on ubuntu ?11:59
amrityes it didnt11:59
agu10^I can't get apache2 to start!11:59
agu10^root@domU-12-31-39-10-4A-43:/etc/apache2# service apache2 start11:59
agu10^ * Starting web server apache2                                                  Action 'start' failed.11:59
agu10^The Apache error log may have more information.11:59
FloodBot1agu10^: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:59
ikoniaagu10^: 1.) you shouldn't be root 2.) check the config11:59
ikoniaagu10^: I suspect this is not a proper ubuntu install11:59
ikoniaagu10^: so the configs will be out of the window12:00
agu10^it is a proper ubuntu install12:00
emarnauikonia:  nothing just found out what qtlib is used for today http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Qt_%28framework%2912:00
ikoniaagu10^: can you show me the output of "uname -a" please.12:00
Noorideenguys whats better to learn python on windows or on linux? ps i never used linux12:00
ikoniaNoorideen: what ever you want,12:00
emarnauikonia: applications rely on it12:00
agu10^root@domU-12-31-39-10-4A-43:/etc/apache2# uname -a12:00
agu10^Linux domU-12-31-39-10-4A-43 3.2.0-36-virtual #57-Ubuntu SMP Tue Jan 8 22:04:49 UTC 2013 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux12:00
ikoniaemarnau: I know what12:00
cfhowlettemarnau, granted I'm on xubuntu 12.04 but libqt is not in my repo stream anywhere.  Is this a PPA or something?12:00
ikoniaagu10^: who is running your xen host12:01
=== ericab is now known as ericab_away
agu10^ikonia, amazon compute cloud12:01
ikoniaahh it's amazong12:01
ikoniaamazon even12:01
amritThe installation or removal of a software package failed.12:01
amriterror processing crossplatformui (--configure):12:01
amritplz help12:01
ikoniaagu10^: check your apache config - run an apache2ctl config test12:02
mprzytulskihi, how can I compille / install ipt_LOG kernel module at ubuntu ?12:02
emarnaucfhowlett : well it is part of the debian installation http://packages.debian.org/search?keywords=libqt12:02
agu10^Action 'config test' failed.12:02
agu10^The Apache error log may have more information.12:02
ikoniaagu10^: configtest12:02
emarnauthey are broken because of unmet dependancies12:02
agu10^the apache error log does not really have more info12:02
agu10^ikonia, what?12:03
ikoniaagu10^: configtest, not config test12:03
agu10^Syntax OK12:03
ikoniaagu10^: ok, so your config is ok, so it should start12:03
ikoniaagu10^: try launching httpd manually12:03
agu10^except it doesn't D:12:03
agu10^service apache2 start12:03
ikoniamanually launch httpd12:04
agu10^how else?12:04
ikoniarun the httpd binary12:04
agu10^not sure where it's located12:04
mprzytulskianyone ?12:04
amrithepl plz12:04
ikoniamprzytulski: anyone is just a pointless word, how can people help with you just saying "anyone"12:04
ikoniaagu10^: probably /usr/bin12:04
amritThe installation or removal of a software package failed.12:04
amrit error processing crossplatformui (--configure):12:04
amrit plz help12:04
mprzytulskiikonia: I asked about kernel module installation in ubuntu way :)12:05
ikoniamprzytulski: yes, so saying "anyone" adds no value to that12:05
agu10^there's nothing at usr/bin/apache212:05
amritThe installation or removal of a software package failed.12:05
amrit error processing crossplatformui (--configure):12:05
amrit plz help12:05
agu10^it does not exist12:05
mprzytulskiyes, I agree with you ;)12:06
gregory58Hello, I am following a Railscast to deploy to DO, but I am getting a "bash: vim: command not found" error when I input "vim ~/.bashrc "12:06
ubottuamrit,: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/12:06
ikoniaagu10^: I'm going to stop helping you as you are cross posting this problem in #ubuntu and #ubuntu-server12:06
ikoniagregory58: check your path to bim12:06
agu10^ikonia, how is that a problem?12:06
agu10^nobody is helping at #ubuntu-server, so12:06
ikoniaagu10^: 1.) it's not something we like 2.) it adds confusion with multiple people helping12:06
ikoniaagu10^: they are helping in #ubuntu-server, I can see them12:06
ikoniaagu10^: please don't lie12:07
gregory58ikonia: How can I check it?12:07
agu10^yes, now they answered12:07
ikoniaagu10^: they have been helping you for over 5 minutes, please don't lie12:07
ikoniagregory58: "which vim"12:07
emarnauanyone else get this problem today12:07
emarnauunmet dependacnies because of qt12:07
gregory58ikonia: I tried that but it just goes to the next line without anything12:07
agu10^ikonia, you are free to help at #ubuntu-server12:08
ikoniaemarnau: looks like a version conflict, are you using a PPA or a backport12:08
ikoniaagu10^: I'm fine thank you12:08
=== LaserShark|dead is now known as LaserShark
agu10^this is likely to be an ubuntu bug12:09
AminosAmigosHello where can i find a list of laptops that were tested ? (community not the ubuntu certified )12:09
ikoniaagu10^: it's not an ubuntu bug12:09
gregory58ikonia: Any ideas?12:09
agu10^ikonia, how do you know12:10
ubottuAminosAmigos,: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection12:10
ikoniagregory58: ok, so "which vim" doesn't show anything ?12:10
gregory58ikonia: It shows nothing12:10
ikoniagregory58: ok, please try "which vi"12:10
BluesKajHi alj12:10
vnc786how do i put echo $? in script ---just missing something help on this !!12:10
gregory58ikonia: I get /usr/bin/vi12:10
ikoniagregory58: ok, so you don't have vim installed, you have vim minimal12:11
agu10^root@domU-12-31-39-10-4A-43:/etc/apache2# /usr/sbin/apache212:11
agu10^apache2: bad user name ${APACHE_RUN_USER}12:11
ikoniaagu10^: repeating it won't help12:11
gregory58ikonia: How can I install sublime text 2 instead?12:11
ikoniaagu10^: look at the error12:11
ikoniaagu10^: it's pretty clear12:11
icerootagu10^: use the upstartscript to start apache instead of the binary12:11
icerootagu10^: and dont use a root-shell, use sudo instead12:12
flintseragu10^: apache wont start since you propably made error in config file, i'm used to that. just check /etc/apache2/httpd.conf and /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/* for errors12:12
ikoniathe problem is the username12:12
agu10^flintser, there is no error12:12
ikonialook at the error12:12
ikoniathere IS an error12:12
gregory58ikonia: Or should I just stick to install vim instead of sublime text 2?12:12
agu10^flintser, "Syntax OK"12:12
agu10^ikonia, where would i look at an error? there is no error message12:12
ikoniaagu10^: there is, you just pasted it12:12
agu10^iceroot, what is an upstartscript though?12:13
icerootagu10^: sudo service apache2 start   is the way to start apache12:13
agu10^ikonia, that's because i'm starting it the wrong way, as you asked me to12:13
ikoniano, it's not12:13
ikoniabut that's fine12:13
agu10^root@domU-12-31-39-10-4A-43:/etc/apache2# sudo service apache2 start12:13
agu10^sudo: unable to resolve host domU-12-31-39-10-4A-4312:13
agu10^ * Starting web server apache2                                                  Action 'start' failed.12:13
agu10^The Apache error log may have more information.12:13
agu10^                                                                         [fail]12:13
FloodBot1agu10^: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:13
ikoniaagu10^: dns host12:13
icerootagu10^: less /var/log/apache2/error.log12:14
icerootagu10^: dont run sudo when you are already root12:14
icerootagu10^: dont run a root-shell at all, always use your user12:14
agu10^(2)No such file or directory: apache2: could not open error log file /var/www/potentialstudio.com/logs/error.log.12:14
agu10^Unable to open logs12:14
agu10^iceroot, really? i need to append sudo at almost ALL commands!12:14
ikonia....because the file doesn't exist12:14
vnc786how do i put echo $? in script ??12:15
agu10^that's why i became root in the first place12:15
cfhowlettBluesKaj, greetings12:15
agu10^ikonia, why should it exist?12:15
ikoniaagu10^: this is crazy, you have no idea how to run a web server or read clear error messages12:15
flintseragu10^: paste /var/log/apache2/error.log12:15
BluesKajhey cfhowlett12:15
ikoniaagu10^: I strongly advise you to read the ubuntu server guide and the setup of apache12:15
flintserand i'm confident you messed up with a) permissions b) apache conf-file12:15
ikoniathe dns host is not resolving to an IP....so it will never start12:16
agu10^wow, that's the issue12:16
agu10^i had to mkdir the log folder12:16
ikonia(or it will fall back to localhost)12:16
icerootikonia: he is facing an error with sudo, not with apache12:16
agu10^ikonia, you're wrong12:16
ikoniaiceroot: the cannot resolve host line was bad to me12:16
icerootikonia: the error when you mess up /etc/hostname and /etc/host12:16
agu10^iceroot, that's false12:16
icerootikonia: but i bet he is facing issues too with apache12:17
agu10^ikonia, you were on the wrong path12:17
ikoniaiceroot: ahhh it was sudo not resolving12:17
ikoniaiceroot: not apache,12:17
ikoniaagu10^: no, I'm not, however the error was the sudo error, not the apache log12:17
agu10^it was the directory that was missing12:17
ikoniaagu10^: I know this...I told you this12:18
agu10^why do you say that? sudo has nothing to do12:18
flintseri get this when i start apache, but everything works though...12:18
flintserapache2: Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using for ServerName12:18
ikoniaagu10^: re-read the errors you posted12:18
gregory58ikonia: I can't seem to find anything about installing vim on ubuntu vps for digital ocean. No apt-get-repository anywhere.12:18
agu10^the last error said that, yes12:18
ikoniaflintser: that's fine, it just binds to localhost12:18
ikoniagregory58: contact the vps provider then12:18
agu10^but i thought apache was going to create such directory and file itself12:18
agu10^as it should12:18
agu10^didn't know i had to create the log file myself12:18
emarnauback in a minute. going to try a reboot. got it down to 5 broken qtlib package12:19
srcjoin #ubuntu-th12:19
gregory58ikonia: They have nothing, and aren't responding to my messages12:21
ikoniagregory58: then wait for them to respond12:21
gregory58ikonia: Been waiting for hours now12:21
ikoniagregory58: then chose a comercial provider with a better response time / sla12:21
gregory58ikonia: I've heard good things about Digital Ocean....but they are indeed driving me up the wall12:22
gregory58ikonia: It shouldn't even be based on DO though, I have Ubuntu 12.04 on there. I just need to install Vim  now..12:23
ikoniagregory58: what do you want me to say ? you are using a VPS that has removed the repos and not given you any that you should use12:24
ikoniagregory58: I can point you at repos but they may cause damage on VPS's so I don't do it12:24
ikoniagregory58: contact your provider and ask for their official / supported repos12:24
ikoniagregory58: if you are not happy with their service, change providers12:24
gregory58ikonia: It's just vim though....surely vim is supported...Everything was working fine until I tried using vim...I installed postgres, nodejs, rbenv, everything..12:25
craigbass1976is there a way to, instead of show image size in megabytes, show size of images in pixels?12:25
ikoniagregory58: vim is supported on a standard ubuntu install12:26
flintserwhy not just build own server from some old crappy laptop or desktop... i ran lamp+ftp+ssh from an old IBM t40 with debian for a long time and never had a problem ;D12:26
ikoniagregory58: you are using a vps - that changes things12:26
ikoniagregory58: I don't know what it's changed, and they have clearly removed the repos for a reason, which is why I suggest talking to them12:26
dr_williscraigbass1976:  the imagemagick tools perhaps an give out the info. or the file command might12:27
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gregory58ikonia: Alright got it. Just had to apt-get install vim12:30
gregory58It's not installed as default12:30
ikoniayou said they had removed the repos ?12:30
ikoniayou said there was no apt-get-repository12:31
ikoniahow did you get it if there is no repo ?12:31
gregory58ikonia: I never said that.12:31
ikoniagregory58: you did.....12:31
gregory58ikonia: Where did I say that?12:32
steelnwooli know this will be biased, but do LTS releases tend to contain more up to date versions of things like SVN and Git and other dev tools than Centos/RHEL? cause I run a 100% rhel shop and I'm getting pretty sick of it.12:32
ikonia12:18 < gregory58> ikonia: I can't seem to find anything about installing vim on ubuntu vps for digital ocean. No apt-get-repository anywhere.12:32
emarnaureboot did not work12:32
gregory58ikonia: Thanks for the help though12:32
ikoniasteelnwool: not really no12:32
=== LaserShark|dead is now known as LaserShark
ikoniasteelnwool: both RHEL / LTS releases are built on stable proven package versions12:32
ikoniasteelnwool: they do not get updated during the life of their support (normally)12:33
gregory58ikonia: I was refering to search results12:33
ikoniagregory58: sorry, that read like "there is no repository"12:33
steelnwoolwhich.. i guess makes sense. perhaps i'll put LTS on the java and oracle servers and non-lts everywhere else.12:33
steelnwoolactually keep rhel for oracle. cause i want support. :) but yeah.12:33
ikoniasteelnwool: be aware of Oracle's lack of official support for ubuntu12:34
SAngeliHi, I have a ubuntu server and web server is running. I recall when installing it that I selected LAMP but do not know if it is all installed. I run a simple info.php file and I do not get anything on the browser. How to know what is installed and what needs to be installed?12:34
gregory58ikonia: Again, thanks for the help though....12:34
steelnwoolikonia: yeah, see above note. i'll leave oracle on rhel.12:34
emarnaudoes anyone know if how to stop synaptic uninstalling other package when i have to uninstall a borken package that other application have a dependacy on/12:34
ikoniaemarnau: it has to remove things that depend on it12:34
steelnwoolSAngeli: start by looking at the source of the info.php file thru the browser see if it is being parsed or not.12:34
steelnwoolthen use dpkg to see if php is installed or not.12:35
emarnauikonia: thanks12:35
emarnauthis is the exact problem a have but the solution seems a bit much12:35
SAngelisteelnwool, the file is noto parsed meaning I do not see the output I should though php is installed12:36
emarnaulike uninstalling 20 applications12:36
steelnwoolSAngeli: how are you sure php is installed?12:36
steelnwooland perhaps you need to restart apache12:36
flintserSAngeli: maybe try to install apache2 mysql-server php5 php5-mysql and see the output? if they install you have lamp at the end, if they dont, you still have lamp12:36
SAngelisteelnwool, dpkg --get-selections | grep php12:36
steelnwoolcool. restart apache and try.12:36
steelnwooland if not, perhaps your php config lines aren't being pulled into apache conf.12:36
SAngelisteelnwool, I thought I would just run sudo apt-get install lamp-serve and this would have taken care of the entire install.12:37
flintserSAngeli: run "sudo apt-get install apache2 mysql-server php5 php5-mysql12:38
bipulSAngeli, I think you need to install part by part12:38
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amritwhat is crossplatformui?12:39
emarnauaround the twist dependancy problems12:40
emarnauwill leave it for a few days maybe a new update might solve the problem12:40
ikoniaemarnau: doubt it12:41
ikoniaemarnau: the packages will still be broken12:41
ikoniaemarnau: so won't update12:41
SAngeliflintser, all is already installed except php512:41
SAngeli (which I just installed).12:41
flintserSAngeli: then you have LAMP12:42
flintserLinux Apache MySQL PHP, you have 'em all :)12:42
amriti am unable to uninstall crossplatformui from synaptic package manager12:42
flintseramrit: try apt-get -f autoremove12:43
flintseramrit: forgot sudo, so "sudo apt-get -f autoremove"12:43
SAngeliflintser, do I need to make any chmod chown changes to /var/www? also, I placed the info.php with the simple <?php12:43
SAngeli?> inside /var/www and from web browser I try to run it. Is this correct?12:43
TotentagAnyone know offhand what a good program would be to take the place of Windows' ManyCam? Specifically, so I can record/stream from my desktop, or multitask my webcam.12:44
SAngeliflintser, but I get the "It works!" message when I browse the server12:45
amritit dint help12:45
flintserSAngeli: create info.php with that inside it and place it in /var/www, then check permissions to 755, then go
flintseror localhost/info.php12:45
flintser"It works" is the default index.html that apache generates in /var/www12:46
flintserif you just go localhost it opens index.html12:46
SAngeliflintser, it was a permission issue.12:46
