xubuntu564im doing a full install right now00:32
xubuntu564how are the amd drivers?00:32
xubuntu564any good?00:32
toraxI dont have any AMD hardware myself00:33
xubuntu390Can Xubuntu be installed from a flash drive? I am installing on my HPmini which has no DVD drive.00:38
toraxxubuntu390: yes00:38
toraxyou can create bootable flash drive with dd or unetbootin00:39
xubuntu390Yay! Have the file downloaded. Gonna give it a shot.00:39
toraxbut if you use dd be careful, its called "destroyer of disks" for a reason :D00:40
Unit193*Disk destroyer.00:40
Unit193Ubuntu also has that one tool of their own too.00:41
xubuntu390Is there a step by step for this?00:42
Unit193!usb | This may cut it00:44
ubottuThis may cut it: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent00:44
xubuntu390Cool. I just found that. I'm a real newb on this.00:45
xubuntu390So, I need to download & install the Linux Live USB Creator to my computer and then that sets up my "stick"?00:52
Unit193If you are on Windows, pretty much.00:52
xubuntu390I am on Windows. Really appreciate the help. Need to go back and register "properly".00:53
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xubuntu390On step 3 Persistence mode, I assume I want that slider set to 4090MB since I dont want to boot from the USB stick?01:13
Unit193xubuntu390: You're just installing, right?  Persistence is just to save files on the flash when you boot off the flash.01:15
xubuntu390Yes. I am just installing. Using Linux Live USB creator so I can install on my HPmini01:16
Unit193Then you wouldn't need it.01:21
xubuntu390Thanks Unit 193. Moving forward.01:22
xubuntu390Ligten bolt "clicked"  :()!01:22
SudoNhimHi! Small catastrophe here, wondering if anybody can tell me what I/Ubuntu did to my HDD setup.02:07
SudoNhim I installed Xubuntu 12.10; it gave me the option to dual-boot with Windows 7. I was running windows 8, but assumed it just treated it like 7. After installing I found that it had actually set up dual boot with a retired windows 7 drive that happened to be connected. My Windows 8 drive is now unreadable in the RAW format. Is there an easy way back?02:07
SudoNhimTo clarify - Xubuntu installed itself on the Windows 8 drive - I can only see the Xubuntu files from within Xubuntu, and I can only see a RAW partition from within windows02:14
SudoNhimErgh - looks like it reformatted the entire drive as one ext partition. Serves me right for not setting up my install manually.02:44
HundWhy is the messaging indicator missing in Xubuntu 12.10?03:03
Unit193Because it was GTK3 while the panel is GTK2.03:04
HundUnit193: Oh. Is there any other alternatives?03:04
Unit193Not that I know of.03:05
HundUnit193: That sucks. :( I really want a indicator for Xchat and Thunderbird.03:06
Unit193You could just install the packages from precise and set a hold on them, but this may cause breakage.03:06
drcHund: Try Mail Watcher (add item to panel)for thunderbird03:07
drcWith that, you don't need to have thunderbird open, all the time...and can set it to open thunderbird when you want.03:10
drcAnd I thought xchat add an item to the notification area when open.03:12
xubuntu650Is it still possible to update to a new versions to Xubuntu from Karmic?  My update can't find the repositories.03:17
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades03:19
xubuntu650Thanks, I'll have a look!03:20
jeffrey1Hey guys I am trying to add a launcher in my panel for a wine program. It doesn't work to drag the .exe there, and I can't find it in the list of applications to start04:28
Cheri703I think you would hit the button that looks like a page with a plus, for "add empty item" and then you can run a direct command04:29
Cheri703so you would add the "launcher" item, then go to the properties of that04:30
jeffrey1I guess I don't know what command to enter04:32
jeffrey1just the path of the exe?04:32
Cheri703I think? try typing in the path in a command line and see if that launches it04:33
* Cheri703 is not the *most* technical person, but can hold her own or play with stuff until she figures it out04:33
Unit193Normally it is wine /path/to/file.exe04:33
Unit193Or sometimes you need the wineprefix as well.04:33
Cheri703Unit193 with the save ;)04:33
jeffrey1i'll try that04:33
Unit193wine start /unix /path/to/file.exe is like what you'd see in themenu.04:34
jeffrey1Nice that works, thanks guys04:35
jeffrey1I am VERY new to linux but liking it so far04:36
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spinningxubuntu rules09:12
spinningi'm so alone09:14
vzionnot that it matters at the moment but #xubuntu-offtopic09:15
ChesterXhello everybody, for some reason my display settings witched from 16:9 to 4:3. where can i change those settings?09:44
vziondid you install new drivers? remove them if so. have you tried restarting?09:46
ChesterXno, i just launched a game which change the settings ?_? and now  can t seem to change it back09:47
vziontry ARandR (Advanced Resize and Rotate (should be in Launcher menu -> settings  or in the settings manager)09:47
vziondefinately try restarting if you havent09:48
DeepfriediceChesterX: try shift+alt+prtsc+k09:54
HyperiantRunning 12.04 LTS Xubuntu alternate installation; it fails consistently at the "select and install software" stage.  Can I safely skip it?09:57
HyperiantIt seems pretty vital, especially considering it lets me choose to install updates automatically or decline to do so.09:58
