ikti might actually make the meeting06:43
jeaikt: great!07:28
iktit's a bit of a joke for me07:31
ikti will see the meeting on07:31
iktget ready for it07:31
iktand then something inevitably distracts me07:31
iktand I race back to find I missed it07:32
ljellyhi im ljelly this is my first irc chat...09:02
dragon88Hello, i'm new here too. First time ever on irc09:02
jeaWelcome ljelly 09:02
ljellyfor ubuntu.09:02
jeaWelcome dragon88 09:02
jeaglad to have you both here09:03
jeaThe meeting will start at 8pm AEST - 1hr time09:03
jeaare you both attending?09:03
md_5its 8pm aest now09:04
ljellyyes... will the topic be about the ubuntu release party?09:04
dragon88yeap just in here right09:04
md_5[20:03] <jea> The meeting will start at 8pm AEST - 1hr time09:04
md_5Thats 9pm aEST :p09:04
ljellycool i was just wondering if someone could give me a link or instructions to setting up irc in empathy?09:05
jeamd_5: AEDST would be 9pm09:05
jealjelly: the release party should be discussed09:05
ljellyif i want to discuss something else can i go to the ubuntu-au-chat? irc?09:06
jea#ubuntu-au-chat is for off topic chat - non ubuntu related09:08
jealjelly: this might help: http://askubuntu.com/questions/173417/chatting-with-empathy09:09
ljellythank you.09:10
bash321ljelly has now changed to bash321.09:32
bash321i finally got empathy connected. very good youtube tutorial with ubuntu 10.10... although i am using 13.04 atm. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_yvPl152L009:33
jeagood to hear09:34
jeajared: I could be slightly late, but not too much09:39
bash321just checking tonights topic is ubuntu australia release party??10:01
jeaRight, I am back and ready to go10:06
jeajared: around?10:06
jealooks like it could be a bit quiet10:07
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jea#meetingtopic Ubuntu-AU March 2013 Team Meeting10:07
jeaI welcome everyone to the March 2013 Team Meeting10:10
jaredSorry I"m late :/10:10
jeaWell, we had aimed to do a recap of 2012, and plan out 201310:10
jeajared: no problem - i only just opened the meeting10:10
jea#topic Recap of 201210:10
jeaI think jared would be able to add to this also10:10
jeaWe had a number of meetings last year, only missing a couple10:10
jeaWe also held events during the Ubuntu Global Jams10:11
jeaand  there were some release parties10:11
jaredMeetings were good, online global jams were good and we had some release parties :)10:12
jeaFrom memory, we are to be re-evaluated to be an official LoCo team this year10:12
jaredjea: I think so10:13
jeaSo we need to ensure we keep up the work to be official again10:13
jaredThe main problem we're having issues with reapproval would be real world events.10:13
jeaUnfortunately we have missed some things so far this year, mainly due to people being busy10:13
jeaHolding physical release parties will help out that issue10:14
jeaAs would holding another Ubuntu information day as we held last year or the year before10:14
jaredI get the feeling people think that lots of planning and organisation goes into real world meetings, quite the opposite of what usually ends up being required :)10:15
bash321i think the info day sounds like a good idea...10:15
jeaYes, that is often the case10:15
jeabash321: what city are you in?10:15
jeacool. jpickett is doing a release party there, which we will get to later10:16
bash321jea: what city are you in?10:16
jeajared and I are in Brisbane10:16
bash321k cool.10:16
jeathere used to be quite a few in Brisbane, some in Sydney, some in Melb, a couple in Adelaide10:17
bash321jpickett: not on irc list atm.10:17
jeaone or two in Perth10:17
jeano, he left a while ago unfortunately10:17
jeaI will be holding an Ubuntu event at my uni later this year (july/aug)10:18
iktBrisbane has been the hot spot for ubuntu release parties10:18
jeaikt: were you in Brisbane also>?10:18
bash321k. i have never seen anyone in my area of sydney use ubuntu.10:18
bash321i have used ubuntu since 2007.10:18
iktjea: nah I'm in adelaide, feeling the cold :P10:19
jeaah, ok. I really must try to remember who is where10:20
bash321a suggestion about...reapproval have ubuntu au made a g+ community page?10:20
jaredI believe there is on10:20
jeaNot a community page, because that wasn't around at the time. We do have a G+ page though10:21
bash321should we change it to a community page?10:21
jeawell, no community group, or whatever it is called10:21
jeaThat is something we could look into10:21
iktyeah def10:22
bash321im just suggesting as i am a g+ user...10:22
jaredTo be honest, I have no idea how social media works10:22
iktand google hangouts!10:22
bash321they are complicated but are lots of fun!10:22
iktjared: 21st century called :P10:22
ikteven linus tovalds is on g+10:22
jaredI've never had time for it, but happy for others to play around :)10:22