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flintserSAngeli: so now the info.php worked?12:47
SAngeliflintser, it works. Could you please tell me if I have to change permission and ownership for /var/www so that for development I do not have problems? Also, myphpadmin do I have to install it manually? If so how to?12:47
amritwhenever im trying too install or remove anything i a getting an error message: error while processing crossplaformui12:47
amriti tired removing crossplatofrmui itself but still i got the same  message12:48
SAngeliflintser, sorry I am at beginning of learning this LAMP. Any coherent docs for ubuntu server and LAMP to consult on the Internet?12:48
SAngeliis MySQL-Front a valid software I can install on my Windows 7 os for managing MySQL database in ubuntu server?12:49
flintserSAngeli: i created a user called web and chowned /var/www, i dont know if that is the correct way to do it but it works for me. for phpmyadmin i did mysql database called phpmyadmin and user called phpmyadmin, then all permissions on database to phpmyadmin. then i downloaded phpmyadmin and extracted it into /var/www/phpmyadmin so i can just go localhost/phpmyadmin to open the admin page12:50
flintserbut this is not lamp support, this is ubuntu. try googling for guides, they helped me :)12:51
amrithow to edit a file in terminal12:51
SAngeliflintser, ok. As for the front end for MySQL database on windows can I consider using sql-front?12:52
flintseri dont do windows ;)12:52
amritwhat commands to type for editing a file?12:52
BrittanyHi guys. I have a problem with ubuntu on my laptop+12:53
flintseramrit: sudo nano /path/to/file12:53
Brittany... and apparently my current keyboard.12:53
zlatanhi, when I try to start gnome-tweak-tool I get this http://paste.ubuntu.com/1657280/...how to solve this?12:53
flintser!ask | Brittany12:53
ubottuBrittany: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience12:53
bipulWhat's the problem is Brittany12:53
Brittanyflintser: Which is why I said I had a problem with my keyboard. that was meant to be a comma, not a + and enter.12:53
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Brittanywhen trying to load ubuntu, I'm getting a group of errors, with no desktop login displaying. The errors are just a repeated "No Caching mode page present" and "Assuming drive cache: write through"..12:54
bipulBrittany, but we are more intrested in knowing, what is you problem12:54
BrittanyEssentially, the login display won't load and I'm stuck with nothing but a mouse and command line.12:54
cfhowlettamrit, to edit a system file sudo gedit fillname12:54
BrittanyI do have access to login.12:55
Brittanystartx doesn't do anything though, it'll just blink.12:55
Brittany(access to login by ctrl+alt+f1)12:55
emarnauNow i know what the problem is12:55
emarnautrying to install this new package libqt4-dbus 4:4.8.1-0ubuntu4.412:56
emarnaubut it tries to install it gives this  error12:56
emarnaulibqt4-dbus : Depends: libqt4-xml (= 4:4.8.1-0ubuntu4.3) but 4:4.8.1-0ubuntu4.4 is installed12:56
emarnauDepends: libqtcore4 (= 4:4.8.1-0ubuntu4.3) but 4:4.8.1-0ubuntu4.4 is installed12:56
cronixHello everyone \o/12:56
emarnau Recommends: qdbus (= 4:4.8.1-0ubuntu4.3)12:56
emarnaufrom looking at this website http://packages.ubuntu.com/precise/libqt4-dbus12:56
emarnau libqt4-dbus 4:4.8.1-0ubuntu4.4 relies on 4:4.8.1-0ubuntu4.4 software and not on 4:4.8.1-0ubuntu4.3 software. Why is it saying the above which is wrong?12:56
emarnauit seems odd that it would get the versions it depends on wrong12:56
cronixim going to reinstall my main computer at home in a few hours and searching for some guide on how to dual-boot windows7 x64 and ubuntu12:57
cronixsadly its not that simple12:57
cronixive done many dual boots so far12:57
dr_williscronix:  its been very simple for me.. is there a specific issue you are haveing?12:57
cronixbut this one is the first wich is needed to run of an fakeraid - 012:57
dr_willisahh raid.. I dont do raid. :) good luck12:57
cronixim booting windows off of an raid 0 array consisting of 2 SSD's12:58
SAngelihow to wget myphpadmin inside /var/www fro terminal?12:58
SAngeliI try to run wget http..... but get an error saying: -bash: !md5!aa6c996d264f4c04c00cbb2e97f3972a: event not found12:58
cronixand i want to partition that one to also boot ubuntu from ssaid BIOS-Raid12:58
cronixSAngeli: enclose the url in ""12:58
cronixwget "http....."12:58
SAngeliok, solved. I had a wrong url13:01
=== KindOne- is now known as KindOne
flintserSAngeli: i just downloaded it to another machine with gui and ftp uploaded it to my server :) i couldn't find a straight link to the archive.. wget downloaded a php file for me always13:01
Noorideenwhats the latest version of ubuntu?13:01
krofnaI have problem with rather high memory usage of Ubuntu. Currently I got only command line IRC and system monitor running and its using up 755 MiB of RAM. Isn't that too much?13:02
DJonesNoorideen: Yes13:02
Noorideenthank you13:02
dr_williskrofna:  how are you checking ram ussage? most could be cache13:02
ubottuIf you are wondering why some tools report your system has very little free memory, have a look at http://www.linuxatemyram.com/ | A short primer on Linux memory management can be found here: http://sourcefrog.net/weblog/software/linux-kernel/free-mem.html13:02
krofnaI'm checking ram usage in system monitor gui13:02
dr_willissee how muchis cache13:03
NoorideenUbuntu 12.10 and Ubuntu 12.04 LTS,whats the differences?13:03
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; with the exception of 12.04 (Precise Pangolin), which will be supported for 5 years on the desktop. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Precise (Precise Pangolin 12.04)13:03
krofnaAh, I see, thanks :D13:03
cfhowlettemarnau, hey the china mirrors just added all those qt package updates you mentioned.  dl'ing now.  hopefully mine goes smoother than your experience13:04
Noorideenubottu: i never used linux before, whats better for me? LTS or..?13:04
ubottuNoorideen: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:04
Noorideengod :D13:04
dr_willisNoorideen:  if you have newer hardware.. you may want to stick to 12.1013:04
Noorideenand if i dont?13:04
dr_willisfor most common use cases. it wont matter much13:04
emarnaucfhowlett: thanks for letting me know. do not know why it says the wrong version. really annoying13:04
dr_willisflip a coin. ;)13:04
dr_willis12.10 has newer packages and drivers. and so forth.13:05
flintserdr_willis: hmm i think i've never had a compatibility issue since 9.0413:05
dr_willis13.04 is due out in a few months13:05
dr_willisflintser:  i got old hardware.. so rarely have any issues. ;)13:05
Noorideeni will go for 12.10 so13:05
dr_willisif you got a laptop that just came out last month... well..thats a differnt story13:05
flintserdr_willis: true dat13:05
diverdudeHello, I am running ubuntu and i am trying to install wireless USB-NIC. Device is called Tenda W54U, and when i do lsusb it tells me that Bus 001 Device 003 is a Marvell Semiconductor, Inc. 88W838. It should be this driver: http://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/ndiswrapper/index.php?title=Zonet_ZEW2502 (i think). But how do i get it to work on my ubuntu machine?13:06
Noorideenmy laptop is oldie :P13:06
Noorideenno problem right?13:06
=== phantummm_ is now known as phantummm
flintserhmm.. how come i have 3438mb of free ram with 32-bit system13:07
flintserchecked with free -m13:07
cfhowlettNoorideen, probably not, but be aware that lubuntu and xubuntu are both optimized for older/low spec machines.  Also, you might want to adopt LTS only (12.04) installs as those tend to work better on legacy devices.13:07
dr_willisdiverdude:  you ran that addational-drivers tool? it may let you get the drivers from the repos.13:07
flintser4gigs is installed to the machine13:07
khedrubI am running an webserver on ubuntu and it does not need to receive any emails, just send them to an external smtp server. Therefore I installed a nullmailer called msmtp. Now I do want to "upgrade" to postfix, but really only use postfix in the same way as a nullmailer but with a mailqueue and alias expension. This should be really easy I read everywhere, but all the guides I find are for far more complex scenarios.13:08
k1lflintser: pae kernel13:08
_DeLa_kepler & tomreyn: i managed to set a static ip in the cam webinterface so that both modem and cam have the same 192.168.1.x :)13:08
flintserk1l: ?? i have 3.2.0-36-generic13:09
Noorideencfhowlett: i am new to linux, what do you recommend for me?13:09
dr_williswith exactly 4gb of ram. some will get grabbed by some of the hardware/bios/video - i forget the details. :)13:09
k1lflintser: there are no no-pae kernels anymore13:09
dr_willisNoorideen:  flip a coin. it most likely wont matter. when in doubt. try 12.04 first.13:10
dr_willisNoorideen:  how old is old for your laptop?13:10
flintserk1l oh!!! checked pae from wikipedia, cleared that up13:10
dr_willisas of 12.10 - theres only pae enabled kernels.13:10
Noorideenhmm maybe 5-6 years13:10
dr_willisNoorideen:  try 12.04 see if it works. If its sluggish. you may want to try Lubuntu, it will be lighter for older hardware13:11
dr_willisNoorideen:  what video chipset?13:11
dr_willisat least its not SiS13:11
flintserNoorideen: dr_willis: i've found that 10.04 is a good choice for older laptops.13:12
SAngelicronix, ok13:12
zlatanhello - anything on this http://elementaryos.org/journal/luna-beta-1-released13:12
dr_willistheres old.. then theres ancient.. ;)13:12
Noorideeni once tried to use ubuntu maybe it was 7.10 something like that, i couldnt find a driver for my wireless adapter13:12
zlatanoops not that but this http://paste.ubuntu.com/1657280/13:12
k1lflintser: support for 10.04 ends in april, so that is not a good recomendation13:12
diverdudeHello, I am running ubuntu and i am trying to install wireless USB-NIC. Device is called Tenda W54U, and when i do lsusb it tells me that Bus 001 Device 003 is a Marvell Semiconductor, Inc. 88W838. It should be this driver: http://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/ndiswrapper/index.php?title=Zonet_ZEW2502 (i think). But how do i get it to work on my ubuntu machine?13:12
flintserdr_willis: for seriously old acer, 10.04 made it breathe again :)13:13
dr_willisflintser:  for old old hardware. id do tiny core linux.. :)13:13
dr_willisor puppy linux.. heh..13:13
dr_willisbut ive gotten rid of all my old stuffs13:13
flintserdr_willis: i've used puppy too, but 10.04 has made me the most happy13:14
dr_willisill pass on a 3yr old linux...13:14
=== fego is now known as codemaniac
flintserk1l: i know, but it wont make the existent version any worse does it?13:14
k1lflintser: no, but its future is limited to april. so the user has to change the setting again then. so i prefer to recommend a solution that last longer13:15
dr_willisNoorideen:  you can get fully linux supported USB wifi dongles for like $5-15 these days13:15
flintser12.04 is the way to go here i think, but 10.04 is a choice if the hardware cannot handle the awesomeness of the 12.04 ;)13:15
Noorideendr_willis: i am new to programming, i am learning python so.. it might be hard for me to use ubuntu but i heard that its better that others.13:15
Noorideeni will look up for that13:15
dr_willisI dont follow that logic. :)13:15
* cfhowlett ... huh????13:16
dr_willis!manual | Noorideen13:16
ubottuNoorideen: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/13:16
k1lflintser: if you need low hardware recommendations i would stick to Lubuntu. if thats not working i would look out for a specialized distribution13:16
Noorideenty dr_willis13:17
flintserk1l: i've never liked lxde :/ dunno why. but yeah that is true.13:17
k1lNoorideen: you dont need programming skills to use ubuntu :)13:17
dr_willisBut the ladies love a guy that can code hot regular expressions! ;P13:18
Noorideenk1l: ubuntu it is then!13:18
Lynxxanyone know any anti virus for linux?13:19
ubottuAntivirus is something you don't need on !Linux. except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus13:19
flintserlol at finnish wikipedia.. they mention that lubuntu uses half the ram of xubuntu like 4 times and the article is only very short13:19
dr_willisi think theres like 3-5 differnt av tools/companies that make stuff   for linux. :)13:19
flintsermaybe that it is most important feature then :)13:20
dr_willis<citation needed> ;)13:20
dr_willisof course you then load up your web browser.. and it uses 100x the ram your desktop is using...13:20
=== fox_wilson is now known as fwilson
kimirI need both libfreetype6-dev and libfreetype6-dev:i386, but apt won't let me install both (one removes another). How can I work around this?13:21
gatishello, i was wondering how can i compose something like <Multi_key> <underscroe> <U2206> ? specifically the <U2206> part ? how do i enter it ?13:24
agu10^Help! mod_rewrite is changing the URL at the client. I don't want that! I have: RewriteRule (.*)    /sites/%{SERVER_NAME} [NC,L]13:25
tomreyn_DeLa_: glad you fixed it13:30
=== fisted_ is now known as fisted
jnhghyHi, I have a wget command that I need to run daily, saving it in a .sh file and adding the .sh file in a cron job would do it?13:31
emarnauwrote a forum request13:32
jribjnhghy: sure13:32
jnhghyjrib: thx13:32
tomreynkimir: you can't have both. why would you need to?13:33
c0mputerTrying to troubleshoot my VPS. It's booting as far as I can tell, but I can't ssh in. I'm in a recovery console through my VPS provider. There's no "Feb 15" entries in /var/log/syslog and boot.log looks ok (but theres no dates there)13:39
c0mputerWhat gives?13:39
jribc0mputer: have you ever connected through ssh successfully before?13:39
c0mputerjrib: yeah. it went down last night or something13:39
jribc0mputer: so what happens when you try to connect now?  (use ssh -v)13:40
=== harry is now known as Guest20696
c0mputerjrib: it times out.13:41
c0mputerjrib: well, im in recovery console so it works just fine. but when i reboot it will time out13:41
vfwc0mputer: What does nmap say about it?13:41
jribc0mputer: so you can connect now?13:41
c0mputerc0mputer: when the vps is in recovery mode, yes13:41
c0mputerwhy does /var/log/syslog not show any Feb 15 entries when i reboot the system13:42
c0mputeris it not making it past the boot proces?13:42
c0mputerand if so, wouldn't boot.log have some stuff in it? (why are there no dates there)13:42
jribc0mputer: do other services come up?13:42
vfwc0mputer: Yea, there's something wrong there.  How about dmesg13:43
=== tm is now known as Guest69775
c0mputerjrib, i don't know. i can't ssh into the server to check it.13:43
tomreync0mputer: because no syslog daemon was started or it is not configured to write to the file13:43
c0mputervfw, theres no dates in this file either13:43
jribc0mputer: well what are the last changes you made before this happpened?13:43
c0mputervfw, a tial -n 50 doesn't find anything particularly heinous13:43
c0mputerjrib, i havent changed anything for weeks13:43
ubuntuw1204ubuntu 12.04 or ubunu 12011013:44
jribubuntuw1204: what?13:44
c0mputermight have installed mongod or something...13:44
vfwc0mputer: not supposed to be any dates in it13:44
lcabreza1anybody has an idea about t his error : ERROR: setattr(70) not allowed on the r13:44
lcabreza1oot inode, Linux/ocfsmain.c, 340413:44
ubuntuw1204jrib: should i update regularly every 6 months i.e. do i use 12.04 or .12.10?13:45
vfwc0mputer: The date for dmesg will be in the output of  ls -l /var/log/dmesg13:45
jribubuntuw1204: if you stay on LTS releases (12.04 is one) you can stay on it for 2 years and then upgrade to the next LTS release.  With non-LTS, you generally want to upgrade every 6 months (though you have support for 18 months)13:46
jValenting'day all13:46
vfwc0mputer: How long since the last reboot?13:46
tomreync0mputer: do you have /var/log/boot.log ?13:46
ubuntuw1204jrib: which is better?13:46
jribubuntuw1204: it's up to you; both are good.  If you don't want to upgrade for a while, go with 12.04 LTS.  If you want newer software, go with 12.1013:47
ubuntuw1204is any one here using gnome 2 on ubuntu 12.10?13:47
raububuntuw1204: for a server you do want LTS13:47
c0mputervfw, dmesg shows Feb 1 ...13:47
c0mputervfw, idk how long since last reboot13:47
c0mputertomreyn yes13:47
raubworst thing that happened to me was having a server on non-LTS and then realizing the release was no longer supported13:47
ubuntuw1204jrib: which is more secure?13:47
c0mputerboot.log shows feb 1 too...13:47
vfwc0mputer: Sound like Feb 1 was last reboot.13:47
ubuntuw1204raub: which is more secure13:47
jribubuntuw1204: both are equally secure.  Both get security updates during their support period13:48