vzionthat can be configured later but to answer your question i dont know. when i tried the alt CD the image was too big to actually fit on a disk09:59
HyperiantI used a live USB10:00
DeepfriediceHyperiant: what error message dose it give?10:01
Hyperiant"Installation step failed / An installation step failed.  You can try to run the failing item again from the menu, or skip it and choose something else.  The failing step is: 'Select and install software'"10:02
DeepfriediceWell, THATS helpful.10:03
HyperiantI wish it was more detailed10:03
Deepfriedicedid you run a intergity check on the Disk?10:03
HyperiantI did not, but I can't imagine that it would go well; I installed it to a flash drive instead of a disc10:04
vzioni was having siliar issues today. disk passed integrity check. redownloaded and used a diff USB, problem solved10:04
DeepfriediceHyperiant: It just compares checksums, the media doesn't matter.10:05
HyperiantIt fails after "running tasksel"10:05
DeepfriediceTry using a dvd?10:07
DeepfriediceI'd be more helpful, but there's no real information to narrow this down.10:08
HyperiantI think I have a CD that'll fit it10:09
Hyperiant12.04 is 667MB and I have 700MB discs10:09
DeepfriediceMB or MiB?10:10
HyperiantNot sure10:10
HyperiantThe discs are marked "700MB/80minutes"10:11
Deepfriedicewell the disks will be 700*10^6 Bytes10:11
Deepfriedicethe ISO is...10:11
Deepfriedice729,067,520 Bytes10:12
Deepfriedicethats not good10:12
HyperiantMine's 710,193,152 bytes10:13
HyperiantOr 677MB10:13
Deepfriediceprobably a different version10:13
DeepfriediceAnyway, got any blank DVDs?10:13
HyperiantThat's what all of the 32-bit releases are10:14
Deepfriediceyeah, but there is a trend of people putting 32bit OS's on 64bit computers10:14
Deepfriediceanyway, I don't think that image will fit on a CD, if USB flash drives don't work, next to try is a DVD10:16
HyperiantWell, regardless, it seems to have burned well10:18
DeepfriediceIt appears (wikipedia) I was wrong:10:21
DeepfriediceCapacity Typically up to 700 MiB10:21
Deepfriedicehow is the integrity test going?10:21
vzionthey are higher for overburn protection usually but its not reported10:21
HyperiantI'm testing the USB integrity right now10:23
HyperiantApparently one of the ATI video drivers in ./pool/ just failed the integrity test10:23
DeepfriediceOn the Flash drive?10:25
vzionredownload and start over.10:28
vzionyour torrent app should have a data integrity check option10:28
Deepfriedicevzion: good point. Hyperiant: I suspect the problem might be the flash drive, but lets see.10:29
xubuntu882alguien haba español10:32
HyperiantThe CD passed integrity, I'll try installing from that10:32
DeepfriediceHyperiant: It'll be slower, but hopefully it will work.10:33
Hyperianteh, poquito, pero, que necessitar?10:33
DeepfriediceHyperiant: How is the torrent integrity check going?10:33
xubuntu882SOLO saludar a la comunidad y gracias por estar ahy. Un saludo para todos desde españa10:34
HyperiantI didn't scan the torrent but the burned CD passed integrity so I'm assuming the torrent isn't at fault10:34
DeepfriediceYeah, Ok. I'd bin that flash drive then.10:34
DeepfriediceOdds are, there is something wrong with it.10:35
HyperiantThat's possible10:35
hrwcan someone told me how to edit next/prev tab in xfce-terminal? it is set to ctrl-pgup/down but my laptop lacks them ;D10:48
TheSheephrw: right-click, preferences, shortcuts10:49
TheSheephrw: on the terminal window, that is10:49
hrwTheSheep: no such here - xfce4-terminal 0.6.110:49
TheSheephrw: it is there10:50
hrwI have General, Appearance, Colors, Compatibility, Advanced10:50
vzionsomehow ur missing a tab10:51
TheSheephrw: what version of xubuntu is that?10:51
hrwTheSheep: 13.0410:51
DeepfriediceI don't have Compatibility10:51
hrwso -devel?10:51
TheSheephrw: no, more like #ubuntu+1, I just can't find the right message10:51
ubottuUbuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) will be the 18th release of Ubuntu, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+110:52
TheSheephere :)10:52
hrwok, changed10:55
hrwsomeone know how to remove key accelerator in gtk menu?10:56
hrw"you can clear an accelerator from a menu item by hovering over it and hitting the delete key" - too bad that I lack that key as well ;D10:59
Deepfriedicehrw: What about some kind of onscreen keyboard?11:03
hrwDeepfriedice: setting to some crazy emacs style combinations works as well11:04
HyperiantSuccessful install!  Now how do I update the OS to the latest version?11:28
DeepfriediceUh, what's wrong?11:28
HyperiantNothing's wrong; is it a bad thing to upgrade?11:29
DeepfriediceAh, no. Sorry my bad.11:29
DeepfriediceHow much experience do you have with Linux?11:30
HyperiantI can use the terminal and Google stuff11:30
DeepfriediceYou're probably going to want to use Synaptic for updates.11:31
Deepfriedicemenu > System > Synaptic Package Manager11:31
HyperiantHow do I use Synaptic to install latest Xubuntu?11:34
DeepfriediceUm may I ask why you installed 12.04 if you want 12.10?11:36
HyperiantBecause Xubuntu 12.10 doesn't have an alternate installation iso11:39
HyperiantI tried normal installation but it always hanged for hours unending so I had to use alternate11:39
DeepfriediceOkay, I've never done a system upgrade. This should be fun11:40
DeepfriediceOkay so we actually want the update manager11:43