jaredHey, I joined LinkedIn recently at the suggestion of my uni, I'm slowly getting there10:23
bash321i see a lot of linux users that use g+ as i follow the omgubuntu sites and libreoffice sites.10:23
jeaok, here is the community: https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/114264208670057246365/communities/10797353867165229033210:23
bash321linkedin i have to look at... lol.10:23
ikti only have facebooks, and I don't use it much10:24
iktJoin Google+ by creating your public profile10:24
jeaHangouts have been discussed in the past for meetings, and are certainly something we want to do10:24
iktoh gawd10:24
bash321thanks for the link..10:24
jeaikt: we have a facebook page and group10:24
bash321hangouts sometimes have problems with lagging broadband...10:24
jeathe group is used more than the page though10:24
iktjea: jup, i'm on that one10:25
jeaI think we use social media alright when we have events on10:26
jeathe problem is a lack of events to keep things going10:26
bash321we should also maybe put a link on the loco page as well r we allowed to do that put social networks on the loco pages?10:26
jeais that the loco.ubuntu.com page?10:26
bash321the one for australia?10:26
bash321this one... http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-au10:27
bash3212012 i think was a really good year for ubuntu.. the best i have seen...10:27
jeayes, that is it10:27
jaredI just checked, there is no place for it10:27
jeaWe put most of those details on our wiki page10:27
jaredIt has Flickr group, PIcasa User ID, Pix.iie User ID and Microblogging hash tag options10:28
jeaand we should put it on the website too (it has not been updated for a while)10:28
jaredI believe the main issue is really not a lot of people have time to do this stuff so happy to get those that are willing to step in  access to make things happen again.10:30
jaredJoel & Joel do a great job but they can't do it alone. ikt is flying the flag on the forums well :)10:31
bash321time is also an issue for me.10:31
ikti really want to get blinkin cat in here10:31
iktmight msg him now10:31
jeablinkin cat?10:32
jeaIf we all do a small part, we can get it done10:32
iktvery active user10:34
jeaOk. I should get back on the forums at some point10:34
iktbut it's reality that our massive country works against us10:35
jeayes, that is a key point10:35
iktwhich is why I think doing what the ubuntu guys did with UDS seems a great idea10:35
jaredYeah if all of us active people were in one city we'd probably be doing well about now :)10:35
bash321at least its not as big as russia.10:35
iktthat's true10:35
iktthe ubuntu peeps changed UDS from being a 6 monthly physical meeting to a 3 monthly virutal meeting10:36
iktfrom what I have seen it has been a success10:36
bash321virtual meeting does that require a g+ hangout?10:36
jeaMaybe we could aim for more G+ Hangouts-on-air this year10:36
jeaUDS used hangouts10:36
bash321will there be a release party in sydney this year??? for 13.04 raring?10:37
jeaProbably from this topic, the outcome is to ensure we keep up with the events, and investigate online events using hangouts10:37
jaredbash321: did you want to organise one? :)10:37
jeaand then we will move to the next topic10:37
jea#topic Release Parties Ubuntu 13.0410:38
bash321i saw on  this link:10:38
jeaYep, Joel Pickett is organising a Sydney Release Party10:38
jaredbash321: ah there you go, I thought he'd organised one but wasn't sure.10:38
bash321is he on irc atm?10:38
jeahe goes by sagaci or jpickett10:39
bash321how big are release parties?10:39
jaredHe is usually around semi-regularly10:39
jaredbash321: depends, anywhere from 3 - 4 people up to 10 - 15.10:39
jaredThey're not grand scale events, just a low key get together for people to share a conversation or three.10:40
jeaUsually Joel has had a good number turn out10:40
jeajared: are you doing anything around Brisbane this time?10:41
bash321what date is 13.04 raring ringtail released?10:41
jaredjea: honestly between work and uni I don't even know when the release is in my schedule10:41
jaredI'll have a look now10:41
jeaI am much the same10:42
jaredActually, that seems to work out okay. I'd pretty much be up for the same time/date as Joel's10:43
jeaOk. If past numbers come again, it should be good10:44
jaredCool, you up for it?10:45
bash321raring is released on April 25th.10:45
jeaPotentially could. I will have to see what assignments i have then10:45
jaredMy uni finishes the week before and starts up again the week following10:46
jealooks like the end of week 9 for me (need to double check though)10:47
jeaI think it should be alright10:47
bash321when is the next ubuntu au irc chat?10:47
jaredbash321: we're always around, just not always at the computer.10:48