c0mputersounds reasonable13:48
raububuntuw1204: It depends on what you define as secure13:48
ubuntuw1204raub: i dont use server  i use it on laptop13:48
c0mputerso how do i troubleshoot remove boot issues if there are no logs, lol.13:48
raubThe do the usual laptop crap: encrypt disk, no sshd, etc13:49
vfwc0mputer: Are you sure this system is really booting?  (Maybe it's booting to a CD or USB or...?)13:49
jribc0mputer: your VPS provider doesn't give you some way to connect to your machine when you don't boot it through recovery without using ssh?13:49
c0mputervfw, its a vps.net cloud server so i would hope so13:49
c0mputerjrib, it does13:49
c0mputerjrib, thats how i'm on it now.13:49
raubc0mputer: anything insteresting in dmesg perhaps?13:49
c0mputerjrib, recovery cosnole man.13:49
vfwc0mputer: Oh, sorry forgot13:49
coz_hey guys, 12.04 and previous I was able to use  this command   ` python -c "import gtk; gtk.recent_manager_get_default().purge_items()"` to clear recent documen ts. it no longer works on 12.10, or 13.04..anyone have a differnt command for this?13:49
c0mputerraub, nothing particular. some iptables deny and thats it13:49
jribc0mputer: you said you were booting recovery mode.  Is that not true?13:50
tomreync0mputer: what does df -h    say?13:50
c0mputerjrib, i am using the browser based recovery console to access the VPS in recovery mode.13:50
c0mputerjrib, i don't think i can be more clear than that13:50
jribc0mputer: ok, maybe you misunderstood my question.  Can't you boot the machine as normal (i.e. not recovery mode) and get a console on the machine?13:51
TotentagCtrl+Scroll to rescale Firefox on Windows. Is there a quick shortcut to do so on Ubuntu? I haven't found it.13:51
c0mputerjrib, nope.13:52
jribc0mputer: ok13:52
c0mputerits some java based vpn thing if that matters13:52
BluesKajctrl - , ctrl+ . Totentag13:52
TotentagThanks, Blues.13:52
c0mputerjrib, actually... now i can.13:53
vfwTotentag: Ctrl-0  ?13:53
c0mputerda fuqqq13:53
c0mputerproblem fixed itself? fuck the cloud.13:53
c0mputeryep. i can totally ssh in now, no problems. -_-13:53
BluesKajc0mputer, watch the language please13:54
vfwTotentag: Ctrl +  bigger Ctrl -  smaller  Ctrl 0  reset13:54
TotentagI've always been more bothered by a problem fixing itself then me not finding a solution at all...13:54
c0mputeryeah i'm not thrilled about it13:54
ubuntuw1204raub: i have a dell vostro laptop will upgrading every 6 months be ok will the newer kernel version suport this laptop?13:55
Skyrid3rHia everyone13:55
codephobicHi, I'm having a strange problem with gedit, within Ubuntu 12 (I've not managed to replicate the problem in debian squeeze), where if I create a css file and try to create a rule for P {}, as soon as I place the cursor within the {} and press TAB, the application crashes and I have to start again.13:55
vfwc0mputer: what was the report from nmap while it was broken?13:56
codephobicI suspect it is a conflict with some auto-complete plugin, but I don't really know.13:56
jValentinI have a computer that is now giving me the grub bootloader, where it wasn't doing this previously.  Is there any reason this would start doing this suddenly?13:56
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jribcodephobic: you should say "12.04" or "12.10".  Even better, you should mention the version of gedit13:56
=== wcchandl1r is now known as wcchandler
codephobicjrib, ubuntu 12.10, default gedit version with auto-complete and bracket matching plugins13:57
c0mputervfw, workstations here at work are windows13:57
vfwjValentin: What was it doing previously (if it wasn't giving you the grub bootloader)?13:57
vfwc0mputer: o13:57
jribc0mputer: did you try disabling the plug-ins?  Try running gedit from a shell and see if there's interesting output?13:57
jribcodephobic: did you try disabling the plug-ins?  Try running gedit from a shell and see if there's interesting output?13:57
jValentinvfw: it was just booting up to the login screen13:57
vfw!grub | jValentin13:58
ubottujValentin: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)13:58
EaglemanWhen i am making a snapshot of my guest OS with libvirt create snapshot, it takes about a few minutes ti complete when the system is offline. This used to take about 3 seconds max. Any idea why it is so slow?13:58
jValentinI don't use this computer, so I'm not sure if anything was installed or messed with to change the default behavior. I do prefer to just hide the grub bootloader menu and just defaault to the first option.13:59
tomreynEagleman: what are you using for storing the VMs? files? LVs?13:59
termospullo_hey guys any suggestions, should I go with ubuntu and install cinnamon, or mint13:59
vfwtermospullo_: What?14:00
Eaglemantomreyn, qcow214:00
Skyrid3rI've been trying to install ubuntu for the past 2 hours14:00
Skyrid3rI failed doing so..14:00
jribtermospullo_: try both and use what you prefer14:00
vfwtermospullo_: I recommend xubuntu or lubuntu  but the choice is yours.14:00
Skyrid3rWubi Startup Error, wubildr.mbr File Missing14:01
Skyrid3rWubi is not exactly, good.. is it.. :-\14:01
tomreynEagleman: is the file system the image files are stored on roughly 90% (or more) full?14:01
termospullo_well I tried mint and had some problems with nvidia drivers, any change that ubuntu might have better hw support14:01
Skyrid3rI see multiple people having issues with it14:01
Eaglemantomreyn 50%14:01
tomreynSkyrid3r: better use virtualbox and run ubuntu in a VM14:01
vfwtermospullo_: And the main reason I recommend xubuntu or lubuntu is that it takes less resources to run them.  lubuntu being the least14:01
Eaglemantomreyn, not sure when the snapshot is going14:01
Skyrid3rI already have tomreyn .. Though I prefer speed atm..14:01
Skyrid3rVM is rather, slowish.14:01
Skyrid3rI just like to install Ubuntu on my External HDD.14:02
Skyrid3rDoesn't matter if I format the partition in EX3... It still won't detect it, besides the whole hdd.. rather than the partition.14:02
k1lwubi :(14:02
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Skyrid3rI just want to install Ubuntu as dual boot :p14:03
Skyrid3rIs that so hard to ask ^^14:03
k1lSkyrid3r: no need for wubi then14:03
vfwSkyrid3r: You need partitions, (at least two).   ext4 is my recommendation for fs type14:03
=== Nomad__ is now known as Guest79729
Skyrid3rYea, the partition manager I used only had ext3.. so I used that :p14:03
tomreynEagleman: so ext* becomes slow then the file system is getting full. other possible reasons: high load, likely I/O or CPU by the time you are snapshotting. failing hardware (HDD).14:03
Skyrid3rbut for some reason the ubuntu installation only found the entire hdd.14:03
Skyrid3rOf which, I didn't want.14:03
k1ltermospullo_: mint uses own handling with drivers and stuff. so better ask them for mint specific issues14:03
vfwSkyrid3r: And I agree with k1l, on a regular install rather than wubi14:04
Skyrid3rIf wuby is having so many issues, why is it on the front page14:04
Skyrid3rJust curious.14:04
k1lSkyrid3r: its for making windows users an easy testing possibility14:04
Eaglemantomreyn, cpu is idle most of the time, it looks the snapshot is written to a 80% full SSD, this should be going very fast14:04
diverdudeWhenever i need to do a sudo task i need to write password. I made a stupid mistake to use my personal password on a machine which others will be using, so I was hoping i could somehow change the sudo password. Is that possible, and how?14:05
vfwSkyrid3r: We did not say that wubi was having some issues.14:05
Skyrid3rYou can't test something that doesn't work properly though.14:05
k1lSkyrid3r: make a real install from live-usb or live-cd14:05
Skyrid3rThat's the thing k1l14:05
star_!hi there14:05
ubottustar_: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».14:05
jribdiverdude: the password is just your user's password.  Change your user's password14:05
Skyrid3rIt only detects the entire HDD14:05
Skyrid3rI want to install it on a specific partition14:05
Skyrid3rnot format my HDD.14:05
k1lSkyrid3r: wubi ist for installing into the windows. it doesnt install anywhere than that14:05
Skyrid3rEither way, I'll be back a bit later, thanks. have to go outside for a bit14:06
vfwSkyrid3r: Don't use Enter for puncuation.14:06
jribdiverdude: but why do you want to change it?  Are you going to give others your password?  Why don't you just create their own user accounts?14:06
k1lSkyrid3r: so use a live-cd or -usb for installing on external hdd.14:06
tomreynEagleman: so investigate the other possible issues. also if the 80% is before the image was written and when the image is done it's at 97% then this can be why.14:06
diverdudejrib, aha, so just passwd myusername ?14:07
Noorideen"dir -r | more" what does this command do?14:07
jribdiverdude: if you want to change your password, yes.14:07
diverdudejrib,great, thx :)14:07
=== wedgwood_away is now known as wedgwood
jribNoorideen: try it :)  (and you can read « man dir »)14:07
Eaglemantomreyn, any idea where the snapshot file is placed?14:08
Noorideenoh i always forget to right man14:08
tomreynEagleman: no, sorry. i never used this option.14:08
tomreynEagleman: chances are this is configured somewhere in /etc/libvirt*14:09
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=== Toten|Testing is now known as Totentag
codephobicjrib, just tried out the shell suggestion - http://pastebin.com/zFddSWg614:09
jribcodephobic: you disabled the plug-ins?14:10
codephobicjrib, I'll try that now.14:11
codephobicjrib, it's definitely a plugin issue. I disabled all the plugins and there was no crash when I repeated my steps.14:13
jribcodephobic: now figure out which one, then go look for a new version of it.  If it doesn't exist either find an alternative, give up on the plug-in, or fix it :)14:13
codephobicjrib, I'll try enabling them, one-by-one, see if it's specific to a plugin or just to something that a few are built-upon14:13
jribcodephobic: use binary search!14:14
ubuntuw1204linux mint or ubutnu14:14
jribubuntuw1204: try both and use what you prefer14:15
Piciubuntuw1204: This is #ubuntu, what do you think we're going to say?14:15
codephobicjrib, gonna go do some chores first. this will require time. back in 2 hours, if you're around :)14:15
jribcodephobic: bye :)14:15
codephobicbye :)14:15
ubuntuw120464bit or 32 bit?14:17
Piciubuntuw1204: Whichever your system supports is fine.14:20
ubuntuw1204Pici: both14:20
Piciubuntuw1204: 64 is fine then.14:20
mhsbecHiii. I am using linux mint 13 and cheese 3.2.1 install by default. Please tell me how to update cheese 3.6.2?14:21
ubuntuw1204Pici: will 64 bit drain more battery14:21
Piciubuntuw1204: you shouldn't see a difference either way.14:21
Picimhsbec: We do not support mint here.14:21
Pici!mintsupport | mhsbec14:22
ubottumhsbec: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org14:22
ubuntuw1204mhsbec: upgrade to lm 1414:22
ubuntuw1204mhsbec: bye14:22
ubuntuw1204Pici: yes i actually i never did see any diff, so why 64 bit is there?14:25
Piciubuntuw1204: Because not all computers support 64 bits. And you can't use more than 4 GB of RAM (properly) with 32 bits.14:25
nibblerPici: 4GB limit is not true, due to PAE which is available for decades (feels like)14:26
Picinibbler: Thats why I said 'properly'  PAE still restricts you to 4GB per process.14:26
zykotick9nibbler: PAE is a "hack"...14:26
nibblerbut it used to be a very helpfull hack.... no doubt on the hackiness itself. but "32bit OS can only do 4GB" is wrong.14:27
zykotick9nibbler: Pici used the work "properly", which is accurate.14:27
CogboyAnybody know a good dice program? I'm looking to get into Roleplaying and I can't seem to find the program I need in the USC.14:28
CogboyIs there a way I can get my terminal to do it?14:28
zykotick9!info rolldice14:29
ubotturolldice (source: rolldice): A virtual dice roller. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.10-5 (quantal), package size 11 kB, installed size 72 kB14:29
Pici!info |rolldice14:29
Noorideenhow to create a bootable usb stick?14:30
kristijonashello, is it possible (is there a safe way) to hide system folders/files  from non-sudoers?14:30
histo!usb | Noorideen14:30
ubottuNoorideen: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent14:30
nibblerNoorideen: unetbootin, or just download grml iso and dd it to a usb stick14:30
histokristijonas: chmod o= /path/to/file14:30
nibblerkristijonas: this does not hide the file, but the contents, and right to enter (if its a folder)14:31
Noorideennibbler: i am new to ubuntu i wanna install for the first time, but i ran out of dvds i am on windows atm14:31
ubuntuw1204nibbler: grml?14:31
NickCellhi all, there is specific channel to Ubunt for fones ???14:31
histonibbler: Why would you suggest grml in here?14:31
nibblerNoorideen: then follow the link ubottu gave you14:31
histo!phone > NickCell14:31
ubottuNickCell, please see my private message14:31
nibblerhisto: its the easiest and fastest way that popped into my mind.14:31
GeekSquidCogboy: after you have installed rolldice... type man rolldice and you will see how to communicate with it to "roll the dice"14:31
kristijonasnibbler, I want regular user to be able to access only /home/user folders.14:32
nibblerkristijonas: they will need some system folders.... for their programs/scripts/libraries14:32
histonibbler: I believe he's asking howto make a ubuntu usb since this is #ubuntu14:32
nibblerkristijonas: a standard ubuntu install should be just save. use "bastille" to harden it14:32
nibblerhisto: he clarified this afterwards14:32
rasha666how can i access windows shared files??14:33
rasha666how can i access windows shared files??14:33
rasha666how can i access windows shared files??14:34
histo!samba | rasha66614:34
ubotturasha666: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.14:34
tomreyn!repeat | rasha66614:34
ubotturasha666: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/14:34
historasha666: You should just be able to browse network places in nautilus on a default install I believe though.14:34
CogboyExcellent, that works great. than you14:35
Cogboythank you14:35
Noorideenwill this work? http://www.ubuntu.com/download/help/create-a-usb-stick-on-windows14:36
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icirausHello, am new to ubuntu and IRC. what is the purpose for this channel? support, social life? are there any rules for the chat i should know about?14:37
MonkeyDusticiraus  ubuntu support, type /topic14:37
ubottuThe official ubuntu support channel is #ubuntu. Also see http://ubuntu.com/support and http://ubuntuforums.org and http://askubuntu.com14:37
nibbleri installed anroid-tools-adb and android-tools-fastboot, but only the first finds my device. ny hint?14:38
histoiciraus: also check the topic14:38
BluesKajand coc14:38
ubottuThe Ubuntu Code of Conduct is a community etiquette document to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere | http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/conduct  | For information on how to electronically sign the CoC, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SigningCodeofConduct | Watch http://static.screencasts.ubuntu.com/videos/2010/12/22/004-SigningCoC.ogv14:38
histonibbler: Might want to ask in #android also fast boot only works with some devicess14:38
nibblerhisto: thanks14:39
ubuntunubhi i'm with ubuntu 12.04 and my VGA is Sapphire HD 7850. I have installed drivers from "additional drivers" and now i have watermark to the down right side of the sreen. How can i remove it ?14:39
histoubuntunub: can you post a screen shot14:39
histo!paste | ubuntunub14:39
ubottuubuntunub: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:39
icirausThanks, i will start reading right away.14:39
=== dous_ is now known as dous
ubuntunubdon't know about a screen shot but it is like this http://imagebin.org/24681114:41
virhilothis is recomented ppa for mplayer with vaapi support? https://launchpad.net/~sander-vangrieken/+archive/vaapi seems like not too frequently updated14:43
=== romain__ is now known as R0ma1n
ubuntunubcan you help me about the problem with the watermark?14:44
histoubuntunub: http://askubuntu.com/questions/25519/how-to-remove-amd-unsupported-hardware-without-reinstalling-the-driver14:44
histoubuntunub: Also keep in mind you're using a non supported driver. The issue is with the driver not ubuntu14:45
ubuntunubhisto i don't know how to save this file i got a massege i have no rights to save it14:45
=== dziegler is now known as dziegler_off
tcroutoubuntunub: what folder are u saving in14:46
ubuntunubi tried etc14:47
tcroutosave somewhere in your /home/NAME folder14:47
ubuntunubok thx14:47
tcroutoetc requires root privileges14:47