Deepfriedicemenu > System > Update Manager11:43
DeepfriediceThen hit "Check" to update the package list11:43
HyperiantSays I don't need any additional updates11:45
DeepfriediceDoes it also say a new release is available?11:47
HyperiantNo, but I found a setting under Settings -> Updates within Update Manager that asks whether I want to search for LTS updates or just any update11:48
HyperiantYup, now it sees the new release.11:49
DeepfriediceMake sure there are no updates available, Hit upgrade, then hope for the best.11:50
HyperiantInteresting.  ...I've never done a distro upgrade, either.11:54
HyperiantDeepfriedice: Thanks for all of the help (and for being on; you would not believe how empty #xubuntu is at this hour)12:03
DeepfriediceHyperiant: No problem. I'm considering spending more time on here, especially if #Xubuntu is short on help.12:05
HyperiantIt really is.  I've had a lot of run-ins with empty chat here, and Ubuntu chat is less than friendly to outsiders.12:05
HyperiantMostly I get "we don't support that distro, check the other channel" or "I can't help you"12:06
DeepfriediceHuh, you'd think they would be less willing to drive people off.12:06
HyperiantI guess it depends on people's moods.  Each tech is a different person.12:07
HyperiantI was actually recommended Xubuntu (along with Lubuntu, which I dropped because Xubuntu was prettier, lighter, and still fits on a CD)12:08
Hyperiant...from that channel, I mean.  But anyway, I'm getting a bit off-topic.  This is a support channel.12:08
DeepfriediceXubuntu rocks12:09
DeepfriediceAparently there is a off-topic channel #xubuntu-offtopic12:10
HyperiantMy only problem (and this is an Ubuntu error, not Xubuntu-specific) is that for my brand of laptop, you need to add options snd-hda-codec-realtek index=-2 to the alsa-base.conf in order for sound to function properly12:10
HyperiantIt's not much of a hassle, but it's not apparent, either.  Took me a good few hours of Googling to find that command.12:11
olbihello, Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS was relaeased. When will be ready Xubuntu 12.04.2? and there will be Kernel 3.5.0-23.35?12:12
HyperiantXubuntu 12.04.2 LTS already has a release12:13
HyperiantI literally just installed it, haha12:13
Hyperianthttp://xubuntu.org/getxubuntu/  Under "Latest Stable Release"12:14
hrwHyperiant: report bug to kernel bugzilla about that kernel argument12:15
hrwHyperiant: so next versions will get quirk for it so users will not have to set it again12:15
olbiok, thx :D there isn't changes at official site, only here: http://news.softpedia.com/news/Xubuntu-12-04-2-LTS-Is-Available-for-Download-Supports-UEFI-Secure-Boot-329741.shtml12:15
Hyperianthrw: Ubuntu has a bugzilla?  I don't know where it is.12:17
hrwHyperiant: better in kernel bugilla not ubuntu bugtracker12:18
Hyperianthrw: Also, what about Launchpad?12:18
hrwHyperiant: ou can ask on #ubuntu-kernel which way they prefer12:18
HyperiantAh, k; I need to go sleep but I'll try to get that done12:19
hrwHyperiant: thanks12:20
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Doctor_Vexis there a reason why no Flash plays in in FF? the element is just missing despite having installed the Flash plugin and having it listed as active plugin in FF15:12
GridCubeDoctor_Vex, have you installed the xubuntu-restricted extras?15:13
Doctor_Vexhow can i check that?15:14
GridCubedo sudo apt-get update and then sudo apt-get install xubuntu-restricted extras, or check for the restricted-extras on the ubuntu software center15:14
koegsor just install "flashplugin-installer" instead of all that restricted-extras crap15:15
Doctor_Vexill try the installer15:17
Doctor_Vex"is already newest version"15:18
GridCubebut all the restricted extras make everything media related work15:18
Doctor_Vexill try the package next15:18
GridCubeDoctor_Vex, can you open this page please? https://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/15:20
Doctor_Vexits installing15:20
GridCubeyeah but your flash its already installed15:21
koegswait, yo did not have it installed yet? how did you install the flash plugin in the first place?15:21
GridCubetry that page, particularly this box https://www.adobe.com/swf/software/flash/about/flashAbout_info_small.swf15:21
Doctor_Vexi know that page. the flash item does not show up15:24
Doctor_Vexand i think i installed the flash plugin via the Software Center when i was browsing for useful stuff15:25
GridCubeif its installed it should just work15:27
Doctor_Vexit could also be a weird hardware issue, as i cant find drivers for the ATI Mobility Radeon15:27
Doctor_Vexwhich brings me back to my problem from yesterday15:27
Doctor_Vexas this is a older Dell Laptop15:28
GridCubemmmm ati... bad luck15:28
GridCubetried chromium?15:28
Doctor_Vexi tried nothing so far as no one had any idea when i asked15:28
Doctor_Vexand i could not find helpful info on the net15:28
GridCubewell chromium, as chrome, uses other flash engine different from the rest of linux systems15:29
GridCubetry chromium15:29
Doctor_Vexso no idea on the drivers?15:29
GridCubeif everything fails you can use other engines to emulate flash, like gnash or even the vlc plugin15:29
Doctor_Vexalso well. i dont want to put the burden of a emulated flash on this PIII 1 GHz ;v15:30
GridCubethe vlc plugin works15:30