jeathe channel is open 24/710:48
jaredThe next meeting is in a month's time, unless someone wants to start dabbling with the hangouts10:48
jeameetings are always the 2nd sunday of the month, starting at 8pm AEST10:48
jea(note, we don't use daylight saving time)10:48
bash321i know y...10:49
bash321sydney does..10:49
jeawe decided not to for meeting times to allow SA and WA to have nicer times10:49
bash321can we create a test event on google plus for the event in sydney?10:49
jeayep, I can do that10:50
bash321we should ask Joel first?10:50
jeaHe is happy for our events to be put on social media10:50
jaredThe more the merrier10:50
jeaW[3~welcome BlinkinCat_ 10:50
jaredSPeaking of, gday BlinkinCat_ 10:50
jeaum, oops10:50
BlinkinCat_Hi all10:50
iktheya BlinkinCat_ :)10:51
bash321how do ubuntu info days work?10:51
iktg+ has changed a bit since I was on there last10:52
bash321i have a thing called computer markets in sydney... on sundays where people sell computer parts..10:52
jaredbash321: essentially it was an idea that we should hold an installation day but then found a lot of people also wanted somewhere to ask support questions about their hardware as well.10:52
bash321support is always very difficult. i find when i use ubuntu.10:53
bash321but most of the time it works.10:53
BlinkinCat_hi ikt10:53
jeaikt: it certainly has 10:53
jaredI am yet to encounter an issue google couldn't answer for me.10:53
bash321google has a lot of answers.10:54
bash321back to release parties will there be other release parties around australia?10:55
bash321apart from sydney?10:56
jaredbash321: sounds like jea and I might set something up for Brisbane10:57
jaredEssentially it's down to the locals in each area. There is no real requirement for them to be considered official loco release parties, all they need to do is let people konw it's happening and when/where and we can publish it to the loco.u.c page10:57
jeabash321: I think I have created a G+ event now. Would be good to know if you can see it10:58
bash321yes i can see it.10:58
bash321i have responded as maybe as i am not sure what i am doing in april with uni and work.10:58
jaredHah, apparently 95 people have me in their circle. Gotta love gmail accounts11:01
jeayou should post things more then11:02
bash321most of my friends are on fb.11:02
jaredI don't actually use G+11:02
bash321thus thats the problem.11:02
bash321so i use g+ for following tech and ubuntu stuff.11:03
jeabash321: you can join our facebook group11:03
jeaIs there anything else to discuss at this meeting?11:04
BlinkinCat_Sorry I missed it11:04
jeaBlinkinCat_: no problem. Glad you could be here for some of it11:04
jea#topic Next Meeting11:05
BlinkinCat_No probs :)11:05
jeaThe next meeting will be held in #ubuntu-au on April 14, starting at 8pm AEST11:05
jeaSee you all there11:05
meetingologyMeeting ended Sun Mar 10 11:05:49 2013 UTC.  11:05
meetingologyMinutes (wiki):        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-au/2013/ubuntu-au.2013-03-10-10.07.moin.txt11:05
meetingologyMinutes (html):        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-au/2013/ubuntu-au.2013-03-10-10.07.html11:05
bash321i think g+ is a really good idea.11:06
bash321it has lots of social features.11:06
jeait is generally set out nicer than facebook11:07
jeajust came along too late11:07
jaredI have to run off to get ready for my lecture tomorrow night, sorry I can't hang around too long.11:10
bash321just to let everyone know irc chat works well in empathy as expected.11:11
jeacya jared 11:11
jeabash321: wonderful11:11
bash321jea: what ubuntu version are you using currently now?11:12
bash321i will see if i can attend the next irc.. in april.. as sunday is a convenient day.11:14
jeabash321: um, actually none11:16
bash321have 2 go and get ready for uni tomorrow. cool irc chat..  11:16
jeai am using 12.04 for a uni subject, which is a nice change11:17
jeabut I haven't been using it much recently due to other stuff I need to do11:17
bash321cool.. im using 13.04 for uni it is lots of fun..11:18
bash321one thing i am annoyed about is proxies at uni.11:18
jeaI would like to use ubuntu more11:18
jealike i used to11:19
bash321proxy settings and internet connection  dont work perfectly on ubuntu.11:19
jeahmm, I haven't had issues with proxies11:19
bash321an issue probably for the forums when i get around to it.11:19
bash321its not a specific ubuntu problem. 11:19
jeathat makes it harder then11:20
bash321it occurs i think on other gnome 3 distros as well..11:24
jeait is still worth raising the issue, so it can be investigated11:25
bash321i will make a forum post hopefully in the near future...11:27
bash321before next month..11:27
bash321g2g get ready for uni cya. bye.11:28

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