ubuntunubi tried in home and i get error again14:47
tcroutowhat is the error14:48
ubuntunubYou do not have the permissions necessary to save the file. Please check that you typed the location correctly and try again.14:48
ubuntuw1204why is debian considered more stable?14:48
histoubuntuw1204: It's not14:49
maslenHey, can someone help me with the CVE process? I found a (remotely triggered) DoS in a package distributed with Ubuntu ?14:49
histo!opinion | ubuntuw120414:49
ubottuubuntuw1204: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.14:49
tcroutoubuntunub: if you are logged in as your normal user, saving in your home folder will work14:49
nibblerubuntuw1204: it usuall is a tradeoff between more recent software vs. more tested software.....14:49
histomaslen: In which package?14:49
SolarisBoymaslen: what are you looking to do report it, patch it, etc?14:50
maslenhisto: wireshark14:50
ubuntunubtcrouto i am with normal user with password14:50
YokoBRhey guys, is there any way to get xserver 1.12 running on quantal?14:50
nibblerYokoBR: its about old ati drivers?14:50
maslenSolarisBoy: I can definitely report it, I have a POC, and I would be able to guess on how to patch it, but that might be better for someone more experienced at dev14:50
YokoBRnibbler, yep14:50
nibblerYokoBR: https://launchpad.net/~makson96/+archive/fglrx14:50
ubuntunuboh i save it in home/user/documents14:51
histomaslen: How?14:51
YokoBRnibbler, i've tryed that and it messed up with my system.14:51
nibblerYokoBR: thats what i did today - besides my too-new kernel it worked like a charm. using PPAs needs trust in their creators.... are you on 12.10 with default kernel?14:51
maslenhisto: I created a custom packet with scapy, send it over, and then wireshark spins its wheels.14:51
tcroutoubuntunub: sounds like your home directory has screwed up permissions. the entire folder should be writable by you14:51
ubuntunubtcrouto: how to fix the home folder ?14:52
YokoBRnibbler, my kernel is 3.7.0-7, and i've xorg-edgers ppa14:52
histomaslen: you may want to try #wireshark14:52
maslenhisto: That place has been useless :(14:52
YokoBRnibbler, i've disabled it and followed that makson96 ppa14:52
nibblerYokoBR: there was some change in the kernel sources, thats why your fglrx-legacy is not building, easy to fix14:52
MonkeyDustYokoBR  that kernel and PPAs are not supported14:52
histomaslen: Well I don't have a way to pass you packet or the time. Have you filed a bug report?14:53
tcroutoubuntunub: go into a terminal and type: ls -l14:53
=== harry is now known as Guest27963
YokoBRnibbler, sure! it's stuck at the building of the module14:53
tcroutopastebin if you need to14:53
YokoBRnibbler, is there anyway to downgrade my kernel so?14:53
maslenhisto: Not yet. I'm interested in getting a CVE, and since I don't know the procedure, I wasn't sure if that would be considered a 'public release' that would disqualify it.14:53
maslen(I am really, really new to this. Can you tell?)14:53
SolarisBoyyou can't downgrade/upgrade kernels but you can install and remove them, and you can choose which kernel to use of installed ones at boot time14:54
nibblerYokoBR: nah, its easier, just patch the sources, give me a second14:54
ubuntunubtcrouto: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1658050/14:54
YokoBRnibbler, thank you so much. I've been trying this for weeks or months, i guess14:55
histomaslen: I don't understand by what you mean "interested in getting a CVE"14:55
nibblerYokoBR: cd /var/lib/dkms/fglrx-legacy/ ; sed -i 's/VM_RESERVED/VM_DONTEXPAND | VM_DONTDUMP/g' firegl_public.c*; # this is  a dirty hack, which would hve to be reexecuted if either your kernel or the fglrx-legacy packages change14:55
tcroutoubuntunub, what is it you are trying to save, and what steps are you performing to do so14:55
=== unix is now known as megha
histomaslen: https://www.wireshark.org/lists/wireshark-bugs/14:56
ubuntuw1204which is the best laptop to run ubutnu14:57
YokoBRnibbler, are you kidding me?! i can't believe i've lost so many hours doing this! Thank you so much!14:57
maslenubuntuw1204: There are companies that manufacture hardware that are designed for linux. It might be worthwhile to look into those.14:57
CatbuntuHow do the daily builds work?14:58
CatbuntuDo I have to reinstall it each time that the daily image is updated?14:58
CatbuntuOr do the updates come to the update manager?14:58
ubottuDaily builds of the CD images of the current development version of Ubuntu are available at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/14:58
nibblerYokoBR: afterwards: dpkg-reconfigure fglrx-legacy; # to rebuild initrd. took me some time to figure out, believe me ;-)14:58
MonkeyDustCatbuntu  why do you want to use daily builds, if you don't know what it is?14:59
histoCatbuntu: updates come to the update manager.14:59
BluesKajyes after installing the daily build tyhe updtaesand upgrades can be installed from the repositories with the package manager, Catbuntu14:59
CatbuntuI know what they are, I just don't know if only the images are updated as they're a development rrelease.14:59
CatbuntuOk, thanks.14:59
nibblerYokoBR: its this mess with these proprietary drivers :( i wish my hdmi would work in the radeon driver14:59
maslenhisto: So is my first step to just post it on the wireshark bug tracker?14:59
=== predator217 is now known as predator117
histomaslen: I'm not sure what you are trying to accomplish. If you'd like to see it fixed. Yes I would file a bug.15:00
maslenhisto: I would also like for this bug to be assigned a CVE number.15:00
histomaslen: I'm not sure how that happens.15:01
maslenhisto: ah.15:01
yourimym1hello there i've installed ununtu alongside windows in 15 GB , but now i want to resize it and make it bigger by tacking space from another logical driver to add it to ext4 ubuntu drive is that possible ?15:01
YokoBRnibbler, my problem is that i have hybrid amd/amd apu/gpu, and i can't enable the discrete gpu since i have a muxless system and the open source driver can't handle it15:01
histomaslen: This page has info.15:01
YokoBRnibbler, but at least i'll play Diablo III. I hope i will.15:01
jusrThe cable that runs information from the pc to the monitor is missing a pin at the end of one of the connections. I notice the pc will take 5/5/5 the cable has 5/4/5 is that why the monitor does not work?15:02
histomaslen: https://cve.mitre.org/about/faqs.html15:02
mybrainlagUbuntu is a bitch15:03
histojusr: Is the pin broken or just missing originally? Not all of them are needed.15:03
histojusr: but certain ones are.15:03
mybrainlagsiema !15:03
mybrainlagjacys anglicy kurde15:03
mybrainlagPOLONIA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!15:03
FloodBot1mybrainlag: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:03
histojusr: for instance pin 9 in the middle row is a key pin not needed.15:04
histojusr: the others are grounds15:04
Svennyany idea when the ubuntu phone will be released?15:05
Pici!phone | Svenny15:05
ubottuSvenny: Ubuntu for phone has been announced, see http://www.ubuntu.com/devices/phone to find out more and to sign up for progress updates. Discussion is in #ubuntu-phone15:05
Svennythank you!15:05
YokoBRnibbler, do i have to do that hack before or after installing fglrx-legacy?15:06
emarnaui love this auto join channel feature in pidgin15:06
emarnaumakes it sooo easy15:07
jusrcan someone direct me to a pc repair channel?15:07
Picijusr: ##hardware perhaps?15:07
nibblerYokoBR: after installing it. it drops the sources to said directory (version number might change in the future?). then you patch his sources as this symbol was removed from the kernel, and then you use the dpkg-reconfigure to trigger the rebuild of the modules, initrd etc15:07
yourimym1hello there i've installed ununtu alongside windows in 15 GB , but now i want to resize it and make it bigger by tacking space from another logical driver to add it to ext4 ubuntu drive is that possible ?15:08
YokoBRnibbler, oh i see. Thank you :D15:08
BluesKajyourimym1, as long as you can expand the target drive into a space beside it15:09
histoyourimym1: Yes boot to the install cd and use gparted to resize the unmounted drive15:10
MonkeyDustyourimym1  type sudo fdisk -l|pastebinit and paste the url here in the channel, see we can see15:10
histoyourimym1: ^^^^^^^ pastebinit15:10
histojusr: #hardware ?15:12
nibblerYokoBR: if you had googled for the first error message of the cli output upon installation of fglrx-legacy you would have gotten some pointers by the way.15:12
YokoBRnibbler, i have such a poor english :/ sometimes i can't understand what some things mean15:13
tcroutoyourimym1: use -l, not -i :)15:13
MonkeyDustyourimym1  sudo fdisk -l        -l for list15:13
histoyourimym1: or lsblk15:13
yourimym1empty http://paste.ubuntu.com/1658152/15:13
tcroutoyourimym1, sudo is needed15:14
MonkeyDustyourimym1  sudo15:14
MonkeyDustyourimym1  ok, now sudo fdisk -l|pastebinit15:15
histoyourimym1: just type lsblk15:16
histoyourimym1: You could resize 7 and extend 8 into that space15:17
histoyourimym1: your media F drive15:17
yourimym1i want from E:15:17
MonkeyDustyourimym1  linux does not use C: D: or E: as disk indicators15:19
histoyourimym1: Did you use LVM when you installed?15:19
yourimym1no didnt use LVM15:19
tcroutoMonkeyDust, you can see what drive letters are assigned to the partitions in his lsblk output15:19
=== Guest69775 is now known as tm
MonkeyDusttcrouto  correct, i missed that pastebin15:20
yourimym1so what tool to use , is it fast also ?15:21
histoyourimym1: I guess technically you could but not easily. You'd have to create an LVM container putting sda8 in there and then resizing and adding others it would just be a nightmare. Vs. just resizing the end of z and giving the space to 815:21
MonkeyDustyourimym1  how did you partition that drive?15:21
yourimym1using ubuntu while installing it15:22
yourimym1i think it was lvm15:23
MonkeyDustyourimym1  you just need swap , /home and /15:23
dfghUserA owns directory DirA. Inside DirA, FileB is owned by UserB. UserA should be able to remove and write to this file. E.g. UserA is able to edit FileB with vim and write (:w!). But why can't UserA do echo "hello" > fileB (permission denied)?15:23
dekroningI would like to install the same java version i'm running on my Mac OSX, I think it's the Oracle one, is there a way to install this on ubuntu while using apt ?15:23
dekroningis there like a stable upstream?15:23
tcroutodfgh, create a group that A and B are both in, then chown FileB with that group15:24
yourimym1is there easy way to do the resize ?15:24
emarnauhow would you interpret his out put15:25
emarnaulibqt4-dbus : Depends: libqt4-xml (= 4:4.8.1-0ubuntu4.3) but 4:4.8.1-0ubuntu4.4 is installed15:25
emarnauwould you think it is looking for the older version of the software?15:25
histoyourimym1: Not the way you want to. The easy way is to shirnk the end of 7 and add it to 8.15:25
MonkeyDustdekroning  it looks like the repos contain java 4.6 and 4.715:25
cogboyI have a questiong regarding flash player15:25
emarnauand saying that the newer software in only installed?15:25
yourimym1okay then instruction plz15:26
histoyourimym1: Boot to the installation cd and run gparted to resize.15:26
=== LaserShark is now known as LaserShark|dead
MonkeyDustyourimym1  do you have important data on your pc? backup them first!15:26
cogboyI have noticed that when I try to use my webcam a website like tinychat or omegle, when the flash prompt comes up, it freezes and prevents me from allowing15:27
cogboyuse of my webcam15:27
dfghtcrouto: thank you, and I actually know that. But I'm wondering why I'm experiencing this inconsistency. The owner of the dir *should* be able to modify files, regardless of the file's owner, right? It works with vim, but not with something like echo or touch15:27
cogboy but it works fine on Cheese15:27
=== kilopopo is now known as linuxuz3r
=== romain__ is now known as R0ma1n
yourimym1monkeydust: next step plz15:28
cogboySo, my webacm works and has the right driver, but the issue is with flash15:29
linuxuz3rhow do i change my nick name in xchat?15:30
MonkeyDustyourimym1  after you backed up, my advice is to erase all and start over partitioning15:30
navetzis there anyway to reconfigure eclipse?  mine is so slow and I have a very fast machine one 12.1015:30
YokoBRnibbler, i've got an error15:30
llutzlinuxuz3r: click into the field showing the nick, change it15:30
histoyourimym1: I guess you could resize the end of /dev/sda6; then move /dev/sda7 to the begining; then grow /dev/sda8 to the freespace.  If you have a lot of data keep in mind it all has to move.15:30
histoyourimym1: I would also make sure that your NTFS partitions are defragged first.15:31
craigbass1976I have thousands of files in the trash that I have to restore, and ubuntu chokes when I try it, even just a few at a time.  Can I just mv ~/.local/share/Trash/files/* ~/some-other-dir/ ?15:31
yourimym1histo: i'd rather ur way , how is that15:31
YokoBRnibbler, "File /user/share/apport/package-hooks/dkms_packages.py, line 22 in <module> import apport" Error, No module named apport15:31
histoyourimym1: this would all take a long time.15:31
linuxuz3rllutz, is this permanent change?15:31
MonkeyDustyourimym1  starting over would be faster and more efficient15:31
histoyourimym1: It would probably chug along for several hours dependant on how much data.15:31
tcroutodfgh: ah, i read that wrong. yes the owner of the folder should be able to modify files. but i think when you echo like you are doing, the echo "string" > file command is overwriting the contents of the file, not editing the file like in vim.15:31
llutzlinuxuz3r: no, just for the session. press ctrl-s and edit server/network-settings for permanent change15:32
histocould take overnight15:32
yourimym1what if am tacking free-space !15:32
histoyourimym1: What free space?15:32
linuxuz3rllutz, i use xchat gnome15:32
histoyourimym1: You have unpartitioned space still?15:32
yourimym1i mean free space from previous drive !15:32
llutzlinuxuz3r: sudo apt-get install xchat     then :)15:32
yourimym1or unpartioned space ?15:32
codephobicjrib, back again... I've managed to somehow mess-up the intelligent autocomplete word/bracket, plugin... It no longer loads when I launch gedit in gksu mode from terminal - http://pastebin.com/bH5fB4WK15:32
YokoBRnibble, nevermind, googled it :)15:33
dfghtcrouto: yes, my wording was a bit messy. thank you for confirming!15:33
tcroutodfgh: you are welcome. possibly try 'echo "string" >> file. to append instead15:33
yourimym1i will decrese the partion size from hiren boot cd , and add it under ubuntu os15:33
ChrisWereHi, whever I play a Youtube video in a playlist the video goes black when switching from another video in the playlist. This happens on multiple browsers and has just started happening since an upgrade. Any ideas on how to fix it?15:34
histoyourimym1: Keep in mind if something goes wrong you will lose data.15:34
MonkeyDustyourimym1  hence: backup15:35
nibblerYokoBR: i have no idea how you got this error, and i have less of an idea what wicked path this is, its called /usr (unix system resources) and not /user..... so unless you provide a lot more info i cant help. use nopaste15:35
dfghtcrouto: I tried but got permission denied, so I can't say I completely understand this behavior :) a side note: editing with vim causes a read-only warning, though it works, but the ownership changes to the user that edits (the user that owns the dir).15:36
YokoBRnibbler, i've installed python-apport, and now i get "error (dkms apport): kernel package is not supported"15:36
YokoBRnibbler, i mean, error (dkms apport): kernel package linux-headers-3.7.0-7-generic is not supported15:36
tcroutodfgh, ok then. vim seems to allow permissions to be overwritten, echo doesnt :)15:37
nibblerYokoBR: you are running a non-standard kernel (3.7) - and some packages don't support this. i run ati drivers on 3.7, so i was able to help - but for this one i wish you good luck but can't help no more. and i guess this channel won't be too helpfull - as its not ubuntu problems you are having15:37
YokoBRnibbler, okay! Thanks anyway!15:38
tcroutodfgh: you could always use sudo for the times u need echo, then chown the file back to the owner you want it to be15:38
yourimym1so i take space from sd7 and but it on sd8 ?!?15:38
ChrisWereWhen I play a Youtube video in a playlist the video goes black when automatically switching from another video in the playlist. This happens on multiple browsers and has just started happening since an upgrade. Any ideas on how to fix it? Or any heard of this problem because I can't find anything online?15:39