GridCubeat least for me, it worked on a PII back in the days, and by that i mean a few months ago15:31
Doctor_VexVLC plugin for what?15:32
Doctor_Vexi installed the player but not the plugin15:35
GridCubemmmhm its not default because it conflicts with the standard flash player15:36
GridCubeyou want one, or the other, not both15:36
Doctor_Vexdoes that mean i have to uninstall the adobe one or can i disable it in FF?15:42
GridCubedisabling it should suffice15:43
Doctor_Vexi cant find it15:46
Doctor_Vexhow can i install it15:46
GridCubesudo apt-get install browser-plugin-vlc15:48
Doctor_Vexso thank you so far. unfortunately it doesnt work16:02
Doctor_Vexi even started FF with both active16:03
GridCubeyou have some other problem then16:03
Doctor_Vexits weird16:05
Doctor_Vexbut also not vital. the people who get it wont care much about flash anyway16:06
Doctor_Vexhahahah wth16:11
Doctor_Vexsuddenly on the ATI support site a embedded youtube video shows up16:11
Doctor_Vexand works16:11
Doctor_Vexthat is somehow ironic16:12
GridCubei would call it buggy, but ironic works16:13
Doctor_Vexhow can i reduce the color depth to 24 bit?16:58
Doctor_Vexalso how can i best test the 3D acceleration17:00
Doctor_Vexthere is probably a non ATI driver doing a good work17:00
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto17:00
holsteini usually end up with the proprietary drivers...17:01
Doctor_Vexwell its much more complicated with this old laptop17:01
holsteinnot really.. either the hardware is supported well, or not17:02
holsteini usually just try the different drivers.. even the vesa one17:02
GridCube!info glxgears17:02
ubottuPackage glxgears does not exist in quantal17:02
holsteini usually go with whatever suits my needs17:02
Doctor_Vexi found this here17:02
GridCube!info mesa-utils17:03
ubottumesa-utils (source: mesa-demos): Miscellaneous Mesa GL utilities. In component universe, is extra. Version 8.0.1+git20110129+d8f7d6b-0ubuntu2 (quantal), package size 26 kB, installed size 132 kB17:03
GridCube^ that helps you test 3d17:03
holsteinyeah, that contains glxgears, correct GridCube ?17:04
holsteinDoctor_Vex: you can install mesa-utils and run glxgears and test 3d17:04
Doctor_Vexand how do i run it?17:10
holsteinDoctor_Vex: i would open a terminal and type "glxgears" and press "enter"17:10
c2tarunI installed the window manager "awesome", now I am not getting the option of changing the window manager, from settings editor in Windows Manager its not there.17:10
holsteinc2tarun: those are xfce window manager tweaks likely17:11
holsteinc2tarun: what are you trying to end up with?17:11
Doctor_Vexok thanks that works. 24 FPS17:11
Doctor_Vexand that means hardware 3D woks on this machine?17:11
c2tarunholstein: actually awesome window manager can help me in tiling windows.17:12
c2tarunholstein: so I was trying to switch from XFCE WM to Awesome WM.17:12
laitec2tarun: you should be able to launch awesome instead of xfce from login screen17:12
c2tarunlaite: will that launch awesome on XFCE or just awesome?17:12
holsteinyeah.. i would do that at login c2tarun17:12
c2tarunok, let me try17:13
holsteinc2tarun: try it and see if it doesn what you want/need17:13
GridCubeDoctor_Vex, if you see the gears, then you are seeing 3D17:13
Doctor_Vexok. that is a good thing17:13
Doctor_Vexhowever, does that mean it is hardware 3D or emulated CPU 3D?17:14
GridCubeits should have told you what is using on the glxgears dump17:15
c2tarunholstein: on starting awesome from login screen, its starting kind of awesome desktop :( which is very scary17:25
c2tarunI just wan't its window manager17:25
holsteinc2tarun: scary?17:27
c2tarunholstein: yeah, you should check its desktop wallpaper, like some corpse peeping through some wooden box17:27
holsteinc2tarun: http://forum.xfce.org/viewtopic.php?id=740517:28
holsteini think you are assumin you need/want awesome.. if all you want is tiling windows in xfce you might want to try something native17:28
timmmahello Im wondering where I find settings to connect to a projector17:30
toraxtimmma: theres a really nice little program called arandr17:31
holsteintimmma: i'll be like connecting another monitor17:31
timmmaokay thanks :)17:31
GridCubec2tarun, doesnt awesome has a --replace option?17:33
c2tarunGridCube: don't know, but I think I found a solution: http://www.haskell.org/haskellwiki/Xmonad/Using_xmonad_in_XFCE   its not awesome but its xmonad a similar WM17:33
timmmaalso anyone know a good video player other then VLC17:36
GridCubemplayer trhough smplayer is the best17:36
holsteintimmma: "good" is a matter of opinion.. what are you looking for that VLC is not doing?17:37
timmmajust somthing that will play videos fast and easy17:37
GridCubetimmma, do you have an nvidia gpu?17:37
timmmanope, its an intel intagrated video card17:38
holsteintimmma: i find VLC both fast and easy.. what is it not doing?17:39
GridCubeyep, mplayer, using any of its front ends, should be fast17:39
c2tarunsometimes vlc takes too much time to start17:39
c2tarunsmplayer is pretty fast though17:40
timmmaholstein: VLC  just doesn't get along with my netbook17:40
GridCubeindeed :)17:40
GridCubetimmma, try smplayer, sudo apt-get install smplayer --no-install-recommends17:40
GridCubebecause smplayer uses qt :P17:40
timmmawhats "QT"?17:41
ubottuthe Qt toolkit (pronounced "cute"), which forms the base of !KDE, is a cross-platform C++ application framework for !CLI and !GUI applications. Install libqt4-dev and see !build to compile Qt4 applications, join #qt for development support17:41
toraxit will install half of kde for you without --no-install-recommends right ? :D17:41
GridCubewell im not sure, i just do that for any qt stuff, just to be sure17:42
xubuntu699Hello! I there going to be Xubuntu R Alpha 2 release?17:48
GridCubedont think so, no17:53
GridCubejust dailies17:54
holsteinyou can always just upgrade and get the current packages.. i would check at #ubuntu+1 do make sure there are no "deal breakers"17:54
bullgard4[Xubuntu 10.04] How to increase the number of workspaces from 2 to 4 in the Workspace Switcher?18:29
timmmabullgard4: right click on it then go to settings18:30
bullgard4timmma: There  appears a context menu. This context menu does not show any menu item "settings".18:32
xubuntu699thank you for answers, I went for dailies and then remembered Testdrive :)18:33
timmmabullgard4: what about right clicking on the workspace switcher18:33
xubuntu699pre 4.10 I think didnt have Workspace Settings item (?) what version of Xubuntu do you use, bullgard?18:34
timmmaxubuntu699: 10.0418:35
xubuntu699Yes, I think it has Xfce 4.6 or 4.8. You have to go through Settings in main menu18:36
xubuntu699then Workspaces or something lie that18:36
bullgard4xubuntu699: If I press Applications > Accesssories > About Ubuntu, it tells me "You are using Ubuntu 10.04 LTS."18:37
pepperbirdheyo, anyone got any general tips for uefi systems? i have windows 7 on one drive, and I have an empty sata-drive that I want to install xubuntu on18:39
pepperbirdwill this be a problem? it didn't work with wubi18:39
bullgard4[solved] Applications > Settings > Xfce4 Settings Manager > Workspaces > Number of workspaces=4 did the trick.18:42
xubuntu699Cool :)18:43
bullgard4pepperbird: Please read the articles in http://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/Wiki/Tags?tag=UEFI. But they are still under construction.18:44
pepperbirdthis is in german though, i guess i could google translate it18:45
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI18:45
bazhangpepperbird, ^18:45
bullgard4pepperbird: I am sorry for this inconvenience.18:45
bullgard4Where can I find an Update Manager in Xubuntu 10.04?18:48
bullgard4If I upgrade from Xubuntu 10.04 to Xubuntu 12.04.2 using Update manager, will keyboard shortcuts be retained?18:51
xubuntu699I always do fresh install :)18:53
xubuntu699and, of course, I have /ho on separate partition18:53
bullgard4xubuntu699: I have done 4 years successfully without a separate home partion. So let's see if I will do likewise the next 4 years.18:56
pepperbirdbazhang do you think doing this via wubi will work? i currently don't have any dvd/cd-rom or any usb-stick19:02
bazhangpepperbird, wubi? thats more of a "test drive"19:02
pepperbirdi thought it was an installation method19:03
pepperbirdso there's no way to install it from windows?19:03
ubottuWubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide for troubleshooting. Please  file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug. For Ubuntu Oneiric/11.10 http://releases.ubuntu.com/oneiric/wubi.exe19:04
pepperbird"like" a windows application could mean either "in the same way you would" or actually "in the form of"19:05
holsteinpepperbird: you go to the same place to remove it19:06
holsteinpepperbird: in "add remove" applications, or however you remove applications in windows.. "like" a  windows application19:06
pepperbirdi see19:06
pepperbirdso it's in the form of19:06
pepperbirddang :(19:06
holsteinpepperbird: whats the issue?19:07
pepperbirdi have no installation media available19:07
holsteinif you have no other way of doing it, wubi is what you are doing19:07
pepperbirdwell it sounds sketchy19:07
pepperbirdto install it as a windows app19:07
pepperbirdi want it indepentent from windows on a separate sata-drive19:07
holsteinwhen/if it becomes "sketchy", you can easily remove it19:08
pepperbirdlike, "not as good"19:08
holsteinpepperbird: what are the differences? the main one is the file system19:08
holsteinpepperbird: if you have no other option, then you have no other option19:08
Doctor_Vexwhat is the best lightweight PDF and EPUB viewer for ubuntu?19:08
holsteinpepperbird: i think we would all agree an install would be arguably "better", but if you can only do wubu, you can only do wubi19:08
pepperbirdwell i could go and buy a usb stick19:09
pepperbirdif wubi is notably worse19:09
pepperbirdmaybe i have one, i'll go have a look19:10
holsteinits arguably "worse".. its different19:10
bullgard4Doctor_Vex: Document viewer Evince19:16
Doctor_Vexah its already installed. thanks19:18
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drcJust noticed that 12.04.2 Ubuntu went to a 3.5 kernel, with the spins/flavours going to it in .3.  Is Xubuntu planning this also?20:06
knomexubuntu is a flavor20:06
Unit193Basically, same repos, so same versions unless you hold or pin something.20:07
drcI'm sorry...the exact quote is "We expect to convert other flavours in 12.04.3" (the key word is "expect")  That's why I was asking..20:07
knomei'm sure the expecting refers more to the fact that the kernel team expects to be able to do it before .3, not xubuntu being willing or not20:08
drcah...BDFL strikes again :)20:09
knomei'm sure we can opt-out too, but i don't see a reason why we should.20:10