yao_ziyuanwant a text editor as easy as gedit but can process larger-than-memory text files. any idea?15:39
MonkeyDustyao_ziyuan  abiword15:40
zykotick9yao_ziyuan: learning either vi or emacs will do you well in the long run.  just saying.15:40
yourimym1what about using gpart app15:41
MonkeyDustyourimym1  backup first and explore gparted, see what you can do with it15:42
Chansharkhey does anyone know the version of ubuntu its like ubuntudark or somthing15:42
yourimym1is that may affect my OS ?15:42
MonkeyDustChanshark  darkbuntu, but it's nnot supported here15:43
Chansharkoh ok15:43
yourimym1or kde partion manger is better ?15:43
Chansharki was just wonding what kinds of ubuntu was out their and which is for me15:43
MonkeyDustyourimym1  you have some studying to :)15:43
MonkeyDustto do*15:43
ChansharkMonkeyDust:  which ubuntu should i install (also do you rember me :))15:44
yourimym1gparted allready installed but wanna to know the problems i will have to solve later15:44
=== linuxthefish is now known as linuxthefish`
MonkeyDustyourimym1  don't use the installed gparted, but from a live cd or usb and work from there15:45
MonkeyDustbut = boot*15:45
phunyguy-mChanshark, that is up to you to choose.15:45
MonkeyDustChanshark  whichever version or fork you like most, not all are supported here15:46
BluesKajyourimym1,  suggest you burn gparted to media like a cd , and us that to do your partitioning , if someone hasn't already suggested it15:46
yourimym1am thinking about resize sd7 about 10 gb and make it free space ,unallocated space, and add it to sd815:46
yourimym1ps my cdrom is not avaliable right now15:46
Chansharkalso if i just run ubuntu off a disk will it just burn up my disk (what im asking is should i duel boot or live cd or vm)15:46
MonkeyDustBluesKaj  ot: i'm going to a local blues pub today, try to make you and/or kevin breit play here, other side of the atlantic15:47
YokoBRnibbler, this did the trick  sudo ln -s /usr/src/linux-headers-3.7.0-7-generic/include/generated/uapi/linux/version.h /usr/src/linux-headers-3.7.0-7-generic/include/linux/version.h15:47
craigbass1976I have thousands of files in the trash that I have to restore, and ubuntu chokes when I try it, even just a few at a time.  Can I just mv ~/.local/share/Trash/files/* ~/some-other-dir/ ?15:48
BluesKajif you want a permanent install the dual boot is the way , VM is ok , but I've never cared for it , too many glitches , yourimym115:48
nibblerYokoBR: good. still strange about /user15:48
Chansharkwhat about just running it off a live cd15:49
Chansharkover time would that mess up the cd15:49
nibblerChanshark: usb stick is an alternative if you don't want to touch your harddrive. CD is horribly slow in loading stuff etc15:49
nibblernot to mention persistance15:49
codephobicIs there a performance/file-size issue with using notepad++ through wine in Ubuntu 12.10?15:49
drmagooIs it possible to encrypt the /-partition (root) on a allready installed system or do I need to reinstall ?15:50
codephobicI'm having problems with gedit and bracket-completion for css files, so trying notepad++ instead.15:50
BluesKajMonkeyDust, Kevin's been all around the world , I may be seeing his nephews in afew days and I'll pass on the message ..get back to about it when I get an response from him15:50
tomreynChanshark: the installer won't overwrite your existing partitions unless you ask it to do so. whether you want to run ubuntu for testing (live cd / virtual machine / wubi) or make a bare metal installation (dual-boot or removing the previous system) is also up to you.15:50
BluesKajerr a response15:50
nibblerdrmagoo: there is no easy way.... but with a second harddisk (usb etc) it can be done quiet easily if you know your way round linux15:51
Chansharktomreyn:  i had a bad experice with linux about a mounth ago and im trying it again so i dont know it i want to install it yet (i bricked up my hhd)15:51
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drmagoonibbler> move data to second disc with dd, encrypt partiotion and move data back ?15:52
ChrisWereHi, whever I play a Youtube video in a playlist the video goes black when switching from another video in the playlist. This happens on multiple browsers and has just started happening since an upgrade. Any ideas on how to fix it?15:52
tomreynChanshark: which distribution was it, what did you try to do then, and what does "bricked up my hdd" mean, did the HDD break physically to the point you needed to dump it)?15:52
BluesKaj, time to push some snow ...BBL15:53
nibblerdrmagoo: just with cp instead of dd. oh, and if you use loop-aes there is online-encrytion for this http://loop-aes.sourceforge.net/loop-AES.README15:53
nibblerdrmagoo: but this needs way more work, so a place to copy your files to is usually easier. anyway: normally its enough to backup /home, /root and /etc, reinstall, copy back /home and /root and on a per-file basis (if at all) /etc15:54
Chansharktomreyn:  well i was was duel booting with ubuntu and i choose i was going to run it on a flash-drive instead but when i patisioned over my hhd in win 7 to get the room back grub did not install and it went into recovery mode with no commands and my screen was locked on it (i know its user error)15:54
YokoBRnibbler, installed well, builded that module, but black screen. I guess i'll give up. :(15:54
Chansharkafter the word grub15:55
allu2Hello, i have trouble getting unity work properly, on login the unity panel and the unity launcher wont show up, compiz is running and auto start programs start as should, i've tried resetting unity by using rm on config dirs and with unity-reset from ppa, no help. i have Radeon 7750 and fglrx-updates as drivers, Ubuntu 12.1015:56
nibblerYokoBR: the fglrx-legacy? so your ubuntu boots up fine, but then it turns black? at what point?15:56
allu2i can get unity to show up if i run unity from terminal after the desktop has loaded15:56
YokoBRat login screen15:57
Deluxwhen I try to load Ubuntu Server on a new multiple drive system it keeps trying to load the GRUB loader on sda. It is better to just load the OS on sda to avoid problems or can I point it to another drive or even a USB flash drive?15:57
YokoBRnibbler, at login screen. I did that dpkg-reconfigure fglrx-legacy15:57
Chansharkalso tomreyn also i think another problem i had with ubuntu was that my wireless adapter does not work on it15:57
nibblerYokoBR: (no)paste full output15:57
drmagoonibbler > the problem is that /home and another folder is already setup as diffrent encrypted partitions. I'm also using mdadm for softraid.. so in order for mdadm to load on boot I had to leave root unencrypted...15:58
tomreynChanshark: try whether it works on live cd / usb15:58
drmagoonibbler > I want to correct that now15:58
Chansharktomreyn:  i know it does not work  because i tried to get it to work when i was duel booting with ubuntu15:59
YokoBRnibbler, one does not simply paste's his output since his screen is black.16:00
nibblerdrmagoo: if you have multiple partitions, given that / usually is just a few GB in size, it should be quiet easy to accomplish, i can give you a rough walk throu if you want... but it will require some knowledge on linux on your side16:00
nibblerYokoBR: it turned black while/right after the dpkg-reconfigure?16:01
YokoBRnibbler, nope, after reboot16:01
drmagoonibbler > I like to think that I have that ;) so please go ahead... you can privmsg if you like16:01
YokoBRnibbler, dpkg-reconfigure went right, no error messages16:01
tomreynChanshark: then try to get help here on making the wireless work, and then go for dual-boot again, i'd say. see you later, i need to leave.16:02
YokoBRnibbler, i'll get into recovery mode and do an "aticonfig --f --initial16:02
benoit__ /msg nickserv identify LtWnHnNt16:02
Chansharkwell what i have been told is to get a different wireless adapter16:03
nibblerdrmagoo: 1. MAKE BACKUPS!!11!... then... boot from usb stick/cd, so you can wreck your partition. decrypt/mount your partitions somewhere under /mnt. use df -h to find some space to dump the files of /. so go cp -ax /mnt/rootfs /mnt/spare-or-partially-empty-partition. by now you have a backup, so you reconfigure your / to be encrypted (umount, cryptsetup, mkfs, mount) make sure to have a small partition in cleartext for /boot. then16:04
nibblercopy back the files, cp -ax /mnt/backupfoo/rootfs/ /mnt/cryptedroot. move the files from /boot to the new partition you use for that. make some entries to /etc/crypttab and run initramfs-update -u -k all to regenerate the initramfs to include decryption support.16:04
nibblerYokoBR: also investigate on /var/log/Xorg.*.log16:05
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drmagoonibbler > I dont have to worry about the "other" encrypted partitions then ? With keys and such ?16:05
EaglemanWhen will libvirt 1.0.1 be in the repository's and how can i use it now?16:06
nibblerdrmagoo: well.... i hope you have your keys for those? using LUKS? just add another key, generated from head -c32 /dev/random > /etc/keyfile - and have them mounted by key-file during boot automatically (depends on /etc/crypttab config) - oh, and /etc/fstab needs adjustment, for the root device, as its name might change in the restructuring16:07
SystemHey all16:07
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=== Guest73536 is now known as |System|
drmagoonibbler > Ok... sounds to easy... But I dont have to much important data yet... so I will give it a try... Thanks =)16:09
nibblerdrmagoo: good luck ;-)16:10
=== IcePee is now known as Guest69912
drmagoonibbler > thank you =)16:10
=== dniMretsaM is now known as dniMretsaM_away
|System|Hey whats up  ?16:10
nibblerdrmagoo: once you are booted from usb, and want to run tools like update-initramfs, grub-install etc, its helpful to use chroot to make the mountpoint your virtual /16:10
EaglemanWhen will libvirt 1.0.1 be in the repository's and how can i use it now?16:11
=== randall is now known as Guest3278
tgm4883Eagleman, libvirt 1.0.2 is already in the repositories, you just have to use raring16:13
drmagoonibbler > =) Will keep that in mind16:14
Deluxwhen I try to load Ubuntu Server on a new multiple drive system it keeps trying to load the GRUB loader on sda. It is better to just load the OS on sda to avoid problems or can I point it to another drive or even a USB flash drive?16:14
tgm4883Delux, sda is probably where grub should go16:15
=== francisco is now known as Guest60673
Deluxso running Ubuntu from a flash drive not advisable?16:16
tgm4883Delux, I think you're confusing what the purpose of the grub boot loader is16:17
tgm4883Delux, when your computer boots, it looks for a boot loader on the first drive (SDA)16:17
tgm4883Delux, so if you want to boot Ubuntu on your flash drive, the bootloader on your computer will need to know about it somehow16:17
tgm4883Delux, since AFAIK, the windows boot loader doesn't do Linux, you'll need to install Grub as your boot loader16:18
allu2Hello, i have trouble getting unity work properly, on login the unity panel and the unity launcher wont show up, compiz is running and auto start programs start as should, i've tried resetting unity by using rm on config dirs and with unity-reset from ppa, no help. i have Radeon 7750 and fglrx-updates as drivers, Ubuntu 12.10. Unity however works perfectly when i start it manually after the desktop is loaded and it should've start already.16:18
tgm4883Delux, now, you could install Grub to your flash drive, but then you'll need a way to tell your computer to use it16:18
EaglemanWhen will libvirt 1.0.1 be in the repository's and how can i use it now?16:19
llutzEagleman: [17:13:24] <tgm4883> Eagleman, libvirt 1.0.2 is already in the repositories, you just have to use raring16:22
llutz!ringtail | Eagleman16:22
ubottuEagleman: Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) will be the 18th release of Ubuntu, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+116:22
Noorideeni need some help how to boot mint from usb16:23
DJones!mint | Noorideen16:23
ubottuNoorideen: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org16:23
Eaglemanllutz, 13.04 isnt released yet?16:23
tgm4883Eagleman, no16:24
llutzEagleman: well we have 13.02, so NO16:24
tgm4883Eagleman, hence the whole 13 being 2013, and 04 being April (4th month)16:24
EaglemanSO how can i get this libvirt package?16:24
tgm4883Eagleman, on what?16:24
silentcodersup guys16:24
silentcoderi fucked up my partition16:24
tgm4883!ohmy | silentcoder16:24
ubottusilentcoder: Please remember that all Ubuntu IRC channels share the same attitude of providing friendly and polite interaction with all users of all ages and cultures. Basically, this means no foul language and no abuse towards others.16:24
silentcoderhow can i access my windows boot files?16:24
tgm4883!windows | silentcoder16:25
Eaglemantgm4883 12.04 LTS16:25
ubottusilentcoder: For discussion on Microsoft software, or help with same, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubottu equivalents16:25
tonikis there such a thing as Ubuntu Chinese Edition?16:25
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tgm4883Eagleman, looks like you'll have to backport it yourself, the ubuntu-virt team appears to only have packages for 0.9.2 for 12.0416:26
R0ma1ntgm4883, those shortcuts via ubottu are so helpful eh ? ;p16:26
tgm4883R0ma1n, yes they are :)16:26
=== dziegler_off is now known as dziegler
qwhelp my please upgrade system know i am use kubuntu 10.04 LTS16:26
DJones!upgrade | qw16:27
ubottuqw: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade16:27
qwupgrade about konsole16:27
tgm4883R0ma1n, now we just need ubottu to parse what is being said and respond accordingly16:27
Eaglemanllutz, i dont quite understand, you were saying the libvirt version i want is in 13.04, However i want to use it now16:27
Skyrid3rOkidoki, I'm back.16:28
tgm4883Eagleman, so you need to backport it then16:28
Eaglemantgm4883, how do i backport something?16:28
Skyrid3rIf I'd like to Install Ubuntu, as a dual-boot, with the selection of W7 / Ubuntu.16:28
tgm4883!backport | Eagleman16:28
ubottuEagleman: If new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging16:28
Skyrid3rWhere does 1 start.16:28
Ben64Skyrid3r: install windows, then install ubuntu16:28
tgm4883Eagleman, you'll need to grab the packaging, see if it builds on 12.04, and then use those packages16:29
wiggmpkor just dont install windows16:29
teleyinexHi everyone16:30
Skyrid3rWindows is already installed :p16:30
teleyinexI'm going to install Ubuntu to my mac16:30
Skyrid3rNow It's ubuntu.16:30
teleyinexand I'm hesitating: 32 or 64 bits?16:30
teleyinexwhat do you recommend?16:30
Ben64if it supports 64, 6416:31
Skyrid3rI however, have a few issues installing Ubuntu.. It only detects my entire HDD, rather than partition.16:31
teleyinexBen64, it supports 6416:31
Skyrid3rMy system supports 64 but I use 32B (Windows)... :p16:31
Skyrid3rI dislike software/driver issues with 64b.16:31
teleyinexbut I was thinking about mplayer and flash16:31
teleyinexSkyrid3r, that's my question16:31
teleyinexnvidia drivers16:31
wiggmpkteleyinex: how much ram do you have?16:31
Guest11358I have two books, one is called Practical UNIX & internet security (third edition ), and the other is the o'reilly Linux in a nutshell (4th edition), could anyone tell me if they're still of any relevance, or if such systems have moved on to make all the technologies in the book obsolete, as they're relatively old books16:31
tgm4883Skyrid3r, 64-bit driver issues?16:31
=== dziegler is now known as dziegler_off
Ben64everything works fine on 6416:31
tgm4883Skyrid3r, those still exist?16:31
Skyrid3rBeats me, but using 64B also gives me blue screens.16:32
teleyinexwell, I think I'm going to try 6416:32
Skyrid3rHaven't figured out what is causing it yet, but I'm good with 32b.16:32
Ben64we're talking about ubuntu 64 bit16:32
wiggmpkteleyinex: i would use 64B, if you ever go over 4GB of RAM you'll need 64bit16:32
teleyinexuse it a while and if I feel something strange go back to 32 :-)16:32
teleyinexI know16:32
teleyinexbut that'll not be a problem16:32
Ben64Skyrid3r: pastebin "sudo fdisk -l"16:32
teleyinexI'm going to use my laptop for developing basically16:32
teleyinexso not a big deal16:33
Skyrid3rYou want me to use a sudo command on a windows system?..16:33
Ben64ubuntu live cd...16:33
Skyrid3rThat makes more sense.16:33
Ben64same cd you would use to install :)16:33
wolftuneanybody can help? I got advice already about how to do reverse vnc with tunneling to do screen-share over the internet, but I have questions about a couple details16:33
teleyinexand 13.04 or 12.1016:34
teleyinexhow stable are they?16:34
teleyinexI mean, how stable is right now 13.0416:34
teleyinexI know is not even in alpha16:34
Skyrid3rOddly enough though.. when I cancel the installation it goes to the live version of ubuntu.16:34
Ben64teleyinex: you just answered your own question16:34
Skyrid3rAll the partitions it sees there (left menu), won't open.16:34
wiggmpkteleyinex: the word alpha should imply instability16:34
DJonesteleyinex: You're better asking that in #ubuntu+1 which is the support channel for unreleased versions16:34
teleyinexwell, I use Aurora everyday without problems :-)16:34
teleyinexjumping to ubutuntu+116:35
teleyinexthanks for the great support guys!16:35
teleyinexamazing community16:35
Skyrid3rI mean, it is possible to install Ubuntu on a partition, right? with other partitions being fat/ntfs.16:35
Skyrid3rNot much of a linux user.16:35
Skyrid3rNow to set a partition to ext4.16:36
Espen___hey, i have a problem installing properitary drivers on ubuntu 12.10, it's stuck at "waiting for required medium, applying changes"16:37
Espen___at both fglrx-updates, and fglrx16:37
=== Espen___ is now known as EspenE
mikehaas763_How would I install a package on 12.10 from the newer beta version of ubuntu?16:38
sergiuddmikehaas763_ double-click, next,next, install16:39
Eaglemantgm4883, i did set it up however: E: Release 'precise-backports' for 'libvirt-bin' was not found16:40
tgm4883Eagleman, you missed what I said after that16:40
tgm4883Eagleman, you'll need to grab the packaging, see if it builds on 12.04, and then use those packages16:40
tgm4883Eagleman, there isn't a package for it yet16:40
sergiuddhow can i know, what index market i can get on ubuntu with my hardware..16:41
sergiuddfor proccesor16:41
EaglemanSo i am unable to install it now ?16:41
mikehaas763_Has anyone install packages from upstream using apt-get ?16:41
tgm4883Eagleman, yes, you are unable to install something that doesn't exist16:41
tgm4883Eagleman, you could try to force the package that is from 13.04, but I wouldn't recommend that16:42
EaglemanSO what else could i do to install it and being sure it will work?16:42
tgm4883Eagleman, you could16:42
tgm4883Eagleman, you'll need to grab the packaging, see if it builds on 12.04, and then use those packages16:43
tgm4883Eagleman, or you could install from source16:43
EaglemanI dont understand: you'll need to grab the packaging, see if it builds on 12.04, and then use those packages16:43
codephobicAnyone else here using gedit 3.6.1 in ubuntu 12.10?16:45
smarati need help..16:45
puxel^same. so overwhelmed.16:46
DJones!ask | smarat16:46
ubottusmarat: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience16:46
codephobicIf you have the intelligent text completion plugin installed, could you check if you can repeat my "bug": open a css file, then save it and then add a rule P, then press { to get the bracket completion. Then within the {} braces, press the TAB button. If all goes ... 'well', it should crash.16:46
Scientist_Greetings. My ubuntu 12.04  does not start, When I enter my password, it looks like it will start, but back to the login screen, always as an endless loop. Can anybody give instructions to fix  it from live cd?16:47
EspenEHow can i fix this? Ubuntu Software Center is stuck, when i wish to update my drivers. http://i.imgur.com/tGuVB5e.jpg16:48
eN_Joyso i can't install eaccelerator via apt-get on ubuntu 12.10?16:49
icerootis there a way to tell nautilus on a samba-share i see in the left site to use specific credentials? at the moment its always using guest. would be great if i click on a cifs share that is is asking for a user and to store that choise16:49
tgm4883Eagleman, Are you familiar with packaging or building from source at all?16:49
dfghtcrouto: I think I found the answer. Vim probably deletes and recreates the file (instead of writing to it), which is actually has permission to do as the directory's owner. That's why the ownership changes as well16:50
wiggmpkiceroot: no, you have to use the connect to function16:50
nawafcannot login into 12.10 desktop, once if password is entered wrongly. how can i correct this16:50
Scientist_Greetings. My ubuntu 12.04  does not start, When I enter my password, it looks like it will start, but back to the login screen, always as an endless loop. Can anybody give instructions to fix  it from live cd?16:50
tcroutodfgh: ah, that makes sense. glad you figured it out16:50
wiggmpkiceroot: but once the share is mounted with the credentials you want to use, your golden16:51
icerootwiggmpk: ok, thank you16:52
puxelno sound is playing. it is muted, but i can't change the settings to use my motherboard's sound instead of my radeon HD card.16:53
icerootwhen i use the default encryption for /home and the userpassword is "foobar" is that the passphrase for the encryption? or is there a special passphrase/key which is locked with the userpassword "foobar"?16:54
Eaglemantgm4883, not at all16:54
smaratvia linux how i acess ntfs system drive in my pc.....16:55
icerootsmarat: mount it with ntfs-3g16:55
iceroot!ntfs | smarat16:55
ubottusmarat: To view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE16:55
iceroot!ntfs-3g | smarat16:56
ubottusmarat: ntfs-3g is a Linux driver which allows read/write access to NTFS partitions. Installation instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions16:56
EspenEWhat is the repository, for the latest and greatest open-source drivers?16:56
Eaglemantgm4883, i guess its not smart to build something from the ground when you have no experience with it. WHat would you suggest to do?16:57
albivianhi all16:57
EaglemanI do want to get some experience in it16:57
albivianmy ibm t40 won't connect to internet via eth016:57
albivianI get State: unmanaged16:57
albivianwhat should I do?16:57
nibbleralbivian: have a look to /etc/network/interfaces or such16:58
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albivianauto eth016:59
tgm4883Eagleman, why do you need 1.0.1?16:59
nawafonce wrong password entered in gnome-login, even if correct answer is enterd second time16:59
albivianifeth- inet dhcp16:59
albivianiface eth0 inet dhcp16:59
albivianauto lo16:59
Eaglemantgm4883, for external snapshotting16:59
=== nobodyhome is now known as oenahs
nibbleralbivian: so its set to get an ip via dhcp automatically16:59
jhutchins_wkalbivian: unmanaged means it's configured in interfaces and not manaaged by network-manager.17:00
nibbleralbivian: touse network manager, remove/comment all lines mentioning eth0 (and corresponding blocks)17:00
Scientist_Can anybody see my problem, please?17:01
Scientist_ My ubuntu 12.04  does not start, When I enter my password, it looks like it will start, but back to the login screen, always as an endless loop. Can anybody give instructions to fix  it from live cd?17:01
jhutchins_wkalbivian: Perhaps you need auto eth017:01
tgm4883Eagleman, so you have a few options. 1) build it yourself. This is probably not trivial (otherwise it would probably be on the ubuntu-virt PPA already) 2) Ask for it to be backported. (While there may already be someone working on it, it never hurts to let people know that it's actually wanted)17:01
tgm4883Eagleman, you could ask in #ubuntu-server if there is work being done on that17:02
tgm4883!patience | Scientist_17:02
ubottuScientist_: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/17:02
jhutchins_wkScientist_: It sounds like you have a permissions problem with your home folder.17:02
tgm4883jhutchins_wk, or X is crashing17:03
=== jsimpson_onphone is now known as JustinSimpson
jhutchins_wkScientist_: There is a log at /var/log/Xorg.0.log.  It has lots of noise, but it might have something useful at the end.17:04
Scientist_jhutchins_wk, That this preventing me from accessing my system?17:04
=== mpmc is now known as mpmc|Away
jhutchins_wkScientist_: Just log in to the console - Ctrl-Alt-F117:05
smarati run linux via oracel virtual machine software...modem is supported but pendrive dosenot support..how this can fixed???17:06
nibblerScientist_: errors are prefixed with EE, WW is for warning - look for those lines in the Xorg.0.log17:06
Scientist_jhutchins_wk, the command to access is startx like bactrack?17:06
nibblerScientist_: only thing that comes to my mind would be no write permission on your home folder.17:07
jhutchins_wkScientist_: That may work, but it's more likely to fail anyway.  Might give you useful error messages.17:07
wiggmpksmarat: by pendrive do you mean USB flash drive? and Oracle VM I assume your talking about Virtualbox?17:08
jhutchins_wkScientist_: If the GUI isn't working, unlike in Windows you still have full access to the system via console.17:08
tnelisHello, I'm trying to get my wireless adapter to function properly (the driver which comes with ubuntu 12.10 keeps dropping wireless connection), and have opted to build the source from Realtek's site. The device is the pcusbw1150, chipset RTL8188CUS. I have build-essential, linux-headers, and linux-source installed. I have pastebinned the output from the install script. Any help is appreciated. http://paste.ubuntu.com/1658803/17:08
blnoI'd like to install Steam now that it's in the software centre, but the button asks me to pay instead of showing "install". http://i.imgur.com/4ZUjL0m.png . Anyone know how to fix that?17:11
Steve_0Hi! So I hope I'm not common in asking this, but is the performance hit while using the wubi-installation normal?17:11
wiggmpkblno: its priced at $0.00 so buy it17:12
tnelisblno, you should be able to download a .deb from steampowered.com which should work17:12
blnoI don't have an account17:12
wiggmpkblno: make one?17:12
smaratwiggmpk: yes, i talk about virtualbox..17:12
blnoI don't want to make one just to download a free software17:12
=== daniel is now known as Guest99469
blnothat sucks17:12
jribblno: it should say "buy" and it's free.  It just associates it with your ubuntu one account (create one for free)17:12
tgm4883blno, download the deb then from the steam website17:12
Steve_0Read/write is slower than anything I've experienced before, and every program keeps getting greyed-out all the time.17:12
blnois that normal?17:12
jribblno: is what normal?17:13
wiggmpkblno: then install it the hard way.. god forbid you buy anything from the software center in the future and be faced with the same problem17:13
tgm4883blno, is what normal?17:13
wiggmpksmarat: did you install the Extension Pack for VirtualBox? its required for USB support17:13
blnois it normal that we need a Ubuntu One account to install Steam?17:13
blnoI thought it was a bug17:13
tgm4883blno, you don't need a ubuntu one account to install steam17:13
jhutchins_wktnelis: I don't see the error in your post.  This might help:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile17:13
blnotgm4883: well, apparently I do17:14
Skyrid3rInstalling Ubuntu, it can only find a 750GB HDD...17:14
Skyrid3rNo partitions.17:14
smaratwiggmpk: yes,but usb does not supported...17:14
jribblno: it's just how they've chosen to publish the software.  It's a bit strange that they don't just put steam in canonical's partner repository, but maybe they have their reasons17:14
Skyrid3rWell that sucks.17:14
tgm4883blno, actually, no you dont  http://store.steampowered.com/about/17:14
wiggmpksmarat: are you sure it's mounted?17:14
tgm4883jrib, blno granted, it just says install on mine, but IDK if that is because I've installed the steam deb on here previously17:14
blnoyes, but if I install it with the deb, I won't get automatic updates17:14
tnelisjhutchins_wk, sorry for the confusion. I'm compiling wireless adapter drivers, not the kernel itself17:14
jribblno: valve also has a repository17:15
Steve_0blno: yes you will. steam updates itself.17:15
jhutchins_wktnelis: That's the best I've got at the moment.17:15
wiggmpksmarat: i mean, you have to unmount it from the HOST to be able to mount it in the GUEST OS17:15
tgm4883blno, you won't get packaging updates, the steam client checks for updates itself17:15
blnoSteve_0: oh, ok. That's not really good way to do it, but well. It's really Windowsish.17:15
tgm4883blno, how so?17:15
Skyrid3rI appreciate some help.17:15
silveroneDear kind sirs: stupid question, i have a raspberry pi running openvpn & murmur (mumble server) , if these processes happen to crash do they restart automaticly or should i look into that17:15
jhutchins_wktnelis: That kernel looks rather old.17:15
=== codemaniac is now known as fego
smaratwiggmpk:ok,i will try it.17:16
tgm4883blno, I fail to see how something could be windowish, when windows didn't even have a software store until the latest release17:16
jhutchins_wksilverone: They most likely need to be restarted manually, but they can be set to start at boot.17:16
silveronejhutchins_wk: they are. thank you i'll look into it :)17:17
tgm4883It's getting a bit tiring when "windows" has just become a synonym for "I don't like how something works"17:17
blnoin Linux, you normally get updates made by the system, which finds them in repos. Having each software update himself (downloading the update and installing it itself) is really unelegant. That's one of the good things of Linux compared to Windows.17:17
Steve_0Is there anyway to increase performance with a Wubi-installation? Read/write is incredibly slow.17:17
wiggmpkwhy is it such a big deal to use an account for the software center, it IS the way the industry is going.. you have an iPhone you need an account to download apps, same with Android, Microsoft Surface, etc17:17
Scientist_command STARTX fail to access ubuntu via terminal.17:17
blnothe advantage of course is that everything is always up to date, and you don't rely on the possibly shitty code of each software17:17
blnowiggmpk: well, it sucks17:18
jribSteve_0: I imagine there is some performance penalty though I don't know if what you describe is normal.  Is there a reason you don't just install ubuntu on its own partition?17:18
wiggmpkblno: what sucks?17:18
tgm4883Scientist_, did you look at the logs?17:18
h00kblno: please keep the language appropriate17:18
blnowiggmpk: that you need an account to access the repo17:18
jribblno: valve publishes its own repository too...17:18
tnelisjhutchins_wk, the kernel I'm running is 3.5.0-23. The source is unfortunately only compatible with 3.0.x or 2.6.x, however some people have been able to get it to compile on 3.5. I'm just not lucky, I suppose :)17:19
wiggmpkblno: you dont need an account to access the repo.. you need an account to install Steam..IF you want to use the software center.. you still have the choice dude17:19
blnojrib: it isn't in the repo of the software centre?17:19
tgm4883blno, some repositories require accounts17:19
Steve_0jrib: I've read about the 64-bit version being even slower than the 32-bit, might that have something to do with it? And yes, currently just checking out how steam looks on linux, Windows is already taking up the rest of my HDD's.17:19
Scientist_what is the exactely path. Exist many of xorg path in yhr file system.17:19
wiggmpkblno: to go Steam's website.. download and install the .deb and it will automatically add the repository.. the Software Center is for ease-of-use, get over it17:19
jribblno: they are different things.  Valve published its own repository with the beta.  Now they've also published steam to software-center in a private repository (so you need an ubuntu one account for this one)17:19
jribSteve_0: I don't know much about wubi17:20
blnooh well, got it. I don't like it but if it's a problem I can always suck it I imagine (or install Arch). Thanks all.17:20
* tgm4883 rolls eyes17:20
Scientist_tgm4883, what is the exactely path. Exist many of xorg path in file system.17:20
wiggmpksmarat: you see where I was referring to? when you have the VM loaded.. click Devices > USB > and it should be listed there17:20
tgm4883Scientist_, <jhutchins_wk> Scientist_: There is a log at /var/log/Xorg.0.log.  It has lots of noise, but it might have something useful at the end.17:21
jribSteve_0: check your pm17:21
tgm4883"i'm going to install a completely different distro because I don't like having to either A) have an U1 account or B) add another repo"17:21
wiggmpkinstead of being thankful that its available on linux....17:22
tgm4883too bad he left so early.... and that I've signed the CoC17:22
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Scientist_tgm4883, I did not fin anything. Can you see my log? Hoe can I send this?17:26
tgm4883!pastebin | Scientist_17:26
ubottuScientist_: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.17:26
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smaratwhat is the terminal command to know my ip & lan connected ip address in linux?17:27
tgm4883smarat, 'ip'17:27
smaratip address17:27
tgm4883smarat, 'ip addr'17:27