knomewe've been given much more control over our own things lately20:10
drcThe real reason I was asking was, if my math is correct, with the End of UKT support being March of 2014, there will be another major kernel update before the Xubuntu 12.04 LTS expires.20:13
pepperbirdhello again20:33
pepperbirdi'm in the live cd, trying to set up my secondary hdd as the guide says20:34
pepperbirdvia gparted20:34
pepperbirdi can't set any mount point though and i can't install to it :/20:34
well_laid_lawnopen a terminal and run the   mount  command20:35
well_laid_lawncheck for the hdd there20:35
xubuntu955hello there. can anyone help me out on firmware raid and grub?20:35
xubuntu955I've just installed xubuntu, but fails when installing grub20:36
well_laid_lawnhow does it fail?20:36
xubuntu955Executing 'grub-install /dev/mapper/isw_xxxx_VOL0' failed20:36
xubuntu955both VOL0 and BOL0p1 fail20:37
well_laid_lawnsee if the wiki helps20:37
ubottuTips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto20:37
xubuntu955I'll check. thanks.20:38
pepperbirdif i understood the guide right, i should create a 200 MiB fat32 partition with a boot flag on a gpt partition table20:38
pepperbirdshould i use the rest of the hdd space for, say ext3 then?20:39
well_laid_lawnI'd use ext420:39
well_laid_lawnthere might be tips here20:39
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate20:40
pepperbirdi'm reading the efi install guide20:40
pepperbirdbut it's not very clear20:40
well_laid_lawnI haven't used efi yet - someone else might know something20:41
well_laid_lawnif no one here does you could try #ubuntu20:41
pepperbirdyou would know about boot loaders though right?20:43
pepperbirddoes it matter where i install the boot loader?20:43
pepperbirdcontrary to, what seems like, every other person i'm installing linux on a separate hard drive rather than splitting one20:44
GridCubepepperbird, what seems to be the problem?20:45
pepperbirdactually nvm i think i figured it out20:45
pepperbirdnaturally i should install the boot loader onto the efi partition i just created, right GridCube?20:45
GridCubepepperbird, oh, uefi... that things is going to kill me one of this days20:47
GridCubeyes pepperbird you "should" install to the efi partition20:47
GridCubebut yous the bootmbr20:47
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI20:47
GridCubeyes, please read that link pepperbird and if things go wrong boot-repair is your best bestest friend in the world20:48
pepperbirdthat link is what i'm referring to20:48
pepperbirdit's what i'm reading already :/20:48
pepperbirdbut it's not very clear20:48
Unit193Ah, alrighty.  Very useful, I've used it once.20:48
pepperbirdplus it says that the xubuntu installation will detect the mount point automatically20:48
pepperbirdbut it doesn't20:48
pepperbirdso how would I go about creating a /boot/efi mountpoint on the partition i just made?20:51
g16pepperbird: create the partition, then mkdir /boot/efi, finally mount the partition as /boot/efi20:55
xubuntu955ah! chroot solved20:56
g16directory /boot/efi is not on thbe partition, it /is/ the partition mountpoint.20:56
pepperbirdg16: where do i navigate before i do the 'mkdir' ?20:58
pepperbirdim assuming i have to navigate to that specific hard drive first somehow20:58
GridCubeno need to20:58
GridCubeyou are giving it an absolute location20:59
pepperbirdokay so i did mkdir /boot/efi in a fresh terminal window21:00
pepperbirdthen what?21:00
pepperbirdwhere would i go to mount?21:01
pepperbirdcan't do it in gparted21:01
pepperbirdit's outgrayed21:01
g16Do not go anywhere, just do: mount /dev/sdXY /boot/efi          where sdXY is the partition on the hard drive21:01
g16You can close gparted once you've created the partition.21:02
pepperbirdalright, giving it a shot21:02
pepperbirdalright, when i try to install it says no root file system defined21:06
pepperbirdassuming i have to mount /home or something to the ext4 partition?21:06
holsteinpepperbird: you just have to define a root partition21:07
holsteinyou have no root file system defined.. so you define one21:07
holsteintell the installer to use whatever partition you want as /21:08
pepperbirdhow would i tell it though?21:08
holsteinpepperbird: id have to refer to the scroll back to see why you are not letting the installer automatcially do it, but in gparted, if thats where you are, you can set mountpoint.. set it to /21:11
holsteinprobably something like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XkXATVq75IQ21:13
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ianharperHey, why am i getting tar (child): jre-7u13-linux-i586.tar.gz: Cannot open: No such file or directory?   From "sudo tar -zxvf jre-7u13-linux-i586.tar.gz -C /usr/lib/jvm"21:22
ianharperTrying to install Oracle Java on Chromium21:23
holsteinianharper: on chromium?21:23
ianharper*for in Voyager 12.10 :\21:24
holsteinor http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-install-oracle-java-7-in-ubuntu-12-04.html21:24
ianharperFor Chromium (derp)21:24
holsteinianharper: voyager is not xubuntu or ubuntu... and java will be installed system wide21:24
ianharpercool i'll check it out21:24
holsteini would follow those docs and try asking in a voyager support channel if you think it might break something21:24
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pepperbirdholstein : creating a / mountpoint doesn't seem to affect the installer21:30