Scientist_tgm4883, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1658943/17:29
JayneilI have Windows installed on one partition and I want to install  Ubuntu 12.04 and 12.10 on the other partition.. Kinda like a triple boot.. So how to proceed ahead..? Which would be the best way.? I read articles where people recommend chain loading.. etc.. So not sure..17:29
|System|Noob-ish question. I forgot, Do the Ubuntu team release a new version every 3 months or 6 ?17:29
jrib|System|: 617:29
tgm4883Scientist_, [   328.330] (EE) Failed to load module "ati" (module does not exist, 0)17:29
|System|Thanks jrib17:29
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blnook, I found a solution for installing Steam from the repo without the software centre account thing. The repo is there http://www.ubuntuupdates.org/ppa/steam#17:30
Scientist_tgm4883, Can be resolved?17:31
* tgm4883 sighs17:32
tgm4883so blno's fix was to install the repo from steam. Good find, I wonder why we didn't think of that17:32
* tgm4883 smacks head17:33
Skyrid3rI'm currently using Ubuntu live.17:33
Skyrid3rYet the installation shows only the entire HDD.17:33
Skyrid3rFirst, how do I get to use fdisk.17:33
Skyrid3rI don't see any terminal.17:33
KroachI want to convert my music collection to OGG, what app/solution do you recommend for that?17:35
wiggmpkKroach: audacity could do that17:35
devdydis it normal for iptables -L to take a while to return? I only have 2 allow and 1 drop hmmm17:36
ikoniadevdyd: are they doing a dns lookup ?17:36
Kroachwiggmpk:will it be able to preserve the quality at about the same level as the source files?17:36
devdydikonia: nope, just a couple of commands like so sudo iptables -A INPUT -i eth0 -s -j ACCEPT17:37
wiggmpkKroach: I dont see why not17:37
Scientist_tgm4883, how fix a problem in ATI module from live cd? Could you give me some instructions?17:37
Kroachwiggmpk: I mean, I tried an app called OGG Convert but it only allows to set one "Quality level" for the whole process and low-quality mp3s end up being oversized OGGs17:38
tgm4883Scientist_, I'm assuming this has worked at some point?17:38
ikoniadevdyd: so no dns names in there ?17:38
wiggmpkKroach: well there in lies the problem.. the higher the quality the bigger the file17:38
GermainZIs there a recommended place to install 3rd party packages? I currently use /opt/17:38
devdydikonia: although the one I made for the local subnet says localnet/28 (I entered the IP, it was translated to that then I view thru iptables -L)17:38
devdydikonia: to answer your question though, no dns names17:39
Skyrid3rI'm lost...17:39
Skyrid3rUbuntu is very confusing for new users..17:39
jribGermainZ: /opt and /usr/local are common.  I use /usr/local if the package is "unixy" and /opt if it's just one monolithic thing17:39
GermainZThank you jrib17:39
wiggmpkKroach: im assuming your converting from mp3?17:39
ikoniadevdyd: things like ip->hostname translation can slow iptables down, I see it often with my fail2ban hostlist17:40
Kroachwiggmpk: yes17:40
wiggmpkKroach: any particular reason why? mp3 and ogg are both lossy formats17:40
ikoniadevdyd: slow listing not overall performance17:40
zykotick9Kroach: going from mp3->ogg is a BAD idea.  you'll loose quality.17:40
devdydikonia: I understand that and will typically minimize the use of hostnames on things that will require a lot of lookups. No hostnames here though :/17:40
devdydikonia: no sense in adding 15-45ms dns lookup time17:41
ikoniadevdyd: any subnect rules, eg: /2417:41
devdydI wish that was the problem17:41
Kroachwiggmpk: zykotick9: could you recommend a better option then? the only requirement is for it to be a free format17:41
devdydikonia: yes, they are all submetted via cidr notation17:41
zykotick9Kroach: if "free" is your required.  go ahead.17:41
ikoniadevdyd: I think we have a winer....17:41
ikoniawinner even17:41
devdydjust like the example I sent above.. could that be it?17:41
devdydikonia: should I provide a full netmask instead of cidr?17:42
ikoniadevdyd: the translation of /24 to,, etc17:42
wiggmpkKroach: why is that?17:42
ikoniadevdyd: translatin is normally the thing that slows iptables -L down17:42
randomfungreat to be part of it17:42
devdydikonia: ok I will flush and rewrite them using the full netmask17:42
zykotick9Kroach: i use ogg for everything myself, but i created them from CD sources as OGG files.17:42
devdydikonia: thank you17:42
ikoniadevdyd: as a test, just comment out that rules17:42
ikoniadevdyd: reload, and then list17:42
ikoniabefore you put work in17:43
randomfunany new gui in ubu17:43
Noorideeni need help with installing mint17:43
ikoniarandomfun: no17:43
ikonia!mint | Noorideen17:43
ubottuNoorideen: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org17:43
randomfunapt-get install <souce>17:43
Noorideenno one is answering me there :P17:43
ikoniaNoorideen: sorry, we don't support it here17:43
Gawerty100k, so, I need some help, anybody free?17:43
Noorideenok :(17:43
ikoniaGawerty100: depends, you need to ask a question to see if anyone knows17:44
Gawerty100It involves the package for WINE known as mfc42, I get tons of errors when trying to install it, I cant install it due to HTTP errors or something or the other, Im completely new to linux.17:44
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Kroachwiggmpk: I want to use as little proprietary software and codecs as possible, if I'd be able to convert my music to OGG I wouln't require the patented MP3 codec anymore17:45
ikoniaGawerty100: best to pastebin the error17:45
Gawerty100I will shortly then.17:45
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest44275
Gawerty100give me a couple of minutes, to finish booting into linux.17:45
tgm4883Skyrid3r, you could use a more user friendly distro such as gentoo or arch17:45
ikoniatgm4883: please stop17:45
randomfunlinux booting in min, funny, it has be sec guys17:46
* tgm4883 stops17:46
randomfundo you read me17:46
ikoniatgm4883: thank you, you know where you are, #ubuntu, please apply common sense and no jokes/trolls to people17:46
wiggmpkKroach: I see, well then zykotick9 said it best, if you have the source available to encode them as OGG, thats your best option.. but converting from lossy to lossy is pointless17:46
randomfunogg, omg17:46
Gawerty100Well, I uninstalled Ubuntu ages ago cause of this error, didnt realise there was a irc chat help for this sort of thing.17:46
Gawerty100so im reinstalling as we speak.17:47
Kroachwiggmpk: ok,thanks17:47
ikoniarandomfun: can you please stop messing around.17:47
luigi_chi mi dice come attivare la video chiamata su facebook17:47
Gawerty100although I do experience the same error on other Linux Distros.17:48
DJones!it | luigi_17:48
ubottuluigi_: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)17:48
wiggmpkGawerty100: mfc42 is part of the microsoft foundation class libraries.. distributed with visual studio I believe17:49
devdydikonia: can you tell me how to enter a netmask? I'm using sudo iptables -A INPUT -i eth0 -s -j ACCEPT but it is saying the netmask is a bad argument.17:49
Gawerty100wiggmpk: I get errors when trying to install anything in the winetricks area, its all http errors17:49
ikoniadevdyd: I normally actually use /24 etc17:49
ikoniaGawerty100: the http errors will be from the repo you are getting it from17:49
wiggmpkGawerty100: copy and paste the erros in pastebin17:50
devdydikonia:  you just told me that is what is slowing me down17:50
ikoniaGawerty100: most likley17:50
devdydikonia: all my rules use cidr notation17:50
Gawerty100When I boot into linux I will.17:50
ikoniadevdyd: yes, test it, see if that's the problem17:50
aandyhey, i'm wondering what error is behind this. when i # ls /dir, most show up as usual, bot some show as d??????? ? ? (questionmarks for every property, perms, user/grp/size date etc.). and ls'ing those dirs result in "not found". what can cause this?17:52
aandythe disk is *litterally* full, as in, 0 bytes left on the device. is it possible that the disk "header" has been destroyed?17:52
aandy(it doesn't matter, i have backups, i'm just wondering)17:53
ikoniaaandy: orphaned files17:53
Gawerty100wubi takes so long :/17:53
aandyikonia: what does that mean exactly - lost+found?17:54
ikoniaGawerty100: i fyou have a windows install...why are you using linux/wine17:54
ikoniaaandy: not really, basically a file that's lost it's place onthe disk17:54
Gawerty100Because Im looking for knowledge.17:54
ikoniaGawerty100: but wine is not something people use in the "real world"17:55
wiggmpkikonia: some people report better frame rates using WINE on Windows17:55
Ntemisi have set up my server17:55
Ntemisi have 4 hdds raid017:55
Ntemishow i can readd them to md0?17:55
ikoniawiggmpk: most will report software not working or instability17:55
escottNtemis, madam --assemble --scan should do it for you17:55
wiggmpkikonia: just saying man..17:55
ikoniaNtemis: add them to ? if they are already raided they will have a metadevice id17:55
liquidmetal_What channel should I connect to for advice with designing web sites?17:55
ikoniawiggmpk: so am I17:55
ikoniaescott: that's assuming he's not using fakeraid....17:55
aandyikonia: ah, okay, so they should be "gone"? the reason I ask is, the total usage still resembles all the data. how do they lose their place - the outer ring of the disk has been overwritten (with data)?17:56
ikonialiquidmetal_: #css ?17:56
* tgm4883 wonders what the "real world" is and why people don't use wine in it17:56
ikonialiquidmetal_: ##web17:56
ikonialiquidmetal_: ask in #freenode how to search for channels17:56
escottikonia, well he said md0 not dm something17:56
ikoniaescott: touche'17:56
llutzaandy: ls -ld    on parentdir, did you set x.bit? usually d????? is shown if parent has executable-bit not set17:56
liquidmetal_ikonia: thanks!17:56
Ntemisikonia: i did this  mdadm --create --verbose /dev/md0 --level=raid0 --raid-devices= /dev/etc/dev/ etc217:56
Ntemisit complain that i will loose them if i continue17:57
aandyllutz: the parent dir is 777+x17:57
Ntemismdadm: partition table exists on /dev/sdc but will be lost or  meaningless after creating array17:57
tyrogHello. Installing Steam on Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS is making apt delete a lot of packages that cause the system not being able to reboot. Is there a fix for this?17:57
Ntemisthis error17:57
tgm4883tyrog, what packages?17:58
Ntemisso i need some expert help17:58
Ntemisi need to readd all of them together17:58
escottNtemis, you should create arrays of raw disks17:58
ikoniaescott: touche'17:58
Ntemisescott: command to use?17:58
tyrogtgm4883: ubuntu-desktop libxtracker1-lts-quantal libgl1-mesa-glx-lts-quantal libglapi-mesa-lts-quantal xserver-xorg-video-vmware-lts-quantal xorg xserver-xorg-video-all-lts-quantal libgl1-mesa-dri-lts-quantal xserver-xorg-lts-quantal17:59
escottNtemis, sounds like you were telling mdadm to use /dev/sda or /dev/sdb as part of the array. thats a bad practice. use /dev/sda1 or /sda2.17:59
tyrogThe backports from quantal. Steam package is uninstalling them because they conflict with libgl1-mesa-dri libgl1-mesa-dri:i386 libgl1-mesa-glx   libgl1-mesa-glx:i386 libglapi-mesa libglapi-mesa:i386 steam:i38617:59
ikoniamake sure the partition type is set to raid auto-detect17:59
tgm4883tyrog, there is no way that should be removing ubuntu-desktop. Are you sure it wasn't something else prior to you installing steam? Perhaps apt is trying to resolve something it previously couldn't do?17:59
Ntemisescott: my disks are named sda/sdb/sdc/sdd17:59
escottNtemis, yes. and you should not use a raw disk as part of an mdadm array. its a bad idea18:00
Ntemisi need them to be all together as raid0 on dev/md018:00
Ntemisam lost18:00
Ntemisand i dont want to loose all my data :(18:01
Ntemisthats 8tb18:01
escottNtemis, if you put the whole disk into the array without a table then if you take that disk out and put it into a windows box (or even a linux box if you arent careful) then the disk will look like it is empty18:01
escottNtemis, you cannot take existing data and make it raid018:01
tyrogtgm4883: the steam package is not handling the new packages on 12.04.2 that are backports from 12.10 quantal18:01
tyrogSo it deletes many stuff it shouldn't18:02
playeronejhutchins_wk, turns out I was trying to compile an older driver for an older device. Downloaded the correct driver and it compiled without issue. Thanks for your help.18:02
Ntemisi had raid0 configured (linux raid)18:02
escottNtemis, you would have to delete the disks to create a raid0 array18:02
tyrogIf i reinstall ubuntu-desktop, then apt wants to Remove all the xorg drivers18:02
Ntemisthen i lost my server os18:02
tgm4883tyrog, did you file a bug?18:02
Ntemisi re install18:02
rasha666after i updated ubuntu 12.04 wireless stopped working? any ideas?18:02
Ntemisand i need them back and working18:02
escottNtemis, then you aren't creating an array. you are assembling18:03
Ntemisthats is what i want to do18:03
escottNtemis, so use the very first command i sent you18:03
ghostcart_rasha666: Try reinstalling your wireless drivers18:03
Ntemisreassemble my raid 018:03
ghostcart_rasha666: Sometimes linux distros don't always come with the drivers needed18:04
ghostcart_Had to do the same thing when I made a Mint partition18:04
rasha666ghostcart_, it worked but after update it doesnt18:04
ghostcart_Dunno then. That's about the extent of my experience18:04
Ntemiscant find anything escott18:04
Ntemiswhat is the command18:04
escottNtemis, mdadm --assemble --scan18:05
Ntemisthank you18:05
Ntemislet me see18:05
Willdude123I am dual-booting (wubi) with Windows 8 (I know it's crap, that's why I'm using Ubuntu). I changed the default on the dual boot screen to Ubuntu, and I was expecting it to give me the option to go into windows within the 10 second period, but now it just goes straight to Ubuntu, how can I fix/revert this?18:06
Ntemismdadm: /dev/md0 has been started with 4 drives.18:06
Ntemisi love you man!18:06
escottWilldude123, did you update-grub18:06
Ntemisit was so easy!18:06
Ntemisthanks escott18:06
Gawerty100almost done with the install.18:06
Willdude123No, I just clicked on change default to Ubuntu.18:07
Willdude123I didn't know that the dual boot screen was actually part of Windows.18:07
escottNtemis, why are you running a 4 disk raid0. that seems like a very bad choice18:07
Ntemisyes it is18:07
Ntemisi needed that to take my data off18:07
Ntemisthen i will be using raid518:08
Ntemisso i need to mount /dev/md0 now right?18:08
Willdude123escott: TBH, I am OK with going back to how it was before,  if it is easier.18:08
escottNtemis, ok that would be better. do make sure you are aware of the write-hole18:08
Ntemiswrite hole?18:09
Ntemisno nothing about that18:09
bogorIn gnome-terminal when i press alt+1 it goes to the gnome terminal instead of going to the application running in the terminal. How do i tell gnome-terminal not to capture alt keys and pass everything to the app inside terminal ?18:10
escottNtemis, i would recommend raid10 over raid5 in most cases http://www.raid-recovery-guide.com/raid5-write-hole.aspx18:10
Ntemiswith 4 disks will be ok?18:10
Willdude123So basically, it boots straight into Ubuntu and I would want it to show a dual boot screen.18:11
jamesoI downloaded Ubuntu Linux 12.04 LTS to my Mac OS X 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard).  I got the message: "the following disk image couldn't be opened: ubuntu-12.04.2-deskt no mountable file system."  The filename was possibly truncated as there are a no. of files beginning with ubuntu-12.04.2-desktop.  What does this mean?  Can I install Ubuntu as is?  I am planning to install it in VMWare Fusion under my Mac OS X. -jameso18:12
escottWilldude123, sounds like you modified the wrong option in /etc/default/grub (through whatever gui tool this is)18:12
Gawerty100Ubuntu finished installing but didnt show up in the mbr18:13
Gawerty100or boot menu18:13
bogorjameso, check the image files md5sum18:13
escott!language | Gawerty10018:13
ubottuGawerty100: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.18:13
bogorif it passes the start the vm and start installing it in the vm18:13
Willdude123escott: But it was a Windows one. It was using the Windows boot-loader.18:14
Gawerty100so, what now?18:14
ioriaWilldude123: maybe that's the problem18:14
Gawerty100ubuntu didnt show up in the boot menu18:14
ioriaWilldude123: and maybe you have to reinstall grub18:15
mernilioHi all! :-) What is your oppinion about KUbuntu? I have been a slacker since '94 but recent i had enuff about uppdates 12-14 months period...18:15
escottWilldude123, doubt many people will know anything about the windows bootloader18:15
SonikkuAmerica!poll | mernilio18:15
ubottumernilio: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.18:15
escottGawerty100, boot the livecd for starters. then there are a couple options to reinstall grub18:15
Willdude123ioria: It is. It was a Windows boot-loader, and I didn't realize it was part of Windows.18:15
bazhangmernilio, #ubuntu-offtopic or #ubuntu-discuss for that18:15
escott!grub | Gawerty10018:15
ubottuGawerty100: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)18:15
Willdude123I guess I'll gav18:16
Willdude123*have to ask on the mailing list.18:16
Gawerty100I dont have a ubuntu CD, I used Wubi...18:16
* genii-around shivers at the mere mention18:16
ioriaWilldude123: in the ubuntu manual, at the end of it, you can find simple instructions in order to reinstall grub18:17
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merniliowell, i think unity does divide some ubuntu users. I know that Linus Thorwalds hates it, so do everyother major programmer in the open source community.18:18
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bazhangmernilio, this is the wrong channel for that18:18
=== JudgeSUSA is now known as SonikkuAmerica
merniliobazhang: i know.. im just... sorry :-P18:18
bazhangmernilio, so stop, and take it elsewhere18:19
mernilioyour wish is my ... something :-)18:19
Gawerty100I have a boot menu with two differen linux distros and my windows, Ubuntu didnt show up though, I confused.18:20
Kroachmernillo: you can freely talk about it on #ubuntu-offtopic18:20
bazhangGawerty100, better off using a real install, as opposed to wubi, which is more of a "test drive"18:21
=== michi is now known as Guest48023
Gawerty100it takes so long to download the .iso though :/18:21
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)18:22
Gawerty100ill be back when its installed I guess.18:23
pragmaticenigmaIn fstab, for an XFS partition, what are the consequences for small files if I set the default alloc setting to 3GB?18:23
Ntemisescott: i need you again18:23
Ntemisi want to issue a full array check on boot18:24
Ntemisis there any command for this?18:24
jhutchins_wkNtemis: Filesystem or raid check?18:24
Ntemisjust added a failed raid018:24
Ntemisand mounted18:24
Ntemisall seems ok18:24
Ntemisbut i need it to be checked for constistency18:25
Ntemisand if hdd are all smart ok18:25
mernilioIf one would have an university study here about how many of them tips you get from "nobody".. i dont think they will have so many18:25
Ntemisi have 5Tb of data for tranfer18:25
GutterHello, I was wondering if someone could help me. My laptop wont go past the boot screen on startup. I've tried starting with a startup usb drive but it's still stuck on the boot screen. Any help?18:26
DJones!ot | mernilio18:26
ubottumernilio: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!18:26
Ntemisand need it to be checked before18:26
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SonikkuAmericaGutter: What happens when you try to log in?18:27
BoohbahGutter: change the boot order in your BIOS to boot the usb drive first18:28
GutterI cant acces the bios18:28
BoohbahGutter: why not?18:28
GutterI press F2 but all that happens is a noise18:28
Gutterand when the pc turns on, theres a sort of clicking sound18:29
douwe_he Gutter try to make a keyboard error then go to setup18:29
Boohbahbut you can get to the bootloader screen?18:29
znxim attempting to install ubuntu and i get a "/init: line 7:" error .. which repeats and then finally it says "no live medium found"18:29
GutterNothing happens, no keys are responsive excpet for ESC but that only gives me info on the pc and the option to acces the bios but I'm still unable to18:30
pragmaticenigmaznx: If you are booting from a DVD or CD-ROM, the disk may not have burned correctly and you need to burn a new disk.  If you are using USB flash drive, you may need to re-image the drive as a file may have been corrupted.18:31
znxpragmaticenigma: i ran the "check disk" thing at the options .. it thinks its good?18:31
douwe_is your harddrive ntfs or fat or fat32 or xfs etc18:31
Gutterokay Ill redo the usb drive, but it shouldn't be a problem18:31
michi_sGutter: you are right I think18:32
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pragmaticenigmaznx: That really isn't a good check.  The disk check doesn't check the integrity of the data, just that there is data and it is readable.18:32
jamesobogor: thanks.  Does that mean I should go ahead and install Ubuntu Linux 12.04 LTS under VMWare Fusion on my Mac OS X 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard) and see what happens, even though I don't have the ubuntu-12.04.2-deskt* file(s) downloaded? -jameso18:32
escottNtemis, raid0 does not support failed devices18:33
michi_sGutter: are you shure, F2 brings you to BIOS? on HP laptops it wont for example as far as I know18:33
znxpragmaticenigma: ah ok .. so download the iso again then burn ? .. or can i trust the iso?18:33
Gutteron acer its F218:33
ubottubazzo: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».18:33
GutterI also tried using the recovery by pressing left shift, but nothing18:33
escottNtemis, there is no consistency to check. you either are or are not able to read the array and the data is either correct or not correct18:33
douwe_hmm i think it's F10 on the most hp laptops18:34
michi_sand you are sure that you don't have a hardware problem (just asking because of the 'noise')18:34
douwe_or F618:34
michi_sdouwe: Acer :)18:34
pragmaticenigmaznx: Make sure you are downloading from Ubuntu's own servers.  Also, on the site there are MD5 hashs for the disk image.  This is how you verify that the ISO you downloaded is complete.  To check the MD5 do a websearch for "MD5 file check"18:34
Willdude123ioria: So can I get my previous system back without uninstalling windows somehow?18:35
douwe_ow sorie :-)18:35
bazhang!hashes | znx18:35
ubottuznx: See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes for the md5sums of all downloadable Ubuntu releases18:35
znxpragmaticenigma: ok on both parts .. ill do so now see if its good18:35
znxbazhang: ty too18:35
Willdude123ioria:  I wasn't using GRUB, I don't think, I was using the Windows one.18:35
znxoh final question .. 12.10 or 12.04 .. which is the better for me to use?18:35
ioriaWilldude123: sure... have you found the ubuntu user manual ?18:36
Gutterthe noise sounds like the pc cant access the hdd, at least that's what i've been told.18:36
pragmaticenigmaIn fstab, for an XFS partition, what are the consequences for small file sizes if I set the default alloc setting to 3GB?18:36
douwe_by showing the logo try F1 F2 or CTRL-ALT-ESC18:36
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
tyrogznx: it depends. Are you a new user?18:36
Willdude123This? http://ubuntu-manual.org/18:36
michi_sGutter: hmmm...18:37
znxtyrog: ive used linux before18:37
ioriaWilldude123: yep, go in troubleshooting18:37
GutterCTRL ALT ESC brings me to the phoenix securecore page thing18:37
Gutterand then leaves18:37
znxnot ubuntu though .. generally fedora18:37
znxim switching as id like to give steam on linux a go18:37
Gutterand im left with a black screen with a curser that will just blink18:37
douwe_do it when the logo is on the screen18:38
michi_sGutter: maybe waiting for response from harddisk, which never comes18:38
Willdude123ioria: I had Windows first, and then did a wubi install.18:38
Willdude123But it says GRUB only goes if Ubuntu comes first.18:39
Andy80hey guys :)18:39
tyrogznx: Well both releases are stable. 12.04 is supported for 5 years, whereas 12.10 for 1.5 years. The first is more focused on stability, 12.10 and other normal releases are more focused on features.18:39
Andy80nobody told me that TeamFortress2 was FREE :D18:39
michi_sGutter: I don't know if this works, but I would try in your situation: Remove the harddisk and try to boot from your usb drive18:39
* Andy80 installing right now ;)18:39
ioriaWilldude123: wubi ??? sorry i don't use it, i thought you were on a dual boot18:39
znxAndy80: indeed .. thats why im wanting to play :-)18:39
GutterRemove the harddisk from the laptop?18:39
znxok .. 12.10 iso just confirmed as matching its md5 checksum18:39
Willdude123ioria: Oh.18:39
GutterYou surem michi_s?18:40
Willdude123Damn it then.18:40
michi_sGutter: this is whart I would do18:40
pragmaticenigmaznx: are you attempting to boot this in any virtual machine? or on an actual computer?18:40
znxpragmaticenigma: actual computer18:40
michi_sGutter: So you boot the install image and see if it works18:40
Willdude123Excuse my language.18:40
douwe_he Gutter you can try tot read the HD in a other system in a usb drive case18:40
znxim using roxio to burn the iso to a DVD and then simply booting it18:41
michi_sGutter: and than you know your hdd makes the problem18:41
znxwhich fails miserably18:41
Willdude123I'll email the mailing list, it'll probably be easier to explain there.18:41
GutterOkay I'll give that a try later on. Thanks for the support!18:41
tyrogznx: whats the error message?18:41
tyrogznx: and the computer. If the problem is with the DVD, try with a USB stick instead18:42
michi_sGutter: hope you will get your system working18:42
znxtyrog: i can boot and install fedora from DVD .. so i dont think its that18:42
=== vjn_ is now known as vjn
znxthe error message says "/init: line 7: ".. repeats with various sdc sdd sde sdf etc ..18:42
escottNtemis, you could fsck the filesystem but thas it18:43
tyrogznx: yea, but what is the error message (if you get one)? What do you get on the screen?18:43
znxfinally it pops me to (initramfs) .. saying "no live medium found"18:43
tyrogznx: it could be the ISO that was corrupted, the burning process that had an error. Try burning the DVD with slower speed. But first i would try with a USB drive like i told you18:44
znxim not sure the system will boot USB ..18:45
znxat least i never have18:45
znxbut ill give it a go after burning the DVD again18:45
tyrogznx: what are the system specs?18:45
escottznx, how old is the bios18:45
tyroggraphics card, processor and ram18:45
matriks404hi, i installed xfce, and in unity notifications and volume things (appeared if volume button pressed) is xfce-like, if i delete xfce, will unity become like an old one?18:46
Ntemisescott: data seems correct18:46
znxescott: oh its an old box .. probably er .. 2009?18:46
znxtyrog: relatively low spec .. i dont have an OS on it right now so cant get the detail to you18:46
escottznx, 2009 should boot usb18:47
pragmaticenigmaznx: if your going to reburn the image, don't use roxio18:47
tyrogznx: try booting from usb. Go to the bios to change the boot order of your devices. Or use the hotkey to choose to boot from USB if your system has one18:47
douwe_wat is in terminal the command for see the ubuntu version18:48
znxpragmaticenigma: um .. what else can i use then?18:48
matriks404douwe_: few words to type in google and here we go!18:48
douwe_hmm :)18:49
bazhang!version | douwe_18:49
ubottudouwe_: To find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »18:49
Andy80is there a dedicated #ubuntu-* channel to talk about gaming and Steam in particular?18:49
tyrogznx: are you using windows 7 in the machine for the burn process?18:49
douwe_thanks bazz18:49
pragmaticenigmaAssuming Roxio means your on Windows.  I use CDBurner XP.   I've seen many postings on Roxio burning Linux ISOs incorrectly18:49
tyrogAndy80: precisely #ubuntu-steam18:49
bazhang#ubuntu-steam Andy8018:49
Andy80thanks :)18:49
matriks404how i can return unity back to original because xfce broke some things (for example notifcations)18:50
jhutchins_wkpragmaticenigma: It's not roxio's fault, burns sometimes go bad.  It's usually cheap burner hardware at fault.18:50
znxtyrog: yes18:50
tyrogmatriks404: remove xfce with purge, then remove the isolated dependencies. It could not fix your problem though.18:51
pragmaticenigmajhutchins_wk: I agree, just more a observation that I see a lot of burning instructions recommend not using Roxio18:51
tyrogznx: insert the usb stick into the USB port. Then just right-click on the ISO and select the option "Burn to disc". Its a Windows 7 feature.18:51
matriks404ok, thanks tyrog18:51
znxhrmm .. ok18:52
=== desaila__ is now known as desaila
jhutchins_wkznx: roxio should have an option to verify the disk - be sure to use that.  You should also check the md5sum of the iso you downloaded.18:52
jhutchins_wkpragmaticenigma: I think that's mostly because it's not free, and it's assumed that if you have to ask, you haven't bought roxio.18:52
tyrogmatriks404: open the file /var/log/apt/history.log18:52
znxjhutchins_wk: md5 checksum has been confirmed .. and i did verify the disk with roxio18:52
znxim going to try USB18:53
jhutchins_wkznx: Curious.  Is the iso the appropriate architecture?18:53
znxi386 ..yes18:54
douwe_is it safe to upgrade 12.04 tot 12.10 xubuntu18:54
tyrogznx: is that machine of 2009 a netbook? How much RAM into it?18:54
znxits a desktop .. it has 4Gb of ram18:55
znxi did memtest too18:55
CT1Hi. Is there a package in the repos that I can use on my lan to send a message to my room mates? I've just found a website that I know "x" will like. Can I make a box or something appear on his screen from mine?18:56
jhutchins_wkdouwe_: Check the relase notes.  The answer is "mostly".18:56
=== System is now known as Guest94865
tyrogznx: dual-core Intel/AMD processor?18:56
znxum .. im pretty sure its amd .. but like i say cant remember the spec18:56
znxbut i know the h/w is ok .. i can install fedora18:56
CT1not irc/facebook/e-mail etc18:56
yourimym1hello community :) is there a way to backup my ubuntu , i mean take image of it's partion and restore it back again ? like norton ghost or something18:56
znxi was using fedora until i just attempted to switch18:57
tyrogznx: try the amd64 version of ubuntu. Your ram is enough to handle that one. And a Desktop processor from 2009 is probably 64-bit18:57
pragmaticenigmaznx: It looks like this guy has a pretty good how to on burning Ubuntu with Roxio... might want to try his technique and see it helps http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/burn18:57
elena-IKis the Startup Disk Creator intended for ubuntu images only?18:57
tyrogIf amd64 doesn't work with your processor, then you will likely get an error message right after you boot. So you don't loose anything in trying18:57
znxthat isnt my version of roxio18:57
tyrogelena-IK: yes :)18:57
elena-IKk, thanks18:57
pragmaticenigmaznx: It might not be the same version, but many of the settings are there18:58
znxtyrog: i want 32 install18:58
znxpragmaticenigma: to use roxio is really simply .. click on burn image .. select iso .. burn18:58
pragmaticenigmaznx: and settings usually don't disappear, they may get moved around.  And there are lots of options that sometimes work better for an ISO image that sometimes the auto-detect settings don't pick up on18:59
znxim pretty confident there isnt anything wrong with my understand of roxio or its settings18:59
pragmaticenigmaznx: starting with one of the most basic that I use... I burn at least 1 speed slower than the maximum my burner can do19:00
awolfwhat's the best basic tutorial for reverse vnc?19:00
awolfIt seems it should be simple enough, but I'm getting totally baffled19:00
znxtyrog: windows 7 doesnt offer my usb stick as an option to burn to19:00
pragmaticenigmaznx: I'm not saying you don't know how to use the program.  I'm offering a suggestion to maybe improve your chances of a burned disk that works19:00
znxpragmaticenigma: it was burnt at 1x19:00
YokoBRoh god... still can't get to enable my discrete gpu :/19:01
pragmaticenigma1x is too slow... that can introduce a lot of errors19:01
znxwell the options are 1x 2x or 4x19:01
znxi trying 4x and 1x ..19:01
pragmaticenigmaI'd opt for 4x in that case19:01
znxim using windows disc image burner to put it on .. it has no option for 1x et al19:02
pragmaticenigmaznx: are you using roxio or something else?19:03
tyrogznx: but use amd64! It won't fix your problem, but why would you use i386 afterall?19:03
znxpragmaticenigma: tyrog suggested using windows 7 builtin burner .. so im doing it19:03
pragmaticenigmatyrog: please stay on topic19:03
znxtyrog: steam19:03
tyrogpragmaticenigma: where is offtopic?19:04
alex88hi guys, I'm trying to make spotify workin on 10.10, I've installed it, fixed a linklibs typo and installed a qtnetwork dep... but now I get "Istruzione non consentita" which in english should be "Instruction not allowed" or something similar... any idea?19:04
tyrogIm telling him to use an appropriate version of Ubuntu where he can use all the resources of his computer, and you tell me its offtopic? really?19:05
theadminalex88: 10.10 is