pepperbirdstill the same error21:30
pepperbirdthe reason i'm doing it manually is because i have no clue which disk it will "erase" if i go by the automatic install21:30
GridCubepepperbird, i still dont understand your problem, you should simply install using the 64bit desktop installer, say its uefi and done21:31
GridCubei dont see why you would need to do all of this21:31
pepperbirdhow would i know that it installs on the right hard drive?21:31
holsteinpepperbird: i would want to have a clue, and good backups21:31
GridCubeif it doesnt boot just use boot-repair and let it fix the boot properly21:31
holsteinpepperbird: you can direct the installer to free space21:32
holsteinpepperbird: you can also just set the mountpoints in the intaller manually21:32
pepperbirdwell there sure isn't a button for it21:32
pepperbirdthere's a "Change..." button21:33
pepperbirdwhich lets me pick from a dropdown list of various types21:33
g16You did the partition in gparted. On the top right, there's a menu, saying /dev/sdX. Tell the installer to use that same sdX.21:33
pepperbirdyes, i am21:33
pepperbirdi would love to provide a printscreen but the networking seems to have died21:37
pepperbirdwell it died21:37
pepperbirdit says it's connected21:37
pepperbirdbut i can't go out on the internet21:37
KarstoHello there,  somebody around to help me test an xfce issue?22:05
holsteinKarsto: ask and we'll see22:06
Karstoi experienced some possibly unwanted behaviour22:06
holsteinKarsto: did you want it?22:07
Karstoif i drag a window to the upper edge of the screen it usually docks there occupying the upper half22:07
Unit193That's normal, it's the tiling feature of Xfce.22:07
Karstoif i then maximize said window (either clicking on the plus or double clicking the window frame)22:08
Karstothe window gets stuck under the taskbar22:09
holsteinKarsto: id look for a bug, and if not, make one.. see if you can get someone to confirm it22:09
Karstothats what i'm here for22:10
Karstoto find somebody to confirm this :)22:10
holsteinKarsto: someone running stock xubuntu... i could do that later if you link the bug #,.. if ou cant find someone else22:10
Karstomaybe it is just a fluke on my system22:10
ianharperHi, Anyone know how to figure this out? "update-alternatives: error: alternative path /opt/jdk1.6.0_14_x64/bin/java doesn't exist" (noob alert!!)22:10
holsteinianharper: i would not do it that way22:10
Unit193Karsto: What version of Xubuntu??22:11
holsteinianharper: i used the ppa, but im not sure how voyager expects you do install java. i would ask22:11
g16I can confirm on 12.10.22:11
ianharperOnly french speakers :(22:11
g16The window is not maximised, and the title bar is put a bit over the upper screen edge.22:11
Karstonice :)22:11
Karstojust what i see22:12
Unit193I can't on a fully updated version of 12.10.22:12
ianharperah i'll figure it out22:12
Karstoi'm on 12.04 lts22:12
holsteinianharper: i would just see if you have java installed.. you dont need that command22:12
Unit193When I "push" it to the top of the screen to fill the upper half, it then gives the option to "Restore" the half-maximized window, and double clicking does nothing on the title.22:13
Karstoit's not all windows, xchat does not do it, firefox does, thunar does22:13
g16Transmission does.22:14
holsteinwell, thats enough for a bug report.. i would run them from the terminal and see if you see any error output22:15
Karstoi'll file a bug report, maybe link to a screenshot22:16
holsteinKarsto: that would be helpful, i think22:16
Unit193Ah, when I "Restore" thunar it does, just didn't on the other couple I did.22:22
KarstoI mean, I searched the bugs, to see if something similar already exists for xubuntu,22:30
Karstodoes not seem so.22:31
Unit193Launchpad is kind of the place, but I'd check the xfce bugzilla as well.22:32
KarstoOnly looked in lauchpad so far22:32
ianharper@holstein got it workin for firefox not Chrome but that not a problom. Ty dude!22:34
holsteinianharper: cheers.. im sure you'll get it, since its installed system wide now, or should be22:35
holsteinrunning java in browsers is a bad idea anyways.. unlesss you just must22:35
holsteinianharper: could be chome has disabled it for security reasone by default22:35
ianharper:) hard to know, but ya know when somthin annoys ya IT must be fixed hahaha22:36
holsteini supppose.. you can always just check chrome and see if its disabled22:37
KarstoWhat do you think of this: https://bugzilla.xfce.org/show_bug.cgi?id=876622:38
ubottubugzilla.xfce.org bug 8766 in General "Clicking "unmaximize" on a tiled window doesn't restore its original position." [Normal,New]22:38
holsteinianharper: chrome://plugins/22:39
Karstoso somehow un-/maximizing of tiled widows is buggy22:40
Karstoill add to the bug above, but not now, have to be somewhere, cu all.22:41
ianharperWoot! was disabled, its always the simple fix derp :)22:41
holsteinianharper: well, not always, but when i can remember, i like to try the simple stuff first :)22:42
holsteinalso, keep in mind why its disabled, and consider leaving it that way til you need it22:42
ianharper:) Legend!22:42
xubuntu105c'è qualcuno?22:44
knome!it | xubuntu10522:44
ubottuxubuntu105: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)22:44
pepperbirdhello again22:46
pepperbirdi took a picture of the setup & error with my camera22:46
pepperbirdoh ofc its tilted22:47
holsteinlet me save it locally so i can rotate it and make it smaller22:47
Cheri703in the "mount point" section, you need to have one mounted as /22:47
Cheri703that's why there's no root file system as far as I can tell22:47
pepperbirdyes, but look above22:48
pepperbirdin the gparted22:48
pepperbirdit says there is a mount point22:48
g16click the "Change" button, then select / in the dropdown list "use as"22:48
g16You do not do that in gparted, once you've applied the changes to partitions you close gparted22:48
pepperbirdyea, i didn't do it in gparted, i did it from the terminal22:48
pepperbirdbut alright22:48
pepperbirdclicked change22:49
pepperbirdthere's no "/" to pick22:49
g16see a dropdown list?22:49
pepperbirdyes, there are a bunch of file systems in it22:49
Cheri703not file systems22:49
Cheri703mount point22:49
Cheri703or "use as" or something like that22:50
pepperbirdyea "use as:" and i can pick "ext4 journaling file system, ext3 journaling file system, ext2 file system, reiserfs file system" etc22:50
holsteinpepperbird: under the "mout point" section of gparted's GUI22:50
holsteinyou are in the wrong place22:51
pepperbirdsorry i don't really understand22:51
pepperbirdshould i go back to gparted?22:51
Cheri703not gparted. in the "something else" what options do you have when you click "change"?22:52
holsteinpepperbird: just wait and i'll do it and tell you *exactly*22:52
pepperbirdcheri703, i have options of different file systems22:52
pepperbirdokay holstein22:52
Cheri703anything else?22:52
holsteinpepperbird: i ccant do it from here.. without being in the installer22:53
holsteinpepperbird: its under the mountpoint section22:53
pepperbirdholstein: as you can see from my photo the mount points are already set when viewing the drive in gparted22:54
pepperbirdbut in the installer they don't show up22:55
Cheri703ignore gparted22:55
Cheri703only look at the installer22:55
holsteinpepperbird: correct, the mount points are set incorrectly22:55
holsteinpepperbird: you can set one as root, then the installer will not complain about not having a root partition22:56
pepperbirdso 'root' instead of '/'22:56
pepperbirdCheri703: i only used gparted to view my disk22:56
pepperbirdi mounted via terminal22:56
holsteinpepperbird: dont... just use the installer.. use the installer to set the mountpoints in the partitions you created with gparted22:57
pepperbirdthere is no option to set mount points in the installer22:57
pepperbirdthe only button is "change..."22:58
holsteinpepperbird: there is22:58
g16The mountpoints in gparted are of no use in the installer. They are about the current session of the system that you have booted. They are not necessarily those of the system you're going to install.22:58
holsteinchange would be a good start..22:58
Cheri703it is under the change dialog22:58
holsteinyeah, its gotta be done by the installer22:58
Cheri703give me a sec and I can bring up the installer and get screenshots, hang on22:58
pepperbirdin change i have various file systems to choose from, + swap area, reserved bios boot area, efi boot partition, physical volume for encryption, do not use the partition.22:58
Cheri703under do not use22:59
Cheri703click that22:59
g16Select ext4 in "use as", this will turn "Mount point" from grey to white (editable).22:59
Cheri703you should have / or other things22:59
pepperbirdty g1622:59
g16Then, click on the arrow in the white "Mount point" box, you'll see / and a few other mountpoints, and you'll click /22:59
pepperbirdyea that solved it23:01
pepperbirdthanks guys23:01
Cuberspacei have a question i have windows and xubuntu i can access websites on my windows that i can't access on my xubuntu any ideas ?23:04
holsteinCuberspace: sites? or content, like flash?23:04
Cuberspacesites such as hotmail for example23:05
Cuberspacei don't need to set a proxy on my windows to access it23:05
Cuberspacehowever it says connection timeout when i do that with xubuntu23:05
CuberspaceHolstein: any clues on thi ?23:10
holsteinCuberspace: no.. i would try as a different user to remove my user config from the equation. i would look at DNS..23:11
Cuberspaceits same taken automaticly from my router, plus not all websites wont open some does such as youtube google i just have problems with hotmail and facebook23:12
Cuberspacei tried to install ubuntu instead of Xubuntu, it installed and all when i load it it get to select user screen i put my password all i can see is a desktop background with no icons no nothing, so perhaps you can help me with that ?23:14
Unit193What happens if you type  dig facebook.com   in a terminal?  Can you ping it?  (ping facebook.com)23:14
Cuberspacelemme checlk23:14
Cuberspaceit pinged it23:15
Unit193So if you change your DNS settings to does that help at all?23:18
Cuberspacewhen i changed the dns it simply lost connection to the internet23:21
g16I'm clueless, but I'd look at the error message of wget http://facebook.com23:21
pepperbirdone last question, "Device for boot loader installation" should i pick '/dev/sdc' which is the actual hdd, or the '/dev/sdc1' which is the partition for the efi boot?23:22
Cuberspaceeven wine web-browser is not working on loading anything23:24
CuberspaceThe connection to mail.live.com was interrupted. this is the error message i'm getting23:26

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